The most expensive horses in the world: list and cost


The era of handsome horses continues, despite the craze for men with expensive cars. Only now the horse is not perceived solely as a means of transportation, it is cherished and cherished, and they make trips only on holidays or when the soul needs relaxation.

Who can not afford to get at least the most budget horse, the price of which starts from a few thousand dollars, is content to contemplate photos of handsome record-breakers.

It’s not even expensive for an ordinary servant to buy a not-too-expensive horse. For such an acquisition, you must have a very round amount on the account. And about expensive horses they don’t dream and far from poor businessmen, only multi-rich people can buy them.

By the way, the most expensive horse in the world costs 40 million dollars. Who is willing to lay out such money for the pleasure of sometimes ride a horse?

Meet the Legendary Sheriff Dancer

This price has been stable since 1983. And even though the Sheriff has matured somewhat, she has not dropped a single dollar. The most expensive horse in the world is the record holder of the last century, Sheriff Dancer.

In addition to the ideal exterior, the stallion has excellent race data - no wonder he is the son of his parents and a purebred representative of the best English breed of race horses.

The winner of more than one competition, the Sheriff was able to conquer the hearts of many fans of horse racing, but for a long time remained inaccessible for most of them - the price is too high. A champion record holder could afford only one of the Arab sheikhs, who did not spare the money and laid out the required millions for the stallion.

Since then, Sheriff Dancer is positioned as the most expensive horse in the world. Photos of the horse do not lose their popularity, but he himself does not lose shape.

Ten of all times and peoples

The ten best members of the horse family are written in gold letters in the history of horse racing, in the hearts of horse manufacturers and simply lovers of these graceful animals.

From the physiological point of view, with all its beauty and perfection, the most expensive horses in the world have been amazed at all times. The top 10 of these beauties are Sheriff Dancer, already familiar to the reader, and similar to him in grace, endurance, speed and horses.

Among the champions there are stallions with a completely opposite set of qualities - strength and heaviness. The top ten included representatives of various breeds, colors and, of course, price categories. The cost, it should be noted, ranges from thirteen to the notorious forty million. Dollars, of course.

Frankel is more expensive than Sheriff. But he is not for sale

Among modern fans of horse racing there are legends about a stallion named Frankel. Its notional value is as much as $ 200 million. If the owner decided to sell his pet, the famous Sheriff would have remained far behind and would not be so famous, although his price is also very impressive.

Frankel is the winner of many prestigious races, experts note the uniqueness of the stallion, claiming that he has incredible strength. True, now the champion has completed his racing career and is famous for being the best producer of purebred foals in the world.

Smetanka is him

The snow-white Arabian steed with the original nickname Smetanka was the most expensive horse bought in Russia in 1775. For him at that time they gave huge money - 60,000 rubles. The buyer was Count Orlov himself. He also made Smetanka the ancestor of the horses of the famous Oryol breed.

It has long been ... But Smetanka has left its mark on history as the most expensive horse in the world in the eighteenth century.

Handsome Green Monkey

This stallion today lives in one of the private stables of Ireland and became famous for being valued at $ 16 million not for his racing victories (he did not participate in them), but only for the pedigree.

Not the most expensive horse in the world, but a very worthy steed, which is Green Monkey, possessing excellent speed qualities: he overcomes a distance of 200 meters in 10 seconds. But such big money is given for him only because he was born from triple champions of competitions held in Kentucky.

Strongman and Shire

Of course, the most expensive breed of horses in the world - English riding. Here everything is grace, lightness, speed, turning, endurance. But there are among champions and representatives of other breeds.

In 1917, the most expensive heavy truck in history (and this record has not been broken until today) was the horse named Strong. Its cost was 47,500 dollars, and the owner was one of simple - an Australian builder, who needed such a hardy horse, apparently, to solve professional problems.

