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The most unusual profession in the world


Judge for yourself. Who is a dog breeder? This is a man holding a dog at home. He takes care of the animal, feeds, walks, combed, makes vaccinations. This is a dog lover. And who is a canine? This is a specialist. And graduated. With specialization. For example, by training or examination. In a word, a dog breeder differs from a dog handler in the same way as a student from a professor at an institute. One is only at the beginning of the path, the other is already a professional. Moreover, it is quite possible that an amateur will someday become a good dog handler.

"Knights without fear"

Let's start with the official. To the question: “Who is a canine expert?” Modern literature and reference books answer something like this: “This is a specialist involved in breeding and training (training) dogs”.

And everything seems to be correct, but somehow it’s too dry and scanty. A canine is a knight without fear. And in a figurative sense, and in direct. If we consider the very exact meaning, then initially “Ritter” (German) meant a horse-armed heavily armed soldier. The complete equipment of the cynologist really reminds of knightly equipment - during work, the whole body must be protected. Otherwise, the instructor-cynologist may suffer (especially in the early stages of training). The protective clothing is called the dresssuit. Most often, it is needed by defendants - people who help to train dogs under the ZKS program, IPO, and others.

“But if equestrian - means, on a horse! "- you say. And you will be right. Today the expression "on horseback" means "fully armed." In order to be invulnerable, besides fearlessness, attentiveness, knowledge, and confidence are necessary. absolute contact with the dog. After all, who is a canine really? This is a person who understands and feels a dog. Agree - a good cynologist on the template system will not work. He really feels an animal and is able to predict its further actions. This instructor will pick up the key to any dog.

Features of the profession

What should a cynologist be able to do? What does this man do? Perhaps, it is worth listing first the main directions in cynology:

Dog handlers usually specialize in one particular of them. From the direction of work depends on what it is engaged in a specialist. This may be, for example, breeding dogs. Here you need to clearly know the genetics and general issues of veterinary medicine, to understand the exterior features of the breed.

It may seem that dog breeding is a simple matter. However, the opinion is very, very wrong. A person who does not understand this issue will definitely harm the breed, a good canine expert will only improve it. Or bring a new one, devoting his life to his work.

The work of the cynologist-instructor is connected with the training (education) of dogs: teaching teams, instilling obedience, correcting behavior problems. Such specialists can work in dog clubs, in the police, in kennels. Private practice is also possible.

The direction of training can be any. Not only service dogs are capable of service. For example, toy spaniels could indicate sources of harmful mold in homes. Or be therapist dogs. Do not be surprised - there is also a medical cynology. It is also called dog therapy. It is shown to children suffering from various kinds of neurological ailments (cerebral palsy, Down syndrome).

Communication with dogs helps develop memory and emotionality, improve coordination of movements. This was mentioned by the psychiatrist Levinson (1961). Shaggy therapists are able to remove people from coma. Unfortunately, in our country, canistherapy in its development takes only the first steps. I want to believe that the good shaggy healers of souls will become much more. In some large cities, specialized canine therapy centers have already been opened. Many dog ​​handlers help shelters for dogs, creating as much as possible comfortable conditions for the tailed guests and fitting them into really good hands.


From the chosen direction will depend on the narrow specialization of further work:

- work with dogs with some specific genotype,

- training dogs for specific purposes (specialized or narrow training), such as guide dogs, rescue dogs, guard dogs, detective dogs, dogs to search for drugs, etc.,

- Instructing novice dog owners.

Place of work

Where does a dog handler most often work? What does a specialist in dogs, we have already figured out. Now we will find out where their services are most often required.

Most of all the profession dog handler is needed in the Department of Internal Affairs (police dog handler), at the border, at customs, in nurseries and canine centers (clubs, offices). Really good experts in the field of dog breeding, unfortunately, are few.

Therefore, if you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable and versed in the specifics of the cynologist (or instructor), you will always have a job. The profession is a dog handler constantly in demand.

