How to wean the dog to write at home: useful tips


Perhaps, for all dog breeders, toilet issues are major, and they have to be resolved immediately. It doesn’t matter if the owner wants the dog to do its business on the street during the walk, the main thing is that the puppy needs help where the owner wants it.

Causes of misunderstanding between the puppy and the owner

  1. The baby does not understand what the owner is waiting for him. Pet can shit wherever he wants: on the floor, on the carpet, on the sofa, even in the entrance. And the owner behaves ambiguously. That scolds the four-legged friend, then gently jokes that is understood by the dog as approval. Owners often make one mistake - they don’t walk the animals the required number of times. A puppy must remember - a dog toilet on the street.
  2. Puppies can not long endure. Puppies from birth to three months due to physiology do not tolerate more than 1-2 hours. A 6-month-old purebred puppy, such as a Labrador, must be taken out in 3-4 hours. Only closer to the year the animal can easily tolerate before walking. The animal can be taught to walk a couple of times a day.

Laying the right manners - we teach to walk

The owners have a question: how to wean the little puppy to write on the floor at home? Often this question is acute for inexperienced educators. Experienced dog lovers unanimously answer this question patiently.

No folk remedy will not help, it is important to prepare yourself mentally for the long process of schooling to walk.

Avoid irritation from sudden puddles on the floor is quite possible:

  • it is necessary to temporarily remove carpets and paths from the floor, it is easier to clean the floor than a bright carpet,
  • wear slippers in the apartment - it will save you from a sudden entry into the consequences of life,
  • Prepare a bucket of water and a rag - wash for the puppy immediately, as you will notice that he needs it.

Main rules

  1. Do not yell at the pet during and after writing. If you scream after what you have done, then the dog will understand that it is impossible to take a crap with the owner, and will begin to hide.
  2. Do not poke his nose into the puddle and do not beat the animal. You can not offend and humiliate a puppy, it can undermine his confidence in the owners.
  3. Regularly at the same time we go out with him for walks, teaching him to go to the toilet.
  4. Be sure to encourage the puppy after each hike in need, praise, petting on withers.

Method of carrot and stick

Dogs feel the emotions of the owners and acutely perceive the manifestation of approval and discontent. It is not recommended to confuse a puppy by mixing reactions - do not overdo it with the whip.

After the puppy does its work anywhere, it is necessary to scold him in an angry voice with simple words: “fu,” “not”, “how not ashamed.” Without screaming and physical punishment. It is necessary to look the dog in the eye, showing a finger to the subject of discontent. One strict tone is enough for the puppy to become aware of the owner’s discontent.

Puppy pee on the street? We praise him, saying: well, clever, well done, so that the dog understands that she did everything right. You can supplement the praise of delicacies.

The first 6 months of life, the animal must be constantly encouraged to write on the street, so that the thought firmly strengthened: “Home is rest, the street is walking”.

Teaching to the street

The street attracts dogs. Instincts work, and the dog gets used to walking, however, this process is lengthy.

To accelerate the emergence of skills in the following ways:

  1. It is necessary to walk with the puppy after each feeding, sleep and games.
  2. If the pet is worried and is looking for a place for the toilet, it is not necessary to wait for the final before the walk, it is necessary to urgently send the puppy to the street and wait until he needs it.
  3. We implement the carrot and stick method. But avoid physical punishment.
  4. Puppy on the street is played - do not rush home until the animal does all the work.
  5. Do not forget to praise him, and only now you can go home.
  6. Observance of the mode of walking. This is important when your friend realized that you need to write on the street so that you get an idea of ​​the waiting time for the next walk.

Diaper method

Small breed puppies need an alternative place to handle their needs. This method is used to educate pedigreed dogs that are in the first months of life in winter under quarantine after vaccinations. In this case, it is easier not to wean the puppy from writing in any places, but to immediately teach them to go to the right place.

