The most beautiful horse in the world


The grace and elegance of the horse lines fascinate. These animals are the personification of beauty and nobility. The eyes of the horses are bottomless and wise, I want to look at them endlessly. Without exception, animal lovers allocate horses to the top of the most beautiful animals in the world.

You can make a rating of the most magnificent breeds, each representative of which is elegant and attractive. With proper care, the horses from the list below will demonstrate amazing aesthetic indicators.

English riding horse

As the name implies, the breed comes from England. The horses of this race are graceful and graceful. The suits of representatives of purebred English riding monophonic. Most often you can see red, brown, black, bay.

The bones of horses are thin, which ensures the lightness and airiness of the horse’s movements. Through the shiny wool and thin elastic skin, muscles and tendons stand out in relief. The head of the animal has an elongated nape and is dry. Withers high and long. There are no brushes on the legs of such a horse.

If we talk about the character of the English horseman, then she has a pronounced vigor and temperament of choleric. This allows you to achieve a quick response to the team and enhance the effectiveness of training. The horse is ready to give all its strength during training and performances.

The objectivity of breeding such light and fast breeds is associated with the advent of small arms. The closest relatives of the English horsemen were the oriental racers. Breeding was based on the speed of an individual during the races. Breeders of royal stables used to breed mares with Spanish or Hungarian blood. The stallions were strictly from the east. After the appearance of this breed, equestrian sport in England received its active development.

It is difficult for representatives of the Frieze breed to remain indifferent. Blacktail animals are always in the spotlight. Argued that this breed is the most beautiful in the world. A long, highly set neck and with an elegant curve makes the gait and posture of the animal magnificent.

The eye is attracted by an unusually long and luxurious mane and tail. The horse's legs are decorated with puffy brushes covering the hooves. In addition to the black color, you can often find Frieze bay suit.

Horses are distinguished by irrepressible energy and peaceful nature. For lovers of riding, this combination of horse qualities will be optimal. Friezes perfectly cope with trips in harness and under the saddle with dressage elements. Beautiful lynx makes Vries especially gorgeous when he is harnessed to a carriage.

Turkmen horse breeders are proud of the product of their labor - the stunning Akhal-Teke horses. Harmony physique - this is the first thing that attracts attention in this breed. Representatives of the breed demonstrate dryness, which is predictable in the conditions in which they were bred.

The graceful light head of an animal is decorated with beautiful ears. On the face stand out huge expressive eyes. The neck of the animal is especially long and thin, which adds to the horse grace. The same effect is brought in the image of thin long legs. All this makes the horse elegant and light. With proper care, the Akhal-Teke demonstrates a shiny, shiny skin that makes the horse sparkle and shine in the light. For the health of horses of this breed, it is recommended to feed them with a small amount of high-calorie feed.

The horses of this breed are notable for their arrogant, ardent character. At the same time there are legends about their devotion. They are accustomed to care and attention and are very attached to their owners. Some representatives even show some effeminacy and capriciousness. Some breeders perceive the horse's inability to get used to the new owner as a difficult temper.

Akhal-Teke horses shake their endurance. They easily withstand long-distance running and do without water for a long time.

About the Arabian horses did not hear just lazy. This is one of the oldest breeds, which deserved the title of the most beautiful in the world. The head and the muzzle of the animal are unique in shape. Smooth movements and expressive eyes fascinate both the townsfolk and professional breeders.

The origin of the breed is still not exactly known. In the east, special protuberances on the forehead of the animal were considered a divine mark, and the horse itself was a gift from Heaven. Usually, these horses run with their tail held high, which is considered a sign of pride. When breeding the breed, strict isolation was observed, which excluded the addition of foreign blood. At the present stage in horse breeding, the Arabian horses are used to improve the quality indicators of other breeds.

The most beautiful horses of Russia

Rossi has some of its magnificent breeds. In total, more than 30 breeds were bred. Among them, three deserve special attention, as they compare favorably with others by their aesthetic qualities.

Count Orlov invested a lot in the breeding of this breed, which was the reason for choosing such a name. In the 18-19 century, these horses were already known around the world and received deserved recognition.

Oryol racers quickly and easily gaining speed. Their physique is distinguished by grace and grace. The usual color for this breed is shades of gray and gray in apples.

Representatives of this breed are divided into three types of exterior: massive, dry and intermediate. Classic Orlovsky - is a large harmoniously built horse. Its weight on average reaches 500-550 kg with an increase in 161-162 cm.

The genetic feature of Orlovskih horses is the ability to run fast trot. A steeply curved neck and a proud posture give the horse a fascinating effect.

Yakut horses are the most unusual in this list. They are characterized by a dense shaggy wool about 15 cm long. This allows you to endure the hard frosts of their homeland. Most often, representatives of the breed are gray, brown or bay color.

Yakut horses can easily find food right under the snow. The main purpose of the animal is the transportation of goods. Also locals breed mares for milk and meat.

Russian Don Horse

Russian Don horse belongs to the harness-riding. The first representatives of the breed appeared in the Rostov region in the 18th century. They were the result of crossing Rostov steppe horses, Turkmen, Persian and Turkish horses.

