Imperial Chinese dog - chrysanthemum with an exotic appearance of shi tzu: the nuances of keeping a pet with a cute face


At the very beginning of the article, it should be noted that the Shih Tzu dog breed is a legendary Tibetan species, characterized by incredible beauty, and also not losing its considerable popularity for several thousand years. In ancient times, these pets were kept exclusively in the imperial palaces, and their export from the country was strictly prohibited, and the violators were severely punished.

Over time, this tradition has somewhat lost its relevance. For this reason, the representatives of the European aristocracy also started to get Shitsu dog in their castles, because they are cute and surprisingly beautiful companions. In this article, this breed will be described in detail with consideration of the main distinguishing features, as well as the characteristics of the maintenance and care.

Appearance history

The described Shih Tzu dog is rightfully recognized as one of the most ancient breeds of domestic animals. It should be noted that until the beginning of the last century, this breed was the property of the imperial family, and only in the last hundred years has it become widely distributed throughout all countries of the planet Earth. Experts in the study of the genetic characteristics of the animal reveal related roots with the appearance of Lhasa Apso, as well as Pekingese.

At the same time, there is a theory that these dogs, in turn, are the progenitors of a large number of breeds, representing the most ancient representative of pets. If you look at the Russian translation of its name, you can see that the dog breed Shitsu means "lion".

If you think about it, there is a kind of symbolism in it - the dog looks like a little lion cub with a smart mane, as well as typical habits in which royal splendor and greatness are felt. According to a different theory, the name of the animal (chrysanthemum dog) appeared due to a specific feature - the location of the coat on an attractive face, something like a blooming chrysanthemum flower. We advise you to read the article about the criteria for choosing food for small dogs.

Breed standard

Characterized by their miniature performance, such small breeds of dogs for children and apartments are just perfect, as they are able to live quite comfortably in a limited space. In addition, the daily physical activity they are also not required, and accustomed to the tray very easily.

The description of the breed's distinguishing features consists of the following:

  1. The dog has a large, rounded head, and the foot is pronounced. The muzzle is flat, not long. Abundant locks of hair fall over the eyes, there is a beard and thick mustache. The eyes are large, the color of the iris is associated with the color of the coat. According to the standard, the ears are hanging and large, long and tight. The ears have hair of strong thickness, which is mixed with the hair on the neck of the animal.
  2. The body is rectangular, stretched and quite strong. These small breeds of dogs for children are the ideal companions. According to the standard, the chest is lowered deep in comparison with the forelimbs. The back is flat. Limbs strong, even despite the small size. The tail is set high and heavily covered with hair, which disintegrates like a fan.
  3. The body of the animal is covered with a thick coat of wool, long, but not curled. Coloring can be any, but preference is given to a dog with white strands on the muzzle and tail.

Many dog ​​lovers are wondering if it is possible for dogs to give chicken necks and how much? Yes, veterinarians advise giving such a product to clean the gums and teeth of the animal.

Experts of the standard of the species believe that these animals, in accordance with their behavior, are drawn more to people than to their relatives. They are not only distinguished by their charming appearance, but also very ambitious. Today, these dogs won the love of the owners, not only with a spectacular exterior, but also due to their miniature size. Compactness is the main, but not the only advantage of this animal.

Breed characteristic

The described Shi dog is a very clean and beautiful animal that you want to stroke regularly. Despite the fact that significant physical loads such pets are not required, yet completely deprive them of walks should not be. It is necessary to organize daily walks lasting about one hour in the fresh air, combined with active, mobile games - this is quite enough.

Attention should be paid to the fact that these little dogs make little noise and bark, mainly being puppies, while the adult is rather silent. By the way, many novice dog lovers are wondering, is it possible to feed a dog with pasta or not? Veterinarians argue that from such a product there is no benefit, in principle, as well as harm.

Representatives of this breed are very playful and strongly attached to their owner. Dogs are educated and calm, which makes them the true guardians of the home. True, there is a certain drawback here, since having lost the owner’s attention, the animal can get bored and even get sick. Everyone's favorite always and everywhere follows the owner, while not at all tiring compulsive.

Such breeds of small fluffy dogs are loyal and hardy companions. Dogs get along well with all family members, as they are quite loving and have the ability to share love between all the inhabitants of the apartment. However, such a need for affection and excessive gullibility leads to a situation where physically strong animals are not able to be a guard dog - they are very cheerful and sociable.

It is appropriate to note here that for small children such puppies are not the best option, since they can perceive the child as an equal and break the respectful distance. Such pets are very clever, so they are easily trained. In addition, they live very long (about 19 years), while all the time they will be reliable friends of the family.

Specific care

It should be noted that such decorative dogs of small breeds are not very demanding in maintenance and care. The animal is quite mobile, but it does not need long and frequent walks, sometimes there are enough ordinary games in the walls of the apartment. However, these dogs require regular bathing and combing of the wool, otherwise it immediately coats and loses its silkiness.

However, if a pet does not participate in exhibitions, its fur can be trimmed rather short - this will give the animal an even more tempting appearance, although it will lose its imperial grandeur. Caring for a short-haired pet is no more difficult than for absolutely any short-haired dog. By the way, today, to the question of whether potatoes are allowed to dogs, there is no unequivocal opinion.

Also, such a pet should regularly clean the ears and eyes, trim the claws, and you can start these actions from a puppyhood for better habituation of the animal.

In addition, you must have an idea of ​​how to measure the pet's body temperature.

The most common diseases of Shih Tzu include:

  • otitis, due to insufficient ventilation of the ears,
  • periodontal disease
  • difficulty breathing pet (dog often wheezing),
  • obesity developed in the case of low mobility or regular overfeeding.

As you can see, the list of ailments is not very big.

Feeding specifics

It should be noted that these dogs perfectly eat both natural food and dry rations of industrial production. In any case, the daily ration of the dog should include meat that has been heat-treated, products of plant origin (especially tomatoes), and also fortified dry food. Many dog ​​lovers are wondering if it is possible to feed a dog with barley and in what quantity?

According to veterinarians, pearl barley is the worst option for feeding carnivores. It should be remembered that a puppy should eat about 10% of its own body weight, whereas for adult dogs this figure should be about 3-5%. Dry industrial feed should be selected according to the age of the animal. Do not forget to put clean and fresh water next to the food.

Pros and cons of breed

As noted above, the Shih Tzu is an excellent companion dog.

It is also ideally suited as an "apartment" friend - the animal very violently shows its feelings, while showing constant readiness for active games that will not let you get bored.

The main advantages of this breed include:

  1. amazingly beautiful appearance, charming look and silky wool,
  2. there is no need for long walks, a toilet for an animal can be equipped right in the apartment,
  3. These dogs are loving and cheerful.

Naturally, these pets have the following disadvantages:

  • the pet does not fit the role of a guard or toys for the kids,
  • beautiful and silky wool requires regular care,
  • dogs can not be alone, because they are strongly attached to the society of people and will be very bored.

Let this pet and does not fall under the category, which is the smallest breed of dogs in the world, yet has a rather compact size.

Shih Tzu puppy cost

It should be noted that several factors affect the cost of a representative of a given dog breed. These animals are not the smallest inexpensive dog breeds in the world. The cost depends on the lack or availability of a document for a dog (puppy passport). Thus, the cost of a puppy without any documents ranges from 6-13 thousand rubles.