Choose an animal place for the toilet and teach it during the absence of the owners to write there. Many pets willingly defend the need for a diaper. Suitable for cotton fabric calm shades. In the early days, it is not necessary to change it often, so that the pet remembers the smell and is used to coping with the needs in this place. The method is still good for puppies that meet their needs at night.

By following the tips above, you can wean your pet home needs, and also easily teach them to do everything on the street. The main thing - to comply with the sequence and be patient.

The reasons why the dog pees at home

  1. Puppy age. A puppy that has just recently appeared in the house simply does not understand what is good and what is bad. Perhaps he was not taught to go to the tray or diaper. The new owner grabs his head, not knowing what to do. In fact, in this situation, it remains only to understand and forgive. Because in the first months of being in a new home, the animal is in quarantine due to ongoing vaccinations. The load on the kidneys, the dog often wants to write and sees no other way out than to relieve the need of the house. Many owners in this situation are faced with the fact that when walking a pet does not want to be emptied on the street. Waiting for when he comes home to relieve the need.
  2. Weak urinary system. Not all owners know that in animals under the age of 8-10 months (depending on the breed) the urinary system is weak. She has not yet fully strengthened, so the puppy cannot wait long while he is being walked. He shits not "for evil," as the master thinks, but because he can no longer tolerate. It happens that the animal is already moving in the direction of the tray, but simply does not stand up and pees on the floor / carpet, etc.
  3. Lack of attention. Another common reason, comparable to how little children behave. If you, as a host, spend little time on your family pet, he will try to attract attention in all possible ways. Not only sneakers, torn toys and loud barking will be used. When a dog despairs, it can pee on the floor or even the bed. In this way, the pet wants to show its discontent.
  4. Urinary incontinence. Such a physical ailment is understandable and has a place to be. If the dog shits at home during the cold hours of the day, it is likely that it caught an infection of the genital and urinary tract. Also, this category of causes can include spinal cord pinched or a worsened condition after a surgical intervention. You just have to wait for time, and for this period use special diapers for animals.
  5. Mental disorder. These include dogs that have been roaming the streets for a long time, have suffered human attacks, starved, and recovered from injuries. This case is the most difficult, it requires patience on the part of the owner, caress, attention, care and strictly no violence or loud screams. You must sacrifice your blessings (expensive carpet, furniture, etc.) to normalize the psycho-emotional background of the family pet.
  6. Physiology. In some animals, the bladder is naturally weak or small. It is also not uncommon for an animal to have hidden kidney ailments, so the pet has to write more often. In such situations, nothing can be done except to take the pet to the street more often and to equip a place for it to defecate at home.
  7. Instinct. By nature, dogs love to mark territory. They write on the corners of furniture, on shoes, on carpet, etc. Such instincts usually manifest themselves fully when another pet lives with a dog. If you suppress such phenomena with rudeness, in a short time the animal will become completely insolent, will make a puddle directly on your eyes. To suppress the sexual instincts, the dog must be castrated or sterilized. When the intervention passes and the pet recovers, it will become much calmer.

Basic rules of education

  1. It is strictly forbidden to raise the voice and show aggression to the pet after what he committed, or during the "crime". If you start screaming at your pet after the incident, the dog simply thinks that you can't be fooled.
  2. The dog will continue to go to the toilet, where it pleases, but at the same time it will also hide from you. It is forbidden to poke a puppy with its nose and use physical force. Such actions strongly offend the animal, moreover, the dog does not understand why it is being punished.
  3. Such actions can greatly traumatize the psyche of a pet. A dog may simply eat its own excrement in fear. In any case, your part should always be consistent and consistent.
  4. In order to get used to going to the toilet on the street, you need to go for a walk regularly and at the same time. If one day you walked with an animal, and you simply did not want another, and at the same time a dog shat, you should not blame it. Pet simply does not understand what you want from him, and why scold him.
  5. It is imperative to encourage your pet to go to the toilet in the right place. Every time, going out for a walk, take with you treats for dogs. As soon as the animal does all its business, treat it to goodies. Praise and stroke the withers.

