Sizes of the box and the enclosure for the shepherd


For the maintenance of the German Shepherd in the territory of its plot, you can build an aviary. The street house for the dog should be made on the basis of the climatic conditions of the region. In the southern areas of the aviary may be open, in more severe conditions, the building should have a winter road. The winter part of the enclosure is a closed room with a booth.

The dog is able to withstand temperatures up to -20 ºС, thanks to a thick undercoat, but if the animal is sick, or the room is designed for a bitch with puppies, then a winter road is necessary. A warm room will allow the pet to feel comfortable and in cold weather.

The size of the enclosure for the German Shepherd

In the aviary the German shepherd will feel comfortable if the norms of the area of ​​the room are observed. One of the walls of the enclosure must be at least 2 m long. Depending on what size the dog reaches, the design area is calculated.

If you build an aviary with a kennel, then the kennel should be of such size that the dog can sleep in it, stretching out its paws.

How to choose a place for an aviary in the yard of a private house

The German Shepherd is focused on contact with the owner, so it is impossible to completely isolate such a dog. The room should be in a place where the pet will see everything that happens in the yard.

Arrange the enclosure should be on high ground to avoid stagnant water. The design should be closed from:

Trees and shrubs can serve as a protective fence for a dog house. The pet will be disturbed by the harsh noises of the street, the neighborhood with the pigsty or the repair shop. The distance from the farmyard or the garage with gasoline vapors must be at least 500 m.

The site should be fenced off with a fence of at least 3 m to prevent foreign animals from entering the private territory.

Drawings and sizes

The layout of the construction with winter space may look like this.

The aviary consists of three parts:

  • The winter road is a warmed, enclosed on all sides room with a booth, which is connected to the open part with a manhole for a dog.
  • The platform is wooden flooring of boards, slightly raised above the ground. This room has a common wall with a warm winter road and is sheathed on 1 or 2 sides with boards.
  • The open area is intended for walking and departure of natural needs. The floor can be in the form of soil to be raised to the level of a wooden platform.

For the climate of the middle zone, you can combine the platform and an open area. Floors should be made of wood.

For the southern areas you can make an open-air cage without a winter room. In the diagram, such a structure, where the open area is divided with a dais wall.

The roof of the structure has a slope for the drainage of rainwater and a visor.

Material selection

It is difficult to build an open-air cage correctly without understanding what each part of the structure will be made of. The design of the room consists of: base, frame and roof. The base can be made concrete, on wooden logs or a metal frame. In this case, the flooring must be from the boards. The frame can be made of wooden beams, metal pipes or iron slats.

The welded rebar grille is quite suitable for a large dog, but the netting of the chain-link is dangerous: a strong animal can tear it and get injured.

The walls must be insulated with OSB and sheathed boards. At the winter road, between two layers of OSB, you can lay mineral wool or another variant of the material that holds heat. For the roof fit slate, decking or ondulin. Ondulin provides additional sound insulation, which helps the dog to avoid stress when hitting the roof. The design is better to connect with screws: nails can injure the dog.

Base construction

The base can be made as a lag for the floor. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Free the ground from the ground to a depth of 30 cm and fill it with fine gravel.
    Install around the perimeter support for the frame. It can be concrete or brick columns.
  2. Attach a frame of 150x150 mm on the posts.
    Strengthen the frame with several bars so that the floor does not sag. Additional timber can be a little thinner.

base of the enclosure on wooden logs

  • Lay the boards 30 mm thick. They need to be pre-processed so that the pet doesn’t have paws. The treatment will also protect against rotting.
  • anti-decay floor treatment

    Boards need to be carefully adjusted. If a gap is formed, the dog may injure its paws. For wooden parts it is better to choose coniferous wood.

