We build an enclosure for dogs with their own hands (photo): choose the appropriate size and drawing


In order for a dog to live comfortably in a private house, it is necessary to properly equip the enclosure. This is a kind of pen, which is necessary for the animal to sleep and rest, active pastime and eating. It turns out that the aviary is a universal fenced around the perimeter of high deaf and open walls area (with or without a roof), on which the dog can stay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main principle observed in the construction of enclosures - the area of ​​the pen directly depends on the size of the pet. But this is not the only condition.

General device of the aviary

The aviary is a place where the dog must feel secure. If this condition is not met, then the dog becomes angry and anxious, it may even pounce on its owner.

As you know, the pen should advise the size of the dog. Namely:

  1. For small breeds are a paddock with an area of ​​up to 6 square meters.
  2. For medium - up to 10 square meters.
  3. For large - over 10 squares.

Any large aviary can have:

  • one open wall
  • two open walls
  • three open walls.

At least one wall of the pen should be deaf in order to protect the dog from the wind, precipitation and give the animal a kind of "protection".

Any dog ​​enclosure must have at least one “blank” wall for the dog to be comfortable and safe inside.

Open walls are constructions made of:

  • netting,
  • welded mesh
  • forged items
  • metal pipes
  • from iron rods.

Also all the enclosures can be divided into:

  • covered (having a roof - a dog can be in such a pen around the clock at any time of the year),
  • open (without a roof - here the animal should not spend all the time. For example, in winter, the territory inside will constantly be covered with snow, and regularly clearing snow debris is not too convenient for the owner),
  • partially covered (one half is covered with a roof, the other is left open so that the dog can soak up the sun).

Any aviary is divided into zones:

  1. Sleep and rest area - a booth or dog bed is installed in it.
  2. The food area - here have a bowl for food and a container with clean water to drink.
  3. Active zone - the rest of the place where the dog can frolic at your pleasure.

If you schematically represent an open-air cage in the form of a rectangle with a 2: 3 aspect ratio, then the booth or stove bench should be in the right or left upper corners, next to the food zone.

Any dog ​​aviary conditionally has three zones: sleep, food and activity

Everything else is a space for active pastime of the dog.

Another question that will surely be asked by a loving owner is where to place the aviary. It is mandatory to install it in the frontal part of the yard at a distance of 2-3 meters from the fence. This, first of all, is necessary for the dog itself. She will not be constantly nervous because of people passing by and passing cars. It is desirable that the full view of the yard and the house be opened up from the territory of the pen. So the four-legged guard will be able to fully realize their "professional duties".

Gender in the aviary can be:

  • sandy (the host purposely falls asleep inside the fine sand),
  • earthen (the floor inside the pen doesn’t differ from the rest of the yard),
  • concreted (the owner of the dog makes the foundation under the slope (so that the moisture does not “stand”, but run off), floods the floor with concrete, puts wooden boards on top in order to prevent the development of rheumatism in the pet).

Professional dog experts recommend that a loving and caring owner choose the third option when building the cage (even if they will only use the pen only in summer). The sand will get stuck in the animal's coat, get into the food, eyes, nose. The earth is too cold and does not always absorb urine and sediment. Concreted and wood-treated floor is easier to clean. If you put a heater under the boards (expanded polystyrene, foam plates, foam), the construction can be safely used during the cold season without any risk to the health of the dog.

The advantages of using aviaries are obvious:

  1. The dog does not sit on the chain, which means that he feels free and trusts the owner.
  2. The dog does not fade at home, the owner gets rid of hairballs on the furniture, clothes.
  3. The animal knows where its place is, feels safe, which affects its behavior.

Remember one more rule: when building or buying a booth to locate it inside the cage, measure the dog: from nose to tailbone, from withers to front paws. Add to the values ​​obtained by 15 centimeters. This is exactly the parameters for the length and height of the dog house. Use this data to build or purchase a kennel.

Small dog enclosure (Yorkshire terrier, pug, jagd terrier, chihuahua, dachshund, etc.): drawings and dimensions

Small breed dogs (Yorkshire terrier, pug, jagd terrier, chihuahua, dachshund and the like) cannot be outside all day and night. These are pets that live directly in the house. On the street, such a dog will get sick, it may be fatal.

In the cage for a small dog does not need a booth: the animal will not live on the street all the time, an cage is needed for walking in the fresh air

An enclosure for dogs of small breeds is built solely for the entertainment of the dog. Inside do not put the booth. It is simply not necessary. There can be only two zones - food and activity. In the active zone, you can position the bedding so that the dog can rest. What is important to know about the arrangement of enclosures for dogs of small breeds:

  1. The size of the pen should not exceed 6 square meters. In a larger aviary, the animal will be scared and uncomfortable.
  2. The roof may be partially covered or not needed at all. Dogs of small breeds in bad weather can not stay outside, they are also contraindicated for too bright sun.
  3. The height of the walls is no more than one and a half meters. Yorkshire terrier, pug, jagdter, chihuahua, dachshund do not differ "increased jumping ability." It is inappropriate for a landlord to spend money on higher walls.
  4. Two or three walls should be closed, respectively, two or three walls - open. Only in this way the dog will feel safe.
  5. Floor - only concrete with a wooden coating. Small dogs quickly catch cold.
  6. As a lounger, you can use a children's mattress 10–15 centimeters thick.

The optimal size of the enclosure for a small dog, calculated by professional dog trainers - 2 × 3 meters.

When building, focus on the drawing presented below.

The drawing shows an enclosure for a small dog. Side of the pen 2 by 3 meters

Material selection and calculation

For the construction of a small breed dog enclosure, you will need the following materials:

  • OSB-plates (the size of each is 1.5 × 1 meter),
  • Rabitz,
  • metal pipes
  • copper wire,
  • cement mortar
  • wooden boards
  • screws, nails,
  • varnish for processing wooden surfaces,
  • slate or metal tile,
  • door hinges
  • small pebbles, sand.

