How long does a toy terrier live? Breed description, photos


Are you interested in how many Russian toy and mini terriers live? From this article you will learn not only the average and maximum possible life span of an animal, but also understand how to care for your pet, to preserve its health and ensure longevity.

How many years have toy terriers lived?

Has a toy terrier appeared in your house or soon? Many future owners care about how much such a baby will live. After all, toychiki seem so fragile. And you get attached to the dog very strongly, and you want the sad day of parting to come as late as possible. So, how many toy terrier dogs live?

Of course, it is impossible to accurately predict how long a particular dog will live. This is influenced by a large number of factors, ranging from genetics to the influence of lifestyle.

Dogs of different breeds have different lifespans. And most often, the larger the dog, the less it will live. For example, great dogs live 7-9 years, spaniels 11-14, and lapdogs - 17-22 years!

How long does a toy terrier live? Like other small dogs, their lifespan is quite long - an average of 10-15 years.

The owners of the toy can be frightened when the dog starts to lose teeth. “Is old age really? A dog is only 5 years old! ”Do not worry, early tooth loss is not a sign of decay of the body, it is a feature of the breed. Even a dog that has lost its teeth at a young age has every chance of living a long life.

Records of longevity

How many Russian toy terriers live? In fact, many toi overcome and 15-year milestone. A large number of early deaths occur due to inexperience or carelessness of the owners.

Many dogs not only celebrate their fifteenth birthday, but also live much longer. Some dogs live to be 20-23 years old, there are also unconfirmed data about a dog that has lived for 30 years.

If the dog eats properly, regularly receives physical exertion in the fresh air, then it will live more than 15 years, which is not at all small, especially when compared with dogs of large breeds.

How many mini toy terriers live

Toy Terrier standard size should be from 18 to 30 centimeters in height and weight from a kilogram to three. No mini and super mini standard is provided. Thus, dogs weighing 1.5-2 kilograms, which breeders are often referred to as mini-toys, are in fact quite standard representatives of the breed. Dogs on the lower limit of weight, less than one and a half kilograms, are not allowed to breed.

Health dogs weighing less than 1.5 kilograms can be called more fragile. Such crumbs are easier to injure, so the owners need to be extremely careful. The smaller the animal, the harder and faster the disease, and the diagnosis is complicated. A kilogram dog is hard to take blood for biochemical analysis, there will be difficulties even with urine collection. Vaccinations tiny dogs suffer harder.

Do not forget that the miniature size may initially be caused by the disease. How many live toy terriers are super mini? Some sources indicate that their lifespan is only from three to five years. When buying a puppy, do not forget that even the smallest member of the breed should not look gaunt, be too thin or sluggish. Even a small format puppy is plump and jolly.

Factors affecting life expectancy

There are several factors that adversely affect the life expectancy of dogs.

We have already figured out how much toy terriers live in super mini size. Still, dwarfism in all animal species is not the norm and is associated with various diseases and, accordingly, is characterized by a shorter lifespan.

On average, women live longer than men, and in dogs, bitches usually live for a year or two longer males.

Castrated animals also live longer on average. This is due, primarily, to the low risk of cancer, in particular cancer of the genital organs. Moreover, studies have shown that the earlier the sterilization was carried out, the less risk.

Of great importance is the quality of care. Even if you have a large apartment, and a toychik is quite small in size, he needs fresh air. In the cold season, the dog must be dressed to avoid hypothermia. In winter, you will need shoes. Do not forget about regular veterinary inspections.

How many toy terriers live depends on heredity. It is advisable to find out in advance what diseases the puppy's parents were ill with, and also you need to be aware of common diseases in the representatives of the breed. Of course, if among the ancestors of the puppy met longevity, then this property could be transferred to your dog.

Nutrition - the most important part of animal care, and this factor can greatly affect the life expectancy. Feeding human food leads to chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It should be remembered that the condiments and spices with which we spice up our food are very harmful to dogs. Even the usual salt animals should eat in very small quantities.

Obesity is also very dangerous, leading to problems with the liver and heart. The life of a dog with excess weight is significantly reduced. Often, an excess of love and owners leads to problems. Even if it seems to you that a piece of sausage or candy will not cause much harm, listen to the voice of reason. For a small dog, even a tiny piece of harmful food can be dangerous. If that turned out to be a beggar, and you find it difficult to refuse him, use special treats for dogs, but in small quantities. Toy terriers can be very voracious, but you should not exceed the recommended amount of feed.

