Dandruff develops in the dog - causes and treatment


When combing a dog every day, it is not difficult to notice the scales that have appeared, which are scattered in a white loose from a fur coat of a pet. This not only spoils the look of the dog, it looks unkempt, but is also a signal to the owner to act. After all, dandruff in dogs reflects internal problems in the body. The reasons for its appearance are varied, so no need to guess: it will pass, it will not pass, you should act. The most important thing is to determine the root cause of dandruff in dogs. This can help the vet. So why does a dog get dandruff?

The main causes of dandruff

The condition of the skin always reflects the internal state of the dog's body. The natural process for the skin is the death of the upper layer of cells and their constant renewal. But the process takes place in such a way that it is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. But when mass peeling begins, which is difficult not to notice, you should take a closer look at the animal: perhaps it is unhealthy.

Consider the main reasons leading to increased shedding of dead skin particles:

  1. One of the minor reasons that you can fix yourself is overdried air in the room. Often in the winter in the room the air is warm and dry. This is facilitated by radiators that heat the room. Warming the air, they dry it. This leads to respiratory problems in dogs; in addition, the skin of the beloved pet suffers. Hence the massive peeling, so frightening the owners and making the fur unaesthetic. Solve this problem is necessary. From this, it will be easier for the person to breathe and the dog’s skin will get an original healthy appearance.
  2. Another circumstance leads to dandruff - inadequate nutrition of the animal. If the pet's diet lacks the necessary vitamins, macro- and microelements, this leads to a deterioration of the state of health in general, and of the skin in particular. Hence the white bloom, tight-fitting skin. It interferes with air exchange, pores become clogged, which sometimes even leads to loss of hair. Some dog owners buy dog ​​food and believe that problems with the diet should not be. This is absolutely wrong. For example, cheap food contains all sorts of flavors and dyes that cause food allergies, which can be the unwitting culprit in the appearance of dandruff.
  3. Dandruff appears in some breeds during molting. This is a temporary phenomenon, so you should not worry too much. Carefully comb out your pet, and the skin will be updated fairly quickly.
  4. Some dogs are very susceptible to the world around them. Therefore, the transferred stress can also negatively affect their health. And it can also cause increased skin flaking and dandruff. Try not to bring the animal to stressful situations, it does not deserve it.
  5. Sometimes water flowing from a tap or taken on the ground can lead to health problems. For themselves, people have learned to boil it, so why should an animal drink raw water? Water collected in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions, leads to a deterioration in the health of the pet, the skin reacts to it instantly: dandruff appears, worms can become a surprise worse. So we give water to the animal as to your child: bottled or boiled.
  6. Parasites that appear on the dog’s skin cause itchy skin. She begins to itch, hence the increase in the amount of dandruff. Coming from a walk, make it a rule to check the animal for the presence of ticks and other parasites. This is especially important in the spring and summer days, when the blood-sucking insects are activated and are engaged in the search for animals, which could be perfectly arranged. Ticks not only cause dandruff, but can also cause more serious diseases that can even lead to death. Therefore, do not let the animals go for a walk on the high grass in the park, and after the walk carefully comb them out and inspect them.
  7. Some owners overdo it with a pet wash. This can cause various skin problems, dandruff is one of them. Dog hair does not need to be washed weekly, the less often this procedure is performed, the better. With constant bathing, natural fat is washed off the skin, it becomes dry. And if you consider that shampoo is an additional aggressive factor, then the consequences can be sad.
  8. Hormonal problems in the body always go outside, dandruff appears, the dog loses hair. Therefore, if the dandruff appeared in large quantities and it is not possible to eliminate it, visit the veterinary clinic. Diseases such as diabetes or eczema can only be identified by a doctor and then after laboratory tests.

Dog Dandruff Treatment

The first thing that needs to be done when mass dandruff appears is to visit a veterinarian. Only after a series of studies can a correct diagnosis be made and the cause of the appearance of trouble on the skin can be identified.

If no special deviations in the pet's health have been identified, one should look for the cause in the external environment. The dandruff that appeared in winter caused by dry air is treated as follows.

A humidifier is installed in the room; you can additionally hang up wet towels or sheets on radiators. In addition, when combing pet skin moisturize with special means. Brush for combing selected on the basis of their parameters of the coat. It is necessary that it has a massage effect, then when combing the microcirculation of blood will improve, the skin will be renewed faster, and dandruff will disappear after a while.

If the pet eats store food, try to buy not a series of economy class. Cheap food undermines the health of the dog, which affects the condition of its fur coat. And the best option is to switch to feeding with natural meat products. This will improve the appearance of the dog. Her wool will be shiny and silky, and dandruff will not remain a trace.

