How to feed a chihuahua at home: especially feeding puppies and adult dogs


Chihuahuas are miniature dogs that many children dream of. Mature people do not remain indifferent to them, for whom these charming devotional crumbs become real family members and consolations in life. But before you start such a baby, you need to know how to properly care for her and how to feed a Chihuahua at home. It is wrong to think that the dog is small, and she will have enough spoons of porridge a day. This animal is very active, temperamental, inquisitive, spending a lot of energy, which must be replenished with the help of a proper balanced diet.

Fundamental rules

In order for the dog to be healthy and happy, it is important to create comfortable living conditions for it, to ensure proper care and to feed it with quality food.

When feeding chihuahuas you need to adhere to the following rules:

Food should not be cold or hot, just removed from the stove. Feed the dog need a little warm, room temperature food.

The pet must have constant access to clean, ideally filtered, water. Change it several times a day.

In the summer, the dog is better to regale once a day.

You can not regale a pet with food from the master's table: a spiced food can cause diseases of the liver, kidneys, and stomach.

Chihuahua should be fed at the same time in a permanent feeding place.

You need to feed after a walk, when she played enough, run over and got hungry.

The daily amount of food is better divided into several feeders.

If the dog licks the dishes for a long time - there is not enough food for it. If there is food in the bowl, the portion should be reduced. Overfeeding should not be allowed: it causes disruption of the musculoskeletal system, leading to obesity.

Food should be fresh. You cannot cook for the next few days - stale food can cause poisoning. A few hours after cooking all the nutrients from the food disappear.

Can not be used to promote candy and cookies. For this fit low-fat cheese, carrot pieces, fruit.

Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before serving.

Bowls of water and food should not be on the floor. They are installed on special stands, fitted in height to the level of the pet's chest. This will save the spine from unnecessary stress.

After feeding, the dishes with the remaining food are removed. This will give the animal an opportunity to feed the animal until the next feed, and the whole dish will be eaten.

The last meal should be no later than 19.00 hours. Before sleeping, the dog needs to use up all the calories it has gained.

Chihuahua's diet should include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vegetable fats, mineral and vitamin supplements.

How much and how often to feed

An adult representative of the Chihuahua breed needs to eat daily from 50 to 80 grams of food per kilogram of weight. If the dog weighs two kilograms, it needs 100-160 grams of food. Most of the food should be proteins, the rest - plant products.

How to feed Chihuahua dogs? Veterinarians recommend eating dogs in the morning and evening - twice a day, you can - three times. Between the main meals it is allowed to treat the dog with a special bone or biscuits.

What can be given

The list of approved products for feeding small dogs is great. These include:

Low-fat meats (boiled beef, veal, horsemeat, chicken).

Fish fillet (river should not be given - it is infected with worms, bony). Pollock causes kidney stones. Bones before eating pre-removed.

Offal (boiled liver, stomachs, heart).

Eggs (1-2 times a week) in the form of omelets.

Groats crushed or ground after cooking (buckwheat, millet, oatmeal, rice, corn).

Sometimes you can give crackers (for the development of chewing muscles), bread, well boiled pasta in small quantities.

Fermented milk (fat-free) products to replenish calcium: yogurt, kefir, sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese (with caution - cause fermentation). If the dog has a tummy hurt, it is swollen, some foods should be excluded from the diet. To understand this, you do not need to mix different foods at the same time. Then determine the cause of digestive disorders will not be easy.

Vegetables, chopped on a grater and stewed without salt (carrots, zucchini, beets, pumpkin). Potatoes give boiled.

Fruit in the form of mashed potatoes (apple, bananas, peach, apricot).

Vegetable oil (add a little to food).

What can not be given

If you treat your pet with a forbidden meal, it may have problems with digestion, gastritis, inflammation of the pancreas or liver, and decay of teeth. Such foods should not be included in the diet of a chihuahua:

Pork It is fat, often infected with helminths.

Crude sea and any river fish (bony, infected with parasites).

Marinated products, pickles, smoked foods (disrupt the digestive tract, kidneys, lead to gastritis, increase pressure).