You can choose or feeding special dry food, or natural food. In the first case, it is better to prefer premium or super premium food. If you choose the second option, then pay special attention to the balance of nutrition.

Aging Toy Terrier

An aging dog becomes less active, it sleeps for a long time, it has problems with sight and hearing, gray hairs appear on the head and face. If such signs appeared at an early age, at 5-6 years old, this does not characterize the dog as a potential long-liver. But if your dog is healthy and merry and at 13-15 years old, then he has every chance to celebrate his 20th anniversary or even to get to the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

English toy terrier: breed description, photo, how many live

Many people represent the toy terrier as a small dog held by a socialite. The frightened look of the peep-hole buttons, the quivering body, the bow on the head are what many people know about the terrier. This is not always the case. Terriers are a huge family that unites 60 species. Today we will only meet with some representatives.

English toy terrier. Brisk, little dog. The growth of which is not more than 30 cm. Large hanging ears slightly pointed at the ends. Often, an English toy terrier is compared to a bat. Experts do not have a common opinion of where and when this breed appeared.

Previously, they tried to teach these dogs to catch rodents, but now they are increasingly turning on them as a companion, friend. These "rodent hunters" have unrelenting energy, which is always looking for a way out. The Englishman is a "perpetual motion machine", he does not sit still, constantly exploring what is happening in the house of the new. This does not interfere with keeping the terrier even in a small apartment. It may even seem ridiculous for the first time, but these babies are real caretakers of the home. They treat strangers with suspicion and will surely warn their owners about aliens by ringing barking. How many toy terriers live, whether they often get sick - questions that interest all owners. The disadvantages of this type include frequent hereditary diseases. Veterinarians are advised to carefully monitor the health of the dog. It is better to be observed at the same doctor who will know your pet and observe the dynamics of growth and development. This will allow your pet to live with you for at least 15 years.

Virtues of an Englishman

Each owner of an English toy terrier with admiration speaks of his little friend. These animals are very friendly, positive and affectionate. The nature of the dogs docile, soft. A big plus of the breed is wool. It is dense, dense, practically does not fade and rarely causes allergic reactions. It is worth noting that the Queen of England, Victoria, was the favorite dog of that toy terrier. How long does a toy terrier live in England? From about the middle of the 19th century. Now this species is considered gradually disappearing, and the dog breeders of Britain are making every effort to save the "Englishman."

In Soviet times, toy terriers were brought to our country. Dog handlers were able to display the look "Moscow to-terrier", typical for dogs was long hair. Pet appeared then in many Moscow families.

Yorkshire Terrier

The appearance of the Yorkshire Terrier is definitely fabulous, even some kind of unearthly. Every owner of York supports the divine beauty of the pet. Caring for such a friend needs a special one, it is akin to the whole art.

The small head is slightly flattened from above; a pretty, medium-sized muzzle is decorated with silky hair. Through her thick cover, like black beads, you can see eyes. Erect ears are V-shaped, perfect hearing picks up all sounds. When he heard something wrong, the terrier immediately lets know about his premonitions with a bark of cautious warning.

The front legs are covered with wool, round, the fingers on them are tightly in contact, black claws also require special care. All the movements of York are quick, quick, which precisely defines the general character traits of all terriers. The tail is located above the level of the back, at an early age it is cut short in half the length. When a dog has a good mood, she always keeps the tail up.

Virtues of york

The dignity of the Yorkshire Terrier is its outfit - a shiny, long, silky, thin coat that hangs evenly on both sides of the calf. Wool usually has a color of blue-silver on the tail and body. The chest and head of the color of golden tan often turning into a golden-cream. There are other colors where the predominant color is black rather than silver blue. The fur is impressively displayed, where only saturated-fiery and black color are combined. Small puppies are always black, they have only small red spots on their paws and face. Over time, the color changes.

How many live Yorkshire terriers, so much and require a very thorough care. Before you start such a pet, be prepared for this. Standard life expectancy in dogs is 13-16 years, but with a very careful attitude to their health, some live to 20 years.

Russian toy terrier

The main feature of the Russian toy terrier breed is its miniature size. This elegant dog is a godsend for fashionable ladies. Toychik can easily fit in a handbag, you can go shopping, attend exhibitions and social events. The Russian toy terrier is exclusively an ornamental breed and dogs constantly need comfortable living conditions, warmth and care. How many toy terriers of this species live - the hostesses think about it often, because attachment to a small dog occurs immediately and you don’t feel like losing it.

