Characteristics of dogs of the breed Gampr (Armenian Wolfhound) with reviews and photos


Gampr is a breed of dogs that are indigenous to the Armenian Highlands. In ancient times, they were domesticated by people and used by them for various purposes.

In prehistoric times, these dogs were found throughout the Armenian Highlands. This is evidenced by images found on the rocks. At the same time, about 20% of petroglyphs are represented by obvious representatives of the modern gampr breed (Armenian wolfhound). On the rest, dogs of various non-existent types are depicted.

On the found petroglyphs can be seen hunting scenes. They consist of figures of hunters and dogs of various types. This indicates that in those times there already existed a dog hunt, in which not only the progenitors of this breed took part. Petroglyphs can also be found, the decoding of which means that the dogs of the Armenian Highland guarded the flock from predators.

The historical day for the breed was February 10, 2011. On this day, it was recognized at the International level. Now, the primordial dog of the Armenian Highland is called Gampr - Armenian wolfhound.

General breed description

Quite often it is possible to hear that the dogs of the breed are called Caucasian Shepherd dogs of the Armenian type. In a sense, this name is correct, the gampr breed is a type of Caucasian Shepherd. It is this name that is assigned to the indigenous representatives of the Armenian Highland when they are registered in the clubs of dog breeders. But by origin, Armenian wolfhounds are typical moloss (strong individuals of large size (up to 90 cm at the withers) have strong jaws and massive heads). This suggests that kinship with the Caucasian Shepherd in the gampr breed is insignificant.

In the 20s of the last century in the USSR they began to deduce the factory breed of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Both the dogs of the Armenian Highland and the four-legged representatives from all regions of the Caucasus participated in the breeding. Today, not every Armenian gampr is involved in breeding, although the main breeding material consists of representatives of Armenian blood. The fact is that the indigenous inhabitants of the Armenian Highlands have their own specific phenotype. He may fall into the standards for the factory breeding of Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, and may not match them.

Breed characteristics

For all the time of its existence, the Armenian gampr dog breed has not changed much. She has not been subjected to strict selection in relation to her phenotype. The breed has some signs characteristic of wolves. They were inherited during breeding, as constant matings of wild wolves were carried out.

According to the dog breeders, the following distinctive features are inherent in the Armenian wolfhound:

  • viability,
  • strong self-preservation instinct,
  • independence,
  • adequacy,
  • a clever look, full of seriousness and authority,
  • balanced psyche
  • friendliness to man.

Without exception, dog breeders distinguish the following breed abilities:

  • independent decision making
  • the implementation of reliable protection of the person
  • quick movement without difficulty
  • good portability and understanding of dog trainings
  • quality protection of small and large livestock.

Armenian wolfhound dog today is used for a variety of works. She can be a shepherd, a lifeguard, a watchman. The breed has excellent mental and physical data. This allows you to classify it as one of the most dangerous dogs when it comes to combat. Representatives of this breed are the best wolfhounds in the world.


The breed of dogs Armenian Wolfhound has:

  • large head and torso,
  • strong jaws
  • well developed musculature
  • wide bones
  • proportionally folded body.

If we look at the appearance of these animals in more detail, then, based on the feedback from dog breeders, the following description of the breed can be given.

The head of the animal is well outlined and strongly developed. Cheekbones do not fall out. The wide skull part smoothly passes from the forehead to the muzzle. The forehead in dogs of the breed gampr is flat and wide, the cheeks are thick, the ears are slightly lower than the level of the eyes. The eyes of the gampras are darker than the coat. They are small, slightly slanting, planted deep. The teeth are close together. They are strong, white in color, well developed. Dental centers are placed on the same line. The Armenian gampr has a powerful neck of medium length.

Dogs have a wide chest and an elongated body, in the formation of which the rib cage takes part. In her area, her chest is slightly rounded. The extension of the chest line is the belly, which is slightly tucked up. Above the line of the muscular back is the withers.

The tail of the animal is set high. It is omitted when the gampr is at rest, and rises above its back, taking a sickle shape, if the animal is in an irritated state.

Paws are strong, have soft pads. Pronounced heels. The fore and hind limbs are straight, parallel to each other.

There is a short coat on the muzzle, forelimbs and ears. The rest of the body is double with undercoat, which helps protect the dog from adverse weather conditions.

Gampr - Armenian wolfhound, which can be of any color.

