Fluffy dogs: names, features of maintenance and care


Each dog breed is good in its own way. Standards imply the presence of certain characteristics of animals, which are valued first of all. If you decide to get a pet, then naturally consider those breeds that are of interest to you. Someone wants to get a good guard, someone - a true friend, and someone interested in the appearance and mind of the animal. According to many people, the cutest are curly dogs. About them will be discussed in our article.

Bichon Frize

This little curly dog ​​has many fans for more than one century. The exact origin of the baby is unknown, but it is assumed that seamen travelers brought the breed to Spain. The little curly dogs in France immediately conquered the hearts of the representatives of the royal court. Great popularity has deprived the breed of elite status. Soon the Bichon became something completely mundane. A new wave of recognition befell the breed after the Second World War.

Cute dogs with curly hair have a fluffy tail. Their sizes are quite modest. In withers bichons do not exceed thirty centimeters.

Character traits

Animals of this breed are sociable, funny and lively. They love to amuse their masters. But at the same time, they need a lot of attention from people. Bichons quickly adapt to a variety of habitat conditions. They feel happy in almost any setting. Dogs love to frolic in the street. But at the same time they are not very suitable for those people who spend a lot of time on the air.

Bichon is a breed of small curly dogs, which can be easily bred by those who have no experience in keeping and raising dogs. In addition, dogs get along well with other pets. Bichons are very easy to communicate and obedient. The breed does not belong to the dominant or domineering. But at the same time, dogs can be independent, be noisy and bark a lot. In general, Bichons can be recommended as excellent companions and wonderful family animals.

The little curly dog ​​will require you to take good care of your coat. The animal practically does not fade. But his fur must be combed daily, because it can be tangled. For the same reason, it must be cut once every few months in order to simplify care.

It is worth remembering the need for bathing white curly dog. The breed has its own characteristics of wool, because of which its representatives need frequent bathing. The number of water procedures directly depends on what kind of life an animal leads and how quickly its integuments get dirty. You may have to bathe the dog once a month, or perhaps once a week. If the dog walks a little on the street, then most likely it will often not get dirty. In addition, you should pay attention to the claws, ears and teeth.

Since animals are very active, it is necessary to give them additional exercises. However, do not forget about the daily walks down the street.

Another famous curly breed of dogs - poodles. This breed is one of the most popular all over the world. In addition, poodles are famous for their intelligence. Some believe that this is a female breed. However, this is a profound mistake. In fact, poodles are strong sports dogs. They are valued for their beauty and intelligence. By the way, according to experts, poodles are the most intelligent dogs.

This breed is very ancient and has a rich history. Initially, dogs were considered exclusively hunting species. An interesting fact is that poodles come in different sizes. Therefore, if you like curly dogs, then you can pick up a pet of any size. Poodles are incredibly friendly and cute dogs, but if you need a guard dog, then this breed is definitely not for you. In addition, animals need your attention. And large varieties also require exercise. It should be understood that poodles are not tame dogs. Even dwarfs will not sit quietly in your arms, because they are incredibly active. They like long walks. In addition, poodles tend to always be close to their owners.

Funny pets

Animals love to have fun and fool around. They swim very well. These pets love all sorts of games. According to experts, the poodle is a great family dog. He gets along well with the kids. Animals love noisy companies and fun. A very important feature of the poodle's character is his desire to get along with all people.

As for large curly dogs, they can sometimes serve as a watchdog. Agree that large species, the weight of which reaches 25-30 kilograms, inspire respect. Poodles have not only beautiful appearance, but also a number of talents. One of them is hunting abilities. In addition, animals have a large variety of colors. There are not only black curly dogs, but also white, coffee, fawn, red, brown and others.

Care for poodles

Curly dogs require special grooming. To make an animal look beautiful, the owner will have to pay a lot of attention to its covers. Despite the fact that animals are not prone to shedding, wool must be combed daily. In order to simplify care, it is recommended haircut about once a month and a half.

Poodles are known for their stunning haircuts. Over time, many owners begin to cut their pets themselves, inventing exclusive options. Fashionable haircuts are not required. The main thing is that the coat should be properly cared for, otherwise diseases can develop.

The smartest dogs in the world

As for training, poodles are incredibly smart and talented. They easily carry out all the necessary commands. Animals are incredibly active, and therefore love to play with the kids. It is worth noting that poodles need physical exercise, so the animal needs to be given enough time. If you do not walk your pet well, then he can spoil household things, thus releasing the accumulated energy. In general, poodles are ideal animals for the family.

Black Russian Terrier

Another curly breed of dog is the Russian black terrier. Already by name you can guess that the breed was bred in Russia. It happened in the fifties. Service dogs have great physical strength. In addition, they are well tolerated by different climatic conditions. In 1981, the breed standard was approved. Dogs have fighting qualities, unique grace, intelligence and devotion. It is believed that the breed was bred by order of Stalin. She has a lot of advantages and can be an excellent pet. The breed is quite young. Black terriers can be not only watchdogs, but also domestic companions. Animals very quickly adapt to any conditions. In addition, do not require special care.

The breed was created specifically for service in any climate. For this reason, animals have a powerful structure and increased efficiency.