Required qualities

It is not enough just to love dogs. And specialized education is not enough here either. The dog expert must have certain qualities: patience, purposefulness, perseverance, observation, good composure, ability to lightning reaction. And the latter quality is no less important than all the others.

For example, when practicing the elements of the ZKS, called in the common people simply guard, you can expect any reaction of the dog. Especially if this is only the first class. Not always dogs go (bite, grab) for a special grip or training sleeve, which the instructor puts forward. Some animals "cunning", noticing the most vulnerable place for the attack. Some may rush to their feet, others - in the throat. Imagine what could be the result of training, if the dog specialist at least for a second loses vigilance and becomes confused.

Very important and physical training. The work of the cynologist takes a lot of energy, so people who are unprepared quickly get tired and even give up this activity. The pace of work is so high that there are dozens of thousands who want to learn this difficult profession. And only a few become true professionals. In addition, dog handlers "live" at training sites. Do not think that the instructor is working on a schedule of "from eight to twelve." These are frequent trips, gatherings, seminars, retraining courses, competitions, rallies. Work dog handlers - a way of life.

Can a girl become a dog handler?

Of course, if she has the qualities listed above. Moreover, there are more and more women-cynologists. Stereotypes have long been broken. And the observations prove: the dog perceives the female voice better than the male one. Although on this issue there are serious and long disputes. However, the fact that a woman canine is not inferior to a male instructor (of course, with the same knowledge, training and experience) is a fact.

Training (canine courses)

If you already have a dog and you are registered in the dog department, try to contact his supervisor. As a rule, serious clubs are engaged in the training of narrow specialists - trainer instructors, experts.

Training is conducted either on the basis of branches, or with a departure to another city (in the direction). At the end of the course exams are taken and only then a degree is given indicating the level of training of the cynologist.

If we are talking about education with higher education, it is worth considering such centers as: FSIN (Law Institute, Voronezh), FSIN (Law College, Perm), Border Institutes in the cities of Khabarovsk, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Golitsyno, Kurgan .

The most unusual professions that you can master and get the appropriate diploma

Torsedoros. This profession can be mastered only in Cuba, and the course of study lasts ten years (to be honest, we do not imagine that you can study so much time). After completing the training, you will receive a diploma ... a professional cigar spinner. Not bad, huh?

Personal nanny. In the US state of Kentucky, the university offers training in this specialty. Quite a strange, it should be noted, specialty: students are taught to care for newborn children, prepare infant formulas, and one of the main subjects in the department is “Proper relations with parents and their children”. Specialists with such diplomas are highly valued, work in rich families and have a high salary.

Specialist in the field of pop culture. In Ohio, Bowling Green teaches students who are addicted to television, one might even say, obsessed with it. The most curious thing is that they study what they are interested in: TV shows, music, cinema, biographies of artists and actors, museums, etc., that is, everything that is connected with modern culture.

Top 10 most unusual professions

There are many unusual and specific works, most of which are relevant only in a particular area, in a particular city. The most unusual professions in the world, as a rule, are found either in highly developed countries, or, conversely, in laggards. Well, let's proceed to discuss them.

1. Our list of the most unusual professions opens dream dealer. In Chicago, a company that has been fulfilling dreams has been successfully operating for several years. True, not free: the minimum order amount is equal. 150 thousand dollars. But for this money you can get anything (within reasonable limits, of course), even to become a "star" ... True, for one day.

2. Professional "sleepy". There are several areas of this work. Initially, "Sonya" began to hire American companies that manufacture sofas and beds. After all, it is important for them to know how high-quality and convenient their products are. Now hotel owners use the services of professional dormice to check the level of comfort in the room (sound insulation, quality of furniture, etc.) and quality of service.

3. Mystery shopper. Not such a rare profession, as the services of these persons are used by the owners of retail chains, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels (although there they do well with Sony).

4. Iceberg Cleaner. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? Yes, and such workers exist, and they perform quite an important job. Remember the story of the Titanic? The liner could not cross the clump of ice. The oil platform also has no chance of avoiding a collision, so they are saved by iceberg cleaners.

