Brit, dog food - reviews, features, composition and types


When buying food for a dog, we rarely think about how good it is. What plays the main role in the selection? Cost and availability. Many seek to save on pet food. And I don’t want to go to the pet store, especially after work. It is more convenient to go to a regular supermarket, closest to the house. And take the pet food in it. Brit food in regular stores do not buy. But about him will be discussed in the article.

Where does the feed come from?

The first question asked by the owner of the dog. Here we make an amendment that we are talking about the owner, who sincerely wishes to find a good product for a pet.

Brit food is a joint “brainchild” of the Czech Republic and Russia. More precisely, dry food is produced in the country "overseas". And our canned food, domestic.

What is in the composition?

We are talking about dry food and focus on its composition. If you take the packaging of the finished product for adult dogs, then read the following:

  1. Flour from chicken meat. Its as much as 42%.
  2. Rice - the amount is not specified.
  3. Wheat. How much of it, according to manufacturers.
  4. Corn. And again, its percentage in the composition is unknown.
  5. Salmon oil.
  6. Vitamins and minerals.

This is not the full composition of dog food "Brit Premium". Only the most basic ingredients that the manufacturer claims are highlighted.

This is where the fun lies. Refer to the feed, produced abroad. A foreign composition written in English will tell us that chicken comes first. Not flour, as translated from us, but a real chicken.

The owners will certainly be delighted with this fact. For relatively little money, 42% of natural chicken meat! We must take. Wait with the purchase, all very cunning.

Chicken can be anything. Chicken offal, leather, heads and other waste. If fresh meat was added to the Brit Food for dogs, the producer would not hide it. And instead of a blurred chicken, would indicate the type of meat. For example, dehydrated chicken meat, or fresher. From this we can conclude: the Czechs are cunning, giving out their product for a premium class.

We continue the analysis of the composition. What is there in second place? Oh yeah, rice. About this ingredient also says nothing. Just rice, and what and what, the information is hidden. The same nonsense with wheat. There is nothing to comment on.

Corn in fourth place. This indicates a poor quality of feed. Cheap product used in economy class product. The more expensive the feed, the better it is considered. And corn has no place in its composition. About salmon oil silent. Information about its quantity is not.

Based on all of the above, we conclude: dog food "Brit Premium" for dogs does not correspond to the premium level.

Positive sides

Try to find the advantages of the feed under consideration. In fact, they are:

  • Low price. Brit Premium can not be attributed to penny feed. But you can't call him super expensive either. The price is quite low. More expensive than feed, but cheaper superpremium. And the quality is much better than very cheap pet food.
  • Prevalence. The product is sold at any pet store. Online pet stores are no exception.
  • Variety of choices. The Brit Premium line of dog food is wide enough. More details about it - below.

Negative sides

The main and fatty minus is the composition of the feed in question. He, of course, better economy class. But before the premium does not reach. Frankly, the composition of the product is poor.

Very confused by the veiled word "chicken". We do not know what lies behind it. It is possible that natural meat is not in sight.

Dry dog ​​food "Brit Premium" impresses with a wide range. Let's start to study it.

  • Puppy food. This includes compositions for toddlers of all breeds from four weeks, nutrition for puppies of small breeds, medium, large and giant. This feed is designed for babies from two months. They are fed and adolescents up to one year old.
  • There is puppy food from four months to two years. It is designed for large and giant pets.
  • Food for small breeds of dogs. The age category is divided. From one to six years old, and for older pets (over seven years old).
  • Feed for medium breeds. The age category is the same as that of the “trivia”.
  • Food for large dogs.
  • Diet for giant dogs.
  • "Crackers" for animals prone to excess weight.
  • Food for active pets.
  • Food based on lamb and rice. By the way, the most expensive. But in the composition of only 25% of the "lamb meat flour". This product is not worth the money for which it is sold.

Positive feedback from owners

What do the owners say about Czech Brit food? Reviews, as usual, controversial. Other owners are delighted. And someone says fu.

We chose the main points that guide the owners of dogs. Let's start with those who like food:

  • Low price.
  • Quite fatty product with a good smell.
  • The dog has a good coat.
  • Color becomes brighter.
  • No unpleasant smell from the mouth.
  • Pet active and vigorous.
  • Food does not cause allergies.
  • Like the dog and the owner.