Nuts (cause stone formation in the bladder and brittle bones due to the increased phosphorus content).

Legumes (beans, peas - cause flatulence in the intestines).

Tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages.

Chocolate and other sweets (cause obesity, type II diabetes, give a strong load on the pancreas).

Cabbage, radishes, bell peppers, onions (raw causes anemia), nuts.

Tubular, sharp chicken bones.

Fresh cow's milk (causes upset stomach, increased flatulence, diarrhea).

Types of feeding

You can feed the dog with traditional natural food, ready-made dry industrial feed and wet canned food sold in pet stores. It will be correct to ask about the nutrition of the dog from the breeder. He will tell you what type of food was used and how you can feed your pet.

You can not dramatically move from one diet to another, it should happen gradually. It is unacceptable to mix products of different types in one feeding.

You may have to experiment, try all three options of nutrition. Sometimes you have to combine and change the diet due to the lack of the desired result. What is the best pet food for a pet owner? But you need to take into account the taste preferences of a pet, its physiological characteristics, the reaction to a particular product.

Features of feeding dry and ready-made feeds

Feeding dry food has a number of advantages: the product is stored for a long time, no need to spend time on cooking, preparing a diet, calculating the necessary balance of nutritional and beneficial components. The composition and the necessary norms of feeding are indicated on the package, and the amount of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and necessary substances is as balanced as possible taking into account the breed, age and weight of the animal. Therefore, there is no need to buy special supplements.

Such food is suitable for busy owners who do not have time for the hassle associated with the constant purchase of food and cooking dishes. Industrial feeds are stored for a long time, it is convenient to take them with you. If you poured the product in the morning to your pet, do not worry that the food will spoil during the day.

The choice of feed is huge. But, having stopped on food by “drying”, you need to take a premium or super premium class food, suitable for small breed dogs. They are expensive. But chihuahs are small dogs, they need a little food. One package of feed will last long.

Save, buying cheap economy feed, you can not. They all consist of animal waste and low-grade cereals, contain many harmful chemicals: dyes, flavor enhancers and smell.

The composition of high-quality feed includes natural meat, healthy grains, vitamins, minerals, drugs for the prevention of diseases of the joints and cartilage. "Drying" well eliminates deposits of tartar in dogs, serves as prevention of its formation.

Dry food can be given in its natural form or soaked in water or broth. The size of the granules and the taste are selected according to the pet's taste and desire.

Canned food for dogs animals like more than the "drying". Chihuahs delighted with them. Give them in pure form. According to the content of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, such feeds are balanced, unless they relate to products of the economy class.

The ranking of decent feeds is headed by brands: Proplan, Royal Kanin. Manufacturers that produce the best and most expensive feed - hollistics, containing whole meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits of the highest category, suitable for human nutrition: Akana, Monge, Hills, Origen. All known companies produce lines of animal feed of different breeds, by weight and age categories. There are brands of dietary products and hypoallergenic foods for sensitive animals prone to allergies.

Features of feeding with natural food

Feeding naturalka suitable for less busy owners who have the opportunity to often buy products and make balanced rations for feeding pets. As a natural product, you can be sure. They are almost completely absorbed by the body of dogs, do not cause allergic manifestations.

But it will be necessary to additionally purchase mineral supplements and vitamins for Chihuahuas with natural nutrition, if they are not sufficiently contained in ordinary foods. Buy them in a veterinary pharmacy. Use strictly in indicated on the packaging doses, mixing in food animals. Especially necessary for a dog are vitamins of group B, E, C, A, minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron.

Table of the exemplary menu of chihuahuas weighing 2 kg per week

What should be included in the diet of Chihuahua

Despite its tiny size, do not forget that the Chihuahua is a full-fledged dog, respectively, a predator. And its diet, for the most part, should consist of protein foods. The basis is animal protein, but vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, fats and essential trace elements must also be present in the diet - the presence of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins of various groups is necessary.

High content of animal protein in the following products:

  • meat - beef, horse meat, veal, lamb, poultry meat,
  • fish,
  • eggs,
  • cheese products
  • fermented milk products.

