Gps trackers for dogs in St. Petersburg


Buying a navigator hunting dog is an extremely reasonable decision of the owner, who devotes his free time to this type of leisure and takes a dog with him. The presence of such a system makes it possible, if necessary, to quickly find a lost pet using the global network.

Even inexpensive collars for dogs with a navigator allow using a special site to closely monitor the location of the four-way friend and make him the fastest route.

Having decided to buy a navigator with a collar for a dog to hunt, you will need to register on a virtual resource and enter an identification code and password. This will be your pass to the personal database. The GPS tracker for tracking dogs allows you not only to find the place where your tail has got lost, but also to calculate the speed of its movement, to determine the battery charge level, etc.

When choosing a device, you must first take into account the size and size of your dog for more complete information in the future.

GPS Collars Garmin

One of the most popular among Russian consumers is the Garmin line of GPS navigators for dogs. What are they good for?

Models are constantly being improved, complemented by new features, turning into a miniature laptop computer.

For example, deciding to buy a collar with a navigator Garmin in St. Petersburg, you get the following list of options:

• the ability to record on the memory card the coordinates of moving the dog,

• sound and wave signals on the belt of the beast, giving the opportunity to coordinate the movement,

• the sensors are protected from dust, moisture, are shockproof (a dog with a GPS navigator on a hunt can overcome water obstacles and “bathe” in the sand without compromising the performance of the device,

• setting up an alert system regarding the speed of the dog (rest, sleep, walking, running),

• multiple coordination - when buying a collar with a Garmin GPS dog, you can follow up to ten animals at a time.

Prices for navigators for dogs vary depending on the functionality of devices, range. If your country walks are not so frequent, then you should not chase for ultramodern devices that will be used at best once a month. If you and your dog often spend time in the forest, then a simple glowing collar for dogs without satellite beacons is not something that can be useful in emergency situations.

Buy zhPS tracker for dogs in St. Petersburg

Whatever functionality the device requires, you can always find it in the online store “VIPkorm”. Our catalog contains a huge selection of products from leading foreign and domestic manufacturers. Moreover, the price of trackers is significantly lower than the average market indicators. We achieve this direct cooperation with manufacturers and refusal of services of intermediaries. Due to this, the cost is devoid of any extra charges and commissions, and customers are able to enjoy the affordable price of the tracker.

This approach allows, among other things, to guarantee the original factory quality of each device.

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The price of gps trackers for dogs in the shops of St. Petersburg

On the site, you can choose gps trackers for dogs according to their characteristics, see detailed photos, read reviews and compare prices in the online stores of St. Petersburg. It is easy to buy gps trackers for dogs cheap (including on credit)! You just need to go to your favorite offer, read the terms of payment and leave a request for delivery in St. Petersburg.

Collar with GPS-navigator for dogs: need or whim

At the very beginning of work on tracking systems, they constituted military secrets and were used only for the needs of the special services. However, over time, it was decided to introduce them into everyday life to help solve everyday problems - since then everyone knows GPS.

It has been known for a long time that a dog is a creature so clever that it is able to find a master even in an unfamiliar place or live for a long time without supervision and care. However, most of today's sissies are completely unprepared for such feats - often they hardly remember the way from a dog’s playground. Yes, and carried away by the pursuit of a butterfly or a bird at a picnic, the dog can forget about the danger of getting lost. What can we say about the working animals that, in the heat of the hunt, completely forget about everything in the world.

In all these and similar cases, the navigator will be an indispensable assistant. Dog collars with navigator are especially appreciated for:

  • Small size and low weight is an important criterion for both the dog and the owner.
  • Ease of attachment to a collar or other ammunition.
  • The ability to not only see the dog’s location, but also to track its path to this place.
  • Battery capacity sufficient to use about 24-48 hours.
  • The ability to outline a virtual line to which the dog can reach in his travels. When crossing, an alert is sent to the host.

In case of force majeure, it is a collar with a GPS navigator for dogs that can save a pet. And sometimes not only from the loss, but also from death, since an entrained animal can fall into a deep hole, firmly catch on branches or hooks, suffer in a fight with game. Having the same navigator, the owner easily gets to the dog and will provide the necessary assistance.


Collars for dogs with the navigator differ in parameters. Including the breed has a value.

Thus, a GPS collar for hounds is capable of covering large areas, since such animals, in search of prey, run far beyond their “sofa” counterparts. Accessories of this type make it possible to instantly respond to unforeseen situations: falling into a pit, falling into a trap and other troubles.

On average, the tracking range is 3500 m on plateaus and up to 2500 m in terms of mountains, hills and hills.

Some varieties of such collars make it possible to send a vibrating signal to the collar, giving the command to the pet. According to research and observations, animals do not feel the discomfort of wearing a navigation collar.