    A metal frame is also made. It is better to cook it separately in the form of a lattice. Metal must be treated with anti-corrosion agents. In this case, a moisture-proof material must be laid between the grille and the boards.

    base of the enclosure on a metal frame

    It should be borne in mind that in the case of a concrete base, a moisture resistant material is also required. Wooden boards should not be laid on bare concrete. Floors can be made with a slight slope to drain the fluid.

    aviary with a concrete base

    Construction of the frame

    The estimated height of the enclosure should not be less than 180 cm. The frame can be made of timber or metal pipes. First you need to put 4 pipes in the corners.

    Then make the strapping on the top and bottom of the metal corners of 2.5 cm. Then you can use the armature or the metal rod grille. The approximate distance between the bars is 8-10 cm. A metal rail should be welded along the entire perimeter in the center of the grid. This “wrapping” will give additional stability to the bars of the cell.

    aviary grille

    Two walls of the four need to sheathe boards. An OSB should be laid between them as an additional protection from the cold. If there is a winter road in the aviary, it is sheathed with wood from all sides. You can make the building adjacent to the wall of the house, then you will not have to build one wall of the aviary.

    the enclosure of the aviary

    When designing the frame, it is necessary to allocate space for a door that will open inwards for security. The winter road and the open part need to be connected with each other by a hole for passage into a warm room. On the front grille should be placed frame with mounting rings under the bowls for food and water.

    Roof erection

    The roof should be done with a slope. To do this, lift one side 15 cm.

    The choice of coverage is quite wide, however, preference should be given to soundproofing ondulin, or to make an additional layer on both sides of the roofing material. The roof can be insulated using fiberboard, and a layer of foam between the two plates will jam the sounds.

    How to equip the enclosure for the shepherd

    In the room for the German Shepherd should not be anything extra: enough kennels and two bowls for water and food. When it comes to an open-air cage, the insulated booth should be placed in the corner of two blank walls. If the building has a winter road, then the booth should be put in it.

    Dishes for food must be mounted on a metal frame that can be opened without going into the aviary. This will give the opportunity to feed the dog to trusted people during the absence of the owner. According to the rules, the height of the feeder must match the height of the dog. It is necessary to provide several levels for bowls, considering the maturing of the pet. Usually the distance from the floor to the bowl is 20-30 cm.

    In the open part you can provide a place for a toilet. This may be a section of lawn or a metal sheet with rubble. Provide a filler so that it can be easily removed. On sale there are artificial toilets in the form of a lawn, but the best option is to take the dog at least 2 times a day outside the enclosure.

    Aviary for two shepherd dogs

    The design for several dogs is no more difficult than a common room for a German shepherd. Usually, the aviary drawing is made so that one wall of two dogs is common. This wall must be deaf or half-lined. The closed lower part of the partition will not allow animals to fight among themselves. The top of the wall can be slatted.

    enclosure for two shepherd dogs

    Each room should be equipped with a separate entrance, booth and, if necessary, a winter road. In fact, sheepdog enclosures are one blocked room.

    Outdoor cleaning for dogs

    Aviary requires care. Twice a day you need to sweep it. Wet cleaning should be carried out no more than 1 time per month. Flooring must be dry. If possible, you can sprinkle the floor with sawdust: this will facilitate cleaning. Bowls should be washed after each feeding: rotting debris can lead to a pet's illness.

    In the spring-summer-autumn period, it is necessary to spray mite remedy in the aviary. Using hay in the booth as a heater, the treatment of the kennel should be carried out in the winter: ixodic mites living in the grass, wake up from the heat even in cold weather.

    How much money you need to spend on building an aviary

    Ready-made structures will bypass at least 55 thousand rubles, and buildings with a winter road cost about 100 thousand rubles. The cost of the cheapest project made by yourself can be 10 thousand rubles. It is an open enclosure with two blank walls, a lattice of reinforcement and a booth.

    The construction of the enclosure is troublesome. You can do it yourself, but it is better to connect your relatives or friends to the work. Even using good material can greatly reduce the cost of a room for a pet.

    Video aviary for shepherd do-it-yourself

    We offer you a selection of videos about the construction of several types of enclosures using various building materials.