However, with this option, you can not count on getting quality offspring. In addition, the price depends on the presence of any titles from the parents of the pet. In this scenario, its value is already growing to 40 thousand rubles. In the case when at least one of the parents is brought from abroad and has the title of Champion, then such a puppy will cost about 150 thousand rubles.

Such an animal will have a pedigree, the availability of all vaccinations, as well as documentation. Such a pet will no doubt become a participant in all contests and exhibitions. For full confidence in the purebredness of the dog, the puppy is best purchased in a specialized nursery. A beautiful and unusual name of small dogs of this breed can be found on the Internet.

Summarizing the results of this article, we can conclude that in the above text, the Shih Tzu dog breed was described in as much detail as possible, which is remarkable for its amazing beauty and miniature size. Numerous issues were addressed, including how small dogs breed at home in the home.


There are several hypotheses of the origin of an exotic pet. Many researchers read that the Shih Tzu was brought to Tibet from Byzantium. Breed - one of the oldest on earth. Some researchers believe: the lion dog is the result of a Pekingese crossing with Lhasa Apso.

The modern history of the breed begins in the 17th century, when the Dalai Lama presented a gift to the Chinese emperor an exotic dog. In the monasteries a small, tightly built dog looked after goats, but in the palace the animals quickly forgot what work was. The servants looked after the pets, daily combed their long hair, spoiled the animals.

For many years, the emperor banned the export of shih-tzu abroad. In Europe, the chrysanthemum dog appeared only in the 20th century thanks to the Norwegian ambassador, who received a pet as a gift. Exotic pet immediately became popular among celebrities. For the first time, the modern standard of a miniature breed of companion dogs was created in 1948.

The Tibetan imperial dog has the longest coat in relation to body size. Similar performance has another representative of the elite breeds of small dogs - Maltese.

Look at the description of the Bichon Frize dog breed, as well as learn about the training and education of the animal.

Useful information about what the temperature in dogs is considered normal about what causes the deviation of the indicators read at this address.

Character and intelligence

Shih Tzu - ekstaert and companion. The dog loves to communicate with the owner and others, calmly behaves in a circle of guests and strangers. A pet with luxurious long hair always attracts attention. The lion dog emphasizes the status of the owner: puppies are not cheap. Spectacular cute animals are often acquired by ladies of different ages and young girls: the pet loves to sit on its hands, behaves well when it comes out "into the light."

The pet does not belong to the decorative breeds - it is a strong, strong-willed dog with an unusual temperament. The chrysanthemum dog relentlessly follows the owners, shares the love between all members of the family. Animals are devotees, love fellowship and affection. Shit-tsu is really a companion dog and loyal friend: pets love people more than their relatives.

Character traits:

  • cheerful,
  • non-aggressive,
  • friendly
  • proud
  • smart,
  • sociable,
  • little bark
  • everywhere follow the masters
  • love affection and attention
  • calmly tolerate the presence in the house of other pets.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Shih Tzu:

  • nice character,
  • Shih Tzu is tied to family members, does not single out one host among households, enjoys playing with adults and children,
  • likes to sit on hands
  • suitable for beginner amateur dog breeders,
  • like walking and socializing with the owner,
  • calmly treats other pets, for example, cats: Shih Tzu simply “does not notice” them, considers them to be lower creatures, which minimizes the risk of conflicts,
  • charming, cute animal with a cute face,
  • the dog quickly gets used to combing, allows you to put on bows and hairpins so that long hairs do not close their eyes,
  • feels good when using dry food,
  • two or three shih-tzu in the house do not quarrel, get along well, especially if you grew up together,
  • representatives of the imperial breed behave with dignity,
  • cheerful, friendly disposition,
  • high intelligence
  • compact size allows you to keep a pet in the apartments of any size,
  • the dog is clean, does not emit an unpleasant smell,
  • pet friendly, does not show aggression,
  • quickly understands the training to the tray,
  • loving nature
  • long and frequent walks are not needed: it is enough to walk an animal 3-4 times a week,
  • in the fresh air, the pet runs, plays with the ball with enthusiasm, meets the outside world,
  • suitable for lonely and elderly people, loves to play, entertains the owner,
  • attracts attention with an unusual appearance: long hair flutters in the wind while running and walking, the “tail”, hairpins and bows on the head give the pet a cute look,
  • the dog allows you to build original hairstyles at the exit "in the light" and before exhibitions,
  • adult dogs practically do not bark, approaching the owner's door after work causes a joyous whine. The owner does not have to worry and think about how to wean the dog to bark at everyone: the problem rarely arises.


  • It requires painstaking care for long, soft hair,
  • you must carefully follow the rules of hygiene, always wipe your paws after walking, remove dirt and small debris stuck to long hair,
  • at an early age, inquisitive pets can turn the house upside down,
  • requires attention, does not suit families with very young children, where the hostess can not pay as much attention as the imperial dog wants,
  • does not tolerate frost and heat,
  • in the absence of timely and competent training, the dog becomes a leader in the family, does not obey, although he perfectly understands what the owner wants.

Care and conditions

The main problem is the daily attention to long hair. With short stature, long hairs are often confused and polluted during walks. Many owners make a haircut under the "bear" or a puppy to facilitate the care of the cover. If the owner has the time and desire to comb the long hair, each time there will be a new portion of admiration of others around the pet with a flowing fluffy tail, a cute bow on his head and a spectacular "hairstyle."

How to train to the tray and further training for walking? As in the cases with other breeds of small dogs, shih-tzu quickly learns and, with rare walks, calmly meets the needs of the house, in the allotted place. For training to the tray is suitable diaper with traces of urine pet. A lion dog is not walked every day, but in the first days of training you need to take the puppy to the fresh air immediately after each meal: this way you can “catch” the time of needing, to accustom the dog to the toilet outside. Tibetan dogs are intelligent and soon realize what the master is trying to get from them.

From the history of the origin of the breed

Ши-тцу — небольшая компактная собачка крепкого телосложения, о чем сразу и не скажешь ввиду ее рафинированной внешности.

История породы изобилует вопросами. В тибетских древних хрониках описаны две собаки: огромный лохматый пес охранник, видимо, тибетский мастифф, и небольшая пушистая собачка, живущая в доме. Малышка обладала невероятным слухом и сердцем льва. Having previously heard the danger, she raised her barking to a large guard to protect people and livestock.

The climate of Tibet is harsh, and it is surprising how such a small creature appeared and stuck there. Although, upon closer inspection, the fragile dog is not called. She has a strong build, quite a decent weight (from 4 to 8 kg) and a luxurious thick undercoat.

In Tibet, a small dog Chrysanthemum was very popular. Shitsu is compared to chrysanthemum because of its muzzle, the long strands of wool on which fancifully lie in the shape of a flower. The dog is really charming - a wonderful companion, focused on man.

Chinese chronicles say that the Tibetan Fifth Dalai Lama, in 1653, went on a visit to the Chinese emperor, brought him a few shi dogs as a gift. The road from the Tibetan mountains in the heart of the empire is long, in the way the dogs brought offspring. Thus began the history of breeding Shih Tzu at the imperial court.

For a long time the breed was exclusively the personal property of the imperial family, no one dared to have such an animal in the house. Occasionally, in view of the special merit, the dog’s reward was presented as a gift to a particularly distinguished courtier.