Caring for animals should be properly. Frequent bathing dogs are contraindicated. If the animal gets dirty while walking, the paws are washed in warm water, but the body, back and stomach are rubbed with a damp cloth. This is enough not to upset the balance. Then dandruff will not appear.

If hair mites were found, then the work will be added a little. To do this, you will need to clean up all the things that the animal dealt with: mats, bedding. And if he sleeps on the bed of the owner, then the bedding of the owner. The brushes with which the animal is combed are also treated with boiling water. If the pet has toys, they are also subjected to disinfectant measures.

When skin problems are the cause of dandruff, you can try shampoos that have a healing effect (for example, Nizoral or Seborin). After water procedures, the dog is soaked with a towel or wrapped in it. But the use of a hair dryer for drying wool leads to deterioration of the skin and wool, so it should be abandoned.

Preventive actions

Prevention consists in proper care of an animal. Try to provide your pet with comfortable living conditions. Special attention should be paid to the diet. If you can not buy premium food, then transfer the animal to a natural diet. In addition, you can add vitamin complexes to the diet.

A dog, like a man, needs love and care. She needs as much attention as the rest of the family. Careful attitude, attentive care and care for the pet will avoid the appearance of not only dandruff, but also other serious diseases.

Why does a dog have dandruff and coat?

The skin is updated all the time. The cells of its upper layer gradually die off, and in their place become the same, only new cells of the epidermis. This process is physiological and not visible to the host. But in the case of dry or oily skin and abundant top peeling, this is becoming a prominent problem.

The appearance of dandruff can talk about various mistakes in the maintenance and care, or about problems with the health of the dog. The main causes of dandruff can be:

Reason number 1. Insufficient air humidity in the room where the pet lives. Especially often this phenomenon is observed in the cold pores of the year, when various heaters dry up the air. In addition to skin and hair problems, breathing problems can occur. You must stock up with humidifiers to normalize the parameters in the room.

Reason number 2. Poor, unbalanced diet. Lack of or incorrect proportions of vitamins, various essential elements in the pet's diet often lead to diseases. Naturally, the condition of the dog’s skin and coat is deteriorating.

This can also be caused by the feeding of cheap branded dog food, as they contain many harmful additives, which are compensated by the cheap animal products that are attractive for animals.

It is also harmful to give ready-made food even to a super premium class, if it does not fit the dog in terms of breed, age or other indicators, which the manufacturer takes into account.

Reason number 3. Bad water, which the dog will trustfully accept from the owner can instantly affect its health. Crane, from dubious reservoirs, unboiled water is the source of many problems, and dandruff is the lesser of evils that can happen to a pet that consumes it.

Reason number 4. Shedding can also be cause dandruff in some individuals. This trouble is not dangerous, the owner is only more careful to take care of your pet during this period.

Reason number 5. Stress. In such situations, the animal's body begins to work in an extreme mode, especially the sensitive ones may lose hair and appear peeling of the skin. You should not expose the pet to strong feelings, and if the dog is still nervous, it must be calmed and relaxed.

Reason number 6. Exoparasites (external) and sometimes endoparasites (internal) can cause dandruff. It is necessary to regularly inspect the dog, especially after a walk, and treat it with antiparasitic agents.

But it is worth remembering that many types of external parasites are microscopic and cannot be detected without laboratory testing of skin and hair samples.

If the dog is itchy, the condition of its coat has deteriorated and dandruff has appeared; it will not be superfluous to show the pet to the vet.

Reason number 7. Frequent bathing, improper makeup. If you bathe your pet every week, then skin begins to dry and peel off. This is due to flushing of the protective fat layer. Also, human shampoos and soaps can adversely affect the condition of the dog's skin.

Reason number 8. Diseases caused by hormonal imbalances affect the body as a whole. Skin lesions are one of the possible indicators of such problems in a dog.

The owner should not ignore the problem, and refer to the veterinarian. If dandruff is found in a dog, only a specialist will objectively determine the causes and treatment.

What to do when dandruff appears in a dog

When the owner detects a change in the state of the pet, he should pay attention to it and carefully study it. It is necessary to praise the pet, to calm him down during the inspection. With peeling skin it is necessary to scrape the wool, you can comb out to see the big picture.

If a dandruff was found in the dog and the hair falls out, if, in addition to this, there are wounds and irritation on the skin, the dog itches and is nervous, then you should definitely visit a veterinary clinic so that the animals are taken up by professionals. The veterinarian will determine the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Laboratory testing may be necessary.

The owner will have to follow all directions from the veterinarian. It may well be necessary only to change the diet and pet care products. But, if dandruff appears due to a disease, the doctor will prescribe a suitable therapy.