However, not all of them are suitable as food for Chihuahuas. It is necessary to consider in more detail all the components of the menu of these dogs.

It has already been noted that meat for dogs of this breed is the basis of their nutrition. Chihuahuas can be fed non-fat meats - beef, veal, horse meat. It is undesirable to give it raw, before serving you can boil it or pour it with boiling water.

Kashi, too, must be present in the diet of a tiny pet. It can be buckwheat, rice, corn or rolled oats.

Vegetables are welcome absolutely any, as subjected to heat treatment (best steamed), and raw. In the latter case, to increase their digestibility, vegetables can be chopped on a fine grater and seasoned with low-fat sour cream or vegetable oil. Among all vegetables, carrots are particularly useful for Chihuahua dogs. Carotene, which contains a large amount in this vegetable, has a fruitful effect on the state of coat.

As a treat, you can give your little pet fresh fruit. Among them, it is better to give preference to apples and bananas.

There are a number of products that can be included in the diet of Chihuahuas, but this should be done no more than once a week:

  • Meat products - heart, tongue, liver, lung, kidneys - can be given to dogs, but only in boiled form.
  • Chicken meat is given to a pet no more than two or three times a month, exclusively boiled, as raw chicken may contain dangerous salmonellosis virus. Before serving, it is necessary to remove all the bones from the meat, since chihuahuas can choke on them with small pieces, remove the skin. It is necessary to introduce chicken meat into the dogs menu with caution, since it is considered to be rather allergenic.
  • Fish - sea fish can be offered to a pet more often - twice a week. It should choose a low-fat species, it should be boiled or steam, carefully cleaned of bones.
  • Eggs - one egg per week is enough, it is given to a pet in the form of an omelet or boiled and crushed. You can serve it yourself, or by adding to another food. Raw eggs are not recommended.

Prohibited Products

Chihuahu are special pets that need to adjust the diet. What other dogs need, it is strictly forbidden to give:

  • Raw meat - only boiled, or, in extreme cases, scalded with boiling water. Pork is forbidden to give (neither raw nor boiled).
  • All confectionery products - chocolate, sweets, waffles, etc., should be completely excluded from the diet, as their consumption entails various health problems - disruption of the digestive system, the destruction of tooth enamel, as well as the development of tearing.
  • Fried and fatty food is a harmful food not only for this breed, but also for other dogs and even for humans.
  • Milk - in some breeds, it causes a laxative effect, and Chihuahuas also belong to this category of pets.
  • Pollock and river fish - for many reasons they should not be on the dog's menu.

In addition, this group of products also includes nuts, onions, all legumes, salty and spicy dishes.

An example of the daily diet of an adult chihuahua

The amount of food for this small breed is calculated as follows - from 60 to 80 grams of food per 1 kilogram of body weight. Thus, a two-kilogram pet will need an average of 140 grams of finished products per day. 65-70% of them should be proteinaceous in composition, all other components fall to the rest.

The answer to the question of how many times a day to feed a chihuahua - 2 times divided by morning and evening feeding. And during breaks, it is permissible to treat your four-legged friend with various delicacies - special bones, rye crackers, dry galetny type cookies.

Food must be warm, and the pet must have round-the-clock access to drinking water.

Dog menu might look like this:

  • Morning feeding - lean meat (preferably beef, veal) or fish (steam or boiled), cut into small pieces, with the addition of porridge, boiled from rice or buckwheat. The ratio of products should be as follows - three pieces of meat to one part of the cereal. You can add the dish with grated raw vegetables - zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, seasoned with a teaspoon of sunflower or olive oil.
  • Day snack - you can give the dog only one product - fresh fruit, kefir or yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese. Sometimes it can be an egg omelette or a yolk.
  • Evening feeding - meat boiled or processed with boiled water with steamed or steamed ground vegetables.

Peculiarities of nutrition for dogs bearing puppies and puppies

Naturally, a pregnant animal needs a special diet, as well as a nursing mom and her little babies. First of all, it is necessary to increase the amount of calcium-rich foods in the pet's diet - cottage cheese, cheese, apples, cauliflower, rolled oats.

