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Selection Dog breeds are very responsiblebecause you have to live with your dog for the next 10-15 years. Each breed has its own distinctive features, character traits, temperament and appearance. When selecting articles on dog breeds, we try to reflect the characteristics of each breed, the difficulties that you may encounter when raising or maintaining a particular dog breed. Breed standards and requirements for the breed, we try not to publish, as this information is much on other sites. The complete list is presented in the section. dog breeds alphabetically with a photo.

To make it easier for you to choose a breed in the section, photos of dog breeds are presented, although the appearance of the dog does not always determine its character. An important parameter when choosing a dog is its size as well as the original purpose of the breed, you can learn about all this by reading the detailed description of the breed.

The importance of information for selection

For a person who has decided to purchase a dog for the first time, there is nothing more useful than objective and adequate information. But a lot of advertising sites describing trouble-free, self-learning dog breeds, in which all-inclusive is born, create a lot of illusions for potential owners, which always negatively affect the relationship between the owner and the dog. For two weeks, a photogenic darling Labrador destroys an apartment, a charming Pomeranian spitz barks for days on end, a non-decaying miniature schnauzer after the first haircut for a typewriter turns into a kind of a shaggy dog, and after a year of maintenance in the yard, the Tibetan mastiff refuses to go out of the door to get out. All the more to appear at the exhibition. It is good if the owner endures all these inconsistencies with a dream and makes efforts to reach an understanding with his dog. Much worse, if the dog starts to walk on his hands or is on the street or in a shelter. How to choose the right breed of dog amateur?

Information from an experienced breeder or kennel

Well, if you are lucky with the breeder. He asked a lot of questions, figuring out whether you know anything about the chosen breed, except for its name, seen photos and common advertising slogans, and decided that he could sell you his puppy. It should be as honest as possible to answer questions - an experienced professional will help you choose the right temperament and exterior puppy and raise it properly. Breeders unfashionable breeds in this case is preferable. They find everything about the breed and monitor not only the exterior, but also the psyche. They will be happy to tell about the behavior of puppies and adult dogs, suitable types of training and sports. If the breeder is not ready to answer questions about raising a puppy and its features, it is better not to buy a dog from him. No matter what breed you choose, parents of puppies should have recommended genetic tests. Choosing the right breeder is an opportunity to get advice from a professional if necessary. This will be an adequate assessment of an experienced specialist "breed" for its compliance with the living conditions of the future owner.

Most often, the Internet offers ads with other people's photos, advertising descriptions of the best dogs in the world and a breeder who, having sold you a puppy, will evaporate and stop answering phone calls and other requests. You can recognize a fraudster by his unwillingness to leave the coordinates, the absence of a chip or stigma from the puppy, promises that even if the puppy is without pedigree, it can be easily done. For someone who wants to get a good dog, such talk is a good reason to refuse to buy a puppy.

Understanding the history of the breed

Very often, reading about the breeds, future owners skip the section on the history of the breed. Meanwhile, each of them is a set of stably transmitted qualities, among which there are both external characteristics and unique features of behavior and physiology. Dogs with short faces do not tolerate heat very well and will not be able to run a lot, large heavy bone mastiffs need to take care of their joints and ligaments, service and herding breeds, having exceptional health, will require considerable expenses for training and exercise. And each was originally created for any type of work. Forgetting about this, the owners often do not understand the runaway following the interesting smell of the beagle or the spaniel, suffer from the hyperactivity of the Jack Russell terrier, are forced to endure the howling of the unbelieving bassetge or Malamute. Working breeds are preserved in all breeds, because each of them was created to perform a particular job. Even those breeds that have not been used for a long time in hunting or for driving cattle remember their working past. Their breed characteristics are its consequence. So, all terriers love pursuit and fights, all dachshunds gladly dig holes, a schnauzer or griffons will gladly try to defeat their eternal enemy - a rat, and collie and sheltie will never allow members of the group entrusted to them to lose themselves, tracking the movements of both adults and children.