Dandruff medications

If there is no visible causes of dandruff, the treatment is carried out symptomatic. Prescribe drugs that relieve skin irritation, reduce the amount of dandruff. Basically, it is a lotion, conditioner, dandruff shampoo for dogs, and sometimes nutritional vitamin supplements. In some cases, use more serious drugs.

Most often, medical cosmetics contain sulfur, tar, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Such drugs can be found in any pet store or in a vet pharmacy. Popular agents are:

The drug in the form of a spray. Soothes skin irritation and relieves itching. Dogs quickly become easier after its use. Suitable for many skin diseases.

Spray against external parasites. With a correctly calculated dose, the animal gets rid of fleas, ticks, eaters and other parasites, and with them the unpleasant sensations. Means is used both in the medical, and in the preventive purposes.


Antiparasitic drug in the form of drops. Put on withers, and large dogs and along the ridge, but only strictly in those places where the animal can not lick or get his paws. Acts like Frontline.

Shampoo "Doctor"

Dermatological cosmetic, soothing skinrelieves inflammation. They produce several types of shampoo, differing in composition and aspects of action. Bathing a pet with such a remedy will relieve itching, improve skin and coat condition. As a result, dandruff disappears, unpleasant odor is reduced, which is often present with skin problems.

If the owner is not sure of the cause of the problem, you should not use such preparations at random. It is better to get expert advice and follow the advice.

Folk remedies for dandruff in dogs

When appears dog danderThe causes and treatment can be very diverse. Peeling of the skin can occur anywhere or all over the dog's body. In many cases, olive squalene will help get rid of trouble.

It softens the hardened skin, gradually reduces dandruffsoothes irritation. Squalene also heals microscopic sores on the skin, which invariably arise from such problems.

If the reason lies in the parasites, the following recipe helps: 50 mg of almond oil is mixed with eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree (5 drops each). Applied as usual insectoacaricides. It can be applied daily, but for a period of no longer than 2 weeks. If it is necessary to prolong the treatment, so that the addiction does not happen, the agent is replaced by another.

Essential oils that also help from external parasites:

In the manufacture of funds, any essential oils are mixed with the base. You can also make an alcohol solution and treat them pet bed.

Medicinal herbs or decoctions of them are widely used:

Naturally, in addition to treatments of the pet, it must be properly fed - to monitor the balanced content of vitamins, micro-and macronutrients in food. It is worth taking care of - to maintain hygiene, to devote enough time for games, walks and workouts. Keep away from stress.

Proper pet care

You can not often bathe dogs. The schedule depends on the type of wool, but more often than once every 2-6 months you should not do it without need. Frequent use of shampoos and other hair care products has a bad effect on the pet's skin - dryness and irritation appear, the dog experiences discomfort.

Detergents remove the necessary protective fatty layer from the animal's fur.

If it is necessary to bathe - the dog who loves to frolic is dirty, it is better to limit yourself to wet wiping or bathing without shampoos and soap. The dirtiest places are allowed to be washed separately with hygiene products.

In no case can not use human shampoos. Even the most expensive, quality or the most gentle children. Dog skin and human strikingly different. For example, the pH of human skin is acidic (in the range 5.0–6.0), whereas in a dog it is alkaline (about 8).

Cosmetics are made based on the needs of the consumer, and indicators for different organisms are also different. Human shampoos are alkaline, which is clearly not suitable for dog skin. And, of course, zoo shampoos are made based on the needs of the animals - the species, age, type of wool and other indicators are taken into account. So it is easy to choose the right one for each pet.

Use cosmetics also need wisely. Some shampoos are released in a concentrated form. They must be diluted with water in the proportions indicated on the package before use. Apply any means for bathing (except dry shampoos) on wet wool, avoiding contact with eyes and ears. Make sure the dog does not lick the shampoo.

Naturally, after washing, the wool is thoroughly rinsed with soap or shampoo.

Brush out dogs necessarily. Во избежание повреждения кожи и провоцирования появления всевозможных проблем, необходимо подобрать правильные инструменты для груминга. В арсенале нужно иметь:

Можно использовать массажные перчатки, если шерсть питомца подходит для таких обработок. Некоторым породам необходим триммер.

It is necessary to monitor the quality of tools, their condition and maintain cleanliness. Each type of wool is combed out differently. How to care for a particular animal, prompted by a groomer, a veterinarian or a dog handler.

If it is worth taking care of a pet, keep in touch with the veterinarian and contact him in time, the dog will be healthy and beautiful And about any dandruff it will not go.

