How to recognize pregnancy and how much puppies carrying a dog walks


How many dogs go pregnant? Approximately two months, or rather ...

... And if more precisely, it depends on the size of the dog and the number of future puppies. On average, a dog’s normal gestation period is at least 58 days and not more than 72 days. Moreover, an interesting feature, the more puppies, the earlier they will be born.

The most normal duration of gestation is 63 days. For small breeds, this period may be reduced to 60 days. But, nevertheless, the puppy will be viable, even if it is born between 53 and 71 days that have passed after the mating.

If the puppies do not appear on the calculated date, most likely, the conception took place later than the owners calculated. For example, if a dog was knitted three times, then the pregnancy could occur only after the last mating. And the owner begins to count from the first, while the period between meetings with a dog can reach a week. Conversely, the pregnancy could occur immediately after the first mating, but for several more days the dog still admits a dog. From this and there are inaccuracies in the calculations.

In dogs, as in humans, there is a failed pregnancy and a false pregnancy. False pregnancy occurs, apparently due to incorrect hormonal levels. Most often it affects dogs with irregular breeding load and with some diseases, for example, when pyometra.

And about the failed pregnancy, which can begin a month after mating, the owner learns much later ... In both cases, you must show the dog to a professional veterinarian.

How long is the pregnancy?

Usually delivery occurs at 56-66 day after mating, but puppies born between 53-71 days are also considered viable. The gestation period depends on:

  • Female size
  • Current pregnancy numbers.

If the puppies are not born in time, review the possible date of conception. Usually bitch knit three times during the week. Pregnancy could occur after any of the matings. What if conception only happened for a third time? Then the term of labor should move back about another week.

In calculating the gestational age, the owner of the dog is often mistaken, and nature seldom surprises.

The first month

In the first month of pregnancy at the bitch virtually no external signs of pregnancy. During this period, it is possible to make only indirect conclusions about scolding on the following grounds (but they can be just a coincidence):

  • The dog becomes passive,
  • Refuses food
  • Does not like to walk for a long time,
  • He loves solitude.

If you want to know for sure whether the bitch is pregnant, then an ultrasound can be done at the veterinary clinic. It is possible to establish whether the puppy is a bitch only for 21-22 days after mating, but the ideal time for an ultrasound is 30-35 days. At this time, you can not only diagnose whelping, but also find out how many puppies will be.

Second month

In the second month of scheduling the dog’s appearance and behavior begin to change.

The chest and abdomen begin to increase from 31-35 days after mating. The body of the bitch becomes rounded - this is a sign of active growth of puppies.

In the second half of the loop, viscous mucus is normally released from the loop. Nipples swell, some dog lovers mark their pigmentation. Bitches sometimes gnaw their fur around them, as if freeing access to them for future puppies.

On the 49-50 day of whelp the fruits are already palpable. But this should be done carefully. After a few more days, the heartbeat is heard. When there are 10 days left until the estimated date of birth, you can visually observe how puppies move.

In the second half of pregnancy, the bitch is suspended from strangers, aggressive in her walk. Some bitches are beginning to actively make food stocks, hiding food in secluded places.

When the birth is close, the bitch begins to actively rebuild the place where she sleeps. A few days before childbirth may lose your appetite.

Poisoning may proceed in different ways. Therefore, the symptoms of poisoning in dogs, it is important to know each owner.

Did you know that the animal that had become sick with the distemper? preserves immunity for the rest of your life? About the treatment of vodka and means of prevention from the plague - this link.

There are several types depriving in dogs. They differ in symptoms and degree of danger for pet. For information on how to recognize and treat the lichen - in our article.

Caring for a bitch puppy

It is necessary to handle a pregnant dog very carefully. The first month after mating dogs often experience the same toxicosis as women. Therefore, to treat her mood changes need to calm.

Take care of the complete nutrition of the dog and do not disturb her if she wants privacy. You need to walk the dog every day, it must continue an active lifestyle. But at the same time, you can not let her jump, run very fast. Stress is also not needed.

In the first month, the food of the knots practically does not change if it was complete and healthy. If the food was poor, then you need to increase the amount of protein and enter vitamins. To adjust the diet, it is advisable to contact your veterinarian.

Starting from the second half of pregnancy, the amount of food is increased by a tenth weekly. There should be enough vitamins in food:

  • A (retinol),
  • D (ergocalciferol),
  • E (tocopherol)
  • Groups B (pyridoxine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, cobalamins).

Approximately 10 days before the expected birth, the amount of protein in food should be reduced, and 5 days before them, they should be completely excluded. If the bitch does not tolerate the lack of protein in the diet, then you can allow her a little meat. Such measures are taken in order to avoid vomiting during childbirth.

False pregnancy

In dogs, a false pregnancy was passed on from wild ancestors. Only dominant females breed in flocks, and the rest in estrus begins at the same time. Dominant females are fertilized and bear puppies, while others show signs of pregnancy without whelping.