Sequence of education

  1. After the dog has received all the necessary vaccinations, and it's time to take the puppy to the street, try to teach him to go to the toilet in the fresh air. In advance you need to follow the animals, after what period of time it spoils.
  2. At that moment, when the puppy begins to look for a place in the apartment to go to the toilet, immediately take him outside. After that, try to walk in the fresh air with the same time interval and every day.
  3. Watch when the dog wakes up and wants to go to the toilet. You need to adapt to the animal to regularly go out at the same time. Walking should be in the morning and evening. A well-established regime will help to properly raise a pet. In the future, the dog will wait for you to relieve you on the street.
  4. In addition to proper upbringing and a well-established regime, in the house you can resort to the help of specially scaring agents. In pharmacies for animals such compositions are not uncommon. Treat the places where the animal most often crap. If you do not find such products, suitable vinegar.
  5. Dilute the vinegar with water and thoroughly treat or rinse the same place in the apartment. The caustic and rather unpleasant scent will frighten the dog. Over time, the animal will no longer relieve the need for sex.
  6. Do not forget to teach your pet to different teams. If you do not want the animal to shit at home, you will have to constantly repeat the same command. When the pet will obey you, encourage him to dog treats.

Ways of punishment

  1. Do not forget that dogs are among the most intelligent animals. Therefore, they are sensitive to the mood of the owner. If you do not show aggression towards the pet and will not offend him, he will gladly respond to any command.
  2. Try to show dissatisfaction without aggression, if the pet piled a bunch or made a puddle in the wrong place. Change the tone of your voice and scold your pet for what he has done. Take your favorite toy from the dog. Give it away only when the pet goes to the toilet on the street.
  3. Always watch out for the dog, at the time of education. If you see that the pet wants to relieve themselves, immediately say the command "You can not!" Or "Fu!". Thus, the animal will begin to understand you, and how you feel about this.

What to do if the pet does not write on the street?

  1. It often happens that the dog can simply be comfortable in the toilet in the walls of the house. That is why the pet tries to endure the walk. As a result, the dog again makes a mess at home. If you are faced with a similar, you need to take action.

In order to permanently rid the pet of a family of addiction, you must first find and eradicate the cause of such behavior. Then choose the best methods of correction, do not swear and do not hit the animal.

How to teach a puppy to the toilet

If you are a fan of sterile cleanliness, a dog in an apartment will drive you insane: it is better not to let her out of the house until 4 months of age (until the necessary vaccinations have been made).

For this period, please be patient and dog diapers (newspapers) to put them in the most “dangerous” places. By the way, lovers of fleecy floor coverings and carpets, in particular, it is better to get rid of them - remove or roll. Several puppy "streams" will turn your carpet into a source of persistent specific flavor.

Consider that the baby’s intestines and bladder have not yet been strengthened: it is difficult for him to withstand long intervals between walks. As soon as quarantine ends, take the puppy into the yard after each meal.

If this is not possible, teach the animal to the toilet.

First way

  1. Observe where the baby most often meets need and place a large (dog) tray covered with newspapers there.
  2. After sleeping and eating, put the pet in the tray, gently massaging the tummy.
  3. Accompany this action with the words “do the deed,” holding the puppy until he defecates.
  4. Watch him during the game in order to have time to get him to the tray when needed.

Thanks to this method, the puppy learns not to soil the apartment and at the same time to relieve the need for a team. For safety, place several diapers in different corners: the pet will urinate on them if it does not have time to reach the tray.

Remember the diaper is double-edged sword. The longer the puppy gets on it, the harder it is to accustom him to the toilet closet. And yet: dogs (especially pocket breeds), accustomed to diapers, shit later on any textiles.

Second way

It is suitable for extremely busy at work or lazy people. The puppy has at its disposal a separate room, the floor of which is completely covered with foil. A layer of old newspapers is laid on top. Access to other rooms is blocked, and the baby gets used to going to the toilet on the newspaper. Over time, the number of newspapers reduced, reducing to a minimum. If the puppy is mistaken, the newspapers again become a little more. As a result, there is only one newspaper / diaper where the owner is comfortable.