The main causes of dandruff in dogs

Veterinary specialists and experienced dog breeders distinguish several main causes of dandruff in animals and group them together:

  • Alimentary. Deficiency in food of high-grade protein, taurine, vitamins of group B, ascorbic and folic acid, vitamin A and D - one of the most common causes of dry skin. The cause of dandruff in a pet is often mono-diet, the assumption in the diet of salty, sweet, smoked and other harmful products from the table.
  • Hygienic. This group of factors primarily includes illiterate pet skin care and poor conditions of detention. Wrong selection of detergent, too frequent or, conversely, a rare bathing of a dog can harm delicate skin, cause excessive dryness and flaking.

Foaming formulations not intended for animals may contain components that irritate the skin and do not match its natural balance. Washing the dog more than once every 2 to 3 months provokes the formation of dandruff.

  • In addition to illiterately selected bath accessories, excessive dry air in the room can lead to dryness and flaking of the skin. Most often with the phenomenon of dandruff, the owner faces in the heating season, when the humidity of the air becomes minimal.
  • The reason for the poor appearance of the pet is often illiterate combing. The use of a comb or a brush with sharp teeth causes microtrauma to the skin, which is accompanied by a peeling response. Adversely on the condition of the skin drying the animal with a hair dryer.
  • Allergic. Peeling of the skin is often caused by food allergies. If an animal has an inadequate reaction of the body to a particular component of the feed, histamines accumulate in the upper layers of the epidermis, leading to itching and peeling of the skin.

The most common allergy occurs when the feed contains aromatic, coloring and preserving substances, which is why the cheap feed of the mass-market class most often fails.

  • Parasitic. This group of causes includes various tick-borne infections, for example, otodektoz, demodicosis, sarcoptosis. Mites, parasitizing in the deep layers of the epidermis, emit toxic substances that cause not only itching and redness, but also peeling of the skin in dogs. The cause of increased dryness of the skin can be not only mites, but also worms that live in the lungs, intestines and other organs of the animal.
  • Fungal. Along with external parasites, fungal infections, such as trichophytosis and seborrhea, can also cause dandruff in four-legged friends. Prone to illness breed dogs with a folded feature of the skin - Shar Pei, Bulldogs.
Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Hormonal disorders and diseases of internal organs. According to the observation of veterinary specialists, skin peeling in dogs is often observed in patients with diabetes mellitus, thyroid gland malfunction, and liver diseases.
  • Dermatological problems. Dermatitis, eczema are often accompanied by such a phenomenon in an animal as dry skin and dandruff. In the summer, some individuals may experience sun dermatitis caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Amateur dog breeders, experienced dog handlers and veterinarians note that molting can lead to dandruff in four-legged pets. During this natural process the balance of the skin is disturbed, accompanied by desquamation. Stressful situation, long-term stay of a pet in a state of psycho-emotional tension are provoking factors in the pathogenesis of dandruff in dogs.

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If more hair climbs on the back

In some cases, the owner can observe not only dandruff, but also the loss of coat from the pet. The cause of this phenomenon may be seasonal molting, fungal infection, serious health problems, such as Cushing's syndrome (hypercorticism). In the northern latitudes, this phenomenon is observed due to a deficiency of zinc and ascorbic acid in the diet of animals.

Often dandruff with baldness is a consequence of the development of adenitis of the sebaceous glands in dogs. Most often suffer from this disease poodles. In some cases, the cause of dry skin and hair loss are external parasites - lice, fleas, ticks.

To establish the root causes of dandruff and baldness, the animal should be shown to a veterinary specialist. For diagnostic purposes, a clinical and biochemical blood test may be required, skin scraping for subsequent mycological and bacteriological examination.

Dandruff treatment in an animal

Given that excessive dryness and peeling of the skin are not, as a rule, an independent disease, but merely a symptom, the solution of the problem should begin with the elimination of the root cause. In the event that dandruff appears as a result of the disease, the veterinary specialist will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

Dandruff caused by the development of parasitic mites on the skin is eliminated 14 to 21 days after the use of specific drugs - Amitrazine, Ivermectin, etc. Antiparasitic drops and shampoos are effective when the animal has fleas.

Allergic nature of dandruff is eliminated by careful analysis of the diet and exclusion from it of the alleged allergens. An undesirable reaction in a pet is often caused by chicken protein, cereals, eggs.

Veterinary experts recommend translating the animal to holistic feed, which is hypoallergenic. In case of a disease of internal organs, appropriate therapy is prescribed.

If the cause of dandruff in dogs is improper skin and hair care, the owner should heed the advice of a veterinary specialist. For water treatments it is necessary to use only detergents designed specifically for animals. From the variety of bath accessories should choose shampoos and conditioners containing the minimum amount of dyes, fragrances and other synthetic ingredients.

Natural shampoos for dogs

During the heating season, for room maintenance of a dog, humidifiers and air conditioning should be used. It is useful to spray in a dry room solutions of essential oils (in the absence of pet allergies).