Usually two months later, when birth occurs in dominant bitches, other dogs begin to produce colostrum. They help feed puppies.

« Spoon "in dogs is a frequent occurrence during which the following signs of whelping appear:

  • Breast augmentation,
  • Colostrum,
  • The bitch rearranges her seat and nurses the toys.

False condition usually occurs 1.5–3 months after estrus. It may occur due to unsuccessful mating or in its absence. According to scientific research, 87 out of 100 bitches have a spoon of at least twice in their lifetime. And in 64 bitches out of 100 this condition happens regularly.

If you didn't knit a bitchthen when signs of subsidence appear, it is safe to say that it is false. Monitor the condition of the pet and, if necessary, go to the vet.

If mating was, then set a false pregnancy can only closer to the second month, or in the second month, when the fruits should already be palpable. If not, then this is a false pregnancy. But this can not be argued, as it could well have been a failed pregnancy, when the conception was, but the puppies "resorbed." In the diagnosis of a spoon will help ultrasound dogs.

It is important to monitor whether your dog has signs of a tick bite, especially during from August to September and from May to June.

Is rabies treated? The answer to these and other questions about this terrible disease here.

Thus, it is not always possible to establish a dog's mouth in time. To understand what state she is in, you need to carefully monitor the changes that occur with her behavior and with her body.

Sometimes it may be necessary to get help from a veterinarian: in case of complications from a false pregnancy, in case of premature birth, and when the bitch cannot give birth for a long time.

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I have two Asians - a dog and a bitch. Both are puppies from the same litter. Now they are almost a year and a half. So they live with me in a separate aviary, each in its own department. But I usually walk them at the same time, letting them frolic together. Recently, a bitch was in heat and I did not keep track of them. I saw when they were already doing their job. The current ended literally a few days before. Now I think now how to be. I heard a lot of horror stories about the fact that dogs should not be crossed, so to speak, in close relationship with each other. Maybe here someone will explain to me how big the risk of giving birth to sick offspring is in this case. And in general, did anyone have any experience of crossing dogs from one litter?

Hello! I have a similar story, tell me what puppies you were born

This is also interesting!

Viscous and subsequent pregnancy is an important stage in the life of a dog, which inevitably will have to face almost all owners of unsterilized pets or bitches intended for breeding. And if an experienced owner knows how to handle a dog during this period, then the beginner has a lot of questions.

Schennaya bitch - a privileged person in the house. She needs special care and a lot of attention. The pet must trust the owner. A person who will be present at birth and, if necessary, will help your pet.

Pregnancy in dogs: timing, features

The normal duration of pregnancy is from 56 to 66 days. Although puppies born 3–5 days earlier or later are also considered viable. If there is a delay in childbirth, then specialist intervention is required.

Mating dogs is usually done three times during the week. Owners should remember each of these dates - fertilization can occur both after the first and after the third mating. Therefore, the estimated date of delivery can move 5-7 days.

Gestational age largely depends on age, breed, number of previous births. Primiparous, young and small dogs bear offspring a little longer than usual. The second and subsequent pregnancies are faster.

The number of puppies in the litter depends on the size of the animal. Large dogs bring fewer cubs, and small ones more. Sometimes their number reaches 15. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

How to determine if a dog has become pregnant

Determining whether the bitch got pregnant in the first four weeks is very difficult, especially visually. The situation is complicated by the fact that some dogs develop false whelping. This means that the pet has remained "empty", but it behaves like an animal that bears a posterity.

During the first month after mating, some dogs immediately change their course of behavior. This is manifested in relation to food, walks, day regimen. The animal may refuse to eat, which has always loved. Bitches become more alert, begin to retreat, seeking to quickly return home from the street.

Obvious signs of pregnancy become noticeable after about a month. At this time, dogs usually do ultrasound. After the procedure, you can be sure that the animal accurately bears offspring. In addition, the diagnosis allows you to see the estimated number of puppies.

In the second month of pregnancy, external signs of future motherhood appear:

  • the mammary glands swell (the nipples are drawn out, turn pink),
  • the dog resounds in the ribs,
  • belly increases
  • from the "loop" stands out characteristic mucus.

A few weeks before giving birth (1-2), the movement of puppies is already captured - visually and tactilely. "Feel" puppies can, but very carefully, so as not to injure the fruit. Closer to the date of birth, the movement of offspring in the womb becomes more passive.

With approaching the term of childbirth, the behavior of the dog is changing more and more. She begins to settle down in the place, avoids strangers, negatively relates to walks. Some animals make and food reserves, hiding food in secluded places.

As a rule, a few days before giving birth, the dog completely refuses to eat. It is not necessary to feed her forcibly. The owner needs to be very attentive. Do not leave a pet alone. Prepare in advance all the necessary things for making puppies - medicines, napkins and diapers, a heating pad.