Breed description

Only in 1932 shih-tzu got into the big world. One bitch, and, a bit later, two males, were taken out of the country by a Danish diplomat. In the same time interval, the English officer managed to remove two more individuals. The breed was described and registered only two years later and with some misunderstandings. It was only in 1948 that the breed standard was established and described.

According to the classification of the International Canine Association, the standard of the Shih Tzu breed is described as a companion dog. Country of origin - Tibet, the country curator - the United Kingdom. The main features of the breed are a round straight head, an abundance of wool falling to the floor.

Colors are allowed different: monochromatic, bi-color, tricolor, white spots on the forehead and the tip of the tail are desirable. The nose is snub-nosed, black, in light-colored or red-brown individuals, the nose may be lighter than the base color.

The eyes are dark, moderately protruding. Sometimes there is a rare color - vanilla spots on white. Such animals are often confused with Maltese. In China, white - gold or white - red pets were especially valued.

The dog has a compact size - the body in length is slightly larger than the height at the withers (rectangular shape).

Strong strong limbs, well developed, strong back, strong, highly set, neck. Luxuriously pubescent tail lies on the back.

A cropped face and a falling mane give the baby an appearance similar to a lion. This is reflected in the name itself - “Shih Tzu” in Chinese means “lion, lion”.

The Shih Tzu dog is a standard size: growing at the withers by an accepted standard of 23-28 cm, weight 4.5-8.2 kg. A growth of more than 30 cm and below 23 cm is considered a defect; the weight is less or more than those specified by the standard.

The main concern for the pet will be grooming. If you do not comb a thick undercoat often enough, it can pile up, look untidy. The peculiarities of the coat are long, wavy wool that falls almost to the floor.

The bangs are mostly stabbed or tied up, the mustache and beard fall freely, flow. Light-colored animals may darken their mustache and beard. Therefore, after eating, you need to rinse. In general, it is not necessary to wash the baby too often, only to the extent of pollution.

Also require attention to the eyes and ears. In long-haired dogs, the cornea can be injured by long hair in the eyes. Then the eyes are watering, leaking, ugly traces are formed - paths.

To avoid this, you should daily wipe your eyes with special lotions or decoction of chamomile, slept tea. Chamomile and tea are not suitable for light dogs due to the risk of dyeing wool.

Shih tzu ears set high, but soft, hanging. The ear canal, closed with long hair, requires additional attention and hygienic measures. Once a week, the ears should be inspected and cleaned with cotton buds, if necessary - lotion for cleaning the ears.

Choosing a puppy

When choosing a shih tzu puppy as a pet, it is worth paying attention to its height and weight. Too small dogs, now fashionable "minicas" - this is a pedigree pathology, a knowingly sick animal.

A small shih tzu at birth weighs from 150 to 220 g, depending on the height and weight of the bitch.

In 2 weeks the weight of the baby is 300-450 g,

at the age of one month it gains a mass of 800-1200 g,

in 2 months its weight is 1800-2200 g,

By the 3rd month of life the puppy's weight is already 2700-3200 g,

4 month of a baby’s life will be marked by a weight of 3600-4100 g,

and by half a year the puppy on average is gaining a mass of 4500-6000 g,

to 1 year the weight of a young animal varies from 5-8 kg.

In order to choose the right puppy, it is advisable to see his parents, look at the behavior of the breeder's house - so that the baby is not too cute, and, therefore, sick.

To the puppy was not excessively cowardly. A normal healthy kutenok with a good psyche will be cheerful and friendly, willing to play, to make contact. It may even bark at a stranger.

As a rule, responsible breeders not only do not interfere, but, on the contrary, are willing to show you the conditions of keeping babies and parents. They will give advice on care and feeding and even will supervise "their" puppy shea the whole period of the dog's life.

How to feed

For the health and good growth of the little Shitsu need to properly feed.

Table of approximate baby feeding by month:

1.5-3 months Puppy fed 5-6 times a day,

3- 6 months - 4 times a day,

6 -12 months. - 3 times a day,

By 12 months, the puppy is almost formed and it is transferred to 2 meals a day - in the morning and in the evening.

During the day it is good to give a young dog food. This could be some kind of cartilage, special dog snacks, there may be vegetables, fruits - carrots, an apple, and the like.

Up to three months in the puppy's diet must be viscous boiled porridge (rolled oats, buckwheat) on milk or broth, cottage cheese - a source of calcium, thoroughly chopped boiled meat or poultry, egg. Vitamins according to age.

After 3 months of age, cooked meat and sea fish can be made into larger pieces. Do not forget about vegetables and fruits, dairy products, eggs.

If the dog is going to be fed with industrial feeds, it is necessary to start with canned food and milk mixes for spat, gradually adding dry food to the diet.

The dog has a wonderful, person-oriented character. The animal is in perfect contact with all households, children, and other pets. This is a great friend and companion for any age group.

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History of origin and description of the Shih Tzu breed

Before studying the description of the breed, it is worth referring to the history. For many years these beautiful doggies with a peculiar bite lived exclusively at the court of the Chinese emperors. Outside the country to export them is strictly prohibited. Violators even punished for it. Over time, the Shih Tzu dog appeared in European countries.

The dog is also called the "little lion". The fact is that this species appeared in Tibet, with which many legends are associated.

It is believed that white decorative shih-tzu accompanied the Buddha Manjushri himself during his wanderings around the world.

Legend has it that if the Buddha suddenly found himself in mortal danger, the dog turned into a huge, ferocious lion and protected his beloved master. Hence the pet's nickname.

For a long time these cute miniature dogs were sacred to Tibet. Only representatives of the imperial family and the highest aristocracy could have them. Interestingly, this breed could not be bought or sold for any money. Dogs simply presented as a gift. It was in this way that the Chinese emperor became the owner of this dog in the 17th century.

Characteristics of the breed are studied from ancient times. Already modern scientists have concluded that the DNA of this pet is not too different from the wolf. Nevertheless, the versions about the origin of this breed are mass, and it is almost impossible to determine exactly whether the history of the Shih Tzu breed originates in Tibet.

Characteristics and breed standard

It is imperative to study the description of the Shih Tzu breed if you want to become the owner of this four-footed friend.

For those who live in an apartment, this dog will be the best choice: he does not need daily physical exertion, at home he feels much more comfortable. It is easy to teach him to the tray. In general, the advantages of such a variety of many.

But in order to choose a true representative of the species, you need to understand what characteristics it is worth paying attention to first and foremost, what is the difference between a real shih tzu and a dog that will not be allowed into exhibitions.

The standard of the Tibetan Shih Tzu breed includes the following mandatory points:

  • The head of the dog has a rounded shape, the muzzle is even, without lengthening. As a rule, such a pet has pronounced dense antennae, and there is also a beard and a characteristic bite,
  • The dog's eyes are large, rounded. The hue depends on the coat color,
  • ears hang down, tight to the head. At the same time they are covered with thick hair,
  • the body has a rectangular shape, the back is straight, the puppy's weight is small,
  • The dog's limbs are rather short, but very strong,
  • a representative of this breed is characterized by a high tail setting, which is covered with thick hair,
  • Shih Tzu puppy has thick and long hair that does not curl. The breed standard does not provide for one characteristic color, but for the most part, preference is given to a dog that has white strands on its tail and face.

