What is grooming?


There is an opinion that animals do not need cosmetic procedures, and grooming cats and dogs is just the vagaries of the rich. In fact, taking care of the pets' appearance is the key to their health. In the felted wool, parasites easily infest, long claws prevent the animal from moving, and sulfur and dirt in the ears are a potential source of infection. But it is not necessary to lead the pet to a professional groomer. You can take care of animals by yourself.

From need to whims

Depending on the destination, grooming can be divided into hygienic, exhibition and model. We will tell about each form separately. So, the hygienic grooming of dogs and cats is procedures that ensure the health and comfort of the animal. It includes procedures such as combing and cutting hair, brushing ears and teeth, shortening claws. Sometimes you have to clear your eyes, as some animals do not tolerate an abundance of sunlight. The frequency of the procedures depends on the breed and conditions of detention. And you can hold them yourself, but you must first ask the advice of a specialist.

Exhibition grooming is bringing the animal in order in accordance with the canons of a certain type, the reference for the breed. Such care is usually carried out by professional breeders who know the regulations. Model grooming - the creation of unusual haircuts and images. Sometimes it can be dangerous for animals, since an excess or lack of wool leads to a disturbance of heat transfer, and its painting is fraught with poisoning. And, of course, in no case should you do a pet tattoo! Model grooming cats can produce only a specialist who knows which haircuts are safe.

It is necessary, it is necessary to wash

Many people think that cats should not be washed, and dogs should be bathed often, otherwise they will smell like dog. But this is a mistake. In fact, the skin of many dogs secrete special substances that coat wool, protecting it from dirt, infections, and parasites. And the constant flushing of this film is of no use. Cats lack such natural protection. Therefore, they can become carriers of dangerous diseases. As for the smell of the dog, its reason lies not in dirty wool, but in various diseases or unhealthy diet. It is useless to wash the animal. But to the veterinarian need to contact.

So, cats can and should be washed. With dogs, the situation is more complicated. Some breeds are not recommended for bathing, others need regular baths. In any case, animals can be washed only with special shampoos. After bathing, the coat must be treated with a balm, dried thoroughly with a hairdryer and combed.

Beautiful styling

Animal hair should definitely be combed, but not with ordinary scallops. Dogs usually require two types of brushes. The first are designed to comb out the undercoat. The second - for daily care. A special comb for grooming cats should be protected at the tips of the teeth, so as not to damage the thin skin. The frequency of the procedures depends on the breed. Too hard combing can lead to balding of the animal. Too rare - to the formation of mats. Especially carefully it is necessary to comb the dogs during the molting period. If there is little undercoat on the animal, it will lead to a disturbance of heat transfer.

Useful haircut

Many breeds of dogs do not need grooming. But poodles, shi-tsu, terriers and dogs of other breeds, the wool of which grows strongly, should go to the hairdresser regularly. In addition to the general shortening, animals cut their hair on the face, near the anus and genitals. In addition, some breeds need trimming - pulling out wool and undercoat, which does not fall out on its own.

But hygienic grooming cats haircut should not include. These animals have no problems with the length of the coat and undercoat. But with the wrong care, their fur is knitted into mats, which must be trimmed. But in no case can this be done with scissors or forceps. To do this, use a special machine for grooming cats.

The main weapon - claws and teeth

Inside the claw there is living flesh - pulp. When an animal moves on the ground or tears something, the inner surface is ground down and compacted, the vessels die. In this case, the ends are ground to sharpness. But pets do not spend much time on the street. Therefore, they need a "manicure".

Shorten claws must be very careful. You can only cut the very tip: dry, without living tissue. Sometimes the pulp shines through. Therefore, the owner of the animal can clearly see what can be cut. It is also necessary to focus on the inner side of the claw.

Cleaning the teeth of pets is best left to veterinarians. If the animal is not exhibition, it is enough to regularly give him raw fiber meat or special treats. If you decide to brush your teeth yourself, do it with a special brush. In no case can not use the "human" toothpaste.

Hygiene products must be individual

Special tools are used for grooming cats and dogs: brushes, combs, trimmers, clippers, and claw sanders. Our shampoos, pastes and other products are not suitable for pets. Claws need to cut only a special tool, as simple scissors can not cope with them. Ordinary combs also fail to comb a thick coat. In addition, they can even damage the skin. And our toothbrushes generally injure the gums of animals.

The pet must have its own, individual set of hygiene. Tools for animals can not be bought in the markets or in other dubious places. They are not worth saving. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the breed of the animal, to ensure the quality of the tools and that they are convenient for you.