To take birth, especially if there is no experience, it is better to be paired with a breeder or a veterinarian. They will tell you how to act. Will be able to help the pet and its offspring if necessary.

False mind

False meat is a fairly common phenomenon that almost every third owner of a dog faces at least once. This condition is not considered pathological and does not require the intervention of a physician. A veterinarian should be contacted only if there are any complications.

False labor most often occurs due to incorrectly calculated terms of mating. In this case, the dog is empty, but behaves like a pregnant woman. This condition is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • swelling of the nipples and changing their pigmentation,
  • colostrum production,
  • arrangement of the female "nest" for kids,
  • the animal, under the influence of the maternal instinct, begins to nurse the toys, putting them under itself, adopting the nursing pose.

There are cases when dogs with false intelligence nursed someone else’s offspring.

To ease the condition of the pet will help light sedatives. For example, tincture, valerian. In severe cases, it is better to consult a doctor. He will prescribe the necessary drugs.

If there is no mating, but the dog shows signs of deafness, the owners do not need to worry too much. But sometimes this condition is a consequence of failed pregnancy, fetal death. To determine what actually happens with pets, you can use ultrasound.

Caring for a puppy dog

A pregnant and lactating dog requires careful and attentive treatment. She needs movement, fresh air, small changes in diet and care.

In the first month, you do not need to change the mode of the pet day much. Long daily walks will benefit. However, the dog should not be allowed to run too actively or jump, fight.

The diet varies slightly. It is better to consult with a veterinarian about the specifics of the adjustment in each particular case. General recommendations are reduced:

  • to the enrichment of food with protein - lack of substance can lead to the fact that the animal will eat offspring:
  • adding vitamins (A, D, E, B) and mineral supplements,
  • Calcium supplements are recommended - in this case it is important to maintain a balance, the excess of the substance adversely affects the health of the mother and offspring.

Do not overfeed puppy dog. Porridge and flour products are better to exclude from the diet for a while. This also applies to raw fish. But dairy products, vegetables, foods high in protein are useful.

A week before birth, the amount of protein foods must be reduced. And a few days before puppies are generally excluded. In extreme cases, you can give your pet some raw meat.

When approaching the term of childbirth physical activity of the dog decreases. Do not overload it. Pet gaining strength for childbirth and further care for offspring. At this time, you need to protect the animal from sudden movements, strikes, jumps. Bathing or climbing stairs are also not recommended.

Care, constant attention, observation of changes in appearance and behavior, proper care will help the puppy dog ​​to move well during the gestation period, contribute to the emergence of healthy offspring.

Material prepared:

Marina Vladimirovna Nosik - veterinarian

general profile. Graduated from Moscow

State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

What day are the pregnancy counts

Here begin the first difficulties in determining the timing. For starting point always take first mating date, therefore, the second and subsequent advise to hold as soon as possible, and not in 2-3 days. Although in this case errors are possible: in dogs tied on 2-4 days of estus, fertilization can occur within 5 days after insemination. Do not forget to mark the dates of dog dates in the calendar and carefully monitor the condition of your pet.

How to understand that a dog is pregnant

The questions: “Has scandalism come?” And "How many months does the dog carry puppies?" - excite all dog breeders. The problem is that with a total duration of two months and several days, it is possible to accurately diagnose the new pregnancy only after three weeks. Especially if the future parent carefully hides the changes in her condition: she keeps her usual activity, appetite and mood. But it happens the other way around: behavioral signs of pregnancy manifest from the first days.

Increased appetite

Approximately 10 days after mating, the bitch may increase his appetite. In this case, the diet is increased by introducing additional feeding with a smaller amount of food. Ideally, by the end of the first month the dog should gain some fat (this is not about the volume of the abdomen, but about the amount of fat on the ribs). Но именно немного, ожирение – враг здоровой беременности.

Рвота, отказ от пищи

У собак тоже бывает токсикоз (неприятные симптомы обычно появляются на 2-3 неделе или в конце беременности). Это может быть как легкая утренняя тошнота, так и обильная рвота в течение дня, полное отсутствие аппетита. Голодание способно привести к резкому снижению глюкозы в крови животного и гибели зародышей. For a caring host, dog toxicosis presents a considerable challenge. How to help your darling and prevent negative consequences, we will talk in the section "How many puppies do the dog have: practical advice.

3 week (14-21 days)

From the 18th day comes the critical stage of intrauterine development. Embryos form internal organs, the nervous system, and genes responsible for pedigree characteristics begin to work actively. And let the embryo be the size of a small grape and is no different from embryos of other mammals, you can be sure that under favorable conditions a real dog will grow out of it!