The breed was bred as a service. For ordinary people, animals became available only in the seventies, when the army had a sufficient number of such dogs. Beautiful dogs entered the world arena only in 1975. After that world fame came to the breed.

Animals were bred for work, so they can get bored of idleness. If you dream of such a dog, then it is worth remembering that you will have to actively engage with it and load your pet with work. Even if you do not have much time, you still need to organize at least half an hour classes for the dog. If the terrier lives in the city, then the load for it should be even greater. Sometimes animals are stubborn, so the owner must be firm in upbringing. In addition, early socialization is important for a pet, since dogs are suspicious of the nature of the dog.

Caring for a Russian terrier

Care for Russian terriers is not very simple. Their thick and long hair should be regularly combed, at least several times a week. The procedure itself is quite complicated and lengthy.

In order for the dogs not to suffer from otitis, the hair near the ears must be cut regularly. Also it is necessary to remove excess vegetation on the paw pads. Animals are not very actively molt, so in this respect do not cause problems, especially if you regularly comb the wool. It is possible to bathe a dog no more than once a month. More frequent water treatments can cause irritation of the skin.

Russian terriers love street walks. And in winter, dogs can even fall out in the snow. Large dogs need good physical exertion. In addition, such pets are very smart, and therefore it is necessary to deal with them. They are very attached to the owners, but at the same time they will not get bored, seeing a bad mood.

English Cocker Spaniel

All of us have known dogs with curly ears since childhood. This is an English Cocker Spaniel. The breed was bred at the beginning of the nineteenth century in the UK. Initially, the animals were supposed to be the ideal hunting assistants. After the official recognition of the breed, the animals incredibly quickly spread around the world.

The main distinguishing feature of the dog are long hanging ears with wavy hair. Animals have very developed musculature, so they can get wonderful trophies on the hunt. Dogs coat is long enough, but not curly or curled. Animals can have a different color: spotty, black, roan.

Cocker Spaniels are very clever, cunning and at the same time kind. All these positive qualities determine its character. In addition, the hunting past put an imprint on the dogs' behavior. This is worth remembering if you are going to keep the animal in the conditions of a city apartment. Dogs on walks will not miss a single interesting subject, exploring everything by smell.

Animals of this breed differ in obedience. But at the same time in dogs there is no desire to curry favor or some slavish obedience. In dogs, inner nobility is felt. They are incredibly playful, like noisy companies. With other dogs, the animal behaves like a plant. Dogs love to play with kids, participating in all fun ideas. Sometimes even during the game the animals are too active and can not stop playing.

Pet cheerfulness makes it a very good companion. Dogs are easy to learn and get along well with other pets. But sometimes they can be unfriendly with small animals, the hunting past of the breed still affects.

Cocker Spaniel Care

Cocker Spaniels can live in city apartments, due to its modest size. But animals need careful care. Bathing the dogs too often is not worth it, it is enough just to wash their paws after walking. However, a true hunter can get very dirty during a walk, gambling through the mud and puddles. Then swimming can not be avoided.

The hair of the animal must be maintained in good condition, regularly combing it. The process becomes quite complicated in the period of the first molt of the animal. At this time, a lot of fluff emanates from the animal, it must be timely and properly removed, so as not to spoil the further process of hair growth.

Proper care and require long ears. They can get dirty while walking or during meals. It is worth remembering that the pet requires a special stand for food, thanks to which the ears will not fall into the bowl. A Cocker Spaniel periodically needs to trim the hair on the paws, as well as pluck the long hairs on the face.

Cute hunters

Cocker Spaniels are great hunters who can look for game. They can dive into the water in search of prey. Of course, the hunting instincts of dogs are not always in demand. Most people view animals as a companion. But still do not forget about the capabilities of your pet. By the way, dogs can pound animals with a voice, so they are used even in the process of hunting for boars and rabbits. But the Cocker Spaniels are more in demand when hunting for forest game. The fact is that dogs move beautifully through forest swamps.

Do not discount the fact that dogs take a good trail of blood, even if it is left long enough. All instincts are embedded in the animal initially. But still, if you want to raise a hunting dog, then it is necessary to teach the animal basic commands.

Features care for fluffy dogs

When buying a dog of a long-haired breed, you need to understand that you will have to apply some remarkable patience and care. The most important thing in caring for a fluffy dog ​​is frequent combing. If you skip this procedure, the wool quickly knits and it will have to be cut off.

Curly fluffy dogs (for example, goldendudl) need soft brushes that do not cause pain when combing. Breeds with long hair, which include shih-tzu and spitz, require professional care. Often, the owners of such dogs take them to the groomer or, with proper skills, carry out a homemade haircut. Long fluffy wool must be shortened so that it is in good condition.

Breeds of little fluffy dogs

Representatives of miniature breeds usually weigh a little (up to eight kilograms) and short in stature (up to thirty centimeters). Therefore, a small dog is ideal for keeping in a small apartment. However, when choosing a pet should take into account the temperament and appearance. We list the most common breed.

  • Pomeranian spitz. Considered a doggie. The colors are dominated by brown, red, yellow, gray and white shades. By the nature of these dogs are playful and energetic.
  • Tibetan Spaniel. It can be black, brown, golden, beige and white. Temperament is capricious, pushy, but the dogs are very smart.
  • Continental one (or papillon). This is a companion lap dog, very energetic and friendly. The coat is white in combination with black, brown and fawn.
  • Shih Tzu. Loves affection, a good companion for the whole family. In color you can find all shades.

