10 best super premium dog food


Before we talk about the ranking of the best feed for sterilized and ordinary dogs, you need to decide on the composition, characteristics, purpose of such a product.

Super premium food is professional, which includes not only quality components, but also proportions. Therefore, in them the proportions of amino acids, protein and minerals are balanced.

Manufacturers also consider:

  • breed
  • pet age
  • physiology
  • health status.

main feature elite feed - meat component of at least 40%, and soy, preservatives in the composition should not be at all, because they not digested by the dog's stomach.

Premium feed may include:

Then the pet will receive vitamins, fiber, protein, magnesium and carbohydrates in the right quantity without buying additional vitamin complexes.

Importantthat a separate type of food is considered to be holistic, which includes products consumed by man. The main component is a prebiotic that improves digestion, and for cereals, meat and oil, varieties and percentages are indicated.


Dry food from Canada, refers to the holistic. The composition includes fresh meat of different species, animal proteins, some carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, and sometimes biological additives.

  • Herbal supplements to support immunity and rapid development,
  • the percentage of meat is not less than 50%, the remaining 30-50% - vegetables, fruits, cereals.

Calculated line on:

  • adult dogs and puppies,
  • nursing bitches
  • small and large breeds.

The average price is 600 rubles.

Almo Nature (Almo Nature)

Almo Nature is an Italian company that creates dry food for dogs with a minimum of food processing, but a maximum set of vitamins and supplements. In the composition there is a meat product (at least 50%), rosemary oil, vegetables, a mixture of cereals from rice and oats. Dyes and preservatives among the components you will not find.

Features - the product is created as well as canned food for people so that the components are absorbed faster by the stomach.

Suit this food:

  • big pets
  • medium sized dogs
  • puppies from one month of life,
  • pregnant bitches.

The average price for 2 kg is 1000 rubles.

Arden Grange (Arden Grange)

Arden Grange is an English company that produces dog food in a dry and canned form. A distinctive feature is hypoallergenic because there is no soy, gluten and dairy products. Food consists of meat, nucleotides, prebiotics, flax seed and beet, rosehip extract, glucosamine. The amount of meat is not less than 20%.

Food suitable for dogs:

  • with indigestion,
  • for puppies,
  • aging and sick pets.

It is well absorbed by the sensitive stomach, and is used to prevent and treat eating disorders that often affect small breeds.

The average price for 6 kg is 3000 rubles.

Brit Care (Brit Care)

Brit Care produces Czech Republic, suitable for dogs from 4 weeks of age. The composition includes: meat at least 45%, rice - 30%, dried fruits, cartilage extract, herbal extract, iron, magnesium, calcium, a number of vitamins.

  • makes the coat silky,
  • strengthens teeth and bones
  • supports immunity.

Such food will suit:

  • for large and medium breeds,
  • lactating and pregnant bitches,
  • puppies from six months of life.

The average price is 600 rubles.

Bozita (Bozita)

Bozita is a Swiss company that produces dry and wet pet food of all ages. It consists of fresh chicken or venison meat in broth, lamb, amino acids, beet fiber, vitamins and minerals, and wild rose. Preservatives are absent.

  • easily absorbed by the stomach of small dogs and puppies,
  • allows the body to grow faster.

  • small breeds
  • dogs of medium size and leading an active lifestyle, are subjected to great physical exertion (hunting or fighting breeds).

The average price is 500 rubles.

Bosch is a German company, the most popular in Europe. The composition includes cereals, meat, animal fats, vegetables, grains, vitamin complex.

For 20 kg will have to pay about 3,500 rubles.

  • easily absorbed by the stomach
  • does not cause allergies
  • strengthens bones and teeth.

Suitable for all breeds, except those that suffer from weak intestines.


Belcando - German dry food without dyes and preservatives. In the composition there is meat or fish (at least 20%), noodles, rice, vegetables, eggs, corn, fiber, flax seeds, collection of herbs.

  • accelerates the development of a young body,
  • strengthens the immune system
  • gives energy for the whole day.

Suitable food for all dogs from six months of life. There are separate lines for pets with special requests.

The average price is 200 rubles for 50 g.

