Tray for a cat with high sides - cleaning for a pet without problems!


What you need to get the very first thing when a kitten in the house or apartment? Feed? It is necessary, but not quite in the first place. Bed? Not. Tray? Right! And believe me, it is not as easy to do as it may seem at first glance. Going to the pet store, the pet owner begins to get lost in all the variety of the proposed models. Here, for example, a tray for cats with high sides. Not bad, quite good. Of course, some people will keep an eye on models that will organically fit into the design of the room, in which it is very convenient and quick to clean the cat's toilet. An example of such a device (as it is fashionable to say now) can serve as a tray with a grill, by the way, it is chosen not for cats, but for the convenience of the owner himself. Let's look at what trays are, how to choose and what to adhere to.

What are the trays for cats? Exploring Varieties

Before choosing a specific model, you need to pay attention to a few little things:

  • size (for all parameters: length, width, height of the sides),
  • material used to make
  • ease of cleaning cat litter,
  • cost,
  • the presence or absence of the cover,
  • automation,
  • appearance,
  • pet appeal.

All these parameters are quite important. It seemed that the important thing could be in the item "Attraction for the cat"? But, for example, not all pets will be using the closed tray for cats. One is afraid to go under the volume cover, the other, on the contrary, loves privacy in this matter.

  • automatic tray for cats,
  • tray with grill
  • large, roomy tray for cats,
  • tray house for cats
  • design with high sides,
  • product with integrated filtration system,
  • ventilated cat toilet,
  • closed house
  • dry closet.

Selection of trays depending on the design, advantages and disadvantages

Now we look at all the models, including the pros and cons of each instance.

Automatic toilet

This invention is very pleased busy owners. When buying such a cat's toilet you do not need to sift the filler yourself and inhale such an “unpleasant” amber. The design is equipped with a self-cleaning function. Everything is thought out in such a way that the pet is in no way in contact with the chemical means used to disinfect and rinse the tray. Such a model is a novelty for the Russian market. It resembles a small toilet, but for cats. Having learned how much this miracle costs, the owner cannot decide on such an expensive purchase. But believe me, this is really necessary, especially for busy people!

  • self-cleaning,
  • compactness
  • complete absence of odors
  • no need for self-washing,
  • no filler,
  • safety for the animal,
  • the system completely cleans the toilet from unpleasant odors.

  • high cost
  • the need to connect to the sewer and water supply,
  • the likelihood that pets unaccustomed to such benefits of civilization may become frightened is very high.

Trays for cats made of plastic

Make them from plastic. The shape is rectangular. Such trays are usually sold with not very high bumpers. There is also a corner tray made of plastic for cats. This option is acceptable for those who have little space in the apartment.

  • low cost
  • ease of hygienic care (wash the tray, change the filler),
  • compactness and transportability.

  • part of the filler is poured out when the cat actively digs in,
  • the smell is not kept and spreads in the bathroom, and even throughout the apartment,
  • a filler is needed (without it, such a tray does not make sense).

Mesh construction

It resembles the model described above, only the presented product is complemented by a special mesh of their plastic. Through the holes, urine flows into the filler, and the stool remains directly on the "barrier". Some owners pour filler directly onto the mesh. When an animal orders the results of vital activity, clean sand is sifted into a tray, while dirty remains “on the surface”.

  • the presence of filler is optional,
  • the cat stays clean after going to the toilet and does not spread sand around the nearby area
  • ease of care for the product.

  • the smell spreads throughout the room, if there is no filler,
  • the frequency of washing (after each use of the toilet by the cat),
  • Some animals categorically do not like to use such a construction, since there is no opportunity to actively bury the results of life activity.

High tray

This model is equipped with a high side. The manufacturer has designed the model so much that it simply “boosted” the sides. Those. They come bundled with a standard standard tray. Equipped with such models and a special film. It is attached to the sides. As soon as the cat went to the toilet, it is enough to carefully remove the film and throw it into the trash can, and in its place install a new expendable material. At the same time, the product itself remains completely clean.

  • cleanliness (the pet does not scatter filler in the nearby area),
  • ease of care for the product (wash).

  • such a cat's toilet is large enough; in this form, a narrow tray with a high side will not be sold.

