Selection rules and examples of names for rabbits


When a furry pet appears in the house, it's time to gather family council to choose the best name for it. For some, this problem may seem ridiculous: well, who cares, what is your rabbit's name? And someone will take this issue too seriously, because the baby will live in the family for at least 5-7 years. So how to call a rabbit, and are there any rules on this subject?

The nickname must match the character of the pet.

The main rule is that there are no rules.

In rabbit farms, pet names are taken seriously. Here the nickname, both for the male and for the female, is the calling card. Breeding rabbits have their own pedigree, which is carefully monitored to get rabbits with optimal breed characteristics. That is why all the animals from one father names start with one letter. And it is not easy for any, but the first letter of the name of the father.

For a home decorative animal, the name does not matter. For furry boys and girls, the nicknames are simply an element of communication between the owner and the pet. The main thing is that they reflect any feature of the animal, so that it becomes immediately clear to whom the owner refers.

The names of rabbits most often picked up in appearance or color. So a fluffy Angora baby can become a dandelion or a cloud, and a lop-eared ram can become an Ushastik. A colored dwarf rabbit can become Ryzhik or Chocolate, and since there are about sixty variants of color here, the owners will have a huge selection of nicknames. So look for the pet's appearance, and turn on the imagination.

Nicknames for rabbits are often picked by character. So, for a moving and slightly aggressive boy, the nickname “Bandit” will do, and a girl of the same nature can become a Bandit.

Well, phlegmatic and lazy animals can be called a Doll or Puff, because they spend a lot of time in one place. In fact, the names for rabbits, most often sound funny. On these cute and cute animals in general look seriously very difficult. That is why the name Stepashka or Masyanya is much more common than Leonid or Maximilian.

Look at the calendar

If you still do not know the character of your pet, and you haven’t found any special external distinguishing features, you can name your pet by the month of birth. So the January rabbit can become Yashka, and the February rabbit - Fima, the March rabbit - Monya or Marta. To invent rabbits' nicknames, looking at the calendar, is not at all difficult.

Can an animal be called a human name?

Reflecting on how to call a rabbit, the owners often select human names. There is nothing offensive about it. No, if you called the name of the balding boss of the Angora rabbit, and then invited the chief to visit, then he may decide that this is a mockery. In other cases, people rarely take offense at the fact that pets have human names. On the contrary, they treat it with humor, and, the next time they carry a gift for their namesake in their pocket.

Rabbits can be called human names

Schooling a rabbit to a name

Do not choose a name that is too long for your pets. Rabbits get used to short nicknames much faster.

Speak at first the name with the same volume and pitch. The pet first gets used to the sound of the master's voice, and only then begins to recognize individual words.

Do not forget to encourage your pet. If the rabbit responded to its name, it should be rewarded with a rusk, or a piece of apple, but in no case a sweet candy. You should always remember that candy is a reward for a child, and not for a pet, sweet is harmful to animals.

Call the names of rabbits when you caress or feed the animals. Especially if you have not one, but several babies. During games and petting animals get used to their names faster.

The rabbit must react when its name is called

Basic rules when choosing a nickname

There is a huge number of names suitable for rabbits. In the question of naming animals, you can think broadly, use famous nicknames or create unique ones. Usually owners of rabbits adhere to the unspoken rules, allowing to figure out how to better name the rabbit.

There are no special rules when choosing a name for rabbits.

If a rabbit is pedigree, with a good pedigree, there is no big problem here, these individuals get a name starting with the same letter as the father’s name. It remains only to choose a name for the rabbit (or several names, if the rabbits are more than one), which the pet will suit and like the breeder.

The selected name must match the individual.

As for a simple pet, then everything is a little more complicated. The name should not only correspond to the individual, but also delight all family members, after all, it will take about seven years to pronounce it and the pet forms derived from it (if you need to call a little rabbit).

More often nickname is chosen according to the following parameters:

  • It begins with the same letter as the name of a purebred father,
  • Corresponds to the nature of the pet,
  • Speaks about the specific features of the appearance (thickness and color of hair, length of paws, ears),
  • The names of people or their abbreviated and pet forms,
  • Features of the date of birth (time of day, day, month).

It is important not only to correctly name the animal, but also to accustom him to a nickname. Usually rabbits remember it better if it is pronounced in the usual intonation for a conversation, always the same. If you shout out a rabbit name, the animal may become frightened and will not be able to remember it.