Because of the large size of the dog, many people are afraid of it. If you pay attention to the reviews of dog breeders, you can understand that it is not always the large size of an animal that speaks of its anger and aggression.

Dog breeders are unanimous in the fact that all gampry are smart, have a balanced character. These are brave animals who will always be betrayed to their master. They easily become the friend of man. But you have to earn the respect of the gampra. If the animal has got to the man as a puppy, it does not mean that over time it will become attached to its owner. From birth, they require a good attitude. This animal must become a member of the family, which will constantly support. Dog breeders are confident that you need to communicate in a friendly manner. Aggression and anger against the animal is unacceptable. Otherwise, an aggressive response from your pet cannot be avoided. Only a friendly attitude to the animal will help achieve its location and respect.

By virtue of his sharp mind, gampr (Armenian wolfhound) can make decisions independently. Dog breeders warn: not all commands given by the owner, animals will be unquestioningly executed. If the teams relate to the proper training, in this case there will be no problems. If the pet understands that he needs to do something harmful and dangerous for a person, he will not obey.

Having deserved the respect of a dog, all members of the family are under her care. She pays special attention to children. If new people appear in the owner's house, gampr meets them with wariness, although this does not show. It is enough for such people to start doing something bad, the animal immediately takes a defensive position. Few such people will not seem!


You can often find discontent on the part of dog breeders about the fact that the Armenian wolfhound lives in a city apartment. This, in their opinion, is mockery of animals. And they are right, because the breed is unsuitable for such content. And it's not a large-scale animal. Gampr, a photo of which already makes fall in love with this breed, requires free movement. In the apartment to organize it will not work. The courtyard of a private house can be an ideal place for maintenance. Some prefer to build an aviary for their pet. And do not worry that the animal will feel uncomfortable on the street. Gampras are able to tolerate well not only heat, but also the coldest weather. It is inherent in them by nature.

Constructing a booth for an animal, dog breeders recommend to note that it should be located in the shade and be comfortable. It is obligatory to maintain cleanliness in the place where the animal is kept. In no case and under no circumstances can a gampro be planted on a chain. If the necessary conditions for keeping a pet cannot be organized, pay attention to another breed of dogs.

Armenian wolfhound gampr, the price of which varies between 50-60 thousand rubles (according to December 2014), needs compulsory daily care. Dog breeders are asked to pay special attention to the coat of the animal, which must be carefully combed. For this special brush is purchased. If you can not do daily combing, then at least once every 2-3 days it will have to do. During the molting of an animal, more attention should be paid to it.

Given the cleanliness of the breed, it is not necessary to bathe the gampro often. It is advisable to resort to water procedures only in the case when you cannot do without them. When bathing a dog, special means are used for this purpose. Dog breeders recommend buying those who are the most gentle effect on the coat and skin of the animal.

Wool coat gamprov can not be trimmed. Otherwise, the animal's fur condition will be disturbed. Special attention should be paid to the pet's ear and mouth hygiene. Claws need to be cut as they grow.

How to walk a dog?

The breed of dogs Armenian wolfhound is very strong, but its activity is moderate. No need to hope that the right content is enough for her. In no case can these animals be restricted in movement and space. Support for the health and fitness of the dog is carried out by long walking and moderate load.

According to dog breeders, gamprov need to walk daily at least once. If this is not done, the animal’s physical and emotional health will suffer. Walking should not be limited to jogging in the yard, which lasts only 10 minutes. The dog must be trained to include elements of physical activity. The duration of walking should not be less than 30 minutes for walking on a leash. The same time the dog will need to enjoy a free run.

Immunity gamprov hardened for centuries. Compared to other breeds that have been corrupted by unwise selection, the Armenian wolfhound remains a healthy animal, able to work physically. At the same time, the breed of dogs has a unique quality: if an animal has had a certain type of cold, then its immune system ceases to perceive it.

Dog breeders warn that representatives of this breed may have bone problems later in life. For their elimination, agents that treat arthritis are used.

Despite the fact that Armenian wolfhounds have a really good health, they should be taken regularly to see a veterinarian. Do not forget that the animal's body needs vaccinations. At the first suspicion of a deterioration in the health of a pet, dog breeders recommend contacting a veterinary clinic rather than self-medicating.