  • Bichon Frize (or French lapdog). Always has a snow-white curly-haired fur. The character is playful, affectionate and quick-witted.

Medium sized fluffy dogs

Average breeds of dogs are optimal in terms of maintenance for both a private house and an apartment. Their height is about half a meter, and they weigh about twenty kilograms. Such dogs can be friends with adults and children. More than two hundred medium breeds are known, but we will pay attention only to a few common ones.

  • Chow Chow. This is a furry dog ​​that looks like a bear cub. That is why she is loved by many people. The skin is black, pale yellow and cream-colored, and the tongue, surprisingly, has a blue tint. By temperament, these dogs are quiet and calm.
  • Rough collie. Breed much known for the film "Lessie". Dogs are tricolor, with a predominance of white and sable. Very smart, energetic and love children.
  • Keeshond (or Wolfspitz). In appearance, vaguely resemble a wolf. But by the nature of these dogs are good-natured and wonderful. Color is represented by a palette from black to white.
  • Barbet. These are fluffy curly dogs in black, brown or gray. They are friendly and cheerful, so they will be great companions for the whole family.
  • Goldendudl. These dogs are smart, agile and non-aggressive. Coat curly diverse color.

Fluffy breeds of large size dogs

Big dogs are best kept in private homes. The apartment will not be able to provide them with the necessary space. Weigh an average of sixty kilograms, and their height can reach seventy centimeters. In general, large fluffy dogs are non-aggressive, calm and phlegmatic.

  • Newfoundland (or diver). These dogs are calm, gentle and easy to learn. The fur is usually black or brown.
  • Samoyed dog. Always causes positive emotions, because it is a tender, cheerful and devoted animal. For this breed is characterized only light color.
  • Bobtail This is a cute shaggy dog ​​of a gray-white color. She is funny, friendly, playful and amenable to training.
  • Byardid (or bearded collie). May be tricolor, black, brown or white. The dogs are intelligent, active and hardy.
  • South Russian Shepherd Dog Self-sufficient, energetic and distrustful of strangers. Light colors predominate in color: white, cream and fawn.

Let us consider in more detail the features of the care of the most popular breeds of dogs.

Pomeranian spitz

These naughty and fluffy babes are attentive to their owners. However, negligence can give rise to aggression and irritability in the pet. Oranges behave like institutions, so during the day you need to play with them actively in order to become calm by the evening. Otherwise, even at night, the spitz will bark and run around the apartment.

Как и все пушистые собачки, эта порода требует тщательного ухода за шерстью. Расчесывать нужно ежедневно, а раз в месяц придется посещать грумера, чтобы не было колтунов.

Эта маленькая пушистая собака чувствительна к теплу, поэтому следует избегать перегревания. Иногда трудно подобрать корм, а питание должно быть исключительно диетическим. Also, oranges need frequent cleaning of the ears, eyes and bathing. Although some individuals do not like the procedure of swimming. Owners may face problems such as early tooth loss and dislocation of the patella.

Translated from Chinese, the name means "the one that gives happiness." And you can not argue with that. Dogs are often compared to lions. The breed is patient enough, but does not like the violation of personal space. She tries with all her strength to protect her master and please him.

Shih Tzu is known as a white fluffy dog ​​with strands of black, gray and brown. The coat is quite thick and long, therefore it needs careful care. Have to periodically bathe, cut and comb daily. The big plus is that shih tzu does not shed. It is also necessary to regularly clean the eyes and ears, otherwise there may be inflammation.

The breed is quite agile, energetic and quick-witted, the pet will often have to be walked. This is necessary to maintain his psychological and physical health, as well as to avoid the fullness of which the dog is very susceptible.

French lap dog

Bichon Frize is a snow-white graceful doggie, like a cloud. They love to receive attention and get along well with children and other animals. They prefer active and noisy games, so silence in the house can not wait. French lap dog is a tender and cheerful friend.

Bichon is odorless and does not shed. But thick and curly hair must be carefully combed with a soft brush. In addition, you need to regularly bathe, clean your eyes and ears. In addition to positive emotions, this little fluffy dog ​​can cause hassle in the form of genetic abnormalities. They manifest as inflammation of the eyes, ears, knee, cataracts and other more serious diseases. Therefore, Bichon Frize just need to regularly show the vet.

Wolfspitz is a very cheerful, intelligent and cheerful dog that is attentive and affectionate towards its owner and the whole family. On a walk, he is restless and energetic, and at home he behaves very calmly and patiently. Get along with children, other animals and even cats. Keeshond perfectly protects its territory and loves to bark.

In principle, in the care of these fluffy dogs unpretentious. It is only necessary to closely monitor the long and thick hair, so that it does not fall into the mats. As a tool, it is better to give preference to a special soft brush, which the lush fur will be able to handle. Brushing should be long enough for the dog to receive a skin massage that improves circulation and regeneration. Bathing should be not too frequent and without the use of aggressive shampoos. Otherwise, the probability of losing the protective layer and the occurrence of irritation is high.