Last tip is real. Some dog lovers try pet food.

Negative feedback from owners

A very interesting point: a few lines above the owners are satisfied with the fat content of the feed and note a pleasant smell. Here are collected other opinions. Here is what the disgruntled dog lovers say:

  • Doubtful composition. Food with rice and lamb, which is considered the safest in terms of allergies, is very bad. Dogs from it often itchy.
  • Feed pellets are too large and dry. Smell unpleasant.
  • There is a disgusting smell from dog excrement.
  • Changes the color of the nose.
  • Wool looks dull.
  • From the mouth of the animal is a smelly smell.

So you have to think which of the following reviews are true: flattering or bad. In fact, we know that, as in the world of people, so many opinions. Until you try it yourself, you will not know the truth. We recommend dog owners to buy a small pack of food and feed their pet. This is the only way to draw conclusions about its quality.

Where to buy and how much?

Sold in large pet stores. Easily found in online pet stores.

Small packaging costs from 300 to 500 rubles. The cheapest feed, weighing 18 kilograms, for dogs of large breeds. A German shepherd is painted on it. There is such a package from 2500 to 2800 rubles.

To expensive includes food based on lamb and rice. A package weighing 18 kilograms will cost 4,500–5,500 thousand rubles. Believe me, this price of food "Brit Premium" for dogs with lamb and rice is excessively high. For the same money you can buy a better product.

What do vets say?

In general, reviews of experts about this feed are similar to each other. Like dissatisfied owners, veterinarians note the scarcity of the staff. And if the composition is bad, then what is the use of such food can be?

What follows from this?

A review of the Brit Premium dog food showed that this product is better than the economy class feed. But much worse than the real premium level. The fact is that in the natural feed the meat component must be at least 30%. It would seem that nonsense? Indeed, in the analyzed meat feed as much as 40%.

This is where the trick lies. In the food "Brit Premium" unnatural meat, as we discussed above. This is meat meal or offal. And the “native” premium class feeds are distinguished by the fact that their packaging clearly states that it is in composition. For example, fresh chicken meat and the amount in%. Or dehydrated meat, and its percentage is indicated.

In addition, corn is not included in the premium class feed. In "Brit" she is present.

When giving your pet dry food, regardless of its brand, you should remember the following:

  • The product is soaked in water. Dogs risk choking.
  • Water should be slightly warmed or room temperature. Never soak food in an icy liquid.
  • Always keep to the norm. If the package says that the daily allowance is 200 grams, you cannot turn it into 500 grams. This is due to the fact that the feed tends to swell in the stomach of the animal, filling it. Imagine what the fucking dog would be? There is not far from volvulus.

general characteristics

The Czech company for the production of food for animals produces high-quality food "Brit Premium" and "Brit Care". It uses natural ingredients: meat, vegetables, cereal products and other substances that strengthen the pet's body. This feed is intended for dogs of any age and any breed. There are dry varieties, canned food and pates.

Reviews of veterinarians about dog food "Brit Premium" note that it is well suited as a daily diet, provides the animal's body with all the necessary components. You can buy dry food "Brit", which is divided into two lines: "Premium" in blue packaging and "Care" (care and maintenance) - in white packages. There are also canned foods with liver, chicken, lamb or salmon in a thick sauce, pate with fish, turkey or chicken.

What is its composition

In contrast to the economy class feed, "Brit" contains only high-quality components. It contains no GMOs, synthetic substances, soy, beef and pork. The dog receives high-grade protein from chicken or lamb meat. There are options with duck, salmon or venison. In each pack of food "Brit" of such components at least 40%.

To provide the animal with carbohydrates in the feed added rice, wheat or cornmeal. In addition, there is chicken fat and salmon oil, which contains fatty acids necessary for wool and the nervous system. Strengthen the immunity of the dog is provided with extracts of herbs, dried fruits and vegetables.

Beet pulp ensures proper functioning of the intestines of the animal, and yucca extract neutralizes the smell of feces. In addition, chondroitin and glucosamine have been added to some varieties to ensure the normal functioning of the joints. These features provide lots of positive reviews about Brit Premium dog food. It is popular for its rich composition. It may include such components:

  • vitamins of group B, A, tocopherol, ascorbic acid,
  • copper, calcium, zinc, potassium, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals,
  • dried apples, potatoes, cranberries,
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • proteins and amino acids.

