The most beautiful dog breeds in the world


For each person defined their cutest breeds of dogs. Today, their diversity causes mixed feelings. First, it is a surprise how much there are a lot of them. Secondly, how among these sympathizers to choose your brother smaller? After all, animals are all beautiful, dogs are also good in their own way. In addition, beauty and external charm are subjective concepts and so different. Pets, even, at first glance, with an unsightly appearance, often attract admiring glances to themselves, causing passers-by to have warm feelings of emotion. And then how among the hundreds of four-legged pets to find the most suitable, which would be a match for the owner? So, the following are the most lovely and beautiful breeds of dogs.

Weimar Pointer - "Silver Ghost"

Start, perhaps, it is worth the Weimar dog. It is truly the most beautiful breed of dog in the world, its distinctive feature is the unique unique coat with a stunning color. Slightly ash cold shade of wool played an important role in the acquisition of another popular name dog. In the people his name is "Silver Ghost".

You can learn this pet on excellent physical data. He is a true athlete, with the right physique, graceful gait and purposeful disposition. A distinctive feature in the appearance of the Weimar is the inimitable eye color: they can be a dog of green or unusual amber color. Being a contender for one of the leading places in the nomination "The cutest breed of large dogs", the cop weighs about 35-40 kg with height at withers up to 70 cm. Females are an order of magnitude smaller than males, however, like most other popular breeds.

Labrador: the golden kind

The most lovely and amusing dog breeds rightly fit into their ranks a handsome man with a golden color and expressive sensual eyes of dark brown color. Of course, this is a golden retriever. If the desire to have a pet is connected with the appearance of children in the house, this is an excellent solution.

This breed is non-aggressive, playful. The dog is sociable with everyone, and in children it does not matter. Apparently, by nature, he himself remains a tender baby, at least his appearance speaks precisely about this. Despite the impressive growth and massive large weight, it does not cause fear. This dog, with height up to 65 cm and weight up to 40 kg, is not intended for protection. A sweet, sociable and friendly golden retriever is a beautiful dog.

South Russian Shepherd Dog: Excellent Watchman

A peculiar giant, resembling a giant polar bear, also has a decent texture. The South Russian Shepherd Dog, which can be distinguished by its long shaggy hair and long bangs, which always keeps its eyes, is an excellent watchman. Wanting to attract the attention of passers-by in the park during the evening walk, it is definitely necessary to go there with a representative of this snow-white breed.

The luxurious physique corresponds to the impressive appearance of the South Russian handsome man. And if at first the dog seems clumsy or awkward, it is important to understand that this first impression is erroneous.

Interesting and miniature Bichon Frize

The cutest breeds of small dogs, presented in any ratings and lists, always imply presence in the Bichon Frize. The charm of this kid can only envy. If you look at it from afar, it seems that it resembles either a soft toy, or an airy cake. Curly wool and many thick curls add to it a sea of ​​charm. Gentle and obedient, kind and playful - all this is about him.

Bichon is always ready for games, briskly wagging its snow-white, like the rest of the body, tail. For representatives of this breed never noticed manifestations of anger towards people. Bichon Frize - a great option to replenish the family, which you can always take with you and go for a walk.

Red Pomeranian Spitz

The Pomeranian Spitz can be called equally cute and incredibly cute. With a weight that rarely reaches 4 kilograms, this charming girl looks like a toy red fox. Red fluffy wool and neat compact muzzle allows to characterize the baby as a friendly and sociable pet. Although, as noted by the owners of the Pomeranian Spitz, in the expression of his gaze there are also notes of innocent mischief, and this is not surprising. It’s undesirable to leave an energetic playful dog alone with oneself, otherwise the owners will face the consequences of replacing the sofa, sticking new wallpapers or, at least, acquiring new pairs of home slippers.

Russian greyhound: born to hunt

All the cutest breeds of dogs, photos of which can be viewed without difficulty, are presented here. The next representative of the inimitable magnificent breed is the Russian greyhound. These dogs look luxurious. The aristocracy of their appearance adds innate charm, elegance and grace. These handsome Russian greyhound behave in full accordance with the name of the breed. Majestic, proud and leisurely pets attract hundreds of people to themselves. Incredibly impressive they look while running.

If the owner of the Russian borzoi is an avid hunter, he will be so amazed when he first takes the pet with him to the company, that he will no longer want to go to the land without a four-legged one. In nature, in the forest, the dog turns into an energetic and merciless pursuer and striker. Surely the inner confidence of the dog gives a high growth at the withers, reaching almost 90 cm with a weight of 35-40 kg. The owner can choose a pet by the Russian borzoi by preferred color, which may be the most unpredictable.