    Aviaries, what they are

    The advantage of the enclosure for a large dog is that nothing restricts its movement. Chains for dogs - worse than torture. A stay in the aviary will not adversely affect the pet, if, however, adhere to some rules. But, before we consider these rules and find out the dimensions of the cage, we will consider the types of these structures. There are several of them, and they are divided by the enclosures according to the material from which they are made. Here is a list of possible options:

    1. The wooden enclosure is considered the easiest and most affordable option. It's easy to work with wood, and the tools for processing it are not high-tech.
    2. Metal enclosure for the shepherd. It is much stronger and more durable than the previous version, but the device is more expensive. The design can be purchased, or made by hand, collapsible or stationary.
    3. Mixed version of the design, which uses both one material and another.

    Speaking about the design of the enclosure, you can note the open options in which the entire fence is made of lattice, half-open, in which two walls are made of the lattice, and two are sheathed with wood, corrugated board or slate. There is another option - closed, when all the walls are sealed tightly. But, it is used very rarely, because shepherd need to see everything that happens around. Therefore, the enclosure for the Caucasian Shepherd or for the usual make open or half-open. Before you make an open-air cage with your own hands, you need to decide on the material and design option.

    Choose the size of the enclosure for the German Shepherd

    Besides the fact that the shepherd does not need to sit on the chain, it is important to ensure her freedom of action. And that means it's time to think about the size of the cage. Here it is required to define that golden mean in order to create the perfect aviary. After all, if you make it very large, you will constantly have to clean up a large area. And if you make it small, then the pet inside will not be comfortable. In fact, the size of the enclosures for each breed is already defined, you only need to know these values.

    You need to understand that the dimensions of the enclosure depend on the dimensions of the pet. The smaller it is, the less space it will need. Below is a list of sizes for dogs:

    • if the height of the shepherd dog at the withers is 50 cm or less, then an aviary with an area of ​​6 m 2 will suffice
    • when the height of the shepherd dog at the withers is 50 to 65 cm, then the optimal size is 8 m 2,
    • and with a shepherd's height at withers of 65 cm, 10 m 2 of structure will have to be built.

    Another nuance concerns where the shepherd sleeps. When the owner lets out a pet for a walk around the yard for the night, it is quite enough to build an open-air cage, 6 m 2 in size. Now we will consider some rules concerning the contents and the device of the open-air cage.

    The correct content of shepherd dogs in the aviary

    It often happens that the owner does not want to do an aviary for the German shepherd with his own hands. In this case, he can buy or order a ready-made design from a specialized company. You only need to pay money for materials and creation. What exactly will be the aviary - to decide the owner. You can even give the specialists a drawing according to which they will do all the work.

    When the structure is ready, or before starting construction with your own hands, it is important to take care of a convenient place for the structure. She is not small, so she should not disturb anyone. The place under the aviary should be dry, removed from the road, drain hole, residential building and pens with strong odors (stables, chicken coops). This can adversely affect the shepherd. In addition, the shepherd must control everything that happens to protect the territory. And if trees and bushes grow nearby, they will become a source of shade for the pet.

    As for the territory protected by the shepherd, it is necessary to make it well lit and to enclose a fence, the height of which is up to 3 m. Inside you must place a booth. The dimensions of the box for the shepherd dog, we will look at later. The presence of bowls in the aviary required. The ideal placement for the bowls is shown in the photo below.

    With this design, feeding the dogs is quite simple and fast, and the owner can see when the water in the bowl has run out. After a good feast, the pet will celebrate need. In order not to clean the aviary so often, a toilet for dogs is installed in a certain place. With him inside will be cleaner.