This breed was bred by crossing a poodle with a golden retriever. The result was very cute, affectionate, intelligent and easily trained dogs. The goldendudl dog is also known for its high sociability, love for children and other pets. The animal as a whole is calm and balanced, but still needs loads and range, since it is very active.

The coat of this dog rarely causes allergies and practically does not shed, especially if it is very curly. Fur requires care only after it is fully formed. The groomer will have to be treated infrequently, mostly you can handle the wool yourself. Combing should be done a couple of times a week. With a trimmed doggie, this can be done less often - only twice a month.

White fluffy dog ​​gets dirty faster than other colors. Therefore, light doggie should be washed more often. However, daily bathing can destroy the natural protective layer of skin and wool. Ears should be carefully monitored, as goldendudl is prone to infections of the auditory organs.

This breed is very similar to the furry bear. But you can't call her as a lord, because a Chow Chow dog prefers exclusively active pastime with a person. Great friend and good guard. Dogs are aggressive if only the owner is in danger. Poor loneliness and need constant attention.

Like all fluffy dogs, the chow chow needs to look after its coat. However, the fur of this breed simplifies the task a little. It does not fall down and is prone to self-purification, so it is often not necessary to bathe. There is no need for a haircut, and brushing once a week is enough with a metal brush with sparse teeth. Pukhoderka is needed only during active molting.

It is worth paying attention to health, because this breed never shows that it is sick. Often a chow-chow dog suffers from skin diseases, allergies and is sensitive to chemicals.

Bearded collie

Representatives of this breed are friendly, quick-witted and disciplined. Such dogs are not afraid of other pets and rarely show aggression towards them. However, some features of the content give reason to think about the acquisition of this animal.

Bearded collies love all family members, but recognize only one person. These are rather large and active dogs, so the conditions of the apartment, especially one-room, are categorically inappropriate. It is necessary to provide space for games and running, so that the animal is affectionate and non-aggressive.

Since they are long-haired fluffy dogs, they need thorough daily combing. Shedding is very active, in some cases, may require a haircut. Bathe dogs as they are contaminated, pre-combed wool.

Samoyed Like

Puppies and even adults are very active and hardy, so they need regular loads and everyday walking. If the animal is not allowed to throw out energy, then it will turn everything upside down. For the same reason, housing maintenance is considered blasphemy.

Samoyed has a self-cleaning coat. Therefore, you need to bathe rarely and if necessary. Comb a couple of times a week with a metal brush with long teeth or a puhoderka. The moult is strong, but some owners collect wool and knit warm clothes from it. Once a week, rub eyes and ears, and every two months, claws are trimmed.

The breed often suffers from diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, hypothyroidism, abdominal distension, kidney disease and hip dysplasia.

As you can see, fluffy breeds of dogs need special and regular care. In addition, they differ in size and temperament. And these features are very important to consider when choosing a pet. Prefer fluffy dog, which can be maintained properly.

Yorkshire Terrier

The head of the hit parade of decorative dogs, of course, the Yorkshire Terrier. In recent years, he has become not just a favorite of millions of our fellow citizens, but also a fashionable attribute of secular characters on a par with a purse or fur stole.

  • They are happy to pose with their pets in their hands in front of numerous cameras and take them with them on trips and on battles.

Fortunately, the pocket size of these little terriers allows. Their weight, depending on the subspecies (super-mini, mini and standard) ranges from 900 g to 3 kg.

However, the Yorkshire Terrier is not just a funny little dog and a model selection exhibit. This is a smart, inquisitive, tireless and fearless dog.

Yorkshire terriers are very loyal to their owners, friendly with strangers and animals, and even, according to their owners, have a wonderful sense of humor.

Each representative of this breed is a unique self-sufficient personality with its own character, weak points and virtues.

The content of the york does not take much trouble. His furry coat almost sheds and has no smell.

And also, importantly, it is easy to teach him to use the toilet tray, which automatically removes the problem of compulsory walking twice a day in any weather. A very convincing argument in favor of choosing a dog of this breed, agree.

Bichon frize

France is the birthplace of these small furry dogs of the subspecies of lapdogs. Small growth - 23-30 cm, and weighing 3-5 kg, with thick curly silky hair of white or peach color, they really resemble a soft toy. Ideal for maintenance in an apartment, but at the same time in need of sufficient physical activity.

  • Bichons are incredibly lively, funny and sociable dogs that have a fine nervous organization.

They easily adapt to any conditions, and the main factor for them is always not a place, but a person. Therefore, they need a large dose of attention, love and universal adoration.

Unlike other dog breeds, the Bichons do not choose a leader for themselves - in the family they love everyone equally, but at the same time they position themselves as a completely equal member of the community.

They may be offended if their right will be challenged. Easy to get along with other animals, friends with children. In general, they behave quite humanly. The most suitable option for novice dog breeders without the experience of close communication with our smaller brothers.

One of the oldest breeds of decorative dogs, whose history goes back over 2 thousand years. Bred in China specifically for imperial families. Dog's weight ranges from 3-6 kg, height at withers from 15 to 23 cm.

Intelligent, but very stubborn and self-confident representatives of the dog kind, who with all their appearance seem to show that they are well aware of their ancestry and will not allow any familiarity with themselves.

The Pekingese are imposing and not in a hurry, they do very well without mobile games and physical exertion, they are unpretentious in care and maintenance. By nature, contemplators. Well, just the perfect companion for grandmothers and all retirees.


