Choosing an indoor cat toilet - lineup, pros and cons


Deciding to have a kitten, you should think about purchasing a tray for him. It is better to buy a toilet for a cat (cat) immediately before purchasing an animal. So it will be much easier to teach a fluffy friend to the place. The choice of cat litter today is quite wide. You can easily choose an option, taking into account the area of ​​the apartment, as well as the preferences of the animal itself.

But before you make a purchase of the tray, you need to figure out what types of it allocate, the positive and negative sides of each type, as well as what must be considered when choosing. Article will tell all this.

The main types of toilets for cats

Before you buy a bio-toilet for cats, you should understand the varieties of the subject. A very popular model at the moment is a one-piece tray made of plastic. The shape is a rectangular product with low sides. As a rule, no additional elements are attached to it. The main advantage of this copy is the low price and compactness. In service, the product is quite convenient. Ideal for kittens: it is very easy for kids to climb into such a tray.

But for adult cats and cats - this is not the best choice: because of the shallow depth when they bury, they throw out of the toilet most of the filler. To avoid this, it is better for adults to purchase a cat toilet with a large mesh, a tray with high sides, or a closed type product. Another disadvantage is that the one-piece plastic tray is used only with filler.

The tray with high sides is similar to the model described above, but is equipped with removable sides. This addition can also be used to secure the film, which is easily removed after the pet goes to the toilet. This at times facilitates the care of the tray: do not have to wash anything. In addition, thanks to the creation of the necessary depth, the cat will not scatter the filler outside of its toilet. This model allows you to use either a filler or film. But this type of tray has a drawback: it takes up much more space than a regular plastic product.

The next type - a toilet for cats with a net - is similar to a regular plastic one, only the net is put on over the product.

Due to this, all feces flow through the mesh into the tray, the legs of the animal remain clean and dry.

For this option, the filler is not needed. But after each trip to the toilet, the grid and the pot must be washed. Of the minuses, it can also be noted that the smell is not neutralized, but spreads throughout the room. Therefore, after each visit to the tray pet, will have to carry out cleaning. In addition, not all pets like this type of toilet: when a cat instinctively buries, claws get stuck in the net, and this frightens many.

Closed toilet tray house

Many owners prefer to buy a closed toilet for a cat or as it is called a tray-house. Such a product is easy to clean, and the animals really like it. Sometimes the model is equipped with a door. It does not cause any discomfort to the pet, and the smell perfectly retains inside the tray. However, not every cat likes this door.

It should be noted that the cat toilet house has indisputable advantages over other types:

  • perfectly keeps the smell inside the product, preventing it from spreading around the apartment,
  • many cats like a closed space: they feel comfortable and safe
  • the filler does not end up outside the tray when burrowing,
  • the cat does not miss the toilet, which cannot be said about open trays.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the high cost. Because of that, not every owner can afford to buy a toilet for a cat house.

Varieties of cat litter closed

There are toilets for cats that are closed with a pull-out tray and are automated (self-cleaning). The latter are a real achievement in the development of cat litter. The product has a rather aesthetic appearance. And besides, it requires minimal cost to keep the pot clean.

Of course, there is a lot of self-cleaning toilet for cats. But if there are a lot of animals in the house and there is no time to clean up after them, then such a model is the best option. Among the disadvantages of such a model is the noise that the product makes during the cleaning process.

So you can see if your pet will like an indoor toilet. If yes, then you can safely go shopping. Moreover, you can buy a toilet house for cats at any pet store or, even easier, order on the Internet.

The principle of operation of the self-cleaning tray is similar to the principle of the washing machine. The tray should be connected to the sewage system, cold water and electricity. Liquid waste goes to a special compartment. There, together with solid waste, they are cleaned and turned into liquid, which is washed off with disinfecting shampoo and water down the drain. After that, the closed toilet for cats is dried with hot air, which comes from a special fan.

Cleaning is carried out only when the animal is not in the tray. For this, the product is equipped with special sensors that determine the presence or absence of an animal in the toilet. Time and number of cleanings per day can be programmed. For example, you can choose a mode in which the device will be self-cleaning after each visit to his cat.

Deciding to buy a toilet for cats closed, it is better to give preference to quality models from reputable manufacturers. The cost of automatic toilets for animals, as a rule, starts from $ 500. Mechanical copies cost a little less, and they are cleared by manually pressing a special lever. But the high price of an automatic toilet for cats justifies itself. After buying such a product, you can not worry about keeping the tray clean.