    Create an aviary for the shepherd

    After the theoretical component, proceed to practice. Here is the sequence of works when creating an enclosure for a sheepdog:

    1. Harvesting material: timber from wood to make the floor, boards as flooring, metal pipes, as supports, and bars as grid. And roofing material and beams to create a roof.
    2. To simplify the task, a detailed design drawing is created. It indicates the location of the building, the exact size and type of construction. The height of the enclosure is chosen taking into account the fact that the pet will stand on its hind legs, resting against the wall. And to save material, you can use a building as one of the walls.
    3. Next is the site for the future aviary. Some create it from concrete, but this option is more expensive. The alternative is the following method: the surface is leveled and several layers of roofing material are spread on top. A low curb is created around the perimeter, on which the floor logs are installed.
    4. Using wood is beneficial not only because it is easy to work with, but also because it is a warm material. In winter, the pet will be more comfortable. Boards close to each other are nailed to the lags. It is important not to allow gaps, in order to avoid falling of a claw of a shepherd in them.
    5. Next are the walls of the structure. As one of them can be an agricultural building, the other two or one can also be made of wood. It turns out a solid wall. But the remaining side (one or two) is made of metal rods so that the shepherd can control what is happening. The recommended space between them is 10-15 cm. It is in the grille that the door is made so that the pet can see when you go to it.
    6. It remains only to create a roof. The easiest option is a shed roof, made at an angle for the removal of precipitation. As the roofing material most often used slate. It is simple, cheap and does the job.

    This aviary is suitable for both the German Shepherd and the Asian. It is only in size that are selected depending on the size of the dog. But, there is one more irreplaceable attribute, without which no aviary - a booth. And the first thing you need to know for its construction is the size of the box for the German Shepherd. What are they and how to build a structure yourself?

    We make a booth for a shepherd dog with his own hands

    It is in the booth that the dog will spend most of the time. Therefore, it is very important to do it correctly and taking into account all the recommendations. We note some features of the design that can be realized:

    1. Let's start with the floor booth. Since it will take on the main load, then hardwood is used as a material. At the same time, the quality should be on top, without any roughness, rotting or burrs. In addition, it is recommended to protect the tree from negative impact in order to extend the operational period.
    2. In order for the shepherd to not be cold in winter and hot in summer, the floor and walls are made double, and the insulation layer is laid between them. The best option would be foam. This is a cheap material, but with amazing characteristics. It does not weigh down the structure, but makes it quite warm.
    3. As for the roof, it can be not only gable, but also flat. Only in this case it is necessary to make a slope of several degrees, so that the precipitates that can get inside will flow to the drain.

    Ну и один из важных вопросов — это размер будки для немецкой овчарки. Скажем сразу, что конкретного размера нет и его вам никто не скажет. Все подбирается индивидуально, в зависимости от габаритов овчарки. Если построить слишком большую будку в вольере, то в ней будет холоднее, а при небольших габаритах питомец будет чувствовать себя сковано. Inside, the shepherd should be comfortable in standing, sitting and lying down. So, here are the rules for choosing a size for a shepherd dog:

    • depth - 10-15 cm more than the length of the pet,
    • height - the height of the shepherd from head to legs, plus the thickness of the litter layer and 10 cm above for free space,
    • width - the size of the dog from the withers, to its tips of the paws +10 cm,
    • separately I want to say about the inlet. To create it, too, there are certain rules. For example, the width of the entrance to the booth is equal to the width of the dog and +5 cm extra. But its height is equal to the height at the withers -5 cm.

    The box for a German shepherd is done rather quickly with its own hands But in order to facilitate the task itself, it is better to think over the drawing in advance. An example of such a booth is shown in the photo below.