Shih Tzu: a devoted friend of man

The cutest breeds of decorative dogs, including the spitz and Bichon Frize, discussed above, will always find their fans. However, if the decisive factor in the choice of animals of small height and weight was his own inactivity as a potential owner, then definitely such dogs do not suit him. However, as shi tzu. A small but spectacular beauty with long hair and often with bangs gathered in the tail, this dog is too active and friendly. To always please her, it is necessary to be charged for non-stop movement. Due to the longest hair among the representatives of medium-sized breeds, shih tzu seems to be floating in the air.

Despite the miniature height (up to 25 cm) and weight (not more than 4 kg), this pet will be able to stand not only for himself, but also for the owner. Of course, he will not succeed in winning the battle of an aggressive Rottweiler, but in devotion and an effort to protect the most expensive Shih Tzu not to occupy.

Famous German Shepherd

A confident and partly brutal German shepherd is the most beautiful breed of dog in the world. She embodies all the strength and power of the four-legged friend of man. That only is her confident and devoted look that attracts the attention of even people who have no attachment to animals. To say that German Shepherd dogs are the best for training, they have the highest level of advanced intelligence, probably not worth it. Representatives of this breed are associated with the characters of many television series and films. In real life, the picture is no different from filming: the shepherd dogs are always alert and alert, ready to stop the slightest threat to their beloved master. Bright appearance, expressive eyes and clear mimicry suggest that the German Shepherd is not for nothing considered the smartest breed of dogs in the world.

Pharaoh Hound

The cutest breeds of dogs look amazing and unusual. Pharaoh Hound is no exception to the rule. Admiration often causes its flexibility and agility. A distinctive feature of Pharaoh's pets is their dry head, short hair and a strange bright color. In addition, their behavior called a dog is not so simple. Pharaoh dogs deserve by right the title of the most modest breed. So blush with embarrassment, as the Pharaoh's dog can do, no one else can.

You can train Pharaoh's dog easily. The owners say that she goes for training every day with great pleasure. However, embarrassment often prevents her from overcoming excessive timidity. Traditionally, Pharaoh dogs do not weigh more than 25 kg with a height of just over 60 cm.

Bloodhound will find everything

Among the animals of large and miniature sizes, as has already become clear, there are the cutest breeds of dogs. To give such a nomination to someone alone would be dishonest, because the list of furry handsome and handsome men can go on indefinitely. For example, bloodhounds are equally beautiful dogs. Powerful and heavy, with strange hanging ears and a warm warm look, this dog has a phenomenal ability. The scent of representatives of this breed has become a fundamental factor in determining the type of employment of a pet. As a rule, a good-natured and calm bloodhound is an excellent bloodhound and assistant to the police.

In relations with the household, he is always inferior, not showing aggression. Large enough weight, often reaching 50 kg, and high height at withers - up to 70 cm, give it a formidable and uncompromising dog. However, in reality, this pet is a lover of photography and kindness itself.

Serious and dangerous doberman

Seriously and fundamentally looks proud of the Doberman. At first glance it may well seem that he is a little arrogant, but, most likely, this is the secret of his attractiveness. The muscular body of the Doberman looks frightening, and its powerful jaws try to hint at all to people that they will not have to wait for courtesies.

Indeed, this dog is an excellent guard, a wonderful student and just beautiful. It should be noted that in everyday life this dog is a sensitive, emotional nature. It is incredibly easy to offend a sincere and responsive pet, but a quarrel for him is not a reason for aggression towards family members, there is no doubt about it.

Scottish Collies - Shepherd Dogs

The cutest dog breeds in the world are, of course, the shepherd dogs. No exception is the Scottish variety of this family called collie. Probably, many people remember a sentimental film with the participation of a dog of this breed. The long-haired shepherd (this breed was bred long ago on the territory of modern Britain, initially they were bred as assistants for shepherds) looks attractive, riveting on itself the enthusiastic views of others.

The elegance and slenderness of the dog does not indicate its weakness. On the contrary, this breed is one of the best, intended for the protection of objects. Collies are real kind-hearted people for whom the best entertainment is noisy games with kids. By the way, they themselves do not make some noise, so they try not to miss even the slightest opportunity to bark.

Loving bobtails

The blue-eyed bobtail is just as kind and welcoming. His long hair and natural, not dived-through procedure, the tail, immediately create the impression of a lazy sluggish pet, which, in fact, is a docile and calm bobtail. Love for children is one of the fundamental reasons why this dog conquers peaks of various ratings, where the cutest breeds of dogs are represented. The expressive look and facial expressions allow bobtails to be sociable, disposed to communicate even with strangers.

