Lacto-stop for dogs - instructions for use


Quite often, dog owners are faced with such a problem as a false pregnancy. In this state, the bitch shows all signs of gestation: lactation begins, the tummy grows, the behavior changes. The pet pregnancy usually does not bring much harm to the body of pets. However, too frequent occurrence of such conditions can, unfortunately, lead to premature aging of the animal. After all, a false pregnancy is always a strong hormonal stress.

In order to bring the body to a bitch in a normal state, you can use different medications. At the same time one of the most effective is considered "Lacto-Stop" for dogs.

Causes of false pregnancy

In the wild, it often happens that the female of the canine family gives birth to young, and after a while for some reason dies. In such a situation, another bitch with a false pregnancy can feed hungry puppies. Thus, similar conditions in dogs are not at all pathological. This is just a special mechanism provided by nature itself for the continuation of the kind of schooling animals in extreme situations.

There is a false pregnancy in a bitch, usually two months after stopping heat and in the absence of always. The yellow body of the animal’s ovaries begins to increase, with the result that the hormonal background of the body changes. Of course, at home in a false pregnancy there is no need. And therefore, the animal must be helped, after a course of treatment with the drug "Lacto-Stop."

Principle of action of the drug

The main component of the means "Lacto-Stop" for dogs is cabergoline. Once in the body of an animal, it begins to actively stimulate certain receptors of the pituitary gland. As a result, inhibition of secretion of prolactin, anterior lobe hormone, occurs. And this, in turn, leads to the cessation of lactation and the restoration of the sexual cycle.

Indications for use

Use of the drug "Lacto-Stop" can not only in false pregnancy. Very often, veterinarians prescribe it to dogs:

  • when weaning puppies early,
  • for violations of secretion of prolactin for unexplained reasons or due to pituitary adenoma.


The drug "Lacto-Stop" for dogs is classified as unhealthy for the body. You can assign it to almost any females. The only exceptions are allergic dogs and pregnant animals. It is also undesirable to treat this drug with high blood pressure. Do not give "Lacto-Stop" and recently operated dogs.

"Lacto-Stop" for dogs: instructions for use

This medicine is supplied in special plastic containers of 7 and 15 mg. The course of treatment is 4-6 days. Lacto-stop animals are usually given along with the feed. However, if necessary, compulsory reception is allowed (to the root of the language). The daily dose of the drug is 0.1 mg per 1 kg of animal weight. Give the drug bitch should be once a day.

Sometimes it happens that after a course, the symptoms of a false pregnancy in an animal persist. In this case, it is worth treating the dog with Lakto-Stop means again for 4-6 days. No other solutions and tablets to stop lactation should not be used.


Side effects of the drug "Lacto-Stop" on the dog's body usually does not. It so happens that the animal begins to experience drowsiness after taking the medication. Some dogs may also be slightly nauseated. No such symptoms are dangerous. Even with their manifestation, the treatment can be continued.


Relatively safe and harmless "Lacto-Stop" for dogs. Instructions for its use must be respected in accuracy. Overdose medications can not be allowed. Otherwise, the dog will begin such problems as vomiting, hallucinations, fainting. Help the animal in this case should be rendered immediately.

In case of an overdose of Lacto-Stop, the dog is usually given symptomatic therapy aimed at stopping vomiting and restoring blood pressure.

Drug reviews

Really very effective remedy "Lacto-Stop" for dogs. Reviews about him confirm this. Many pet owners note the fact that the positive effect of its use is much more pronounced than with most other types of drugs in this group. Signs of a false pregnancy begin to take place in an animal within a few days after the start of taking Lacto-Stop. At the same time not only lactation stops, but also the stomach decreases, the behavior is normalized.

The disadvantage of "Lakto-Stop" pet owners consider a very high cost. The price of this tool is much higher than any other solutions and pills to stop lactation in dogs. However, a drug that acts with the same efficiency, but less cheap, is unfortunately not currently available on the market. Very good from false pregnancy helps "Galostop." However, this medicine is even more expensive.

Sometimes it is advised to get rid of a false pregnancy with the help of medicines of the same group, but intended for people. But in this case, unfortunately, it is very difficult to calculate the dosage.

Drug "Lacto-Stop": price

It is worth this tool, as already mentioned, expensive. For a bottle of 15 ml, depending on the supplier, will have to pay from 1,200 to 1,400 rubles. Capacity in 7 ml are cheaper by about 2 times. An experienced dog breeder does not recommend buying a large amount of this drug right away. The fact is that it is not stored for too long. In an open container, Lakto-Stop loses its qualities after only 28 days. This medicine can be stored longer in the locked - up to 2 years.

Instructions for use Lacto-stop

Lacto-stop is prescribed to dogs in doses of three drops (0.1 ml) per 1 kg of animal mass to eliminate the symptoms of false pregnancy and during lactation during early weaning of puppies and for other conditions associated with an increase in the pituitary hormone.

To introduce the drug should be forced or in conjunction with feed. Lacto-stop should be applied 1 time per day. The course of therapy lasts from 4 to 6 days.

Lacto-stop for dogs - reviews

Review of Lactostop for dogs, writes Svetlana. Already twice a false pregnancy was discovered in my dog, which provoked swelling of the chest. The doctor gave us injections, but they only helped for a short time, and then the symptoms recurred. Later they began to take Lacto-stop, the tool turned out to be very effective and met its expectations.

Review of Lactostop for dogs, writes Olga. My dog ​​had a bad litter: puppies died in childbirth. When lactation began, we tried a folk remedy - rubbing with alcohol, but the goal was not achieved. It is good that my friend advised Lakto-stop to me, only he saved our situation. The result is fast and efficient.