    And now the owner should take care of the availability of everything necessary for work, namely: prepare wooden boards, foam plastic, boards for the floor and walls, plywood, roofing material, screwdriver and screws, roofing. Then the process of creating a sheepdog box is as follows:

    1. Let's collect the basis from the bars prepared earlier. Bars desirable to choose no knots and cracks.
    2. Then between them the layer of polyfoam which will serve as a heater keeps within. After that, all sheathed boards with a screwdriver and screws. Some use clapboard.
    3. At the corners of the finished pedestal, 4 support bars are installed in a vertical position. They need to be made 45 mm longer than the height of the booth. In the place where there will be a hole for entry, two more bars are installed in a vertical position and one in a horizontal position. After that, the top trim is performed using four bars. The booth frame is ready.
    4. Now, on the perimeter from the outside, boards or lining are being packed. In the space that has been formed, a layer of insulation is laid and again sheathed with boards, only from the inside. Self-tapping screws need to be slightly embedded inside, so that the pet does not hurt in the future.
    5. To perform waterproofing of the bottom, with the help of a stapler, roofing material is fixed to it.
    6. And in order to create a gap between the ground and the bottom, which will serve as ventilation, two more bars are nailed to the bottom, with a section of 100x50 mm.
    7. The roof of the box for the shepherd dog remained. Ideally, it should be made flat and removable to clean and improve ventilation. Often shepherd climbs onto the roof, making a kind of observation post from the booth. It is quite easy to make a flat roof, since you only need to create it from four bars, with a section of 40x40 and boards. That's all, the box for the shepherd in the aviary is ready.

    For the winter, it is recommended to close the entrance to the booth with a thick cloth or curtain so that heat does not come out of it. Only a little remains - the decorative component. You can paint the booth in any color, using wear-resistant compositions for wood. At the request of the booth is equipped with additional elements. This design is suitable for any breed of shepherd. It remains to establish it in the aviary and observe how the pet meets its new home.


    In such a comfortable, clean, spacious and beautiful aviary shepherd will feel needed. She will be fine to cope with the task of the guard, watching what is happening outside. Only the owners should not forget that nobody canceled walks and games with the pet. She needs this, as well as in timely food and drink. Taking into account the advice from this article, everyone will be able to create the perfect place to live for the shepherd

    We select the location

    • Place for the aviary should be dry.
    • Accommodation is not recommended near storerooms and garages. In these places it can smell like chemicals and gasoline, and this spoils the dog's scent.
    • The best option is the distance from the buildings to the enclosure of at least 500 meters.
    • Shelter house is located should be outdoors. Darkness is bad for the dog's vision. Lack of light can cause pet eye disease.
    • It is not recommended to build an open-air cage in open space where there may be drafts. The best option is considered to be areas protected from the sun and cold winds by shrubs and trees.
    • Place the content of the pet should not be flooded with thawed and rainwater.
    • The best place for the aviary is considered small elevationwhere in the morning the sun's rays fall into it.
    • Sheepdogs are forbidden to keep with other pets (in stables or pigsty). The presence of ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in these rooms adversely affects the health and health of dogs.

    We build an enclosure for a shepherd dog with his own hands

    Design features:

    • Use only natural materials and as little metal as possible.
    • When installing, it is advisable not to use nails. It is best to use screws, nuts, bolts or welding operations.
    • From the overview of the aviary to the full height there must be a lattice. This is done so that the shepherd does not live as in a box, she was comfortable, and she could keep the watch.
    • Matrix coating also matters. Since the aviary stands in the open air and is exposed to atmospheric phenomena, the grille for it should be galvanized or painted.
    • The dwelling should be as durable as possible so that the shepherd dog cannot break it and get out.
    • The floor is preferably made of wood.
    • The door must be hung so that it opens inward.
    • Gate valve must be powerful and fit well.

    Stages of construction

    1. First of all, you should make a brick or stone foundation, on the basis of which to make the floor. This may be a cement screed or flooring of durable boards.
    2. Along the perimeter of the structure to establish the posts. Cheap and reliable option is installation of iron poles. They are fixed in the ground with the help of cement.
    3. Between the supports stretched mesh. To feed the shepherd comfortably, a small space is left under the netting.
    4. The ceiling of slate or roofing sheets is installed on top of the grid. To do this, the posts are attached to the posts.
    5. If the canopy is not planned, then the upper edge of the net should be closed with a corner. Shepherd can try to jump over the fence and cut, if you leave the edge sharp.

    Properly constructed enclosures serve as an excellent home for the shepherd. The active life of the pet fence does not interfere.