Another heavyweight - Shire - has become famous in the world for its size. He is still considered the biggest horse, whose weight was more than one and a half thousand kilograms. This horse was never put up for sale, but even when he was a foal, he had a conditional price of 25 thousand dollars.

Dancing merlin

Perhaps this is not the most expensive horse in the world. Merlin sees bullfighting as a fun bull game. This is what makes it unique. Not only did Merlin speak on the battlefield for more than five years (other horses could not stand and five fights were injured or died), she also developed her own strategy.

With a side trot and side gallop, Merlin does not just participate in the bullfight, everything looks as if she is dancing.

The Portuguese bullfight is significantly different from the Spanish, the picador is always on horseback, and the bull is not killed during the battle, although it is seriously injured.

The horse’s role in the bullfight is immense - it must be understood by the rider, otherwise there is a risk of both of them dying, the bull is an aggressive and unpredictable animal.

Merlin, who has more than 200 battles in the piggy bank, perfectly keeps the rider, she is light, graceful. Those who watched her in the arena claim that her “dance” is a unique spectacle.

The fact that horses are a costly acquisition does not surprise anyone. These are really amazing creatures - beautiful, capable, enduring, loyal and loving.

Horse evaluation criteria

The price of a horse consists of several criteria. One of the main ones is the “professional” fitness of the animal. A racehorse must have excellent speed, a regular and powerful leap is required from a horse, and the natural beauty of movements is required from a dressage.

Plays a significant role and origin. Zootechnical principle "from the best get the best" has not been canceled. From parents-champions (in any sport) there are more chances to get talented offspring.

An unusual suit or a rarity of breed can add to the price. An example is the breed "Sorraya" with a population of about 200 individuals. The critical situation in 1965 was with friezes, there were 500 heads left. Titanic efforts of breeders allowed to save the breed and increase their number (as of 1992, there were already up to 12,000). The average price for them is 10-25 thousand dollars, some copies are ten times more expensive.

In the competition for the definition of “the most expensive horse in the world”, Palloubet d ’Halong (Deck de Halong) fits. In 2013, a 10-year-old gelding of the breed was sold for a fantastic amount of $ 15,200,000. The talent of the horse was revealed by the horsewoman Janike Spanger.

A Dutch warm-blooded gelding named Valegro (born in 2002) won all possible awards for a competitive horse and Olympic gold. To date, the horse is estimated at 12 000 000 €.

For warm-blooded Belgian stallion Cornet Obolensky offered 8 000 000 €. But the breeding value of the horse does not allow owners to sell it. He is a representative of one of the most famous competitive lines in Europe. His father Clinton, the grandfather of Corrado, the great-grandfather of Cor de la Bryere are legends in the breeding of sport horses.

The stallion Lord Sinclair, a representative of the Bavarian warm-blooded breed, was born in 1994. At the age of 5, he was sold for $ 1,900,000.

The Brandenburg horse named Poetin (born in 1997) has repeatedly won the dressage championships in Germany. At the 2003 World Championships, the horse received the highest mark for a magnificent trot - 10 points. In the same year, at the elite auction of Performance Sales International (P.S.I.) in Germany, it was sold for $ 3,300,000.

The most expensive horse in the world of dressage is the black stallion of the Dutch warm-blooded breed Moorlands Totilas. Horseman Edward Gal won the 2009 Grand Prix with a world record setting - 92.300%, won three "gold" at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington (Kentucky) in 2010. In 2011, it was sold for a fabulous sum of $ 21,000,000 to Germany.

