Collars "Antily": models for small dogs


Collars "Antily" for dogs (reviews indicate that the product helps to quickly relieve the dog's irrational barking, but not in the most humane way) has one goal: to wean the animal to give a voice without a command. The device responds only to the pulse that occurs when playing voice sounds. With a certain effect on the pet, he warns him that such behavior will be unsafe for him.

Signal strength is adjustable. As a rule, at first, dogs pay attention to the minimal degree of impact, but later they get used to such signals, and an increase in power is required.

Types of collars

All devices "AntiLay" for dogs (reviews of pet owners claim that the collar, even tuned to full power, will not cause severe harm to the dog, but only create a moment that is somewhat unpleasant for him) are divided by food sources. Products can work from the battery or from the accumulator which is charged from an electric network. The first is cheaper, but then discharged faster, not suitable for dogs living in an aviary, on the street. The second hold a charge longer, but their cost is higher than the first. Typically, charging at such devices lasts about 1.5-2 months, but this figure depends on the frequency of operation of the device.

More collars for dogs "Antily" are classified by the method of exposure, it is:

  • Ultrasound. Their effectiveness is 60%. When barking, the collar begins to reproduce sound waves that only the animal perceives, but the person does not hear it. Such a device is not effective enough, as many dogs get used to such signals and continue to bark loudly and for no reason. Not suitable for pets with auricular disease.
  • Spray or gas. Act effectively and do not harm the animal. When the dog makes a sound signal, a jet of hissing gas goes straight into its face. It is hissing that gives the animal a signal of danger. As soon as the release of inert gas was made, the dog immediately stops barking.
  • Vibrating. Do not deliver pet pain. Only the receiver vibrates. Considered more effective than ultrasound. They are suitable for dogs of small stature and animals with a fearful temper, as well as for pets of those dog breeders who are opponents of electrostatic devices.
  • Electric collar "Antily" for dogs. Reviews of dog owners say that he effectively copes with the task assigned to him. The dog, after several exposures, stops barking, becomes more disciplined. These devices are considered the most effective. The dog stops barking for no reason at the end of the first week of using the collar.
  • Combined exposure. Such models include several methods of influence at once: sound, vibration and static discharge. For example, the collar "Antilay" Terminator BT-6. After the first bark, the receiver on this device vibrates, after the second it vibrates even more, the third charge of the third attempt to bark is affected by a small charge of current, and the fourth discharge current intensity is more powerful.

The impact of "Antily" collars on the animal can be adjusted manually or automatically. The first option allows the dog owner to fully control the entire process; in the second case, the process follows a program set by the manufacturer.

What does the device consist of?

The appearance of the collar "Antily" for dogs (reviews of dog breeders note that some products are equipped with batteries that are difficult to find on sale and because of this they are unclaimed) are indistinguishable from a standard product for a leash. It is made of nylon or PVC. The device is fairly easy to place on the neck of the animal, where it is regulated by volume. The receiver is attached to the collar. He can weigh in the range of 25-120 grams (depending on the weight of the dog). It is a small box that triggers a pet's bark in one way or another. Many receivers are resistant to moisture, so the device can be used in bad weather.

Use of the product

Collar "Antila" for dogs (reviews indicate that the device helps to quickly relieve the unreasonable barking of the animal and is a real helper for dog breeders), the first time should be put on the pet is not included. A dog should get used to wearing it. As a rule, this process takes from two to three weeks. Then you should turn it on and call the pet barking, see how it will react to the impact of the collar. If the dog is frightened, then the product should be immediately removed from it and continue training the next day. And so on until the dog responds correctly to the signals from the device.

As practice has shown, animals already after the first signals of the receiver understand that it is impossible to bark, but to fix the result the product should be used for at least six months.

Many brands of collars are adjusted manually, and here the impact force is chosen individually. For small dog breeds use minimal impulses.

The device is placed on the neck higher than a normal collar for everyday wear. It must fit snugly to the body of the animal, otherwise the dog will not feel any impact. Improper use of the device can lead to rubbing of the pet's skin and cause side effects - stress or rage.

The maximum time for wearing a collar should be no more than 8-12 hours, then you should take a break from using the device "Antilay" for dogs. Description and reviews of this product talk about the simplicity and ease of use.

How to choose the device "AntiLay" for the dog?

Collars "Antily" for dogs reviews are advised to choose, based on the size of the dog. For large rocks, devices with a stronger discharge should be taken, usually models with an electrostatic effect. “Antily” for small dogs (reviews advise to give preference to such devices as A-101, A-109, they have a small receiver and are made specifically for pets up to 3 kg) should be selected with a vibrating or audible signal. Gas collars are universal and suitable for both large and small dogs.

The model of the device with electrostatic impact should be selected based on the length of the contacts. For long-haired breeds, contacts are chosen more genuinely, and for shorthair shorter ones.

Before acquiring “AntiLay”, one should establish the reason for the long barking of the dog and direct all forces to eliminate it. It may be possible without this device to relieve the dog's random moaning.