It is important to teach the animal to its new name is not intrusive.

Bright, loud and nicknames for rabbits are better placed on their ears, and containing a large number of deaf consonants are rarely found in rabbit breeding, since the animals react to them reluctantly. It is better to accustom an animal during feeding or to present a gift to it on purpose when reacting to a nickname.

Names for these pets should be appropriate and gender. It is quite convenient when guests do not ask about the field of the animal, but rather understand it by their nicknames.

What name to choose a female

Animal breeders do not always think about the field of the animal, and when they buy a female rabbit, they think about how to name the rabbit a girl.

Rabbit's name can be given by the date of her birth

You can consider all the parameters of selection, but it is not always worthwhile to stick to them, sometimes it is enough just to see the animal and the name comes to mind. If this does not happen, the name of the rabbit girl can be given by date of birth. For example, if the female was born in July, she can be called Julia, and the February individual can be called Fenka.

For a very fluffy bunny girl, the name Pusha, Manya will do. Extremely active individual can be called Fidget. A female with refined manners can be called the Swell, and the rabbit with a pattern on the foot can be called a cane.

If the rabbit from the early days shows uncommon mental abilities, it is quite possible to name her Umka, and the female with a brick color - Ryzhukha, Ryzhuley.

The name can be chosen by the color of the animal

If an individual is constantly asleep and is lazy to move, it can be given the nickname Splush or Lazy Beak. Females with a graceful little face can be called sonorous names like Grace, Emma, ​​Louise. Names for rabbits of girls are diverse, depending on the preferences of the owner, you can choose a tender, bright, gentle or sonorous name.

List of possible nicknames for a girl in alphabetical order

  • Anka, Asya, Astra, Assol, Agniya,
  • Ooh! Soot, Bead, Busya, Bima, Belka, Bella, Bagheera,
  • Varya, Vasilisa, Vita, Freckle, Spring, Cherry,
  • Gerd, Glasha, Gul, Galya, Grunya, Kunya,
  • Dyasha, Dunya, Dusya, Mist, Dushka, Dasha,
  • Eve, Elana, Enka, Eroshka, Era,
  • Christmas tree, Yozhi, Yosya,
  • Zhuzha, Jacqueline, Jessie, Zheya, Zhanna, Zhenya,
  • Zina, Zaka, Bully, Bunny, Zosya, Zlata,
  • Irka, Inna, Ivasha, Ida, Spark, Irma, Isya,
  • Klava, Klusha, Kusya, Kosya, Kisya, Ksyusha, Kralya,
  • Lucy, Lyda, Lyalya, Lapusya, Lunya, Lyolya,
  • Monya, Musya, Marusya, Maha, Pug, Mouse,
  • Nyura, Nyusha, Nina, Nyasha, Nezhka, Nyama,
  • Osya, Olya, Oya, Ocher, Olivia, Oxy,
  • Pusya, Fluff, Plush, Princess, Fields,
  • Ryska, Paradise, Rufa, Ruska, Roska, Rimma,
  • Stesha, Sonya, Stella, Arrow, Snowball, Stasya,
  • Toma, Tusya, Tasya, Tosya, Truya, Tosh,
  • Ulya, Uma, Umnyasha,
  • Fanya, Fairy, Frosya, Fyokla, Fifa,
  • Khryusha, Hronya, Snore, Persimmon, Hasya,
  • Chick, Tsarina, Zulya,
  • Chernushka, Chernushka, Chita, Chacha, Chunya, Chucha, Tea,
  • Skoda, Shiva, Shusha, Minx,
  • Yana, Ioannina, Yasya.

What name to give a male

If with females everything is now clear, then it is necessary to figure out how to name the rabbit boy, because this is no less responsible. Boys are by nature more domineering, but this does not oblige anything when choosing a nickname.

Males are usually chosen a nickname based on their nature.

Rabbit boys are most often called by their appearance or by their nature. If the male is distinguished by fluffy fur and at the same time he is sufficiently well-fed, it can be called the Fluff or Snowball, if he has large or funny ears - Ushastik.

As for females, the name may depend on the color of the animal.

In addition, lovers of delicious lush desserts often come up with the idea of ​​calling a pet Donut, Cupcake, Gingerbread. These nicknames for a rabbit boy will sound especially warm, some of them will be converted into interesting word forms. So Keksik becomes Keksik, and Gingerbread turns into the word form “ginger”, which is used to name animals of both sexes.

