Smooth-haired toy terrier: breed description, care and maintenance


That terrier is a small (20 to 26 cm tall) dog, thin-boned, with high legs, belongs to a room-decorative look, has characteristic features.

Suitable for inexperienced owners. Toy Terrier is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as the dog weighs only 681 grams.

The active dog looks like a toy (toy - from English. Toy), but in the soul of the hunter, during a walk can bring prey in the form of a bird or mouse.


For breeding in the house, apartment: well suited,

Lifespan: 12-15 years, how many terriers live depends on the care and care of the owner,

Weight: varies from 1.3 to 2.7 kg

Varieties: sleek and long-haired toy terrier

Building standard

The format is square, the knees are little expressed round shape. The musculature is angular, the bones are thin.

The neck is long, the head is wedge-shaped, rounded skull, the forehead is also wide, convex. Nose black or brown, depending on what color.

Scissor bite. The muzzle should be equal to one third of the length of the head, pointed. The ears are large, thin, high, have the shape of an isosceles triangle.

The tail is arrested from 2 vertebrae. The eyes are dark, slightly on the roll out. When breeding dogs are valued, their weight is minimal.

The main thing to remember is that character can deteriorate over the years, so it’s worth taking puppies and raising them yourself.

It is not necessary to look for the standard structure of the body of the future pet, if you do not drive the dog to the exhibition, in everyday life these criteria do not play any role.

Smooth coat - reminds a little deer. She is extremely mobile, has no sharp smell, is not allergic. The coat is short, tight and shiny.

Longhair - The features of this variety are such that the body is covered with straight or slightly wavy hair about 5 cm long. The ears are covered with a long, beautiful fringe.

The paws have long hair covering the claws. Growth and weight of toy does not differ.

Color features

Standard: chocolate, black and tan and red color of various shades. Rarely blue, lilac, isabella, red.

But from time to time puppies are born, the amazing color of which delights breeders and attracts public attention.

Therefore, breeders try to breed puppies with blue, purple and isabella color. Veterinarians are advised not to do this, as rare dogs live to be 5 years old, but there are refutations.

The blue or gray color is one of the most fashionable, because the blue or purple toy terrier looks very unusual.

The owners, accustomed to seeing black-brown and tan, chocolate or red, admire the amazing shades of fur.

Genetically blue color is due to the weakening of black, unevenly located hair on the hair.

The intermittent distribution of the pigment also causes an unusual effect.

Vyshcheleniya puppies with exceptional color, can occur unexpectedly, for example, in Moscow, there is a case when a fawn smooth-haired girl gave birth to a red long-haired stallion puppy whose color is lilac.

Character description

She is agile and hardy, different devotion to his master. At the same time, the pet of this breed is sociable and active, it will become a good friend for the child.

Features: friendliness, which applies not only to people but also to animals, feels great in the company of other pets.

He likes to travel with the owner, which is quite doable, since this dog will not burden during any journey: whether it is going to the store or going to nature.

That terrier is generally balanced and trained, has all the needs and instincts inherent in this breed..

Don't let the pet's petiteness fool you, its character is serious, like all members of this breed, some over the years show an amazing ability to cheat.

Temperament is pronounced, therefore, training is necessary. Depending on how old a dog is training differently, if it is more than two years old, it will be difficult to change the established character.

He can not be ignored, otherwise he may become nervous, and the more years he goes, the angrier he becomes without proper attention.

This is due to the labile psyche that makes the dog of this breed susceptible to stress. If you can not spend enough time with your pet, and, for example, you already have a girl, you should think about buying a boy of the same breed, and vice versa.

Maintenance and care

That terrier is a “urban” dog, having a small height and weight, it is convenient to keep him in an apartment or house, as he quickly learns to go to the tray when the weather is bad, you can not go for a walk.

It does not require frequent washing, bathing once a month will be enough. The main thing to ensure that the water does not fall into the ears.

If you have a long-haired toy terrier, then you need to comb it every day, the smooth-haired toy terrier will comb it once a week.

Also, it is necessary to trim the pet's claws, since they have a rapid growth, check the ears for infections.

They have their own characteristics, be it a girl or a boy, they love to make a ringing bark, they can become calmer over the years.

They are very mobile, walks should be everyday, or it is worth replacing them with active games.

If you do not take into account the needs of the toya, from a certain age, behavioral changes begin from unsatisfactory life: the barking becomes permanent, the animal looks nervous, it becomes angry.

Health description

The lifespan of a dog depends on the care of the owners. The dog is prone to many diseases, if properly kept toya, they practically do not get sick.