"Glonass" (navigator with a collar for dogs) works on the principle of a mobile phone. The harmlessness to the animal is ensured by the absence of radiation, since the collar only works to receive the signal.

Such a system is installed on models of various price categories. You can combine them with any kind of phones or computers. This approach facilitates the use of the collar, because to use it you only need to charge the battery well and insert the SIM card.

The main thing is that the dog does not tear the device while running. The GPS collar operates according to the following principle:

  • Built-in beacon transmits a signal to the satellite.
  • Host device accepts coordinates.
  • The owner receives an alert about the location of the pet.

The principle of operation causes some drawbacks of the device:

  • Impossibility of use in the absence of a mobile network.
  • In some cases, the battery may not be enough to detect a missing animal.

In addition, although the device weighs a little, but for small animals such as Yorkies, Spitz, Toy Terriers, it is too large.

Features of use in hunting

Collars for dogs with a navigator for hunting (the price of which is higher than for decorative dogs) are especially important, because in natural conditions it is much more difficult to control an animal. Forest, swamps, excitement of hunting - all this increases the probability of losing a pet. To search for it in the impassable is often difficult and time consuming, therefore the use of the navigator is fully justified. Collars for dogs with a navigator for hunting, the price of which depends on the manufacturer, do not interfere with moving, do not cause inconvenience. Of course, there is a danger that the collar can be caught on the branch, but in this case the animal can be found and saved, whereas if something happens to it without a navigator, it will be difficult to find it, or even impossible.

Review of the best models

Among the many similar products, the best, but also the most expensive, is the Garmin navigator with a collar for dogs. Almost all models of this manufacturer are available in this configuration:

  • Device.
  • Built-in navigation system.
  • Receiver (located by the owner).
  • Accessories and components.
  • Computer software.

There are also distinctive features of the manufacturer's models. For example, the Astro 320 navigator with a dog collar is characterized by the following parameters:

  • The possibility of continuous recording of data on the movement of the animal to the memory card.
  • The ability to "password" information on the movements of the pet.
  • Sound and vibration on the dog's device, giving the opportunity to give instructions.
  • The device is waterproof, protected from dust.
  • Ability to configure the transmitter for messages about the speed of the dog (sleep, rest, step, run).
  • Data on the movement of the animal is transmitted every 5 seconds.
  • Up to 10 animals (collars) can be connected to one receiver.

An extensive list of features explains the high cost.

Along with expensive models, there are cheaper ones on sale that are not critically inferior in quality. The difference may be the lack of a remote receiver from the owner: communication is carried out through the built-in SIM card. The fewer options the device has, the lower its price.

The iPet tracker MSP 340 is considered to be one of the high quality models at a low cost. It boasts such properties:

  • Search accuracy - up to 5 meters.
  • Instant data transmission to mobile.
  • Record with the ability to view data on movements.
  • Ability to set space limit. When crossing virtual borders, a message will come to your mobile.
  • Alarm button on the collar, talking about problems or danger.

Collar selection

Collars for dogs with the navigator is not so easy to choose. To do this, you need to pay attention to the technical characteristics and details that are appropriate to the specific situation. First of all it is necessary to decide for what the collar is purchased. If the animal rarely gets out of town, then it is enough to purchase the simplest model with a minimum of functions.

For hunting breeds, during long-term walking, during life in the village, preference should be given to more expensive models, which have a large set of options, which make it possible not only to detect the dog, but also to track all its movements.

What to look for

In order to purchase the right device, it is necessary not only to understand the principle of operation of the navigator, but also to know the features of various models. If there is no such knowledge, you will either have to take a specialist with you, or confide in the seller’s professionalism.

Should pay attention to such things:

  • Price. Even if the device is required for a “sofa” dog, you should not take the cheapest model - it hardly boasts reliability. To select a model with an optimal price / quality ratio, it is necessary to carefully analyze the available offers. The average price ranges from 200-350 dollars.
  • Opportunities. Before purchasing, you should evaluate not only the comfort of the interface, but also the quality of the transmitter.
  • Functions. Additional equipment of the collar: alarm button, the ability to give commands to the voice, water resistance, the transition to eco mode.
  • Physical data. You should assess the size and weight of both the part that will be on the pet, and the one that remains with the owner. Preference is given to models with reliable fasteners.
  • Operating temperatures. It is important to pay attention to acceptable values. When approaching the critical levels, the device will work worse or fail, so you should purchase trackers that fit your climate.

The cost of collars with the navigator depends on the specific model, type, manufacturer, characteristics, design and additional features. The easiest device can be purchased for 5000-8000 rubles. More expensive devices with advanced functionality cost 16-25 thousand rubles. The most expensive models from a well-known manufacturer with a maximum of functions will cost about 60,000 rubles.

In general, users are satisfied with the purchased devices. Many consider even the average price to be unreasonably high, but other users claim that the safety of a dog is worth that kind of money.