In the case of the alimentary cause of dandruff in a dog, the veterinary specialist will give recommendations on the enrichment of the diet with beneficial substances. Some individuals require the use of complex multivitamin supplements.

In the fight against dry skin, the most effective are B vitamins, ascorbic acid, vitamin A. The use of brewer's yeast, rich in B vitamins and trace elements, provides good therapeutic results. In the case of a lack of mineral components in the diet, a multivitamin preparation containing zinc, sulfur, selenium, magnesium is prescribed to the dog.

Pharmaceutical preparations

In veterinary practice, medical shampoos with antifungal components are used to eliminate dandruff. Effectively eliminate the problem in animals such pharmaceutical preparations as Nizoral, Seborin, Sebasol. In a specialized pet store, you can buy a variety of shampoos and sprays aimed at fighting dandruff in dogs, for example Anti Dandruff Beaphar.

For internal use in the veterinary pharmacy, you can purchase drugs such as Polydex, Exel 8 in 1, Beaphar. Multivitamin preparations contain in their composition the necessary components to improve the condition of the skin and coat of the animal. The dosage and duration of treatment will be prescribed by the attending veterinary specialist.

Folk methods

In the fight against dandruff owners successfully use traditional medicine. It is advisable to use vegetable oils and herbal teas in the event that the cause is a hygienic factor.

Effectively relieve irritation, itching, moisturize dry skin and wipe compresses from herbal decoctions. For these purposes, it is best to choose medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory and soothing effects - chamomile, lime blossom, nettle herb. In the coat of the pet, you can rub a decoction of burdock root.

Moisturize the skin and eliminate peeling vegetable oils. When dandruff in dogs, it is useful to rub into the skin a mixture of sea buckthorn and olive oil, burdock oil.

When using folk remedies to dandruff, you should avoid strongly smelling substances. It is not recommended to rub into the skin extracts from onions or garlic, lemon juice. Such substances are irritating and can cause an allergic reaction in the pet, redness, irritation and itching.

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Healthy skin, shiny coat in four-legged friend - an indicator of well-being. The presence of such a problem as dandruff requires the identification of the root cause of the symptom. Treatment of excessive dryness and peeling is complex and includes not only specific drugs, but also a competent choice of means for skin care and hair of the animal. A full diet, the use of multivitamin supplements allow you to quickly cope with the problem.

Useful video

For the causes and treatment of dandruff in dogs, see this video:

Why did the dog get pus from the nose? . Against the background of constant dry skin, dandruff often develops. The animal often itches, as dead skin particles cause itching.

Why did the dog get pus from the nose? . Causes of baldness in dogs. Veterinary specialists and experienced dog breeders divide the causes of hair loss in dogs into natural and anomalous.

Why did the dog get pus from the nose? . Dry skin leads to dandruff. With strong scratching on the skin, wounds, pustules, oozing spots appear.

What does dander look like in dogs

The dog's skin is periodically updated throughout life: old cells die off and peel off, being replaced by new ones. Normally, the number of exfoliated cells is small, so the process goes unnoticed. But if, when combing the skin, the scales literally crumble from the animal, and particles of large or small size are found on the hair, it means that some malfunctions have started in the body.

Dandruff is peeling epithelium (skin) of a dog.

Flaked flakes may vary in color from white-gray to yellowish-brown and vary in size. Dandruff can peel off the dog's body like flour, or flake off in whole layers, when dying scales stick together.

Localization of dandruff is also individual. Sometimes it covers the whole body, but as a rule the cluster is observed on the back, neck, head and ears. Most often, the disease first appears in the tail area, and then spreads throughout the body.

Possible causes of dandruff

The variety of possible reasons for the appearance of flaking scales on the dog's skin makes it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis.

There are several most likely explanations:

  • Dry skin. Changes in temperature and humidity in the room at the beginning of the heating season cause a failure in the process of skin regeneration. Overdried skin begins to peel off.
  • Improper nutrition. The appearance of dandruff in dogs contribute to food additives and allergens in the diet. Most often, such a problem arises when organizing food supply with economy-class dry food brands (review of Trapeza feed, Darling feed for dogs).

Dandruff in a dog can appear due to poor quality water, especially as regards water from city taps.