If you are interested in having a dog learn how to empty it on the street, take a diaper with you for a while. When the animal masters in unusual conditions, you can forget about the diaper.

How to wean a puppy to shit at home

Only you breathed a sigh of relief, instilling the necessary hygienic skills into a tuzik to live together with him in the apartment, as a new stage begins - the transfer of good habits to the street.

The sooner you do this, the faster your pet will rebuild. After each feeding and sleep, take it out to the yard, massage the abdomen (not forgetting the magic call “do things,” or “writing”), achieving the desired result.

Access to the toilet can not be considered a walk. Only after the puppy is completely empty, you can give him plenty of frolic, but not earlier!

Canine experts advise to walk with their younger tail friend more often than to feed him. You give food 5 times a day, so your pupil should go out to fresh air 7-8 times: after a night's sleep, after each meal and late in the evening before bedtime.

Ideally, a physically and mentally healthy puppy easily learns to use the toilet in the open. Otherwise, look for and eliminate the cause.

From experienced dog lovers can be heard - "It will be a shit at home until the puppy." Yes, but for a start it is a good idea to understand whether your pupil is at a tender puppy age or has long outgrown it. Different breeds have their own age criteria: for example, a 10-month-old shepherd dog and Malamute are silly, and a 10-month-old toy terrier is quite an adult creature.

Physiological ailments

If an older dog, regularly accustomed to walk outside, suddenly starts shitting at home, find out if it has become ill. It can be:

  • Digestive disorders (so strong peristalsis while maintaining hard stool causes an excess of eaten bones).
  • The weakness of the sphincter of the bladder, often observed in growing bitches (treated with Propalin).
  • Disorders of urination due to improper feeding.
  • Side effects of sterilization, manifested as urinary incontinence.
  • Tumor or inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.

Owners of males know that “irrigation” of the territory is a natural occupation for males in the puberty phase. The dog often recovers at home after a walk, because she is uncomfortable (damp / cold) outside. But if this is still the beginning of a serious illness, pick up drugs with a veterinarian. Together with the disease, the habit of shitting at home will also disappear.

Psychological abnormalities

Особо чувствительные псины могут какать и писать, реагируя на какой-то внутрисемейный конфликт. Стрессом для них может стать любая дискомфортная ситуация, в том числе:

  • дефицит хозяйского внимания (оставили взаперти одного),
  • смена обстановки (перевезли пса к родственникам, в собачью гостиницу, отправились на выставку),
  • хозяйский гнев, вызвавший страх животного,
  • сильный испуг, спровоцированный различными внешними факторами.

It is very difficult to deal with the psyche of adult dogs taken from another owner (from a shelter) or from the street. They may have a bunch of phobias, the roots of which you will never know. We'll have to act at random, armed with compassion, patience and affection.

Prohibited Methods

First, do not shout at the guilty animal: it will aggravate the situation and the dog will shit secretly from you.

Secondly, do not beat her: fear will be a catalyst for involuntary urination and defecation.

Third, do not try to poke the dog's nose in a pile. Next time he may eat her for fear of reprisal.

Allowed methods

If you caught a four-legged at the time of the crime, firmly say "Fu", ottrapav for withers or lightly slapping newspaper. Punishment is meaningless if a puddle / pile appeared in your absence. Take the dog by the scruff to another room and remove the excrement without being caught by it.

Buy a cage where you will place the dog at the time you leave the house. It should be a cozy corner with a soft mattress, a favorite toy and a sugar stone. It is necessary to close the pupil there, with his consent. Especially it concerns freedom-loving breeds, for example, husky. When releasing a hermit, immediately take him for a long walk to compensate for the forced imprisonment.

If the dog urinates when he sees the leash, try breaking stereotypes: get dressed without attracting attention, and with a leash in your pocket quickly take it out of the house.


When thinking about how to wean an adult dog to shit at home, many owners pay attention to the means for correcting dog behavior - scaring sprays or liquids offered in pet shops.