Huge newfoundland

Newfoundland is a breed of huge dogs. They are covered with long wool of black color, possess inconceivable strength and endurance. Outwardly, these dogs resemble fearsome wild bears, but if you get to know them better, it will become clear that they are the favorites of children. Restrained and a little slow, these dogs are similar to huge soft toys, which the kids are trying to climb. Children are not at all afraid of their menacing appearance, on the contrary, they always become best friends. With growth in withers to 75 cm, this giant often reaches 70 kg.

Siberian Huskies are similar to wolves.

It is rather difficult to judge what are the cutest dog breeds in the world, because there are more than enough applicants for this title. For example, Huskies are the favorite of many breeders and dog breeders. The soft silky coat of the pet, the bottomless blue kind eyes look more like a dear realistic toy than a living creature. The shape and silhouette of the husky are in many ways close to the wolves. Large size, strength and confidence - these qualities are peculiar to both the wild predator and the pets of this breed.

As soon as the adult Husky takes a step forward, others often begin to fear for their own safety. However, there is nothing to be afraid of: behind the steel muscles and strong body lies a sensual and devoted nature. This dog is a true and sincere friend of man. His trust in people is immense, therefore no one has the right to betray a dog.

Huskies are found in a variety of colors. As a rule, the following bicolors are considered the most common: black with white and brown with brown. It is also important to note that the grooming of these pets is quite problematic. In order to preserve the freshness and brilliance of its appearance for a long time, it will be necessary to put a lot of effort into it.

The terrier is from Scotland

The generally accepted standards and ideals of canine attraction are the cutest dog breeds. Photos with the names of most of them are presented in this collection. At the same time, the majority will remain outside the reader’s attention. Deprive them of the Scottish Terrier would be completely unfair. This breed was bred about 2 centuries ago in Scotland. Despite the fact that they have long been spotted color, today the Scottish Terriers are animals of exceptional black color.

For caring and attentive owners it is necessary to say how important it is to follow this pet's haircut and care for its wool. Only in this case, the terrier will become the owner of its pedigree silhouette. If you do not pay enough attention to the appearance of the dog, soon the dog risks becoming a shaggy mongrel.

By right, this breed can be called decorative. Meanwhile, it did not affect the hunting instincts inherent in Scottish terriers by nature. They are extremely clever and quick-witted.

Curly Circus Poodle

If a lot has already been said about large and small dogs, then there was no word for breeds of medium size. Owners of poodles to the question of what is the cutest breed of dogs, will answer unequivocally, supporting their pets. By the way, these dogs may have a different height. There are poodles and small and large sizes. A feature of this breed is thick curly wool, which, like a green light, opens the way for fantasy and hairdressing. This direction has its own name. Grooming today is popular among dog breeders.

You can create the most unexpected image of your poodle, leaving the wool to grow or, conversely, removing its bulk. Meanwhile, practice shows that the prettiness of a dog is determined not only by its appearance. The character of the poodle is what the most demanding owner needs. In the circus of these workwomen you can meet more often any other breeds. They are amenable to learning, possess endurance and patience. Their mobility and mental abilities are difficult to praise.

Yorkshire terriers are cute babies

The Yorkshire Terrier is the most charming breed of dog. Tiny pets are full of cheerfulness and restlessness. This pet will always be able to charge on a positive all people who are in its immediate environment. As a rule, Yorkshire terriers are extraordinary dandies, a stylish dog haircut on their wool can be found much more often than from a representative of any other breed.

Nature, together with the efforts of man, was able to create interesting specimens of various dog breeds. All of them possess attractiveness and individuality, needing care and attention.

Japanese hin

Lifespan: 12–14 years

Japanese hin (Japanese Spaniel) refers to the decorative breed of dogs. It is believed that the animal came from the union of the tiger and the lion, which explains his ability to talk, meow and act like a cat. Representatives of this breed are characterized by small size and body weight of about 1.8-3.5 kg.

These dogs differ in light temperament, however, there are wayward and proud. Usually, pets are emotional, loyal, sociable and obedient. They get along well with children and pets and are ideal for living in small apartments.

American Cocker Spaniel

Lifespan: 12–15 years

The breed of dogs of American origin, whose history is rich in a variety of events. American Cocker Spaniel is characterized by intelligence and a lively mind. They are active and lively dogs, regularly finding a variety of entertainment. Животные очень любят покушать, по этой причине необходимо не превышать стандартную порцию рациона. Они прекрасно ладят с детьми, ласковы, общительны и дружелюбны.