Varieties of food "Brit"

Manufacturers produce a wide range of feed under this brand. You can find special food for puppies and older dogs, animals that are prone to obesity, and leading a highly active lifestyle, large breeds and decorative dogs. Each package has a designation for which dog the food is intended. Most often, such marking is in English, so not all people understand which option to choose.

First of all, you need to pay attention to what age nutrition is calculated:

  • Puppy are puppies
  • Junior - teenage dog
  • Adult - an adult animal
  • Senior is an aging dog.

In addition, each pack has a label for which breed the feed is calculated. The division is carried out according to the size of the dogs into 4 groups: up to 10 kg, from 10 to 25 kg, up to 45 kg and more than 45 kg.

Advantage of use

Positive reviews of Brit dog food are more common than other feeds in this price segment. After all, it has many advantages. First of all, although it belongs to the premium class, its prices are at the level of budgetary power. A kilogram pack can be bought for 250 rubles. And this feed is available at any pet store.

In addition, there are other advantages of using this feed:

  • contains vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, apples,
  • the meat content is quite high - more than 40%,
  • no artificial components, flavors, preservatives and GMOs,
  • large assortment, which allows you to choose the right food for the age and size of the dog,
  • Pleasant taste like dogs.

Puppy Food

Nutrition of the growing body should be enriched with vitamins and minerals, have enough protein and carbohydrates. Such requirements and meets the food for dogs "Brit". Reviews of veterinarians note that after transferring a puppy from mother's milk to a dry food, this feed is one of the best. It takes into account the peculiarities of the breeds: there are varieties for small dogs, medium, large and giant dogs.

The optimal combination of calcium and phosphorus ensures proper growth of the baby’s skeleton, and fatty acids and vitamins strengthen the immune system. Puppies develop properly, quickly gaining weight. The company offers puppies of different breeds the taste of "lamb and rice" or "chicken and rice". Such a composition makes this food also suitable for feeding pregnant animals. It ensures optimum development of babies.

Assortment of food for adult dogs

This food is intended for animals from 1 to 7 years. The entire range of food "Brit" has 4 varieties:

  • for small breeds weighing up to 10 kg
  • medium dogs - up to 25 kg,
  • animals from 25 to 45 kg,
  • large breeds, when the dog weighs more than 45 kg.

In each group there are several options for food, designed for every taste. This feed with chicken, lamb and rice, salmon, duck, rabbit. Often dog breeders choose Brit food for their dogs. Reviews of veterinarians also note that this is the most suitable food for a healthy animal. The main thing - to choose the right option for the age and weight of the dog.

Nutrition for older animals

When the dog overcomes the turn of 7 years, it is considered old. Its nutrition should be special, since at this age various disturbances in the state of health are often encountered. In this respect, the Brit dog food is unique. Reviews of veterinarians say that it is ideal for older animals. Indeed, its composition contains chondroitin and glucosamine sulfates, which ensure the normal functioning of the joints and ligaments. This is especially important for large breeds of dogs who have a heavy load on their paws. In addition, probiotics are included in the feed to facilitate the bowels.

Nutrition for various diseases

In the assortment of the company there are options for feeding animals with problems in health. This is the Brit Caree dog food. The reviews about him are mostly positive, many point out that only this food allowed the pet to improve his health. It is especially difficult to choose food for dogs with allergies, sensitive skin or digestive problems. The company offers such animals the food "Brit" with lamb and rice, which is hypoallergenic. It does not contain chicken, corn and wheat, which can cause an allergic reaction.

There is a lightweight feed option, containing only 8% fat. It is intended for dogs prone to obesity or leading a sedentary lifestyle. The diet also includes rabbit, turkey or salmon food. A Brit Premium Sport feed, on the contrary, is designed for active animals. It contains an increased amount of proteins. Such nutrition is also well suited for restoring health after an illness or surgery.