Expressive appearance and compact size are not the only advantages and features of the breed. However, many prefer such doggies precisely because they do not need much space in the apartment, and it is also not necessary to take time to bring them to the fresh air. Another key point: this pet is always very clean.

Character and education

Experienced experts, arguing about the Shih Tzu breed, are convinced that these doggies are more like a person in nature than their relatives. The dog gets along well in the new family, admitting to itself all its members. As for strangers, the dog will react to them wary, but will not show aggression, will rather show its key character traits - arrogance and a certain pride.

Such a mini-dog will not pester the owner if he sees that he is busy with his own affairs. However, if it is too long to ignore the pet, it will hurt. A puppy with a black or white color will be your real four-pawed companion. They have a calm, docile nature, so problems in the relationship of the pet with its owner should not arise.

In addition, such animals are so accustomed to the family that they do not single out one owner for themselves, and with the same kindness treat all households.

This is both a virtue and at the same time a lack of a breed, because a good housing guard or protector of a Shih Tzu family will definitely not work - he loves affection and attention too much.

Before you buy such a puppy, find out who this breed is most suitable for. For example, if small children live in your house, do not think that they will get along with the dog.

The little ones will want to play and “cuddle” this puppet mini-doggie, but its proud nature of such mockery will not endure. Therefore, conflicts between children and shih tzu are not excluded.

If your family has older children, a strong friendship between them and the pet is provided. It is worth thinking about acquiring such a puppy and the elderly.

The thing is that the shih tzu feel fine the mood of the owner and always express their love for him very clearly.

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Shitz will not only be a true friend. This is a very smart dog, which is not too difficult to raise even a beginner. That is why the training for months can begin shortly after the puppy appears in your home.

The life span of this dog is about 19 years, so this animal will live for quite some time in its new family.

A dog with a black, red or white color and a characteristic bite is acquired as a decorative one, therefore the main purpose of a representative of such a breed is to please the eye of its owner.

To shih-tzu become a true decoration of your home, on its appearance you have to work hard. The lion’s share of caring for this doggie includes bathing and combing wool.

This should be done regularly, otherwise the mats will start to form on the woolen cover, which is very difficult to fight with.

When a dog turns 10-12 months old, it begins to fade, and this process lasts about three weeks. At this time, combing should be carried out even more often than usual. As for bathing, it is performed once a month or as the puppy becomes polluted. If he has mats on the wool, in no case do not bathe the pet until it is thoroughly combed.

Some prefer to cut their pet for short, so that grooming is not so painstaking. However, keep in mind: if you want your four-footed friend to participate in various exhibitions, you should not cut it in any case.

However, grooming is not the only thing you have to do in the process of keeping a Shih Tzu dog. It is very important to regularly clean the ears of the pet, cut the claws, as well as monitor the condition of the eyes. Since the wool often gets into the puppy's eyes, they require special care.

They can become inflamed and redden. In this case, immediately contact your veterinarian for help.

Often, the owners of Shih Tzu face the problem of ticks and fleas, because his coat is very long and thick. Do not neglect the treatment with special preparations.

Otherwise, the dog will suffer from the strongest itch, combing out, and sometimes “tearing out” the shreds of its own wool. The weight of an adult dog is small, but due to a sedentary lifestyle, a pet may be obese.

Try not to overfeed your four-footed friend, and even at least once a week try to bring him to the fresh air and play with him in outdoor games.

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Speaking of feeding: the dog’s daily diet should contain as little fat as possible. Do not treat your pet with delicacies from the table, otherwise it will become fastidious in food. The optimal solution in the case of Shih Tzu - dry formulations.

You can translate your pet and feeding with natural products. The main part of the diet in this case will be meat (beef, rabbit, turkey). It is better to refuse chicken because it often causes allergic reactions in Shih Tzu.

A good dietary supplement is sea boiled fish.

The approximate cost of a puppy

Knowing how many representatives of the Shih Tzu breed live, many more will want to become owners of such pets, who are not only calm, affectionate, but also live quite a long time.

How much would a popular dog once cost the imperial court? Its approximate cost is about 25-30 thousand rubles and more, but this is only if, together with a puppy of black or white color, you receive the relevant documents testifying to his pedigree.

If you are not looking for a dog that will take part in various exhibitions, the cost of a puppy may be much lower. 5-11 thousand rubles - that's how much a pet will cost you exclusively for the soul.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pros and cons of a Shih Tzu breed dog are obvious. Of the benefits - high intelligence, as well as learning ability and undemanding in particular physical exertion.

This dog is very clean, so you won't have any problems with keeping it in the apartment. Pet character is docile and good-natured.

These little dogs do not grow too actively, so you can buy clothes for him and sew them by hand (you will use it for a long time).

As for the shortcomings of the breed, to those should be attributed the inability of the dog to protect the home and family. You will spend a lot of effort on monitoring the health of your four-legged friend.

Do not forget that loneliness is a real tragedy for such mini-dogs, unlike other decorative rocks.

Otherwise, there are no flaws: such a pet, when it grows up, will only decorate your life.

Amazing Shih Tzu: description, photo and character of the breed

Shih Tzu: description and photo of the breed

The Shih Tzu is a legendary Tibetan breed that is incredibly beautiful and has not lost its popularity for thousands of years.

For a long time such dogs were kept only in the imperial palaces and their removal outside the country was impossible, as the violators were severely punished. Then the influence of traditions somewhat weakened, and among these European nobility, these amazing and lovely companions also began to live.

It is unlikely that anyone can be indifferent to luxurious wool, flowing silk, intelligent eyes and defiant temper of this oriental beauty. No wonder in the course of history she was given the most poetic names - a lion, a chrysanthemum or a princess. By the way, it was believed that shih tzu were the favorite animals of the Buddha.

Сегодня приобрести такого щенка не представляет труда. Однако нужно понимать всю ответственность перед питомцем и обеспечить необходимые для его проживания условия. Важен и правильный выбор — покупать собаку стоит только у тех заводчиков, которые придерживаются стандартов породы.

Стандарт породы

This is a small, energetic and agile, very elegant dog. She has a short muzzle, long, thick and straight coat. "Chrysanthemum" call it for wool on the nose, growing up and sideways. The main requirements of the standard are:

  • height at withers - from 20 to 28 cm (bitches less than males),
  • weight - 4.5-7.2 kg, there are also “mini” individuals, less than 4.5 kg,
  • the coat is long, hard and straight, and the undercoat is thick, soft and thin,
  • coat color can be white, black, gold, red, cream or chocolate, white markings on the forehead and tip of the tail, as well as colors, representing a combination of 2-3 acceptable shades, are especially appreciated,
  • on the face, the fur should not be spotted,
  • ears: set high, drooping, tight to the head,
  • tail: set high, curled over the back, with decorating hair,
  • eyes: attentive, round, set wide,
  • pronounced withers and straight topline.

Standard dogs should move freely and gracefully, swiftly and proudly.

Care features

It’s not that shih tzu are too demanding to care for. The dog is quite agile, but does not require frequent long walks - it will be enough home games. However, such animals need to be bathed regularly and constantly combed wool - otherwise it will instantly lose its silkiness and coalesce.