Dukes Farm (Dux Farm)

English feed Dukes Farm, suitable for dogs from one year of life. The composition includes meat - at least 30%, grain complex, fish, sauce or broth, beet pulp, mineral and vitamin complexes, flax seeds, beta-carotene, seaweed, amino acids.

  • restores immunity
  • strengthens bones
  • removes the sharp smell of urine of the animal.

There are lines for adult dogs, puppies, elderly dogs. Not suitable for indigestion.

The average price is 1000 rubles for 2 kg.

Eukanuba (eukanuba)

Eukanuba is produced by the Netherlands and Russia. The composition includes animal proteins in the form of poultry meat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin and mineral complexes, glucosamine.

  • possesses hypoallergenic qualities
  • suitable for sensitive stomachs,
  • does not require the addition of vitamins or minerals.

Before buying for pregnant dogs, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

The ruler is designed for:

  • decorative dogs,
  • medium size pets
  • Labradors
  • boxers,
  • older dogs,
  • suffering from skin diseases.

The average price for 3 kg is 1000 rubles.

Farmina (Farmina)

Farmina - feed produced by an Italian company for medium and large breeds of dogs. It consists of meat, eggs, rice, cereals, fish, vegetable oil, amino acids, vitamins, fiber, chicken fat.

  • refers to medical foods,
  • need a consultation at the vet,
  • suitable for sensitive stomachs.

Some components of canned decorative rocks are allergic.

Price for 2.5 kg - 1000 rubles.

Innova Evo (Innova EVO)

Innova Evo - feed produced in America, belong to the holistic. The main components are beef, lamb, egg, cottage cheese. Additional components - potatoes, sunflower oil, carrots, tomatoes, herbs, vitamin complex, minerals in the form of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc.

Well absorbed by the sensitive stomach, reduces the smell of urine and feces.

  • large breeds
  • medium dogs,
  • pregnant bitches
  • puppies from a year of life.

Price - from 1000 rubles.

Monge (Monge)

Monge is made by an Italian company, in the line you can find dry, wet food and diets for sick or aging dogs. The composition includes meat, rice, potatoes, fish, cereals, mineral complexes.

When choosing veterinary diets, it is necessary to observe the dosage, and for food with dry feed, the dog must be provided with plenty of water (300 ml per day). It is better not to buy without consulting a doctor and examining an animal.

  • for puppies,
  • mature animals
  • for pets with special needs,
  • pregnant
  • nursing

The average price is 1300 rubles.

Nero Gold (Nero Gold)

Nero Gold has been produced in Holland with nutritionists and veterinarians for more than 10 years. Food refers to hypoallergenic, contains the meat of chicken, poultry or deer. Also in the composition is flaxseed, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids.

The food is quickly absorbed, there are lines for different ages and taking into account the pet's diseases.

Features - suitable for any pet, but you need to follow the dosages. Puppies are allowed to give from six months, starting with canned food.

The average price is 1000 rubles.


Orijen is produced by a Canadian company, 80% consists of meat, 20% from herbs, vegetables and biological additives, but you will not find cereals in the composition. Additional components - animal fats, amino acids, minerals, glucosamine, fish.

  • adult dogs,
  • pets from year of life,
  • mature dogs
  • pets with great physical exertion
  • large and giant breeds.

Average price - 800 rubles for 35 g.

Fest Choice (1-st choice)

Fest Choice is made by Canada for decorative and large breeds of dogs from 10 months. Refers to hypoallergenic, contains meat and fish. Added vegetables, cereals, but without corn and soy.

  • strengthen wool,
  • strengthen teeth and bones
  • reduce the smell of urine and feces.

The average price is 3500 rubles.

Suitable for pets with a weak stomach.

Need to consider! When feeding puppies and lactating bitches you need to adhere to the dosages.

Before choosing a super premium class feed, it is best to consult a veterinarian who chooses nutrition according to the age, breed and characteristics of the dog. This is especially true for pregnant bitches and puppies.

10 Brit Care Puppy Salmon & Potato

As well as children, puppies in the growth period need a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrates. For them, these food components serve as building material and energy source. At the same time, young dogs are subject to allergic reactions, and untested ingredients should be approached with extreme caution. The Czech company Vafo Praha made sure that the busy dog ​​breeders could easily provide their pets with an optimal diet at their age, and provided a specially designed composition.