Physical activity for dogs

Lack of physical activity always negatively affects working breed dogs. All unpleasant habits quickly disappear, it is necessary to properly organize a walk and perplex the dog with some kind of work or sports. The choice in our time is huge - from service training to pitch en go and pulling. The organization of joint leisure activities allows you to make contact with the owner and the dog and make them a real tandem full of mutual understanding. Show dogs also just need exercises that help them to have relief muscles, good tone and the right stance. In large cities there are special halls where you can prepare a dog for the show yourself or entrust it to an experienced trainer and handler.


It is also important to assess your ability to care for your future dog's coat. Shedding a Malamute or Samoyed in a city apartment is a serious challenge for owners. Trimming a dog-haired dog (schnauzers, dachshunds, drathaars) usually leads to the growth of an atypical, soft, plump hair, which begins to knit and creates more and more problems. But from the very beginning it was necessary to start trimming the dog so that a hard, wire-like wool would grow on it, from which seeds and debris are easily removed. Short-haired dogs that do not require special care, shed and their hairs clog carpets and bedding, which can cause skin irritation and allergies. For people with allergies, poodles and terriers that do not shed hair are good, although they need regular haircuts or trimming. Not all long-haired dogs are suitable for keeping outside. Many of them, despite the long wool, freeze in the winter. These are, for example, long-haired dachshunds and seters, golden and curly-haired retrievers. The most suitable for street keeping dogs with double, so-called wild wool, in which the seasonal thick undercoat and coarse guard hairs allow them to feel comfortable outside in any conditions.

Breed subtleties

To understand all the subtleties and make the right choice, you need to try not only to see more dogs in the photo and video, but also to find as much information as possible, selecting it on the principle: the less positive things about this breed, the better. Critical and negative reviews during the selection of dogs are much more valuable, as they allow a sober assessment of the problems that may be encountered in the future. It is difficult to expect a lack of pugnacity in a terrier or rely on the loyalty of the hunting breed to domestic rodents or birds. It is better to choose a loyal breed right away than to waste time and nerves on correcting innate behavior. All materials of this section are selected in such a way as to allow the reader to form an objective opinion about different breeds of dogs and prepare for the appearance in the house of a new family member both morally and financially.

Dog breeds with photos for every taste and preference

You still do not know what breed of dogs to choose for a divorce or protection of personal property? Moreover, you have been in search of a reliable friend for a long time, who in a difficult situation will give you a paw and give you a lot of positive emotions? Our site is ready to help in resolving the issues that have arisen by correctly prioritizing the choice of a pet.

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What begins dating? First of all, with visual contact. In order for you to be one step closer to your cherished dream, we have posted all photos of small dog breeds and large. First, thanks to the pictures, you will quickly determine the compliance of the desired and the actual. Secondly, by clicking on the object you like, you instantly find yourself in the very description of a particular dog. Operational selection of a future pet from a photograph - without magic and prejudice, but only here and now.

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By the name of the dog breed you can quickly determine your choice: Australian Shepherd, Australian Healer or American Pit Bull Terrier. Specially structured in alphabetical order names with selected images contribute to the careful analysis of the selection of dogs with a view to their further breeding. Both private and legal persons who are engaged in professional divorce and plant new breeds of dogs will be able to familiarize themselves with the detailed characteristics of each breed presented on our website. Thus, you minimize the time to search for the necessary information. All you need is to select the appropriate breed name and click on it. The data will open in a logically structured form, only specific information that will help you make a clear decision without hesitation. Everything dog breeds with description and detailed main points that all pet owners should know.

Here you can easily find breeds of dogs in alphabetical order

Looking for a pet on the Internet takes a lot of time - there are lots of websites, but there is little information, or it is served by a large cluster, where you have to figure out the main accents yourself. We suggest you look at this problem in a new way. Our site contains list of different breeds of dogs in alphabetical order, which saves you time. Moreover, all data on a particular breed are formulated logically correctly, with the content of extremely important information and information. All dog breeds Alphabetically, this is a new vision for fast and reliable search that will satisfy your interests 100%. And by the way, take a look and see for yourself. With minimal time costs - the maximum solution of the tasks.