  • Infection with parasitic insects. Permanent itching that a dog infected with hair mites and other parasites feels causes the pet to scratch actively (see ringworm in dogs). The skin is destroyed, and its parts are showered.
  • Shedding. In some breeds dandruff accompanies the process of renewal of wool.
  • Poor water quality. Often, the water flowing from city cranes is literally filled with bleach and other chemical elements. The skin reacts to washing with such liquid by allergic reactions and desquamation.
  • Too frequent bathing dogs. Cleanliness of the owner is harmful to the pet, as frequent washing contributes to dry skin. The natural fatty lubricant is washed off the skin and it reacts to flaking.
  • Hormonal disbalance. Imbalance of hormones in the dog's body is manifested by hair loss and dandruff.
  • Stress. The world around us often negatively affects the psyche of dogs of many breeds, and is manifested by many ailments, including the appearance of dandruff.
  • Dandruff may indicate skin diseases:

    • Dry eczema. On the skin of the dog spots are formed, covered with whitish scales. Crusted places soften with chlorhexidine. Lubrication of the affected areas with ointments Sinaflan, Flucinar helps to cure the disease.
    • Skin plague. The onset of the disease can be confused with dandruff due to symptoms, as whitish scales appear on the coat. With the development of rash appears, boils. When skin plague peeling localized on the ears, muzzle, in the nose. If such symptoms appear on the dog's skin, an urgent need to show her to the doctor.

    Important. Dandruff appears in a dog, for which proper care is not provided. Timely combing wool, bathing with the use of special means necessary for the dog so that she does not have skin diseases.

    How to rid the dog of dandruff

    Solving problems with dandruff is carried out depending on the reasons for its occurrence. In any case, it is advisable to start with the examination of the animal. If there are no internal diseases, dandruff is eliminated by the normalization of home care for wool.

    In order to rid the dog of dandruff, it is necessary to take care of the coat: wash and comb it regularly.

    Cosmetic treatments for dandruff

    The organization of proper care for the dog's hair will help rid it of flakings.

    Cosmetic procedures consist of the following steps:

    • The dog is combed with a soft brush daily. Scrubbing will resemble a massage, the purpose of which is to normalize blood circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles. Especially carefully it is necessary to carry out combing during the molting period, since at this time a lot of fat is formed on the skin, which clogs the pores. If dying wool is not combed out, oxygen access to the epidermis is disturbed, and peeling begins.
    • It is necessary to bathe a dog once a month. To do this, use dandruff shampoos. Do not use products that dry the skin. After bathing, wool is treated with lotions and moisturizing conditioners. Shampoos Seborin, Nizoral have a good effect on the skin. Good effect has special shampoos "Doctor", "Tropiclin". They remove skin diseases, suppress inflammation, eliminate dandruff. An additional effect of shampoos is the elimination of itching. After water procedures, the animal is wetted with a dry towel. It is impossible to use a hair dryer for drying wool, this will additionally dry out the skin, and dandruff will again start bothering the dog.

    They bathe dogs no more than once a month, and you should not dry your hair with a hair dryer.

  • When insects-parasites are found on the dog's fur, special means are used to eliminate them. Effective drugs Stronhold, Frontline, which destroy pests without harming the dog. Dosage depends on the size of the dog. Simultaneously with the dog's coat, its bedding is processed, the bedspreads on which she slept, the clothing of the owner.
  • If dandruff appeared with the beginning of the heating season, you need to take care of the humidification of the air in the apartment. The problem is easily solved with the help of a humidifier. Dog's skin will cease to dry, and dandruff will disappear.
  • When dandruff is associated with poor-quality food, it is advisable to switch to premium brands or natural food. The diet should contain foods that are high in vitamin A (liver, egg yolks, raw carrots, dairy products). Normalization of nutrition will help make the hair silky and shiny, and dandruff will disappear in a few weeks.
  • Healing procedures

    If dandruff in a dog occurs due to internal problems, treatment is prescribed to correct them. Without the advice of a veterinarian to take any action is impossible. Improper treatment without taking into account the results of the analysis can aggravate the problem and lead to complications.

    The doctor conducts a comprehensive examination of the dog's body:

    • biochemical, hormonal blood tests,
    • blood test for sugar,
    • important information for proper diagnosis will give scraping from the skin.

    After a full examination, the dog is given appropriate treatment with the use of appropriate drugs. Если причиной появления перхоти стал стресс, помогут препараты Кот Баюн, Стоп-стресс.

    Если появление перхоти было спровоцировано стрессом, собаке дают успокоительное Кот Баюн.

    Народные рецепты

    Самый простой способ избавления от чешуек на шерсти собаки – добавление в пищу подсолнечного масла. Одна столовая ложка масла в день поможет сделать шерсть здоровой и блестящей.

    In the summer, wiping a burdock with a sheet will help get rid of dandruff. Fresh sheet knead in the palms before the selection of juice, then rub it into the dog's skin.

    As a supplement to traditional means, rinsing with decoction of coltsfoot, chamomile, nettle is used.

    Yorkshire terrier care

    Yorkies, especially puppies, have delicate and sensitive skin. This breed has a dense coat that covers the body, and oxygen access to the skin is limited. Bathing yorkies can not help but harm them. Especially carefully you need to wash off the remnants of shampoo, as this will cause dandruff.