The chicken in it is replaced by a more nutritious and low-allergenic component - fish. Moreover, one of the most valuable species, salmon, is taken as a basis, and as much as 35% is in feed. In addition to fish protein, other protein components have been identified. The composition is positioned as grainless, and indeed, cereals are absent, and the source of carbohydrates is potatoes. Its a bit too much - 34%, but it is more useful, since it contains a lot of complex carbohydrates and fiber. Judging by the reviews, they buy this food willingly and often, it has a rather sharp smell, typical of fish compositions, but the dogs adore it.

9 Bosch Sensitive Lamb & Rice

Not always an increased amount of protein in dry food can be beneficial for a dog. Older pets, dogs with food allergies and kidney failure usually require 20–25% protein. That is how much meat products are contained in a product created specifically for animals that are sensitive to high protein nutrition. In the first place in the list of ingredients is rice - a gentle dietary product, it is quite useful for dogs with a normal weight and sugar level.

There is no fresh raw meat in the feed, and poultry meat flour is used as animal protein sources. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage; on the other hand, there is evidence that the peptides of hydrolyzed meat are better and faster absorbed by the digestive system. They are confirmed in practice by dog ​​breeders: there is a lot of feedback on this feed to understand - it really has hypoallergenic properties and is more likely to be suitable for dogs with a problem digestive system.

8 1st Choice Chicken Formula MEDIUM and LARGE BREEDS for SENIORS

Canadian company PLB International Inc. is engaged in the manufacture of dry food for dogs of medium and large breeds "Fest Choice". This brand is well known to Russian buyers, since only an extremely selective store does not sell them. The composition of it, of course, rich and includes about 50 components, including flour from dry chicken, hydrolyzed chicken liver and chicken fat. The latter serves as a source of valuable PNZh-acids that are necessary for the animal to complete the work of the cardiovascular system. The feed also includes several types of fiber, chicory extract and a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements that promote normal food digestion and maintain optimal weight.

Some experts doubt the need for such an impressive list of ingredients in dry food. So, fresh ingredients in it are completely absent, and herbal ingredients are included in the first five of the list. Nevertheless, the benefits and safety of food of this brand are proven in practice: most of the reviews (and there are quite a few of them on the net) agree that dogs with even sensitive digestion pass to it with pleasure. Although, given the number of highly allergenic cereals, it is still worth vigilance.

7 GO! Fit + Free Dog Chicken, Turkey, Trout Grain Free

Those who keep several dogs of different ages and breeds will definitely like the versatile dry food that can simultaneously satisfy the needs of each of them. The first 6 positions in its composition are meat of various degrees of processing - chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, and trout. Thus, the manufacturer provided a high content of animal protein, and such a diet is fully consistent with the physiology of carnivores. The remaining components - and they are as many as 85 - are added in a small percentage, but at the same time they enrich the menu of dogs with the necessary substances: dietary fiber, antioxidants, fats, pro-and prebiotics.

Most of the reviews, both after trial feeds and after constant feeding, are positive: people like the chic composition of the feed, the relatively low price, the dogs good appetite for it. A few comments were received from the veterinarian: he points out that there are no chondroprotectors in the feed, therefore, he advises large and elderly dogs to give them extra.

6 Acana Heritage Adult Small Breed

In Yorks, Toy Terriers, Chihuahuas and dogs of other small breeds, even with a stable diet, stomach problems often occur: vomiting, flatulence, unformed stool. Often these symptoms indicate that it is time to change the dry food to another brand. For example, you can try super premium food grade Acana, which is produced by the same company as Orijen. It includes 5 fresh ingredients: boneless poultry, chicken giblets and cartilage, as well as flounder and whole eggs - a total of 25%. An already large proportion of animal protein is increased by adding 12% dehydrated chicken and turkey meat each.