However, if your dog does not participate in exhibitions, it can be cut short - it will make shih tzu even more fun, although it will deprive imperial grandeur. Care for trimmed shih tzu is no more difficult than for any other short-haired dog.

It is also required to regularly clean the eyes and ears, cut the claws - all these manipulations should be carried out from puppyhood so that the animal gets used to them. Be sure to know how to measure the temperature in a dog.

The most common breed diseases are:

  • otitis due to poor airing of constricted auricles,
  • periodontitis (to prevent dogs brushing their teeth),
  • problems with the airways (the animal often snores)
  • obesity as a result of low mobility and constant overfeeding.

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Dogs of medium breeds are considered universal. Compact size allows you to keep them in the apartment and on the street. If you are thinking about purchasing a dog, get acquainted with the features of these breeds in this article.

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Feeding features

Owners can choose for their pet natural or mixed type of feeding. The basis of the animal's diet consists of heat-treated meat, vegetable products (especially useful for Shi-tzu tomatoes), as well as dry fortified food.

A small puppy should eat foods at a total weight of 10% of their weight. and for adult dogs, this figure varies in the range of 3-5%. Dry food must be consistent with the age of the dog. Do not forget to put next to food and water.

How to choose a puppy

Before you get such a dog, think about what you need it for. As a loyal "couch" companion? For breeding or to participate in exhibitions? Naturally, in each of these cases, you should choose a dog of a particular class.

Do not forget to prepare the house for the appearance of a pet - bed, bowl, tray. Get all the necessary care accessories in advance.

The minimum age of a puppy that can be transported to a new home is 45 days. Choose a pet should be very, very carefully.

It is clear that buying “from hands” is not an option, because it is necessary to evaluate not only the appearance of the animal, but also the conditions in which it lived.

It is necessary to look “alive” at the parents - so, if the mother is well-groomed, with healthy hair, then it is obvious that the puppy developed well in the womb, and therefore received the necessary nutrients during lactation.

When choosing, be sure to clarify a few points with the breeder:

  • how often and what exactly do puppies eat,
  • were they vaccinated,
  • whether kids can eat on their own.

Be sure to buy only an active puppy with a healthy coat. easy to contact and non-aggressive - to be guided by a feeling of pity when choosing in no case can not, as well as overestimate their ability to trainer.

Sluggish and dirty puppies are not the best choice. Also, it is not necessary to buy animals with a pronounced belly - such a defect suggests that the dog is infected with worms or that its food was from the very beginning of poor quality - in the future you will hardly get a healthy and well-kept animal from such an instance, even if you do your best.

It is preferable to purchase a small dog, a puppy, who from the very beginning of his life will interact with your family. If you want to buy an adult dog, then get ready for the "transitional" period - you will have to make efforts so that your pet confides and accepts you.

How much is a puppy?

The average cost of a Shih Tzu puppy is 450-500 dollars for an animal with documents confirming the breed. Puppies without pedigree will cost 2 times cheaper, but on the podium for such dogs the way is ordered.

The price is almost not affected by age and color, but the cost dependence on the puppy class is significant:

  • a show class is exclusively for exhibitions: you will have to take care of such a dog very carefully, as well as conduct special classes, the cost of a show puppy can go up to $ 2,000,
  • Breed class - for breeding, also implies frequent visits to exhibitions,
  • pet-class - that is, exclusively for the soul, on the sofa: such animals are problematic in breeding, do not participate in exhibitions, but the price of puppies is the lowest ($ 100-200).

Breed standards and selection rules for a puppy

This breed of dogs simply can not leave anyone indifferent, they are very pretty and beautiful. Their luxurious fur, like silk, smart little eyes and perky, cheerful, light character will fall on many people in narva. Dogs of this breed were given the most beautiful names - chrysanthemum, lion, princess. In ancient times it was believed that dogs of this particular breed were the favorites of the Buddha.

Previously, such dogs were kept only at the imperial yards and could not be taken out of the country. Later, this breed began to appear in other European countries. We are today such a puppy can be purchased in our country.

However, anyone who wants to get a pet should understand that this is a huge responsibility to a living being, because you need to provide him with everything he needs.

Popular and beautiful

Shih Tzu - a very beautiful breed of pets and very popular in our time. This dog simply amazes everyone with its aristocratic manner, beautiful appearance, special charm, mischievous character.

In antiquity, it was even believed that these dogs bring happiness to their owners. This dog breed is considered Tibetan and has been popular for many millennia. Shih tzu is a pretty clever dog and obedient.

Great for those people who have a family, and children, elderly relatives in the family. She will serve them faithfully, will be an excellent friend and companion, always amuse and will not let them lose heart. What is one of her appearance with a cute attractive face and a beautiful mane.

The dog is a breed of shih tzu that is distinguished by its upbringing and serenity, requiring a lot of attention from family members. They just can't stand loneliness and boredom.

The attention of the owner and warmth are very important for such pets. The good news is that this breed is long-lived, with proper care, they can live for about twenty years.

For them there is no need for large and active physical exertion, so tzu can live quietly in apartment conditions. They easily learn to go to the toilet on the home tray.

But, sometimes he is not averse to fooling around and playing games in the fresh air.

As for breed standards

In general, this is a miniature, lively and energetic breed of dogs. The muzzle is short and looks like a chrysanthemum flower, the nose grows up and in all directions, which is why the shea dog received such a second name “chrysanthemum”. The height of the standard should be from twenty to twenty-eight centimeters.

Weight ranges from four to seven and a half kilograms. Of course, bitches have lower rates than males. The coat is usually long and thick. The coat color is different: white, brown, chocolate, black, red. Since the coat is thick, it requires careful maintenance.

And, as an adult, her wool can cause quite a few troubles, owners should be ready for this initially. Ears - set wide, hang. The tail is thrown backwards, set high. Dogs should move beautifully and gracefully, in accordance with the breed standard. They are very ambitious and compact.

Especially dwarf rocks - up to 4, 5 kilograms.

Breed of a dog shi tzu has majestic features, aristocracy and mannerism, independence. But despite this, puppies shi tzu from a young age strongly attached to people. They are very loving, but silent, barking rarely.

They love small children, take them "for their own." If the owner will leave, the dog can quietly howl and whine, so hard it is experiencing this fact - loneliness. Also shih tzu get along well with other animals.

Puppies shi tzu, while still quite kids can already experience friendship to each other. They are fun and loving. By character similar as a terrier. Therefore, almost everyone, both adults and children, love shi dogs.

Of course, as a terrier, they will not be able to fulfill the roles of a guard and a hunter, because they are so cheerful and sociable. Although with strangers, they may show coldness and distrust.

Proper care

A dog of this breed is not very demanding in the care. Long and active walks do not require, go to the tray on their own, do not enter into conflicts. However, the long and thick coat of a dog requires constant care, like a terrier.

Wool is required to constantly comb, otherwise it will badly affect the appearance of the dog, the wool may lose its healthy appearance and silkiness, it will be taken up in lumps and even worse it will start to fall, and this can not be allowed!

To teach to care for the hair should be started when the puppies are very small. If the dog does not participate in exhibitions, it is quite possible to cut it shorter. You need to regularly clean your pet ears and eyes, cut the claws.

These actions should also be carried out when the puppies shih tzu are still very tiny. You also need to brush your teeth and do other necessary hygiene procedures. Proper care is very important. Then your dog can become a winner and participants in various competitions and exhibitions.