Australian Shepherd

Aussies or Australian Shepherds are beautiful dogs with expressive almond-shaped eyes and amazing marble color. The color of the marble stains can be different: black, blue, gray, red. Complement the bright picture of white and brass. The dogs are moderately muscular, harmoniously built, their movements are light and free. The extraordinary physical characteristics of the breed in combination with a sharp mind and extraordinary appearance make it desirable for many dog ​​lovers.

Aussies are by nature - shepherd dogs, nature endowed them with endurance, speed and high activity. They do not fit lovers lie on the couch. If you do not plan to use shepherd dogs for their intended purpose - on livestock grazing, then you need to take care of sufficient physical activity. Aussies do an excellent job with all kinds of canine sports, can participate in exhibitions. They can be used as lifeguards, search dogs or guide dogs. The calm and cheerful character of these beautiful dogs makes them wonderful home companions.

The legendary breed with a long history is considered one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs and, perhaps, the most faithful and faithful. World-wide fame came to Akita Inu after an incredible film story about limitless dog love and loyalty - “Hachiko: The most loyal friend.” Dogs are distinguished by an unusual exterior - white and red hair form a beautiful pattern on the body of the animal. A distinctive feature of the breed - an expressive mask on the face.

Akita Inu was once bred in the palaces of Japanese emperors, in modern reality it is an ideal companion dog. It is difficult to find cons in this breed. The nature of the dog consists of some advantages. Positive, balanced, naughty, playful, not aggressive - all this is about Akita Inu. Add to this the natural prudence, high intelligence and incredible wisdom, you get the perfect dog. The only unpleasant moment - the dogs are incredibly curious! Akita Inu are great coexist in a large family with small children, and can become a friend for a single person.

American Cocker Spaniel

It is impossible to take your eyes off this cheerful guy with a snub nose, a funny tuft, and charming long curly ears. His energy can be envied - a Cocker Spaniel is ready to rush with the ball all day long and play catch-up with the children. The luxurious wavy hair of a dog is its real decoration. Rigid and straight on the back of the animal, it becomes soft and silky on the paws, crown and ears. There is something toy in the image of this beautiful dog.

A hunter by descent, the American Cocker Spaniel will chase the birds for a walk. However, he considers domestic animals not to be prey, but family members, therefore he lives together with them. The dog is mobile, all the time looking for something to occupy. For her, your apartment will be a playground or a place for pranks, if you leave her alone for a long time. These handsome men are no good for guarding the house, they trust the strangers, and the voice is given only when they hunt game. They love children, spend time with them with great pleasure.

Charming long-eared representatives of this ancient breed can not not like. The beagle is a dog that accompanied aristocrats of the Middle Ages to hunt. The homeland of a cute dog is considered to be England, but it is known for certain that its most ancient descendants lived in Ancient Rome and Greece. These are small dogs with a spectacular exterior, strong, but not a rough physique. Three colors are mixed in coat color: white, black and red. The spots are located on the body of the animal in random order, which makes each dog different from its relatives.

Beagles are considered the best breed for young children - dogs often choose their child as their host. They interact well with all households, home guests and other pets. The only remark - rabbits and rodents should not be let out of the cage, so as not to provoke the hunting instincts of dogs. The character of the dog is a mixture of cheerfulness, kindness and incredible activity. You can play with it from morning till night - the pet will not get tired.

Bern Sheepdog

This beauty from Switzerland, the meaning of life which lies in the devoted service to its owner. Bernese Mountain Dog is the second official name of the breed, whose history goes back over two thousand years. This is a descendant of the shepherd dogs, who from ancient times have been guarding herds on the mountainside of Switzerland. Very beautiful tricolor dogs of impressive size are distinguished by their strength and endurance. These qualities helped the Bernese Shepherd to cope with the tasks assigned to it. Subsequently, dogs began to be used for the transport of goods.

In modern reality, a beautiful dog with long and thick hair is popular with dog owners. Sennenhund wins the hearts of dog lovers with its unusual exterior and good-natured character. “Giant kitten” - so it would be possible to call this dog, weighing half a centner. It is impossible to observe without emotion how this dog tries to settle on the lap of his master. Infinitely attached to his family, he is happy to communicate with other people. Not aggressive, but can stop intruders with his loud barking and menacing roar.