Since the process of protein overload in the dog's body occurs during pregnancy, it is necessary to remove all meat and fish food from the diet of the future mom a week before the birth.

How to feed a puppy chihuahua? Puppies from the age of three weeks can be introduced as food meat - minced meat from low-fat varieties of beef or veal. For the first time its quantity should not exceed one pea.

Gradually, the portion needs to be increased, and in a month the puppy will already be able to use porridge with meat and kefir.

Chihuahua Ready Feed

If the owner decided to feed the pet with special feeds, this definitely makes the task easier. No need to painstakingly calculate the required rate, just look at the table shown on the packaging. On it, you can easily determine the portion for one feeding, knowing only the weight of your little pet.

Dry food for such crumbs is produced in the form of small granules (the larger the pet, the larger they will be), which can be given dry, or soaked beforehand in a small amount of water. Preserved feed is preferable to give in the form in which they are.

Fodder, made by the latest technologies, attract pets no less than natural products. In addition, manufacturers take into account the balance of nutrients, calculated for a certain type of dogs and their condition (elderly, young, large, small, carrying puppies, etc.) Therefore, you can be sure that the pet will get everything necessary for its growth and full development. With this type of feeding, the dog does not need additional vitamin and mineral supplements, as they are already part of the feed.

After the pet's meal, only the wet food left in the bowl must be cleaned, but the dry food can be there all the time. It does not deteriorate and can retain its properties at room temperature. This is convenient if you do not have time to wait for the dog to be completely full.

There is a mass of various firms specializing in the production of dog food. И если есть желание дать своему любимцу все самое лучшее, стоит остановить свой выбор на известных марках, которые проверены крупными заводчиками и относятся исключительно к премиум категории.Feed of this type is made from high quality products and enriched with necessary additives. In addition, you can consult about feed with experienced breeders of Chihuahua breed dogs. Whatever the owner chooses for his beloved pet, it is important to maintain a balance in the diet.


Until 3 weeks have passed, everything is simple: only mother's milk! Then for puppies the time comes for the first feeding.

Now cottage cheese is perfect for a puppy, as well as beef, which must be scraped off with a knife and rolled into a ball the size of a match head.

All this is pushed into the mouth of a puppy. On the day you need a few pieces, over time, increasing the size and quantity.

Dog experts advise weaning a puppy from the mother on the thirty-third day, but to maintain the immune system for up to two or two and a half months (the time of the first vaccinations), it is better to apply the pups to the bitch’s nipples once or twice a day.

Why not leave feeding chihuahuas without control: let them eat as much as they like until they refuse? For the benefit of the puppies themselves.

Their growing bones can deform the excess fat that is in their mother's milk. To prevent this from artificial feeding, you can check it by touch.

You should easily feel the ribs, they do not protrude visually, but are covered with a small fat layer.

If the ribs are visible - in puppies malnutrition, when you can not grope - overfeeding.

There is another way to see if you are overfeeding a puppy - feel its belly. If, after feeding, it swells, but gives in during pressing - everything is normal. When a dog has a hard tummy - you overfed it.

When the puppy was purchased in the kennel, completely rewrite his old diet (along with it, specify which vaccinations were made, what and when worms were poisoned), at first, better support this feeding of chihuahuas.

Transfer to a new food at home should be gradually.

Dog from month to 1 year

When a puppy is 2 months old, he should receive food 6 times a day, 2-4 - 5 times a day.

Up to 6 months, food is reduced to 4 times a day, a year - up to three times a day.

At 1.5 months, the dog learns about the following products.:

At 3 months the dog eats the same, while milk can be given, the body still absorbs it.

At 4 months it is right to stop giving milk, otherwise with such food the dog will get diarrhea, flatulence and other troubles.

Canned food or natural food

What to give? Vegetables, cereals or meat, or dry food? How much food can I give per day?

Such a question will arise when the dog - the baby stops drinking breast milk: what is the right thing to give - dry food or natural?

Everywhere there are advantages and disadvantages. Plus canned food - the balance of trace elements and calories, vitamins. What to take?