Not all buyers notice the effectiveness of these reagents, since they do not see changes in the behavior of their pets.

If you do not want to spend money on pharmaceutical preparations, use the old scare recipe, which uses table vinegar.

Dissolve a few drops in water and wipe the most vulnerable areas on the floor. But in this case there is no 100% guarantee of the effectiveness of the method. But there is a danger to burn the mucous of the dog's nose, overdoing with vinegar.

General recommendations

Your weapon is discipline and persistence:

  • Walk the dog at the same time (it is better to do this not two, but three times a day).
  • Bring the dog for a walk immediately after waking up and as late as possible before bedtime.
  • Encourage your pet with sweets and approving words as soon as he meets the need in the yard.
  • Find your dog a more experienced walking companion: he will show her where and how to defecate.
  • Bring water and a bowl. Water the dog after the game: it stimulates emptying.
  • Make the animal a lot and move intensively. It will also have a positive effect on the intestines and bladder.
  • Increase your walking time and do not leave the street until the dog goes to the toilet.

When re-educating an animal, do not be overly kind. A dog is a public animal that clearly understands the laws of hierarchy. The owner must be for her undisputed leader. If you let the dog become the main dog, it will set its own rules.

Ways to fight

As soon as a puppy appears in the family, it is necessary to understand that there will be a need to relieve it anywhere. To begin, determine the place, put a personal toilet, cover the floor with a newspaper, diapers.

  • Feces, urine removed from the surface of the material that is in the tray at the puppy.
  • After removing the excrement, put it back.
  • Treat urine-damaged surfaces with special products that animals do not like. Vinegar and citrus spray, for example.
  • The second step is to consolidate the material covered. Take the baby to the tray after each meal. Paper, tissue impregnated in urine. Only in this way will the pet understand what is wanted of him, and will quickly learn to run to his toilet on his own.

Do not be angry, it is forbidden to beat, scream at the puppy. Only patience, care will help in this difficult issue. Some breeds learn quickly, others will need up to a month.

When the first stage of the educational moment is over, you can move on to the final stage - ask on the street for need. For this it is necessary to carry the baby more often for a walk after quarantine.

Be sure to supervise the process early in the morning, do not return to the house if he did not pee. Keep an eye on the room, in order to see in time the desire to make a puddle or a small pile, you must quickly move out to the yard.

The first days of schooling a small pet to the street will be troublesome for you, you must run into the courtyard several times a day until you realize that you need to ask.

Any learning does not end without it. Give for a dog a treat. Every time after a successful hike in need - praise. So the dog will quickly learn the lessons that are required of it. When the process is getting better, clean the tray with newspapers in the house.

Some kids, going out for a walk, suffer until they arrive at the house and then make a puddle, defecate. Therefore, it is necessary to stay on the street for a long time, until physiology gains the upper hand and the baby goes to the toilet. After the correct action, give your favorite cookies, praise them with gentle words.

Contact with fellows

In the company, the pet will be able to feel relaxed, to follow the example of others. Accordingly, quickly accustomed to the toilet. Praise your baby, say nice words of approval, let's snacks.

It should be, but without assault and high voice. Intonation is hard and convincing. The emotions of the host animals are captured well, so the puppy will be able to understand what he did wrong.

Sometimes it happens that the appearance in a strange house, already rather big dog, becomes stressful for everyone, and especially for an animal. Therefore, a puddle on the carpet can happen from a change of place of residence, a new situation and a family. Adaptation, time and understanding.

How to teach to ask on the street:

  • As they brought the dog to the house, go straight to the fresh air.
  • Set the daily routine. Mode - the basic rule for the normalization process.
  • Watch the pet in the first month, only the paw rises near the sofa or sits down and you need to urgently bring it into the yard.
  • Monitor the process on walks. Do not enter the house if the pet has not defecated. Be in the yard for a long time, until nature takes its own.

Bad habits of an adult dog

If suddenly your raised pet started to shit on the bed, the carpet, which was not noticed before, then you need to look for reasons much deeper. Perhaps such an action is a sign of serious illness.