Product with integrated filtration system

In appearance it resembles a product with a mesh, only smaller. There is a corner specimen for compact rooms. Here the filler pours directly onto the mesh. When the four-legged friend went to the toilet and began to bury, clean sand sifted. This model is very economical and easy to clean.

  • profitability in use of a filler,
  • there is no need to connect to the sewage system and water supply (what are the automatic toilet and the toilet),
  • suitable for pets who like to actively bury,
  • no need for daily cleaning and washing,
  • low cost.

  • if the cleaning is not done often, the smell spreads around the room,
  • the owner needs to clean the cat toilet,
  • sand can stick to the paws of the animal, and that, in turn, will spread the filler throughout the apartment.

Ventilated model

In such a product there is a special pallet in which the manufacturer prudently made holes. It is believed that through them the air circulates, which allows the filler to dry better. You can find a large specimen, angular and narrow.

  • fast drying of the filler,
  • small discharge of unpleasant odor (compared to other models),
  • no need to connect to sewage and water supply,
  • the kitten will be able to actively bury, since this tray is quite high,
  • there is no need for daily hygiene of the tray,
  • profitability in use of a filler.

  • expensive cost
  • the filler is carried by the kitten around the apartment
  • The owner needs to clean it by himself.

Closed cat toilet or tray-house

This model allows the kitten to feel protected. The owners are pleased with the aesthetic design. As a rule, the manufacturer equips the model with a special door through which the pet penetrates inside, but some owners remove it. They believe that it will be better for the animal. Having chosen such a model, the owner wonders how much this miracle costs. Having learned the price, thinks about whether it is really necessary? Maybe after learning about the pros, the owner of the kitten will pamper his pet?

  • the smell does not penetrate and does not spread around the room,
  • the filler is not scattered in the nearby area with active instillation,
  • shy and shy pets definitely love this model.

  • expensive cost
  • the presence of the door scares the animals,
  • Some four-legged friends use this model not for going to the toilet, but for living.

Tips and tricks

If the kitten has just appeared in the house, then you can buy a special tray to teach kittens, cats and cats to the toilet. This is necessary if the owner wants to remove the burden of daily cleansing of the cat's toilet. If this is not necessary, then you can look out for a high toilet so that an adult animal can actively bury the "traces of crime" for its own pleasure.

If the pet does not stay long in the family, then you can keep an eye on narrow disposable trays for cats. This design consists of two plastic trays. The filler on the top “floor” lets in moisture, and the wood filler on the bottom “floor” absorbs urine and keeps the smell. Of course, such a narrow tray is designed not for once, but for 20-30 days, at least. Then bought a new kind of "toilet".

As you can see, the "toilet" for cats - no matter what form it is, height, design, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate all the options and choose the best for your beloved cat and for yourself (after all, we, the owners, need to clean up after your pet, and sometimes you do not want to do that).

There may be several options at once.

* There is very little space in the tray. It is possible that the pet does not fit,

* The latrine was chosen incorrectly. For example, it is located in a lively place of an apartment,

* inappropriate filler. May have a smell that the cat does not like, or the filler itself is not of a suitable structure,

* or a pet has already taken a fancy to one place, since there it always smells its smell.

If the last option is the place to be, then only a remedy for odor and stains, which can be found on the website in the section "Hygiene", will help. It should handle this place. Then in the tray for cats (in the pet tray) can be sprinkled with means for toilet training. But before this, make sure that the place was chosen correctly, the tray is the right size and odorless filler.

Usually these measures always adjust the pet's behavior. Maybe the first few days will have to be alert. But as soon as the cat gets used to the new place, there will be no problems.

What to look for when choosing a tray

* height bumper. For kittens - low, for those who are older, suitable tray for cats with high bumpers,

* the size. Must match pet size,

* If the choice fell on a closed option, then there should be a lot of space.

Buy a tray for cats, you can right now on the site by placing an order. If in doubt and do not know which one to choose, then call the number listed above. Our managers will help you.

Benefits and variety of tray shapes

The simplicity of the design allows you to quickly clean the most simple trays and wash them thoroughly. It is not difficult to change the filler or perepilat film. There are advanced models, the design of which like different cats and is suitable for many owners.