For a rabbit boy, who seems to be in a hurry somewhere all the time, the name Shustrik will do, and the sleepy and unhurried animal - Splyushik, Sonic.

The animal of white color can be called the Little Belt or the Snowball, and the black one by the Miner. If the animal has features in the shape of a nose, you can name it Kurnosik. The animal with outstanding teeth deserves the name Nibbler. You can see in the face of the pet of similarity with familiar people and to name, in accordance with the association. Usually, people do not take offense at the fact that their name is so used, but rather rejoice and fall in love with a fluffy namesake.

The list of names for the boy in alphabetical order

  • Anko, Alik, Angel, Antosha, Askold, Arkasha,
  • Boria, Bandit, Baksik, Belyash, Baton, Bowtie,
  • Vladik, Watson, Venia, Vitka, Winnie, Breeze, Vyusha, Volodya,
  • Gosh, Grisha, Gesha, Gavryusha, Harry, Gray,
  • Demmy, Don, John, Duke, Dan, Doc,
  • Yegor, Evstafy, Egoza,
  • Hedgehog, Yosya, Yozh,
  • Zhora, Jean, Zhenya, Zhery, Ruika,
  • Bunny, Zosim, Zeus, Zephyr, Zim,
  • Isya, Igor, Fig, Heraclius, Igrun, Ivan, Ilya, Ion,
  • Kosya, Kesha, Kota, Krutysh, Claude, Kuksik, Kusik,
  • Lisyonok, Lyonya, Lapik, Leopold, Lyosha, Luntik,
  • Murzik, Monique, Maksik, Mitya, Kid,
  • Naum, Nick, Nazar, Nestor, Nusik, Nick,
  • Osik, Ozi, Olezha, Ostap, Othello, Osip,
  • Pasha, Puppy, Perchik, Padded stool, Fluffy, Prince,
  • Roma, Renat, Rudolph, Raf, Rusik, Rodka,
  • Stasik, Smart, Syoma, Sam,
  • Timosha, Quiet, Tisha, Tyoma, Tolik,
  • Egghead, Ulan, Hush, Uzia, Ursik, Ember,
  • Fedya, Fantik, Fixik, Funtik, Thomas,
  • Snoring, Snoring, Khan, Hugh, Hugo,
  • Zarapun, Tsar, Caesar, Zong,
  • Chizhik, Chuk, Crank, Chernysh, Chappy,
  • Chance, Shushik, Naughty, Shustryak, Sherlock,
  • Jan, Yasha, Yasya, Yarik.

The names of rabbits do not always affect the future behavior and attitude to the surrounding animal, because it is not known for certain that it has a greater influence, as it is called, or features transmitted from parents.

This name does not always affect the rabbit, it all depends on the nature and parent of the animal.

In any case, the name should be appropriate and if one day it becomes clear that it does not fit or the animal does not perceive it, feel free to call it differently.

Basic parameters when choosing a name

The first rule, which should be guided when choosing a name, is to choose a short word, no longer than 2-3 syllables. Rabbits are much easier to memorize and later respond to a small word. If your pet is a purebred, constantly participates in exhibitions and must have a status appropriate to the name like Apollo or Isabella, you can think up a short nickname for him: Pollen and Bel.

When choosing a name for a little rabbit you need to consider:

  • Appearance. It is possible to call the rabbit overweight a rabbit, a crawl with long ears - Ushastik, a holder of large teeth - Nibbler, a too small animal - Baby.
  • Wool color. Black animal can be called Black or Nochka, white - Snowflake or Cloud, red - Light or Spark, gray - Serysh or Tuchka, black and white - Zebra.
  • Character. This is the best way to choose a pet name. Affectionate little rabbit can be called Laska or Laskusha, loving destruction - Bandit, active - Jumping, calm - Tisha, biting - Nibbler, fearful - Trishek. Before you finally choose a nickname, look at the behavior of the baby for several days.
  • Habits If the pet is constantly sleeping, it can be called Sonia, eats a lot - Glutton, likes to dig in the litter - Kopatych, constantly noisy plays - Merry.
  • Floor. It’s best to call a rabbit girl a gentle, affectionate name (Lily, Sunny, Fields), a boy - sonorous and proud (Sultan, Lord, Captain).

