Smooth-haired dog breeds: a list with photos and names


When you start a dog at home, you want her to be a faithful friend and a favorite of all seven. Smooth-haired breeds of dogs are ideal for this; caring for them will not take much time, most often they have an average size and peaceful character. Although among them there are also short-haired hunting dogs, ready to protect and protect you.

Large smooth-haired dogs

There are many smooth-haired breeds of dogs of large sizes, but most often there are:

  • Dogo Argentino was officially bred in Argentina. Possesses hunting and guard qualities. Previously used for the corral of a large beast. Sometimes used in combat, because it is characterized by fearlessness, strength and endurance. Also inherent loyalty, loyalty, ingenuity and restraint. Dogs have a short, uniform white shade.
  • Boxer is one of the largest short-haired dogs in Germany. The coat is smooth, brindle or reddish. Differs with balance and loyalty, loves children, can be a hunter and a watchman. Often used as a bodyguard or a guide due to a sharp mind, but it requires constant training.
  • Smooth-haired Doberman was bred for service, it is distinguished by its smooth, brilliant coat of black and brown with red incrustations. It has a massive and muscular body. Inherent love for children, endurance, moderation, but quick excitability. Attitude towards others depends on education and discipline.
  • Mastino Neapolitano was bred for baiting animals, bloody dogfights. It has a large body, there are folds on the head and neck. The coat is smooth, tough. The main shades of wool are white, gray, brown, fawn and brindle. There may be spots on the chest and paws. Inherent care, loyalty, protective qualities and affection for children.
  • Great Dane - one of the largest dogs, shade of wool from dark gray to fawn, blue. The coat is short, shiny, but tough. Character is playfulness, kindness, love for children, dedication and protective qualities. It may be a guard, a pet, or a hunter.
  • Shorthair Rottweiler - a large breed with a strong body, dark brown or black color. On the paws and belly fur is light brown in color. It can be used to protect the home and animal shelter during tracking. Inherent heavy character, fortitude, endurance, loyalty, perseverance, are aggressive. Hard to get along with young children and require education.

Smooth breed average configuration

Dogs with short hair, medium size are perfect for an apartment, country house, because they are domestic, tied to the owner, love children, excellent companions.

  • The bulldog has short hair, it can be a guard or a pet. Inherent equanimity, independence, aristocracy, love for kids, independence and a sharp mind. Previously he was a fighting dog, but after selection he lost aggression and excitement in battles. English bulldogs have no undercoat, shade is light brown with white. The body is medium in size, there are folds on the face and neck.
  • Dalmatian have short hair, medium build, color is white with black spots, sometimes just light, wool is shiny and soft. The presence of blue eyes, brown and black spots at the same time is a vice. Character is characterized by balance, calm, love of children, playfulness.
  • Cane Corso has been known since the days of ancient Greece, when they participated in dog fights. They have a smooth, soft coat with shine, color - gray, fawn, black or brown. Long hair and feathering are considered a lack of breed. The Cors are smart, bold, have good intuition and fearlessness.
  • Labrador Retriever is used to help people, the most popular breed now. The coat is short, soft with undercoat. Color - milky, golden, brown, black and chocolate. Labrador has a docile character, a well-developed sense of helping people, loves his family, persistent, playful and fearless.
  • Pitbull can have many colors, his coat is smooth, hard, without undercoat. Light spots are often found on the chest and paws. The character of the pit bull is peaceful, strong-willed, inherent in fighting spirit. Requires education, training.
  • Sharpey hair has a smooth coat of brown, white, black, red, sable or purple shade. Feature - blue tongue and deep folds throughout the body, for which you need to take care, so that Shar-Pei does not have an allergy. Previously, the dog was used in guarding and dog fighting. Inherent activity, courage, endurance, strict adherence to the rules and attachment to the owner.

Small smooth breed dogs

It is important that any smooth-haired breed of dogs require minimal grooming, therefore it is better to wash them no more than once every three weeks, it is not necessary to comb them, but shampoo will be required with a moisturizing effect.