Problem areas: teeth, bones, eyes.

Practically, an adult of that six months age loses baby teeth, which are replaced by indigenous ones. The problem is that dairy ones may not fall out themselves, but indigenous ones grow. In the case of the formation of "double" teeth, only a veterinarian should operate the dog.

Another common dental problem among small dogs whose height is less than 30 cm is tartar, which provokes early tooth loss. Care for your teeth should be from early childhood.

A dog that has a small size - a fragile creature, you must ensure that it does not jump and fall from a height of more than 0.4 m.

Otherwise, a fracture or dislocation of the patella, which is usual for this breed, is not excluded. It is necessary to carefully contact the pet with other dogs.

Even if it has small dimensions, this does not negate its militancy, which is reinforced by its inability to measure strength.

If the girls are calmer in this respect, then the males may cause a loud bark to a larger dog "to measure with strength."

Attention is also demanded by the eyes, it is possible the development of cataracts, retinal atrophy to old age.

In general, they have good health, but it is worth remembering that one of the enemies of small dogs, whose height is less than 30 cm, is cold. Dress your terrier dog warmer!

It is possible to choose that terrier, taking into account personal preferences (color, weight, height, how many years), and it is possible taking into account the breed standard (if you wish to win at exhibitions).

No matter what puppy you choose, that terrier will bring a lot of joy. It's so nice to bring up from an early age and watch your favorite pets grow.

Photo Gallery

The life of cheerful and mobile terriers that you can see in the photos below is the sonorous barking, love for the owner, friendly attitude to the rest of the pets in the house, small height and weight, but big and strong character.

In this video you will be told how to properly care for the claws of your little pet. If you are still nervous before the procedure, then it is better to go to a specialist, so as not to harm your doggie.

Toy Terrier: Characteristics of a dog (detail)

This dog is well trained. It is possible to teach him even to guard the master's things, although, of course, this is a very funny sight. Just do not forget about the tiny size of the dog during training. So, for example, two-meter obstacles are not for him.

So do not hesitate, a smooth-haired toy terrier is an excellent choice for keeping in an apartment, especially when you have a number of reasons:

  1. The living area is small. The animal does not need much space.
  2. Your job is related to regular departures. Due to its size, this pet can travel with you on any type of transport, in hotels there is also no ban on the placement of this breed of dogs.
  3. You want an active animal for a child. Smooth-haired toy terrier is quite cheerful and mobile.
  4. You are wondering about how to choose a breed of dog.

In general, there are plenty of reasons to choose this particular dog. Disappointed, you just will not.

So, it is not difficult to care for the hair of the described baby. Smooth-haired toy terrier has no undercoat (its presence is considered a marriage), which means that the pet almost does not shed. It is enough to bathe a dog 4 times a year.

For your information: never buy toev in the markets, not a single real breeder will carry this crumb there, do not acquire this “miracle” from random mating. As animals obtained in this way often have diseases of the nervous system.

What is a good toy terrier?

We will continue the description of the breed, listing its advantages:

  1. Toi very undemanding dogs.
  2. Take a minimum of space in the apartment.
  3. Fortunately, have fairly good health.
  4. Their coat does not require special care. No need to cut and comb frequently.
  5. They are well accustomed to the tray for the cat.
  6. The wool of the toy terrier does not cause allergic reactions in either adults or children.
  7. Toychik eats little.

By the way, despite all of the above, this dog is an excellent watchman, which is also easy to take with you to rest.

What does a toy terrier need?

We have described the main features that distinguish the smooth-haired toy terrier. Care, maintenance of such dogs require certain conditions.

So, your pet will need:

  1. Dog playpen Thanks to him, the animal is accustomed to cleanliness. In addition, you can leave a dog in it to avoid injury if you leave.
  2. A bowl.
  3. Sunbed or doghouse.
  4. Claw shears.
  5. Dog toys.
  6. Mandatory special bones for brushing.
  7. Dog shampoo.
  8. Tray.
  9. Bag-carrying.
  10. Clothes for a toy terrier. It is simply necessary for a cool season.

Hygiene procedures required by this breed

Do not forget to examine the eyes of the animal every day. If secretions are found in the corners, they should be removed with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.

Every 4 weeks check your ears toya. Sulfur deposits should not accumulate there. Unpleasant smell is also prohibited. Clean only the visible parts of the auricles, it is impossible to penetrate deep into the ear. They are cleaned with a stick and in any case not a finger.

Every 4 weeks, inspect the dog's claws - if they are long, they should be shortened. Otherwise, they may break off or dig into soft tissue.