The elongated limbs and body of horses give them grace, and small ears and a rare mane - a special charm. Most often, the Russian Don horses are found in brown and red color. The tail and mane are always slightly darker. This is a wonderful breed for riding and teaching children.

The most beautiful horses of the world

The fifth place in the ranking of the most beautiful horses in the world is given to the Don horse. This is a supreme dungeon breed that was bred in the 18-19 centuries. Moreover, in Russia, on the territory of the present Rostov region, the Don Cossacks. And this breed is perhaps the most distinctive clockwork in the country. The ancestors of the Don horse are steppe-type horses, which for quite a long time have been improved by stallions of oriental breeds, as well as thoroughbred horses. Eastern producers (these are Turkish, Karabakh, Persian, Turkmen) fell to the Cossacks as trophies during the period of the Turkish wars.

Don breed is a large growth (approximately 165 centimeters at the withers) and elegance. The horse is distinguished by good health and durability, as well as eastern breed. In modern representatives of the suit red or brown in different shades. There are horses of golden hue with dark mane and tail. The most beautiful horses in the world, as can be seen in the photo or video, are great for triathlon, jumping, running, amateur sports, as well as teaching kids to ride. Don horses can be used both under the saddle and in light sledding. By the way, it is not uncommon to find such a breed in the mounted police or cavalry.

The most beautiful horses-inspirers

The Orlov trotter appeared through complex interbreeding with the Arab, Dutch, Danish, Mecklandburg rocks. Now the horse is known as the root of the Russian troika. Orlovtsy are very popular at various international horse auctions. And use them under the saddle as sports and pleasure horses.

The Orlov trotter is able to bend the neck very beautifully and hold his head, so it looks great in sledding. It is widely used in driving. The horse is incredibly beautiful and harmoniously composed, temperamental and good-looking. Not for nothing is the proud posture, grace, high movements, as well as fluffy tails and mane inspired many writers to work. About orlovtsah wrote Tolstoy and Kuprin. An example of a literary work can be the book "Grandson of Taloni" by Peter Shiryaev, where the Orlov trotter, Flattery, is glorified. The breed is also imprinted on the paintings known by the authors. Often the artist Nikolai Sverchkov addressed the most beautiful horse. Skakun also became the hero of the movie “Rysak” and “Fortress”.

The most beautiful horses - long-livers

Arab horse is famous all over the world. It is distinguished by endurance, especially at distances of more than 100 miles. Therefore, the Arabian horse is used in horse racing and horse racing. Suitable for horses and amateur equestrian sports, and for non-professional riding.

It is worth noting that many breeds of horses still cross with the Arabian breed. This is done to improve the breed. Breeding work is designed to preserve and develop the best qualities of the Arabian racers.

The most beautiful horse: ambiguous leader

The Akhal-Teke horse is a horse breed of horses, and that literally everyone knows. It was developed on the territory of modern Turkmenistan (Ahal-Teke) about 5 thousand years ago. Akhal-Teke is the oldest cultural breed. And it had its influence on a number of others - Arabic, English racing and others. This is truly the most beautiful horse in the world among the purebred breeds. She is called the reference horse. For several millennia, Akhal-Teke have not interbred with anyone.

Uniquely beautiful breed adapted to the dry hot climate, able to acclimatize in other places. And in appearance the horse can not be confused with anyone. Thanks to their forms, the Akhaltekans obtained a comparison with cheetahs and greyhounds. The look is dominated by long lines. At the same time, the Akhal-Teke horse is known for its fine mental organization. The breed is smart and not used to show their feelings to the public. However, she is loyal and attached to her master. Therefore, many athletes who are accustomed to trouble-free and more phlegmatic half-breeds, consider the most beautiful horses in the world to be hard at work.

The most beautiful horse in the world - controversy continues

Some call the most beautiful horse in the world of Akhal-Teke, however, there is an opinion that there are more beautiful breeds. For example, Friesian horse or frieze. It was bred in Friesland, a province in the north of the Netherlands, in the 16-17 century. The result was friezes by crossing the local “cold-blooded” breed and Spanish horses (this happened during the occupation of Spain by the Netherlands).

In the West, Friezes are sometimes called “Black Pearls”, as this is one of the most beautiful and unusual breeds in the world. Twice the Frisian horses were on the verge of extinction, however, the Dutch horse breeders helped the breed from the prepared fate. Friezes are considered to be heavy. These are horse-footed horses (there are friezes hanging on their feet).

The most beautiful horse in the world has received the prestigious status for grace and harmony. Friezes create a feeling of majesty and splendor. Those who see a horse for the first time are said to be breathtaking. Frieze is tall, effective and capable. He looks down on the world around him. Giants are good-natured, comfortable to ride and not quick-tempered.

Arabian thoroughbred

Legends about this breed of horses are called “the wealth of the East”, a gift from Allah, oriental pearl. Of course, we are talking about one of the most ancient and purest breeds in the world - the Arabian horses. Just one look at the photo of this animal is enough to say - this is the most beautiful horse in the world. Some sources indicate that this breed has existed for over 5,000 years and has given rise to many other cultural riding ones.