    How to build a booth for a German shepherd do it yourself

    • The first step is to determine the size of the booth. Its depth should be 10 centimeters more than the length of the dog, the height is not less than the height of the pet to the tips of the ears, and the width is 5-10 centimeters more than the height.
    • The necessary materials for construction are selected: wooden bars of various lengths, insulation, floorboards, roofing material, construction stapler, thick fabric, plywood.
    • The assembly of the booth should start from the bottom:
      • Saw off with a section of 40x40 two bars across the width of the booth and sew on them a floorboard.
      • Soak the board with linseed oil or resin.
      • Put insulation.
      • Beat the wall paneling.
    • At the corners set four bars, which should be 45 mm longer than the height of the booth. Where there will be an entrance, install two more bars and four intermediate racks.
    • To the bars in two layers to nail the wall paneling, paving insulation. All boards should be well fitted and trimmed, free of burrs. Heads of nails should be drowned and closed with wooden plugs.
    • For waterproofing of the bottom with a stapler attach ruberoid.
    • For clearance between the bottom and the ground to improve ventilation, on the bottom nail two bars 100x50.
    • It is desirable to make the roof flat and always removable. Her sheepdogs love to use as an observation point. For the construction of a roof of 40x40 bars, the perimeter is knocked together. Then in size plywood is sewn, which should be laid insulation.
    • In winter, thick curtains are fixed above the entrance of the booth.
    • Now it remains only to paint the booth outside. Inside it is undesirable to do.

    Sheep dog box ready.

    The above recommendations and tips on building an open-air cage and a booth with their own hands are universal. Each owner can correct them for his pet, climatic conditions or terrain features himself or consult with a local dog handler.

    Breed description

    Why do many people prefer as a pet German shepherd? Of course, the choice of a four-legged friend is due to many factors and each has its own advantages, but if you still doubt, here is a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of this option.

    • German Shepherds are very smart. They are amenable to training and are very talented.
    • This is a wonderful and reliable caretaker.
    • It is perfect for communicating with children. Never hurt, and even look, and if you feel the danger, then protect.
    • The dog does not need heating in the winter time and can spend a lot of time in the yard, and spend the night in a booth or aviary.
    • Easy to care for. Difficulty may arise only during the molting.
    • Life expectancy exceeds fifteen years, which can also be attributed to the pluses of the breed.

    If you feel the need to spend an extra hour on the couch, and work a lot during the week and return home late, then give up the idea of ​​having a ward. Not only the German shepherd will not suit you, but any other animal.

    The fact that our heroes are able to spend the winter not in the house does not mean that they can be left without shelter. Since our animal is large enough and periodically it needs to be closed, especially if you have guests.

    It will not be so easy to choose a suitable house for a pet, because the market is ready to offer a wide variety of designs, models, materials for construction, methods of coating and other things.

    To begin, consider the classification of structures:

    When we speak of open constructions, we mean that all the walls are made of grating, wire, or other viewed option. It is possible that the roof is also made of the same material. Closed type involves the construction of walls of wood, sheet iron and even bricks. Mixed methods offer you a few viewed walls, the rest are closed, as well as reliable non-wet flooring.

    Choosing from which to build one should take into account several factors, such as financial capabilities, material suitable for the general interior of the site, allergic intolerance of the animal, as well as reliability, strength and durability. Iron structures will be more expensive, but stronger and more reliable. Wooden structures are the cheapest and most common. It is natural and will not cause any reaction of the organism in a living organism. The tree is always relevant and always beautiful. Indoors finish never processed chemicals and not covered with paint. The most interesting models offer the use of several types of materials. For example, the frame is made entirely of metal, and the skin is already made of wood.

    The choice should be taken very seriously. Each wood undergoes special treatment.

    Preference is always given coniferous breeds. Check that the boards are processed for moisture resistance and from harmful parasites. Such processing gives a guarantee for a longer service life.