As for the calculations, it is important to decide what kind of aviary the owner of the dog intends to build. The ideal option is a pen with two open and two closed walls of 6 square meters (2 × 3 meters). How much material is needed for the construction of such an aviary:

  • 5 OSB-plates,
  • 5 meters of a chain-link grid (height of a grid - 1,5 meters),
  • 2 twenty-five kilogram bags of dry cement (to obtain a liquid solution, it is necessary to dilute the powder with water in the proportion indicated on the product packaging),
  • 2 meters of copper wire,
  • 4 metal pipes (height of each - 1.7–2 meters, diameter - 10–20 centimeters),
  • 1 can of lacquer
  • 3 square meters of slate or metal tile,
  • 3 square meters of waterproofing material (roofing material),
  • 9 square meters of wood plank,
  • 5 meters of wooden slats.

Required Tools

For the construction of the enclosure, in which the dog of small breed will spend time, you need the following tools:

  • shovel,
  • hammer,
  • welding machine (if there is one, and the owner is able to handle it),
  • container for mixing cement mortar,
  • saw,
  • perforator.

Step by step instructions for making

We proceed to the manufacture of a small dog enclosure. If you act strictly according to the instructions, you get the perfect home for your pet:

  1. Select the area where the pen will be located, mark it.
  2. Dig a trench around the perimeter about 20–30 centimeters deep. For this you will need a shovel. The trench width should not exceed 20 centimeters.
  3. At the corners, insert metal pipes into the trench. Immerse them in the ground for 20-50 centimeters, depending on the length of the pipe itself. Above the surface it should rise no less than one and a half meters. In the corners of the future aviary you need to arrange metal pipes with a diameter of 20 centimeters, they attach a grid
  4. Place the stones inside the trench so that they cover exactly half the height.
  5. Now create a formwork of wooden planks around the perimeter of the trench. By the way, the boards after setting the foundation can be removed and used to create a paddock. The depth of the trench for the foundation of the aviary should not exceed 30 centimeters
  6. Fill the trench with cement mortar and leave for 24 hours. During this time, the cement is held together, it will be possible to continue working.
  7. As soon as the foundation hardens, remove the boards used for the formwork and fill the floor in the future enclosure with cement mortar. Remember that the floor must be sloped (approximately 5 degrees). After filling the floor in the enclosure with cement mortar, leave the construction alone for a day for complete drying.
  8. After solidification, which will occur after 24 hours, the floor is covered with boards. To fix the use of screws. The grooves in the cement floor are made with a perforator.
  9. In one of the OSB-plates a door should appear so that the owner could go inside the pen, restore order there, and the dog could enter and exit. It makes no sense to create two different doors - one will be enough. Saw out the door of the height and width you need (no more than 1.3 meters high and no more than 70 centimeters wide) with a saw. Attach hinges to it and attach to the OSB-plate. Provide a hook on the other side of the door to avoid spontaneous opening of the door.
  10. Two adjacent walls of the aviary (located the letter D) - deaf. For their creation, OSB-plates are used - on one side of such plates there will be 3, on the other - 2. At the corner of the plate they are fastened with nails, and between themselves on one side - with wooden slats located above and below.
  11. The other two perpendicular walls of the enclosure are open. For their production using netting net. Mesh with copper wire is attached to metal pipes. The netting net during the construction of the enclosure is attached to the pipe with wire to give the structure an aesthetic look, it is covered with a plastic lining
  12. The roof is made only half covered so that the dog can soak up the sun. First, boards are nailed to the OSB on top. The beginning of the board is on top of the OSB-plate, the end is on a chain-link. A natural question arises: how to “arrive” the boards to the grid. Of course, nothing. For this purpose, from the top of the grid from one pillar to another and the third one fix a wooden lath. Attach the screws to the tubes with screws.
  13. On top of the wooden planks on the roof put ruberoid, which is fixed with nails,
  14. Next stack slate or metal tile. Secure them with screws. The roof of the cage for a small dog (as well as for any other) is secured with self-tapping screws so that it will not be blown off by a strong gust of wind.

An open-air cage for dogs of small breed is ready. This is the easiest way to create a pen.

Aviary for a dog of medium breed (Akita Inu, Like, Husky, etc.): drawings and dimensions

Medium-sized dogs can be on the street all day and all night. If you can not keep a pet at home, do not worry. For the convenience of the dog, it is enough to equip a spacious and comfortable aviary. It must appear a booth that meets all the requirements and ideas about comfortable housing for dogs.

It is important to provide in the aviary three zones: sleep, food and active pastime. The size of the booth should not exceed 65 centimeters in height and 80 cm in width. Only in this case, the four-legged friend inside will be as comfortable as possible.

What should be an aviary for an average dog:

  • area of ​​the paddock - from 6 to 10 square meters (less can not, the dog will be closely inside, more, too, can not - the dog will feel insecure),
  • the floor must be made of concrete and insulated with wooden planks. Only in this case, the aviary can be used in the winter,
  • three walls should be open, one - closed. The last part of the building is to protect the other's friends from the weather and wind,
  • the height of the walls is from 2 to 2.5 meters so that the dog cannot jump over them.

Adequate pen size is 3 × 3 or 2 × 4 meters. A sample drawing of the aviary is presented below.

This is a drawing of an open-air cage for an average dog. Construction side length: 2 and 4 meters

The booth can be purchased at a specialty store or made by yourself.