For such babies, entire shops and salons have been created where you can buy everything for them: from food to clothing. "Russian" is different from other types of growth, at the withers it reaches only 20-25 centimeters.

What does a Russian toy terrier look like?

With a growth of 20-25 centimeters adult dog reaches a weight of 2-3 pounds. Russian toy terriers are mostly smooth-haired, but sometimes they are found with long hair. Distinctive features: small head, large ears high-placed in the form of a triangle, swan dry neck, very expressive eyes, thin bones with dry, strong muscles of the back, deep chest, sharp transition from nose to forehead, muzzle pointed, dry, thin lips.

No veterinarian can say for sure how long Russian toy terriers live. How much time the dog will be close to the owner depends on many factors. This includes both heredity, and proper care, and the presence of disease, and timely necessary assistance. On average, the life span of this species is 10-15 years. But there are cases when dogs live from 15 to 25 years. To the peculiarities of the Russian toychika can be attributed to early tooth loss. This, however, does not affect the lifespan.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are very smart, active, always positive. Plus breed - small size and compactness. Jack Russell is always next to his master - on a shopping trip, on a walk or even at home on the couch in front of the TV. The origin of his hunting. But despite this, he is very affectionate and loves to play with children, he is the first friend to go for walks in games. Jack Russell Terrier is the main character of the comedy film “The Mask” and this is no coincidence. The true cheerful character of a terrier precisely approached the plot of the film and the behavior of the main character. These mischievous dogs, as if little tomboos are always in active movement and play, with them in the house always reigns fun and laughter. How many live Jack Russell Terriers? On average, 10-15 years, depending on the conditions of detention and hereditary diseases of the dog.

Characteristics of the Russian toy terrier

  • Growth: (height at withers) 20-28 centimeters.
  • Weight: up to 3 kilograms.
  • Characteristic color: black and tan, red in various shades, brown and tan, blue and tan.
  • Wool length: there is a long-haired and sleek-haired breed.
  • How many live Russian toy terriers: from 12 to 18 years, there are long-livers.
  • Dignity dog: perfectly amenable to training, cheerful optimist, who loves to follow the owner everywhere. That terrier feels great even in a small apartment.
  • Breed difficulties: prone to stress, has a labile psyche and does not tolerate a nervous atmosphere, can be authoritarian and loves to bark.
  • The price of the Russian toy terrier: for a puppy without documents - 100-200 dollars, a puppy with a pedigree of 500-800 dollars.

The origin of the breed

The Russian toy terrier is a domestic breed, bred in the fifties by Moscow cynologists. The population of small size decorative dogs was heterogeneous and heterogeneous. The main effort was to get the dog combining the best qualities English toy terrier with a fundamentally new phenotype of decorative dogs.

As a result, already in 2006, the Russian breed, including the long-haired and sleek-haired variety, was officially recognized by FCI. The popularity of these dogs for several years has increased enormously, helped by the small size, cute appearance and cheerful character of the toys.

The purpose of the Russian toy terrier

Russian that is a decorative breed, and its main purpose - please their owners. But these small companion dogs have many advantages: they are excellent guards and will always give an alarm when they see an outsider.

All members of this breed have a serious, stubborn character, inherent to terriers, and they, with appropriate training fearlessly attack a stranger. At home, surrounded by family members, the small dog is always ready for games and fun, loves to travel with the owner and is the perfect pet.

Dog character

A small dog with a big soul and a serious character - so can you say about any kind of terrier. These babies do not know fear and imagine themselves big and strong, no doubt and hesitation will rush to protect their master from real or imaginary danger, will be vigilantly guarding the home. When meeting with another dog of any size, he will definitely start to bully, especially for males.

Extremely active and energetic dogs love to play, walk and engage. Their high intelligence requires constant development, they are perfectly trained and easily learn various tricks and tricks. It is somewhat more difficult for Russian students to learn endurance, as they have a furious temperament.

How to choose a puppy

Large kennels and responsible breeders offer puppies that have reached the age of forty-five days for sale. It is at this age that puppies are conducted by the club's livestock specialist and a mark is put on which the dog can later be identified. Puppies by this age should twice get the drug from wormsFor each baby they get a veterinary passport.

One and a half puppies are fully prepared for moving to a new family. By this age they have milk teeth, bite should be scissor. The tummy of the baby should not be large and puffed up, and the legs are curved. Щенки должны быть активными, любознательными и игривыми, с ясными живыми глазами и блестящей шерсткой.