  • Tray for cats with high sides. This is the simplest design. These models are suitable for shy pets who prefer complete privacy to meet their natural needs. High sides create an illusion of a closed space, which helps the animal to relax.
  • With a removable board. Such models are convenient to use with the film. At the bottom of the tray lays a special film, the edges of which are pressed when installing the sides. After the cat uses the toilet, you can remove the rim, and replace the film. Wash tray is not necessary.
  • With nozzle on board. These models are suitable for cats that are accustomed to scatter filler. The nozzle creates the shape of the bead edge curved inward. So the filler does not fly around the cat litter.
  • Toilets with a net at the bottom. Such trays are the most popular. They are convenient in use and have a democratic cost. Through the net to the bottom wakes up hardened lumps of filler, which can be removed by lifting the net.
  • With removable frame. The deep frame on the tray serves as a nozzle and a grid at the same time.
  • Disposable trays. They are convenient to take with you on a trip. After the possibilities of the model are exhausted, it is thrown out. For such a toilet provides a volume of filler 5 liters.

Tray Features

Note that the process of teaching a kitten to the toilet - a matter of paramount importance. We all know that such cute-looking pets have feces with a sharp and characteristic odor. When the cat doesn’t work with the toilet and he is looking for him “on the side”, everything around will smell like you, too. And few people are pleased to catch strange views in transport or not be able to invite guests. So cats do not stop loving long!

Therefore, it is better to take care of the pots in advance. Moreover, their modifications are now quite a lot. A pot with high sides, about which there is a speech, is now chosen by the cat owner quite often.

Unlike a standard toilet - a plastic tray, it has higher sides. This means that there is less likelihood that the animal will scatter the filler during the instillation of its feces.

A pot with high sides can also be equipped with an additional board attached to its upper edges. Thanks to this additional element, you can cover the pot with a diaper or a wrap, pressing it with this removable top board. Cleaning in this case will be easy - just throw away the soiled diaper and that's it. Also, pots with high sides can be equipped with a removable grid or deprived of it.

Depending on whether you use the filler, you can choose one or another option. Convenience is that choosing a toilet with a grid, you can completely abandon the filler. At the same time, the pet's paws will remain clean, because the grid is located at some distance from the bottom. However, each animal has its own preferences and sometimes the cat is not able to suppress its instinct for instillation of stool in the filler.

Also, keep an eye on the size of the cat and the toilet offered to it. In principle, the pots with high sides are large enough, however, if you have, let's say, Maine Coon, it may be cramped in such a toilet.

The monthly kitten is also unlikely to climb over the big sides. Therefore, it is possible for him to start with the usual buy a low tray with the prospect of transferring it to the considered more convenient option.

And in order to easily teach your pet to the toilet, we recommend watching the video below.

Dignity tray

We believe this option cat litter the best option. And its merits are below confirmation.

  1. Due to the presence of high sides prevents the scattering of the filler.
  2. There can be various designs: with a removable grid, with an additional board from above. You can also select the corner tray, which will help you save space in a small toilet or bathroom.
  3. This type of toilet is easy to keep clean, especially if the option with a removable mesh is used.
  4. The very design of the tray should be to the liking of all feline. The fact is that such a pot resembles a box, and all cats love to sit in boxes. So do not be surprised if your pet will sit in his pot just like that.
  5. It is in the middle price range and is quite durable.


In general, the disadvantages of this type of toilet for cats are insignificant compared to its merits.

  1. A pot with high sides takes up a bit more space than a regular plastic tray.
  2. Not suitable for too small kittens, it is optimal for a pet to be at least 3-4 months old.
  3. It may also be difficult for older animals with joint problems, it may be difficult for them to overstep the tread too high. In this case, you can choose an option with smaller sides. The rest of the toilet is suitable.

Tray for cats with low sides

The simplest and cheapest option cat litter is a tray with low sides. It is a low rectangular box (not higher than 7 cm) made of plastic. The device can have various sizes and shapes.

At the low tray the side height does not exceed 7 cm

  • compactness
  • low price
  • low weight and mobility
  • ease of hygienic care (very easy to wash and change the filler).

This model is ideal for small kittens at the stage of training them to the tray, as babies can easily get over the low sides.

Trays with low sides are well suited for training kittens to the toilet

  • required to use the filler, without which this pot can not be used,
  • unpleasant odors are poorly maintained
  • a filler falls through the low boards when the cat digs in its excrement,
  • after prolonged use, the animal severely scratches the plastic and the tray becomes harder to wash,
  • It is necessary to clean the pot frequently (after each visit).