Aviary for large breed dogs (shepherd, mastiff, labrador, Bernese Mountain Dog, etc.): drawings and dimensions

Large breed dogs cannot be kept in the house. They need space and freedom, otherwise they begin to behave aggressively, which is not safe for the owner and his family.

For a big dog you need a big pen. Its area exceeds 10 square meters, the height of the walls is at least 2.5 meters (maybe even 3). The remaining requirements are no different from the basics of creating pens for medium dogs: 3 open walls and one closed to keep the dog warm. Floor - cement with insulation and wooden planks on top. The aviary should be covered so that the dog can winter inside.

For a big dog you need a spacious aviary. Its minimum area is 10 square meters.

The best size of the enclosure is 3 × 4 or 4 × 4 meters. The drawing is presented below.

In the drawing, an enclosure for a large dog presents different zones for the pastime of the dog.

Making a box with your own hands

For a medium and large dog in a cage to be cozy, it is important to build for it the simplest, but warm and comfortable kennel. For small dogs a booth is not required. An enclosure for Yorkshire or Chihuahua is used solely as a platform for active pastime, and not the territory of permanent residence.

In order for a medium or large dog to be comfortable in a booth, it must correspond to the size of the dog.

Based on this rule, the material for construction is also calculated:

  • measure a dog from withers to paws,
  • also conduct measurements from nose to the tailbone,
  • to the data obtained add 10-15 centimeters.

It turns out the ideal parameters of the kennel for the four-legged friend.

The booth must correspond to the size of the dog, otherwise inside the animal will be uncomfortable, it means bad

For the construction of the house we need the following tools and materials:

  • wooden boards
  • insulation,
  • screws, nails,
  • saw,
  • hammer,
  • drill,
  • varnish for wood.

Instructions for making a simple dog kennel:

  1. Knock a box out of wooden boards according to your size.
  2. Saw a hole on one of the walls. Its size should correspond to the height and width of the dog (plus another 5 centimeters in height and width). Through laz the dog must pass freely without getting stuck
  3. Insulate the box from all sides.
  4. The floor in the booth should be pitched. To do this, provide a small substrate. The floor in the booth should be sloping so that liquid does not accumulate inside the house
  5. Insulate the wood again. Otherwise, the dog may damage the insulation.
  6. From all sides, treat the "box" varnish. Choose a product that meets environmental safety requirements. Processing the booth with varnish will extend the life of the kennel for several years

Such a booth will be an excellent sleeping place for a furry pet. The kennel is mobile, you can locate it anywhere in the aviary. So that the house does not “roam” in the entire territory of the pen, attach it with long nails or a wooden frame, for example.

This is the easiest drawing of a dog booth. Inside the beast will be cozy and spacious

Video: how to build a simple dog house

If the aviary is built with love and conscience - the dog will enjoy it. Inside it will be cozy and safe, which will affect the overall health of the dog. He will be calm and focused. Do not forget about the basic measures of care for the pen. Clean at least once a day, regularly clean the waste products of your four-legged pet.

What should be considered when building an aviary

In order for your pet to be comfortable and safe in its future home - an aviary, like many other outbuildings, must be built, taking into account certain rules and regulations. Otherwise, you run the risk of constructing an unnecessary building, which would later fit only to accommodate garden tools.

The first thing that is the determining factor in building an aviary is the size of the dog.

The optimal area of ​​the enclosure

  1. If the height of your pet does not exceed half a meter, an aviary of 5 m² will be an ideal area for it.
  2. In the event that the four-legged above 50 cm.its territory should be increased to 7 m².
  3. For large dogs from 65 cm. And above, the area of ​​the building should not be less than 10 m².

To keep your pet abreast of everything happening around, you should not sew tightly the walls of an open-air cage (especially the front one, with a view of the house or garden). Grate of metal rods or mesh-chain-link, perfectly cope with this task. In the event that you nevertheless decided to make one, two or three walls deaf, it is better to use for this purpose an environmentally friendly and safe “breathing” material, for example a red (ceramic) brick, stone or wood.

Even in the circle of professional dog experts, there is no consensus about how the floor should be in the aviary. Some argue that the concrete surface is an optimal coating for dogs, others give preference to wood or plastic floor, and others do believe that tightly rammed earth will be much more useful and better for four-legged pets.

And if it is possible to agree with the two first options, then there are certain concerns with the latter, in particular, there is a risk of digging through the fence. In addition, for a wooden, plastic or concrete surface is easier to care for, clean and clean it. Before you make your choice, it is also desirable to take into account the nature and habits of your pet.

As for the roof, everything is much simpler. A simple one-sided or double-sided design perfectly cope with the task entrusted to it, the main function of which is to protect against precipitation. As the roofing material most often used soft tile, which creates the minimum amount of noise when it rains.

Beautiful wooden dog enclosure with a sloping roof

The original performance of the aviary, with a fairly reliable design

Another important condition for the construction of an enclosure for dogs is the presence of a box (kennel) in it. The booth can be made in two versions, both as a stand-alone structure, and as a kind of enclosure of the aviary, fenced off from its walking part, with a solid partition.

If the constructed enclosure is planned to be used only in summer, it is not necessary to warm the booth. With year-round operation, the dog house for sleep will have to be thoroughly warmed, warming the walls and roof.