Намереваясь приобрести той терьера, следует определиться, для чего покупается щенок: для участия в выставках, дальнейшего разведения или просто в качестве домашнего любимца. От этого зависит цена и внешний вид, то есть, экстерьер питомца. The metric of a puppy, which the owner will then exchange for pedigree, is required for promising kids. The pedigree is not obligatory for pets, or the breeder makes a “not for breeding” mark on the puppy card.

Some people prefer to purchase adults to avoid the hassle and worries associated with caring for a small pet. On the one hand, this is a rational approach, especially if you buy an exhibition dog, because you can see all the advantages of the exterior, you can not hide the flaws. But often, an adult terrier has an already established character, which does not always meet the desires of the new owner. Mental problems, various behavioral anomalies - this sometimes becomes an unpleasant surprise for the owner.

Care and maintenance

The Russian toy terrier is a decorative breed whose representatives need to keep only at home, as in the street the dog will just die. When a puppy is brought home, it is so small that it is scary to take it outside, especially if it is cold outside. Many owners tend to teach the child to recover in the tray, and it is possible, but when the dog grows up, there is a chance that he will make puddles where he wants. Approximately half of the adults toevs are put on the owners' beds, carpets and other textiles, and males mark soft toys and curtains. This is due to the fact that the puppy was allowed to make puddles in the house.

To prevent this, it is advisable to start carrying the baby out on the street from the first day. They do this immediately after eating, sleeping and during the game, always carrying the puppy to the same place. That terrier quickly understands what is required of him, and within a month the baby he will ask on the street.

When the puppy grows up, and the course of compulsory vaccinations will be passed, he will have to walk with him for at least an hour a day. In cold weather, the dog is put on a warm jumpsuit, because their wool has no undercoat. Walking in the fresh air, games and small jogs strengthen the puppy's health, give him the range of motion necessary for development. Read more about caring for him here ...

The better to feed the Russian toy terrier

You can feed them prepared dry food or natural food. The finished feed must contain more than 25% protein in order for the baby to develop properly. When choosing a natural food, the puppy is given raw beef, boiled beef, dairy products, cereals and boiled carrots and cabbage.

Toy terriers possess sensitive digestion, therefore, a change of feed can cause intestinal upset. You should definitely ask the breeder what the puppies ate, and feed the baby with this particular food for the first few days.

Briefly about training

The training of these little dogs brings pleasure to both the owner and the pet, especially if teams that require activity are forgotten. Apporting, calling out, ring training, jumping and stunts - she loves it all. But on the commands requiring exposure, the owner will have to work hard. Dogs of this breed are not required to be trained under any program. They perfectly grasp new teams in the game, surprising households with their acumen.

Puppies can teach obedience from the first days, dogs of this breed grow up very early, and all prohibitions concerning an adult dog must be strictly carried out in communication with a puppy. You can not let growl at family members or bite them, climb on the bed or on the table. A smart consistent owner’s behavior will be definitely appreciated by a smart dog and raised by a well-bred dog.

Advantages and disadvantages of the breed

Breed advantages:

  • The size of the terrier is small, which allows you to take it with you everywhere, these dogs are allowed into hotels without any problems,
  • With the small size of the - perfect call, sensitive and not losing vigilance,
  • Dogs of this breed easily get along with other pets, they treat all members of their pack with tenderness,
  • Unpretentiousness and small size make it possible to keep them even in the smallest apartments.
  • Activity and readiness for learning, ease of learning commands.

Breed deficiencies:

  • Stressful, difficult to endure quarrels and misunderstandings in the family, delicately dislike,
  • There are too noisy, love to bark,
  • Males unnecessarily cocky to other dogs of their gender,
  • That terriers have very fragile bones, often breaking paws, jumping from a height.


Toy terriers differ in small sizes: height - no more than 30 cm, weight reaches 3 kg. With seeming fragility, they live longer than large rocks: an average of 10 to 15 years. For comparison: the indicators for dogs are up to 9, for spaniels - up to 14 years.

Most toy terriers live longer than 15 years, the majority of deaths at an early age are caused by inexperience or irresponsibility of the owners. With proper care, nutrition, regular physical exertion and walks, many representatives of the breed live to 20-22 years.

The absolute champion is a dog, lived to be 30 years old. The longevity of the breed is explained by their ability to recover quickly and recover from an illness. But to strengthen the immune system, they need activity in the fresh air.