Also, the oldest representative of small furry dogs, whose homeland is called the island of Malta. Snow-white handsome men a little taller than 20 cm and weighing no more than 4 kg.

Friendly nature and calm temperament give her the full right to be considered one of the best decorative breeds for apartment maintenance.

Affectionate, funny and loving, they try to always be within the reach of a person. It does not tolerate loneliness.

Devoted to selflessness - sensing a threat to the owner from an animal or a human being, desperately bark and can even pounce and bite.

These small, fearless "lions", enclosed in a miniature body, cause great respect for their fighting qualities. Perfectly amenable to training and happy to demonstrate all sorts of tricks in public.

Very picky about food. But on the other hand, you can be sure that your pet will not swallow any attractive, in his opinion, and scent, stuff on a walk.

Italian lap dog All of the above can be attributed to this type of small dogs. Only it was bred in Italy, and the fundamental difference from the long-pile Maltese Bolognese is distinguished by a short fluffy fur.

And by the nature of the dog these are somewhat more restrained and less emotional. They may not rush at the enemy, but intellectuals are also loving, quick-witted.

  • A plus them in comparison with the Maltese write the amount of wool left on your carpet during the molt.

Health and Care

And now - a little bit of tar in the barrel with honey. According to the apt expression of one of the breeders, small lap dogs are a “veterinarian nightmare”.

It is no secret that these breeds of dogs are most susceptible to various diseases and injuries. Derived artificially, they have no genetic resistance to disease.

This is not a complete list of the most common health problems of small ornamental dogs: dislocation of the patella, urolithiasis, epilepsy, hypotrichosis (alopecia), diabetes, dermatitis, allergies, cataracts.

These diseases are not a sentence to a little baby, but a warning about the need for close attention to the health, nutrition and conditions of your pet, for whom you took responsibility.

Feeding is the dominant component in the care of dogs of decorative breeds, the food "from the table" will not suit them - only special balanced feed with a predominance of proteins.

Small dogs, they quickly freeze and easily catch cold - take care also of their wardrobe for walks in the cold season. Always look under your feet and where you sit to avoid injuries to your pets. And remember that the size of a dog is not at all proportional to the concerns associated with their maintenance and care.

Little fluffy dog ​​breeds

Today, small fluffy dog ​​breeds are at the peak of their fame. They are most in demand for urban life in a small-sized apartment: they do not require a lot of space, do not need long walks in the fresh air, and are beneficial in terms of food. With all this, miniature fluffies delight the eye with exquisite exterior, and by their nature are excellent companions.

Tibetan Spaniel

A miniature Chinese breed, which since ancient times served as a companion and guard in Buddhist monasteries. These fluffy dogs are most often found in red color, but other colors are allowed by the standard. The coat is long, soft and silky. The height reaches 25 cm, in weight gain up to 7 kg.

Tibetan spaniels are distinguished by wayward temperament, high mental abilities, stubbornness and perseverance. The average life expectancy is 12-15 years.

Coton de Tulear

Representatives of this aristocratic breed were first bred in Madagascar. These are miniature dogs with long thick hair and round, expressive eyes of dark color. The main color of the coat is white, lemon, white-gray, black and tricolor colors are also allowed.

Coton de Tulear dogs have a tender and playful character, they love to jump up and walk on their hind legs. They are extremely inquisitive, need the attention of people and always try to please the owner.

The smallest breed of dog, originally from Mexico. Her weight ranges from 0.5 to 3 kg, and she grows only up to 10-23 cm. Chihuahuas can be both smooth and longhaired. Colors range from apricot to blue, from white to chocolate.

These pets can boast a stable psyche, observation, vitality and optimism. They are open to people, but they can be very offended at the elevated tone and crouch in the far corner until the owner deserves his forgiveness.

This kind of decorative dogs exists about 2 thousand years. Since ancient times, they were the sacred pets of the Chinese emperors and were highly revered. They are extremely clever, self-confident and stubborn, imposing and slow, they like to climb on their knees and sit with the royal air.

Pekingese grow to 15-23 cm, weight can vary between 3-6 kg. Suppose any color: from black to red with black splashes on the face. A short, flat face gives a special charm to dogs.

Havanese bichon

The Havana Bichon is the national breed of the Cuban people. These four-legged friends rarely exceed 7.5 kg in weight, and their height varies between 23-27 cm. Color combinations of colors can be very different, the covering coat is long, curly and coarse, the undercoat is soft and fluffy.

Representatives of the breed are sociable, friendly and cheerful. They get along well with small children and pets. Adapt to all weather conditions and have strong immunity.

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French Bichon (Bichon Frize)

The French Bichon or Bichon Frize are small fluffy dogs of white or peach color from the group of lapdogs. Thick curly wool in combination with miniature sizes (23-30 cm of height and 3-5 kg ​​of weight) make them look like plush toys.

Bichons are active, sociable and optimistic. The main thing for them is always the owner, so the crumbs need constant attention, care and love. They easily get along with children and animals, but can be offended if they are not perceived as equal members of the family.

Medium Fluffy Dog Breeds

Medium-sized dogs belong to the largest group, with more than 200 species. Breeds of medium-sized fluffy dogs are more popular than their small and large counterparts, since they are the most universal: on the one hand it is a good companion, on the other - a formidable defender in case of danger.