From this moment until the birth, the owner must observe a careful guarding regime of maintenance:

  • prevent overheating, overcooling of the animal,
  • provide an optimal diet,
  • protect the bitch from physical and emotional stress,

At 21 days, it is already possible to conduct the first medical test - to take a blood test for the level of pregnancy hormone (relaxin). This service is relatively new and, unfortunately, is available only to residents of large cities where there are well-equipped veterinary clinics. But do not despair! In the third week, you yourself may notice the first external signs of the occurrence of the occurrence of a pupil's breast. The nipples swell, and in light-skinned animals they have a delicate pink color.

6 week (35 - 42 days)

The bitch loses the grace of form, the belly behind the ribs increases, the mammary glands swell. Some dogs bite around their fur, forming hairless-skinned halos. The loop of an animal is as if opened, the appearance of mucous secretions is possible. The four-legged babe is rapidly gaining weight and radically changing their behavior.

  • it becomes noticeably quieter, already obviously "saves" itself,
  • takes care of strangers, trusting the tummy only to the owner,
  • jealous of his place
  • some begin to make stocks "for a rainy day", hiding food, trying to bury delicious pieces in the nooks of the apartment.

7 week (42 - 49 days)

With the help of a stethoscope you can already hear the heartbeat of puppies. The dog's uterus increases (up to 2/3 of the abdominal cavity), puts pressure on the stomach and internal organs. With multiple pregnancies, the movement of the fruit is clearly visible. Their weight reaches 75% of the weight at birth.

  • At this stage, the frequency of feeding increases, reducing the size of portions.
  • You also need to monitor the consistency of the animal’s feces (whelping bitches become prone to constipation). If necessary, the dog is given natural laxatives (orange juice, linseed oil)

Place of birth

Ideally, a maternity ward will be protected on three sides, resembling a cave. Maternity box is raised above the floor and enclosed. The size is selected, focusing on the parameters of the woman in labor. Places in the lair should be enough for two such dogs as your favorite. For example, for a German shepherd dog it is recommended to equip a box 1.5 x 1.5 m. The bitch should get used to the maternity hospital, feel comfortable and calm there.

Practical advice

To begin, we advise you to watch a great informative video from National geographics about pregnancy in dogs, genes, various breeds and much more. Excellent translation, useful information and many illustrative examples!

Now for our advice.

Important care points

  • Even after a decrease in activity, the dog should not be allowed to "stale". Let the walks be less long, but more frequent.
  • For voyages, choose quiet, peaceful places.
  • Provide proper hygienic care.: sometimes because of an increase in the volume of the abdomen, the bitch cannot lick the loop and the crotch area, so they need to be cleaned with a clean wet towel and wipe dry carefully.
  • It is not recommended to bathe a dog after 4 weeks of pregnancy.
  • You can not use any drugs! The decision on the need for medical treatment should take a veterinarian!
  • After 7 weeks, the bitch may refuse to go far from home. Listen to her!
  • Raise puppy dog You can only under the chest and pelvis, and on the ground down carefully, immediately on four legs.

We hope our advice will be useful and will help you survive the crucial period of pregnancy of your dog with minimal losses.

In the work on the article, in addition to consultations with breeders, materials from books were used:

  • M.Z. Dubrov "German Shepherd"
  • G.P. Dulger "The physiology of reproduction and reproductive pathology of dogs"
  • A.Yu. Cellarius "Your Dog"
  • M.N. Sotsky "Breeding dog breeding"
  • Hillery Harman "Dogs and their breeding" ©

P.S. Wait, do not wait, when the dog deigns to produce offspring? Then this lovely poem by an unknown author is for you!

It has long been all bought on the list:
Glucose, and calcium, and oxytocin.
Scales at hand are close.
And the thermometer in the house is the number one thing!

In a row lie on a tray washed:
Diapers and gauze, laces of all colors.
And alcohol, and brandy - nothing is forgotten!
Everything is in order - the breeder is READY.

Notebook and pen for recording babies
Closer lies, so comfortable to grab!
Here are just a shortage of nerve cells:
When, finally, the BITCH WILL GO.

The hostess is ready - all the time on the streamer.
Well, where are the puppies? I wait - I can not wait!
I darkly wander the dog around the house,
Hard incessantly cherished TRPRUS.

And the bitch is walking, digging without vomiting,
He breathes heavily, then sleeps on his side ...
Honestly, not enough patience!
Do you want to drink cognac already ?!

The dog has long been kind of ready:
There are snot and cork, and a hard belly ...
But everything repeats again and again!
And the day, the other, and the night away!

And I really want you guys to confess:
The opportunity if I would be given,
So why walk, expect, doubt -
I would have given birth to these puppies.

But fortunately - ALWAYS - this is exactly what we know:
At the end of expectations - a happy result:
"ALREADY. BEGAN. We are giving birth. We are born.
HOORAY!! At last our first PUPPY. "