Dog food "Brit": reviews of the owners

Most dog breeders are satisfied with this food. They note that dogs like food, eat it with pleasure. After switching to "Brit" from another diet, the improvement in the condition of the pet's coat, his mood and physical activity is noticeable. Negative reactions or digestive disturbances are not observed in dogs. Especially a lot of positive feedback from owners of small breeds. After all, it is difficult for such dogs to pick up dry food. And the granules "Brit" have an optimal size.

Food for dogs "Brit Care": reviews of veterinarians

This line belongs to the super premium class. This food is well suited for feeding dogs with health problems. Veterinarians note that this food is hypoallergenic, does not cause any health problems. On the contrary, it helps sick animals to get stronger. The presence of prebiotics and sugar beet pulp improves digestion, plant extracts and dried fruits strengthen the immune system. Veterinarians note that the granules of dry food are designed so that they ideally clean the teeth of the animal, preventing the development of their pathologies.

The composition of the feed Brit Premium

Brit Premium for dogs contains the optimal amount of animal protein, the source of which is chicken and lamb meat. Carbohydrate ingredients are easily digestible rice, as well as cheap fillers in the form of corn and wheat. Sources of fat are chicken fat, preserved by tocopherols, and salmon oil - a storehouse of linoleic and Omega-acids.

Brit Premium for dogs contains an optimal amount of animal protein.

Important. On the official site in the composition of the feed in the first place is "chicken (42%)", which means "chicken (42%)". Such a general formulation hides not only meat, but also offal. In the Russian-language translation, this ingredient is listed as "chicken flour", which causes doubts about the integrity of the manufacturer.

The feed formulation contains a complex of prebiotics in the form of fructooligosaccharides and mannanooligosaccharides, which increase the body's resistance to bacteria and viruses. Полиненасыщенные жирные кислоты Омега-3 и Омега-6 играют важную роль в правильном развитии нервной системы и укреплении иммунитета. Экстракты из трав и фруктов защищают организм на клеточном уровне, а сушеные яблоки снабжают организм питомца витаминами и пектином.

Пивные дрожжи в составе корма являются источником витамина В, а также улучшают качество шерсти животного. Свекольный жом нормализует стул питомца, а экстракт Юкки Шидигера уменьшает его запах. Добавление глюкозамина и хондроитина в формулу корма предотвращает заболевания опорно-двигательного аппарата, к которым имеют склонность пожилые собаки.

На фото состав корма Brit Premium для щенков и молодых собак средних пород.

Such ingredients as beef, pork and soy are completely excluded from the composition of Brit Premium. They contain poorly digestible proteins, exert stress on the gastrointestinal tract and provoke allergies. The manufacturer refused to use genetically modified organisms and ingredients with artificial origin.

Pros and cons of Brit Premium feed

Among the indisputable advantages of dry dog ​​food Brit Premium can be identified:

  • The percentage of meat component is much higher than in similar feed,
  • presence of vitamins and minerals in the composition,
  • lack of artificial additives and GMOs,
  • relatively low cost, significantly lower than some analogues,
  • An extensive line of food, designed for all breeds and age categories,
  • the prevalence of feed that does not make it difficult to buy it.

Of the cons of food should be highlighted:

  • overall poor composition,
  • the presence of corn, which is difficult to digest,
  • the discrepancy of the original composition and translated into Russian, where the ingredient "chicken" (meat and offal) turns into "flour from chicken meat" (real meat).

How is this feed better than others?

The main advantage of dry food Brit Premium in comparison with similar brands is a high percentage of meat ingredient - 41-42%.

In the feed Brit Premium a high percentage of meat ingredient (42%).

Dogs are by nature predators, and their bodies require a sufficient amount of meat. It is extremely rare to find such a percentage of the meat component in premium segment food: for example, in Lithuanian Araton, its index varies from 16 to 21%, and in Natures Protection - about 18%.

Another advantage of Brit Premium food is the presence of apples in the composition, because in premium feeds the presence of vegetables and fruits is a rare phenomenon. There is no place for natural sources of vitamins in the form of vegetables, berries and fruits in either the Chicopee rations or the Club 4 Paws Ukrainian brand.

The advantage of Brit Premium food is the absence of artificial flavors, flavor enhancers and preservatives in the composition, which cannot be said of the Royal Canin dog food brands and Club 4 Paws.