Samoyed, bred in the northern regions of Russia, attracts with its noble and beautiful exterior: a strong, but not bulky physique, thick snow-white coat, black shiny eyes and a smiling muzzle. The breed also allowed cream and light brown color. Adult dogs grow up to 50-60 cm, in weight reach 17-33 kg.

Samoyeds are unsurpassed guards with excellent physical qualities. At the same time, these are amazingly affectionate and friendly animals.

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Australian Shepherd

Harmoniously harmonious, strong dog of small size with well developed muscles. Her height does not exceed 58 cm, and the weight is about 30-32 kg.

Шерсть австралийской овчарки имеет среднюю длину и жесткость. Окрас может варьироваться от черного до красного. Независимо от расцветки, на шерсти могут иметься белые и медные пятна.

В Америке эти сообразительные псы используются для перегона скота и домашних птиц. Они обладают приветливым нравом, хорошо уживаются с другими питомцами и любят детей.

Сибирский хаски

The Siberian Husky is a sporting northern breed of dog with a compact skeleton, easy gait and noble posture. Their height does not exceed 60 cm, and weight - 28 kg. Luxurious two-layer wool has different shades, but black-brown-gray color in combination with white is considered classic. The eyes are predominantly blue, but may also be brown, olive or amber.

Huskies are very friendly towards people and animals, but they have a special love for children. They are unsuitable for hunting, protection of the territory and service.

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Big fluffy dog ​​breeds

In apartment conditions it is difficult to maintain large breeds of dogs, therefore, more often they live in private houses. Big dogs of fluffy breeds can hardly be called fluffy, they are rather shaggy and shaggy. And this is not surprising, because such pets were displayed not for decorative purposes, but as reliable guards and guards.

Tibetan mastiff

The thick long hair of this animal protects it from the effects of low temperatures and allows year-round maintenance in the yard. Tibetan mastiff is an excellent private property keeper, because its height reaches 60-77 cm, and its weight does not fall below 60-80 kg.

These dogs are endowed with a loving, patient and understanding character, but independence, stubbornness and self-esteem do not allow them to do everything that is commanded by the owner. Not recommended for sharing with children.

All about the content of large fluffy dogs breed Tibetan Mastiff.


One of the most friendly and quick-witted dogs, which can be a family companion, a helper on a farm or a lifeguard on the water. The growth of males and females varies from 63 to 74 cm, and the height from 45 to 70 kg. The animal is obliged by its large size to a well-developed skeleton, muscle mass and bulk chest. Possible colors: black, white, gray, brown, black and white.

Interesting. Today, the Newfoundlands in France patrol the coastal zone and help the Emergency Situations Ministry to rescue the drowning.

Learn more about the unique huge and fluffy breed of Newfoundland dogs.

Afghan hound

The oldest hunting breed of dogs, which is characterized by high physical qualities and thick long hair, protecting in cold weather. The coat on the texture is similar to human hair, and its color can be very different: cream, golden, red, black, the main thing is the absence of white spots around the muzzle. The mass of Afghan hounds from 26 to 34 kg, height - 60-74 kg.

The nature of the dogs can be both playful and joyful, and restrained. In terms of training requires a lot of time and effort.

Full review of the hunting fluffy breed of dogs Afghan Hound.

South Russian Shepherd Dog

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at this awe-inspiring dog is a beautiful thick coat that covers even the eyes. Thanks to this protection, the dog becomes invulnerable to predators, including wolves. The coat has a long and thick undercoat, and white, gray and light fawn are distinguished among the acceptable colors. Dogs weight - 48-50 kg, height - 62-66 cm.

South Russian shepherds are confident in their abilities, they can boast of physical strength and sharpness of mind. Sincerely faithful to the owner and are Monogamous.

This large dog, originally from Scotland, has a slim and strong body of elongated shape, elongated face, high paws and a long tail bent upwards. Height - 56-66 cm, weight - 23-34 kg. The coat is thick and long, rough to the touch, but the undercoat is soft enough. Variations of color include white, black and brown shades.

Collies are among the most trained breeds. They attentively listen to the host’s commands and perform them, perfectly cope with security functions and are loyal members of the family.

Old English Sheepdog (bobtail)

The Old English Sheepdog or Bobtail is one of the oldest breeds bred in the UK. In those days, was actively used as a herder and herder driver, and to this day she has not lost these skills.

Bobtails are strong, compact, square-built dogs with abundant wool. Wool shaggy, but not in the curl. The color may be gray, blue or grizzly. Height - 51-61 cm, weight - 27-46 kg.

By nature, these are quick and friendly pets who adore children.

We offer to view a review of a fluffy large breed of dogs Old English Sheepdog (bobtail).

Bernese Mountain Dog

Universal breed of dog hails from Switzerland. Then these quadrupeds were actively exploited for grazing on farms, protecting the territory and dragging carts.

A distinctive feature of the Bernese Mountain Dog is its long and curly hair. Color often tri-color: black, red and white. The height of the animal at the withers is from 58 to 70 cm, the mass ranges from 36 to 50 kg.