Features mini varieties

There are toy terriers of the smallest parameters, their weight does not exceed 1.5-2 kg. The standards do not provide a separate mini-breed. This name stuck among the breeders because of the appearance of ordinary representatives of the toy terrier.

Dogs weighing up to 1.5 kg are not allowed to breed. They are fragile, more prone to injury, require increased attention.

Toy terriers with a mass of less than 1.5 kg are more likely to get sick, while at the same time they endure health problems. The diagnosis is also complicated: in small dogs it is more difficult to take blood or urine for analysis. They tolerate vaccinations much worse than larger breeds.

Too small a size is initially a consequence of genetic abnormalities or systemic diseases. Dwarfism is not considered normal in all breeds and adversely affects their health.

The number of years spent in a super mini is an order of magnitude less, ranging from 3 to 5 years. At the time of purchase should choose a well-fed, active and fun puppies. Miniature dogs should not be lethargic and haggard.

What determines the approach of old age

In addition to size, the following factors affect the longevity of a Russian toy terrier:

  • Floor. Males on average live less by 1-2 years under similar conditions of detention.
  • Sterilization. After castration, the terriers live longer due to the reduced risk of a tumor, including the genital organs. As a result of the research, it turned out that the likelihood of cancer is lower for those who were sterilized earlier.

All dogs need fresh air, daily walks. Otherwise, the lack of movement leads to rickets, diseases of the joints. In cold weather, hypothermia should not be allowed, it is recommended to wear a pet, and in winter take care of warm shoes.

Overheating is also dangerous, it is necessary to limit exposure to the sun, to exclude the presence of a heater next to the bed. Timely help with diseases, their prevention.

Mandatory regular check-ups at the veterinarian, adherence to the vaccination schedule and de-worming. Genetic features. Life expectancy depends on heredity.

Before buying, it is better to be immediately interested in what diseases are found in parents in order to ensure prevention. If among them there are long-lived, puppies can inherit this property. You need to get acquainted with the characteristic diseases of the breed.

When caring for a toy terrier, it is important to consider its features. The breed is characterized by fragility of bones, which leads to fractures when jumping from a height. Any injuries affect the general health of the pet, you can not put him on the chairs, other furniture.

It is necessary to consider the susceptibility of toy-terriers to stress. They are very sensitive to quarrels in the family, hard to tolerate a negative atmosphere. We must not allow hostility towards the dog, he recognizes it well.

Proper nutrition

Sophisticated diet significantly increases life expectancy. If the nutrition of a toy terrier consists of ordinary human food, it may develop chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

Dogs can not eat a lot of salt, from the diet you need to completely eliminate various spices. When buying a puppy in a kennel, it is better to find out the schedule of its feeding and try to follow it at home. Due to early loss of teeth, a terrier may have indigestion; it is better to give it soft, chopped food.

The menu may consist of dry food or natural products. Food should be balanced and comprehensive, with the addition of vitamins to strengthen bones. Feed is better to choose from premium - class. Saving on a dog's diet will lead to diseases, the treatment of which will require large amounts of money.

It is impossible to prevent obesity, which adversely affects the heart and liver, significantly reduces the life of the pet. You should not give sausages, sweets, even in small quantities, they are dangerous to the health of the dog.

If you want to pamper your baby, and he likes to beg for goodies, you need to buy special treats for him. Dogs do not know the measure, the owner must take care of compliance with the recommended standards.

Signs of aging

The owners of the Russian toy terrier are frightened of falling out of teeth at the pet, many take it as a sign that the dog has reached old age. Do not take this fact for a symptom of wilting of the body. The loss of teeth refers to the characteristics of the breed, begins at 5-7, sometimes at 3 years, with the majority living up to 12-15 years.

Signs of aging toy terrier include:

  • Reduced activity - manifested gradually. A sharp change in behavior indicates the appearance of the disease. An aging pet plays less and pays attention to other animals while walking. Increasing the duration of sleep.

  • The animal begins to rest more often and longer. Problems with hearing and vision impairment. You can not get angry if the pet has not heard and has not responded to the team, at this time he especially needs affection and attention. The appearance of gray hairs on the head, the first visible on the lower jaw.

If the symptoms are observed in a dog at 5-6 years old, then it is unlikely to become a long-liver. But proper nutrition and proper care will help her to please the owner for many years. The activity and cheerfulness of a pet at 12-14 years of age indicates a high probability of celebrating the 20th anniversary. How long the Russian type terriers live depends largely on the owner. If the pet is given enough affection, care and attention, the probability of longevity increases significantly.