Where to turn?

So, grooming cats and dogs is necessary, since the well-being of animals depends on proper care. You can carry out hygienic procedures yourself, but it is better to contact specialists. Try to choose not care at home, but proven clinics, where not only will groom, but also notice the symptoms of the disease, will give recommendations for care. There are some good clinics in the capital of Russia. So, where do grooming cats in Moscow? We present to your attention several addresses:

  1. Veterinary clinic at Bolotnikovskaya, 21-1. This is a specialized institution for cats. It provides a full range of services, including dentistry.
  2. Clinic Vetstate. Works with all kinds of animals. Here they are also engaged in not only grooming, but also inspection and treatment.
  3. Vetsentr "Constellation". Another full-fledged clinic where professionals work who are able to perform any grooming of cats.

St. Petersburg can also boast of the presence of such institutions. First, it is necessary to highlight the network of clinics "Cotonai". They specialize in cats, produce all types of grooming, including claws cutting. Have a great experience with the Persians. Secondly, the Primorsky wind center (Yakhtennaya st., 33-1) also recommended itself well. Masters working here, produce not only the usual procedures, but also stripping, which will save you from problems with moult pet. Thirdly, many users distinguish the clinic "Belka and Strelka" (Veteranov Street, 16). It also provides a full range of services for animals. Even exhibition grooming can be done here.

Caring for a dog, a cat

Any owner sooner or later faces this issue. What does this mysterious word "grooming" mean? Grooming is a set of animal care activities. Moreover, it is not only a haircut, this complex can also include clawing, eye and ear cutting, tooth brushing, sanation of the anal glands and much more.

There is also a number of procedures that are purely aesthetic in nature. This tattoo, manicure, decoration with rhinestones, wool dyeing, creative haircuts and so on.

A network of veterinary clinics "Cornflower" is carried out grooming dogs and cats.

What is grooming for dogs.

Dog room roaming is a very important event for any dog, regardless of breed, size or age. Regular procedures for the care of hair, claws, teeth, eyes and ears allow you to maintain these organs and, therefore, the entire body of the animal in good condition and ensure the health of the dog for many years. And if your pet regularly attends (or plans to attend) various exhibitions and competitions, then he simply must look decent and attract admiring glances of others in order to receive high marks and awards.

The dog grooming complex includes the following procedures:

Dog Grooming There may be several types: model, hygienic (with the help of a machine with different nozzles and special scissors) or trimming ("artificial molt"), used, as a rule, for wire-haired dogs.

Washing wool with professional shampoos and conditioners for animals.

Drying hair dryer with combing wool (stretching).

Claw clipping.

Brushing the ears with plucking wool from the external auditory passages.

Eye treatment, cleaning of the anal glands, rehabilitation of the oral cavity (carried out as needed, is not included in the complex service, it is paid additionally at the price of the clinic)

What is grooming for cats?

The procedure of grooming cats is much more difficult than grooming dogs due to the subtleties of the nature of the cat or cat. If, as a rule, it is possible to agree with a dog in one way or another, that it calmly stand and suffer until the end of the procedure, then it will not be so with the freedom-loving representatives of the cat family. In this case, the groomer has to adapt to their character. But, nevertheless, grooming cats lately has become increasingly popular, since every owner wants his pet to look well-groomed, tidy and healthy.

The complex of cat grooming includes the following procedures:

Haircut (usually a haircut under the lion). It should be noted that hygienic haircut is the most popular among cat owners in the warm season, since, for example, in hot summer our furry pets often suffer from overheating.

Claw clipping

Treatment of eyes and ears, rehabilitation of the oral cavity (carried out as necessary, not included in the complex service, paid additionally at the price of the clinic)

Bathing cats is not included in the list of mandatory activities, as most cats are afraid of water and do not allow to carry out this procedure. Therefore, after shearing, it is enough to wipe with a wet towel.

In the case when it comes to not combing and combing tangles and molting wool, bathing the cat becomes an integral part of this procedure, since it allows you to untangle and straighten all the hair when drying with a hair dryer.

Salon grooming or grooming at home - what to choose?

A separate point to note is the fact that a haircut in a specially equipped clinic room is much faster and more relaxed for a dog or cat than at home, where the animal may even show aggression towards a specialist who has come to its territory, which can make it very difficult and long the whole process of grooming. And also you will be completely free from the need to clean wool, which still strives to scatter around all accessible and inaccessible places in the apartment.

Plus, there are always veterinarians in the clinic next door, who can additionally advise on any issues of keeping, feeding and caring for pets.

Grooming cats: what does it include?