Вельш-корги пемброк

Продолжительность жизни: 12 – 15 лет

Порода появилась в Уэльсе и стала первой пастушьей породой собак. Вельш-корги получили распространение в 10 веке. Родоначальником породы предположительно стала Исландская собака или Шведский вальхунд. The Welsh Corgi Pembroke belongs to a miniature family of shepherd dogs, which made it possible to successfully dodge horns and hooves when performing shepherd's work. The character of these dogs, as a rule, is benevolent, intelligent, and the animals are always devoted to their owner.

Lifespan: 12–15 years

Beagles have been used in the past as a hunting dog. They always had a very keen sense of smell that could sense prey at great distances. Even today, the scent of these dogs is used by people for various purposes: for sniffing drugs or explosives. In addition, it is on the representatives of this breed that dogs test cosmetics, and conduct various medical experiments.

Beagles are great companions. They are recommended to start as a family dog. But for the training of these dogs you will need a lot of patience and strength, because Bigley is rather stubborn.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lifespan: 9–14 years

Belongs to the most miniature breeds of spaniels. The animal is selflessly devoted to the owner, intelligent and intelligent, loving, a wonderful companion. It has a good character and good nature.

A small dog is not demanding care. The British, who are the founders of the breed, called Spaniels a dog that can create coziness and comfort in the house. This breed is very popular among English dog breeders.

Pomeranian spitz

Lifespan: 12–16 years

Pomeranian spitz (orange) refers to the breeds of decorative dogs. Representatives of this breed are somewhat reminiscent of German Spitz dogs, but they are slightly different in appearance: the Pomeranian is characterized by more wadded, padded and soft wool, a short muzzle, and the German - by awn and wool and elongated muzzle. This dog is mostly miniature and small, but the average is very rare. Received its name from the historical region of Germany - Pomerania.

Oranges have devotion to their master. They love to play and have fun. But you need to practice and train with them often, otherwise they will become disobedient and aggressive. Fortunately, dogs are well trained. Exercise for these dogs is necessary as air. Sometimes these dogs are not averse to bark. A bit selfish, but easy to get along with other pets and with small children.

Lifespan: 12–15 years

Translated from German, the name of the dog is translated as “splashing in the water.” Basically breed decorative, the most common today. It is in 2nd place in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breeds, second only to the Border Collie breed. It is also distinguished by high activity, playfulness and devotion to its owner. Poodles are great for training. That is why they are used as circus dogs. Dogs willingly take on any task assigned to them.

The animal is able to adapt to almost every climate. There is an assumption that France is the birthplace of the poodle. Here this breed is called caniche from the word cane - duck.

And now let's see which large breeds of dogs are considered the most beautiful.

Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie

Lifespan: 12–13 years

The Shetland Islands are home to a sheltie. It is believed that the breed is as old as the islands, but there is no evidence of this. Previously, the dog was used as a shepherd, because in the conditions of scarcity of herds, medium-sized sheep, and green grass, they were perfectly adapted for this. In Scotland in 1909 the club “Scotland” was created, thanks to which the breed received international recognition. Dogs of this breed are distinguished by their playfulness, devotion, responsiveness and high intelligence.

Long haired collie

Lifespan: 14–16 years

For the perception of all the grace, serenity and extraordinary beauty of this animal, it is necessary to observe the work of the dog in the process of grazing. Actually for this work this breed of dogs was bred. They gladly serve the shepherd's service, help the shepherds look for lost sheep, and even help the cattle get out of the pits and ditches. A collie is capable, with tireless fervor and unprecedented enthusiasm, to take up cattle grazing and is able to replace 20 people.

The dog is characterized by a high level of learning, can quickly memorize commands. Collies require increased exercise.

Bern Sheepdog

Lifespan: 6–8 years

The Bern Sheepdog (Bernese Mountain Dog) is a shepherd dog breed that originates from the canton of Bern in Switzerland. Used for herd guard. The dog is sensitive, good-natured, peaceful and very hardy. It is devoted to the owner, but treats strangers with wariness. Easy to train. Protects the property of the owner from any encroachment, although not aggressive, barks infrequently. It has a long, shaggy coat.

Australian Shepherd

Lifespan: 13–15 years

This breed of dogs is notable for its extraordinary beauty that it is even difficult to understand what blend of blood is to blame. It is believed that the animal is a descendant of Collie, Pyrenean and Basque Sheepdogs, introduced in the XIX century. from Australia. In the US, the breed has become very popular. Initially, these dogs were used as guards and herding dogs, while protecting both their owner and his dwelling.