Most often, amounts of several million dollars are paid for race horses. How much is the most expensive horse in the world? In different years, the following amounts were paid for elite and outstanding animals:

  • Snaafi Danser (Snafi Dancer). He was bought by Aston Upthorpe Stud for $ 10.2 million. Unfortunately, he didn’t show himself on the race track. As a stallion, the producer did not justify itself. Problems with reproductive function allowed to get from him only four foals.
  • Maiden City (Maidan City). Buying it at auction for $ 11.7 million was a mistake. Of the seven races he won in no one, his sports career was estimated at only $ 1,360.
  • Seattle Dancer (Seattle Dancer). In 1985, a one-year-old foal was bought for $ 13.1 million. The new owner really hoped that the descendant of the famous Nijinsky would surpass his father. The son could not show a decent result: in five races he won only three times and once remained second and third.
  • Stallion Green Monkey (Green Monkey - Green Monkey). It is curious that in 2006 a horse that did not participate in the races was given $ 16 million. Today it is the most expensive horse of the current century. It was practically paid for its origin. Unfortunately, despite the titled ancestors, the best result of the horse was the 3rd place in one of three races and earnings of $ 10,440. After the end of his sports career, he became a manufacturer, mating with him costs $ 5000.
  • Annihilator. Amazing chocolate shade of wool, luxurious mane, gorgeous origin, excellent speed data made it possible to estimate the horse at $ 19,200,000. It was sold at auction in 1989.
  • Shareef Dancer (Sheriff Dancer). In 1983, they gave him $ 40 million. The horse had impeccable exterior and excellent race qualities. He gave good offspring, his children's winnings exceed $ 2 million.
  • Fusaichi Pegasus. Initially, its price was $ 4 million, bought by a Japanese businessman in 1997. During his career, he brought the owner nearly two million. In 2000, the world's largest Irish company, Coolmore Stud, which breeds English thoroughbred horses, bought it for $ 60 million.


On the question of how much the most expensive horse in the world costs, there is a concrete answer - $ 200 million. It was this price that was offered for the representative of the English thoroughbred breed Frankel stallion at the peak of its popularity. Today the price is lower and amounts to about $ 130 million. He took the start in 14 races and never lost. His total winnings were £ 2,998,302.

He was born in 2008. He was a champion among horses of 2, 3 and 4 years old - the only one with such indicators. It holds the record for the number of G1 races won in a row in Europe. Stallion Frenkel ended his career in 2012 unbeaten. In 2013, £ 125,000 was paid for the right to cover them with a mare. The offspring received from him confidently wins on the racetracks of the world. Khalid Abdul (Saudi prince, the owner of a horse) does not exclude the possibility of the stallion participating in the races.

Other breeds

The most expensive horse in the world among the heavy breeds was estimated at $ 47,500. A powerful stallion named Strong was born in Germany. Another representative of heroic blood, although not sold, but its price was $ 25,000 by a foal. This is the largest stallion, Mammoth, weighing 1524 kg.

The ancestor of the Oryol trotting breed, the Smetanka stallion was bought in 1775 for an incredible amount of 60,000 rubles for those times (by modern standards about $ 5.5 million).

Trailing horses are worth a lot of money too. The most frisky ambler of the standardbred breed of 2000, who overcame 1,610 meters in 1.51 minutes, the Pine Chip stallion in 1993 was estimated at $ 4,000,000. He was widely used as a stud stallion. The American trotter Mystic Park holds the record for trotting horses. In 1982, it was acquired by an American company for $ 5,500,000. Excellent physical data and indicators of agility allowed to use it in breeding work.

Arabian horses are always highly valued. Record holder breed recognized stallion Padron, bought for $ 11,000,000. In 1977, $ 1 million was paid for Pesnyara, a huge amount at that time. Grown in the Terek stud farm, the stallion Menes was leased to American breeders for 15 years for $ 1.5 million. Over time, the new owners of the horse could not part with it, and bought the stallion for $ 2.4 million.

Lusitanian stallion named Merlin spent more than 200 fights with the bull (bullfight). For comparison - usually a horse does not perform more than 5 times. This horse is distinguished by amazing departure and coordination. The horse owner was offered $ 6 million for him, but he refused the buyers.