    York's wool is removed from the dirt by careful brushing with a hard brush. First, the dog is scratched against the fur, and then in the direction of growth.

    Yorkies' hair is regularly combed with a stiff comb.

    Features care for dachshund

    In dachshund, stress and food allergies cause dandruff. Especially harmful is fat. Feed the tax should be natural lean meat, cereals and vegetables. When organizing food with dry food, brands of super-premium hypoallergenic type are chosen (Orijen Dog 6 Fish Hypoallergenic, Brit Premium Lamb & Rice, Purina HA Hypoallergenic Canine).

    In addition, the dachshund should live in a relaxed atmosphere, the experiences immediately affect the state of its fur. Especially sharply react to the appearance of new people or animals in the house, so they need to be prepared for such events in advance.

    Miniature Schnauzer Wool Problems

    Dandruff and pruritus are common companions of miniature schnauzer breed dogs. Skin disease, this breed suffers from improper care of the coat: no trimming, using the wrong shampoos. Especially harmful to this breed is washing with human shampoos.

    The cause of diseases of the skin of a miniature schnauzer can be an inflammation of the anal glands, so when dandruff appears, you should contact a veterinarian to check the urinary system of the dog.

    What is dandruff

    In dogs, there are 2 types of dandruff:

    • dry - when the exfoliating particles have a small fraction and when combed out they are easily peeled off the coat of the animal, and the skin is noticeably dehydrated.
    • oily or seborrhea - characterized by enhanced work of the sebaceous glands. In seborrhea, the dying off flakes of the dermis, mixing with sebum, form large plaques of yellow or brown color with a characteristic unpleasant odor. With a progressive disease, the skin of the animal thickens, thins wool, and favorable conditions are created for the development of pathogenic microflora (for example, dedecoses mites).

    How much dandruff does a dog have?

    Regardless of the type, the amount of dandruff varies from minor to abundant. Appearing locally, it can gradually spread throughout the dog’s body, causing severe itching. Asking the question: “Does a dog have dandruff, what to do?”, Note that even if your pet, despite the problem, is cheerful and cheerful, does not experience any visible discomfort, it is impossible to postpone the visit to the vet. The appearance of dandruff may be the first warning about the development of diseases of internal organs.

    Dry skin

    Dogs (from the little Spitz to the giant mastiff, the size in this case does not matter) most of the time is spent indoors. Central heating, the use of heaters lead to lack of moisture in the air. As a result, the skin, not getting enough water from the outside, dries, dandruff appears. If the reason is in the wrong home microclimate, then to all the joys of life will be added the cracking of the skin on the paw pads and the nose of the dog's nose.

    Stressful situations

    Depending on the innate characteristics of the psyche, some dogs are prone to dandruff on nerves. With violent emotional outbursts, the level of adrenaline in the blood rises, muscles sharply contract, and vascular tone changes. Dandruff sprinkles the animal from head to foot just before our eyes. This is especially noticeable on short-haired dogs of dark color (dachshunds, Dobermans). Stress in the impressionable nature of the tail can cause anything: loneliness, longing for the owner, relocation, the emergence of a new family member, a visit to a dog show.

    Unbalanced feeding and vitamin deficiency

    You can not experiment on the health of your pet, so that you do not clutch your head with shouts: “Do you have dandruff for the dog, what should I do?” Therefore, if you are a supporter of ready-made feeds, avoid commercial economy products. They contain insufficient nutrients and vitamins, and the concentration of aromatic additives and preservatives, on the contrary, is higher than permissible. Whereas the first class and deluxe feeds are fully balanced. An excess of carbohydrates (sweets, flour products) also leads to dandruff. We will talk in detail below about the products-assistants in the fight for beautiful wool.

    Allergic reactions

    Nowadays, a bad dog ecology, like us, suffers from allergies, one of the manifestations of which is dandruff. The impetus to the exacerbation of the disease is changing the feed, introducing a new allergen into the diet, or using cosmetics that are not suitable for your dog. In any case, it is necessary to establish the source of allergy (empirically or with the help of medical tests) and eliminate it.

    Hormonal malfunction, moult

    Sometimes a small amount of dandruff is observed during seasonal molting. Worse, if the dog sheds ahead of time, accompanying the loss of the undercoat by the appearance of dandruff. Changing the coat - a delicate biological process. It occurs under the guidance of a dog's pituitary and thyroid hormones. Also excessive or insufficient production of sex hormone (estrogen) instantly affects the condition of the skin, violating its protective functions. In this case, accurate diagnosis is impossible without laboratory tests, and treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian.