Regular grooming of cats should become familiar to pets with a rich long hair, prone to form mats. Otherwise, the coat is so loose that it will cause anxiety to the animal. Due to the discomfort, the pet will try to gnaw the lumps of wool, which will lead to skin damage and the development of dermatological disorders.

But the procedure for grooming cats is complex. Professional care may include:

  • haircut taking into account the length of wool, the preferences of the owner,
  • water treatments using modern shampoos, caring products,
  • cleansing the eyes, ears of natural secretions, pus (when a parasite is found, the veterinarian performs a special treatment),
  • claw shortening
  • removal of tangles, lumps of felted wool,
  • combing pet with brushes, scallops and other tools that do not injure the skin, do not spoil the beauty of the coat.

Grooming cats in the vet clinic

Some owners daily carry out these manipulations themselves, but nothing beats the professionalism of the veterinarians of our veterinary clinic. We will quickly and efficiently carry out all the manipulations without experiencing the patience of the animal. Without experience, special devices, grooming cats can turn into injuries. It is forbidden to cut the claws of a pet if there is no experience in conducting such actions. In the nail plates are small blood vessels. They are easily damaged if handled carelessly. This will cause pain to the animal, cause bleeding, and may trigger the development of a fungal infection.

Therefore it is better not to experiment. If there is no time, effort or opportunity to carry the animal to the vet clinic, there are fears that the pet may get sick from stress, we offer you grooming cats at home. This service is an ideal solution for busy people who find it difficult to find time to travel to veterinary medicine.

Grooming cats at home

Home care for a four-legged friend is a demanded service of our veterinary clinic. Sometimes the owners do not have time to visit the vet. Sometimes it is better not to torture the cat with long shipments, but to carry out all the procedures in a familiar environment.

Every favorite has its own character. It happens that an animal from nature is fearful, incredulous. Our specialists will find an approach to any pet, and if necessary, will groom the cats at home, using safe means and tools, allowing them to gently care for the animals, delivering only positive emotions.

What is included in the concept of "grooming"

Many people mistakenly believe that grooming is exclusively animal haircut. But in reality, this concept is broader and consists of a whole range of measures and procedures for the care of pets. In other words - these are all those activities that help keep the animals not only external beauty, but also health.

Types of grooming

Grooming can be different and depend on the purpose for which it is carried out. Today, professionals distinguish 3 types of grooming:

  1. Hygienic. It consists of hygienic haircuts (cutting hair under the tail and groin), care for ears, eyes, claws and paws. His goal is to improve the hygiene of the animal, to help keep the pet well-groomed appearance between the main haircuts or exhibitions. Most often, long-haired “aristocratic” breeds need such grooming, but it can also be carried out for short-haired pets.
  2. Exhibition - a procedure performed according to a strict scheme in accordance with the requirements of the breed. In this case, the master tries not only to do everything according to the rules, but also to emphasize the special advantages of each animal, hiding its possible disadvantages as much as possible. It is clear that it is being performed on the eve of exhibitions in salons with the participation of the animal.
  3. Creative - these are standard procedures in combination with an unusual haircut. Here the master of the animal and the master can give free rein to their imagination and realize the most original and even insane ideas. In the case of creative grooming, there are no norms and restrictions, which allows you to turn the most ordinary pet into a true masterpiece.

With regard to the timing of grooming, then perform the procedure, usually 1-2 times a month. The remaining visits to the salon - as needed and at the request of the owners.

Grooming Stages

The whole grooming procedure consists of several successive stages:

  • thorough cleansing and combing wool
  • trimming. During this procedure, the groomers cut their pet as required by the standards of its breed. If the haircut is not for the exhibition, the master shows his imagination, taking into account the wishes of the owner of the animal,
  • eye treatment (removal of "tracks" and secretions),
  • cleaning the ears with cotton buds using a special hygiene product,
  • tidying up the teeth. To do this, use special brushes, pastes, gels and sprays. In the process of the teeth of the animal remove plaque, stone, freshen breath,
  • claw shears.

At the end of all these stages, quadrupeds are waited for by water procedures. The animal is bathed using shampoos and conditioners. Also, if necessary, masters use special therapeutic or prophylactic agents.

Of course, you can perform all the necessary hygienic procedures and bring the pet's hair in order (with the exception of a special haircut) except at home. Но… для этого потребуются специальные инструмент и желательно еще навыки (вряд ли многие собаки и кошки будут терпеливо ждать, пока хозяин приноровится к обращению с ножницами и приспособлениями для тримминга. Гораздо проще все это доверить специалистам.