  • The short-haired beagle has a hard coat without undercoat. Color - white, beige, brown, dark with spots of different colors. Previously used for baiting the beast. It has a soft, playful character, well trained, requires constant training.
  • Miniature Pinscher is a small smooth-haired dog. Coat color from dark brown to black. Wool tight, shiny. Peculiar acumen, liveliness, fast learner and distrust of strangers.
  • A pug is a small short-haired dog with a soft coat of gray, white or black color, with a black mask on its face. Pug is inherent activity, liveliness, curiosity, calm and dedication to the owner.
  • Russian toy terrier is shorthair and long-haired, refers to the decorative dogs. In the first case, the coat is tight, has no undercoat. Color can be brown, fawn, black, beige with blue shimmer. This dog is playful, inquisitive, loves affection, very active, but easily exposed to stress.
  • Dachshund most often has a smooth coat that does not have undercoat. The shade is black, red, brown or fawn, there are light blotches on the head and legs. Dachshund is a great hunter and caretaker, distinguished by attentiveness, devotion.
  • Smooth-haired Fox Terrier, but there are also wire-haired individuals. Tint - white, beige, brown, fawn with spots of different colors. There is no undercoat, the coat is rather dense. Previously used for hunting, it has a peaceful character, endurance, excitement and a sharp mind.
  • The French bulldog may have a brown, black, beige or fawn color, but the coat is always short, tight to the body, without undercoat. This is a decorative breed that loves people and fun, active, inquisitive, can be a guard. Requires education and training.
  • Chihuahuas are short-haired and long-haired with a red, white, black, brown color. The coat is shiny, no undercoat. By the nature of the dog - a lively, active, is aggressive, requires a lot of attention, loves children.

Each of the breeds of smooth-haired dogs will not give you discomfort in terms of grooming, so they are considered the best option for the apartment. But it is important to take into account the nature, behavior and upbringing, so that the pet will listen to you and respect you.

Chihuahua - the smallest smooth-haired dog

"Felicia Faun de Loncor" - doggy breed Chihuahua.

Chuhuahua is ideal for keeping in a small apartment, since it is smaller than a cat in size - the weight of an adult dog is from 0.5 to 3.5 kg. The truth is worth noting that the pets of this breed are not only smooth-haired, but also long-haired. By their nature, chihuahuas are unusually bold as for such crumbs, very mobile, curious and rather clever.

Smooth Fox Terrier - Fox Hunter

Fox Terrier, photo by Localpups.

Small, smooth, smooth-haired breeds of dogs like a fox terrier used to be more valued than hard-haired ones, since their fur less smudged when climbing into a foxhole. Now both types of fox terriers are equally popular - in both cases, the representatives of the breed are beautifully folded, intelligent and bold dogs.

Such a pet is well suited for keeping in an apartment if you regularly go on long walks with it. These small (30-40 cm tall and 6-8 kg of weight) dogs are very active, lying on the couch at home all day is not for them.

French Bulldog - decorative fighter

French Bulldog, photo by Nicolas de Camaret.

We have already mentioned another small smooth-haired dog in the article about fighting breeds, noting that today the French bulldog is an ordinary pet and not a participant in dog fights. Proportional compact body, flat face, erect ears, mobility and cheerful character - all this is about the French. Their sizes are from 25 to 35 cm in height and from 8 to 15 kg of weight.

Boston terrier

Boston Terrier, photo by Eduards Pulks.

When it comes to smooth-haired small breeds of dogs, it is impossible not to mention the Boston terrier - a dog bred by crossing an English bulldog and an English terrier. These pets grow small - the maximum height is 38 cm, the minimum is 22 cm, and the normal weight is up to 11.5 kg.

Beagle - smooth-haired hunting dog

Beagle, photo by Daniel Flathagen.

The beagle dog is another smooth-haired hunting breed, bred for hunting small game, today it is the usual pets. Height - from 33 to 40 cm, weight - from 8 to 16 kg. The character of the beagle is kind and gentle, also these dogs are loyal and intelligent, although it is not so easy to train them.

English Bulldog - smooth haired heavyweight

English Bulldog, photo by Mark Robinson.

Although the height of the English bulldogs is not so big (31-40 cm), they look very powerful. Previously, these dogs were used to bait bulls, now - as pets. They are calm and balanced, kind and suitable even for the maintenance of the apartment, because they are not very active and do not require long walks.

Bull Terrier - short hair and an unusual muzzle

Bulterrer, photo by JAK SIE MASZ.