Especially often laudatory speeches can be heard from hunters. Frequent stories about how the dog was able to help out of the trouble only because of the presence of the collar with the navigator. Many talk about how an animal, carried away by the chase, got lost, fell, suffered in the fight with the beast and would certainly have died if it had not been possible to track it with the device.

There is a part of users who regrets that the collar with GPS will not save from thieves, because it is the collars that break first. But these devices are designed entirely for other tasks that they have successfully solved.

What is it and how can it be used?

This is a small beacon that works on the principle of tracking the location of the satellite. The device is mounted on a collar or purchased with it. A SIM card with the specified number is inserted into it. If you need to find out the location of your pet, then you need to send a request with the specified number from a cell phone or computer. And in response, you will receive a message with the coordinates of the location.


This device is indispensable if your pet, decided to take a walk alone. The location is determined by the Google maps program, and other similar maps registered in the device. The owner just needs to turn on the smartphone, tablet or laptop and request a search. Very convenient devices with the function "SOS". In such devices, on the dog's key fob, there is a button with the inscription - “Please inform the owner about me”. Or something like that. Clicking on that accidentally, the finder will notify you of the location of "Guleny".

GPS tracker for a hunting dog

The device of search will be very convenient and in this situation. Even taking into account the training of dogs prepared for the "pen" of wild animals (they are able to find their way home in any situation), anything can happen. For example, the dog will not find the owner when wounded in a fight with a beast. And in this case, gps tracker will help find your beloved pet.

Principle of operation

The operation takes place on the principle of GPS monitoring. The tracker controls the current location by sending alternate signals to the central device. You can also request one-time coordinates from a computer or other media. Some models are equipped with special devices with navigators. Modern software, transmits all current coordinates and allows you to track all the way in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of the gadget

Portable tracking systems for searching for pets are distinguished by the following qualities:

  • Lightweight and small size, will not burden your pet. It is easy to fasten it on the collar so that the dog cannot remove it with its paw.
  • The battery life is calculated in several days.
  • The presence of a "panic button" in the models speeds up the process of finding the owner.
  • The function of recording the path of the path allows, when the battery is discharged, to find the place where the dog already was and try to look for it there.
  • Function - virtual fencing, will notify the owner of the violation of boundaries, when walking in enclosures.

How to use

Devices in real time work on several principles. For example - tracking function.

  • The tracker is loaded into the tracker. All instructions are included with the device.
  • The beacon is mounted on the pet's collar.
  • To determine the location, an identification number is entered on the tracking device, and you can see in real time where the pet is now.

Restriction of territory - convenient for walking a pet in private homes.

Here you need to enter additional settings. Coordinates are written in the tracking device, and when they exit, the phone will notify the owner with a sound signal.

Speed ​​limit function

This mode notifies the owner about the theft of a pet. If they put him in a car and take him away, then the signal on the siren will inform about it. To do this, the device first sets the maximum data. Applications and speed limits can be found in the instructions.

Each of the parameters is suitable for individual use, so you can purchase a model for any occasion, without overpaying for unnecessary functions.

Where to buy and how to choose

High-tech device gps trackers, do not buy on bulletin boards. Лучше приобрести модель от проверенного производителя, с гарантией и возможностью сервисного обслуживания, чтобы при необходимости его можно было обменять или отремонтировать.

По сути GPS маяк – это сложное устройство, требующее максимального внимания при выборе. Конечно, можно не раздумывая приобрести недорогую модель, но в таком случае качество приема будет не на высшем уровне, и вы рискуете оказаться героем всем известной поговорки.

What is considered when choosing?

  • Convenience of the interface, general capabilities of the device and surveillance system.
  • GPS receiver specifications.
  • Model and type of attachment.

But not always expensive acquisition justifies itself. Some features of the beacon collar may simply not be useful to you. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to determine precisely for what purposes it will be used, and to identify the presence of the following functions.

  • Two-way or one-way communication.
  • Panic button on the transmitter.
  • Touch screen on tracking device.
  • Tracking device in real time.
  • Voice control.

Electronic collar GPS TRACKER TK STAR

The newest model, with the ability to connect applications for modern devices such as iPhone, Aipad and other gadgets running on the Android platform. The tracker functions in GPS navigation and in GSM / GPRS networks. It allows you to control pets at a long distance, and the latest AGPS systems allow you to find a "fugitive" even in the absence of satellite signals.

The main advantages of the collar TK-Star, in low cost and compact size. The tracking function is performed in real time, by phone or on a dedicated website, which can monitor and record movement throughout the year.

Price: 4 980 rubles.

This model is designed principally for cats and dogs. Water resistant, allows you not to worry about damage when wet in the rain, and the duration of work in real time, recorded 60-hours and 10 monitoring functions, allows you to monitor the movement of the fugitive using GPS-satellites and report the coordinates to any device.