By nature, this is a very active animal that is devoted to its owner and always tries to please him. It has a developed intellect, so it is easily and quickly trained. They love outdoor games. Extremely intolerant of small spaces. Even a big apartment for an Australian shepherd will seem like a prison.

Lifespan: 10–12 years

At the sight of this fluffy healthy, it is very difficult to keep a smile. Abundant wool covers him almost the entire review, which did not prevent the animal used for grazing and protection of livestock.

It is believed that bobtails are excellent family dogs and get along well with children. Dogs require a lot of time for grooming. However, it is necessary to agree that such beauty is worth it. In addition, the bobtails are distinguished by high intelligence, devotion to their owners, and obedience; they get along well with other pets. Bobtails do not require a large amount of space, they feel quite comfortable even in small apartments.

Golden Retriever or Golden Retriever

Lifespan: 10–12 years

Derived in the XIX century. in the UK hunting breed of dogs. An energetic and enduring animal that has an excellent sense of smell and memory, which allows it to work equally well, both on water and on land. Golden retrievers swim very well and love this thing very much.

Today, unlike their forebears, who were exclusively hunting dogs, animals are used at customs, where they successfully find explosives and drugs. Used as dog therapists, and are also a favorite breed of music video makers and filmmakers.

Differ softness, intelligence and friendliness.

English Springer Spaniel

Lifespan: 12–14 years

A significant length of time spaniels belonged to a single breed of dogs, which has no subclasses. The separation was realized only recently, due to which many varieties of such dogs appeared. The animal belongs to the oldest breeds of English hunting dogs, from which all other spaniels were bred. Characterized by a cheerful character, high intelligence, devotion and a playful attitude. Mobaki of this breed are almost not prone to aggression.

Scottish Setter

Lifespan: 10–12 years

The Scottish Setter (Black and Tan Setter, Gordon) is a hunting breed of dog. The progenitor of the breed is the English black and tan dog. Only by 1860 the breed was fully developed. The animal is characterized by endurance, perseverance, able to work absolutely in any terrain. Requires patient training and regular combing wool. Not bad adapted to stay in the apartment, but the dog needs space for active exercise.

Lifespan: 9–15 years

The name of the chow-chow breed literally means “dog - shaggy lion”. It belongs to guard dogs, companions and is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs. About Chow Chow met mention, the age of which is more than two thousand years. The animal belongs to the group of Spitz, however, the Chow Chow have an admixture of blood mastiff (Tibetan mastiff). The purebred breeding of the chow was supported by the monks of Buddhist monasteries, where even special journals (genealogies) were kept.

Surprisingly, all these dogs have blue tongues. In China, there is even a legend, according to which, when God created the sky, the Chow Chowed its edge, having painted his tongue blue.

Labrador retriever

Lifespan: 10–12 years
According to some sources, this breed is the most sought after in the world. Initially, it was used as a working dog, for this reason, today the animal still plays the role of a companion dog, a rescue dog and a guide dog. Labrador retrievers are very intelligent, trusting, sociable, playful and active. They always seek to please and make friends with their master. Perfectly get along with children, and also get along great with other pets.

Hungarian Kuvas

Lifespan: 10–12 years

The breed was bred in Hungary and was originally intended for the protection of livestock. Kuvas is characterized by short hair, making it easy to move among tall plants and herbs. Also, kuvasy were widely used for hunting. The pure white color of the dog made it possible to distinguish it from a wolf or a bear. The breed is patient and tough, requires attentive and caring care. Hungarian kuvas - a great defender for the house, loyal friend and just a beautiful pet.

Tibetan mastiff

Lifespan: 10–12 years

It belongs to the oldest dog breeds. Due to the geographical isolation of Tibet, the purity of the blood of these animals is indisputable. Tibetan mastiffs are strong and powerful, able to withstand the harsh way of life and the harsh climate conditions. Differs calm, restrained and a little stubborn character, gets along perfectly in the family, being at the same time an impeccable guard at home and a loyal friend. A savvy animal that is perfectly trained. But in the absence of training, Tibetan mastiffs can be unpredictable and even dangerous.

Lifespan: 10–13 years

Breed dogs, characterized by a spotty color. Due to the archaeological excavations carried out in Greece, it was established that dogs of this breed were popular in ancient times. And this means that this ancient breed has a history of several thousand years.

Dalmatians are very active dogs that need heavy loads and long outdoor activities. It makes no sense to start this dog if you do not like frequent walks. Dalmatians are distinguished by playfulness, devotion and friendliness.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Lifespan: 10–11 years

The largest breed of dogs that has existed for more than two thousand years. The birthplace of the breed, as the name implies, is the Caucasus. Animals are characterized by thick hair, thanks to which they are able to withstand severe frosts. The dog has a strong, bold and persistent character. But at the same time, she is calm and alert. Refers to the ancient shepherd dogs. In the past, "Caucasians" served as dogs for the guard in the Turkish army. But even today dogs adequately carry guard duty in private households.