Welsh Corgi

It is hard to believe that this cute short-legged dog belongs to the genus Shepherd. The Welsh Corgi is the smallest shepherd dog with the oldest history. The small size helped the dogs to dodge the horns and hoofs of cattle. Today, there are two types of breed: Pembroke and Cardigan. The cardigan is distinguished by its larger size, noble appearance and balanced character. Pembroke - extremely positive dogs with sly fox muzzles. Their incredible smile and deep velvet eyes melted more than one heart.

The compact size and charming exterior should not be misleading. Dogs are not at all decorative sissies. Это сильные, выносливые и очень умные животные. Они с легкостью могут пасти стада крупного рогатого скота в сельской местности. В городе вельш-корги станут преданными компаньонами и охранниками. Если корги почувствует опасность он бросит все силы на защиту членов своей семьи.


Thanks to the luxurious silver color, grace and ingratiating cat walk to the Weimar dog, the unofficial name - "Silver Ghost". The dog is really beautiful, elegant and truly pedigree. This is a true representative of the "blue blood", which is deservedly gaining popularity among dog lovers. The memorable exterior is not the only advantage of the Weimaraner. The dog is smart, smart, can make independent decisions.

To all the advantages of the breed, you can add excellent performance, courage, dedication and endurance. The dog was bred for hunting large game. She is not afraid of wolves, bears and mountain lions. At the same time, the Weimaraner is distinguished by unlimited devotion and obedience. The most beautiful dog quickly binds to people and does not tolerate loneliness. A clever dog gets along well with younger members of the family, ready to play outdoor games with children for hours. Does not show aggression and forgives kids their pranks.

The spotted fur coat of Dalmatians and their charming smile leave no chance for dogs to go unnoticed. Millions of people in the world are crazy about these dogs in a spotted black and white color. The fashion for the breed arose after the release of the cartoon “101 Dalmatians”. However, you should not treat a dog with an unusual exterior, as a cartoon toy. These are intelligent, sensitive dogs with a complex character and aristocratic appearance. They have unusually developed self-esteem - they will not tolerate rude treatment and violence, they can be vindictive.

Dalmatian - active, playful and hardy. They can easily run long distances, play with children for hours and not get tired. Dogs are amenable to education. With proper approach to training will be communicative and fun family members. Dogs sensitively feel the atmosphere that prevails in the family. If quarrels often break out in the house, you can hear abuse, Dalmatians get depressed, and act nervously.

A dog with a difficult character is popular and can often be seen on the streets. Of course, her great appearance is to blame. The fierce performance and fearless disposition are hidden behind a stately, noble exterior. Relief strong body and resolute gaze cause deserved respect. Aggressive malicious character softened during the selection work, but Dobermans remained immaculate security characteristics.

The dog can be a bodyguard and family companion, provided competent training. The owner must show patience and perseverance, so that the pet perceives it as a leader. It is unacceptable to build a tutor on rudeness and physical strength - the dog will become embittered. Dobermans are loyal to children, but can react violently to loud cries and noise. To other pets may show aggression because of the desire to dominate. Most cats are not lucky - Dobermans can hunt them.

Golden retriever

Golden Retriever - a symbol of prosperity and family well-being. It is such a dog sitting on the porch of a two-story mansion that is often depicted on romantic postcards. Charming golden haired pets are created to be a family dog. The noble appearance of pets is reinforced by a truly "golden" character. Calm, good-natured, intelligent, faithful dogs are ready to devote themselves to the owner around the clock. They are smart and have a flexible character, adapting to the living conditions of their family.

Breed enough sports. Golden Retriever copes with long journeys, can accompany cyclists, shows excellent results in canine sports. To train the smartest dog is easy - teenagers can handle it. Keep in mind that retrievers are completely unsuitable for security and protective activities. But they are absolutely not aggressive and practically do not bite.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charming little cutie for several centuries was the companion of the ladies of the court, who loved her for elegance and elegance. However, the dog was not only a beautiful application of maid of honor, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a quick hunter. An energetic, muscular, well-built dog showed good performance on the royal hunt.