Legend of the racetrack

The racehorse named Secretariat (Secretariat) was estimated at $ 6,000,000. Among the co-owners were divided 32 shares of $ 190,000 each. During his racing career he took part in 21 jumps, at 16 he won. The total gain for the entire period of performances amounted to $ 1,316,808. The stallion set five records of agility. Born on Meadow Farm in 1970, in Virginia (USA). He was the owner of the American Triple Crown (1973), received in 1972 the title "Horse of the Year."

After the end of the race career was used as a manufacturer. Gave almost 700 heads of foals. The most famous of them are:

  • Lady's Secret (Ladies Secret) - "Horse of the Year" - 1986.
  • Risen Star (Risen Star).
  • Medaille D′or (Midaill d'Ora).

In 2015, American Pharoah (American Pharaoh), a descendant of the Secretariat (maternal), was able to repeat the success of its famous ancestor, completely winning the Triple Crown:

  • Kentucky Derby (Kentucky Derby) Racing. Held on the first Sunday of May. Distance 2011 meters (1 mile), Churchill Downs Racecourse in Louisville.
  • Horse Racing for the Prize of Preakness Stakes (Purness Stakes). Held on the last Sunday of May. The distance is 1910 m (1 / 3/16 miles), the Pimlico hippodrome.
  • Belmont Stakes prize races. Held on the last Sunday of June. A distance of 2500 meters (1.5 miles), Belmont Park racetrack.

The use of his daughters was also a success, they were valued as wombs, which gave winners of traditional prizes not only on the American continent, but also on the hippodromes of Austria and in Dubai.

The life of the legendary stallion ended (he was put to sleep due to illness) in 1989. An autopsy revealed a huge heart, 2.5 times the normal rate. Veterinary specialists confirmed that this was not a pathology. Perhaps for this reason, the horse had such incredible racing abilities. In memory of the outstanding stallion, monuments were erected in the parks of America, a postage stamp was issued and a film was made. He was honored to be included in the list of the top 100 horses of America of the twentieth century.

World price and rarity indicators

The most expensive breed of horses in the world is English racing. Horses of this suit are distinguished by increased stamina, quick response and an excellent physique. They are just made for racing. Animals are sold only through an auction, and the price for a foal of a given breed starts from a million dollars.

Another expensive breed is the Friesian horse breed. The usual price of venerable stallions does not exceed 25 thousand dollars, but the horses that have undergone special training can be estimated at a million.

Friesian breed

Rarity is another factor in the price of a horse. This kind of breed is Sorraya, a descendant of lysutans and andalusians. Horraya horses are extremely rare, they are displayed only at stud farms and in the wild they are almost impossible to meet. At the moment, they are on the verge of extinction, and have survived to this day only thanks to the hard work of stud farms. Their number does not exceed three hundred individuals.

No one would have known about these interesting animals, if not the case. In 1920, the zoologist Rui d’Andrade, walking along the River Sorraia (Spain), noticed a wild herd of a previously unknown breed of horses. The scientist studied the habits of animals and selected for breeding the strongest in his opinion of individuals. Now foals of the rarest breed undergo a rigorous selection at a stud farm, before becoming breeding stallions.

Russian millionaires

The Orlov trotter is another rare and expensive breed, bred by Count Orlov himself. The trotters are often used in the Russian troika. An Arabian racehorse took part in the crossing. By the way, the most expensive horse today in Russia is a horse named Instable Gold owned by the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Стоимость жеребца составляет 300 000$.

Орловский рысак

Ну а теперь о самых дорогих лошадях в мире, чья цена достигает десятки миллионов долларов. Начнем от самого «дешевого» к самому дорогому.

Самая дорогая лошадь в мире

Английские чистокровные, как их ещё называют, наделены идеальными скоростными характеристиками, у них изумительное сложение и фантастическая выносливость. За жеребёнка английской скаковой просят на аукционе более миллиона долларов.