    The floor is usually filled with concrete. This choice is made for the convenience of cleaning the enclosure. It is advisable to make a slope in the direction of the facade. Thus, you can clean the watering from the hose, and the water along with the garbage will flow from the structure, where it is easier to clean. There are other options for flooring, for example, from boards.

    Building a roof, you can choose any design, but you must make a ramp (one or two) so that the sediments do not accumulate.

    When choosing a coating, you should consider the delicate ear of your pet. In order not to injure the animal once again, soft tile is best. It will absorb the sound of rain. By all rules, the door opens inward. Screws are better for fixing, and discard nails.

    A booth is always included with the aviary. It can also be made from various materials, but it will be better if you choose a tree, with good quality. The booth is sure to be completely closed and the inlet is unobstructed. let in and let out shepherd dog It is not necessary to warm it, but if you want to create a more pleasant accommodation for your pet, then a small wall sealing and insulation do not interfere. The booth should be placed on the far wall of the aviary and better in the shade. Choose a place so that in the summer, it does not fall into direct sunlight, and the territory of your yard is clearly visible.

    It is not necessary to prove your love to a dog in order to build real mansions for it. She does not need much space. It should not overdo it, but not to make the space too cramped. The best option is about eight square meters. But you have to make a clarification, based on the dimensions of a shepherd dog. If you have a small four-legged friend, then the size of the enclosure will be small, no more than six square meters. This is important because it will not stay warm in too large a room. A medium sized sheepdog, i.e. more than fifty meters, but less than sixty-five will feel comfortable in a house of eight square meters. A larger dog needs a construction of about ten square meters.

    It is necessary to consider the size of the booth. It will be small, but roomy. It will be enough if the dog enters it and is able to turn around freely. In fact, the booth is just a sleeping place.

    The standard size is 95x135x100 cm. The inlet should also be free and not hamper the movement of the dog.

    Consider that if the dog hears the noise, it will react very quickly and jump out, provide it with such an opportunity.

    The most suitable option is 60x40 cm.

    The standards listed here can be adjusted to the size of your four-legged comrade.

    The distance between the rods is taken into account for safety, between them should not protrude the head of the dog. The whole structure is mounted on a dais, on bricks, boards, or a column specially filled in with concrete. Check that the aviary was standing steadily. This need arises due to precipitation. In your friend's house should not be damp.

    Content Features

    In addition to the booth in the aviary there is a zone for eating, the so-called dining room. There, set up a pet bowl on the stand to make it convenient. He will clearly understand where he has water and food.

    All premises should be kept clean, as well as to monitor the cleanliness of the surrounding area. It is necessary to sweep the room twice a day, as well as to clean up the excrement and clean the bowls of food residue. Wet cleaning should be done weekly.

    It is necessary to wash the floor so that various parasites do not start there, and also no infection has occurred. Disinfection is also very important for a pet's health. In the summer, it should be carried out monthly, and in winter it will be enough once a quarter. In winter, you should create flooring for insulation. Straw is well suited for this. It will need to be updated every ten days. In the booth, put the litter and do not forget that it periodically needs to be cleaned and washed.

    If you decide to keep a pet exclusively in the aviary, then do not forget about the need to periodically release it. He just needs to communicate with the owner and joint games in the yard will help to establish closer contact with the shepherd dog. Do not give freedom for a long time half an hour a day will be enough. In the aviary, you can also keep puppies.

    Pay attention to the location of the house for the four-legged friend. Make sure that it is located in the shade, and no fence near, or trees, so that neighbors' animals do not come to your pet and bring any infection with them. It is important that the area is well viewed. Watch out for the lack of drafts.

    If a dog does not always live in an open-air cage, but walks around the whole territory of the yard quite calmly, then just do not lock front door. The dog will decide when it is tired and wants to get into the booth, and when it wants to drink or eat. In any case, such a house is very valuable to her, since now she has her own place where she can rest comfortably. And you have the opportunity to close the dog, if it interferes.