5. Hitchhikers. Exactly! You hitchhike, and you still get paid for it. Not bad, right? Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has about 30 million people and 20 million cars. Naturally, the roads are overloaded, and for this reason, the city authorities have imposed restrictions and created checkpoints, which only allow cars in which at least 3 people pass. Thus, the unemployed sit down in a car in front of the checkpoint, drive through and get out, receiving a modest fee for it. After that, they cross the road and - again, for money - come back. You can earn as much as $ 8 per day, despite the fact that the average daily cost per person does not exceed a dollar.

6. Toilet Guide. In Japan and China for a modest fee, a specially trained person will not only tell you, but also show you where the nearest toilet is. Just imagine, in the labor book they have written “toilet guide”!

7. Brain picker. Did you immediately think about your boss? But no, this profession is not connected with the moral removal of the brain. These people work in slaughterhouses that supply animal brains to restaurants as a delicacy.

8. Hired Relative. Yes, and there are such, by the way, they provide a fairly wide range of services. At your wedding they can pretend that they are your loved ones, and they can cry at the funeral as well as relatives of the deceased.

And finally, the two most unusual professions from the category "18+":

9. Tester condoms. Many manufacturers of contraceptives test their products with the help of special equipment, but some elite companies test their elite condoms directly in action, so to speak, “in a combat situation”.

10. Tester girls easy behavior. In countries where prostitution is legalized, there is such a profession. Brothel owners want to be sure that their prostitutes do their job well.

The rarest profession in Russia

There is no way to make a rating or write a huge list, as it is very difficult to find unusual professions in Russia. Perhaps simply because for us they are considered ordinary. So, the most unusual profession in Russia.

Sign language interpreter. Helps the deaf-and-dumb find a common language with healthy people. Mostly such specialists work in social services, sometimes they are found on television.

Greenkeeper. We are sure that you have not heard about this profession. This man is caring for a golf course.

Oenologist. Most likely, you could hardly have heard of the existence of such a specialist, but clearly guessed. Oenologists are engaged in winemaking, namely: they determine which grape is better to grow on a particular plot of land, which fertilizers are better to use, and are directly responsible for the technical part of wine production.

Speechwriter As you know, politicians often "push speech", but, oddly enough, they are not their authors. And even such scandalous politicians, like Vladimir Zhirinovsky, often voice pre-prepared and learned phrases rather than say “from themselves”.

Funny, ridiculous and just pointless work

The most rare and unusual professions are different. For example, in America, one bakery opened the vacancy “bun spreading with jam”. In the same place, in America, a vacancy “specialist in decorating the Christmas tree” is opening closer to Christmas. Although this is a family matter, the Christmas tree in the office should be brought into a “business” look before important conferences.

In developed countries, where people live in a frenzied rhythm (they are constantly in a hurry somewhere, in a hurry, they are nervous), there are special interlocutors with whom you can have a good time and sometimes drink. Such people necessarily have a diploma in psychology.

Hardest work

In the Chinese subway, at “peak hours”, passengers “get stuffed” into the car so that the doors do not close. And then come to the aid of special "aspirators". They are careful not to hurt anyone, pushing people and closing doors ... Imagine what happens at the next stop when the door is opened ...

The most enviable job

Cleaner on the paradise island of Hamilton. For half a year people are settled in a chic cottage on the island. And for this, they also pay 20 thousand dollars a month. The worker is only required to keep order in the house, feed the turtles and watch the corals. The poet's dream.

The most senseless work

The most unusual professions in the world are often meaningless. On one poultry farm there is the post "manager for determining the sex of chickens." Such a specialist then does that he spends all day under the tail of day-old chicks. After all, on the chicken farm they firmly believe that, depending on the sex of the chicken, you need to build a diet for it.

He knows everything about dogs and can handle them.