Френкелу уже пять лет. После своей последней победы, которая состоялась в 2012-ом году в городе Эскоте, его оценочная стоимость удвоилась. Now it costs two hundred million dollars.

Khalil Abdullah, as the owner of this dear stallion, said he had no plans to part with his champion. He is not going to exhibit the stallion anymore at competitions, most likely the stallion will be used as an elite producer.

Henry Cecil, the handsome coach of the horse, said he did not know about the existence of a better horse in the world than Frenkel.

Dear horse breeds

The most expensive horses these are children of world famous parents or adult racers themselves. Their external data is highly valued, but practically everything depends on the breed. To date, the maximum price asked for horses:

  • purebred english breed,
  • purebred arab breed,
  • Friesian breed.

It is a representative of the English breed is the most expensive horse in the worldbut more on that later. Only for a slightly lower cost, you can buy a thoroughbred Arabian horse, which is the wealth and pride of the East.

Often the price is affected by the rarity of color and features in appearance. So, quite recently, the Friesian breed gained popularity, the cost of which increases in proportion to demand.

And, of course, the age of the horse influences the price. An adult trained individual can be bought hundreds of times more expensive than a foal with similar qualities.

First place

This title is posthumously awarded to a horse named Sharif Danser. Back in 83, the Arab sheikh for him laid out the amount of forty million dollars, which to this day is the maximum figure. On that moment the most expensive horse in the world was at the age of three years and won in her life only in the Dubai Millennium race. After that, the horse was used as a producer and died in the year 99, having lived for 29 years.

Failed champion

The highest rating of analysts and 14 races won belong to the pet of the Arab prince - Frenkel. This horse is still alive and could have a deserved title the most expensive horse in the worldif sold. The fact is that the owner does not want to part with his beloved horse and receives a considerable profit from his offspring. At the peak of a career for Frenkela offered 200 million dollars and this is a well-deserved price! After all, the horse did not lose a single race, and took part only in prestigious competitions.

In addition to the excellent qualities of the horse, the horse has a great character, and his coach claims that he recovered from cancer thanks to close contact with this amazing creature. The most expensive stallion is also a representative of a purebred English breed.

Legend of america

Purebred American stallion, who won 16 out of 21 races, became a real legend due to taking all the prizes of the Triple Crown competition in one year. The horse was sold in 73 for almost $ 7 million and for all his life he produced almost 700 foals, which became winners in many competitions. A horse named Secretariat is still a legend:

  • he is brought to the hall of fame of american racing,
  • immortalized in monuments in many US cities,
  • about him filmed a movie
  • with his image issued a postage stamp.

The horse died in the year 89 from an incurable disease, as a result of which the animal had to be put to sleep. His heart was 2.5 times bigger than usual. It is interesting that to repeat the record of the Secretariat turned out to one of his descendants - Pharaoh Amerikan and only in 2015, winning all the prizes of the Triple Crown at once.

Not only speed indicator

Among the dear horses of the world there are not only representatives of speed sports. One of the most expensive stallions is the Dutch thoroughbred Totilas, known as the champion of several dressage competitions. After setting several world records, the horse was sold to Germany for $ 31 million. Interestingly, with the new owner, the horse no longer demonstrates such success in competitions.

The stallion Palloubet, who in 2013 was sold for more than 15 million dollars, is considered the champion in this sport. At the time of the deal, the horse was already ten years old, but this had no effect on its performance in competitions, so the price was not reduced. This stallion is still considered the most expensive horse for jumping and is rumored to be the property of an Arab prince, although the deal itself was issued by a sales agent.

Pacer Annechelitor

Purebred stallion originally from Australia fully justified its value with excellent speed, winning 6 races in its career. The horse was sold for almost $ 20 million back in '89 and stopped competing only in 2012. In addition to its speed and power, the stallion has a magnificent mane and gorgeous chocolate color, a hundred makes it not only a strong contender, but also beautiful.