Brit Premium Feed Line

The feed manufacturer has tried to take into account in its product everything that can affect the health and development of pets of various ages and breeds. Brit Premium's dry food lineup includes diets for puppies, adult and elderly dogs, for small, medium, large and giant breeds, for dogs prone to weight gain or allergies, as well as for highly active animals.

Brit Food Premium for puppies

The formula of nutrition for puppies based on chicken and rice takes into account the characteristics inherent in a particular breed. The increased protein content and the optimal balance of phosphorus and calcium ensure the correct development of the puppy's backbone and its harmonious growth. Fatty acids included in the rations strengthen the baby’s immunity and promote optimal development of the nervous system.

In the Brit Premium assortment for puppies there is food for babies of different sizes: from small to giant.

The range of food for puppies is represented by the following rations:

  • Junior Small S - for small breeds from 1 to 10 kg,
  • Junior Medium M - for medium breeds from 10 to 25 kg,
  • Junior Large L - for large breeds from 25 to 45 kg,
  • Junior Extra Large XL - for giant breeds over 45 kg.

Important. Puppy food can also be used to feed pregnant and lactating females, as the ingredients in the composition help protect the fetus in the womb and provide milk flow.

Brit Premium for adults and older dogs

For adult dogs developed four Brit Premium Adult ration with the taste of chicken and rice, each of which is designed for a specific size of a pet. The menu for older dogs Brit Premium Senior is designed for pets who have passed the age of 7 years.

The composition of these feeds contains chondroitin and glucosamine, which ensure the health of the articular apparatus and ligaments. Natural prebiotics improve the digestive process and normalize stools, because these problems are particularly relevant in old age.

For adult dogs developed four Brit Premium Adult ration with the taste of chicken and rice.

Hypoallergenic, lightweight and high-protein nutrition

Among the variety of rations, you can find a hypoallergenic menu based on lamb and rice, which is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion, a tendency to allergies and problem skin. Like the Hypo-allergenic Super Premium Brit Care, the Brit Premium Lamb & Rice does not contain wheat and corn.

For dogs with overweight, a tendency to be overweight and sedentary lifestyle, a low-calorie diet Brit Premium Light, containing only 8% fat, has been developed. Adult pets with increased physical exertion, as well as during the rehabilitation period after an operation or illness, are ideally suited Brit Premium Sport high protein food.

Reviews of veterinarians about dog food Brit Premium

Valentine, vet, 55 years. Analyzing the food premium premium Brit, we can conclude that the composition of the feed is not bad for this category. The indicator of the meat component is quite high - about 42%, which indicates that the feed is consistent with the carnivorous needs of dogs.

Veterinarians note that this food is the best in the premium category.

Some superpremium brands can envy this amount of meat. But in general, the composition of the product is usual for inexpensive food - rice, wheat, corn, chicken fat, etc. I am glad that the manufacturer added some important additives to the formulation (prebiotics, glucosamine, chondroitin)that help keep the pet healthy. I would also like to note that in the diet there are no artificial flavors, preservatives and flavor enhancers, which is a huge plus for premium food.

Daria, vet, 32 years. Often, for the production of premium dog food, not the highest quality ingredients are used, including meat. In Brit Premium rations, not only real meat, but also offal. Of course, such animal products as the liver and heart are very useful for the pet's body, but in our case it is not known which specific by-products are used. The manufacturer hides all the meat components for a single concept of "chicken". The advantage of the feed is the lack of flavoring additives and synthetic well as a rich ruler. In general, food is not bad for daily feeding of a dog, but if you have a financial opportunity, I recommend using superpremium feeds or holistics, which you can be sure of.

Dog Breeder Feedback on Brit Premium Food

Anastasia. I am very pleased with the Czech premium food Brit. I have a baby breed of toy terrier, so when choosing food, I pay special attention to the size of the pellets. Britt has no problem with this: the pieces are small, fit perfectly in the mouth. The dog quickly got used to the new food, I did not even have to mix it with the previous feed. Allergies, problems with stool or food intolerance have never been. Packing of food is very convenient: there is a small package of 1 kg - exactly what I need. I advise Brit Premium as an inexpensive but quality product.