If you bought a purebred animal with a good pedigree, you do not have to choose a name. The owners themselves call the rabbit so that the first letter of his name coincides with the first letter of the father's name - it is easier to keep records of numerous offspring.

Original and funny nicknames

Sometimes the owners trick and give out unexpected names associated with the names of food (Baton, Pizza, Donut), interior items (Floor Lamp, Rug, Ottoman), other creatures (Kitty, Hobbit), plants (Chamomile, Cactus) and computer technologies (iPhone, Cursor). You might like these funny options:

  • Nicknames of rabbits-girls: Splinter, Button, Match, Carrot, Anesthesia, Cabbage, Tarahtelka, Hummer, Shirt, Vase.
  • Nicknames of rabbits-boys: Kefir, Bagel, Razdolbay, Ruble, Dill, Schnir, Google, Rambo, Driver, Iron.

Sometimes pets come during a difficult period in life and seem to bring good luck to their owners, for which they get the nicknames Lucky, Lucky, Lucky. Or the rabbits are constantly in dangerous situations and remain alive - they are given the names Immortal, Scar, Luck. Some animals are named after famous rabbits: Bagza Bunny, Roger, Dyurasella, Krosh, Kwiki, Stepashky.

What to consider when choosing a name

Coming up with the name of the rabbit, you need to take into account some points, then it will be easier and the chosen name will bring only joy. Here is what you need to consider:

  • Floor. From this directly depends on the nickname, although there are universal names.
  • The size. If the rabbit is small, you can call it Baby, and the girl - Thumbelina, Baby, or Tiny. If the animal is large and plump, you can choose something like a Patty, Roll, Donut. More graceful pets can be called Prince, Princess, Elf, Fairy.
  • Color Look at the animal. What colour is he? Color can help choose a nickname. For example, Ryzhik, Tuchka, Squirrel (boy - Belash), Ember, Smoke, Snowball Snow White.
  • Wool texture. The density of wool can also help determine the nickname, say, fluff, lohmatic.
  • Character. Before choosing a nickname for this criterion, you need to look at the behavior of the rabbit. What does he love and what does not? How does it behave? For example, you can call Silent, Fidget, Pal, Dushka, Charm, Skipjack, Eraser, Cutie, Lightning, Foolish, Shalun. When choosing a name on this principle, you need to rely only on the individuality of the pet.
  • Time of birth. You can call the little rabbit by month of birth, Maya, Martha, Iyunka, Julyky and so on. It is possible and on a season - Spring (Freckle).

So, after all the criteria are defined, you can make a list of names that may be appropriate.

Naming rules for breeding rabbits

If the rabbit has a pedigree, whether it is a girl or a boy, with a nickname will not be so easy, because you need to emphasize the origin of the pet. There are some principles to follow. Tribal rabbits are called a name that begins with the same letter as the father’s name. Choosing a name for such an animal - The task is very important and difficult, because by nickname the pedigree of the future rabbits will then be tracked. In general, nicknames like animals are often composed of several words.

What other names are suitable rabbits

Here is another list, which can tell what to call a rabbit.

  • In honor of some kind of hero. In addition to the names that are selected by criteria, there are still many interesting options. For example, you can call a rabbit like a cartoon character, a movie or a fairy tale. For example, in the cartoon "Zveropolis" one of the main characters, called Judy Hobs. Often, rabbits are called Births, after the fairy tale "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". Another option - Bugs Bunny, by the famous cartoon. More often, rabbits are called Stepashki, as in the program "Good night, kids."
  • Human names. More names for rabbits can be such as in humans: Agatha, Julia, Linda, Mila, Sofia, Lizaveta, Maya, Zoya, Katerina, Stesha, Zina, Lada, Tasha, Anyutka, Tom, Timosha, Stepa.
  • Affectionate names. You can come up with affectionate names for rabbits of boys and girls: Sun, Cherry, Apricot, Flower, Firefly, Apple, Chamomile, Peach, Ribbon, Leaf, Bead, Pet, Rose.
  • Unusual nicknames denoting objects. For example, Ottoman, Bun, Ruby, Diamond, Astra, Bowknot.

Name lists for girls and boys

If a nickname has not been chosen yet, here are some more options.. Как назвать кролика мальчика или девочку.