And you will surely be proud of it.

Of course, the advantages of this breed of dogs more than disadvantages. However, I would like to note the following: the disadvantages of keeping this breed of dogs, Shih Tzu, include the following:

  • If you want to have a guard, then this breed will not suit you, for example, as a terrier. They are very affectionate and kind in nature.
  • The second minus is the demanding and time-consuming pet grooming, it requires constant care and attention, which can take a lot of time.
  • Virtually do not tolerate inattention and loneliness, they can not be left alone, you need a lot of attention. If you work a lot, or stay at home a little, then this breed of dog will not suit you.

Something about health

The health of tzu dogs is quite strong, they are long-lived. Of course, a lot depends on nutrition and care. It is important to properly care for the ears, eyes, mouth, teeth. After all, disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

It is imperative to avoid blows to the skull, because of this anatomical structure, the eyeball can fall out of the dog when struck. Therefore, it is important to inspect the eyes of these dogs daily. Dogs are prone to eye disease, otitis.

It is recommended to trim the wool on the ears, in order to avoid problems with the ears of the pet, after bathing to wipe dry. Possible problems with the spine. It is required to more carefully protect the animal from parasites.

A lot of attention should be paid to the dog's coat, this applies to its health in order to avoid swallowing wool and lumps. Also keep track of the pet's weight, the extra weight does not need this breed.

If planning a dog mating, also consult a specialist to get it right for the health of the dog.

Feed properly

Many dog ​​owners love to feed them with dry food, this is decided individually by each owner, the main thing is that the food should be varied, useful and balanced.

Dry feed should be of high quality and premium class. Do not forget that the dog likes to drink, often change its water. What to feed the dog you need to know in advance. This breed of dogs needs special nutrition, and this issue needs attention, because shi tzu can have many problems with the stomach and intestines. This is their weak point, especially follow the required shih tzu puppies.

If natural food in the menu should not be present meat, here is such a feature. And only liquid food, soups and cereals. It is better to consult a veterinarian on the issue of nutrition of this breed of dogs, this is their vulnerable spot.

Choosing a puppy

Buying and buying a dog of this breed is better in good clubs and kennels, where proven mating and pedigree. The puppy must be healthy and meet the standards.

Buying such dogs from the hands of a very risky business, it is not known with whom there was mating.

And specialized kennels are responsible for the quality of breeding of such breeds can knit them competently, also give a lot of tips and recommendations on the maintenance and care. It is also important that your pet has all the necessary documents and information.

Pay attention to how the pet behaves, it is cheerful, playful, with a strong build and beautiful wool. Knitting should occur only with purebred dogs. It is important to look at the parents of the dog live, to evaluate their appearance, especially the mother - the dog.

The minimum age to have such a puppy is about forty-five days. Not worth it before. The average cost of puppies is about four hundred - five hundred dollars. With the condition that the dog has a passport and documents that can confirm its breed.

If you want to buy a dog without a pedigree, it can get you much cheaper, about two times. Such dogs are divided into classes. Special class for exhibitions and competitions - show class. For the price of the most expensive. Caring for them is also more expensive and thorough. It is required to conduct certain classes, which also cost a lot.

Bridge - class - for breeding pets, such dogs can also participate in exhibitions and shows. And the simplest class is just for the soul, they do not participate in exhibitions, therefore their price is one hundred - two hundred dollars. What exactly you want from the animal, you decide. But regardless of how much a pet costs, he needs care, food, your love and care.

Do not forget to prepare in advance for the arrival of the pet. Prepare her place, tray, place to sleep, eat and rest. Others necessary for the growth and development of accessories.


Shi-tzu training can take a lot of time and effort until the first results appear. They do not quite like to comply with the commands and requirements. Better ate it will be a specialist in training. They are not created for the team "face", so very kind and can not offend another animal. They need training for discipline and education first of all.

Features of the breed and character

Dog breeds shih tzu the literal name of which is translated from Chinese as "lion" is unusually sweet. Looking at her, most people are touched, mistakenly believing that this supposedly meek plush dog is not at all capable of delivering trouble to its owners, being a sofa individual.

They, of course, are mistaken. And if the owners themselves think so, then this can turn even into a catastrophe in the process of development of a small puppy. In addition to the "cubs", these dogs have the nickname of "chrysanthemum" dogs - due to the fact that the fur on the face resembles the petals of this flower.

Breeders are still arguing about where and when it appeared dog breed shih tzu. According to one of the versions, dogs have Tibetan roots. In any case, the ancient prints found there, described the breed, very reminiscent of "chrysanthemum."

According to the Buddhist legend, a small dog “ha-pa” accompanied the Buddha on a journey, turning into moments of danger into an angry king of beasts. The people of Tibet revered these brave crumbs.

There is a version that dogs have European roots, having come to Tibet from Byzantium. Finally, the breeders version states that the Shih Tzu were formed by mixing Lhasa Apso and Pekingese. Sennenhund involved in this process.

By the nature of this dog companion, which is difficult given loneliness. They are attached to their human family. But at the same time they have a rather contradictory nature. Contrary to short stature, animals consider themselves to be kings, and the owners as attendants.

Но стоит простить питомцу этот маленький огрех, ведь он очень умен! Интеллект его отмечают все селекционеры. К тому же, если все-таки верить легенде, то долго местом содержания четвероногих являлись только дворцы. Поэтому аристократичность считывается на генетическом уровне.

It is worth adding that the dog has a difficult temperament, so it is very important to train him in time so that he masters the role of an educated leader. Moreover, shih tzu is very easy to teach, despite the fact that some sources are described as gentle and lazy. Some even suggest that the dog has a sense of humor.

Care and maintenance

The dog has a beautiful coat, which is very capricious in the care. Therefore, those who are distinguished by negligence or lack of time, with this dog is clearly not on the way. The process of combing for this breed should be added to the list of daily routine affairs. From time to time it is required shearing dogs shih tzu.

As with other breeds, attention needs to be paid to ears that need to be cleaned, claws that need to be shortened weekly, as well as eyes that need to be cleaned.

In a word, if the owner is a grumer, then the dog is very lucky. Without proper maintenance, the dog risks acquiring the form of an untidy dog, and if hygienic measures are violated, this is completely fraught with diseases.

So, for the care of the coat you will need at least two tools - a metal brush and a comb. With their help, not only combing is performed, but also the prevention of tangles.

After all, it is very difficult to get rid of the latter in the future, you will have to cut it off. Combing a dog requires knowledge of certain technologies. So, it will be convenient to divide the wool tracks on the back into several separate ones, and then comb each of them.

Despite the capricious care of wool, it is not recommended to bathe dogs more than twice a month. The water should be warm enough, about 40 degrees.

This procedure requires the use of special shampoos. During the process, it is important to thoroughly process the anal glands, as they are often inflamed. After bathing, the dog is dried with a hairdryer.

It is most difficult to care for shih tzu with light hair. Of course, shih tzu - dog, which and on a photo It looks spectacular, and in life, without any photoshop and additional retouching, has a very spectacular appearance, but this is precisely the situation where beauty requires sacrifice.

Well, or just a lot of time. And if there is none, then you should entrust the care to professionals, although this is an additional item of expenditure.