Large, strong, powerful - the word “gampr” is translated from Armenian. Photos of these dogs really shows individuals of large size. But this does not mean that the animal eats in moderation. According to the opinions of dog breeders, having a large size and spending a large amount of energy, the Armenian wolfhound may well be satisfied with a small amount of food. The comparison comes with the amount of food that a dog needs in similar sizes. At the same time, this does not mean that the animal should be fed at a minimum. The main thing is to make the pet's diet correctly.

If the diet of a four-legged friend is correct, there will be no problems with his health. Diet should be competent and harmonious. When it is not possible to make it yourself, contact the experts.

Especially the gampra ration should be monitored during its molting period.

Breed conservation

The main attention of Armenian cynologists is aimed at preserving the local aboriginal dog - the Armenian wolfhound. Every year a large number of decorative dog breeds are imported into the country. But these breeding species are much inferior in many respects to representatives of the local breed. Therefore, every year the issue of preserving the indigenous people of the Armenian Highland becomes more acute.

Dog breeders are unanimous that gampr divided the character and the fate of the Armenian people. Representatives of the breed were taken out of the country and used to bring such dogs as the Caucasian and Central Asian Shepherd. This led to the fact that gampry became rare. Mostly they can be found only in remote villages.

Dog Brief

  • Other possible names: gaylhecht, dog-bear, archashun, Armenian gampr.
  • Adult growth: Males from 67 cm, bitches from 63 cm.
  • Weight: from 45 kg to 70 kg. Sometimes it reaches 90 kg.
  • Characteristic color: anyone with a black mask other than brown.
  • Wool length: short-haired, with a double undercoat.
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years.
  • Breed advantages: loyal, brave, strong.
  • The complexity of the breed: independent.
  • Average price: Armenian gampr costs from $ 200 and higher.

The origin of the breed

Armenian wolfhounds - the oldest devoted human companions, and their history has more than one millennium. It is a breed of aboriginal dogs that has passed through human intervention and avoided selection.

The cave paintings found in different regions of Armenia prove the existence of such dogs as far back as the 1st millennium BC, and also the fact that they lived practically throughout the Armenian Plateau. And some of the images found in the area of ​​the city of Kars, and even reach the III millennium BC.

In the environs of the shoal Lake Sevan, tombs were found, in one of which an identical dog’s skull, dating back to the 8th century BC, was discovered. And in the I century BC. The gampras were in the military service of the Armenian tsar Tigran II.

There is even a legend according to which in the 5th century AD one of these dogs saved the life of the future king Sanatruk. In the XII-XIII centuries, the Hampers were very revered by the Turkish nobility, who settled in many Armenian regions after the conquest.

There is a tragic moment in the history of the breed already in the twentieth century, associated with the genocide of the Armenian people by the Turks. During the raids on Armenian settlements, the gampras bravely defended their families, for which they were destroyed first.

Gampr is a national breed and heritage of Armenia. The Armenian wolfhound is often confused with the Caucasian Shepherd. But in 2011, the standard of the Armenian wolfhound-gampr came out. In the same year, the breed was recognized by the International Union of Cynology (IKU). And in 2016, Gampra recognized Alianz Canine Worldwide.

Breed destination

Since ancient times, Armenian wolfhounds are used as assistants to shepherds who do not herd cattle, but bravely guard their flocks from wolves. By the way, crossing a gampra with a wolfhound gives excellent offspring. Probably, due to these connections some dogs have a wolf color.

In addition, it excellent defenders and guards. They always try to choose elevated places so that it is more convenient to monitor the territory. In case of danger, gampras violently and fearlessly stand up to defend the owners and homes.

Also, Armenian wolfhounds are used in search and rescue teams during avalanches or avalanches. But above all, the Armenian wolfhound -a full member of the family and a reliable companion.

Description of the nature of the breed

Armenian wolfhounds yet called gampr, which means "strong" and "powerful." And this name breed fully justifies. Gampr alone can deal with a wolf, as well as resist anyone who dares to invade its territory.

This is a dog that does not require special training. For centuries of living next to a man, they learned to understand the host from a half-word without additional training.

In a peaceful atmosphere gampry absolutely devoid of aggressiveness. Instead, they are alert and attentive. Aware that their loud bass can frighten their hosts, they rarely bark. Instead, they try to stop the enemy with their formidable views, and if this does not work, then they proceed to decisive actions.

When defending, gampras always try to protect children and young animals first, and only then proceed to actively protecting the whole environment. They are able to get along well with other dogs.