Close attention should be paid to the anal glands of the animal. If suddenly they are filled with a fragrant secret, then the dog is nervous, rubbing backwards on the carpet. In this case, they must be released. This is done by yourself - gently press your thumb and forefinger on the bottom and sides of the anus.

What not to do with the dog

It is worth remembering and security measures for your pet. You can not put this dog on the bed with you, put it on a chair or a chair, in order to avoid injuries.

Toys for the animal must be made of hard rubber. Rag puppies should not be given, because of the risk of swallowing a part of them. If you see that your baby is playing with something soft, take away, but do not pull (you can break the bite of the animal), and slightly open your jaws.

It is necessary to take a puppy correctly - the left hand under the breast, the right one holds it. It turns out, like a puppy sitting on his right hand. Keeping a puppy in a different way is not recommended. And leaving somewhere in the evening, leave your pet light and plenty of toys, so that he does not worry. You can throw a few bones for the teeth to crumble. Then he will know exactly what to do.

Moscow type of breed

And what is a Moscow toy terrier? Brown color - the most frequent in these dogs. Bred breed relatively recently. It has a long woolen cover all over the body, especially on the ears, legs and tail. Periodically, the wool in this breed of dogs must be trimmed.

The stomach is flat. The muzzle is sharp, the ears are large. Height at withers 28 cm, weight about 3 kg. The color of wool, as already mentioned, is traditionally brown, but sometimes it is yellowish-brown, black, sable, fawn (both solid and tan).

The described breed in Russia is very popular. Since these dogs feel great in the apartments. Amenable to training and does not cause difficulties in care.

Why the toy terrier was called Moscow

What is such a toy terrier? Description of the breed will begin with a story.

The first long-haired representative was bred in 1957. His father was a smooth-haired totem, and his mother had a slightly elongated fur. As a result, a puppy appeared with an unusually long hair coat on the ears, paws and tail. He was called Chikki. These unusual hairs favorably set off against the background of his fellows. Therefore, dog handlers from Moscow, led by breeder Zharova, decided to consolidate these features in the next generations.

Soon, the Russian one was crossed with a bitch with a long black and red hair. After a certain amount of time, the dog puffed up and brought three long-haired puppies toy terrier. At the place of birth, they were named.

Features of the Moscow pedigree toy terrier

The dog feels great in our climate, and even winter is not afraid of him. Despite its small size, this dog is very loyal to its owner and is ready to protect him.

Characteristics of the toy terrier:

  1. The head of the dog has a small size, which means that it is light.
  2. The skull has a rounded shape.
  3. The bump on the back of the head is not expressed.
  4. The forehead has a rounded broad shape, the transition to the muzzle clear.
  5. The face itself is sharp and even, occupies 1/3 of the length of the head, which is somewhat similar to the head of a Chihuahua.
  6. The lips of the dog are thin, not wet.
  7. The nose is the color of animals.
  8. Teeth are white, small, bite like scissors.
  9. The eyes are big, slightly poking out.
  10. The ears are thin, large, high and widely spaced. Their edges are slightly rounded or pointed.
  11. Standing or semi-standing. Framed with long soft hair on the type of fringe.
  12. The neck is quite long, has a beautiful bend.
  13. The chest is located at the elbows, has a small width.
  14. Withers clearly marked.
  15. The topline of the withers is convex.
  16. It has a short, straight back.
  17. Convex short loin.
  18. The croup is wide, slightly sloping.
  19. Straight belly.
  20. Forepaws are thin and long.
  21. The rear have clear angles of articulations.
  22. Paws short, rounded, tucked into a ball.
  23. The tail is low, shortly cropped.
  24. Wool has a length of about 5-6 cm, usually straight, although sometimes it can be wavy. Adjacent to the body.
  25. On the head, face, inside of the paws - the cover is slightly shorter, but it fits tightly. On the outside of the front and hind legs - long and soft.
  26. Height at withers 19-28 cm.
  27. Russian smooth-haired toy mini terrier weighs about 1.5 kg, the long-haired representatives of the breed have a similar weight.

Toy terriers are not demanding care. They do not necessarily have to walk constantly, as they may well walk in the tray. But this does not mean that the puppy needs to be locked up at home and not to go anywhere with it. He will happily run around the street, play with other toychik and just have fun. In addition, he likes to be in the company of the owner, and even for a walk.

The only thing you need to remember - due to the anatomical features, these dogs are very cold. Therefore, in winter it is required to dress the animal in warm overalls and booties. Clothing for a toy terrier is purchased in special stores.