Pay attention to other premium feeds:

Marina. I have a very picky dog ​​in the food of a small breed, Pti Brabancon. Usually she asks only meat for us, but it is simply impossible to feed with one meat. They began to feed her dry food, most of which she simply did not eat. When we bought Brit Premium food for the test, the dog flew at him and began to eat with such greed. Small balls are very convenient for small dogs, and the scent is quite attractive. The dog constantly licks the packaging when he wants to eat. A nice bonus was the fact that the wool has acquired a beautiful shine, and the dog has become more playful and fun.

In the photo granules feed Brit Premium Puppy (for puppies).

Conclusions on Brit Premium Feed

Brit Premium dog food reviews are mostly positive, but there is also a negative feeding experience. The composition of the product is quite typical for the premium segment, and against the background of similar brands of dog food, he wins only in price. Analyzing the quality and cost of other feed, we can conclude that the price for the Brit Premium is somewhat underestimated.

The average cost of a small kilogram pack of food is from 230 to 300 rubles, and a large 18-kilogram bag - from 3400 to 4800 rubles.

Brit Premium Dog Food Review

Given the name Brit Premium is not difficult to guess that this is premium class dog food. However, if you look at the Russian-language description of the composition, then this feed is better than some super-premiums. However, this is far from the case, and why - we will tell while studying the composition. By the way, the feed is produced by the Czech company Brit Pet Food.

Read about feed from other manufacturers:

The composition of the feed Brit Premium for dogs

Consider the composition of Brit Premium feed on the example of Junior M variant (for puppies and young dogs (2–12 months) of medium breeds). In the photo below - the composition translated into Russian, and on a white background - the original composition taken from the official site “Chicken meat flour (42%)” is in the first place - an indicator that many super premium feeds will envy.

However, these are just “miracles of translation”, in the original description in the first place is “chicken (42%)”, that is, just “chicken”. Such a general concept as a rule simply hides offal (in better quality Brit Care it is written in the original composition and it is “meat”, do you think if there was only that, then the manufacturer would hide it?). And in the reviews, many buyers praise the food very much, because for a low price we get 42% of chicken meat ...

The rest of the usual composition for inexpensive food - rice, corn, wheat, chicken fat, etc., except that dried apples are present (fruits in the premiums are not frequent).

Brit Premium Dog Food - reviews

Feedback on feed Brit Premium for dogs, writes Victoria. Hello! Our puppy first ate a naturalka, but then had to be transferred to dry food. As a result of a long search, we stopped at Brit Premium for puppies of medium breeds. What we liked: a good composition (although I am not an expert), a convenient zip-fastener on the packaging, large granules (the puppy has to be crushed) and not an exorbitant price. During feeding, the puppy is active and looks great.

About dog food Brit Premium review writes Larisa. My toychik has been eating Brit Premium for two years already, in the summer for puppies and young small dogs (although he is already ten), and in the winter it is light for all breeds. It is necessary to change to less high-calorie, otherwise due to less activity it recovers greatly. The rest of the dog looks great))

Feedback on the feed Brit Premium for dogs, writes Olesya. Usually, my dog ​​eats Royal Canin, but there was an action in the store and for Brit Premium premium food and I bought a small sample package. Both feeds are comparable in composition, but at the same time the second is cheaper and there is also a share. Unfortunately, the dog ate it very reluctantly, had to be mixed into the piano so that it would not disappear. Or the food is not tasty, or my dog ​​is very picky.

Conclusions about the food "Brit Premium"

About Brit Premium dog food reviews are positive in most cases, but there are also negative ones (the dog refused to eat, constipation appeared, etc., - everything is the same, as is the case with other foods). The composition of the Brit Premium is quite normal for premiums and against the background of its class counterparts, it wins only in price. The site "Give Lapu" would not recommend this food to those who have the opportunity to buy a dog more expensive and high-quality drying (for example, the same Brit Care).

Brit Premium Feed Price

  • Brit Premium dry dog ​​food 1 kg - from 225 to 275 rubles,
  • Brit Premium Premium dry food for dogs 3 kg - from 635 to 950 rubles,
  • Brit Premium dry food for dogs 15 kg - from 2,535 to 2,960 rubles,
  • Brit Brit Premium 18kg dry food for dogs - from 3340 to 4785 rubles,

* Price may vary depending on the option, store and other factors. At the above price you can buy Brit Premium fodder at the end of the summer of 2016.