To use a different material for the construction of the booth, except as - wood, the experts do not highly recommend

Choosing a suitable location for the aviary

Before you build a dog valier, you must choose a suitable place to place it. As with construction, here you should also follow a certain number of rules, namely:

  1. The aviary should be at the maximum distance from various sources of noise. Passers-by from the street, loud neighbors, cars, all this, to one degree or another, can cause anxiety of your beloved pet. A small distance from the porch of the house (7-10 meters) will be an ideal location for a dog aviary.
  2. Nisin is also an extremely undesirable place where you can build an aviary. After heavy rains, all the water from the site will accumulate there, turning the territory into a real swamp. A solution to the problem may be drainage grooves or a storm sewage system at the site, but this will lead to additional financial costs.
  3. The dog, like a man, does not tolerate badly smelling odors, the source of which can be: sewage, compost pit, fertilizer from the garden, being close to the aviary of the garbage can, etc. Try to plan the structure so that it is at the maximum distance from the data smelly sources.
  4. So that in the summer your dog would not be too hot, it is worthwhile to place the open-air cage so that its front part faces east or west. If this is not possible, plant a small tree near the building that will protect your four-legged comrade from the bright sunlight.

Stationary dog ​​enclosure made in beautiful colors

A small insulated enclosure that is perfect for a medium sized dog.

If necessary, the stationary aviary can be moved to any place suitable for it.

Construction of an aviary do-it-yourself - drawing

Stage One

Like any construction, the construction of an open-air cage with your own hands begins with the filling of the foundation. Since the weight of the building is small, it will be enough to fill in a concrete screed with a thickness of 5-7 mm. with a slight bias, which is needed for the smooth flow of water.

Concrete screed for the aviary

If the foundation for the enclosure is not provided, from metal pipes with a section of 2 mm. or wooden bars 50 × 50 mm. - a frame is erected, under which a gravel bedding of at least 10 cm thick is made. Then, from the trimmed boards, wooden flooring is put on the bottom piping, which is securely fixed with self-tapping screws. If necessary, the floor can be warmed.

Second phase

Once the frame is built and the floor laid, you can proceed to the construction of walls and partitions. Features of installation will differ depending on the material chosen by you. For example, if you decide to choose boards, and the frame is made of metal pillars, you will need a screwdriver and special self-tapping screws with a drill at the end to mount them.

  1. For a start, holes are drilled in the boards, the diameter of which should be equal to the thickness of the screws.
  2. Next, using a screwdriver, the boards are screwed to the frame one by one. In that case, if you decide to make the walls not solid, but with a certain gap, it is better to prepare a special spacer, which during installation, will need to be inserted between the boards, so you are guaranteed to get the same gap everywhere.
  3. The front of the enclosure is made a little more complicated. If reinforced metal rods will be used as the material, a welding machine will be needed if the mesh is self-tapping screws and ties. Information on how to properly fix the net for a cage can be found on the Internet.
  4. If necessary, the enclosure walls (if they are solid) can be insulated. To do this, on the inside, between the vertical posts, put mineral wool or polystyrene foam plates, after which everything is covered with plywood, 5-6 mm thick. Thus, a kind of sandwich panel is obtained, which has excellent thermal insulation properties.

Chain Fastening Mounting Pattern

Third stage

The final stage of construction of the enclosure is the construction of the roof. It is done quite simply.

Single pitch roof

  1. At the top of the frame, in steps of 100-120 cm, wooden bars are put, which are fixed to it with metal corners or self-cutting screws.
  2. Further, depending on the type of roof is made obreshetka. For soft tile, solid plywood, for slate, ondulin or metal, additional boards are nailed, which are laid perpendicular to the bar.

Device of a single pent roof

Gable roof

  1. Two boards in the upper part come together in a single design, reminiscent of the Russian letter "Λ". To make it easier on the ground, because working at height requires certain skills and skill.
  2. Next, each billet gently rises, where it is attached to the upper trim of the enclosure. Step installation rafters should be calculated based on the type and weight of the roof.
  3. It remains to nail the counter-lattice and cover the roof, after which we can assume that the construction of the dog enclosure has been completed.

Diagram of the dual roof system

The perfect aviary for a beautiful dog

Photos of beautiful aviaries

Build an enclosure for dogs is a simple matter, but rather very simple. Having a drawing, a necessary tool and all the materials at hand, you can build a building in just one day, the main thing is to strictly follow the sequence of work carried out.

Start of construction

If the necessary space, which can be given to the animal in stock, but lacks funds or there is a desire, you can build the structure yourself.

It is important to initially determine the exact location and dimensions of the future aviary. Do not forget about the convenience of both for yourself and for the pet.

In private areas, it is better to install an aviary close to home so that the dog can observe what is happening, the pet should not be lonely, it should not be nervous, otherwise you will listen around the clock howl and causeless barking.

It is also not recommended to install a dog walking area along a fence adjacent to the road. Every person passing by, or a car rushing by, will disturb the dog, regardless of whether it sees them or not, they are especially interested in animals freely walking nearby, besides, the pet may scare someone or try to escape.

Experienced dog owners and veterinarians recommend arranging an open-air cage so that it is located in the gate area, from where the house is viewed, but there is no direct fit to the street.

It is also useful for protection against wind gusts to plant a bush along the structure, which in hot weather will additionally create shady areas, and this is very important for large animals.

With a well thought-out approach, the construction will be reliable and there will be no need for rework. The animal will feel comfortable, which is important for the owner, who is attached to it.


This is an extremely important factor that needs to be thought out in advance so as not to embarrass either yourself or your pet. To understand how to make the aviary as practical as possible, you will have to start with a design of a conceived structure.

The first thing to pay attention to is the physical parameters of an adult animal, and if there are several of them, then their number.

Consider the average aviary and a half meters. A small dog or puppy will feel well in it. For an animal that has more than 50 centimeters at the withers, it will be necessary to expand the enclosure sometimes up to six meters. 65 cm at the withers - a reason for building an eight-meter enclosure.

In a ten-meter aviary, in principle, any dog ​​can fit; if there are several of them, then add one and a half meters to each one. As for the height, it is necessary to take into account that the dog standing on its hind legs should not touch the ceiling.