  • Bottle of Lacto-Stop 15ml - about 1200 rubles.
  • Bottle lacto-stop 7ml - about 780 rubles.

To store separately from food at a temperature from 5 to 25 degrees Celsius, in protected from direct sunshine, the place, unavailable to children. Expiration date from the date of production - 2 years, after opening the bottle - 1 month.

Features and action

Lacto-Stop is a solution that is used for oral administration. The oily liquid is clear, but has a characteristic yellowish tint. The solution is poured in polymer bottles. A screw cap and dropper-pipette make use of the drug convenient. Available in two packages - 7 and 15 ml. For dogs of small and medium breeds, you should choose a smaller bottle, and for large bitches, you should purchase a 15-ml pack.

The composition of the drug includes only two components:

Cabergoline is an active ingredient that determines the pharmacological properties of the drug. 1 ml of the solution contains 50 mg of the active component. Triglycerides perform only an auxiliary function.

The action of the drug determines cabergoline, which has pronounced hypoprolactinemic properties, that is, reduces the level of prolactin in the blood of the animal. The substance affects the pituitary gland and inhibits the formation of the hormone prolactin, which is responsible for producing milk, preparing the body for pregnancy and childbirth, and other similar processes. It does not affect other endocrine processes.

Lacto-Stop has the following effect on the organism of bitches:

  • suppresses milk production and stops lactation,
  • eliminates the signs of false pregnancy,
  • leads to normal behavior.

The maximum concentration of cabergoline comes only after 2 days after application, but at the same time its effect lasts for 14 days. Excreted from the body along with feces and urine.

Treats the drug to low-hazard substances. It does not have the following effect on the animal's body:

  • does not affect the development of the embryo,
  • not addictive,
  • does not contribute to the appearance of congenital defects in the fetus.

It is important before applying Lacto-Stop for dogs to carefully study the instructions and not to exceed the recommended doses.

Storage Rules and Precautions

Store Lacto-Stop is necessary, following simple rules:

  • at a temperature of 5 to 25˚C,
  • away from food and feed,
  • out of the reach of children
  • in a dry place, protected from ultraviolet radiation.

The solution in a closed vial retains its properties for 2 years of production day. If the vial is open, the medicine can be used for 28 days, after which it must be disposed of. Do not use the medicine after the expiration date.

When working with a medicinal product it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  1. Wash hands with soap after contact with the preparation.
  2. In case of hypersensitivity, it is better to avoid direct contact with the medication. Rubber or latex gloves are used for protection.
  3. If the solution accidentally gets on the mucous membranes, they must be washed with plenty of running water.
  4. If allergies occur, consult a doctor.
  5. Packaging from under the medication should be disposed of with household waste. Vials cannot be used for reuse.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lacto-Stop has many advantages:

  • acts quickly and efficiently
  • has an affordable price compared to the foreign counterpart,
  • easy to use (the presence of a pipette makes it easier to measure the required amount of medicine),
  • does not affect the endocrine system, except for the pituitary gland,
  • comprehensively eliminates the problem (not only reduces the level of prolactin, but also corrects the behavior).

The disadvantages include the possibility of side effects. For this reason, it is not recommended to use the drug without a doctor's prescription. In addition, when you first receive it, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the animal, so that if necessary, immediately assist him.

How much is

Since the drug is manufactured by a domestic manufacturer, its deficit in veterinary pharmacies is not observed. You can buy the drug on the Internet. Price Lacto-Stop for dogs depends on the volume of the bottle:

  • 7 ml - 750-850 rub.,
  • 15 ml - 1200-1400 rubles.

The average cost is given, which can change up or down in different pharmacies and regions.

Owner reviews

Oksana, the mistress of a chihuahua:

“Our baby after estrus had a false pregnancy. The doctor prescribed Lacto-Stop. From the drug left only positive emotions. There were no side effects, although the doctor warned about the possibility of drowsiness or vomiting. Our dog refuses to eat food, if they add medicine to it, so we have to inject it forcibly, but the main thing is the result. ”

Victoria, hostess just:

“Almost after every heat our dog gets a false pregnancy. Previously used expensive French Galastop, until they learned about the domestic drug. Not inferior in effectiveness to foreign medicine. It is also well tolerated by a dog, does not cause side effects. The active substance is the same, so I see no reason to overpay. I recommend to other dog lovers. ”

Mary, the owner of the dachshund:

“Lacto-Stop caused severe vomiting in the dog, which lasted all day. Reception had to be stopped, therefore it is difficult to judge the effectiveness of the drug. The problem of a false pregnancy was solved by popular methods. ”

Veterinarian reviews

Mikhail Alekseevich, a veterinarian with 16 years of experience:

“Lacto-Stop is an excellent analogue of the French drug. Usually I prescribe a drug of a domestic manufacturer to my patients, and only if it is not in a pharmacy, I recommend to buy Galastop. According to my personal observations, the drug quickly eliminates the symptoms of false pregnancy. Often becomes a real salvation for bitches after estrus. Suitable for small and large dogs. ”

Marina, a veterinarian with 8 years of experience:

“Lacto-Stop is a good drug, but for dog lovers who give it without a doctor’s recommendation, it should be remembered that the use of hormonal drugs does not pass without consequences. When shchaschennosti and cessation of lactation should be used in parallel with the adjustment of nutrition and increased physical activity. Despite the high efficacy, I would not recommend abusing the use of this drug. "