The profession of dog handlers is one of the most interesting and responsible. Canine is engaged in the education and training of dogs, studies their genealogy in order to ensure proper breeding, creates favorable conditions and is looking for animals to produce high-class offspring with certain exterior features and external qualities. To date cynologist profession involves several varieties - This is a dog trainer instructor, assistant instructor (person involved), fitness instructor, nutritionist and handler.

The breeding and maintenance of dogs by man has a long history and is still relevant today. Most often, people make dogs as friends, companions (for walking or hunting) and guards. But not every person can cope with a disobedient dog, especially if the peculiarities of its breed imply a complex nature and certain difficulties in rearing. Therefore, quite often the services of dog handlers are required to adjust the behavior of the dog and develop certain qualities.

To date, the services of dog handlers are quite popular, as many people understand the importance of proper education and maintenance of the dog and agree to pay for the work of a specialist who will help to find a common language with the animal. Despite the fact that the cynologist does not create radio-controlled models of helicopters or chemical weapons, his work is also very responsible. Indeed, in the case of improper education of dogs of some breeds, it is the cynologist who will be guilty of the fact that the animal may behave inadequately.

There are many cases when rottweilers attacked the owners. An especially dangerous threat is an animal belonging to a dangerous and uncontrollable breed for children, therefore a dog handler must possess the maximum of necessary knowledge and a high level of qualification. То же самое касается ситуаций, когда кинолог воспитывает собаку-охранника, от умения выполнять свои обязанности которой зависит безопасность частных владений и жилья.

Для того, чтобы успешно работать кинологом, you must first have certain personal qualities - a large charge of energy, calm, fearlessness, self-confidence. Dogs feel fear very well, so the dog handler must be able to fight his fear and inspire respect for the dog, make it obey. But the main requirement for any canine is a love for animals. Only those who really love dogs will be able to find a common language with them, educate them properly and enjoy working. This profession is rather a vocation: if it is possible to work as a lawyer and at the same time hate jurisprudence, then for the work of a cynologist you need to love both animals and the work that the specialist does.

Get a profession dog handler You can by contacting one of the cynological associations, where everyone can learn the necessary knowledge and skills. In the process of studying, students are introduced to the special features of dog training, dog anatomy, breeding, feeding, training, treatment, and other necessary information and skills.

Who is a dog handler?

Canine - Specialist responsible for the breeding and education of dogs. In the course of his work, he studies the behavior and pedigree characteristics of dogs and other animals belonging to the Canis group (canine family). A specialist working in this area is not just a lover of four-legged friends who cares for them in his spare time, he is a person who knows everything about dogs.

Cynology, as the science of evolution, the origin and breeding of dogs, appeared relatively recently - in the 19th century. However, the mention of the facts of dog training long before its occurrence has reached our days. In ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, dog breeders were famous for their ability to raise dogs for hunting and guarding, and over time various breeds were described and attempts were made to breed new ones that have certain qualities. This led to the necessity of separating cynology into a separate science of dog breeding.

By the way, the name of the science of cynology comes from the ancient Greek κύων "dog" and λόγος "word, speech". That is, if you translate literally, you get "talk about dogs."

In the field dog breeding There are three main areas of work, one of which can specialize dog handler:

  • hunting - raising dogs for sports and commercial hunting,
  • service, including guard, military, patronage, herding, riding and other directivity,
  • decorative.

Special attention is paid to service dogs. Cynologists working in service nurseries, are engaged in breeding and growing special breeds for the education of them service-search dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs and other human helpers.

In the canine profession, there are several narrower specializations:

  • A canine expert is a person who studies dog breeds and conducts their evaluation at exhibitions.
  • Trainer - the most common direction. The specialist develops individual training programs, helps in raising the necessary skills and corrects the behavior of the animal. In this direction, mainly cynologists-zoopsychologists work.
  • A canine dietitian is working on a balanced diet for a dog that is appropriate for the breed, conditions and age of the animal.
  • A canine instructor teaches dogs obedience skills and various commands, and also advises dog breeders on how to care for, train and keep a pet.
  • Canine power structures - the responsibility includes maintaining the working qualities of the dog involved in the search, rescue, guard activities.
  • Handler engaged in preparing dogs for the show. He must be able to control the animal, hide its flaws and demonstrate the best qualities of the breed.
  • The fitness instructor is a specialist in compiling physical exercise programs for dogs, depending on the breed and age characteristics of the animal.