German dog

Lifespan: 6–8 years

This breed of dogs is very large. Great Danes are excellent defenders, companions and watchmen, and just kind and affectionate comrades.

The ancestors of this breed were bulldogs and boar dogs. The very meaning of the term "dog" means a big, strong dog. In the 19th century there were several breeds of dogs, slightly different from each other in size and color: English, Ulm, Danish, Great Dane, Hunting, Large - all these dogs were considered different breeds. But in 1878 in Berlin, thanks to the efforts of the committee of 7 breeders, which was led by Dr.Bodinus, it was decided to classify all these dogs as “Great Dane”.

Afghan hound

Lifespan: 12–14 years

This animal is a hunting dog, outwardly similar to the Saluki breed, but having a thicker coat. At the end of the 19th century, the breed was brought to Europe by officers from England who served on the border with India and Afghanistan. The animal is characterized by an increase of about 70 cm, as well as long and silky hair. Afghan hounds belong to one of the oldest dog breeds. The animal is difficult to train, this breed is not distinguished by outstanding intelligence.

English Mastiff

Lifespan: 10–12 years

English mastiffs belong to the ancient English breed of dog type. They are the largest and largest dogs among all the mastiffs. Mastiffs are very stubborn, which in some cases causes a lot of problems. In fact, sometimes it turns out to be unrealistic to force an animal to repeat a certain command in the course of training. Dogs are very individual. Some are energetic, while others are calm. Raising mastiff requires endurance and perseverance. But the happiness, love and devotion that this pet suppresses you cannot compare with any inconvenience in raising an animal.

Lifespan: 11–15 years

It belongs to a very ancient dog breeds, which was bred in Akita province on the island of Honshu in Japan. Her ancestors are considered breed of spitz-shaped Chinese dogs, crossed with mastiffs. Akita for a long time acted as a dog for hunting a large beast: a deer, a bear and a boar. The animal is characterized by courage, vigilance, courage, cheerfulness and vigor, combined with balance.

The whole world knows a dog named Hachiko, who every day met the owner, who was returning from work on the train. And even when the owner died, the dog came to the station for several hours waiting for its owner. This went on for nine years.


Lifespan: 8–9 years

Leonberger is a large breed of dog. The breed owes its name to the German city of Leonberg, where the breed was bred. The creator is considered the mayor of the city, Heinrich Essig. Leonberger is a shaggy dog ​​with a fearless heart. It has a balanced temperament and devotion. Animals become excellent guards, family dogs, as well as companions. Bred in the process of crossing St. Bernard with Landseer.

Lifespan: 10–13 years

It is a service, short-haired breed, bred in the late XIX century. in Thuringia (Germany) and got its name in honor of the creator of Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Animals are widely used in the police, the army, because it is a very good sleuth, with an amazing scent and flair. Live dogs about 13 years. Initially, the breed was called the Thuringian Pinscher, but after the creator's death, the name changed to Doberman Pinscher.

Kurzhaar (German Pointer)

Lifespan: 12–14 years

Homeland Kurzhaar is Germany. An active dog, for the creation of which the foundation was the old German short-haired cop. Langhaar and Drathaar are the closest relatives of these dogs. Kurzhaars were widely used for falconry and net hunting for birds. The animal perfectly floats, apportiruet, it can be used as a blood bloodhound with a developed hunter instinct. The dog is rather quick-witted and intelligent and easy to train.

Hungarian Pointer (Hungarian vyzhla)

Lifespan: 12–15 years

The dog is quite an ancient breed of dogs, the hound was taken as the basis for breeding. Hungary is the birthplace of a dog, the ancestors of which records were found dating back to 10th century AD.

The animal is very energetic, agile, rarely stays in a calm state. She prefers exercise and games to rest. They are characterized by a balanced character and rarely show aggressiveness. He is friendly to people. Smart and courageous, easily trained to execute commands.

The dog will be a great and devoted friend to its owner. Differ in high intelligence.

Weimaraner (Weimar Pointer)

Lifespan: 10–12 years

Gun hunting dog. Her grandparents were used in the hunt for big game. The animal is very docile and unusually sharp. Weimarners are easy to train, they are intelligent and attentive in their studies.