The highlight of the Arabian horses lies in their unusual body structure. So, for example, unlike other breeds, the Arabs have 17, instead of 18 ribs, 5 lumbar vertebrae instead of 6 and not 18 caudal vertebrae, but only 16. They also have a unique so-called “pike” profile, that is, a concave face . This is due to the origin and place of formation of the rock, namely the Arabian Peninsula with its harsh hot climate.

Akhal-Teke horse

Akhal-Teke horses are considered second in the world in beauty and singularity after the Arab. It is also a very ancient breed, which was formed more than 3,000 years ago in the deserts of Turkmenistan, namely in the area of ​​the Ahal oasis. Initially, these racers were derived for military purposes, so endurance, courage and lightness of horses were paramount with long-term selection. They have retained all these qualities to this day, being the best riding horses in the world.

In addition, these horses are different and externally from others, have unique features. According to experts, this is due not only to the special local climate of Turkmenistan, but also to the long-term isolation of Akhal-Teke from other breeds. Akhal-Teke distinguished by a slim, slightly lean, elegant body, with a beautiful chiseled neck and a small head. Unlike other breeds, the Akhal-Teke people have a very rare mane and tail, and there is no bang.

Spanish or Andalusian

Another breed that deserves the title in the world is “the most beautiful horse”. These horses gave the beginning of the famous Spanish school of higher riding and the subsequent Vienna school. And it is they who participate in the equestrian bullfight and national shows of Spain, they are used for dressage. It is believed that among their ancestors are the Eastern Berberia, Barbarian and Arabian horses.

Despite its rather large body constitution and massive body, Andalusians are beautiful riding horses. They have very elegant movements with a high stroke, a naturally noble posture, beautiful lush mane and tail. They look great as harness, and under the saddle.

From the nature of the Andalusians slightly substituted back legs, which makes their posture more majestic and collected. At the same time, horses beautifully arch their necks and raise their legs high. But it is better to enjoy this on video.

English thoroughbred

This breed of horses is a model of all thoroughbred horses, the most perfect and most beautiful, as even its name indicates. In the English manner, the breed sounds like Thoroughbred, which means “bred perfectly.” Today thoroughbreds serve as genetic material for improving all upper breeds, as well as for breeding new ones. The breed itself is bred exclusively “clean” (without admixtures of others), therefore it is called purebred.

Today, the English Thoroughbred is the perfect horse and horse for racing. They have a very high agility - up to 70 km per hour and a unique body structure. Unlike others, they have a larger heart, bulk lungs and a correspondingly wider deep chest. They have strong hardy legs, very developed muscles and a dry head with a straight profile.

An unusual breed of horses with a unique spotty color - Chubarai suit. These American horses were originally found in the valley of the River Poluoz near the Indian tribe Neza Perz in the 18th century. But the coloring of animals was so unusual that at once these short, strong horses attracted attention. Today, Appaloosa is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful in the equestrian world.

Among the Appaloosa, there are 13 variants of various spotty colors, but the most beautiful horse is the one that has a suit called frost - light specks on a dark background. Also a popular color is marble, leopard and cheprachny, as in the photo.


Another breed that has earned the right to be called the most beautiful. These snow-white horses today form the basis of the Vienna riding school. It is for this purpose that they are bred today at the famous Austrian stud farm, Piber. Lippitsiany are exclusively gray color, and in the second year of life they become completely snow-white in color. This, of course, favorably distinguishes them from other breeds.

However, the most basic quality of these racers lies in their extraordinary flexibility, endurance, and strength of the constitution. These horses with ease perform the most difficult tricks and elements of high school riding. They do jumps in the air, and still jump from a place (capriole), which is very difficult and in nature animals are not capable of such a trick. How they do it, look at the video.


Some might think that this breed is very similar to the Andalusians. Yes, it is, and partly they have common ancestors. It is safe to say that Lusitano is a Portuguese version of the Spanish Andalusians. Помимо очень нарядной внешности с густой и пышной гривой и хвостом, эти скакуны обладают уникальным природным равновесием, поэтому очень популярны в различных конных шоу. В частности стоит отметить, что это лучшая лошадь для корриды.

Молодая отечественная порода, которая по красоте и грациозности сравнима только с арабскими скакунами. Эти лошади были выведены в очень красивом месте – в степной зоне Северного Кавказа. Having excellent appearance, they also differ in endurance, unpretentiousness and good riding qualities. Every year, these horses win prizes in equestrian sport, as well as conquer the hearts of many horse breeders far beyond the borders of their homeland.

This breed is called the “black pearl of Friesland”. Originally bred as horses for military purposes and for the transport of goods, the unique appearance today made this breed one of the most beloved. She proudly bears the title of "the most beautiful horse in the world." We think you almost never doubt this by looking at the photo of the Friezes. These are ideal horses for beautiful women: elegant, magnificent.

Despite the fact that these horses are one of the largest in the world and belong to the draft, many consider them very beautiful. These horses traditionally are the adornment of many holidays, horse shows and exhibitions. They are very large, but have a beautiful appearance, lush mane and tail. Special charm give animals lush long friezes on their feet. The tie of the shire will always be the decoration of any event.

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