Son of his parents

Purebred riding horse Green Monkey was purchased at auction in 2006 for $ 16 million. Interestingly, up to this point he had never taken part in competitions, although he demonstrated high speed qualities. At the time of sale, the stallion ran 200 meters in 10 seconds, and this is at the age of two years! Such a high price for a horse was due to his pedigree, because Green Manky's parents were three-time champions of competitions in Kentucky. After the sale, the new owner exhibited a horse in three competitions, and today it maintains it as a producer.

World producer

A race stallion with its own line of offspring, High Brow Cat. By 2009, he was named the best manufacturer in the world, since all his descendants have brilliant results in races. Even taking into account that the horse today is unable to cover the mares on its own, it is still used as a producer. For this, only its biomaterial is purchased. Despite such difficulties and the age of the horse, the cost of the most popular horse to cover the mares is 10 million dollars.

It all depends on success.

Back in 97, one of the Japanese connoisseurs of equestrian sport bought a stallion for 4 million dollars. The owner gave the horse the name Fusichi Pegasus and began to exhibit at various prestigious horse races. Interestingly, the horse brought its owner a profit of almost 2 million, repeatedly winning prestigious races. After such a rapid career growth, the cost of the stallion has increased markedly and the owner sold the animal to Ireland for 60 million. Today, the horse is a manufacturer and does not participate in competitions.

Of course, today the cost of 3.5 million does not seem so big, but back in the 65th year it was fabulous money. They were offered them for a stallion Sardar, who set 8 world records in his entire career, one of which was set at the age of two years.

Oryol breed

The ancestor of the famous trotter breed is a purebred Arabian steed, nicknamed Smetanka. He got his name thanks to an unusual silver-white suit and in the distant 1774 count Orlov gave him 60 thousand rubles to the Turkish Sultan. At that time, this amount was equivalent to the value of the whole palace.

Nickname list

In the distant 1772 he was sold for fabulous money at that time - 60 thousand rubles. Now this amount is equivalent to several million dollars. The owner of the stallion of a soft cream color was Count Orlov himself. Smetanka became the ancestor of the legendary breed Orlov trotter.


Purebred stallion and eight-time record holder Sardar, whose results so far no one has improved, was sold for $ 3,500,000. He covered the distance of a mile in just one and a half minutes. Riding on it dreamed of riding the first lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy.

The stallion named Pine Chip at the beginning of the 21st century was a champion among pacers. Due to its agility and incredible endurance, this stallion covered a distance of 1 mile (1.61 km) in 1 minute 51 seconds. Before starting his career, Pine Chip was sold for a huge $ 4 million.

Mystic Park

The American stallion breed stallion was sold in 1982 to an equine company from the USA for $ 5.5 million. By the time he was the winner of many competitions, among which was the prestigious competition "Dexter Cup".

Horse Mystic Park

Green Mankey

The title of the most expensive horse in the world in the 21st century is the purebred stallion. He is a descendant of three-time winners of prestigious horse racing, including the Kentucky race. At the auction in 2006, this “golden foal” was sold for 19 million 200 thousand dollars. In his arsenal of merit of his own victories, he did not have.

Sharif Danser

The honorable silver in our ranking is occupied by the thoroughbred English stallion Sharif Danser. Like Green Monkey, Sharif does not have a single victory in his piggy bank, but, nevertheless, this does not affect his incredible value. And it costs no less than $ 40,000,000. He owes his wealth to his parents - multiple winners and prize-winners of various prestigious races.

So, the first place in the ranking, and at the moment the most expensive horse in the world is Frenkel, a thoroughbred English horse stallion, a fourteen-time champion, a handsome man who does not know a single defeat, with at least stellar parents. Today it is estimated at $ 200 million! His master, Arabian Sheikh Khalil Abdul, does not plan to reintroduce the horse to the competition, which he finished in 2012, and to sell his champion, and wants to use it only as a stallion.

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