How many live Russian toy terriers

Life expectancy for a person is an averaged concept based on statistics. Similarly for dogs. If you compare dogs of large breeds with small ones, the statistics indicate a short life span of large four-legged friends. Our toy terrier on the background of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog or Great Dane looks like a long-liver.

How many years, on average, live Russian toy terriers? Again, based on statistics, it can be said that the life span of decorative pets varies from ten to fifteen years. The longest life expectancy among terriers is recorded in Yorkshire - 22 years, and among the toys - 18 years.

Now let's talk about whether this is a lot or a little and what influences how long the Russian Terriers live.

The number of years measured by a miniature pet depends on many components. This includes both heredity and care, and acquired diseases, and the timeliness of care when necessary.
Amazing miniature breed stands out against the background of other members of the canine family, its fragility. Moreover, in the truest sense of the word. The propensity to injury - this is perhaps the sacrifice that was made in the name of the glory of the smallest dog in the world.

Since that terrier was bred as a lap dog, a long pastime in an enclosed space, the absence of active walks and a lack of movement lead to joint diseases and rickets. At the same time, outdoor games, running around for grasshoppers and butterflies, give this not only a good mood and energy boost, but also reduce the risks of hypodynamia.

As you understand, the conditions of the pet and determine the life of the dog.

Proper balanced diet.

The dog does not need a special diet. But preference should be given to protein foods. At the same time, the food should be enriched with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients. It is best to feed your pet with ready-made feeds that are age-appropriate. No need to save on the stern or try to feed the pet off the table. Human food or cheap (low quality) food will affect the health of the terrier. The cost of drugs, you yourself know what. The amount you spend on the purchase of medicines will exceed the cost of a good quality dog ​​food.


With genes, as you understand, nothing can be done. All that can be advised on this issue, so it is a serious attitude to the choice of a puppy. Ask the breeder, from whom you take the baby to demonstrate the parents, pay attention to the behavior and appearance of the mother and father. Serious flaws will be noticeable to the naked eye. Visually invisible diseases and vices can be determined using the special literature in order to be fully armed on typical Toy issues.

Of course, if you see charming puppies in the kennel, you can get confused. However, make at least the most elementary - watch them. Pay attention to active and well-fed kids. Excessive brittleness and shivering is useless, as it may indicate underfeeding or problems with digestion. A healthy toy is sociable and curious, like all kids. Feel free to contact the person. And yet, it will be correct if you buy a dog from a responsible breeder with an ideal reputation.

Caring for animals.

We talked about feeding separately. And we will take care of - veterinarian consultation and prevention. As soon as you notice minor changes in your pet's behavior, contact your veterinarian. Rapid response will allow timely detection of health problems and start treatment. If your fears turn out to be false, then once again check your pet with a specialist will not hurt. As for preventive measures, you should get timely vaccination with that terrier and, as a rule, visit a dog doctor at least once a quarter.

How many live mini terriers

Given the exclusivity of the variety of the toy terrier and knowing how long the mini terrier lives, think a few times before you get such an animal. After all, dwarfism - a kind of disease, even for people is not the norm.

That miniature mini toy is inherent in a short, even by dog ​​standards, life - 5-7 years. They have much more health problems due to bone fragility and poor anatomy.

On top of that, the owners themselves reduce the life of the miniature animal. Than? Yes, with my love. I want so much to feed the little shaking frail little body that the owners do not even think that the size of the ventricle and liver of the mini-toy is not able to digest the food offered to it.

The approaching old age of the animal, is not yet a reason to say goodbye to it ahead of time. Aging dogs are not so active, they are much calmer while walking, they play less and sleep more. As in humans, gray hair appears, most often on the muzzle and lower jaw. The dog loses sight and hearing. The pet's immunity decreases and it becomes susceptible to diseases. If the dog becomes phlegmatic and stops responding to commands, reduce it to the dog doctor for a hearing test.

For that terrier, as for no other breed, a significant sign of aging is wear on the teeth. The animal may begin to lose molars and premolars from the age of four. And in five or six years to be almost toothless. And although the official age of the canine family is eight years, accept your pet's early retirement with understanding.

The venerable old age of a miniature terrier may not last a year or two. The decrease in the intensity of the process and the attentive attitude of the owner to the animal can give even more years of life.
Only your attention, care and caress will give a living being a long and happy life.