In a separate direction are dog handlers specializing in the breeding of dogs. They are engaged in breeding new breeds, so they must have the necessary knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine, genetics, external indicators of a particular breed. In addition, the therapeutic cynologywhich is engaged in helping children with neurological diseases.

The canine profession has a lot of narrow directions and involves a lot of responsibility, but the main task of each specialist is to cultivate the best qualities of a dog, which will become an indispensable helper in human life.

What personality traits should a dog handler have?

Before devoting himself and his life to studying cynology, a person must firmly understand what qualities are required for successful mastering of the profession, and what skills he must master in order to become a true professional.

First of all, you need to be:

  • friendly,
  • patient
  • stress resistant
  • responsible
  • neat.

It is necessary not only to love, but also understand the dog, anticipating her possible reaction and behavior. After all, it is impossible to raise an animal without understanding its psychology.

Qualification dog handler assumes the presence of a variety of knowledge about the formation of the reflexes of the dog, the ability to assess its condition (both mental and physical). It is not enough one training in a specialized institution, since the development of the profession occurs throughout the work, in practice. Therefore, the future cynologist should be inherent desire for continuous self-improvement and self-development.

Another important quality is moderate hardness, which allows to demonstrate the leadership qualities of a trainer and subdue the dog, but without the use of violence, as in a professional environment a cynologist using violence and cruelty is considered incompetent.

For dog handlers working in law enforcement agencies, more stringent requirements. In this case, not enough theoretical knowledge and personal qualities, it requires good physical preparation, because the work is often associated with physical and moral stress, risk and danger.

The advantages of the profession dog handler

As it is not surprising, but society treats the work of dog handlers very respectfully, and therefore this profession can be classified as prestigious.

In addition, dog handlers have great opportunities to choose a place of work. Depending on the specialization, a qualified specialist can be employed both in a nursery and in a specialized club or dog school. And it can even "go into free swimming" to breed pets or offer services for behavior correction /dog training privately.

Speaking about the benefits of the profession, it is impossible not to mention that working with four-legged friends is chosen by vocation, and therefore professional activity is a sincere pleasure.

Remuneration dog handler largely depends on the experience of a specialist and his position. The region plays a significant role here. For example, a dog handler in Moscow can expect a salary of up to 35 thousand rubles, and in the Russian regions up to 48,000 rubles. As for individual entrepreneurs, everything depends only on them: how well their services, the amount of advertising, etc.

Disadvantages profession canine

Despite the great popularity of the profession, there are not so many open vacancies for dog handlers. The reason for this is the almost complete absence of the “turnover” of personnel: once having made a choice, dog experts, as a rule, devote their lives to the profession.

Those who dream of working with dogs you need to understand that the work of the dog handler is not only the pleasure of communicating with pets. It also includes “dirty” duties (cleaning in aviaries, hygienic procedures for dogs, etc.), and irregular work schedules, and great physical exertion, and responsibility for the life and health of a four-friend.

We should also mention departmental structures that open their doors to young professionals with good preparation. Work in the border troops, in customs posts requires the cynologist to perform many tasks, thanks to which he can get invaluable experience and skills to become a great professional in his field. But we should not forget about the risks associated with the service: such work is inextricably linked with the implementation of tasks dangerous to life and health.

Where can I get a canine profession?

Qualifications for the relevant profession can be obtained not only in the university. At the moment, the training of young professionals are also engaged in special courses and in agricultural colleges. Admission to the college is carried out on the basis of a certificate.

Higher education is possible at the zootechnical faculties of the institutes and at the universities of the border troops in legal departments. At the same time, educational institutions often require a dog. The advantage is obtained by applicants working in law enforcement agencies who seek to get an education during the service.