By it's nature gampry incredibly smart. But they need a strong-willed owner with good leadership qualities that will not allow the freedom-loving dog to take the place of the leader. Armenian wolfhounds are endowed with a noble calm and balanced character and stable psyche, which allows them to be a reliable friend.

Choosing a puppy

A dog that is turned on for protection and protection should not be insecure and cowardly. Even as a little puppy, she must show such qualities as curiosity and courage. This can be seen by observing the behavior of puppies, and choose the most active of them.

Naturally, no one wants to initially take a puppy with any problems. Therefore, look at the baby, feel his belly: he should not be swollen and hard. Заодно осмотрите голые участки кожи на предмет раздражения. Не стесняясь, загляните в уши и оцените, насколько они чистые.

Если у щенка есть проблемы с ушами, то от них может исходить неприятный запах. A puppy from malnutrition and maintenance sometimes starts rickets, as imperceptible peas on the ribs can tell, which can only be detected by palpating them with your fingers.

On the paws should be only slightly protruding cartilage growth points on the folds. There should be no more growths, and moreover, the puppy should not limp. And finally, find out from the owners about the availability of vaccinations, as well as when and how the puppies were swallowed. If this was not done, then on the way home it would be useful to call in to the vet and to the vet pharmacy.

Care and maintenance

Despite the fact that the gampras have a shorter coat compared to Caucasians, they may not look very presentable during shedding. In this case, the dog needs to be combed out and, if possible, remove the excess wool by hand (hand-trimming). Often bathe gampra unnecessary. And better to follow the absence of fleas and the purity of the ears.

Such dogs as Armenian wolfhounds are absolutely not suitable for apartments. But if this happened, then keep in mind that the dog needs daily walks and exercise. And from the first days teach the dog to relieve the need on the street.

And when you keep in a private house, you need a spacious aviary with a booth. The walls of the aviary should be open as far as possible so that, while sitting in it, the dog can observe what is happening. It is advisable not to keep gampra locked up all the time., and allow to move freely around the territory and choose a convenient place for observation.

Possible health problems

In Armenian wolfhounds There are no hereditary diseases and various food allergies. These are healthy and strong dogs that need only the necessary vaccinations and periodic feeding from worms. In rare cases, there is dysplasia and ear diseases in the gampros. But, as a rule, this is a consequence of improper care and maintenance of dogs.

Eating puppy and adult dog

Normal nutrition of a large and strong dog, such as a gampr, means keeping at least 40% of the volume of meat or fish. Meat can be absolutely anything, but not fat. It can also be various offal. Meat products can be given raw, and fish is better to boil a little.

For feeding small puppies for some time it is better to boil the meat, unless the breeders have taught them to be fresh. The second part of the diet consists of cereals, which can be slightly diluted with vegetables. Useful for the teeth and joints of the dog are bones with cartilage, also called sugar.

Briefly about training

Armenian gampra do not need training, besides, it is difficult to give in to it. They are very smart and easily remember the necessary commands, but they are used to deciding on their own what to do. Gampr should understand why he needs to perform a particular action, so in the process of learning, try to motivate the pet well with abundant praise and delicacy.

For such a self-sufficient pet you must be a leader with a strong character. If you want to achieve obedience from gampra, then act confidently and patiently.

And keep in mind that compulsory and violent methods are extremely unacceptable in relation to the Armenian wolfhound.

Advantages and disadvantages

Big and strong Armenian wolfhounds, though they look massive and frightening, are actually very calm, kind and balanced dogs. But these qualities apply only to the family in which they live. If necessary, they are always ready to selflessly protect against uninvited guests.

These dogs are so rarely give voicethat some owners for a long time doubt that their pet can bark at all. The most convenient place for them will be the one from which they will be able to closely observe what is happening. It is very important for them to keep everything under control. Therefore, try to place the aviary in a well-viewed place and close the dog in it only when necessary. Gampra not suitable for city apartments.

Incredibly clever gampra able to make independent decisions. They have a very developed sense of independence, because of which for inexperienced breeders the learning process becomes difficult or even impossible. This is also due to the fact that these dogs and without training always know what to do in a given situation.

Unpretentious care and feeding Armenian gampras have almost perfect health and are considered long-lived among dogs. There are cases when such dogs lived to be 20 years old. Therefore, if you provide the pet with proper care, regular feeding, and surround with care and love, then this big bear dog for many years will become for you an equal member of the family and a reliable friend and companion.