When choosing a self-cleaning toilet for cats, it is recommended to consider the following points:

  1. Pet age. This bio-toilet is more suitable for already adult individuals. Small kittens may have difficulty opening the door either with a high entrance.
  2. Dimensions of the animal. For cats and cats of a standard size, an indoor toilet is suitable. But for large breeds, for example, for a massive Maine Coon is likely to be small. It is important that the pet is cozy and comfortable in the closet.
  3. Place the tray. Since the self-cleaning tray is quite large, before you buy an indoor toilet for a cat, you need to decide where it will stand. If there is not enough free space, then you can choose an angular model, which saves quite a lot of space, fits perfectly into any corner, and will not attract attention.

Also on sale you can meet and closed toilets with a carbon filter. Such models perfectly protect from unpleasant smell. But we must remember that periodically the filters need to be changed. Therefore, buying such a toilet product, it is advisable to purchase several cleaning filters as a reserve. It should be noted that the toilet for cats house is equipped with doors that will not like every pet. Removing the door is not recommended, because all the benefits of the filter will be negated. Cleaning the tray is done manually, preferably every few days.

Another type of buried tray is an integrated toilet. By external execution, it can resemble a bedside table or other piece of furniture. On the side of the product has a round entrance. This model is quite functional: something can be put on the product, the cat's toilet is hidden from prying eyes. The only downside is the difficulty of cleaning.

Highlights when choosing a tray

Thus, today the market offers a wide range of cat trays. There are models of open and closed types, there are automatic and those that need to be cleaned manually. It is important to choose exactly the kind that will appeal to your pet.

To determine which toilet is best for the cat, you should pay attention to these points:

  • The material of manufacture. The product must be strong enough. And also not to be too easy, so that the animal does not accidentally turn the pot on itself when bury.
  • Shape, depth, size. The tray must be of such size and shape that the cat can move freely in it. After all, if she is uncomfortable in such a house, she can find herself another, more spacious place. It is important to buy a toilet for a cat of such a depth that it is possible to pour a sufficient amount of filler into the product, and so that the filler does not fly out of the tray when it digs.
  • Smooth surface. The product should not have any defects on the similarity of sharp protruding elements. Even if there is no filler in the pot, the animal will instinctively bury. And if you stumble upon something spicy, you can get hurt. To avoid this, before you buy a toilet for cats, you should evaluate it for smoothness. To do this, gently hold his hand on its inner surface.

Thus, today the choice of dry closets for cats and cats is very diverse. Crossing the threshold of a pet store, you can get confused in a wide range. There are both normal open plastic trays, and closed self-cleaning options. What to choose? This answer to the question depends only on the preferences of the pet and the financial state of the owner. If the cat is constipated, then read the article "Multi-day constipation in a cat and its treatment at home."

What should the choice be based on?

If you decide to purchase a closed toilet for your cat, then you should consider the following when buying:

  • dimensions of the pet - the fact is that you can find toilets on sale, which will vary in size. For example, the standard is more suitable for small animals, and if your pet belongs to the Mei-kun breed, it will be close to him in such a house. The cat should be spacious so that she can turn around and spin in all directions in her tray,
  • type of toilet - it is necessary to decide on this issue in advance. Closed toilets are much larger compared to a regular tray, and if there is no shortage of space in your home, you can easily buy a regular rectangular model, otherwise the choice is better to stop on a closed toilet for cats of the angular type,
  • quality control - right in the store you need to check the good condition of the goods. Examine the toilet, try to open the door yourself - it should walk freely. Remove the top cover and inspect the house from the inside - so you will understand whether it will be convenient to clean it. And, most importantly - in the design should be vents, due to which odors will not accumulate inside.

Toilet house

Closed cat toilet in the form of a small house - this is the simplest model and, of course, the most affordable. This design has an attractive appearance and on sale it can be found in various color variations, as well as to choose the necessary shape and size.

Important! However, such toilets do not block unpleasant odors, so the only difference between them and the usual tray is the shape.

Toilet in the house

This design has a fairly simple and intuitive design - this is a kind of tandem of the usual cat tray and nightstand in which it is located. Such a closed toilet has a removable top panel, which, when opened, provides access to the pallet, as well as a staggered arrangement of entrances / exits, which prevents the filling of the filler on the floor when the animal leaves the toilet.

