Decorative home rabbits will decorate your life

Many nowadays give birth to rabbits of dwarf and decorative breeds for keeping in an apartment or house as a pet. Therefore, the question of how many years decorative rabbits live is concerned with a large number of people.

If we take the average norms, the following picture emerges: the total life expectancy from 5 to 8 years, maximum up to 15 years. Moreover, lop-eared breeds live for a couple of years more than rabbits with erect ears.


The cage of a pet is recommended to be installed on a hill, that is, on a pedestal or table. It is important to ensure reliable fixation of the door, so that the rabbit could not open it himself and fall down. It is unacceptable to drop the animal and step on him: he may die from injuries.

The place for the rabbit should be safe.

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