Short-haired toi need only occasionally bathe, but the long-haired must also be combed. This should be done with a special comb, necessarily daily. This will help to avoid the appearance of stuck hairballs, which means that the dog will look well-groomed. Bathe the pet infrequently. Cutting and trimming is not needed.

Now the Moscow breed of toy has a great demand both in Russia and abroad.

Feeding a toy terrier

Puppy must be fed strictly according to the regime. In the first 3 months they feed 5 times a day, in a specially designated place. From 3 to 6 months - 3 times a day. From 6 to 12 months - 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

In the first three months, the puppy forms the correct feeding regimen; the dog remembers the tastes of the new food. It is during this period that she should be taught not only tasty, but also healthy food. The menu should include: meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. If you do not teach this toy terrier, then as an adult, he will refuse the food he needs for health.

Many Russians do not acquire toy-terriers because the cost of this purebred puppy is from 500 to 1000 $. Зато везёт тем, кто может найти выбраковку. Ведь подобный щенок стоит в несколько раз дешевле. Правда, эти терьеры могут быть нездоровыми. Люди, купившие пса без родословной, конечно, не захотят расстаться с ним, но все же лучше покупать животных в специальных питомниках.


Теперь вы знаете, кто такой той-терьер. Characteristics of the breed was presented to your attention. We hope that it became clear to you whether such a dog is suitable for you or not. Observing the recommendations given in our article, you will always be happy with your pet, and he, in turn, will bestow love and devotion on you.

(Russian of)
  • Breed description
  • Care and maintenance

Toy Terrier is one of the most common breeds of decorative dogs in Russia. Despite its very modest dimensions, the dog is absolutely fearless and works great as a guard.

This small breed will be the perfect companion for all people, regardless of gender and age. Representatives of this breed delight the eye of many people daily, and their unpretentious nature makes care quite simple.

Most often, it is used exclusively as a “pillow” option, but some owners put it together with a more formidable dog for protection. Auditory features allow you to detect even a small movement, and a clear voice will awaken anyone.

Breed standard

Each breed has its own unique external features that make it easy to recognize it. Toy terrier belongs to the decorative dogs, lives exclusively in comfortable conditions, and, sometimes without even going out.

The mass of an adult dog is whole 2-3 kg, but there are even larger individuals. It all depends on lifestyle and nutrition, for fixed home life will certainly cause obesity even in such a taut breed. Freedom of movement around the living space, walking through the fresh air (in all seasons) and a high-quality balanced diet will always keep the dog in good shape.

The breed has an impressive growth - 20-25 cm, although there are exceptions. Often, representatives of this breed differ from the standards, but there is nothing terrible in this.

But the colors of many are baffling because the dark colors are quite popular, but the colors can be different. There can meet in the same room 10 dogs of the same breed, possessing a wide variety of colors.

Most of the varieties of this breed belongs to the smooth-haired, but it is often possible to find carriers of long hair. Shedding in turn depends on the length of the hair, but from time to time you still need to comb it out so that it does not accumulate, and then there is no need to clean all the things in the house from wool.

Long-haired and short-haired varieties

Character and intelligence

The dog has a very high level of intelligence, but the tricks are even greater.. One of the main goals in this dog's life is to start exploiting its owners as soon as they give up the slack. Even at critical moments, the dog evaluates everything perfectly and is able to make the right decisions. A good memory allows you to remember your own, even if you haven't seen each other for 5 years.

Toy Terrier has a truly hot character, which is visible every second. Many are embarrassed by the fact that the dog is shaking in his arms, and some even dump the fact on the cold. In fact, it is from the overflowing energy and emotions that will be very difficult to splash out (this is also the case with choleric people who fall for boring events, and the soul asks for fire and celebration). And the dog It is very peaceful in the family and it will be truly impossible to force her to show aggression towards any member of the family..

Varieties of color

Toy Terrier and Children

Dog lovers are always afraid to start a four-legged friend when there is a small child in the house. In the case of a toy terrier, this fear can be forgotten, and the dog, thanks to high intelligence, will not only cause no harm to the child, but will also become a good friend.

Baby food in turn will have to hideotherwise it will be eaten immediately, but all animals have a similar weakness.

Features of training

To the surprise of many dog ​​breeders, toy terriers are distinguished by their disobedience, which is why they need to be brought up. There are a few rules to follow:

  • Do not give a growl. Any aggression towards the owners should be stopped, and it is enough just to give a clear command in a harsh voice.
  • The dog enters all the doors only after the owner. The natural instinct of the leader must be crushed, so that later there will be no complications.
  • You can sleep only in its place. The dog should not feel equal to the owner, so you should organize a soft bed, where the animal will gladly accommodate. The first time should be taught the command "place" so that he will remember it well.
  • If frequent trips are planned, then “Toyuk” should be taught not to go on hand or at all in a special carrying.
  • Basic command set. They are absolutely not needed, but are needed to develop discipline and the ability to obey.