Bull terrier breed dogs are strong, with a harmoniously built body, muscular, agile, quite clever and funny. The average size of the representatives of the breed is from 40 to 50 cm. With proper education and training, the bull terrier will make an excellent companion.

Dalmatian - "black and white"

Dalmatian, photo by Leo Hidalgo.

A rather large short-haired dog is a Dalmatian. The breed is very famous due to the particular spotty color, once used for hunting. The height of these dogs is from 54 to 62 cm, and the weight is from 24 to 32 kg. That is, with a fairly large growth, Dalmatian is relatively light, so that it can travel long distances without problems.

Doberman - service smooth-haired dog

Doberman, photo by Yanez Marilyn.

The Doberman is a service German breed of dog, bony, strong and muscular, but not too massive. The height of these dogs - from 63 to 72 cm, weight - from 32 to 45 kg. Doberman is courageous, well-trained, and with the right upbringing, he will not harm even the little children who get it.

Rottweiler - another service German breed

Rottweiler, photo by Tarmo Tali.

Like the Doberman, the Rottweiler breed was bred in Germany to help people, but in this case, for driving cattle. Today it is not relevant and rottweilers are pets, although many representatives of the breed serve in the guard, police and army. Large size, strong bones, short hair, daring and steady - this is a brief description of the Rottweiler.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino (white on the right), photo by Tracy Lee.

Originally, the breed was bred for hunting (baiting) a large animal, but in the modern world these dogs are pets. However, the large size (height 60-68 cm, weight 40-65 kg), physical strength, athletic physique and easy learning allowed the Great Dane to take on other roles - security, police service, etc.

Cane Corso - Italian smooth-haired breed

Cane Corso, photo by Miles Actually.

Breed smooth-haired dogs Cane Corso was completely on the verge of extinction, but now her number is gradually growing. These are working dogs, hence we have rather large sizes, strong bones and dry muscles. Wool Cane Corso is of course short, and there are a lot of acceptable colors.

Photos of other smooth-haired dogs

Jack Russell Terrier, photo by Iampeas.

Treats hunting breeds, but today are more often used as usual pets. See more photos, read the Jack Russell Terrier description of the breed (which character, especially care) can be on the link on the site

Labrador Retriever, photo by “Golden Retriever - Labrador”.

American Bulldog, photo by MuttyPitbull.

Pharaoh Hound, photo by Manuel QC.

On this our list of breeds of smooth-haired dogs with photos ends, more can be viewed in the section "Dog Breeds".
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Toy Fox Terrier

This miniature dog with a graceful toned body and a flexible proportionally folded figure. Pet weight is only 1-4 kg. A small head in combination with thin legs gives it a special fragility. Among the colors of these smooth-haired babies, white is the most common, sometimes with spots of various colors.

Toy Fox Terriers require only housing content due to intolerance to cold, rain and high humidity. Despite their external tinyness, they are leaders by nature and have a dominant character.

Russian toy terrier

Decorative breed of dogs with close-fitting coat without undercoat, playful character and high mobility. Color can vary from brown and black to beige with blue tint. The growth of these pets varies in the range of 20-28 cm, and weight - 1.3-3 kg. They can live up to 12-15 years.

Attention. If you perceive the Russian toy terrier as a toy, then in the future he will develop Napoleon syndrome: he will consider himself the main thing in the house, barking uncontrollably and acting up. This fact applies to all miniature breeds.

We offer to see the full article about the breed of dogs Russian toy terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier

Another hunting breed, adapted to the guard and guard duty, as well as catching small animals. These dogs love to bark loudly, and with insufficient rearing often show their independent character. They are very friendly to children, but their relatives are aggressive.

The Jack Russell Terriers of the modern type have a white color, diluted with reddish or black spots. Their coat is smooth, hard or kinked. Adult pets ideally grow up to 25-30 cm in height.

Read the full review of unruly and active Jack Russell Terrier breed.

Miniature Pinscher (Miniature Pinscher)

German breed of dogs, previously intended to kill rats and hunt small animals. Today, these clever and quick-witted pets can easily make a company for a long walk or amateur hunt.

The predominant colors in the breed are brown-red, brown and tan and black and tan. In growth animals reach 24-30 cm, weight does not exceed 4.5-5 kg. On average, they live up to 15 years.