Such a closed toilet for a cat is quite easy to do on your own. To do this, you can use a bedside table, an old chest of drawers without drawers, or another similar piece of furniture. In addition, such a toilet you can repaint in any color you like and choose the optimal dimensions of the structure.

The bio toilet is still the same feline closed toilet, but compared to the first model, it is more advanced and has an additional set of functions. Among those may be:

  • full protection against unpleasant odors, which is due to the presence of a carbon filter,
  • absorbent wipes, which are in addition to the carbon filter and reduce to zero the risk of unpleasant odors,
  • absorbent bridge that makes your pet's feet completely dry and clean,
  • cleaning of excrement in automatic mode
  • filler replacement, etc.

On a note! Some models are able to work independently for several weeks.

However, despite the huge model range, the principle of operation of all bio-toilets is similar - after the animal needs it and has left the device, a motor turns on, which drives the carriage. That, in turn, begins to rotate and moves the contents of the toilet into a special waste bag.

On a note! Here the question may arise - what will happen if the cat suddenly decides to return to its toilet, and the motor has not stopped working yet? In fact, you should not worry in this situation, since such models are equipped with motion sensors, which immediately turn off the engine when the pet approaches.

Pros and cons

If you still could not decide whether your cat needs such a toilet or not, then let's consider all its advantages and disadvantages in the form of separate lists.

  • a closed toilet is a guarantee of the cleanliness of your home, and if you cook about a bio-toilet, then you also need protection against unpleasant odors,
  • Most cats love closed spaces, so they will gladly go to such a tray,
  • This toilet can carry an additional function, for example, to play the role of a shelf or table, in addition, the corner model will save square meters,
  • Attractive appearance allows this neat box concisely fit into any interior.

  • the biggest disadvantage is the high price. Compared to a regular tray, a closed toilet is much more expensive,
  • it is often difficult for such a design to find a place in a very small apartment - it can harmoniously approach the interior, but at the same time it is not possible to allocate enough space for it,

On a note! The smallest bio-toilet takes about half a meter.

  • some pets may refuse such a toilet for a simple reason - the door incomprehensible to them, and as if the owner did not try, the cat will ignore this device due to the inconvenience of the design.
  • For some, such flaws will seem insignificant, while for others they will become more than convincing. To decide only you. Therefore, before going to the pet store, weigh the pros and cons again.

    Species cat litter

    There are several options for cat litter for your home. Let's talk about each separately.

    A simple classic version of the toilet for cats is an open tray. Pick up the tray, depending on the size of the pet. As mentioned above, when choosing a tray it is worth paying attention to the height of the sides. It should be as comfortable as possible for the cat, and at the same time, do not allow the contents to get enough sleep when digging.

    Depending on your pet's needs, a special filler can be poured into the tray, or a guard can be installed to prevent wet feet. To clean such a tray is very convenient, and it is usually inexpensive.

    Closed cat toilet

    There are also special closed cat litter. These devices are shaped like houses, which allows the cat to feel especially protected inside. In such a closed toilet there may be a door that the cat can open by itself. The toilets of the closed type have their advantages. The filler from it does not get enough sleep, and smells linger as long as possible.

    When buying, pay attention to the possibility of removing the upper structure, since such a toilet should be washed as regularly and carefully as an open one.

    Such a toilet should be selected on the basis of the size of the pet, since it can be simply cramped, and the cat will want to look for another place for the toilet. Closed toilet is more expensive than a regular tray. On sale there are models of toilets-houses of special design, which, if desired, can be an excellent complement to the interior. An inexpensive alternative to a closed cat litter can be an ordinary tray built into a small closet or nightstand.

    Dry closets for cats

    Closed cat litter also includes special dry closets for cats. Such devices are able to protect against unpleasant odors for a long time without replacing the filler, due to the presence of a special filtration system. Usually, dry closets for cats are equipped with a special carbon filter located on the lid of the device to absorb odors.

    Often, dry closets are filled with a special filler that retains moisture, and an absorbent and deodorizing cloth is placed on the bottom, which completely absorbs and eliminates odors.