Names for rabbits of girls: Aurora, Anita, Augustine, Anna, Alice, Albin, Alina, Aina, Ayra, Aria, Agatha, Asya, Athena, Alyssia, Angelina, Arina (Arisha), Anika, Ariel, Agnes (Agnes), Abigel , Angelica, Bella, Batty, Bunny, Benita, Belka, Brilliant, Victoria, Veronica, Valyusha, Violetta, Valeria, Volya, Vassa, Violet, Velha, Vanilla, Vlada, Volna, Vasilisa, Gabriella, Greta, Gidget, Delphine, Donna , Dasha, Dunya, Elena, Eleya, Eva, Josy, Zaya, Zarina, Inna, Irinka, Ilona, ​​Katya, Camilla (Camille), Christina, Karina, Libby, Lana, Lola, Lariska, Lin, Louise, Lusha.

By the way, most of the names in this list are human, but they are often used in a diminutive form. We continue further:

Mia, Margot, Mina, Milana, Marlene, Michel, Mile, Marie, Maya, Mariska, Masha, Musya, Marusya, Narnia, Nora, Narcissina, Natasha, Natta, Nonna, Nelli, Nastya, Nadya, Nick, Olivia, Ophelia, Olya, Peruetta, Penny, Paul, Rina, Raquel, Rufina, Rosalina, Rosa, Riana, Regina, Rinat, Sveta, Sonya, Sasha, Sentyabrina, Stasya, Stesha, Tui, Tanya, Tina, Taya, Tuffy, Tika, Tasha, Torah, Tonya, Tiana, Tom, Mystery, Ulya, Umka, Flora, Fay, Fauna, Faina, Felicia, Floks, Feklusha, Halley, Helen, Zinnia, Shayan, Shura, Shally, Ellie, Ale, Emily, Eleanor, Emma, Edith, Elina, Yulia, Youness, Juno, Yusya, Yana, Yasya, Yaseniya.

Names for rabbits boys: Arthur, Alfred, Archie, Andryushka, Bunny, Bars, Bucks, Barsik, Ooh! Soot, Boston, Vasya, Venia, Vitya, Vladik, Vanya, Gosha, Grisha, Henry, Dania, John, Dyoma, Dima, Efrat , Erema, Zhora, Beetle, Jacques, Jules, Ivan, Ilyusha, Kostik, Lyonya, Buttercup, Michael, Milan, Mike, Motya, Misha, Narcissus, Nick, Dandelion, Oliver, Olaf, Austin, Oscar, Peter, Paul, Fluffy , Rodney, Steopa, Daredevil, Syoma, Sasha, Seryozha, Timur, Tobik, Tom, Tim (Timosha), Toshka, Timon, Tyoma, Urfin, Umnik (Umka), Fima, Flint, Filya, Fomka, Homa, Tsvetik, Shushik , Shunya, Emil, Edik, Eugene, Yarik, Yashka.

How to accustom the rabbit to the name

Of course the selected name should not be changed. Nickname should be one for life. Now how to teach a rabbit to respond to its name. Every time you take a pet in your arms, calmly, loudly (but you can not shout, it will scare the fluffy) and clearly say his name, you must do the same when you feed the animal or play with it. It is important to repeat the pet's nickname as often as possible and always with one intonation.

Of course, everyone chooses his pet name, it depends on the individual tastes and preferences of the owners, but it is easier to choose a name by looking at the list and reading some tips.

What can determine the pet's nickname?

Many people find it easier to choose a name for a child, rather than a name for a rabbit. A good name should fit the animal, reflect the bright features of its individuality or external features. As a result, there are frequent cases when the names of the rabbits are given either quite banal, or stupid or very provocative.

Decorative rabbit, in principle, can be called as you like. However, it is better if the chosen nickname is appropriate for the animal. Most often, it is chosen by the whole family, based either on the principles of sonority, or following their personal preferences.

Rabbits bred for commercial purposes are not called so at all. There are special rules for choosing the names of the most valuable individuals.

For example, the first letter of the name of a tribal rabbit or rabbit must match the first letter of the father’s name. This helps the breeder to keep track of the pedigree of animals, as well as to distinguish them according to the principle - which brood from which.

Nicknames of decorative rabbits - a huge scope for the manifestation of personal fantasy.

It should only be remembered that the nickname should be one and constant, so as not to confuse the pet.