Perfectly suitable "Royal Canin", "Hills", "Proplan", Purina "and so on. Dry food should be soaked in hot water (it can be warm, the instructions say so). Swollen fodder digested easier and faster.

When you want to change food, watch how the dog and its stomach react to the novelty within 5-7 days.

If you feed with dry food, then you can not give the vitamins - there is everything in it. However, it is much easier for the dog to take natural food. Can be give canned and ordinary products. When the owner gives "live" food, it should be remembered that the puppy needs vitamins and other additives.

Once a day, you can, for example, give him vitamin D - 0.5 ml per kg of weight. Beef, fish, egg yolk, banana and apple ...

When you choose a natural diet for your dog, you need to include a wide variety of foods.:

  • first of all, meat. Beef, chicken, turkey. Poultry should be finely chopped, raw beef minced need for some time to fill with hot water,
  • under no circumstances give the puppy a bone. At a minimum, until all the teeth appeared completely,
  • Fish can be given boiled or raw, as well as sliced ​​or ground. It is recommended to do this with a frequency of 1-2 times a week. Avoid fatty fish, pollock, as well as sea and river species,
  • 2 times a week should be mixed in the feed egg yolk. The yolk must be boiled in order to avoid salmonella infection,
  • among fruits, give preference to apples and bananas. Apples need to wipe, and banana - knead with a fork. He, by the way, is an excellent cure for diarrhea.
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Mineral Supplements and Vitamins

Do not give concentrated vitamin supplements! Do not need fish oil. In the vetaptek you can choose a complex that was created specifically for Chihuahua puppies, for example. It has detailed instructions.

A small dog needs mineral supplements that contain bone meal, phytin, as well as other substances necessary for good bone and spinal tissue formation.

More detailed advice can be obtained in the Chihuahua sections of dog clubs.

Do not overdose, which can form brittle bones or fractures of limbs.

An adult dog is not afraid: all excess minerals are easily washed out of its body.

Adult dog food

An adult dog needs to be fed 2 times a day - morning and evening. In the breaks, you can throw her a special biscuit for dogs, biscuits or bones from the skin of a bull, ears of pigs, and give fruits.

In hot weather, it is desirable to reduce pet meals to one time.

Older pets can eat three times a day. This is quite a normal diet for old men Chihuahua. Sometimes a pet may not eat all day, but this is normal: dogs also do not always have a good appetite.

The author of this video is the happy owner of sneeze, for 6 years. Therefore, it is worthwhile to listen to her pet feeding recommendations.

General tips and tricks

Chihuahua dogs can be fed using dry food, wet canned foods or organic foods. The most convenient way to buy ready-made feed, balanced incomposed of all components. The high cost of super-premium products can only be justified by a good composition, it must be carefully read on the packaging. Some manufacturers unnecessarily overpriced.

For an adult dog of small size, it is advisable to leave a small amount of dry food in a bowl if the owner is not home all day. Small individuals weighing up to 1.5 kg are very vulnerable. They have disturbed thermoregulation with a long absence of food, they may even faint.

How to feed a puppy chihuahua

When buying a puppy, you need to ask the breeder what kind of food he ate. A sharp transition from one type of food to another will lead to problems with the digestive tract. In the nursery, most often animals give dry food. If you do not like the food to which the baby has become accustomed, you can transfer it to a new diet gradually, over a month.

Buying food in the store, pay attention to the mark "For puppies from 0 to 12 months." Before 4 months old, dry food must be soaked. For one feeding for 1 small sneeze will take about 2 tbsp. spoons soaked granules.

Dry food is poured with cold water in a small amount so that all the liquid is absorbed and it does not need to be drained. Pellets absorb water quickly: after 5 minutes after soaking, they can be poured into a dog bowl.

If the puppy refuses to eat, and it is not caused by the disease, it is better to leave it alone until the next feeding. From 3 months to six months, the dogs are fed 4 times a day, then transferred to 3 meals a day, after 1 year they are given food 2 times a day.