Despite its very modest dimensions, the guard toy terrier carries wonderful. Their task is only in time to hear and immediately notify the owners, or larger dogs that someone is suitable. Usually they behave quite adequately, unlike many dogs, which rush to every rustle.

Puppy "Toyka"

Choosing a puppy

It is better to buy a dog at a puppy age, so that later you do not have to completely retrain it, and at the same time have no surprises. In addition, the puppy will be able to naturally adapt to the family atmosphere, and will become part of it.

Most often, the purchase is organized 1.5-2 monthswhen it is already possible to visually consider all the pros and cons of a dog. When choosing, you need to pay attention to a number of features:

  • Character. Already at this age, you can choose the option that will be closest to the soul.
  • Eyes, nose and ears should be free of purulent discharge.
  • Wool must be groomed.
  • The dog is carefully examined from behind for traces of a poor chair (diarrhea).
  • Friendliness. It is enough just to reach out to the animals, and each puppy will behave differently from the others. The first run up to the hands will be the most sociable and friendly at home, so most often they are trying to take them for the house.

How to avoid fraud when buying, as well as a general description of the Jack Russell Terrier breed in our review article.

If you like adventures or you need a faithful and cheerful companion - it is better not to find anyone just! Click here to learn more.

  1. the stigma on the body must match the stigma in the documents,
  2. the availability of vaccinations, and what else remained,
  3. feeding features.
On a walk

Sometimes there are situations when you want to take an adult dog, so it is quite possible to purchase one. Before buying, you should ask exactly the same questions on the formal part, after which you can begin to consider the toy terrier.

Dogs themselves do not like to change owners, but some normally react to this fact, and that’s what they need to take. But still the acquisition of an adult animal with a strong psyche and morals is a big risk.

After acquiring a puppy, he needs to spend a lot of time, some of which will be spent on training, and the other on entertainment. The dog is very clever and clever, therefore on an ongoing basis will try to sleep in the same places as the hosts. A place to sleep is an exclusively designated area on the floor, where it is rather soft and cozy.

The nuances of care and nutrition

Caring for a toy terrier is quite simple, unlike many other "pocket" dogs. It easily adapts to all circumstances, besides it takes up very little space. But there are 5 things about which you can not forget, even if you wish.

  1. Things. Arena, bowls, toys and bones - this is the most necessary minimum, which will provide leisure for the animal. In cold weather, you need to buy or finish clothes, thanks to which your pet will not be cold outside.
  2. AT cornerseye constantly accumulating secretions that need to be deleted. To do this, use a cotton swab, previously moistened with warm water.
  3. Cleaning the ears produced once a month. It is possible to process only the outer visible part, whereas it is absolutely impossible to climb inside.
  4. Claw tips it is necessary to cut as it grows. If this is not done, then physical difficulties may arise.
  5. Anal glands over time they become full, which causes an unpleasant smell and a dog has terrible discomfort. To cleanse them, just press with your thumb and forefinger from below and from the sides of the anus.

With food, everything is much easier than with care. There are several reasons for this - the toy terrier has a good stomach, which can digest not only food, but also homemade food. In addition, he needs very small volumes, so financial support will be almost not noticeable.

Price for puppies

If you want to buy a dog, it is quite possible to do it in almost any city in the world, and especially in Russia. The standard price ranges from $ 200 to $ 700 per puppy, but there are exceptions. The price is influenced by several factors:

  • long-haired are a little more expensive than smooth-haired,
  • males are a little inferior to bitches in price
  • blood of champions is always appreciated more than just very good dogs
  • puppy potential.

If you buy a toy terrier just for a house without plans for exhibitions, then you can purchase the easiest option. Even a fairly inexpensive dog without champions among ancestors will be a good family friend and adornment in life.

Russian toy terriers delight the eye of many people every day.

Advantages and disadvantages

This dog has a number of positive features:

  • high intelligence
  • devotion,
  • great relationship with family
  • security functions.

But there are negative points:

  • life expectancy is limited
  • very small size, which is why it is easy to miss
  • difficulties in education.

If you want to always see next to you a true friend who will accompany you on all travels, then the toy terrier is the perfect option. Despite its small size, the dog will protect and warn its owner in all situations. This pet will require a lot of attention, but in return will offer no less.