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Thanks to the work of dog breeders today there are more than four hundred dog breeds. Some representatives, such as the Pekingese, saw the rise and fall of ancient empires, others appeared quite recently. A special place is occupied by guard dogs, they are out of time and fashion, people love them as true friends and reliable security guards.

When choosing a breed of dog that will play the role of "security guard" or house keeper, special attention is paid to speed, incredulity, ability to make independent decisions. Not the last place is the moment who has the strongest jaws. What breed of dog has a bite that is powerful and capable of stopping an intruder?

Not one teeth

Which dog bites the most? The one that really wants to bite. It looks like a joke, but only in part. The strongest jaws in dogs are not a guarantee that they will be used. There are breeds in which genetically absent aggression - Labrador, Golden Retriever. Although in their strength and mass they are not inferior to the German Shepherd, these dogs are not able to attack a person.

Among representatives of protected breeds rarely, but still there are good-natured specimens that do not do well with the protection of the owner or property. In this case, the problem lies in the education, under the guidance of an experienced dog handler in a rottweiler or a black terrier, it is possible to awaken the potential.

Bite anatomy

In fact, the dog is a construction of bones and muscles. Considering it purely from an engineering point of view, one can determine which dog breed has the strongest jaws. There is a clear relationship of physiological features.

For "biting" the pet should have a massive head with a big mouth. To maintain balance, such a muzzle should be attached to a short neck, which allows to reduce the load on the spine. The optimal ratio is equal in size to the cranial region and maxillary. In this case, the seizure is quite deep and strong. In breeds with an elongated snout, for example, Russian canid hounds, with a Doberman's strength of the masticatory muscles, this is why the bite will lose.

The short jaws of the bulldogs have great strength, but due to the special structure, they are characterized by the so-called “dead grip”. The area of ​​capture and bite decreases. Breeds with a shortened nasopharynx have a weak sense of smell, and clinging to the enemy, lose their maneuverability and become vulnerable. They find it difficult to bounce quickly.

Golden mean

Knowing the aspects that affect the bite, one can understand that the strongest jaws in dogs of those breeds that have a rather large head with wide opening of the jaws. In addition, the guard must have a sufficient level of aggression and courage to use his formidable weapon in battle. It was this rule that people were guided by, deducing protective-guard breeds for the protection of a person and his property. In addition, guard dogs are obliged to have a calm disposition, it is easy to learn, to be faithful to the host family. An overly excitable dog reacts poorly to commands and may turn from a defender into a source of problems.

Central asian shepherd dog

The strongest jaws of dogs of this breed are combined with large body size. Growth of a dog in withers from 70 cm and more.

In addition, in the representatives of the CAO, the blood of shepherd and fighting breeds flows, which makes them vigilant but balanced guards. Nature conducted the selection in harsh conditions, and people polished the result. As a result, the dogs turned out to be ideal family members, kind to children and other animals, they are merciless to large predators and uninvited guests. On the far teeth, the bite force is not less than 300 kg.

Cane Corso

Speaking about which dog has the strongest jaws, it is impossible not to mention this breed. True guards clearly divide the world into "their" and "alien".

They can safely be trusted with the child, Kane will lay down her life in order to protect the master's offspring. Defeating a dog consisting of 50 kg of iron muscles, possessing agility, fearlessness and incredibly sharp canines, is not an easy task. In the family circle the animal is calm and good-natured.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Able to scare away one species. Huge, lion-like dogs are able to make independent decisions and act on the situation.

They should not be allowed to dominate, in which case the “Caucasians” are obedient and manageable. They do not have excessive aggression, but no one is allowed to offend the owner or encroach on his property. By the strength of the bite, it is not inferior to the two previous breeds - 13.5 atmospheres.

More bodyguard than watchman. It is people oriented, needs their society. In the territory under control strictly keeps order.

Sustained, calm, adequate, independent in making decisions. This breed needs a strict but welcoming atmosphere and careful training. A great companion for adults and older children. For kids, the Rottweiler is benevolent, but it can not distinguish the game with rudeness and react too violently. Compression force - 146 kg.

German Shepherd

Excellent scent, lightning reaction, sensitive ears and strong jaws are the hallmarks of the breed. It is worth adding here a remarkable mind, love for work and education - and we get the perfect dog.

Shepherd does not choose one owner, she perfectly obeys all family members. She must have a case - to guard the house, look after the children, accompany the owner. Without this she misses, the character of the dog deteriorates. The pressure force of the teeth - from 120 to 315 kg.

Do not forget about the pit bulls, bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers. The strength of the jaws of these dogs is 120 kg or more. Have a strong grip, quick response, extremely maneuverable. Escape from them will not be easy. However, dogs of these breeds, with adequate upbringing, are absolutely not hostile to humans and will not attack without a serious reason.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which breed owns the dog's strongest jaw. In the world there are dozens of breeds suitable for protection. And the representative of any of them in a dangerous situation can set a record that no one will know.


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Babolovsky Park is one of the three parks of Tsarskoye Selo.

Sig - Sydney Gibbs, P.V.P. - Peter Vasilyevich Petrov - teachers of Tsar's children.

Kohl - Derevenko Kohl, son of a doctor Derevenko.

Pierre Gilliard - Tsarevich's teacher

Mikhail Letemin) a member of the court Sergeyev October 18-19, 1918, he showed that all these things (the list of the stolen was 79 items, including the dog - auth.

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