    Как выбрать туалет для кошек

    Когда хозяин выбирает туалет для питомца, то для своего и кошачьего удобства должен продумать все детали. Ведь от этого будет зависеть, станет ли домашний любимец ходить в него и удобно ли его будет убирать. При выборе лотка для кошки нужно в первую очередь обратить внимание на следующие параметры:

    • The ratio of the size of the animal and the future toilet. Often, the owners of kittens buy a tray for growth, and animals suffer, overcoming the high side.
    • Pet love to dig. From this parameter will depend on:
      • the weight of the tray - heavy toilet harder to move when moving paws,
      • use of filler - necessitates the choice of a special tray,
      • the purchase of a rug - some owners use this accessory so that the cat leaves the toilet and leaves the granules stuck to the paws on it.
    • Material. It is necessary to choose the strongest option.
    • The weight of the cat. This parameter directly affects the purchase of a filler tray or toilet with a particularly strong mesh. Otherwise, the pet's paws after going to the toilet will be dirty.
    • Placement of the toilet. If there is not enough space in the bathroom, then you will have to abandon certain types of trays, focusing on the following factors:
      • no smell - in the case of frequent departures of the owner from the house from the cat litter set in the center of the house, an unpleasant odor will appear, no matter what filler is used,
      • cleaning convenience - overcoming the whole house with a scoop in the hands is not hygienic,
      • Aesthetics - an open tray with waste, located in the middle of the corridor, will look unpresentable.
    • Frequency of cleaning If the owner is not located to carry out cleaning of the tray, then you should opt for this option, which will take into account this factor.

    Now, when the project of the forthcoming purchase is created in the head of the owner, let us analyze the types of trays and their differences.

    Low side tray

    The classic view of the cat toilet is presented in the form of a trough with small sides, which are attached to the grid. Through the holes, urine flows into the filler, and the stool remains directly on the "barrier".

    Low side tray has gained popularity due to its versatility.

    • small size
    • possibility of placement in the toilet,
    • high hygiene,
    • economy,
    • easy cleaning
    • suitable for kittens.

    • the presence of smell
    • do not use filler,
    • operational cleaning is required,
    • not suitable for heavy cats.

    Tray with high sides

    Such a product involves the use of filler. Boards prevent him from scattering around the room when the pet rakes in waste products. Equipped with such models and a special film. It is attached to the sides. As soon as there is a need to change the filler, it is enough to carefully remove the film and throw it into the trash can, and in its place install a new expendable material. At the same time, the product itself remains completely clean.

    Tray with high sides involves the use of filler

    • the possibility of using filler,
    • purity (the filler is not scattered around the room),
    • additional tools can be installed in the board,
    • no smell.

    • high cost
    • big enough size (not suitable for installation in close bathrooms),
    • not suitable for schooling kittens because of the high altitude.

    Closed toilet (dry closet)

    This model allows the kitten to feel protected. The owners are pleased with the aesthetic design. As a rule, the manufacturer equips the model with a special door, through which the pet gets inside, but some owners remove it. They believe that it will be better for the animal. Having chosen such a model, the owner wonders how much this miracle costs. And having learned the price, thinks about whether such a construction is really necessary.

    Closed toilet is relevant for shy cats

    • no smell
    • will look neat anywhere in the house
    • possibility of using filler.

    • high cost
    • complex cleaning
    • not suitable for kittens and large breeds of cats
    • the presence of the door scares the animals,
    • some four-legged friends use such a model not for going to the toilet, but for living,
    • need to apply extra effort for schooling.

    To improve hygiene, this type of trays can be equipped with a carbon filter. For example, in models from the manufacturer Ferplast. The principle of operation is as follows: polluted air rises to the lid of the tray, into which a special filter is mounted, where it is cleaned of unpleasant odor and organic particles.

    Such a variant of the toilet, when there is a grill and an antibacterial mat in the bottom of the structure, can also be presented. Such know-how correctly works only with a special filler, which lets the moisture down and thus starts the decontamination process.

    Automatic toilet

    This invention is very pleased busy owners. It resembles a small toilet, but for cats. With the acquisition of this cat litter, you do not need to sift the filler yourself and inhale such an “unpleasant” amber. The design is equipped with a self-cleaning function. Everything is thought out in such a way that the pet is in no way in contact with the chemical means used to disinfect and rinse the tray. Such a model is a novelty for the Russian market.

    Automatic cat toilet - an indispensable tool for very busy owners

    • self-cleaning,
    • compactness
    • complete absence of odors
    • no need for self-washing,
    • lack of filler (in some models),
    • safety for the animal.

    • high cost
    • the need to connect to the sewer and water supply,
    • the likelihood that pets unfamiliar with such benefits of civilization may be frightened,
    • long car harvesting,
    • Depending on the model, consumables are needed (special granules, bags for collecting excrement, cleaning agent).

