The most popular dog breeds


There are many reasons why the most popular dog breeds in Russia have become small. In the mid-90s, there was tension and even fear in the society. People tried to get big dog guards, for example, shepherd dogs, or fighting dogs - bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers.

In zero, society "exhaled," and the dog became a companion rather than a protector. In addition, in a city apartment is much cheaper and more convenient to keep a small dog.

10. Cocker Spaniel

Spaniels are very energetic dogs that, for most of their lives, behave like puppies. This is corrected by training, long walks and physical activity, but the breeder, who decided to start a cocker spaniel, should be aware of this.

In addition, the cocker spaniel requires careful maintenance. Their long hair should be regularly combed and trimmed; the dog should be washed at least once a week. By the way, spaniels swim great.

Today bigley hold mainly because of their small size and cheerful, affectionate nature. The inherent instinct of the explorer creates difficulties in his upbringing: the beagle loves to run away in an unknown direction in search of adventure, so it’s not worth lowering him off the leash.

Bigley has a friendly character, he will feel good in a big family, especially if there are children in it.

The most popular breeds of the world

In almost every country there are clear favorites, love for which is due to the mentality or the peculiarities of climatic conditions.

Low hunting dogs with a disproportionately long body have a huge army of fans. It is unpretentious in the home, for its maintenance does not have to spend a lot of financial resources. But the return from such a pet will be enormous, since it can be described as a devoted, intelligent and wonderful companion.

Bold and courageous, they will always protect their master. These cunning and clever creatures strive to achieve their goals, so owners should start training and socializing taxes very early.

Affectionate and friendly pets, quite energetic and mobile at a young (up to 2-3 years) age. They will be the perfect friend for the child and a reliable companion for an adult. Pugs get along well with other animals in the house, they are clean, do not require special care and practically do not bark.

Calm nature, intelligence and excellent learning - just some of the advantages of pugs. They are common in many countries of the world, where they bring only positive emotions to their owners.

German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd is one of the most common working dogs in the world. It is very popular due to its stable psyche and excellent learning.

The "Germans" are non-aggressive and non-conflict, always ready to serve their master. If they feel threatened, they will react before the command is given. Fearless and hardworking, do not like loneliness and idleness. They are attached to the same owner, but they perceive the rest of the family well, they also get along well with the children.

French Bulldog

Charming pets with a characteristic shape of the ears, like a bat. You should not seriously take this harsh appearance, in the soul they are insanely good and positive creatures.

Very popular in cities and countryside around the world. They do not require special care and a large number of physical activities. This is the best option for those who for various reasons can not make a more active breed. The French are demanding on the amount of time spent with the owner. However, they may not make friends with other pets.

These are dogs for true aesthetes, they have perfect anatomical proportions of the body. In addition, these elegant, graceful and strong pets have a rather balanced psyche, so you can start them in families with children. The degree of their aggressiveness is greatly exaggerated, with proper socialization and training they will become faithful companions.

Dobermans are quick-witted and quickly establish contact with the person. Their feature can be considered a high degree of focus on the owner, the Dobermans will not be excessively independent. For them it is important to be useful to the owner and be able to predict his desires.

Welsh Corgi

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, which are characterized by high intelligence and ingenuity. These are the oldest British shepherds who could foresee any movement of the cows, and their compact dimensions allowed them to quietly move under the cattle protected by them.

This surprising sensitivity has remained with the Welsh Corgi at the present time: they practically "scan" their owners and already after a few weeks of being in the family they know all the habits and personality traits of the owner.

Corgi are great for keeping in urban environments. They are the embodiment of positive and friendliness, but at the same time have a pronounced sense of self-esteem and incredible courage.

One of the most popular little dogs. By character, it is often compared to terriers, because she has the same strong personality, audacity, confidence, and temperament.

Chihuahuas are characterized by increased adaptability: they calmly perceive everything new and easily get used to the changed living conditions. Representatives of this breed subtly feel the mood of the host. They are quick-witted, careful and have a stable psyche, they grow up early (by about a year), therefore they should also be engaged in socialization earlier than usual.

Golden retriever

Golden or golden retrievers are very friendly. They are perfectly amenable to training, as they have high intelligence and docile nature. Retrievers are calm and kind, they are often prepared as guides for people with visual impairments, as well as for working with autistic children.

These are the perfect companions for games, they are loyal, patient, good-natured and have incredible energy. Golden retrievers are strongly attached to their owner and all family members. That is why it is not recommended to leave them alone for a long time, for goldens it is quite a serious stress.

One of the most ancient decorative breeds, which is characterized by a sharp mind, ingenuity and friendliness. Poodles are energetic and they need long dynamic walks. It is easy to educate such pets, as they quickly memorize all the teams and are happy to carry them out.

There are several subspecies of poodles, which differ in size, but all of them can rightly be called the best family dog, companion and playmate. The content does not have big difficulties, the only thing is that they need constant care for luxurious wool.

Differs in increased activity and mobility. He will never be bored with him: neither for a walk nor a house. Beagles need a strong hand of the owner and his attention. They can react badly to the presence of any small animals next to them. In them the hunting instinct will simply wake up and it can have sad consequences.