Wanting to grow a puppy on natural food, for it make up a daily varied diet. Do not panic, thinking that the dog every day should get everything in a strictly balanced form. It is enough that during the week the baby will eat everything necessary for its growth. He needs about 100 grams of protein food per 1 kg of weight per day. Meat, fish, poultry make up 50–70% of the daily diet, about 20–35% of the food is taken up by vegetables and 10–15% by porridge. Dairy products (low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt) can be given daily in one feeding.

Proper and healthy diet for an adult dog

The choice of food always remains for the owner. Ready-made dry and canned high quality feeds are most suitable for the animal's body. Some chihuahuas may overeat, so It is necessary to comply with the daily feed rate, corresponding to the weight of the dog, it is usually indicated by the manufacturer on the package.

By prefix to the name, you can determine for whom the feed is specifically intended:

  • Small Breed - for small breeds,
  • Puppy - for puppies,
  • Senior or Senior Dog - for older dogs over 8 years old.

It is important to choose food for small breeds, it differs not only in composition (contains less protein), but also in the size of the granules. Sneezes are picky, so new food for them is better to buy in small quantities.

Low-quality food, in contrast to the holists, contain corn grits, hard for digestion, bone meal instead of meat, soy, a lot of food additives, preservatives. Continuous food in this mode will reduce the activity and quality of life of the dog.

Wet food for chihuahua

Ready-made dog food is of two types - dry and wet canned. You can feed only dry or only canned food. If they are combined, then the first should be 75%, the second - 25%.

Properly feed dry and wet food from one manufacturer or at least one class. Choosing something new for a pet, they look at the composition of canned food, preference is given to those in which there is real meat. Leaving wet food in a dog bowl for a long time can not be, it quickly deteriorates.

Better feed an older dog

For older animals there are special foods that take into account the changing needs. With great pleasure they eat wet dog food.

Sometimes with age, dogs acquire diseases that require adherence to a special diet. Then the veterinarian can help in the choice of food. Dogs requiring special diets should not be given organic foods, this will lead to irreversible consequences.

If a chihuahua has spent her whole life on a naturalka and does not have any special health problems, then in old age it is inhumane to introduce dry food into her diet. An elderly dog ​​should definitely be given vitamin and mineral supplements, fermented milk products. A lot of nutrients contains meat scar. If a dog in youth did not try this treat, you can enter it into the diet after 8 years. If you have problems with your teeth, the meat will have to be minced to the state of minced meat, vegetables and porridges should only be ground.

The choice of feeding type always remains with the owner. Most often, even experienced dog lovers prefer mixed food. In addition to high-quality dry food, adding kefir, raw meat, fresh vegetables to the dog’s diet. The best indicator of the correct choice of food will be the health and activity of the pet.

First meal

During the first three weeks of life, puppies eat only their mother’s milk. It contains all the necessary for the proper growth and development of the baby substance. Approximately a month the puppies begin to give the first lure. For example, soaked pieces of finished food premium or super premium class.

Buyers pick up a Chihuahua puppy when it is about two months old. Usually by this time the baby is already eating independently. The new owner needs to learn from the breeder what the dog ate.

The first time will have to feed the puppy with the same food that he ate at the breeder. Transfer the pet to another diet should be gradually, so as not to disrupt the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Feeding mode

To properly care for your pet, you need to know what diet you need at a certain age. Chihuahua feeding should occur several times a day, and as they grow older, this number decreases, while the daily amount of food increases.

In two months, you must feed your puppy six times a day. From two months to four, you need to reduce food intake to five times a day. From four months to six, the dog is already fed four times a day. From six months to twelve, it will be enough to feed the Chihuahua three times a day. After twelve months, an adult dog is fed twice a day. This usually occurs in the morning and evening.

Choosing a feeding system

The diet is of two types:

  • ready feed,
  • natural products.

How to feed a Chihuahua is up to you. But remember that you can not dramatically move from one diet to another. It is also undesirable to mix different types of food. All this is bad for the physical condition of the dog. Caring for a pet should be properly.

Natural Products

For the preparation of a diet of natural products will need not only strength, but also some knowledge. If you do not have time for cooking for a dog at home, then you should not take it.