Browse popular models

Before buying a device from a causeless barking, it is necessary to determine the characteristics that the “Antilay” collar for dogs should correspond to. The review and reviews of the most popular models include the following products:

  • Bark Stop. It acts on the dog with ultrasound. Harmless The weight of the receiver with a belt is 33 grams. Does not react to the barking of other animals. The model has both sound and ultrasound modes that are switched manually. Suitable for all dog breeds. For large and medium dogs choose a low level of sensitivity, for small - high. The product is powered by AG10 batteries, which are included in the kit. The price is about 1000 rubles.
  • Terminator BT-6. Powered by battery. Multifunctional. It costs around 1500 rubles. The model is universal and suitable for dogs from 2 to 100 kg. The collar strap is adjustable and has a length of 30–50 cm, the receiver is attached to it, the weight of which is 40 g. The device operates in six modes and allows you to combine the answer to the barking of the dog. Worth 2000 rubles.
  • A-16. Waterproof. It belongs to the category of expensive devices of this kind. Practical and versatile. It costs about 3000 rubles. Affects the method of vibration. It has a network of sensitivity levels and six levels of exposure intensity, which are manually adjustable. There is a "foolproof" protection that works automatically. Designed for dogs of small breeds.
  • VK-208. The price of the device is 1000 rubles. This is an analogue of "Terminator III". It is considered one of the most effective. Works on a combined method of exposure: sound - electrostatic charge.
  • "Stone". It has a modern original design of the receiver in the form of a bone. Differs in excellent quality. The strap length is adjustable from 10 cm to 58 cm. Its price fluctuates around 1300-1500 rubles.
  • "Anti-A-101" for small dogs. Reviews about him say that he is easy to use and has a very small size receiver (23 g). Acts according to the principle: sound - vibration. It costs about 1300 rubles.
  • PET 852. Designed for small small dogs. It is similar in the method of exposure to the device A-101, but it is only affected by ultrasound and statistical current. The price is 1200 rubles.
  • Spray "Antily". It is the safest device. Does not cause side effects, fear, pain and burn. Designed for dogs whose weight is from 3 kg. When barking, the device releases essential lemon oil into the animal's face with a characteristic hiss. Enough for 25 sprays. Price - 2500 rubles. It is not recommended to use in a cold time of day.
  • "Terminator III". One of the most effective collars that affects an animal with electrostatic discharge. It is used for dogs weighing from 10 to 70 kg. When exposed to a pet during the initial barking, it emits an ultrasound signal, and when further attempts to give voice, it beats the dog with an electrostatic discharge of up to 13 Volts (maximum). Waterproof, powered by a battery. It should be around 1000 rubles.
  • J-1302. Stationary ultrasonic device with built-in microphone. It works from a normal electrical network of 220 V. It can be hung on the wall of the house, as well as on the street, near the animal booth. If the pet starts to bark, the device emits an ultrasound that the dog does not like, lasting five seconds. As a result, the dog stops barking. Cover an area of ​​up to 80 square meters. m. costs around 1600-2000 rubles. This "Antily" for dogs is a whistle against neighbors. Reviews say that it can be used in order to silence the neighbor dog behind the scenes.

Advantages and disadvantages

The collar “Antilai” for small dogs (reviews of some people consider such dog breeding to be inhuman and claim to try other methods of influencing the animal), as well as for large ones, has its own advantages of use:

  • quick weaning from unwanted barking
  • dog discipline,
  • eliminating the need to punish an animal or cut its vocal cords,
  • better control of pet behavior,
  • safety of use
  • Use for dogs of different sizes
  • small weight of the product,
  • Easy to operate.

The disadvantages of using the device "AntiLay" include:

  • high cost, with some devices it can reach up to 7 thousand rubles,
  • false alarm,
  • scare pet
  • the use of electrostatic discharge current,
  • inhumanity of methods
  • expensive product repair,
  • spray devices can not be used in the winter outside.

The use of the collar "AntiLay" has both its advantages and disadvantages. But despite the obvious drawbacks, he fulfills his purpose well and helps to cope with the causeless barking of the animal.

Where to get a collar "Antily"?

The device "Antilay" for small dogs (reviews say that the device does not respond to the barking of other animals) and for large dogs can be purchased at pet stores or online resources. The latter deliver across the country. The range of goods offered is huge and each dog breeder can choose for himself the suitable option for his dog.

Collar "Antilay" for dogs: reviews and photos

Many breeders are satisfied with such an acquisition, as the collar "Antilay". It allows you to stop the causeless barking of those pets that are accustomed to noisy to lead, staying alone at home. Effectively affects animals that make no reason sounds at night and on the street. The collar helps on the dressing areas, when the process of pereruzhivaniya between animals. In all these cases, the device distracts the animal from the stimulus and switches its attention to the sensations caused by the device.

In addition, "AntiLay" makes the dog more disciplined and calm. As practice shows, at first the device scares the animal, can cause fright or aggression.

Some dog breeders try the action of the collar first on themselves, and only then apply it on the animal. Dog owners say that the device does not harm the pet's health, but only causes short-term discomfort, to prevent which you should stop barking. Usually, 2-3 exposures are enough to stop the animal from barking.

When using the device on hysterical dogs, you should first consult a dog handler, since such an effect can only aggravate their condition.

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