Also among the useful components of the feed should be noted 5% of chicken fat and 3% of herring oil. This amount is sufficient so that they can serve as a source of energy and valuable PUFAs. It also contains cellulose and a complex of probiotic bacteria, which are part of the normal microflora of the digestive tract. Allergenic cereals were not found in the composition, while there are a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits in it. A lot of feedback confirms that the food is excellent, relatively inexpensive and for small dogs is spent very economically.

5 AATU For Dogs Free Run Chicken

Food appeared in Russia quite recently, in 2017, and immediately became a deficit. Once I gave my pets a try, they tried to buy it, despite the relatively high cost, and in the first reviews complained that they could not find him in any pet store. And all thanks to the harmoniously selected composition. He is pleased with a variety of expensive quality ingredients: boneless chicken (50%), sweet potatoes, salmon fat, two dozen names of forage plants and fruits, including spirulina, tomatoes, and mulberry.

From vitamin and mineral supplements in the feed there are left carnitine (an important metabolite of the fat burning process), vitamins A, E, D3, salts of iron, iodine, sodium, copper. The developers of the premix also took care of the condition of the joints by adding a complex of glucosamine, chondroitin and methysulfonylmethane. There are no preservatives (except tocopherols), flavors, flavor enhancers. It is not surprising that pets on this feed feel great and do not experience allergic problems. And by the way, problems with supplies, apparently, stopped.

4 Chicopee Holistic Nature Line Dog Lingerie and Potato Grain Free

This diet is designed for dogs older than 1 year with sensitive digestion. There are no cereal crops in it, the carbohydrate component, which gives a feeling of satiety, is represented by potatoes (20%), and proteinaceous - by flour from hydrolyzed lamb meat in the same percentage. The source of fiber is beet pulp (pulp), devoid of sugar, dried peas and Canadian lentils, as well as dehydrated roots and fruits. The composition introduced 3 complex substances: Mobility Complex (should support the normal operation of the musculoskeletal system), Silky Coat Complex (for the ideal condition of the skin and hair) and Natural Cell Protection (antioxidant effect).

Good quality dry food confirmed by reviews. It is often recommended by veterinarians as a means of improving the dog's appetite and digestion: hydrolyzed protein is not perceived by its body as foreign, so the appearance of intolerance reactions is unlikely. The smell at the feed is not strong, the recommended consumption is within the average indicators for similar feeds, granules in the form of neat squares 1.5 x 1.5 cm are difficult for an adult dog to choke. In general, it can be described as quite high-quality safe food at an affordable price and with a good composition.

3 Grandorf Lamb with Maxi Rice

Giant dogs, whose adult weight exceeds 26 kg, need an increased amount of protein and vitamins. Foods with a standard ratio of proteins and carbohydrates usually do not satisfy their needs, which is why they do not get overweight or, on the contrary, overeat. Но опытные владельцы собак крупных и гигантских размеров уже давно знают решение проблемы – их нужно кормить специальным кормом, причем не просто супер премиум категории, а холистиком. В соответствии с требованиями к кормам холистик-класса, рацион от Grandorf с ягнёнком и рисом на 60% состоят из протеинов животного происхождения.

Целых 4 из 5 топ-компонента являются мясными – это сухое и свежее мясо ягненка и индейки. В качестве гарнира добавлен бурый рис. Это единственный злак в составе, и он считается достаточно полезным источником энергии для хищников. The manufacturer found it necessary also to add to the composition of the substance for the maintenance of the joints - glucosamine, chondroitin and methylsulfonylmethane, which promotes their absorption. In the comments, breeders point out that their pets already within a week after becoming acquainted with the food become more mobile, their wool begins to shine. The stool volume is reduced due to good absorption. Given that the cost and consumption of the diet is comparable to the others, and the composition is complete, it is advisable to use it as a permanent feed for large dogs.

2 Piccolo Small Dogs Salmon with Venison

Symply Pet Foods Ltd dry food is full-fat and does not contain poorly digestible cereals. 75% of them consist of salmon and venison fillets, and sweet potatoes, peas and potatoes rich in fiber are used as sources of carbohydrates. Additional sources of fiber are various fruits and herbs - apple, carrot, spinach, chamomile, etc. All other ingredients also correspond to the super premium class and even preservative - vitamin E - is natural. In addition, vitamin A and D3, zinc, iron, and manganese sulfate monohydrates, as well as calcium, copper, and sodium salts are included in vitamin supplements.