Beagles get along well with children and older people. But if you do not provide them with the necessary physical exertion, the unspent energy will turn into energy of destruction: they will bark loudly, show aggression and even bite the furniture.

Most popular dogs in Russia

According to the preferences of Russians, you can also make a top list of popular dogs. Leading the position in the world ranking of four-legged pets, loved in Russia. In addition, in our country there is a tendency of demand for small decorative dogs, they are mainly preferred by residents of large cities. Well, if the issue of housing conditions is not acute, the owners pay more attention to large breeds.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever is a recognized leader in the ranking of the most popular dog breeds in Russia. These are very active and energetic dogs that happily spend time in the fresh air and love to swim very much. Labradors are friendly and not aggressive, which means it is not advisable to involve them in protection. Representatives of this sports breed are very intelligent, but because of their inherent hyperactivity, there is often an erroneous opinion about their poor learning.

Labrador retrievers are trusted friends and helpers who are loyal to their family. They are used to provide psychotherapeutic care in hospitals, orphanages and nursing homes.

Incredibly positive and energetic. Their original appearance leaves no one indifferent. Huskies are not recommended to keep in the apartment, because of the great love of freedom and the increased need for space and fresh air.

Have a developed intellect. This is a great partner for many hours of active nature walks. Endurance, non-aggressiveness and ease of care makes husky the perfect pet. But we should not forget that at least once in a life each husky makes an attempt to escape from his master. This moment is necessary to control and try to act proactively.

Yorkshire Terrier

Beautiful decorative dogs, which contain the best features: from a compact size and a nice appearance to a docile nature and ease of care. When a man appears in a house in York, he practically does not have to change his usual way of life.

Yorks have unique abilities to subtly feel the mood of the owner, they are emotional, quick-witted and loyal.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier rightfully occupies an honorable place in the top of the most popular dogs in Russia. They are the absolute concentration of energy, fun and positive. The small size allows you to keep them in the apartment without much effort. These are unpretentious care pets, who also have excellent health.

Owners of jack-rasseas are advised to start training puppies as early as possible, as it is sometimes difficult to curb their wayward character.

Central asian shepherd dog

The Alabai or Central Asian Shepherd is a model of a reliable guard and loyal companion for its owner. Powerful, calm and intelligent dogs are fearless, courageous and possess pronounced guard instincts. Alabai relate to large breeds, therefore, with their maintenance in an apartment, certain difficulties may arise. It is important to socialize puppies as early as possible so that conflicts do not arise in the future, either on the street with other dogs or when communicating with people.

Alabayev in Russia becomes more and more every year, but inexperienced dog breeders should not start them. The fact is that they have strongly pronounced natural dominance, which is difficult to cope with without proper experience.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The breed, which was born in the 70 years of the twentieth century, has already gained immense popularity among dog breeders. Initially, amstafa was taken out as a universal fighter, not knowing the feeling of fear, very enduring. It seems to be connected with mutually exclusive qualities: steel jaws and a good heart, power and strength, as well as absolute ingenuity.

Staffordshire Terriers are muscular, beautifully built dogs, characterized by agility and vigor. They will become faithful companions for their owner, responsive to changes in the mood of a person. Staffords are very sociable, responsive and loyal. These are one of the most popular dogs not only in Russia, but also in the USA and other countries of the world.

Miniature pets with a huge heart and endless devotion to their master. Graceful decorative dogs are considered a real source of positive in the family. They feel well in the apartment, with them there is no need for a long walk. They tolerate separation from their host poorly, for them loneliness is a great stress. Also, they are almost not aware of their size, so they can often attack other quadrupeds, which are much larger.

Toy terriers are neat and unpretentious in everyday life, with them you can easily go to work and go on trips.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Ancient shepherd breed. Powerful, bold and graceful animals are currently ideal for service in the protection or at the border. Caucasians are by nature leaders, but with proper upbringing they quickly accept owner dominance. Sheep-dogs differ in their independence in making decisions, especially when it comes to protecting the territory or its owner.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are smart and quick-witted, they combine excellent working qualities and an impressive appearance. They are very jealous of their owner and can be aggressively disposed towards other quadrupeds.

Pomeranian spitz

Spitz is often compared with small teddy bears. They are so adorable that literally right after the appearance they won a huge army of fans. Perfectly amenable to training, intelligent, loyal and have a light character.

Owners in addition to a huge dose of positive and the admiration of others must be prepared for the constant care of luxurious wool. Spitz dogs get along well with children and are ready to play with them tirelessly for hours. Charming fluffy dogs are friendly to other animals in the house, but they will try to become the most beloved for their owner.

English bulldog

These powerful, muscular, but incredibly charming dogs are very popular in Russia. The boules are real gentlemen: they are calm, neat, cool and distinguished by a sharp mind. Bulldogs seem clumsy and inactive animals, but in fact - it is not.