Open tray will often wash

From personal experience. Our cat was very compact and miniature, so the tray was small in size with low sides. With age, the pet has acquired the habit of intensively rummaging in his pot and scatter filler. The granules were then taken away throughout the house and could be found in the most unexpected places.

Tray for cats with high sides

The design with high sides is considered a modified version of a simple plastic tray. Такой кошачий туалет имеет форму удлинённого прямоугольника со скруглёнными углами и производится из высокопрочного пластика. Может иметь различные размеры, позволяющие подобрать подходящий вариант для любого кота. Высота бортиков не менее 12 см.

Высота бортов обычно больше 12 см

Существуют специальные конструкции, которые предназначаются для питомцев, предпочитающих испражняться стоя. Такие горшки имеют достаточно большие габариты и высоту борта одного из торцов не менее 28 см. You can find various colors and shapes (square, round, corner, etc.) on sale.

Open trays come in different colors and sizes.

  • high sides do not allow to get enough sleep
  • ease of cleaning,
  • ergonomics (fit almost all cats).

Special entrances are made in very tall trays.

For small kittens, a tray with high sides is absolutely not suitable, especially during toilet training. It is extremely inconvenient for babies to climb over high walls and they can refuse to go to it. Such a pot is useful only for adult animals that are already well accustomed to hygiene.

It is inconvenient for kittens to climb over the high sides.

  • large sizes (such devices take up quite a lot of space),
  • need to use filler,
  • with age, the animal becomes difficult to use it.

Tray for cats with a grid

A tray with a grid looks like a rectangular trough, additionally equipped with a padded plastic grid. Mesh fixture can be equipped with trays with low and high sides. A filler is poured between the bottom of the container and the grill, which absorbs the urine. Hard excrement at the same time remain at the top and they can be immediately removed. It is allowed to use the pot without filler. Let out trays with lattices of the most different coloring, the sizes and forms (oval, in the form of a silhouette of a cat and so forth).

With a grid there are low trays

  • suitable for animals of all ages
  • pet does not stain paws,
  • you can not pour filler,
  • democratic value
  • easy to clean under running water
  • the filler is not scattered, as it is not available for the animal.

Trays with a grid chosen for their pets, most of the owners. This is the most popular and inexpensive model.

High trays are also equipped with nets.

  • does not hold odors, if there is no filler,
  • frequent washing (after each bowel movement),
  • pet can cling to the lattice with its claws and refuse to go to such a tray,
  • not suitable for cats that need to bury their own feces.

Grid trays come in various shapes.

From personal experience. All our cats have always used trays with grates. And the filler (wood) poured on top of the grid. Animals can dig in it and delve into it, falling asleep the results of their efforts. The liquid is absorbed by coniferous granules, which are scattered into fine sawdust and fall through the grate to the bottom of the tank. The smell is perfectly kept. You can not remove the pot every time, which is very convenient when there is no one at home.

Tray for cats with a removable frame

Cat tray with a frame is a fairly spacious plastic container, on the edges of which is mounted a removable rim. The frame is very easy to remove. Usually this design is used without filler. The bottom of the pot is lined with plastic film, which is fixed by a frame around the perimeter. When the animal does its simple work, the soiled film, along with all the contents, is removed and thrown away. In its place is placed a new one. The modifications equipped with mesh tanks are produced. They can be used with filler.

Removable frame increases the height of the sides

  • average price,
  • ease of care,
  • if a filler is used, the beads do not allow it to get enough sleep.

The film is laid in the tray and fixed with its frame. The filler can and not pour

Toilet with a false frame is not suitable for kittens who find it difficult to climb over the side.

Trays equipped with removable sides and grille

  • does not keep smells (if the film is used),
  • must be cleaned regularly,
  • large size (not suitable for all rooms),
  • pet blotches paws.