Today, the breed is chosen as a companion family dog. This is a lively, cheerful, sincere and very kind dog. You will never see him angry, noisy or angry. He is not pugnacious, loves long walks and funny active games, is friendly with his relatives. How can you not love this? Cavalier King is not able to offend a small child, always comes to the defense of the weak. If you want to share this beauty with others, you can take part in exhibitions. The dog copes with excitement, behaves in public restrained and dignified.

The Scottish Sheepdog (Collie) is a large and beautiful dog with luxurious coat. Collie copes with a variety of tasks that it puts people. They are used in search activities, they are excellent guides for blind people, guards and shepherds. No wonder the name of this breed is translated as "useful."

The dog can be recognized by its proud posture, expressive "fox face", beautiful fur coat. There are two varieties of coat: long-haired and short-haired. Both varieties are of marble, sable and trichromatic color. Breed easily trained, has a stable psyche. Such dogs can be a wonderful companion for a child and an elderly person. They can live in an open-air cage and in a city apartment, if they are walked daily without a leash.

The Labrador Retriever is an intelligent and effective dog with a good-natured disposition and ideal companion qualities. Large size, proportional physique, gorgeous muscles - it's all about the retriever. Dog colors vary. There are black, fawn, liver, cream and golden colors. Each is beautiful in its own way. However, the breed is not considered decorative - it is an extremely talented working dog. Labradors are used at customs, in search and rescue activities, in hunting and as tractive force. Guides for blind people is another area of ​​activity for dogs.

Calm dogs with a balanced psyche are distinguished by the highest intelligence and unsurpassed devotion. These are ideal companions - Labradors will never be imposed, but they are always ready for contact with the owner. Representatives of the breed become the ideal nannies for younger family members. You can leave children with them and not be afraid that something will happen to them. Lack of dogs only one - they are very painful tolerate loneliness.

German dog

The dog, which is always accompanied by admiring glances. This canine Apollo is a great dane. Impressive dimensions, proud to become, meaningful expressive look and no malice - thanks to these qualities, the Great Danes are so popular. Breed is considered one of the highest, but the large size should not be scary. A harsh-looking dog has a completely angelic tender soul.

A distinctive feature of the breed is absolute good nature. The dog is ideal for the role of a family companion dog. The best pastime for the Great Dane is to be with your family. For loneliness big beautiful dogs are very negative. It is best to have someone permanently in the house. With early proper socialization can get along well with other pets.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the most famous breed, which everyone considers to be the best example of devotion, courage, and true heroism. The dog has an outstanding performance. Representatives of this breed are in the service of the army, police, are used in search activities, are able to find prohibited substances, can be guards and watchmen. Nature has endowed the German Shepherd with not only intelligence and efficiency - they have a magnificent exterior.

Powerful, beautiful dogs look confident and calm. They are truly fearless and will protect their master and his family to the last. Death does not frighten them. Dogs have a good physical form, therefore it is better for offenders and attackers to bypass sheepdogs. Dogs are infinitely loyal to the owner and are ready to do everything to become the most beloved and the best for him. They consider younger members of the family to be their “flock”, which they must “feed”. Sheepdog can be trusted with children. Strong beauties get along well with other pets, including cats.

Papillon - cute dogs with ears, wings, charming little face and miniature size. They are so pretty that it's just impossible not to fall in love. The name of the breed is translated from French as "butterfly." However, there is a more serious name - a continental toy-spaniel. Smart, mobile animals with an interested look have an elegant gait and an incredible sense of self-worth. They are confident in their beauty and charm.

Little fluffy pets are very attached to the person. They do not need to be left alone - the loneliness of the Papilions is depressed. Dogs gladly accompany the person wherever he went. Young dogs are very energetic and active, they do not need someone to organize their games. Toy Spaniels perfectly find their own lessons. Peace-loving optimists sensitively catch the mood of the owner and love children very much.