The following aviary options can be distinguished:

  • covered completely,
  • with the presence of several blank walls,
  • with a lattice wall,
  • with flooring,
  • with a feeding trough portable or constant.

If there are several blank walls in an open-air cage, then the open wall is mounted from metal rods. There must be a door, and in the territory you still need to place a feeder and a shed.

Floor covering in the aviary

Variants of materials for the construction of the floor mass, the most popular ones:

  • concrete floors,
  • cement strainer,
  • tree,
  • asphalt.

For example, cement screed - rather cold surface, heavy in laundering. But the tree, on the contrary, besides the fact that it is a natural material, it will soothe the dog and will not create additional coolness. Wood can be used purely for flooring built from other materials.

When choosing wood, it is important to pay attention to its integrity, smoothness and the absence of signs of rotting or bugs. Before use, wood is always treated for moisture, fungus and other factors. The lower the flexibility of the board, the better, it will help to avoid hitting the dog's claws in the gap created by the deflection.

The floor should not lie directly on the ground, you will need to leave a gap of ten centimeters, and cover the soil with roofing material or concrete.

Wall installation

It's time to talk, what to make an aviary. The wall serves as an obstacle for the pet, so that he could not leave the territory without your desire, and also protects him from wind, bad weather and scorching sun, and at least one lattice wall is necessary for the dog to contact with the environment and to observe.

Nails cannot be used for mounting walls, as the animal can tear them out; it is better to use screws. In order to save, you should not replace the grille with a net, not only can the dog break it, it can also hurt itself, as it will bite it.

For an adult large individual, a distance of 10 centimeters between the rods is suitable, for smaller ones - less. The main thing is that the dog's head could not get stuck in the lattice.

The door must also be located on the lattice side so that the dog and the owner can see each other when opening the enclosure. Naturally, a bolt or lock is installed on the door, which the dog cannot open.

Construction booths

Another important point for the rest of the dog and the enclosure is the installation of the house. As a rule, the owners build a booth from boards or plywood, it is not so important. It will be useful to take care that the roof was removed, so it will be much easier to clean the inside.

The opening in the booth is cut out of a rounded shape, it is practical for the animal and reduces the penetration of cold. For the winter, a thick cloth curtain is made so that the snow does not blow in the booth and the heat is better preserved.

Roof mounting

You can also get fresh ideas from videos and photos of dogs enclosures. But the general rules are still there. When designing you need to think in advance of the descent of snow in the winter and runoff of water.

The easiest way to build a single-pitch roof from one of the materials will do:

  • ordinary slate
  • metal tile
  • decking,
  • soft roof.

The latter is made of shingles, well-saving from rain, which is wear-resistant and noise-insulating. The slope of the roof is designed in the direction of drainage, in order to avoid the formation of puddles around the enclosure.

When installing the roof, it is best to leave one third of the space uncovered; this will provide a sufficient amount of lighting and will not completely isolate the animal from the natural environment.

Note that the booth should be located somewhere in the corner, with the roof completely closed. Firstly, it will keep both the booth and the dog dry, and secondly, it will not allow the dog to climb onto the booth and jump out onto the roof or onto the street.

Photo enclosure for dogs

Aviary for dogs: photos of popular designs, their classification

Any dog ​​that lives for a long time on the street needs a special place where it can feel comfortable. This zone should have a fence and necessary amenities so that, if necessary, the animal has the opportunity to sleep, play and hide from the weather. To organize a suitable space for this purpose, it is enough to build a dog enclosure that will meet all its needs.

You can build a beautiful dog enclosure with your own hands from scrap materials or purchase a turnkey construction

When do you need an outdoor enclosure for a dog?

The street conditions contain medium and large sized dogs. Small breed animals are less hardy and need home maintenance.

Outdoor dog enclosure is necessary in the following cases:

  1. The size of the animal does not allow it to be kept in the house - experts recommend building enclosures for Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, Alabai, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Mastiffs and other large breeds.
  2. The need for temporary isolation of the animal - at the time of construction work in the yard or in case of arrival of guests there is a need to protect the animal.
  3. Keeping a guard dog - if the animal performs the function of a guard, the aviary will serve as a home for a dog living in the yard. This building will protect the pet from rain, snow and wind.

To keep the dog on the street, it is necessary to build an open-air or closed-type enclosure with sufficient area for the animal to move freely.

Many stores allow pet owners to buy inexpensive outdoor enclosures for dogs of any size or modification in finished form or order its production. If desired, and having minimal skills in construction, you can independently build a beautiful and reliable home for the animal.

What are dog enclosures: photos and classification by type

Before embarking on the manufacturing process, you need to determine what should be the design, which will stand in the yard. On the photos found on the network, the aviaries have a different configuration and design. The appearance of the structure depends on its purpose, size and breed of the dog, the selected materials, as well as the personal preferences of the owner of the animal.

Helpful advice! Regardless of the design chosen, you should take care of wall insulation. Ecowool or foam plastic can be used as a heat insulation coating.

Aviary is necessary for puppies for educational purposes as well as to protect them.

Designs of dog enclosures are:

Constructions of temporary enclosures ̶ open. The area reserved for the maintenance of the dog is fenced with a grid or fence. For arrangement of internal space, a booth is installed and a flooring is formed. Such enclosures do not have a roof, as the animal is in them temporarily.

Constructions of a closed type belong to the category of intermediate structures. For convenience, a floor is formed inside and a booth is installed. This type of enclosure is considered partially insulated, since on three sides the area for walking is fenced with solid walls. Четвертая поверхность имеет вид решетки, чтобы оставить животному возможность наблюдать за происходящим во дворе.

Стационарная конструкция вольера для собак должна иметь прочный фундамент с утепленным полом

Вольеры капитального типа имеют одну полупрозрачную стену в виде решетки. Оставшиеся поверхности делаются сплошными и хорошо утепленными. Such designs have flooring and roof. Inside the booth is placed or equipped with a special bed. For this part of the enclosure is protected.