How to choose a tray for cats

When choosing a tray for cat litter is recommended to be guided by the following fundamental points:

  1. The size. The pot should be spacious enough so that the pet fits completely in it and can turn around freely.
  2. Depth. From a shallow tank a large cat will constantly pour filler onto the floor. In the tray with high sides a little kitten will climb with difficulty. It is better to buy a small tray for the period of study, and then replace it with a larger one.
  3. Weight. An adult large animal can knock back and even break a light product with thin, fragile walls.
  4. Material. In most cases, the trays are made of plastic, which must be durable, solid and not have an unpleasant smell (can scare away).
  5. Quality. The product should not be visible defects and structural flaws that can injure the cat or give it some inconvenience.
  6. Design. Here everything is purely individual. Some cats are extremely picky. You may have to try several different models before you can find the most suitable one.
  7. Easy to clean. If it is not possible to clean up after a pet immediately after a bowel movement, then this must be taken into account. The tray should be easy to wash with water.
  8. Filler. Not all models provide for the use of filler.
  9. Cost An important criterion that also needs to be considered. Considered the best pots of the average price category.
  10. Appearance. The tray should fit well in the interior.

The tray is selected based on the size of the animal.

A pet should be carefully observed to understand its personal preferences. Maybe it makes sense to first purchase the most simple and inexpensive model, and then choose a more suitable, depending on the tastes of the cat.

Recommendations for use

When operating each model of the cat tray has its own nuances associated with the design. Much depends on whether the filler will be used (if so, which one).

Experienced koshkods advise to start acquiring a familiar tray design for an animal, and then make adjustments. It is recommended to use the filler used by the cat before.

It is imperative to choose the right place for cat litter. It should be quiet and quite secluded. It is necessary to ensure that the animal is comfortable and comfortable. Otherwise, it may begin to spoil in inappropriate places.

Special attention is paid to regular thorough cleaning and washing of plastic parts. Do not allow excessive contamination. If the smell is very strong, the cat will not go to your pot. Ideally, you should try to clean up after the pet after each bowel movement. From time to time, the pot should be treated with disinfectants, safe for animals and not having a caustic smell.

If there are several pets in the house, then it is necessary for each to have an individual toilet.

If there are several cats in the house, then everyone needs a personal pot.

In the house there should always be some stock of filler and film, if a tray with removable sides is used.

Owner reviews

We also tried a lot of things, but BIO CAT "S was not found the best tray with high sides with lumpy filler. And for kittens I have a tray with small sides, they still go there. And as already mentioned above, from the first steps. Now they are already a month old and they have seen where Mom is rummaging with an aunt, they are trying to climb and there. Yesterday she removed small poop from there, which means the bumpers are not a hindrance even for such little ones.


Not everyone, from the point of view of a person, is a suitable tray for a cat. And from the fact that you put her poop there, collected in the corners, nothing fundamentally changes - a self-respecting cat, such as the true British and British are without a doubt, will not go into any pallet that you offer to it as a vessel for managing natural needs. Here are the main reasons for which cats shit anywhere. Only by observing the rules following from them, it is possible to teach a cat to go to the toilet without any problems: The place where the toilet stands should please the cat It should be easily accessible ALWAYS and not on the aisle so that the cat can safely do its business. What is offered as a toilet should please the cat. Raised, neat and clean cat can scorn with a small saucer with a bare net, as well as with picked up newspapers and sand from the neighboring sandbox. The tray must be large and comfortable, so that there is where to stay, with a clean filler. It should be spacious, especially for a cat (!), Otherwise, at best, the cat will sit in the tray and pop up, and at worst, he will refuse to use this “can of kile”.


My little girl, when she was little, went to the tray, then, when a big, tall one grew up, she began to “overshoot” near the tray.

Aleks Raduga

I have a cat that goes to the toilet with high sides, and normally, I buy a heavy filler, I don’t get enough sleep, I also bury myself hard ..


Since you are using filler, the tray must be chosen deep. Those. the depth should be sufficient for the cat to dig in plenty, but not to scatter the filler. As a rule, in such trays, the bezel is fastened at the top and bent inwards, which also prevents the filling of the filler.


My cat has a standard tray: rectangular, with a grid on top. The grid was removed, somehow it was not very comfortable with it. When our cat was a kitten, they bought a filler, but in my house there are large pots of flowers on the floor, she sometimes did “things” there. Ceased to use filler - the problem was solved. So it remains, it “walks” into an empty tray, I don’t even dig a newspaper there - it’s very convenient, the main thing is to change it after each time, it’s not wet anymore.


Video - how to choose a tray for cats

If the choice of the cat tray is made thoroughly and competently, the cat will always keep its natural needs in a pot and will not cause trouble to the owners. Carefully watching your pet, you can understand his personal preferences and choose among a large number of options suitable for him the model of cat litter.