They are excellent watchmen and bloodhounds. The breed is characterized by ancient history, the progenitor is considered to be a European bracken. Due to his quickness, dexterity and speed, the animal was originally exclusively a hunting dog, and is currently used as a snooper and watchman.

Giant Schnauzer

Lifespan: 12–15 years

Among all schnauzers, this is the largest breed of dog. The ancestors of these dogs were shepherd dogs, who lived in German and Bavarian lands.

Отличительными качествами ризеншнауцера являются стойкие инстинкты охранника, безрассудная смелость, нерушимая верность и неиссякаемая энергия. Все эти качества лишь помноженные на 2 дадут ясное представление об этой породе собак.

Им требуются постоянные физические нагрузки, воспитание и дрессировка. The Giant Schnauzer is a very attentive companion who loves the close proximity of the host and the whole family. These dogs are used in various roles: as a companion, family dog, snooper, guard, and police dog.

Samoyed dog

Lifespan: 12–13 years

Samoyeds - a very ancient breed of working dogs, characterized by great activity, which becomes visible even during a walk. The character is cheerful and playful. Homeland of these dogs is the north of the Russian Federation, where winter lasts most of the year.

No one will doubt that the Samoyeds are very beautiful dogs, the appearance of which is able to provide more moral satisfaction than his riding, hunting and herding characteristics. Samoyeds are so gentle and loyal that they used to be used as nannies for children. And now, of course, this breed is highly recommended for families with small children.

German Shepherd

Lifespan: 9–13 years

Initially, German shepherds were used as service-searching and herding dogs. The ancestors of the breed are separate varieties of herd dogs of Southern and Central Germany.

German Shepherd Dogs are in the top three of the most intelligent dog breeds and are considered by many dog ​​owners to be the ideal dog. Excellent companion, used as a guard, service, detective, protective and guard dog. Get on great with kids. In two cities of Russia, monuments have been established that depict dogs of this breed: In Tolyatti, the Monument of Devotion is located — a monument to a dog waiting patiently for its owners. And in Volgograd, there is a monument to a medical dog of this breed.

Central asian shepherd dog

Lifespan: 12 - 15 years

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the most ancient existing breeds. Historically, this breed has received its distribution among the peoples of Central Asia. The breed was formed on a vast territory, in the blood of these dogs quietly the blood of various ancient breeds of dogs that live in the territory from the Caspian Sea to China. Since ancient times, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog has been used as a guard and guard breed.

Despite their excellent fighting characteristics, these dogs show loyalty and restraint towards people and animals. But in case of extreme aggression or encroachment on the protected territory, the shepherd dog "turns on" the combat mode.

These dogs are easy to train, differ in strength, endurance, as well as curiosity and calmness.

Siberian Husky

Lifespan: 12–14 years

This breed of dog from ancient times was used as a sled dog of the indigenous peoples of the Far North. Today, huskies are used as companions, as well as show dogs.

Dogs are not at all aggressive to people, love to communicate with children, are also quick-witted and very intelligent. Even attempts to instill aggression in dogs to a person have failed. Huskies absolutely can not harm people. That is why they are not used as guards and guards. Also, the Huskies can never be hunters.

Huskies are not demanding to their owner, they are simple in care. They are very clean. The only thing they need is constant exercise and a little attention.

Alaskan malamute

Lifespan: 10–12 years

According to various polls conducted among Western audiences, Alaskan Malamutes are the most beautiful dogs in the world. For some, this is a controversial issue, but to call these dogs ugly is unlikely anyone will succeed.

The appearance of the animal resembles an independent, experienced and lonely wolf, in whose eyes you can see the wild power and wisdom of the millennia. And this is not surprising, because the breed originated from the wolf. It is this close family relationship that makes the dog incapable of barking. Malamutes, like wolves, are prone to growling. This feature of dogs also has similar blood Siberian Huskies.

The Alaskan Malamute is the oldest breed of dog. They were used by the peoples of the far north as sled dogs.

The animal differs fervent, cheerful, noisy and playful character. He loves all sorts of games, as well as fun. True with age, the dog becomes softer, calmer and more sedate. They love poking around in the ground. In a few minutes the Malamut can dig a very large hole. This hobby is connected with the past of the dog - they had to get food for themselves, digging up rodents from under the ground.


So our rating of dog breeds, distinguished by their beauty, came to an end. We are interested to hear your opinion. Which dogs do you think are superfluous on this list, and which dogs should be added to it? Answers to these questions as well as your suggestions, please send in the comments under the article. Thanks for attention!


The snow-white shiny wool of the Maltese attracts the attention of not only children, but also adults. The big eyes of dark nut color and black spout are especially expressive against its background. The Maltese dog has not only a perfect appearance, but also a wonderful friendly temperament. She will always be happy to play with the children. Despite its miniature size, it is a very bold animal, which immediately begins to bark at strangers or suspicious sounds.

Funny, disproportionate ears and joyful eyes allow Papillon to occupy an honorable place in the top 10 of the cutest breeds. It is with the ears that resemble butterfly wings that the animal is obliged to the name of its breed, because “papillon” is translated from French as “butterfly”. By their behavior, they resemble active kittens that love to play and run around the house. They are distinguished by a cheerful temperament, curiosity, and devotion to their master. And papillon is prone to fast learning and is also among the most intelligent dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

An honorable place in the ranking of cute dogs is one of the most popular breeds of the institution - the Yorkshire Terrier. In exhibition specimens the length of the wool reaches the floor, and on the head it is collected in a “tail”. The Yorkshire Terrier more than other pets needs the constant attention of the owner. These little dogs are very independent, so they are not always trainable. They can bark without fear even on a large dog, but due to the small size of York, such a picture causes only affection. This is one of the most "worn" breeds: often the owners acquire a full wardrobe with overalls, jackets and shoes, so that the pet does not freeze in the cold and look your best.

York hair is considered non-allergenic since it is identical to human hair.

Petit brabanson

Another breed that resembles a soft baby toy. Brabancon is able to make funny faces, reflecting the full range of emotions from joy and delight to sadness and sadness. A small dog has a stubborn character and has a hypertrophied self-esteem, which can bring some inconvenience to its owner. At the same time she shows good nature not only to children, but also to strangers. But if the latter shows aggression, Brabancon will forget about his kindness and rush to the protection of his family members.

Chinese Crested

This is a dog with cute big ears, which invariably attracts attention. Chinese Crested is a friendly animal that makes good contact with other pets. Due to the lush tail and mane, the tassels of the fur on the limbs can be compared with a miniature thoroughbred horse. Chinese Crested are easy and quick to train and are even capable of performing various tricks. They do not like loneliness and will always be devoted to their family.

The presented rating is only conditional and does not detract from the beauty or fun of other four-legged friends of a person. After all, more important is not so much touching the appearance of the pet, as his dedication to the owner and his ability to support and protect him in difficult times.

German Pointer (Kurzhaar)

Kurzhaar was bred in Germany as a hunting dog. German Pointers are not only owners of beautiful character and physical form, but also of very beautiful appearance. Many people think that kurtshaars are the cutest dogs. Photos of German Pointer often decorate the pages of magazines.

The coat of the Kurzhaar is not only very beautiful (the pattern on the fur coat resembles the feathers of a wild duck), but also very useful. The fact is that it practically does not get wet, which allows the dog to hunt in any conditions.

The cutest dog breeds in the world are sure to include papillon babies. These loyal pets are able to charm everyone.

The breed has received the name for the charming fluffy ears reminding wings of butterflies. Moths have always been the favorites of European kings.

Papillons are incredibly intelligent animals that perfectly teach commands and stunts. However, these animals need timely education and socialization. Without this, little dogs become aggressive and scared of people.

Everyone knows about elegant poodles. These cute dogs were bred in France and initially conceived as hunting. However, over time, charming curls fell in love as decorative companion pets.

Poodles are very cute, not only in appearance. These dogs have a friendly character: they will never attack a person or other animal. Poodles are very demanding of attention, so you will not get bored with them.

Important! Representatives of this breed are incredibly sporty. They can play for hours on end and not get tired. Poodles are also excellent swimmers and will not abandon water procedures. These dogs follow the man everywhere and try to take part in all his affairs.

Poodles are divided into four subspecies depending on the size (large or royal, small, dwarf and toy poodle). There are an incredible variety of colors and haircuts variations.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are suitable for everyone. These dogs are incredibly cute, kind and affectionate pets. Sociable and optimistic animals prevail among the representatives of this breed. Cocker Spaniels adore their owners and always try to spend as much time with them as possible.

The breed originated in England. Cocker spaniels hunt well: their strong large legs make it possible to get trophies from even the most difficult places.

Particular attention should be paid to the chic wavy pet hair. Their fur coat requires regular combing and care. Spaniel hair can be white, golden, peach, black, brown, red, there are bicolors and colors with tan and specks.


Collie - the embodiment of canine beauty and elegance. Scottish shepherds have long been beautiful shepherds and guards. These dogs are incredibly attached to their owners and will protect them in case of danger.

The main pride of the Scottish shepherd dog is its silky long hair. The owners appreciate these pets for an insightful mind, care and ability to adapt to the pace of human life.