    Automatic toilets must be connected to water, sewage and electricity.

    The toilet washes for a long time (35 minutes). If it is the only tray for several animals, the other animal may not be able to tolerate it. The toilet every six months will definitely have to be cleaned: besides the fact that there is accumulating a stinky plaque in any case, the hose is sometimes clogged, wool is wound around the chopper, and any garbage that cats bring to it comes in. We'll have to disassemble it into parts according to the instructions, carry it into the bath, wash all the parts manually, washing away (sorry) raid from crushed potions. I describe in such detail that future buyers immediately know that this will have to be done (for me it was a surprise), it is written in the instructions as “the parts may be dirty, use gloves”, but in fact they forget about the smell and the specific content of “dirt”. This plaque is formed with the most proper official use, I minimized it by replacing the cartridges with vinegar with dishwashing detergent, but I don’t know how it will affect the tubes inside the power supply in the long run. Another wildly unpleasant detail that one will definitely have to face more than once: if the “solid waste” turned out to be not too hard or at least one small piece of the “waste” survived the entire washing cycle before drying, at the time of drying there would be a SUCH smell all over the apartment that you can suffocate. The scapula has quite wide tips, often it just cannot “catch” something. But this happens, fortunately, not too often. In general, I can say that this invention is very interesting and, of course, working as intended, very well done. Of course, like any mechanism, this toilet requires periodic maintenance. Is it more profitable compared to a regular tray and filler, as advertised? With official consumables definitely not. When “hacking”, consider yourself how many years you have to buy a cat litter for 26 thousand. Should I buy? For me, the answer is "yes", I do some kind of dirty work every six months during the preventive cleaning, the rest of the time I almost forget that my cats go to the toilet. You decide for yourself. The pleasure is in any case requiring a minimum understanding of how this thing is arranged and how it is assembled.


    Automatic toilet can be presented in a more simplified form, as a self-cleaning tray.

    A simpler version of the automatic tray, but less reliable

    The principle of operation is as follows:

    1. Cat visits toilet.
    2. The automatic cleaning sensor works.
    3. Runs a rake that collects solid waste in a package placed in a special compartment.

    The positive difference is the lack of the need to connect water and sewage to the device, as well as inexpensive consumables.

    To simplify the selection process, we offer a comparative table of cat litter species.

    Toilet Tips

    Many owners want the cat to go to the toilet on the toilet by itself. For this purpose, there are attachments to the rim of the toilet with special openings of different diameters, with which you can gradually teach a cat to go to the toilet while sitting on the toilet. To begin with, such a nozzle on the rim of the toilet bowl, without a hole, but with a filler, is placed next to the toilet bowl. Gradually changing the height of the placement of this design, the nozzle is moved to the toilet. The hole in the nozzle is increased as the cat gets used once every two weeks. Such training to the toilet can take three or four months, as the rapid increase in the hole in the nozzle can greatly frighten the cat and negate previous efforts.

    For owners who appreciate the maximum convenience and ergonomics in cleaning, there are special automated cat litter. The principle of operation of such devices is aimed at self-cleaning after each visit to the toilet by a cat. These devices can be programmed for self-cleaning with a cartridge with a cleaning agent after each visit to the cat. Or, to trigger the cleaning function, you will need to press a button. This toilet is connected to the general system of water supply, sewage and outlet. The cost of an automatic toilet is quite high.

    However, this type of toilets has one major drawback, with all its convenience, automatic toilets make a lot of noise when cleaning, which can frighten the cat and discourage the desire to use such a device.

    Petmate Booda Cleanstep toilet for cats

    Price: about 3000 rubles

    This big toilet for cats combines modern beautiful design with a device that is thought out to the smallest detail. In order to go to the toilet, the cat just go inside and sit in a large amount of filler. After the pet went to the toilet and buried traces, the filler does not spill out, thanks to the closed design. And the cat's paws always remain clean, as it comes out of the closet on special steps. The main thing is not to forget to change the filler tray and carbon filters on the toilet lid in time.

    This device has several advantages:

    • Due to the presence of a ladder at the exit of the toilet, the cat's paws are self-cleaning.
    • Toilet tray is very capacious, which allows you to immediately fall asleep a large amount of filler.
    • An activated carbon filter is incorporated in the lid to prevent odor from spreading.
    • A spacious enough toilet that is suitable for large cats.