Lack of clothing in cold weather, especially in ornamental rocks, can cause colds, infections, and the occurrence of severe ailments. Girls can write in the apartment up to 1.5-2 years.

It is caused by the formation of the hormonal system, normalized after the first birth. Perhaps hereditary predisposition, which accompanies bad habit.

  1. State of health, epilepsy.
  2. Genetics.
  3. Loneliness.
  4. Late exit to the street.
  5. Disruption of the daily routine.
  6. Lack of attention, care.
  7. The animal shows jealousy, resentment.
  8. Age-related changes, urinary incontinence.
  9. Marked territory.
  10. The owner loses credibility, respect. The reason for this attitude may be rudeness, cruelty, assault. Or, on the contrary, permissiveness, excessive kindness.

Small dogs up to 4 months cannot be taken outside, quarantine must be observed. Therefore, after you have determined the corner for the toilet, start the lessons.

Patiently demolish all puddles and piles. Teach to the tray, newspapers and diapers. This is the only way until the end of home imprisonment.

  • Install a dog toilet in a place where "surprises" occur most often.
  • Soak the newspaper in the pet urine and cover the tray.
  • Diapers put in rooms habitat baby. Perhaps there will be a situation when it does not have time to reach the destination.
  • Usually dogs learn quickly, prefer to defecate where they were before.
  • The main thing is to properly direct and motivate the delicacy.

When quarantine is over, you need to go to the street. There may also be difficulties. Take newspapers or diapers for a walk. The first time will have to be cunning, until the baby is accustomed to the bushes.

Cruel treatment of any animal does not bring it to good. Therefore, screaming, beating is strictly prohibited. By such actions, the owner may lose credibility. Next, it will be hard to handle the animal. It is easy to offend a dog, but it is difficult to regain trust.

Rules of conduct for the owner:

  1. Stern voice. Express annoyance intonation. The puppy will surely feel it and is aware of a miss.
  2. Toy treat. What the pet prefers most needs to be pointedly selected and returned on the street after the completion of the emptying.
  3. Begin to introduce prohibiting commands - fu, you can not.

Means of struggle

  • Scold.
  • Eliminate the stain with vinegar, citrus.
  • Recommended special spray "antigadin".
  • Develop a regimen - for example, after eating or relaxing.
  • Do not allow stressful situations for a long time not to disregard.
  • Walk until it escapes out of need.

Why does the puppy refuse to go to the toilet outside?

  1. Fright, stress.
  2. Nervous experiences.
  3. Hormonal disorders, pathology.

Lack of attention can seriously affect the character of dogs. Watch the thematic video on how to get training correctly and without psychological consequences.

Julia, 30

I have a toy terrier, I accustomed to the tray relatively quickly, to the street a little longer. Used newspapers, special sprays from vet pharmacies.

Oksana, 36

We acquired a dachshund, trained for a long time to the toilet from the beginning of the house, and then into the yard. Especially when Rick was alone, he made heaps in hard-to-reach places.

The apartment also used vinegar. Placing diapers everywhere, and gradually approached the necessary place.

The urine-impregnated material was carried to the street, and when he realized what was needed on the grass, he no longer took it under the bush.

Why does a dog pissing and shitting at home

A little puppy that you took to the apartment may not even guess that you can't be a shit in the house. In the first months of stay at home, most puppies are in quarantine mode due to vaccinations. Therefore, it becomes quite customary for a little pet to relieve himself on the floor, where he has a special diaper or a piece of newspaper. When you start pulling a puppy, he can have fun playing and not going to the toilet.

Another cause may be lack of attention. It so happens that you brought the dog out for a walk in the morning and left it alone for the whole day. Wanting to protest, the dog may, for no reason at all, make a mess on the track. In this way, she expresses dissatisfaction with her masters, showing that she does not want to stay alone for a long time.

