Interesting facts about cats


The cat is one of the most popular pets in the world. On the one hand, each owner knows many interesting facts about the history of the origin of a particular breed, as well as about the peculiarities of the behavior of their pets. However, in reality there are many things that the owners do not even guess. The following interesting facts about cats will help to better understand these difficult pets.

Attitude to cats in different countries

Traditionally, cats are considered to be among the most beloved pets in almost all countries of the world. However, this is not entirely true. So, interesting facts about cats and cats and about the attitude towards them in different nations:

  • In ancient Egypt, this animal was considered sacred, and if the cat was dying, then the whole family shaved off their eyebrows as a sign of grief. The pets even had special cat graveyards. It was considered unacceptable to cause any harm to the animal. This at one time took advantage of the Persians. Aware of the immense love of Egyptians for cats, they kept animals in their hands during the war. For the Egyptian military it was unthinkable to kill the sacred animal, so they died, but the cats were not touched.
  • In Siam, cats are highly revered. During the coronation of the next monarch, the animals rode in a special carriage ahead of the whole procession.
  • Frequent mentions of cats in Jews are associated with an interesting legend. Noah needed some animal to protect the food that could be eaten by the rats in the ark. According to legend, God made the lion sneeze, and from this sneeze cats appeared.
  • Superiority in the number of these pets is divided by the USA and Australia. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 Australians keep the cat at home.
  • In Vietnam, cats were used for a long time as a delicacy. However, the catastrophic situation resulting from the uncontrolled breeding of mice and rats, forced the government to ban the eating of these animals and restore the population of domestic cats as soon as possible.
  • In Russia there is the only cat theater of Yuri Kuklachev. No one else in the world can train these recalcitrant animals that way.
  • In France, a rather cruel attitude towards kittens for sale. If a baby is not bought for a month, then it is simply destroyed, believing that it is of no value.
  • In Japan, in the city of Kagoshima is the Temple of cats. It was built in honor of the cats who participated in the military operation in 1600. Warriors could tell time by their expanding and tapering pupils. The temple is frequented by watchmakers.
  • In the Indian Ocean there is an island on which more than 1000 cats and cats live, and they are its only inhabitants. According to legend, a shipwreck occurred near Fadjos (the so-called island), and the sailors with animals moved to the land. People died as help did not come. The animals also bred and feel great, hunting for fish, feeding on crustaceans and sea urchins.

How cats see, sleep and hunt

No less interesting facts about cats and cats relate to how exactly these animals see, why they prey on mice, and is it true that these animals sleep 2/3 of their lives?:

  • Cats do sleep most of the day, and they can go hunting at night. This is explained by the ancient instincts, inherited by the modern purrs from their distant ancestors.
  • A place of sleep is always a long and careful choice, and, from the point of view of a person, there can be no logic in it. At the same time, it is extremely undesirable to drive the cat out of the chosen place, since it is here that she feels well and can sleep peacefully.
  • The love of hunting and eating mice is explained quite simply: in the skin of these rodents is vital sulfur to cats. In addition, mice can be hunted all year round, while most birds migrate for a significant part of the year. Mice are easier to catch than birds, since the lateral position of the eyes of the latter allows them to quickly detect the danger.
  • The following fact is interesting: when living in one territory of a large number of these animals, they hunt in turn, following a peculiar schedule.
  • Cats are color blind who can distinguish a small amount of flowers. Cat's eyes glow in the dark because even if there is only a small source of light, it falls on the so-called tapetum. This is a small smooth shell, which is located behind the retina and serves as a kind of mirror. Depending on the color of tapetum, you can see a yellow or green glow. When the darkness reigns, the eyes will not glow, they need a minimum source of light.

How cats express their feelings to their owners

Such facts from the lives of cats are well known to their owners, but there are a few things that few people know:

  • If the animal suddenly settled down in the middle of the room and substitutes the tummy to the owner, it speaks of unlimited trust and love.
  • Friction about various pieces of furniture is the mark of the territory, since the animal has glands near the whiskers (vibrissae), which secrete a special secret. It serves as a signal to other animals that the territory is occupied.
  • If the animal is standing and shaking its tail, it does not mean that it is angry. Thus, the cat makes it clear that at the moment she is not sure what to do: either noshkat or eat.
  • Highly raised tail and every kind of demonstration of the anus is a sign of great love and trust towards the owners, and not at all with audacity or an attempt to put them below themselves.
  • A lot of interesting facts associated with the purring of cats. The fact is that between the cats communicate in a completely different "language." Purring is a way of communicating only with people, and it can be of different tonality and duration. Some particularly restless individuals may mew for several hours in a row without stopping for a minute.