Features aviaries for puppies and dogs of small breeds

In addition to street enclosures, there are also domestic structures that are used in residential premises for keeping puppies. Such products have small dimensions and very light weight. Most of these enclosures have a prefabricated structure.

Inside must be placed:

  • soft bedding
  • a bowl of water and food
  • a diaper or tray so that the dog can relieve natural need,
  • toys

An example of a modular collapsible enclosure for dogs of small breeds

At home, open-air cages for Yorkies and dogs of other decorative breeds with miniature sizes are used. Some owners do not want to limit the freedom of their pet with the help of such an obstacle, however, there are many situations where such a construction cannot be done without.

Important! An open-air cage is not a punishment place for an animal, regardless of whether it is street or home construction. If the dog is inside, you can not punish him. The animal must feel safe and take a positive view of its time there.

Aviary for the apartment can be built from old furniture or purchase a lightweight collapsible design.

If the home aviary does not fit into the flat area too much, you can give preference to the clipper or the cage. In this case, the temporary holding area of ​​the dog will be more compact.

Ready enclosures for dogs: prices turnkey designs

Owners of large and medium-sized animals, many companies offer to buy outdoor dog enclosures in finished form. At the same time, customers are offered the opportunity to select designs from the catalog or to create them to order on the basis of the drawings or photos they like. The prices depend on the size of the structure, its configuration and the materials chosen for construction.

Average prices for turnkey finished enclosures:

Note! The cost of finished structures does not include the price of the booth. When buying an aviary, it will cost about 7,000 rubles. Price booth without insulation - 4000 rubles.

Portable cages are very convenient for use in a private house, because they can be easily dismantled or moved to another location.

The scheme of the enclosure for dogs with their own hands: drawings and sizes, the choice of materials and design

In order to provide the animal with good living conditions, before constructing a cage for your dog with your own hands, you should make a drawing. The layout of the future construction should take into account the main factors that may affect the comfort of operation.

During the construction process you need to take into account:

  • breed of dog
  • age category
  • floor,
  • nature of the location of the site
  • features of the location of the wind zone on the site.

Scheme of construction of a typical enclosure for dogs of large breeds

How to make a dog aviary: basic recommendations

The aviary will be home for the dog, so during the construction process it is necessary to foresee all the nuances so that the design provides coziness, comfort and peace of mind. It is very important that the animal is kept dry and warm. Here the pet will eat and sleep, spend most of the time playing games, relaxing, and looking after the territory.

The aviary can be placed as a separate building, extension or part of the farm building

There must be enough space inside the structure for the animal to move freely. If an enclosure is made for medium-sized dogs (up to 50 cm), such as a spaniel or a beagle, a minimum of 6 m² is required for optimal living. If it is planned to build an aviary for Huskies or Labradors, the inner territory of the fence should be increased to 8 m². This requirement applies to all breeds with a height of 65–70 cm at the withers.

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For the construction of an enclosure for a shepherd dog (Central Asian, Caucasian) or alabay, at least 10 m² should be allotted. It is desirable if the space will be more. Having established the minimum size of the area, you need to take into account the sex of the animal. Males and bitches need different conditions of detention.

In the aviary there must be a place for bowls with food and water.

For a female dog you need to provide for a vestibule and delivery room. These structural elements will be inside the enclosure. When puppies are born, they will not sit in one place, but will begin to move around the territory during the games. For this reason, the structure should be as protected as possible from bad weather conditions.

For a dog you need to install a reliable and large booth. When making an aviary for your own hands, you should remember that the males are physically strong, so both the castle and the aviary itself must be as strong as possible. Otherwise, the dog will just break it.

For open-type structures, it is necessary to provide reliable fastenings.

How to make an enclosure for dogs with their own hands: the choice of the optimal place for construction

Choosing the best place is an important condition for building a good aviary for alabay or a dog of another breed. Do not install the structure in a remote location. If the dog is isolated from people, he will bark loudly and worry. An open-air cage at the fence won't be a good idea either. The animal will be constantly interested in people passing by the yard. A large dog can easily jump over a fence, choosing snow drift in winter, for example, as a fulcrum. This can lead to a lot of trouble.

Important! Do not install an open-air cage near the compost pit and other sources of strong odors, otherwise the dog may partially or completely lose its sense of smell.

Aviary should not be located on the sunny side, so that the animal does not suffer from the heat in the summer

The optimal location for the enclosure will be the front of the yard. In this case, the construction will be located near the gate leading to the house and the walkway. Due to this, the animal will be able to observe everything that happens around, being in an isolated refuge. It is not recommended to choose the lowland part of the yard for construction. In this case, the aviary will be flooded with rainwater. In addition, dogs love the top view, so you should prefer a small hill.

If you place the entrance on the south side of the site, the animal will be hot in the summer. Only in cold regions is it allowed to use this zone. But even in this case, it does not hurt if there is a tree nearby that gives shade where the dog can hide from the sun.

The best option for the location of the enclosure is the area near the house, so that the animal is not lonely and not bored

If you make a dog house with a door on the north side, it is fraught with trouble. Precipitation will be the source of this inconvenience. If for the region where the site is located, frequent snowfall is typical, in winter time you will have to constantly clear these drifts in order to enter the aviary. This requires a significant investment of time and effort, which the owner may not have.

For a comfortable stay, the size of the enclosure must meet the needs of a particular breed of dog.

Making an open-air cage for dogs with their own hands: photo designs from different materials

If the future construction involves the manufacture of an enclosure for a large dog, intended for permanent residence, care should be taken to protect against drafts. To this end, it is desirable to block the back and adjacent wall.