If an grown-up dog in your house, which is regularly accustomed to walk outside, suddenly starts shitting at home, pay attention to two supposed reasons. Most likely, your pet is sick. Very often, dogs that eat dry food have problems with the urinary system. Also, your four-legged friend could freeze over the last walk.

If the dog not only pees at home, but also poops on the mat, this can be a sure sign of stress or resentment towards its owner. Do not ignore the reasons for your pet's disobedience.

Effective ways to fight

There is enough advice on how to wean a dog to defend the need of an apartment or house.

We have tried to carefully consider these recommendations and provide you with the most effective ways to deal with such an unpleasant situation.

Fundamental rules

  • Never yell at your pet. (during and after the "crime"). If you start screaming after the dog has shat, then it will take into account that you cannot be fooled and will hide from you to make a Skoda.
  • Never beat a puppy and do not poke his nose into a heap. It offends the pet, and he does not understand why, after the fact, he is punished. This can cause the dog to eat its excrement in fear.
  • Always be consistent and constant. In order to teach a dog to go to the toilet outside, it is necessary to do it regularly at the same time. If one day you brought out the dog, and the other you were lazy or you could not, and then they came and cursed the pet, he will not understand exactly what you demand from him.
  • Always encourage your dog after it goes to the toilet. When you go for a walk with a dog, grab a couple of dog "snacks". After the "accomplished action" encourage your pet and be sure to praise, stroking the withers.

Find out what the temperature of dogs is normal. How to measure the temperature of your pet - in our article.

We’ll tell you how to train a dog to a voice command at this address. How to do it correctly, and whether to train this team at all.

Sequential learning steps

  1. If, after quarantine, you begin to take a puppy to the street, you must do this before the kid makes a mess. Track your pet, after what period of time he wants to go to the toilet. As soon as the puppy begins to look suspiciously for the "fifth corner" or whine, quickly take him outside.
  2. Walk at the same time. Watch when your dog wakes up to make a need. Try to tune out and regularly bring the dog at the same morning time. The same goes for the evening walk. Properly created mode will help your dog to feel your care and attention.
  3. The use of special repellents. Veterinary pharmacies sell products that can be used to treat places where your pet most often crap. If this is not possible, then you can use vinegar. Add a little vinegar to the water and rinse well. The pungent smell will scare away the pet and he may eventually stop relieving the need for the floor.
  4. Train your pet to certain teams. If you want your pet to do something, come up with a team that you will constantly repeat afterwards until the dog does the job. After that, praise her.

Punishment methods

Remember, a dog is a very clever creature that reacts quite sharply to the mood of its owner. If you do not offend your pet, he will respond to any of your requests.

Of course, it is difficult to calmly respond to a puddle or a pile made on the track, but you can show your dissatisfaction with the dog.

  • Change the tone of voice and chastise your dog for what has been done.
  • Take your favorite toy and let play only when the dog defecates on the street.
  • As soon as you see that the dog wants to make a need, use the command: “Ugh! It is impossible! She must understand how you feel about this behavior.

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If the dog refuses to write outside

It can be comfortable for a dog to walk in need of an apartment, so she can endure a special walk in order to go home. In this regard, the following recommendations should be made:

  • Find your dog friend for walks. During walking on the street, the dogs will frolic, which will make you feel a desire to go to the toilet. Also, another dog can become an example, and your pet will begin to repeat after it, mark the territory and defecate.
  • Take the water. When the dog runs around, he wants to drink. Pour her water in a bowl and let her drink. The abundance of liquid will force the dog to do business on the street.
  • Play with the dog. The more the dog runs and frolics, the faster it wants to go to the toilet. Think of outdoor games so that the dog moves as much as possible. It will also lead to the desire to empty the intestines and bladder. After this, be sure to praise your pet.
  • Increase the walk time. The dog can not tolerate for a long time, if there is every opportunity to go to the toilet. Therefore, take a long walk with your dog until she gives up and sits down.

The use of these tips has helped many dog ​​owners teach their pet to walk on the streets. Never give up and hold on to the sequence. The dog will always respond to your care and love. Let your pet be the most obedient and "clean" family friend!