Healing Cats

Probably the most interesting facts about cats are related to their healing abilities. Someone believes in them, someone is skeptical. This is how things really are.:

  • Cats have a beneficial effect on the condition of patients suffering from cardiovascular and neurological diseases. This is indicated even by physicians.
  • The animal can really feel when the owner has health problems. Therefore, if the cat is always trying to lie on the head or stomach, you should not dismiss it, and if possible you should check the state of health.
  • When a cat purrs along with the owner, it has a beneficial effect on her health. Due to the vibration, wounds and diseases pass away faster in the animal.

And finally, a collection of scattered facts "interesting about cats":

  1. A person can be identified by fingerprints. The cat has a nose for this purpose: the pattern on its surface is unique and not repeated.
  2. The variety of animal colors is associated not only with the selection, but also with the need to adapt to different living conditions.
  3. A cat is unable to chew large pieces of food, as its jaws do not move from side to side.
  4. Tower Towser in Scotland was built in honor of the cat, which in its life has destroyed about 30 thousand mice.
  5. A cat can get through any hole, as long as its head crawls through. This happens because these animals do not have clavicles.
  6. Cats do not sweat in the usual sense of the word. The sweat glands are located solely on their paw pads.
  7. The claws on the front paws of the animal are much sharper than on the hind.
  8. In Medieval Europe, cats were considered as companions of an evil spirit, therefore they were regularly burned at the stake. This led to a sharp increase in the population of rats that became carriers of the plague.
  9. Obsessive love for cats belongs to the category of mental abnormalities and is called Aylurophilia.
  10. These animals can play up to one hundred different sounds, and sometimes they manage to imitate the voices of young children.
  11. In Australia and the UK it is believed that black cats bring happiness and good luck. In the US, they think quite differently.
  12. Cats prefer warm food, and do not like too cold or hot food.

Cats - as familiar, and so mysterious pets. However, despite all their features, they give the owners a lot of joy and unforgettable minutes of communication with themselves.

Cats sense organs

  1. An interesting fact about cats: many owners believe that cats sniff food because of their fastidiousness. In fact, they are trying to check the temperature of the food. Cats do not touch cold food and are too hot. On the whiskers, cats have sensitive receptors, with the help of which they determine the appropriate temperature or not.
  2. Cats feel the danger. It is a fact! There is a case when a cat woke a sleeping family in China. He screamed hysterically and pulled the hosts out of the house. Less than 5 minutes, as the house collapsed. All family members survived.
  3. The sense of smell in cats is worse than that of dogs, but better than that of humans.
  4. Cats have a sharp ear. If we consider that a person hears sounds in the range up to 20,000 Hz, the cat catches the sounds up to 40,000 Hz. There are some individuals who are able to hear the frequency up to 60 000 Hz.
  5. Everyone knows that cats are able to find a way home, even while being over 1000 kilometers. Scientists tend to view "psi-travel" (that's what the phenomenon is called) from two sides. The first theory states that cats determine their location by the angle of sunlight. Supporters of another theory tend to think that there are magnetized cells in the animal's brain, which work like a compass. It is a known fact that when in the USA the cat traveled 1,300 km to get home. "Fluffy" was going home for half a year.
  6. The angle of the animal's eye is 205 °. Cats perfectly see both in the light and in the dark. The pupil can change dramatically, depending on the degree of illumination of the room. A cat does not distinguish all colors, but her vision is 6 times better than human.
  7. Do you know why a cat has a mustache? No, it is not just a subject of beauty and special pride. On the cat's mustache there are special hairs - vibrissae, which help the animal to orient itself in the dark. If you trim a cat's mustache, you will see how the character of your pet changes: the cat will be disoriented, confused. In no case can not deprive the cat of this valuable gift.

Everything about cats: health, physiology

  • 18 out of 24 hours cats sleep. It turns out that a 9-year-old cat has been awake for only 3 years in its entire life.
  • The average duration of cat life is 10-12 years. Cases when animals lived and till 38 years are recorded.
  • A cat has more bones than a man. Its skeleton consists of 230 bones.
  • Have you thought about how a big cat can climb into a small hole? For example, only 10 cm? This is all because the cats do not have normal clavicles, therefore, their head is able to squeeze into a small slot in the fence.

  • Acrobatic cats. Their grace and graceful movements are connected with the fact that their paws can turn almost at any angle, and the front and rear halves of the body can move in different directions.
  • Cats have 5 “fingers” on their front paws, but only 4 on their hind legs.
  • Cat's ear is able to unfold 180 °. To manage it, animals use 12 of the 32 muscles available.
  • The jump of the animal in height can exceed their own height by 5 times.
  • Scientists in the United States have established that the cat family is able to saturate the air with human health with negative ions.
  • If a cat is 15 months old, it can be considered an adult, if it is more than 7 years old, then the pet can be credited to the “old men”.