To the best universities in Russia, providing training in the direction of cynology, relate:

What makes a person of such specialty

A person who has a cynologist profession can work in the structures of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, raising service dogs, in kennels, clubs and dog breeding schools, or provide private services for the population in raising pets.

The profession of dog handlers involves several narrow specializations. It may be:

  1. Instructor preparing dogs for use in various activities.
  2. Figurant helping the instructor in his work and gaining the first practical skills.
  3. Fitness instructor, developing programs of physical activity for dogs of different breeds and having different ages.
  4. Handler preparing animals for the show and showing the pet.
  5. Nutritionist, part of a balanced dog diet program.
  6. Zoopsychologist, which determines and corrects the deficiencies of raising an animal.

The salary in the law enforcement agencies, which people of this profession receive, consists of three components. It includes the payment of working salary, monetary remuneration for the title and payment of additional allowances. All this together can be a good source of basic income.

Young specialists are in demand at customs posts, in border troops, various security companies. A professional dog handler who works on the staff of the department has many tasks. He should be able to:

  1. To determine the appearance, sex and breed of the animal, and its state of health by external signs.
  2. Follow personal hygiene measures to prevent diseases, including those common to humans and dogs.
  3. Determine the suitability of drinking water.
  4. Caring for sick individuals.
  5. To determine the parameters of the microclimate in aviaries.
  6. Prepare disinfectant solutions and carry out the processing of all objects where animals are located.
  7. Provide first aid in case of emergency
  8. Use a variety of feeding techniques to create a balanced diet.
  9. Apply modern guidelines to improve the conditions of dogs.
  10. To be able to do a haircut and trimming.
  11. Organize safe walking of animals.
  12. Prepare dogs for competitions and exhibitions.
  13. Organize breeding work.
  14. To assess the external qualities of the animal, its psychological state, dog training and offspring.
  15. Give dogs general obedience lessons and train them for different types of service.
  16. Conduct testing to determine the level of preparedness after the training.
  17. Select dogs for use in various types of services.

Such work for a young specialist provides an opportunity to obtain the necessary practical skills and abilities, to work out professional techniques and master the secrets of the profession, becoming a highly qualified specialist.

Professional dog skills obtained in working with animals can be used to advantage by becoming an individual entrepreneur. The salary of a person who trains animals as an IP will depend on many factors. The more actively he will offer his services, the more people will know about his existence. The first customers, satisfied with the services provided, will recommend the specialist to their friends, and this will provide an opportunity to create a customer base and become popular in the services market.

What services can be provided to the population of PI

Experienced dog handlers make their own kennel, where they breed purebred dogs with a specific genotype. They train them to do a certain job, and then sell them to new owners. A guide dog for visually impaired people can only be trained in a kennel.

Specialist is often required for the education of dogs belonging to the service and fighting breeds. If the host is treated incorrectly, they can become dangerous to others. Such animals may form a fear of loneliness, increased aggressiveness towards others, and stubborn disobedience. An experienced dog handler with knowledge of zoopsychology can correct the behavior of the animal and provide services to eliminate fears, excessive activity, or obsessive behavior of the animal.

Puppy rearing is one of the most common canine services. The specialist can give one-time advice to the owner of the animal or independently conduct classes for a certain hourly fee.

The work on individual puppy training can be directed to the formation of behavioral skills in everyday life or to perform special tasks at the request of the owner. This is a costly type of work that forms the basis of the salary of an individual entrepreneur.

Monthly salary can be increased by conducting group lessons for puppies on an equipped playground. The cost of such classes is beneficial for the owners and brings a good income to the specialist who undertook to conduct them.

The monthly salary of the cynologist who works as an individual entrepreneur may increase with the provision of additional services. A home-made overexposure of a dog by a specialist, who not only keeps an animal at home, but also deals with it, can be profitable.

The work of the dog handler allows people who love animals to do interesting work, be successful and happy.