The breed is famous for its tender, responsive and faithful disposition. Easy to train and does not require early socialization.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Self-confident dogs with a strong build large size and well-developed muscles. They easily adapt to the cold climate and are unsurpassed watchmen.

The weight of an adult dog varies in the range of 45-75 kg, height reaches 70 cm. The standard of the breed includes a large variety of colors: gray, white, red, brindle, fawn, spotted.

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are bold and strong-willed dogs that get along well with children thanks to a balanced psyche. They need prolonged physical exertion.

All about the maintenance and education of serious fluffy dogs of the Caucasian Shepherd breed.

10 place - Cosmatics (griffins)

Gryphon bule - a rare hunting breed, which is considered to be extinct. Fans of the caudate were able to find only a few purebreds and begin the process of rebirth.

Vendean Griffon Briquet (small and large) - A rather rare breed of furry hounds.

A large variety older, bred from the already extinct hounds of France. Dogs specialize in hunting wolves. The fur coat is used for heating and protection from injury.

Vendee Basset Griffin (large and small) - a very rare representative of the breed group, bred for hunting a hare. Today, dogs are treated like companions. From an early age to old age, the quadrupeds remain resilient, active and very loyal to the owner.

9 place - Puhovichki

Afghan hound - incredibly beautiful and graceful dogs that require meticulous care and active walking.

Greyhounds are very fond of running, despite the hunting nature, shepherd and guards are not alien to them. The age of the breed is more than 4 thousand years.

South Russian Shepherd Dog - a huge clump of white (less often gray) wool with a black nose. Dogs are associated with polar bears, they are also large, strong and aggressive if necessary. Initially, the breed is bred for grazing, but due to difficulties with grooming, it is almost not used in the work.

8th place - Hardworking

Australian Shepherd (Aussie) - known for its intelligence and sky-blue eyes. Shepherd's breed with a beautiful fur coat and Merel color.

Thanks to a keen intellect and sociability, Aussie is recognized annually as one of the most popular sport and family dogs.

Scottish Sheepdog Longhair (Collie) - the smartest dogs seeking to imitate people in everything. The breed has a rich and very interesting history. Initially, the cowgirl, who confidently became a companion and even a guide.

It is interesting! In the breed group of Scottish shepherds, three dogs are traditionally considered at once (recognized as separate standards) - long-haired, short-haired and bearded Collies. The latter is also very fluffy, more precisely, shaggy.

Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) - a small copy of the Colley, bred on the islands near Scotland. A small dog is actively used for distilling large flocks in any weather. By the way, the climate on the Shetland Islands is more than harsh - storms, strong winds, high humidity. In everyday life, Sheltie is a faithful companion and the best babysitter for children.

Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) - gray-white shepherd's giant. This breed is so fluffy that when the hair is combed you can not see the eyes and nose. They are very clever and intelligent, tend to imitate, often take on the function of a nanny.

It is interesting!Hungarian Sheepdog (Commander or Bullets) - the breed is somewhat similar to Bobtail, but its wool is woven into thick cords. In the people, the breed was called the dog-mop.

Bernese Mountain Dog - 4 breed dogs are recognized in the breed group, but the Burns are the most fluffy. Large, herding dog with a noble tricolor color. In addition to work, quadrupeds perfectly play the role of a friend of children, an athlete and a guard.

Shipperke - a small but perky shepherd, bred from the incest of working breeds and fur Spitz. Very positive, agile, gambling dog not bad playing the role of the guard.

It is interesting! Little-known but very fluffy hard workers are the Polish Lowland Sheepdog and Briard (an ancient breed, the progenitor of many herding dogs).

7th place - Northern

Alaskan malamute and Siberian Husky - riding and sports breeds, often used in show work and acquired as family pets.

Malamutes are larger than Huskies and require more serious loads.

Samoyed Like - the white smiley dog ​​that got its name from the Samodi tribes. A feature of the breed is the shape of the facial and lips, creating a contrasting black smile on a white face.

It is interesting! There are only four breeds in the group of northern sled dogs, but Greenland Riding little known.

6 place - Hunters

Lapland spitz (Swedish Lapphund) - the standard of energy and hard work.

Little fluffy dog, possessing the skills of grazing, protection and even hunting. The breed is quite rare.

It is interesting!Finnish Lopar dog (Finnish laphund) - fluffy, but very rare breed bred by mating Lapland Spitz and Walhund.

Finnish Spitz - small northern hunting dog, almost twin Karelo-Finnish husky (not recognized by FCI). The breed is common only in the northern regions of the homeland, because it has a serious competition in Europe. In Russia, the Spitz and the Karelian are considered one breed.

5th place - Kucheryashki

Poodle (the one, small, medium, royal) - curly-haired dogs with semi-rigid hair. The peculiarity of the breed is that it does not shed. With proper care and length of wool, four-legged very fluffy.

Traditionally, Poodles are cut, emphasizing the shape of the body and the quality of wool. The breed is not decorative, initially a hunter, today a companion and second place holder in the ranking of the smartest four-legged.

It is interesting! Dogs that have short but fluffy and curly-looking wool - this Irish Water Spaniel, Benglinton terrier and Spanish water dog.

Portuguese water dog - quite rare, curly-haired dog with a long thick coat. Assistant and navigator of fishermen, a great companion and a very smart pet. Dogs are trimmed to become poodles (they shorten the hair on the back of the body) for increased performance.