Adult bulldogs are not very fond of long walks and prefer to spend more time at home. And they are incredibly stubborn and sometimes the owner is difficult to get them to do what they do not want. These four-legged pets will be wonderful friends for children, establishing a strong relationship with them.

Evaluation parameters

Each person prefers a certain breed, and sometimes a favorite animal that is completely without a breed, becomes the favorite of the family. However, when compiling a list of the most fashionable breeds, preferences of breeders around the world are analyzed. But even in one particular country, the top lines often change, people change preferences, wishes and possibilities of content.

The demand for dogs also depends on the climate of the region, the mentality of the population, and important social tasks. However, there are always favorites from which you can make a rating of dog breeds that are recognized by breeders around the world.

The most fashionable dog breeds

The list of the most popular pets should be started with dwarf breeds. Such animals do not exceed 35 cm at the withers, and the weight can be no more than 5 kg. Due to their parameters, such animals have gained great popularity among breeders all over the world.

Judging by the reviews, caring for them is not burdensome. They are not forbidden to take on travel and carry in public transport without additional devices. For city apartments dwarf pets are the best option.

Reviews of animal lovers show that often such breeds resemble a soft toy. They are fluffy, playful and beautiful. However, caring for them involves rational feeding, regular walks and checkups at the vet. Only in this case, the pet will be able to live a long life.

The most popular dwarf breeds

Yorks are quite popular in many countries. The hosts conquers their attractive appearance. Silky wool is similar in composition to human hair, so pets often get different haircuts and hairstyles. According to the owners, the dogs are playful, very attached to the owner, but they require careful and caring attitude. It is especially important to follow the recommendations of the doctor when feeding and regularly care for the coat.

Pomeranian is not inferior in popularity. Its main advantage is the appearance. The dog is similar to a little squirrel and has a pretty pretty face. The breed is suitable for keeping in a small apartment. However, thick wool requires regular care. Pet can freeze on walks in the winter, so it is recommended to buy him special clothes.

Pekingese can often be seen in urban courtyards. The dog is not whimsical in care, but requires attention from the owner. When walking, it should be noted that the pet can fearlessly attack larger animals and suffer from it. Pekingese often knows no fear, he loves outdoor games and all sorts of toys. However, it should be noted that dogs are unfriendly to childish pranks, therefore they are not suitable for families with small children.

Interestingly, the fashionable dog breeds in Israel, despite the residents' attachment to animals, are almost the same as in Europe. Among them in the first place is Pekingese and other small pets. But fighting breeds obviously with aggressive nature are prohibited there.

Популярные породы маленьких собак

Модные маленькие породы собак – это такса, мопс и джек-рассел-терьер. В холке они не превышают 40 см, а вес находится в пределах от 5 до 10 кг. Animals are also suitable for housing in city apartments, they are easy to transport in public transport. But due to their large size, pets are more resistant to food errors and less sensitive to temperature extremes.

Pugs are very mobile. Reviews breeders show that dogs constantly require games and love to walk. It should be noted that the animal is very curious. During the walk you need to follow him to avoid unwanted contact. The breed is great for families where there are small children.

Dachshund because of its body structure always remains a fashionable dog. Reviews breeders confirm amazing dedication to their owner. But during the walk you need to be careful. The dog has a very brave temper, it can throw itself on a large animal, protecting a member of its family.

Jack Russell Terrier is an incredible bunch of energy. The breed is suitable for the same energetic hosts. For athletes, lovers of hiking and just active people, this dog will become the best friend. It is important that, according to reviews, she gets along well with children and forgives them petty mischief.

Breeds of medium size

The trendy breed of medium sized dogs is the Shar Pei, Chow Chow and English Bulldog.

Shar Pei is a leader among animals with a sweet temper and love for children. The breed is just perfect for families where there are children. The only problem is the size of the animal. However, for the content in the apartment is quite suitable. Sharpey recognizability of his famous folds. It should be noted that the dog is prone to overeating, so you need to adjust its diet and not to succumb to provocations.

Chow Chow is famous for its purple tongue. At one time the dog was at the peak of its popularity, but it is still a fashionable breed among breeders. Because of the thick wool it is difficult to keep in the apartment. It will be better if a separate cage is provided for the dog, which is insulated in winter. With children, the pet gets along well, but requires regular walking.

The fashionable breed of dogs - the English bulldog, looks quite menacing, but is quite a friendly creature. Reviews of breeders show that the dog is well trained. The pet is very smart, will be a good friend to the child and a devoted friend for the whole family.

Large pets

Large trendy dog ​​breeds include Huskies, Newfoundland and German Shepherd Dogs. It is not recommended to keep such animals in apartments. For them, an aviary in a private house is more suitable.

German Shepherd is popular all over the world. Perfectly trainable, so often used for official purposes. Well suited for the protection of the house.

Husky conquered many of its famous blue eyes. Breed belongs to northern and is driving. The dog is very energetic, so it needs a master, who will spend a lot of time and walk with her.

Considering the most fashionable dog breeds, you can not ignore the Newfoundland. They are very big, but at the same time friendly. Get along well with children. Thick wool allows you to keep it on the street, but it is better to build a warmed enclosure.