Dwarf Pincher poorly tolerate frost and heat, so in the summer should provide constant access to water, and in winter to prepare a warm jumpsuit.

Compact and stocky dogs with a square physique, a tight curl tail, a large folded forehead and a confident gait. The color of their smooth shiny wool can be beige with a black face or completely black. Height varies in the range of 25-36 cm, and weight - 6-10 kg. Life expectancy is about 12-15 years.

Pugs are not demanding in content, are lazy and inactive, jealous, love attention and affection and find a common language with everyone. Representatives of this breed are prone to obesity, so it is important to carefully monitor the pet's nutrition.

Medium sized smooth breed dogs

Smooth-haired dogs of medium size can be kept without damage both in apartment conditions and in private plots. They are ideal for those who do not like small dogs and do not have the ability to keep a large pet in the house.

They are more mobile and active than small and large dogs, less prone to cardiovascular diseases and less likely to suffer injuries.

American Pit Bull Terrier

American pit bull terriers, known for their fighting and hunting qualities, in the hands of a competent owner will never become a threat to others. These pets with a cold piercing gaze grow to 43-60 cm at the withers, and their weight can reach 20-30 kg. They grow up rather slowly, and mature, as a rule, only by 2-4 years.

Interesting. In many countries of the European Union, this breed was banned because it was compared with cold weapons. Сегодня при правильной дрессировке и социализации из них получаются преданные и образцовые псы.

Узнайте больше о характере и воспитании собак породы американский питбультерьер.


Эти невысокие красавцы с большими ушами и меланхоличным взглядом были выведены в Англии для охоты на мелкую дичь. Современные бассет-хаунды – длинные собаки ростом не более 38 см в холке, с короткими ногами и компактным костяком. The special charm of these animals give the folds on the face, neck and limbs. Prone to eye and ear diseases.

The peculiarity of the character of the basset-hounds is the need for constant communication with the person. If you leave your four-legged friend for a long time, then it turns into the most rude dog in the world.

The Basset Hound dog breed is all about keeping and raising.

This is a hunting dog with an elongated body and short legs, ideal for hunting in a burrow.

There are three kinds of taxes:

  • standard - 20-30 cm at the withers, weight - 7-10 kg,
  • dwarf - 14-21 cm, 4-7 kg,
  • rabbit - 10-13 cm, not more than 3.5 kg.

These smooth-haired dogs are characterized by three types of color: single-color (red, yellow or reddish-yellow), two-color (brown, gray or black with brown spots), marble (red or gray with dark burn marks).

Dachshunds are friendly and intelligent dogs, but with a lack of attention they can show aggression.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux, or the French Mastiff, is a noble and courageous dog, endowed with a powerful stocky build and strong character. These dogs are excellent companions and are excellent for urban living: they need only two half-hour walks per day.

On average Bordeaux live from 8 to 10 years. In height they grow by 58-68 cm, and in the mass reach 45-54 kg.

Important. Representatives of the breed are not distinguished by vigorous activity, in other words, wildly lazy. Therefore, in the absence of physical activity can quickly gain excess weight.

On the content of the dog breed Bordeaux dog, read the full article.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan mastiffs are large dogs with a massive, muscular body, large head, lowered ears, wrinkled forehead and deep-set eyes. Growing males and bitches - 75 and 68 cm, respectively, weight reaches 50-70 kg.

The coat of the females is soft and smooth, the males are more rigid. Among the options for color there are black, gray, blue, tiger shades and the color of mahogany.

Neapolitan mastiffs are extremely clumsy and sloppy animals, at the same time loyal and reliable comrades. May suffer from obesity.

South African Boerboel

These immigrants from Africa were taken out for protection, because they feel the approaching threat and guess the fears of the owner. Burbuli boasts impressive size (60-90 kg of weight and 59-70 cm of height), and they live on average 12-15 years.

The ideal option for the maintenance of such dogs is a country house, because they need large space. Due to the large weight, pets can suffer from musculoskeletal diseases.

Burbuli is extremely self-assured and impudent, therefore in their education one should not allow permissiveness and undermining the authority of the owner.

We offer to watch the video, which presents a rating of 10 smooth breed dogs.