Among the breeders, there is an unspoken set of rules regarding feeding a four-legged friend. First, food intake is carried out strictly according to the schedule and only in a specially designated place. Secondly, the food is placed in a bowl, not on the floor.

Thirdly, the volume of servings is controlled, usually it is 5% of the mass of the animal at the age and about 10% - if we are talking about puppies. In the fourth, the dog should not look like a skinny, with a sunken stomach, and overfed.

Shi Tzu Adult Dogs can eat no more than two times a day. Meals should include sour milk type kefir and natural yogurt, as well as porridge. For puppies suitable cereals, boiled in milk, for example, oatmeal.

Meat for a dog should be boiled slightly, and vegetables should be cooked in oil or fish oil. Sea fish is also suitable, boiled eggs are also allowed, but not more than two pieces per week.

At the age of three to seven months, the dog renews its teeth, so additional calcium-containing vitamins and supplements will be needed. At this time it is worthwhile to discourage the dog from solid food.

Very important for shi tzu drinking mode - fresh liquid should not be transferred in a bowl and be in a constant field of view of the dog. As for a different breed, for these “cubs” there is a forbidden list of products. True, in many respects it is similar to the human "prohibition".

Fatty, fried, smoked and salty foods are not allowed in the diet, sweets are not recommended, as well as raw liver and bones. Do not give fatty meat and river fish, as well as legumes, as this is reflected in excessive gassing.

The dog should not know the taste of potatoes, as well as pastries, spices and barley. Definitely worth forgetting pasta and corn porridge. In general, the temperature of the food should be at room temperature.

On average, dogs of this breed are able to live from 15 to 17 years, staying in vigor and health. But this does not mean that they do not tend to hurt. Typical diseases of this breed - early loss of teeth, tumors in the mouth. There may be problems with the spine, even paralysis.

It would be strange to avoid problems with such thick luxurious wool. It is often settled parasites such as fleas and ticks, but often dandruff. The latter is a sign that the quadruped friend does not have enough micronutrients or the skin care products are not suitable.

If you do not notice small wounds in time, then an abscess often develops, especially when it is wet and stuffy outside. If you run this ailment, you will need the help of a specialist.

Ears are also affected by parasites. In addition, the older the dog, the higher the likelihood that he will deafen. In addition, this breed is subject to inguinal hernia, renal failure, cataracts, atopy, torsions of the eyelids, various fungi, urolithiasis.

Shi Tzu dog, price which is declared lower than 20-25 thousand rubles, most likely, is not a thoroughbred, but a mixture. Either has a culling defect. In any case, the breeders do not recommend paying attention to too lucrative offers concerning the sale of purebred dogs.

Before buy a dog shi tzu, it is worth asking all the necessary documents, vaccinations, the presence of pedigree.

It would be nice to make acquaintance with the parents of the coveted puppy, to ensure their physical and mental health. These simple tips will help to avoid throwing away unknown finances and get a thoroughbred friend with an excellent sociable disposition.

Appearance and breed standard with photos

The Shih Tzu Standard, which guides the National Breed Club of the Russian Federation, was developed by the British Shih Tzu Club and is recognized by the International Kennel Club, which serves as the breed curator. Its latest edition was published by the international canine organization FCI in 2011.

The standard regulates the group, purpose, appearance, size of the Shih Tzu and some of the distinctive features of the breed:

  1. According to the FCI classification, Shih Tzu are classified as Tibetan breeds (section 5) of companion dogs (group 9). There are no working tests for it.
  2. A dog of strong build, with abundant long hair. The height at the withers should not exceed 26.7 cm and be less than the length of the line extending from the withers to the base of the tail.
  3. For its size it is rather heavy - an ideal weight of 4.5-7.5 kg, allowable up to 8.1 kg.
  4. Voluminous, rounded head with a distinct transition from the forehead to the wide, square, flat face. On the face are not allowed folds, wrinkles, pigmentation is not welcome. The transition from the forehead to the base of the nose (feet) begins from the lower line of the eyes. Thanks to the fur growing on the back of the nose in the direction of "up", the shortened face resembles a chrysanthemum flower.
  5. The nose is not long, but not too short - about 2.54 cm (1 inch). A straight or slightly upright shape is acceptable. Not desirable lowered nose, giving the dog a dull look. Nostrils wide. Color lobes varies from dark brown to black depending on the color of the dog.
  6. Lips are not wet, tightly closed on the same level. Wide jaws with not pronounced undershot (tick-borne) or straight (edge ​​to edge) bite. Between the canines from 4 to 6 incisors. With a smaller amount of a dog is not recommended for breeding.
  7. The height of an adult Shih Tzu breed dog does not exceed 26.7 cm.

Big, wide-set eyes of dark color. Light colored dogs may tolerate lighter iris coloration. Visible whites of the eyes are undesirable. The expression of the eyes attentive, soft, meaningful.

  • The ears are rather large, long, hanging, located below the crown. Thick skin on the ear canopy is welcome. Abundant cover is required adorning hair, reaching to the hair on the neck.
  • The neck is beautifully arched, proportional to the head.
  • The constitution is muscular, elastic, with well palpable ribs. Thorax wide, long, deep, lowered. The back is flat, straight, turning into a strong, well articulated lower back. The back of the taut, no waist.
  • Beautiful, well-pubescent tail, curved in the form of a “handle teapot”, just the tip touches the back. Extremely undesirable low tail landing. The ideal height - to the level of the skull.
  • The forelegs with strong shoulders are laid back. The length must match the exterior: not long, but not too short. The hind limbs are strong, well muscled, when viewed from behind - straight. Feet with elastic, rounded well-pubescent pads.
  • Movement smooth, free. The front limbs "blow out" far forward. Paws without eversion. The hind limbs, when moving, make a powerful pusher movement.
  • Sexual dimorphism is not pronounced. In males, two testicles are fully embedded in the scrotum.
  • Important. There are several types of Shih Tzu intrabreed: European, American, Scandinavian. The differences between them are minor. In Russia, the European version is more common.

    The maximum allowable weight for an adult Shih Tzu is 8 kg.

    Type of coat and colors

    Flowing silky hair with a moderate undercoat gives a special charm of shih-tzu. The standard is not welcome curly, excessively fluffy, interfering with the see and move wool.

    Monotone and spotty color types are allowed.

    Among the common colors:

    • golden white
    • red and white
    • black and white
    • white and blue
    • spotty white,
    • silvery white.

    Less common:

    • black mask on gold,
    • monotonous black,
    • monotonous white,
    • monotone red
    • creamy white
    • chocolate
    • creamy chocolate

    In case of spotted coloration, white markings on the forehead and tip of the tail are desirable.

    Character, temperament, relationship

    The character and temperament of the Shih Tzu fully meet their purpose - to be a devoted companion. Chrysanthemum dogs are active, friendly, loyal to all family members. They are closely watching the owner, catching any nuances of his mood, get along well with children, taking part in their games and entertainment.

    Important. Shih Tzu do not show aggression towards the cats and dogs living next to them. But in such a neighborhood, you should carefully watch out so that the little dog is not accidentally scratched during side games.

    Shih Tzu dogs are great companions for the whole family.

    Eye care

    The big expressive eyes of the Shih Tzu require a daily inspection. At the first signs of the inflammatory process, the detection of white spots on the iris, increased tearing should consult a doctor.