In this case you should use as building materials:

  • bricks
  • typeset wooden boards,
  • thick tongue-and-groove boards encased in metal frames
  • solid concrete,
  • cinder blocks.

When choosing to build an enclosure made of wood, all elements must be treated from time to time with safe antibacterial agents.

It is better if the open wall looks to the south, southwest, or southeast. For its manufacture, it is desirable to use metal rods. To create the wicket fit metal frame and rods. Dogs have a good mind, so many of the locks they can easily open. The locking device on the gate must be secure.

Important! It is not recommended to use a net for dogs in the building. Despite the fact that this material is more affordable in price than metal rods, it will serve much less. In addition, the grid can injure the animal if it breaks.

An open-air cage can be built in the form of a small house, which will make it possible to organize additional storage space for food, bedding and toys for dogs.

The comfort of living is possible only if the base is warm and dry. For this reason, for the manufacture of floors in the enclosures for huskies and other dogs, experts recommend taking wood. The coating formed of thick boards, if properly processed, will last a long time and protect the animal from drafts. For this purpose, antiseptics are provided. These compounds provide protection from rotting and mildew. In addition, you need to take care of the absence of protruding nails and knots, so that the dog does not hurt.

For the construction of the base you can take concrete. However, in this case, the presence of wooden flooring is mandatory, as well as ventilation under it. Materials such as concrete and asphalt should not be used as the only uncoated substrate. They can seriously hurt the joints and claws of an animal.

Typical design of a guard dog enclosure

The roof structure can be any, as long as it has a visor. The list of recommended roofing materials includes:

An example of an open-air cage for dogs

When choosing a roofing material is better to give preference to coatings that have a high level of sound insulation. Hearing of dogs is very sensitive and during the rain the animal will experience discomfort if the drops drumming loudly on the roof.

Making your own dog enclosures: photos of structures designed for a pack

For the maintenance of an entire pack, you can build one design that will take into account the needs of several animals. Such facilities are necessary in cases where the site contains several dogs or the owner is engaged in their breeding. Most often found in the photo enclosures for two dogs or more animals have the appearance of structures-tunnels. They are good for keeping a pack, but absolutely not suitable for placing one pet.

For the maintenance of a whole pack of dogs, usually choose a one-piece aviary design, divided into zones for each animal.

Such constructions consist of several separate sections with semi-necks. Each section should be covered with a canopy 3/4 of its length. In this case, about 4 m² of indoor space will be allocated for each dog. The width of the section should correspond to the length of the body of the animal without a tail.

In order to save money, you can make a dog feeder with your own hands from wood, using a jigsaw for cutting openings for bowls and a drill with screws to fix the structural elements.

When keeping two dogs in one enclosure, it is worthwhile to take care of a sleeping place for each animal.

Important!Sections of an open-air cage with several dogs need to be divided by deaf partitions, otherwise skirmishes between animals may occur during feeding.

The feeder is made in the following order:

  1. To begin with, a drawing with dimensions is selected for the manufacture of a feeder in a dog enclosure.
  2. The marking in accordance with the drawing is transferred to the wood. For this, a furniture board or board can be used.
  3. Using the jigsaw, the material is cut by marking.
  4. Screw holes for screws (3 mm drill bit).
  5. Jigsaws cut circles for bowls and round the corners of the parts.
  6. All elements are sanded and joined with screws, after preliminary gluing.

An example of the design of the enclosure for four dogs with a separate entrance for feeding

To make the feeder look neat, all the cracks and heads of the screws need to be rubbed with a putty for wood. Then the surface is again treated with sandpaper and painted in any color you like. For these purposes, only safe and environmentally friendly compounds are used so that the health of the dog is not affected during operation.

The size of the enclosure for several dogs is calculated based on the breed and size of adult animals.

Calculation of the size of the enclosure for the dog on the main parameters

To create a drawing you need to know the dimensions of the structure. In this case, not only the area is important. The size of the dog enclosure also depends on such a parameter as height. The design is designed in such a way that the animal can stand freely on its hind legs, while not resting on the roof.

The dog cannot be kept in a small aviary all the time, therefore it is necessary to determine the purpose of the construction before construction begins.

The minimum allowable length of the side of the aviary is 2 m. This is quite enough for the animal to move freely, but for full comfort this parameter is better to increase. In a large aviary dog ​​can live permanently. If it has the minimum size, you will have to release the animal twice a day or at night, so that it stretches and runs around in the yard.

Once the dimensional parameters of the future design are determined, you can begin to develop a drawing for a dog enclosure. To do this, you can use ready-made projects or draw up a scheme of construction on their own, taking into account personal preferences.

The size of the booth must correspond to the size of an adult dog.

When developing a drawing for a husky or a dog of another breed, you must add to the scheme of the future structure the required elements:

  1. A place to sleep is an area where a sleeping place is equipped or a booth is installed.
  2. A walking area is a site where an animal can actively move around, relieve need and play. The more this zone, the better.
  3. Place for food - in this area a pair of bowls is set. In one of them is water, in the second - food.

The scheme of the floor design in the enclosure for year-round dog

Helpful advice! To simplify the process of feeding in the aviary, you can provide a window to serve food without going inside. If the dog is tall, the bowls should be placed on the platform, taking into account the height of the animal.

In the drawing, besides the sizes, it is necessary to designate:

  • winter road border
  • open area for walking,
  • border of the platform
  • opening area of ​​the gate or entrance door.

The layout of the platform, booths, feeders and exit in the aviary

The preliminary drawing up of the drawing will make it possible to rationally distribute all the elements of the open-air cage and calculate the required amount of materials, as well as to avoid mistakes.