    The disadvantages include only the fact that this toilet is not particularly different from the usual closed-type tray, although it costs two to three times more expensive.

    Japanese indoor dry close Nyan-tomo Seiketsu Toilet

    Price: about 4500 rubles

    In Japan, developed a special indoor bio-toilet for cats with coniferous filler and a special anti-bacterial absorbent mat.

    The advantages of this model of toilet:

    • Due to the high sides and closed design, the granules of the filler do not fly apart when instilled.
    • Deodorizing antibacterial conifer filler does not leave traces of liquid and reliably eliminates odors.
    • Absorbent deodorizing and antibacterial pad ensures absolute dryness and odor free for 1 week.
    • For the manufacture of the filler and the rug are used only natural materials: recycled softwood.
    • Due to the complete absence of smell, the toilet can even be used in the living room.
    • Rug and filler enough to change 1 time per week.

    The disadvantages include the high cost not only of the toilet itself, but also of special floor mats and filler.

    Cat toilet litter spinner

    Price: about 5000 rubles

    Thanks to its special design, this toilet for cats is distinguished by a quick cleaning in just a few seconds with a single movement. Before use, it is necessary to fill the toilet to the specified level with a filler and hang it on a special fixture. In order to clean the toilet, it is enough to turn the structure counterclockwise, and all the waste will be in a special compartment, from where it can be easily removed.

    The advantages of this device:

    • Fast and hygienic cleaning.
    • Availability of a special compartment for waste.
    • Inside the tank there is a special fill level line that helps fill in the required amount of filler.
    • The kit includes a special stick for more convenient cleaning the inside of the cylinder.
    • The toilet is environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled plastics.

    The disadvantages of this model of toilet include the fact that:

    • The toilet is suitable only for cats weighing up to 9 kilograms.
    • For this toilet are suitable fillers consisting of granules of small size, since larger particles of filler can get stuck in the cylinder.
    • Along with the rather high cost of the toilet itself, additional costs are required for the filler.

    Dry closet with air filtration function and Oster electronic indicator

    Price: about 6500 rubles

    Modern cat dry closet with the function of forced air filtration and light indication has several advantages:

    • The electronic dashboard of a dry closet is simple in management.
    • An electronic device for odor neutralization is built into the cat's toilet.
    • The built-in fan is silent and cannot frighten your pet.
    • The fan consumes little power and can be turned on or off as desired.
    • Light indication of the filter indicates the degree of contamination.
    • The toilet can be used with any type of filler.

    The disadvantages of this model of toilet are:

    • The high cost of the toilet.
    • Replacement filters for this toilet should be changed every 2 months.
    • The high cost of a spare filter is about 1000 rubles.

    Fully automatic toilet brand Cat Genie 120

    Price: about 26,000 rubles

    This is an automatic toilet for cats with a fully automated cleaning cycle. This device is connected to the cold water supply, sewage and ordinary outlet.

    After using the toilet by a cat, liquid waste is discharged into a special tank, where it is treated with a sanitizing solution, and solid waste with a special spatula is sent to a container, where it is soaked with water with a cleaning agent for safe disposal into the sewer system. At the same time, a cycle of cleaning granules of filler with water with a special shampoo to remove bacteria starts. The final stage of cleaning the toilet is sifting and drying the filler, after which the toilet is completely clean and ready to use.

    This device has many advantages:

    • Due to the presence of special washable granules as a filler, it does not need to be constantly changed.
    • The cartridge with a special shampoo is consumed quite economically - with regular use within 3-4 months.
    • The toilet is easy to use and works fully automatically.
    • Three years warranty from the official manufacturer.

    Despite all the above advantages, this device also has one drawback and this is a very high price. Yes, and the associated costs for the purchase of a special shampoo and washable filler for a tray will cost a lot.

    A short video on how to use the toilet for cats:

    Whatever toilet you choose for your pet, always remember that cats are extremely individual. What one cat will like may not cause interest or even scare another. Observe your pet and, depending on his needs, choose a cat toilet for him. Perhaps your cat will be enough for an ordinary inexpensive tray.

    Cats are very clean animals, so timely and proper toilet training in a certain place usually does not cause much trouble. Especially fast results in schooling can be achieved if the place for the toilet is chosen correctly. Place the toilet in a quiet and secluded place where the cat can retire and completely relax. And if the cat went to the toilet in the wrong place, do not scold her. Maybe it’s just worth picking up another place for cat litter or putting up another tray.