Pomeranian spitz

Little charming dog found glory - "charming arrogant." For the incredibly charming exterior is not the easiest character. The breed is distinguished by activity, curiosity and sociability. Spitz treats a person with respect, likes to meet new people, will obey both the owner and his friends. However, the leadership qualities of this kid do not allow him to be intolerant towards others like him. All those who encroach on its territory, waiting for educational bashing.

Oranges are easily trained, they remember the commands from the first time. For the proper development of the dog, it is important that it live in a family, among people. The disadvantages of the breed include loud and long barking pet. Dogs are too excitable, they can bark for hours with or without him. To neutralize the negative traits of the dog with her need a lot and a long walk. Walking must take place actively so that the orange can throw out the accumulated energy.

Popular exhibition breed, which is most often used in the circus, has a developed mind and is considered one of the most suitable for home content. Long curly hair and special grooming turn the poodle into a real charming girl. How can you remain indifferent at the sight of such a handsome decorative with long ears, a tassel on the tail and pom-poms and cuffs on the legs?

Behind the mischievous view of a dog lies a faithful and loving creature that is devoted to its family. Poodles are able to find an approach to all members of the family, they will be attentive and tender with each. On the approach of strangers will notify barking. The breed is quickly trained, but the dog’s sharp mind can cause it not to do the task, but to cheat. These attempts should be stopped unconditionally and immediately. With the right upbringing, the dog quickly wean off bad habits.

Samoyed husky or arctic spitz, this is also called the northern breed - samoyed. Nature gave the dog a remarkable appearance and excellent working qualities. Graceful, muscular, with elegant wool, forming a luxurious collar around the neck, Samoyeds endowed with a friendly and gentle character. Samoyed is the perfect dog for the family. Family for them is not only the owner and the household, but also other pets.

The dog is so friendly that it is impossible to raise a guard from it. The most she can do is give a vote if something seems suspicious and disturbing to them. Dogs need constant human attention, this breed is not suitable for busy people. Prolonged loneliness has a bad effect on the psyche of the dog;

Siberian Husky

Husky according to many dog ​​lovers - the most beautiful dogs. And it's hard not to agree with that. The unique appearance of these harmoniously built, muscular Siberians attracts views, I want to admire them. The husky has an expressive face with smartest eyes. The variety of colors of the breed is amazing - there are about twenty of them. There are dogs of rare colors: marble, sable, isabella, black-clawed, piebald, agouti. There are classic - white, black and black and white.

The character of the dog is friendly and very friendly. She is very attached to all family members, but the owner chooses one. Strangers are wary, but will never bark. Husky does not understand why it is needed. Therefore, such a dog does not start as guards and guards. They get along well with their relatives, but cats can be treated loyally only if they grew up together. Affectionate and calm dogs are very fond of silence - they rarely bark.

A charming fluffy dog ​​with Chinese roots resembles a little bear. Chow-chows have a charismatic appearance and not less charismatic character, which cannot be called simple. They need a special approach, but if you find it, you will get a faithful friend and a reliable guard. Dogs have a special article, as if they are proud of their magnificent exterior. Self-esteem in this breed is highly developed.

Interest is also caused by the special walk of small dogs - it seems from the outside that they move on stilts. And the language of purple hue is a distinctive feature of the breed. Thick and long hair forms a luxurious collar. There are several shades of wool: blue, red, black, cream and cimt - the color is difficult to describe. The nature of these handsome independent dogs are extremely self-confident, they love to dominate. To strangers are hostile. They do not like other pets, may show aggression.

The Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) is a rare breed with a charming appearance of a collie, but more compact in size. Especially long time nature worked on the creation of color. Blue merle, tricolor, black and white - each is good in its own way. The graceful shape of the dog and its interesting color suggest that it is a decorative breed. However, the dog has excellent performance - it is the smallest herding breed.

Shelties are vigilant, but at the same time restrained and calm. Dogs are gentle, friendly and attached to their owners - these are qualities of an ideal companion. With children, active dogs can easily find a common language; they can spend time with them for hours. They treat strangers with caution - they always give a vote when a stranger approaches. Dogs get along well in the family, loving and in need of affection. Loneliness is badly tolerated - they need constant contact with a person.