4 place - Giants

Tibetan mastiff - big, powerful and very expensive dogs. The progenitors of almost all the major Molossians.

They have a fierce temper and excellent guarding skills. Giants grow up to 71 cm at the withers and up to 73 kg.

Black Russian Terrier (RFT) - Russian factory breed, bred for the protection and work in the special services. Due to its size (up to 72 cm, 68 kg) and complex character, the breed is quite rare. RFTs are not desperate aggressors, but with poor-quality breeding there is a certain risk of mental disorder.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog - Security and herding dog, requiring serious education and care. It is considered to be the best guardian of the flock and property of the owner. The breed was introduced with a rating of aggressive dogs, as with improper maintenance and poor-quality education is prone to attack people.

Leonberger - dog-lion, bred in Germany. Mixing the blood of service dogs, the creator tried to create a breed that would replace the portrait of a lion on the city's coat of arms. In the modern world it is used as a shepherd, lifeguard, guard and companion.

Newfoundland - The history of this breed is covered with darkness. The tetrapods are distinguished by being sensitive to people, they are excellent in swimming and are very hardy. Giants are successfully trained in the craft of rescuers and guide dogs.

St. Bernard - rescue dog, used since ancient times to search for people under the snow. Calm, balanced, sensitive breed, a great friend for children. Four-legged are represented in the short-haired and long-haired varieties, the latter are more popular in the city.

Pyrenean Mountain - rare breed, fluffy and huge. Dogs were used to protect the flocks from wolves and bears! The long and thick hair acts as an armor, in a fight, the dog has only two weak spots - the chin and the back of the head.

It is interesting! Rare fluffy giants are Pyrenean Mastiff, Krashskaya shepherd, Caen da Serradi Estrela and Sharplaninats.

3rd place - Baby

Affenpinscher - small and very nimble dogs from the group of griffins. Breed representatives are not alien service, more precisely, hunting and protection of the owner.

The monkey muzzle and lively mimicry played a significant role in the popularity of the tailed.

Chihuahua, Pekingese, Japanese hin and Shih Tzu - four small decorative and companion breeds, which can be called fluffy. The quality of the coat depends on heredity, age and care.

It is interesting! FCI recognizes two more small fluffy breeds, but they are very few - Lhasa apso, Tibetan Terrier.

2 place - White and fluffy

Havanese bichon (Bichon Havanaise) - fluffy and long-haired dogs. The standard allowed not only the white color of wool, but it is he who is the most popular.

The breed is quite famous, but in the popularity rating it is inferior to the French Bichon.

French bichon (Bichon Frize) is a small and tender snowflake consisting of balls of white wool. The structure of the wool is compared to the cloud. Temperament convivial and sensitive, very loyal.

Italian lap dog (Bolognese) - a dog similar to the Bichon Frize, but with a more curly and light hair. The Bolognese is a reference breed among Bolonok, some experts consider dogs to be the ancestors of the breed group.

It is interesting! Under become white and fluffy, it is fair to name another rare, but recognized breed - Coton de Tulear. The dog got its name (cotton from Tulear) for an extremely soft wool structure and a snow-white color.

1st place - Cuties

German Spitz - The pedigree group is known for its thick, upright hair.

In addition, tetrapods are considered quite an ancient breed, which was divided into types:

  • Dwarf (up to 22 cm) - the smallest member of the group, better known as Pomeranian Spitz. The red star of social networks, Pomeranian Boo (Boo) glorified his brethren to the whole world. Thanks to Boo, many people believe that dwarf spitz can be only red, but in fact the standard is black, white, wolf, brown, cream, piebald, sable and red. A combination of two colors is also allowed.
  • Small (23–29 cm) and medium (30–38 cm).
  • Keeshond (44–48 cm) - the largest and most senior representative of the group. The breed has several names - canine spitz, Wolfspitz and Dutch barge dog.

American Cocker Spaniel - dog-rug, which loves to lie back, putting his hind legs. The most fluffy representative of the spaniels, the water dog-gunners. The complexity of grooming has gradually "forced out the Americans" into the ranks of show dogs.

Italian Volpino - miniature, decorative pomeranian with snow-white and fluffy fur. The breed is considered to be related with European and German Spitz. Used as a companion.

Papillon and falen - very faithful dogs with ears-butterflies. Breeds belong to the Toy Spaniels, that is, initially decorative breeds. Coming from royal families has a friendly temperament, guardianship and companion skills.

Japanese Spitz and American Spitz - very similar breeds. Both dogs are white, fluffy, almost identical in size. To match the Samoyed likes, the Spitz are the owners of the Eskimo smile. Both breeds were bred as companions and family dogs.

Eurasier - The youngest (of the recognized) German breed. Externally, quadrupeds are very similar to Spitz dogs, have excellent family qualities, and quickly adapt to any living conditions. The breed is a “mix” of Chow Chow, Samoyed Husky and Wolfshpitz.

Chow chow - very fluffy breed of dogs, probably, the most fluffy from known. Pet fur coat remains very thick and voluminous, even in the absence of care. In addition to the appearance that looks like a bear, the caudate have become famous for their blue or even purple tongue. Chows have a rather complicated, independent temper, since the early members of the breed were used for baiting and fighting.