    After inspection, the eyes are rubbed with a special lotion, and long locks of hair near the eyes are collected in the tails, otherwise the flow from the eyes and the appearance of tear ducts will not be avoided.

    Walking with the dog should not make sudden jerks leash, so as not to provoke dislocation of the eyeball.

    Ear care

    The ears are checked regularly. Moistened with a cotton swab in a veterinary preparation, they remove the accumulated dirt and sulfuric emissions, carefully blot and wipe their ears with a napkin.

    Shih tzu ears require constant inspection and care.

    One of the necessary procedures is to pluck hair from the ear canals. In order to minimize discomfort, the animal is trained to the procedure from an early age. At first, the baby is pulled out by 1-2 hairs, gradually increasing their number.

    Claws and paws

    Claw and paw care consists of weekly claw clipping. For clipping use nippers-kogterezki.

    Particular attention is paid to claws growing on the fifth fingers of the front paws. Located above the other fingers on the inside of the pads, they do not rub off when walking and twist and break without trimming, making the dog uncomfortable.

    Teeth care

    Failure to follow the rules of dental hygiene leads to an unpleasant odor, the formation of tartar, inflammation, bleeding of the gums, loss of teeth and, as a result, indigestion and deterioration of the dog's health.

    To maintain strong, white teeth:

    • periodically examine the oral cavity and brush their teeth every week with a small toothbrush using veterinary toothpaste,
    • remove tartar at a veterinary clinic,
    • To prevent tooth decay, special chewing sticks are given to pets.

    Shih Tzu is bathed at least once a month and before exhibitions.

    Dogs shi tzu washed with special shampoos for long-haired dogs.

    Bath procedure consists of:

    • pre-combing wool
    • preparation of the bath (an anti-slip mat is placed on the bottom),
    • washing with shampoo with water t + 39 ºC,
    • thorough cleaning of the anal glands to prevent inflammation and boils,
    • washing the detergent with plenty of water
    • applying a balm containing emollient oils or vitamin E,
    • toweling a pet, wrapping it in a dry diaper for 3-5 minutes,
    • drying of hair with a hair dryer, tuned to a warm mode, to avoid coil and pellets.


    To keep the shih tzu in order, the owner will have to spend money on brushes, combs, and cosmetics. Dogs are combed at least once every 2-3 days, and better daily. Without constant thorough combing, the wool must roll and pile.

    When combing observe a certain sequence:

    1. Begin with the hind legs of the animal lying on its side. Each strand is combed separately, making upward movements, then vice versa. Strands pre-sprinkled with a means to facilitate combing (spray, conditioner).
    2. Plicas carefully disassemble hands, cut them only as a last resort. Having brushed the hair with a metal or stiff hair massage brush, a metal comb with alternating teeth of different lengths are passed along it.
    3. Transferring to combing the front paws, tummy, armpits.
    4. Placing the dog gently combing the hair on the back, holding from the line of the spine to the paws.
    5. The head is combed with care. Start at the back of the dog's ears. Mustache combed out, dividing them into equal parts and directing to the bottom. Chelochku collected in the tail.
    The long, silky wool of shea tzu is regularly combed and unraveled tangles.

    Important. Special patience is required when changing puppy hair to an adult. Usually the molt begins at 10-12 months of life and lasts about three weeks. During this period, wool is most susceptible to stalling and the formation of mats. A puppy is combed daily, sometimes in tricks.

    Shih Tzu haircuts

    Shih Tzu require regular haircuts. You can cut dogs at home or in specialized salons.

    According to their purpose and complexity of haircuts are divided into several types:

    1. Hygienic. The most simple in execution. Each owner can perform this procedure independently. Usually, wanting to save yourself from the trouble of caring for a coat, the dog is simply trimmed with a typewriter, but this procedure does not give it special beauty.
    2. Model haircuts. They have many variations. Pet can be decorated with a fluffy tail, cut under a hedgehog, poodle, lion, teddy bear or puppy.
    3. Creative haircuts performed in the salons by experienced professionals. The result depends only on the master's imagination. Usually the work includes coloring, toning, decorating with various accessories.

    Preparation for the exhibition

    Preparation for the exhibition requires professional grooming. Better to do it in a proven cabin.

    For the exhibition, a Shih Tzu doggie is prepared in a professional salon.

    The preparation process includes:

    • thorough combing
    • bathing using professional shampoos, rinses, conditioners,
    • professional manicure,
    • cleaning the nose, ears, eyes,
    • haircut, leveling, dyeing, bleaching wool, top notes.

    How to feed shih tzu

    Shi-tzu with pleasure eats dry food, canned dog food and puchi, porridges cooked especially for her, meat and even leftovers from the master's table. The main thing is that the diet is balanced, and there are no products harmful to the dog.

    When choosing a diet from concentrates, preference is given to feeds for dogs of small breeds of premium class (Piccolo, Purina One, etc.) or holistic. Brand of food is chosen taking into account the individual characteristics of the pet. Twice a month, dogs are treated to meat and vegetables.

    When feeding with natural products in the menu include:

    • oatmeal, rice, buckwheat porridge,
    • boiled or boiled meat (veal, beef, turkey, rabbit),
    • boiled, raw vegetables or vegetable puree,
    • dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir, ryazhenka),
    • eggs,
    • boiled sea fish,
    • beef offal
    • fish oil, vegetable and butter, sour cream, sea kale, berries, fruits, honey, meat and bone meal as a vitamin-mineral supplement.
    Shih Tzu breed dogs are fed with special feeds for small breeds or natural products.

    When catering, remember that:

    • cooked food must be fresh, concentrates are not expired,
    • food residues (except dry food) should be thrown away,
    • New products should be introduced into the menu in small portions and carefully monitor the possible manifestations of allergy (violation of stool, vomiting, increased salivation and tearing, rash, redness on the skin, fading and loss of hair),
    • в меню не рекомендуется вводить свинину, сырую печень, кукурузу, горох и другие бобовые, картофель, речную рыбу, сою, готовые корма, содержащие эти продукты,
    • куриное мясо у многих ши тцу вызывает аллергию,
    • нельзя прикармливать собаку копченостями и сладостями, продуктами содержащими пряные специи, чипсами,
    • as a reward, dogs are given crackers (without additives and salt), drying, treats, sold in pet shops,
    • the dog must have constant access to fresh water.

    Up to 4 months of age, babies are fed 4 times a day, at 4 months they are transferred to 3 meals a day, they are transferred to an adult ration in 8-12 months. The daily rate of natural food for puppies in the range of 4-7% of its weight, an adult dog 2-4%, the rate of concentrates is indicated by the manufacturer on the package.

    An adult Shih Tzu breed dog is fed 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening, after a walk.

    Important. After each feeding, the dog's face is washed with warm water and wiped with a napkin.

    Health and life expectancy

    Like most of the ancient breeds, Shih Tzu has strong immunity and excellent health. But she also has weak points. Dogs are prone to eye diseases (cataracts, loss of the eyeball, lacrimation, eyelid torsion, conjunctivitis), tooth loss, tartar formation, skin inflammation, and ear diseases.

    Frequent spinal injuries and heart failure in old age.

    With proper care and good nutrition, Shih Tzu live 11-15 years. But long-livers are also known, which have pleased the hosts for two decades.