The food has the form of granules, it smells strongly and is offered in cardboard boxes and PET bags weighing 0.75, 1.5 and 4 kg. Due to the low prevalence of the Piccolo brand in Russia, there are very few Russian-language reviews about it. However, from those that are, you can find out about its good tolerance by dogs, the absence of negative reactions, the convenience of packing with a zip-lock and a small expense: a small york pack of 750 g is enough for about 3 weeks. In general, the quality of the feed is quite decent, it’s a pity that all the rulers are exclusively for “pocket” dogs.

1 Orijen Adult Dog Original

Canadian producer Champion Petfoods, owner of the Orijen brand, says that dogs, like carnivores, are vitally important to eat high-protein foods of animal origin. 80% of its feed consists of fresh meat from free-range animals and birds. And the amount of carbohydrate ingredients, on the contrary, should be minimal, so you will not find rice, much less wheat or corn. Another principle, according to which the company creates food for thoroughbred dogs of different ages, is a variety of plant components. Thanks to them, the dog's diet contains the necessary nutrients.

In addition to meat, the list of ingredients includes whole sea fish (fresh and dehydrated), all kinds of beans, vegetables, berries, and even herbs. Additionally, the feed is enriched with dietary supplements of calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The food is far from new, so the buyers had the time to test it and put down their own, unbiased opinion: it perfectly suits the dogs and can rightly be called biologically compatible. True, veterinarians urge to feed the pet at first, little by little, in order to notice a possible reaction in time. And one more thing: since the protein content in the composition is large enough (38%), you need to monitor the sufficient activity of the dog.

Super Premium Dog Food

The site “Give Lapu” already talked a little about super premium food in the article about the classes of dog food, but here the topic will be covered as much as possible. In addition to the list of brands belonging to the super premium class, you will get acquainted with the rating (the most popular feed of this class in Russia) and customer reviews about them. To learn more about each specific brand - click on its name in the list, and if the name is not clickable - feel free to ask in the comments below and we will make a full review of the brand you specified.

First of all, we note that super premium class dry dog ​​food has real meat in its composition, which can be from 25 to 50% depending on the brand and variant (as a rule, small dog breeds have less meat than dogs rocks). The second important factor is that in super premiums there are no by-products of incomprehensible quality, artificial flavor enhancers (as in the economy class) or flavors. In these feeds all the ingredients are of high quality, so you can safely feed your pet.

List of Super Premium Dog Foods

Below we have a list of super premium dog food. And although they all belong to the same class, the composition and price may differ significantly. Also, some are less common, while others can be found at any pet store. But no matter how it was there, they are all rich in vitamins and other useful elements, therefore they will fully provide their pet with full nutrition.

To choose the best super premium dog food you need to watch the composition, because the meat part may differ by 5-20% (!).

Rating super premium dog food

Since all the food of one class is approximately the same in quality, and if some food gets more points because of a larger percentage of meat, it will lose them because of your price. So almost always, the more in the composition of the meat, the more expensive the feed. Therefore, our rating of super premium dog food is based not on composition and price, but on popularity. So, the most popular among dog owners are:

  1. Monge dry food (Monge),
  2. Brit Care dry food (not to be confused with Brit Premium!),
  3. Arden Grange (Arden Grunge),
  4. Eukanuba dry food,
  5. Bozita super premium (Bozita super premium).

Reviews of super premium feed

Review on super premium bozita poop, writes Catherine from the city of St. Petersburg. Good day. For some reason, for some time they were without a car, and carrying a large bag of food from the pet store is uncomfortable and difficult. So for the first time we tried to buy food for our dog in the online store where there was free delivery if you take a big bag (so much cheaper). Before that, they were fed with a holistic, but he went up and had to take cheaper feeds - the choice fell on Bozita Robur Active & Sensitive.

food and superpremium, the meat in it is not enough ... but the price is very, very good, much cheaper than the old feed, even with the latest price increases. It is important that the size of the granules is medium, but our york does not like to gnaw big granules. I also noticed that there are canned goods of this brand, though you order them separately - you have to pay for the delivery, but in the meantime the doggie will finish the purchased drying bag (to order with it) - it will take forever. In general, the food does not seem to be bad, but if by the end of the bag the financial situation improves, we will again switch to the holistic.

Even a super premium may not work,
Find out what to do if your dog has diarrhea.

Feedback about the 1st choice feed for puppies, writes Lyuba from Novosibirsk. Hello. I feed the puppy with 1st choice Puppy Toy & Small Breeds, the breeder started feeding them, and I continued on her recommendation. I found the food quite decent, super premium class, while not the most expensive (but not the cheapest).

The smell is quite normal, my crumb chihuahua eats with pleasure, though the daily rate written on the package cannot be mastered. Perhaps this is because there are no artificial flavors in the feed, which are stuffed with cheap food, and maybe because it is not too active.

Feedback on eukanuba feed for older dogs, writes Sonia. Our dog, though not pedigree, can not be fed with anything. Royal Canin was fed dry food for a long time, but once he wasn’t at the store and decided to try something else. In the end, we chose Eukanubu, it is even better, and the price is not too different. The first thing I liked was a weaker smell, obviously less than any chemistry. Pellets are medium-sized, slightly smaller than RK, the dog eats quite appetizing, with digestion there were no problems. In general, they remained on Eukanuba. Try

Price of premium premium feed

Lower estimated prices for some super premium feed. Estimated because the price of a specific feed even of one package size may depend on various factors: the variant of the feed (with chicken, salmon, etc., etc.), the store, the dollar rate (since almost all super premiums are imported).

  • Eukanuba dry food 1 kg - about 500-600 rubles,
  • Duke’s Farm dry food 2 kg - about 950-1050 rubles,
  • Arden Grange dry food 2 kg - about 1200-1300 rubles,
  • Bosh dry food 1 kg - about 500-600 rubles,
  • Dry feed Trainer 2 kg - about 1200-1300 rubles.

Ranking of the best holistic dog food

The name of the feed - this is a German mark won the love of many breeders.

The composition of products is saturated with proteins, more than half of the constituent is the meat ingredient. In the ranking of the first place. And this is not white flour, but high-quality fresh meat of various animals. As carbohydrates here are rice and sweet potatoes.


In general, we can safely say that the composition is very rich. Each diet has about 60 components and a full range of essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the basic diets, the manufacturer offers special class rulers, the highest category, hypo-allergenic and low-calorie. For big and small dogs, for example as york.

The cost of dog food is high, expensive, which corresponds to the declared quality of the product.

One of the most famous high-end advertised brands on the Russian market of animal feed. Made from natural ingredients, in the first place and in all diets is dehydrated meat.

The structure also includes vegetables, legumes and a large number of phytocomponents that have a good effect on the body of dogs.


A big plus feed - the content of only oats from cereals.

Rating of the best super-premium feed

Czech superpremium made from high-quality raw materials and thoroughly tested at each stage of production.

The composition of Brit is very good.

This is definitely a good result. The carbohydrates are rice or potatoes in grainless formulas. The composition does not declare neither corn nor wheat, which are frequent causes of allergies and do not carry any nutritional value and benefit to the pet. In addition, the composition includes fruits, vegetables and plant extracts that carry animal fiber and a complex of vitamins.

Brit Care Dog

The main advantage of Brit feeds is a decent value for money. The cost for the super-premium does not go off-scale and remains cheaper than many analogues, but the rich composition is close to the level of holistic feed.

This company has almost a century of history. Today, food comes from all over the world and is a healthy pet food. More than 220 veterinarians, nutritionists and scientists work on the creation of the company's products. Deliveries of raw materials are carefully monitored, each ingredient undergoes a preliminary check and analysis of the composition.

Opens the list of the composition of the feed protein ingredient in the form of flour from poultry, fish or animal.

In general, meets the basic requirements of veterinarians. However, the composition contains cheap ingredients that do not carry the benefit of the animal's body.


It is also impossible to call a diet close to the natural type of food of a predator.

The cost of some medical rations reaches 7,000 rubles.

Feed of this brand is known in the United States since 1969. Products regularly undergo quality tests comparable to the evaluation of food products for people. Over each batch conducted more than 120 different checks.

Eukanuba rations are designed to maximize the nutrition of dogs to the natural food of predators.

To do this, in the first place in all feed adorn proteins of animal origin (from 25 to 30%, depending on the diet). This is not so much for the super premium class, but the manufacturer says the high quality of this ingredient.


As part of no GMOs, preservatives, flavors and dyes. All products used for cooking are of natural origin and quality certificates.

It is made at the company's factories in Germany. The whole production process is distinguished by high adaptability, as well as strict control over the level of quality of all products.

Bosch offers a lack of flavor enhancers and flavors.

Its percentage is small for a super-premium - about 20%. Carbohydrates are represented by rice, millet, barley, and also corn and wheat, which are considered rather useless fillers.


The composition is rich in trace elements and beneficial additions in one form or another (for example, mussel flour, herbs).

Royal Canin

The company began working on animal nutrition in 1967. Today there are 10 productions in different countries, and the products are very popular. The composition of almost all Royal Canin feeds begins with the meat ingredient.

The percentage of protein is about 25%, which is within the normal range. But in the feed of the super premium class, the amount of protein could be more.

Rice serves as carbohydrates in the first place.

There are practically no fruits and vegetables in it, which gives a low indicator of fiber (1.5%).

Royal Canin Dog Food

The amount of proteins and fats is within the permitted limits, but for high-class feed these are low coefficients.

Premium Dry Grade Rating

One of the famous brands in the Russian market, won the confidence of many breeders. This German manufacturer has been in the pet food market since 1963.

A unique difference in composition from other feeds is the presence of special additives ProVital and ProAgil to raise and strengthen the immunity of pets.

Moreover, the manufacturer claims that this is 85% animal protein and only 15% comes from vegetable proteins.

One of the oldest companies that has been producing animal feed for over 80 years in the United States.

The composition is not unique, but quite rich and meets all the standards of premium class.

The rations contain a sufficient amount of protein (25-30%) and vegetable fat (15-18%). In addition, the composition stated many vitamins, minerals and fiber.


Brit Premium

Delivers its products to more than 60 countries around the world. As part of no hidden colors or flavors, as well as other harmful substances that can adversely affect the health of pets.

Brit Premium

The composition of the feed is quite rich for the premium segment.

In dry food, its percentage is about 40-45%, in hypoallergenic - 31%, in wet food - about 80%. This is a very good indicator. Not all super-premium feeds show the same result. As the main carbohydrate component everywhere offered rice.

Perfect fit

Food that can be found not only in pet stores, but also in large supermarkets. This is a big plus in favor of ease of purchase.

Pets that have deviations in health still need higher quality rations.

The protein ingredient takes up to 20% of the feed of this brand. However, you need to understand that they do not contain pure meat, it is flour from by-products of an animal.

Perfect fit

Sources of carbohydrates are wheat and corn - this is a common indicator for economy class feed.

One of the most advertised and famous feed among amateur dog breeders. Do it in the United States in the notorious company Mars. Production began in 1934, feed arrived on the Russian market in the 90s. Low price immediately made it extremely popular.

This indicates a small amount of the protein component. In addition, corn and wheat are part of the most useless ingredients that do not benefit the body, almost do not digest, and sometimes cause food intolerance in pets.


The composition does not indicate full-fledged meat at all, only meat meal made from offal and partly from meat is indicated.

Make on some plants with Pedigri. There is also the main advantage - the lowest possible price and active advertising. On the high quality of the composition can not speak.

Abundant amount of cereal and rather low content of protein ingredient, which consists mainly of offal, and not meat, speak for themselves.


A common cheap option for feeding animals from the French company Purina.

The composition is considered to be rather poor, and the manufacturer does not specify the listed ingredients. Therefore, it is unclear what specific grains and offal are part of.


Our Brand

Economical feed domestic production. The number of components included in the composition is no different.

As carbohydrates, as in most feeds of this class, is corn and wheat. Then the poultry or meat meal is indicated (its percentage is up to 20%). Extracts of fruits and vegetables are not observed.

Our brand