This tracker model works with a minimum error of 5 meters, and an important condition is the presence of a GPS signal or the availability of GSM / GPRS waves, transmitting coordinates to cellular devices.

Price: 5 900 rubles.

Electronic Collar GPS A1

Waterproof collar GPS new generation to control the location of pets. Ideal for hunting dogs. Includes 2 attachments - for the collar. Increased battery capacity compared to conventional trackers. Manual control zone setting and constant monitoring on a dedicated server.

Price: 6 900 rubles.

Which tracker is imported or domestic - you choose. The market offers various options, budget and expensive models, at affordable prices. And the functionality of any lighthouses, is able to satisfy all needs.

Electric girder with GPS: fashion or necessity?

The disappearance of a pet family is always a tragedy. The dog can run away, being fond of playing with another animal, or just get lost in an unfamiliar place. Some expensive breeds of animals can steal, to give back to the owners only for a large amount of money.

For such cases, it may be useful to have a collar with GPS function acquired in advance for a pet. In fact, this device is a small beacon, constantly tracking the location of the pet.

Such a beacon is mounted on the collar of a pet and records all its movements at home, on a walk or outside the city.

How to make the right choice

The choice of electric collar depends on how you want to use it. For animals that are rarely chosen for the city, but are able to escape for a walk, you can use inexpensive GPS trackers that communicate with the owner via SMS or via a special map on the web page.

This video provides an overview of the tracker for pets with a SIM card.

If you often go hunting or fishing with a dog, and the animal travels long distances in pursuit of game, it is better to take a more expensive model with the ability to track all movements on a special remote control.

Use of electric collar

The simplest electric collar with a GPS navigator for a dog is similar in the way it works with a mobile phone, it is absolutely harmless to an animal, as it does not transmit, but only receives signals. Such a system is compatible with all mobile phones and any computers.

Therefore, the principle of operation of the simplest device is simple. You need to charge the battery of the device, insert the sim card of any operator in it and fix it on the pet's collar.

The satellite receives coordinates from the beacon on the animal and sends them to the host in a convenient way: by sms-message with the coordinates to a mobile phone or online on the map of a special web page.

The main advantages of GPS navigator:

  1. Relatively small weight and size, so they can be used on large dogs and pets of medium size.
  2. Easy to attach the tracker to the collar or harness. With the help of special hardware tracker is securely fixed on the animal.
  3. A single battery charge on an electric collet usually lasts up to 48 hours of use.
  4. You can clearly track the path of movement of the pet and get the coordinates of its location.

The downside may be:

  1. The inability to use on very small dogs, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the Spitz.
  2. 48 hours charge can sometimes be too little to search.
  3. If the pet enters the zone where there is no mobile network, the signal disappears.

Features of the collar for hunting dogs

Hunting breeds of dogs are very active and are often used for their historical purpose. The owners take their pets to the mountains or to the forest to hunt small animals or birds.

Often the dog is pulled off the leash and allowed to "drive" the game you like. A four-legged hunter can get so carried away that he loses his orientation, runs too far, or gets into trouble — he can fall into a ravine or securely cling to a tree branch. In this case, the GPS on the dog's collar will be very useful for finding a pet.

GPS collar for dogs about hot breeds comes with a special remote control for the owner. According to the data, the collars do not cause any inconvenience to the animal, and the console catches the signal from the collar within 3.2 km on a plain and 2.8 km in a mountainous or hilly area.

Overview of several models and their characteristics

One of the most expensive and high-quality models is the tracker company Garmin made in the USA. Its main kit includes: a collar with a GPS system, a receiver for the owner, a CD with software and spare parts.

Features tracker firm Garmin Astro 320:

  1. The ability to record the movement of a pet on the built-in SD card.
  2. You can put a PIN code to record information about the movements of the animal.
  3. Built-in sound or vibration in the pet navigator.
  4. Water-tight and moisture-proof sensor on the collar.
  5. Transfer coordinates every 5-seconds.
  6. The functions of tracking the dog and the possibility of notification that it: runs, sits, is in the rack.
  7. One remote can control up to a dozen collars.

All these functions determine the rather high cost of such a GPS beacon.

There are also simpler models of GPS navigators, the bundle of which does not include a remote, but the entire connection is between the sim card in the tracker and the mobile phone or host computer. Such trackers are cheaper than previous ones.

Here are some of the characteristics of such a tracker called iPet tracker MSP 340:

  1. Instant pet search is carried out using a computer or phone with an accuracy of 5 meters.
  2. The ability to put a virtual fence, at the intersection of which the owner of the animals will be notified via SMS.
  3. You can see the history of movements of the pet.
  4. On the collar there is an alarm button, when clicked, the owner instantly receives an SMS with the coordinates of the pet.

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