    Skin parasites and the diseases they cause

    In addition to the familiar fleas, (which can also cause dandruff) there are several dozen skin parasites, some of which are dangerous to humans. By striking the skin, they cause not only dandruff, but also severe itching, sometimes even eczema and wounds.

    Among them are common:

    • dog lice (lice, not fleas), which parasitize on an animal for breeding,
    • lashing - belong to blood-sucking ticks. Their saliva, penetrating the dog's blood, causes allergies. The dog feels discomfort and often combs the affected areas to wounds,
    • hair mitesthemselves similar to white scales (cheyletiosis),
    • pincersthat cause itchy scabies to form characteristic dandruff,
    • demodectic miteand, which, in the scaly form of the disease (demodicosis), cause hair loss and the formation of dandruff bald patches,
    • skin worms - penetrate into the body of the animal, making moves in the dermis, further localized in the digestive organs,

    Unfortunately, the list is huge. Scraping (analysis of a small area of ​​the dog's skin) will allow to recognize the parasite "in the face" and neutralize it promptly.

    In order not to scare you even more, let's say one thing:

    The only true answer to the question: "The dog has dandruff, what to do? ”, - identify the source!

    The most threatening causes of dandruff, in addition to all of the above, are autoimmune diseases, disorders of the metabolic processes of a canine organism, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. To cope with it without qualified medical care is impossible!

    How to treat dandruff in a dog

    The exact algorithm of actions of a caring owner in the case of dandruff in a fluffy pet is as follows:

    • Visit the veterinarian: pass inspection, pass tests, scraping and so on
    • Complete prescribed treatment: This includes the entire list of activities, ranging from organizing proper feeding or identifying an allergen, to serious medical manipulations in case of diagnosing diseases of internal organs.

    • When detecting parasites integuments, in addition to treatment, it is required to disinfect the litter, kennel, own clothing. Throw away or boil brushes and combs.
    • If dandruff is caused by stressand the trouble was a one-off character - there is no cause for concern. As soon as the dog's emotional background returns to normal, dandruff will disappear by itself. When this picture is repeated regularly (during walks, at home), it is a question of prolonged stress. Here the situation is much more serious. Excessive nervousness with time will adversely affect not only the condition of the skin, but also the entire canine body. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the pet from irritating factors and pay more attention to it. After a mandatory consultation with a specialist, it is possible to start taking sedative drops on herbs.
    • Specialist revealed excessive skin dryness? Brush your dog regularly using special animal cosmetics or herbal decoctions (chamomile, nettle, calendula). They are easy to apply from the spray, and a soft comb will provide a light massage of the skin, improve its blood supply. Dogs of small breeds can be completely rinsed with herbal decoction and briefly wrapped in a diaper to enhance the therapeutic effect.
    • Remember: no amateur performances and diagnoses from the category of OBS (one grandmother said) can not be!
    • After eliminating the problem, perform a set of preventive measures.

    Too frequent use of detergents has an aggressive effect on the skin.

    For dogs with wild type wool (shepherd, husky, husky) two bath days a year is more than enough. If you can not do without water procedures, try to wash the dirty one "in parts", for example, by limiting yourself to washing the paws or wet wiping.

    The best human shampoo is not suitable for a four-legged friend.

    You will avoid questions: "The dog has dandruff, what to do? ”, If you always use only specialized dog cosmetics. Even a gentle baby remedy can cause dandruff. Dogs sweat differently than humans, have the highest skin PH (within 8, while the average human figure is 5.5). All shampoos, balsams from our arsenal are alkaline in nature and can harm the external skin of the animal.

    Properly selected shampoo needs to be properly applied.

    One of the most common mistakes - applying cleanser in its pure form on the skin and coat of the dog. There is no catastrophic harm in this, but it will be safer to pre-dilute the shampoo in water before the formation of a foam solution and only use it for bathing. The need for thorough washing is not worth reminding.

    Combs should not injure the skin.

    Dog breeders recommend to stay on metal combs with rounded teethwhose length corresponds to the length of the animal's coat. In addition to devices for removing the undercoat (pukherka, furminator) you should wash a soft massage brush. She not only combs the coat and gives it a gloss, but also provides a regular massage, so beneficial to the skin. It is better to spend it weekly, and it is necessary to teach the dog to the procedure from childhood.

    Say no to ticks and fleas!

    Modern pharmacology is a large selection of tools for the prevention of infection by skin parasites. The most common form of release - drops on witherstheir dosage is calculated based on the weight of the dog. Well-proven drugs such as froline, stronghold. They protect against fleas, lice, lashing, scabies, demodectic, ear mites. Processing should be carried out at intervals indicated in the instructions for the drug.

    Follow our recommendations, carefully observe the condition of the tailed friend, contact the veterinarian in time, and then no dandruff can ruin your dog's life!