Rabbits quickly get used to their nicknames and eagerly respond to them. Especially fast memorization of the name occurs during feeding and in those cases when you caress the animal, while calling it by name. The effect is fixed by the fact that the animal that responded to the call is treated to a favorite delicacy.

What can be guided when choosing?

There are a lot of principles, and the choice is up to you anyway. For example, you can make a start from the month of birth of a pet rabbit:

  • for January kids the following names are suitable: Ash, Yaroshka, Yashka, Berry and other names with the letter “I”,
  • February rabbits are called: Filka, Thomas, Fountain, Flint, Fara, Foxy, Fakir, Flipper, Freese (Frieze) and so on,
  • March and May nicknames: May, Mike, Martha, Martha, Maksik, Mars, Milaga, Milena, Martin, Martin and similar nicknames,
  • April and August respectively: Augustine or Augustus, Augustus, Archie, Albert, Albertina, Ali, Agatha, Abel, Apollo, Artist, etc.,
  • born in June and July: Ilian / Julian, Icarus / Ikaria, Irka, Irena, Iriska, Isabella and weeping, and weeping,
  • September kids: Sent / Sentyabrina, Samson, Seraphim, Sancho, Stasik, Solomon, Severin, Snowball and so on,
  • October: Oktyabrina, Ophelia, Ostap, Obormot, Ostriak, Olorin and others,
  • born in November: Nariman, Nassi, Noyabrina, Narcissus, Nemo, Nemesis, Nora ...,
  • and finally, the December brood: Deck, Dekabrina, Dashka, Danny, Dick, Jesse, Jusi, Jack, Dyusha, Dobrokhot and so on.

Very often the names for rabbits are chosen based on the distinctive features of the appearance:

  1. if a rabbit has a beautiful coat, it can be called: Leo, Barsik, Fluff, Tigger, Pooh, Puff,
  2. long or large ears are an excellent reason to give your pet a sonorous or affectionate name: Ushan, Locator, Sonar, Dlinnoukh, Cheburashka,
  3. The color of the rabbit's fur often helps to call it: Coal, Chumazik, Chertik, Snow White, Snowball, White House, Smoke, Mist, Ghost, Apricot, Orange, Ryzhik, Sun, Liska, Fox, Fox, Bagheera, Krapinka, Krap, Pyatnashka,
  4. body shape can also cause one or another name to be chosen. For example, a plump little rabbit is called a cloud or a cloud. Skinny and petite - Ballerina, Modelka, Bead, Button, Baby, Grace. The following names are suitable for the male with a dense physique: Fortress, Puzik, Strongman, Monster, Winnie the Pooh, and the little boy - Baby, Scarce, Bug, etc.,
  5. if the rabbit has some perceptible part of the body, then it can be called: Paw, Chernoukh, Nibbler, Gray neck, White-fronted.

Rabbits are not similar to each other in their temperament and behavior, therefore, these features also often help to call them.

  • it is easy to guess how an animal behaves, whose name is Sonya, Splyukha, Mattress, Turtle or Mattress. Their direct opposite in temperament will be Alarm Clock, Fidget, Shustrik, Bullet or Lightning. Watch the rabbit - the name will stick to it itself,
  • proud, impregnable and unkind rabbit may be called: Gerd, Athena, Goddess, Hera, Queen, Queen, Princess, Adeline and other high-spirited names,
  • Noisy rabbits are called: Rough, Pykhtelka, Pisklya, Sopelka, Ground Beetle, Topotun, Bellflower,
  • lazy rabbits - this is often: The feline, Mattress, Oblomov, Pillow,
  • Those with especially good appetite are: Hamster, Glutton, Sweet Tooth, Prorva, Gourmand, Fat Cat.

The nature of the animal often speaks for itself, so the name is often given to the rabbit, based on its main features: Bully, Truska, Predin, Buhtelka, Grumpy, Hooligan, Boss, Pakhan, Daredevil and so on, and so on.

Rabbits are often called human names: Kesha, Dormidont, Elpidifor, Elisha, Yashka, Mishka, Vaska, Fedot, Kuzma (Kuzya), Nafanya, Stepka, Yulka, Temka, Gosh, Frosya, Toshka, Alice - the list goes on and on.

In this case, you can give the rabbit the name of the person who sold it to you or presented it to you. Just ask permission first - many people are very touchy ..