In order for the puppy to develop as expected, it is necessary to properly care for him. Composing a diet for a puppy from natural products, you need to take into account that the food should not only be tasty, but also useful. Therefore, the daily menu should consist of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral foods and vitamins.

Protein can be served in the form of meat, fish, cottage cheese, cheese. Carbohydrates are found in rice, wheat, potatoes, pasta. Fats can be given to the puppy in the form of the same meat or add vegetable oil to food.

Vitamin and mineral supplements can be purchased at the pet store or vetapteka. It is best to consult a veterinarian to find out how much you need to give the dog complementary foods. He will select for your puppy individual rate.

Meat can be given boiled beef or veal. From offal - kidneys, liver, heart. Before you give your pet meat products, they must be boiled, otherwise the risk of infection with worms.

If you are going to give the puppy sea fish, then it also needs to be cooked, and then free from bones. Fish is served twice a week, replacing meat with it.

Once a week, give one egg in the form of an omelet. To it you can add vegetable salad and porridge.

From cereals can be given rice, oats, buckwheat, making porridge from them. Do not use milk when cooking. It is best to do it on water or meat broth. If you are going to feed your puppy macaroni, then feed them in a well-cooked form. To please the baby, you can sprinkle them with grated cheese. In general, grated cheese can sprinkle any ready-made dish. Potatoes can be given to the dog in boiled form, without adding salt.

From dairy products it is best to give preference to cottage cheese or homemade cheese, kefir, ryazhenka. Give up milk. If you give the dog milk, then she can have diarrhea. But the nursing bitch to give tea with milk is necessary. This drink helps your dog's body produce milk.

Vegetables, first best cooked or put out. If you decide to grate raw vegetables and make a salad, then you need to add vegetable oil and greens to it.

Vitamins for chihuahuas can be found not only in special foods and vegetables, but also in fruits. Especially in apples. Fruit must be served in a clean and chopped form.

Sometimes you can give puppies crackers. They are perfect for the development of jaw muscles. Also chopped carrot is suitable for this purpose.

The diet of an adult chihuahua at home is practically no different from the menu for a puppy. After a year, the dog needs to be fed only twice a day. The number of products increases. Vitamin and mineral supplements should be given according to the age of the pet. As a delicacy suitable low-fat cheese, chopped carrots or apples.

The following table shows the standard diet by month. This is the daily rate, which must be divided by the number of feedings, according to the above rules.

Useful tips

It is necessary to care for your chihuahua correctly so that the dog is comfortable. During feeding always use the following rules:

Never feed your dog too hot or cold food. Food should be at room temperature.

Never feed a pet from your table. Teach your Chihuahua to eat: she must eat in her place at the right time. The exception is low-fat cheese, vegetables and fruits, which can be given as a reward.

In the hot season it is best to feed the dog once a day. But the pet must always have access to water. It should not be from the tap or boiled. It is best to use a filter or purchase clean bottled water. You need to change the water in the bowl three or four times a day.

The daily amount of food should be evenly divided into small portions for the whole day. Watch how the Chihuahua eats. If after feeding the food remains, it means that the dog has a lot of such food. If the pet continues to lick the bowl, then the amount of feed should be slightly increased.

Do not overdo it - it is strictly prohibited to overfeed a super mini dog. Otherwise, pet health problems can not be avoided. For example, possibly obesity, impaired work in the musculoskeletal system of the dog.

Natural products must be of high quality. If the products began to disappear, they should be immediately thrown out so that the pet does not poison itself. Always wash your fruits and vegetables well. Pay special attention to fermented milk products: cottage cheese, homemade cheese, ryazhenka should always be fresh. В противном случае может нарушиться работа кишечника.

Не стоит готовить еду из натуральных продуктов на несколько дней вперед. Если же вы все же делаете заготовки, то всегда храните их в холодильнике.

Если у собаки начался понос, прекратите на сутки ее кормить. При этом у собаки должен быть доступ к воде. If the diarrhea is not over in two days, and the chihuahua has lost his appetite, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Do not use candy or cookies to promote. For this purpose, perfectly suited low-fat cheese, fruit, or pieces of raw carrots.