Common mistakes when building a dog enclosure and expert advice

Do not save on materials, especially for fasteners and amplifiers. The design should be strong and reliable. It is not recommended to use for the strengthening of the walls of the slats, stubs and similar materials. A large dog will break such a construction once.

The netting should be done in such a way that the dog cannot get hurt.

When developing a project you should not go into design. Decor that will appeal to the person, will create inconvenience for the animal. It is highly undesirable to use forged items and other decorations that can be a source of injury to the animal. A dog's head or paw can easily get stuck in metal curls, which would entail a fracture and other unpleasant consequences. The aviary should be installed so that the dog has a review and is able to control the situation.

The presence of a flower garden, alpine slide or flower beds in the vicinity of the enclosure is undesirable. Flowering plants produce aldehydes and ethylene. These substances cause irreparable harm to the health of the dog, violating its scent.

When using the net for an open-air cage, it is necessary to use special bolts to fasten it to the frame

It is necessary to take into account when building walls for an open-air cage the size of a shepherd dog or other breed if these surfaces are latticed. In this case, metal rods are installed in increments of 5-10 cm. After construction is completed, it is imperative to check whether there are any defects on the surfaces of the structure that can injure the animal. In metal enclosures where elements are fastened by welding, be sure to look through the seams for reliability.

To reduce the likelihood of injury during operation, in the construction process it is desirable to use other options for fasteners instead of nails.

When building an enclosure made of wood, it is necessary to thoroughly clean all boards and other elements to avoid injury to the dog.

Suitable for this purpose:

It is very important that the roof had a good roof system and was inclined. Благодаря этому конструкция будет надежно защищена от ветра, а осадки не станут скапливаться на ее поверхности.

При содержании нескольких собак в одном вольере необходимо обустроить специальные окна для кормления

Before you make an open-air cage, it is advisable to make a foundation or form a base so that the wooden flooring does not shrink and rot. The presence of such a hill will provide the necessary ventilation.

Helpful advice! In addition to the shutter on the door in the aviary, it is desirable to install eyelets. When it breaks, these elements can be used to install a padlock.

Aviary with a dog walking area

How to build a dog enclosure in the yard of a private house

For large-sized dogs, a major aviary is needed, which will last for many years.

For the construction will require:

  • sand and cement
  • boards and metal profile,
  • corners and channel,
  • pipes and rods,
  • roofing material for the roof.

An open-air cage without flooring is considered a temporary solution, since it is not used in winter

The simplest version of the base for a self-made aviary is a strip foundation.

Its construction is carried out in the following order:

  1. A trench with a depth of 0.5 m is excavated.
  2. A simple formwork structure with a height of 0.2 m is made.
  3. A gravel pillow is being formed.
  4. Preparing to fill on the basis of water, sand and cement.
  5. Formwork is filled with mortar.

For the construction of the enclosure is best suited strip foundation

When the fill dries, a layer of waterproofing material is laid. For these purposes, suitable roofing material or plastic film. The waterproofing material will protect the metal parts of the structure from corrosion, and the wooden elements from the fungus.

Decking technology:

  1. On top of the tape base are laid channel and are connected by welding in a rectangle.
  2. Flooring boards are treated with antiseptic and fit into this rectangle.
  3. Insulating material (roofing material) is laid.
  4. A gravel pad is formed and concrete is poured.
  5. When the solution has gained half of its strength, logs made of wood are embedded in it.
  6. Formed coating of wooden planks, which are fastened with screws.

Scheme of construction of wooden flooring for the enclosure

Between the floor and the surface of the earth should be left 15 cm for air circulation, which will contribute to the rapid evaporation of moisture. It is advisable to tilt the floor by 2 ° towards the front door. This will facilitate the process of cleaning the enclosure.

How to build an enclosure for a shepherd dog with his own hands: the assembly design

As the basis for the construction of walls suitable profile pipe, which is bolted or welded to the channels. The bar is laid inside the enclosure from one corner to another. It is necessary to ensure that all elements are located exactly. For this you can use the building level. Further, vertical rods are fastened in increments of 5-10 cm. Then a door is made. To install it you need to leave an opening in the welded frame of the aviary.

The design of the enclosure and the location of the necessary zones

Helpful advice! Metal rods with a square cross section are more durable than round ones.

Depending on the purpose of the aviary, in the construction you can sheathe one, two or even three walls. For the exterior can be used any material you like. On the inner side of the wall must be insulated and sheathed with wood.

Simple assembly design of the open-air cage for a sheep-dog

Roof construction technology:

  1. Over the walls around the perimeter there is a metal corner or a pipe that will act as a link.
  2. In the central part between the side walls a channel is installed, which will strengthen the structure.
  3. The resulting frame is used to secure the boards. Recommended size - 5 cm.

The construction is covered with professional sheets, slate or soft roof (the latter option is more desirable). Aviary is almost ready for use. It only remains to equip it by installing a booth and a feeder.

For the construction of an enclosure for dogs of large breeds, you must choose reliable sturdy materials.

Making a dog house do-it-yourself: drawings and technology description

To properly make a dog house, you need to determine the optimal size and shape. It should not be chosen too complex structure. The presence of elements such as ladders, protrusions and partitions will create an inconvenience for the animal. The ideal option would be a rectangular doghouse with a single-sided roof. The entrance is better placed on the side.

Helpful advice! It is desirable that one of the walls or the roof was removable. Thanks to this design will be easier to clean and disinfect.

Do-it-yourself kennel construction: drawings and dimensions

The size of the design is adjusted to the needs of the dog. This takes into account the basic parameters of the animal.

The design of the doghouse of wood

These include:

  • height at withers
  • length from nose to tail,
  • the total height of the animal,
  • chest size (width).

The size of the box, taking into account the height of the animal at the withers: