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Indoor and decorative breeds of dogs, specially withdrawn for human contact. As soon as a small ball comes to your home, it will immediately become a part of your life, a reliable friend and companion.

Dogs of this group are easy to contact, love to sit for hours on the hands of the owner or quietly sleep on the couch among the pillows.

They get a lot of pleasure from the fact that they can always be near the owner, in the apartment, in the car, accompany him to the store, even if in a bag - carrying.

But often small dogs are too intrusive, to demand a lot of attention and love from you. That is why these kids need early socialization, training and education.

The advantage of this group of dogs is that they do not need long training and a lot of physical activity in order to get a lot of positive impressions. But if the owner can provide his pet an active lifestyle, proper care and nutrition, the dog will only be grateful to him.

A healthy and cheerful pet is the best gift for a responsible owner.

Small decorative breed, with hypoallergenic wool and a strong fearless character. Despite the small stature and puppet appearance of York, ready to engage in a fight with any dog ​​exceeding its size several times. He is a brave, cheerful and loving pet. But to strangers, he often shows aggression, thereby protecting the owner and his territory.

Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, he seemed created by nature to spend time in the company of noble people and even the king himself. Although the royals rather kept them in their beds so that they would be collected by fleas, at that time being the carriers of the plague. But today, this breed can rightly be called the sofa dog, and be your ideal companion. He is a cute, kind, cheerful and very affectionate pet.

This cute breed always attracts attention with its extraordinary appearance. She is graceful, elegant and affectionate. It has a calm character, gentle and sociable. Not bad for training, although he loves attention to himself, often shows stubbornness in education. Suitable as a family pet, can be a good companion for an elderly person, as it does not need painstaking care, and great physical exertion.

This small, funny dog ​​has a bright character. Griffon is a friendly, smart and energetic pet. She loves the owner's company, does not like to be left alone, can show her anxiety with a loud barking or whine before the owner arrives. The dog should be taught to loneliness from early childhood, but when you come home, be sure to devote time to your pet. Walking can be combined with games and education.

This clever, active and adoring people dog will be a good companion for you, and a faithful companion on walks. He became popular among breeders due to his friendly and cheerful character. The Boston Terrier is constantly in a good mood, ready to run and frolic for hours. It is hard to believe, but the first bostons were led out as a fighting dog, and they were much larger in size.

Cute, fluffy bear with a blue tongue, which at the meeting and I want to hug. But in fact it is a self-sufficient dog, with a strong and decisive character. Often can show disobedience in the process of training, and requires the utmost respect. Wary of behaving in relation to strangers, always ready to stand on the defense of the owner, but in the family affectionate and gentle. Patient to children, always ready to endure their whims.

The smallest indoor - decorative breed in the world. They are tender, gentle, love all around. With the owner is ready to spend all day, sitting on his hands or in a bag. This breed seems to be designed to always and everywhere accompany the host. Dislikes loneliness and suffers greatly from this. But there is always a way out, either take your pet with you or have another chihuahua.

About this breed, you can safely say - it will suit absolutely anyone. A poodle comes in different colors and sizes, but in character they are all alike. He is kind, gentle, cheerful, even an inexperienced breeder can easily cope with him. Well suited for families with children, loves to participate in games and pranks. For older people will be a good companion.

This fragile dog with big eyes resembles a little deer. But inside her brave heart beats, she is always ready to protect her master. Possessing a cheerful and kind character, that terrier will become for you a good and devoted friend. For a child, he will be an excellent companion during the game, and for an adult person as a pleasant companion for a walk.

This is a small, sonorous and mobile dog. For its owner, Spitz is the most reliable and loyal friend and companion. He is restless and sweet, and his charming little face will not leave anyone indifferent. Behind a beautiful, fluffy coat and a funny face there is a real athlete who achieves good results in various kinds of sports for dogs.

West Highland White Terrier

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - up to 10 kg

Scottish breed of dogs previously used for hunting small animals. West Highland White Terrier has a short, light hair, straight tail and small ears. Differs in peaceful nature, endurance, devotion and activity.

Breed pros:

  • takes root in any conditions
  • may be defenders.


  • require constant dressing and walking,
  • can be touchy, selfish.

Cairn Terrier

Growth - 28 cm

Weight - 7 kg

Appeared in Scotland, was used for hunting and protection. It has a short, hard coat of fawn, gray or red color. The dog has short but strong paws. By the nature of the Cairn Terrier is peaceful, loyal, active and friendly.


  • loves children and learns easily
  • follow the owner everywhere,
  • ingenuity.


  • get along better in the countryside or country house,
  • require long walks.

Norwich Terrier

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - 6-7 kg

English breed, created for hunting rodents and small animals. The dog has an average body, big eyes. Color - gray, black, red. Wool - hard and tight to the body. By her nature - a cheerful, active dog who likes to explore new places and walk a lot. Norwich terrier is also characterized by loyalty and fearlessness.



Yorkshire Terrier

Growth - up to 20 cm

Weight - up to 3 kg

English breed of decorative dogs, were bred to hunt rodents. It has long hair, the undercoat is missing, so they almost do not shed. The color of coat is from light brown to dark brown. By the nature of Yorkshire terriers are fearless, active, loyal and gambling.


  • almost do not cause allergies
  • adjust to the mood of people.


  • are vindictive,
  • often sick

Biver-Yorkshire Terrier

Growth - about 25 cm

Weight - up to 6 kg

Appeared in Germany, a relatively new breed. The dog has white, gold, black coat with spots. The biver-Yorkshire terrier is distinguished by its peaceful character, loyalty, cheerfulness, and curiosity.


  • almost do not require walking and dressure,
  • easy to get on with children.


  • you need to constantly care for your coat and slap bangs,
  • winter need clothes.

Australian Silky Terrier (Silky Terrier)

Growth - 25 cm

Weight - 7 kg

First appeared in Australia, now especially popular in England. The body of the dog is medium in size, the wool is long and silky, the color is fawn. The Australian silky terrier quickly becomes attached to the owner, can be the hunter on small animals, differs by calmness.


  • clean breed
  • Feels good in the apartment.


  • requires constant grooming.

English toy terrier

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - up to 9 kg

Differs in small size and smooth coat. Differs protruding ears in the form of a candle flame, color - dark with burns. English toy terrier has an active character, friendliness, intelligence. It belongs to endangered species of breeds, therefore it is rarely seen among breeders.


  • learns quickly
  • different fearlessness.


It will be useful:

Russian toy terrier

Growth - up to 28 cm

Weight - about 3 kg

May be long-haired and short-haired, appeared on the territory of Russia. The body of the dog is small, its paws are thin and sinewy. Coat color - tan, fawn, black with shades of brown. By their nature, Russian Toy Terriers are mobile, fearless dogs, devoted to their family.


  • almost do not require grooming,
  • easy to get along with children.


  • some dogs require rigor and training,
  • have an unstable psyche, easily exposed to stress.

Growth - 12 cm

Weight - no more than 2 kg

First appeared in Mexico, belong to one of the oldest breeds of dwarf dogs. There are long-haired and short-haired chihuahuas, color - fawn, black, red, white. By the nature of Chihuahuas - brave pets, who are distinguished by observation, devotion and friendliness.


  • have a stable psyche
  • almost do not require dressage.


  • some dogs can be vicious and selfish.

Miniature Pinscher (Miniature Pinscher)

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - up to 4 kg

Decorative dog, wool - short and smooth, color - red and tan. The tsvergpincherov has a slim body with strong legs. Features of the breed - energy, sharp mind, activity and curiosity.


  • careful about strangers,
  • maybe a hunter.


  • In the winter you need to dress the dog in overalls, quickly freezes.


Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - 4-6 kg

The old dwarf breed of dogs has a short and tough coat, a dark color and an average body size. Affenpinscher is distinguished by quick wit, endurance, balance.


  • easy to get on with children.


  • wool requires constant care.

Brussels Griffon

Growth - up to 28 cm

Weight - up to 5 kg

First appeared in Belgium, all varieties have hard, short hair, color - tan, red. Distinctive features of the Brussels Griffon - ingenuity, liveliness, unusual muzzle.


  • learn quickly
  • love children and other animals.


  • often suffer from eye diseases.

Growth - up to 60 cm

Weight - up to 30 kg

It is considered one of the most savvy and popular dogs. All varieties differ in size, coat type and color. It is noteworthy that red poodles were recently bred, and black and white are becoming less common. By their nature, quick-witted, self-sufficient pets, easily trained and perform tricks, they can be hunters or watchmen.


  • almost do not require education,
  • can be a companion and protector.


  • Special attention is paid to wool and nutrition.

Papillon - decorative breed of dogs

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - up to 5 kg

Can be with standing or hanging ears. The coat is long and silky. Papillon color - black and white, sable shades. The dog is smart, active and friendly.



  • may live badly with children or other animals.

Bichon frize

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - up to 6 kg

Belongs to the variety of lapdog, wool thick and curly. Torso - medium size, short paws. By the nature of the white Bichon Frize is an active, smart and friendly dog.



  • require special care for wool,
  • need constant walks.

Growth - up to 25 cm

Weight - 6 kg

The breed was previously considered sacred, appeared in China several centuries ago. Wool - long, color - red, white, black, fawn. The dog has big eyes and a large lower jaw. Chinese Pekingese is very active, playful, loyal.


  • not selective in nutrition,
  • quickly learns.


  • requires a lot of attention
  • arrogant and selfish.

Growth - up to 27 cm

Weight - 7-8 kg

Appeared in China at the court of the emperor. The dog has a long coat, color - white, red, black or brown. Chinese shih tzu loves every family member, can be lazy, love children, fearless.


  • not aggressive
  • get along well with other animals.


  • very loud
  • can not be too long at home alone.

Japanese hin

Growth - up to 25 cm

Weight - up to 4 kg

The Japanese breed, the ancestor of Tibetan spaniels, was created as a gift to the emperor. The pet has a long, thick coat, the color is white and black. The Japanese Chin's muzzle is small, eyes large, ears with long hair. By character - self-sufficient, confident, playful and stubborn pets.


  • have good health
  • You can not walk often.


  • are aggressive and touchy,
  • hard trained.

French Bulldog

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - up to 9 kg

It has a large body, strong legs and erect ears. Wool - short, tight to the body. Color - brindle, white-brindle, fawn. Funny French Bulldog is notable for goodwill, activity, restraint, sharp mind.


  • not selective in eating,
  • may be watchmen.


  • sometimes show aggression towards strangers or other dogs.

Growth - up to 30 cm

Weight - up to 7 kg

A small dog with a loyal character and good health. Wool - smooth, color - fawn, black. On the face and neck there are folds, eyes - bulging. By their nature, pugs are peaceful, playful and quick-witted animals.



  • suffers from corneal erosion,
  • It is selective in nutrition.

Whatever breed for the house you choose, remember that each dog requires training and care. From this will depend on the behavior, attitude towards the owner and the execution of commands.

Unprecedented popularity

These miniature dogs are becoming more and more popular every year. In each city you will see a fluffy shaggy lap-dog, a jovial Spaniel, a serious Pekingese, chihuahua babies and even almost real lions - Shih Tzu.

These decorative breeds of dogs occupy an increasing place in human life. More and more animal lovers (especially in the city) are seeking to have such a small, four-legged friend. So that novice dog breeders understand that these are not plush toys, but living and all understanding creatures, we want to tell about them in this article.

How did these babies come about?

Room-decorative breeds of dogs are often derived quite simply - by miniaturizing the usual large breeds. These animals include Italian greyhound, toy terrier, toy poodle, pomeranian, king charles spaniel and many others.

There are in the world and very ancient breeds of dogs, which were bred to adorn the lives of people. This Pekingese, Chihuahua, Japanese hin. According to experts, such small and cute dogs bred in ancient Rome.

Only the Chinese emperor himself was entitled to keep and breed the Pekingese. Violators of this ban were waiting for the death penalty. When the empress of China entered the throne room, one hundred of these miniature dogs stood on their hind legs and in this position they waited for her to take her place.

In Tibet, the Dalai Lamas entrusted tiny dogs Lhasa Apso to rotate the prayer wheel.

Decorative breeds of dogs nowadays

Nowadays in the city it is often difficult to keep an animal, even of medium size. Therefore, decorative dogs of small breeds - this is an opportunity to fulfill the dream of a four-legged friend.

However, do not be mistaken and assume that the content of these animals is simple. As a rule, the decorative breed of dogs are delicate and fragile creatures that require careful maintenance. Often they are capricious in food, but usually the owners are to blame. Often it is they who forget that, despite their small size, they are real dogs, and they also require education, as well as their larger "relatives". An ill-mannered and spoiled tiny dog ​​can become a “room terrorist.”

Today we will introduce you to the most popular breeds of decorative dogs.

Blenheim - Dog of Kings

To begin our small review, certainly, it is necessary with the aristocrat of the dog world living in royal palaces, using favor of emperors. Of course, this is a decorative breed of dogs Blenheim (Blenheim). He is graceful and playful, obedient and courageous, he will become an indispensable friend for all family members. An ideal companion for an elderly person and an active and perky participant in outdoor games in a large family with children. It is not at all difficult for him to make friends with a great dane and fall asleep in a hug with a cat.

These dogs are better known as the king charles spaniel - a very ancient English breed. From the 15th century, historians have described a particular passion of royal dynasties for elegant little spaniels. Charles I was delighted with black kids, Charles II preferred black and red individuals, and Sir John Marlborough recognized only white and red spaniels. These privileged dogs accompanied the royal owners everywhere - in audiences, in churches, and Mary Stewart, her faithful little friend, escorted to the scaffold.

Returning with a victory after the Battle of Blehem, and having received a castle from Queen Anne as a gift, Sir John decided to name it in memory of an outstanding battle. Having settled in the new domain, he devoted himself entirely to breeding white-red spaniels. Since then, this king charles color is called blenheim.

In 1945, the breed standard was adopted, and in the mid-60s, the cavalier king took its rightful place in the royal family of Britain.From the 70s to today, he has consistently been among the most popular small breeds of dogs in Europe.

The British are confident that these animals create comfort and effectively relieve stress. This decorative dog breed is a constant companion of the royal families of England.

In Russia, this charming baby was known before the revolution. In the imperial family of Nicholas II all had their own dogs. Anastasia's favorite was little King Charles, who was presented to her by an officer who was in the hospital after being wounded. He was so tiny that you could walk with him if you put him in a clutch.

Dwarf spitz

Decorative dogs of small breeds cause affection - they want to caress, protect from evil people, dangerous animals, bad weather. Is no exception and dwarf spitz. Fluffy long hair, bright temperament make these kids very showy. These dogs are very energetic and extremely attached to the family of their owners.

However, this baby may try to occupy a dominant position in the family. This should not be allowed. It is quite difficult to do this, because it is always very difficult to say “no” to this smiling fluffy ball. The Spitz needs an active host who will spend a lot of time on his pet, play with him, and run. However, he must have a strong character.

This decorative dog breed is the smallest in the world. Interestingly, with its miniature size, it has a solid character. This dog can often be seen in the hands of celebrities.

The coat of these animals can be long or smooth and short. They are endowed with a beautiful character. These faithful and affectionate animals can be quite active. You might be surprised, but these charming kids need socialization and training. Only in this case you will get a wonderful companion.

This decorative breed of dogs makes everyone smile. These little dogs are really adorable. Both adults and children love them. Even people who do not show sympathy for dogs cannot remain indifferent when looking at these charming faces.

Pugs are funny and playful animals. In the past they lived in royal palaces, accompanied by Tibetan monks. These dogs may have problems with their eyes and breathing. Despite this, people get pugs because they are adorable pets. Pugs feel great both in the society of a lonely person, and in a large and noisy family.

The small white lap dog, which has a soft but fearless character, belongs to decorative breeds. Despite this, she is very fond of secular ladies. These cute dogs are energetic and playful. They need constant contact with the owner.

Today we told you about some room and decorative dogs. If you decide to buy one of them, then you should not go to the bird market. You need to contact the kennel of decorative breeds. Today such institutions are located in many cities of Russia. The most famous of them are located in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Rostov-on-Don.

Brussels and Belgian Griffons

Two related breeds, defined in one group according to FCI standards. Small, but surprisingly bold and active dogs, which are often compared with English gentlemen due to the thick "mustache" growing on the front. Hard wool is not showered on the floor when shedding, the owner needs only time to remove it with a trimmer.

Bohemian terrier

Like all representatives of the third group “FCI”, they have a character that is more typical of service breeds. They are very obedient, perfectly trainable, and will not be afraid to repel the offender, despite the small size. It is difficult to find a more faithful, patient and pleasant pet in daily communication.

A rare breed derived from the Lhasa Apso. It is from them that she has adopted an incredulous attitude towards strangers, if you are not familiar with its owner, it is not recommended to approach without demand. But for family members they will become a true friend, able to protect if necessary. Thanks to thick wool, they are not afraid of frost, and feel good in winter. In the summer they should be protected from overload.

West Highland White Terrier

Like their relatives, they demonstrate cheerful behavior. Their puppies are extremely active and require constant attention, people-oriented, they do not tolerate loneliness. This makes them an ideal choice for a city apartment, especially since hard wool is much less likely to provoke the development of allergies.

English bulldog

As the name suggests, this variety was developed to hunt bulls - short but strong legs and a strong body helped them to drive their prey and deprive it of their strength. Today they do not have such a militant purpose, even with relatively small sizes they can become reliable defenders and satellites. Remember that they need regular exercise.

Havanese bichon

Relatively rare breed that requires careful grooming and a full set of tools and cosmetics. Often they are treated with suspicion to all outsiders, not allowing them to approach themselves. With the owners and their families, on the contrary, they gladly enter into fun games and are well trained in training.

American Toy Fox Terrier

Small size pet with a lively and curious character. This is one of the smallest breeds of decorative dogs. They are rarely found in the city, but at most of the exhibitions held in Russia you can meet at least a few representatives. Short hair is resistant to dirt, and therefore it will be easy to care for your pet.

Jack Russell Terrier

They received particular popularity after the release of the famous movie “Mask”. Clever Milo conquered the public, and over time, thousands of people around the world have acquired such nurseries. They are easy to train, they adore active games, but demonstrate a certain stubbornness, not wanting to obey the requirements of the owner.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The perfect companion dog. Very peaceful and friendly dog, perfect for any family. They are undemanding in care, resistant to stress, they feel great when walking outside in any weather. Peace-loving and calm, they may well become a full-fledged member of the family.

Cairn terrier

Very cheerful pets, resourceful and independent. They feel great in small apartments and in private homes. Despite the thick coat that covers not only the body, but also the muzzle, they are perfectly oriented in space and react hard to any threats. Well amenable to training, and a good show themselves during agility classes.

Miniature pinscher

For the first time such pets appeared in the middle of the 15th century, they have common roots and visual similarity with Dobermans. Despite their size, they are among the official breeds, and successfully search for prohibited substances at customs points in the border area or at airports. They are very energetic and require constant physical exertion.

Chinese Crested

Very popular around the world, they are distinguished by an unusual appearance and delicate character. They always feel the emotional state of their owner, and always support him in difficult life situations. They are not characterized by excessive aggressiveness, but a stranger should not stretch his hands to her so as not to scare and not cause a response.

Mexican nude

Contrary to popular belief, the peoples who inhabited the New World before the arrival of the conquistadors also bred dogs. This is one of the oldest breeds, they managed their individuality for hundreds of years. Bare skin is vulnerable to intense solar radiation, so they cannot be left in the sun for a long time. These dogs need special care, and in winter - in overalls.

Due to stand-up ears and bright color, they can be seen from afar. Papillons require attention from their owners, loneliness can badly affect their psychological state and resistance to stress. They tend to self-will and violent temper, and therefore should be brought up carefully. If you buy them for the first time, be sure to use the services of a trainer.

Extremely popular dog, despite the demands of care and certain health problems, they are recognizable around the world. They are distinguished from other decorative breeds by increased endurance, not tied to their massiveness. Short legs do not give them the opportunity to move quickly, but they are stubborn enough to achieve their goals.

New breed, bred by Ukrainian dog handlers. Odessa Home Ideal Dog demonstrates a cheerful and balanced disposition and acumen. They have a sense of dignity, but they are still very attached to their owners and do not avoid communicating with outsiders in the presence of the owner.

During the vigorous activity of breeders a lot of decorative breeds of dogs were bred. They differ in their appearance, length and texture of wool, character and many other factors. To get to know everyone, follow the news - at least once a year specialized exhibitions are held in every major city. Here you can get acquainted with most of the known (and not so) breeds of miniature dogs.