Owner reviews


A gampra was brought in to protect our home. But after a short time, they realized that this was not just a guard, but a member of the family just like each of us. In some incredible way, he always knows what needs to be done and even executes many commands. Although no one taught him that purposefully. Our dog runs freely around the yard, and only for the night we close it in the aviary.

I have not met a calmer dog yet. And what is most interesting, the dog practically does not bark, but just mutters threateningly. It is very easy to take care of him, which is also a big plus for me.


Five years ago, we moved to our home and before the gampra I only had cats. Husband is almost all the time on business trips, and I was worried that I could not cope with the education of such a dog. But Rei is the smartest dog in the world. He understands everything, it is a pity that he can not say anything.

And I am with him in the absence of my husband is absolutely not afraid of being alone at home, because I know that on the porch my faithful Rei is keenly watching my rest.

Character and behavior

Gampra is calm, independent, brave and alert, has a balanced temperament and strong character. Able to make decisions independently and has a bright instinct for self-preservation. Willingness to protect the owner and his property from gampra in the blood. In addition, he is distinguished by exceptional friendliness to the person, which is an important factor for a family dog, and not just a caretaker of a commercial object.

Distinctive features of the character of the gampra: independence and a lively mind.

Gampr is very attached to people, he considers himself a member of the family. This applies especially to dogs that live in close contact with humans. If the owner ignores the gampra, he will respond in the same way. Proud and confident, he will not devote himself to the owner, if he does not need it. Relations with the wolfhound resemble friendship, which should be protected and maintained.

Today Armenian breeders are developing a program of cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. In their opinion, the Armenian wolfhound is quite suitable for the role of a border dog and will easily be able to force out the German Shepherd Dog.

I wonder how gampr builds family relationships. Before he recognizes a chapter, he will show affection for younger members of the family, women and children. Then he will try to take a leading position and, if the owner does not allow it, the dog will remain in its proper place. Similar gampr shows in relation to domestic animals. First of all, he takes care of lambs and kids. Just making sure they are safe will protect adult animals. With males tribesmen arranges fierce battles for leadership. If socially adapted it is absolutely indifferent to cats and other small animals.

Gampr - security dog, which at any time is ready to ensure the protection of the territory entrusted to him, people and animals, at any cost. Never raise an alarm because of a suspicious rustling, does not demonstrate nervousness or fuss. If necessary, it acts quickly, decisively and firmly. In general, this is exactly what is expected of a dog that is trusted in its safety. To be a keeper of livestock, and this is what is considered the main work of the gampra, it must have complete self-control, independent of the human decision. The gampra has intelligence and insight, pride, strong character, a desire to work and serve the master, but at the same time not to cringe.

The emphasis in breeding solely on size and fighting ability led to the appearance of several lines, of which dogs lack intelligence and wisdom to carry out work to protect the family and livestock or to be trusted to children.

Without mental and physical intimacy with the family, the gampra loses the meaning of life. But at the same time, in order for the dog to show all its positive qualities, the owner must become a real leader and leader for it. In their reviews, the owners of the gampros write that the dog somehow always knows what to do, as if it understands human speech, and fulfills requests that no one purposefully taught. Very calm, but always alert.

Upbringing and training

Gampra is difficult to train according to generally accepted schemes and standard techniques, but you definitely need to complete an early training course with it. With regard to protection, the gampr become a reliable guard and a security guard as a result of competent education and close contact with a person, and not after a course of ZKS. Ideally, puppies should learn from older dogs, but this is not always possible.

At any age it is very important that self-control is the main feature of gampra. If the puppy cannot control his excitement, it will be harder to work with him.

Content Features

Gampr is a typical resident of the yard, who needs a lot of space, good workload and regular long walks. He likes to run, very active and athletic. Of course, not afraid of frost, snow or rain. Gampr is not suitable for chain life, in the aviary can be closed for a short period. In urban conditions, to provide decent living conditions is almost impossible.

Gampr is not suitable for residential or household maintenance, it is a yard guard dog, which is adapted for year-round life on the street and carrying guard duty.

In this case, the gampr should always be among people and animals. This applies not only puppies, but also adults. They themselves seek close contact and should not live somewhere in the backyard, but be part of the family. Gampra takes under his protection all family members, take care of them and predicts danger. On the one hand, this is a plus, but it can be a minus. If, for example, on a walk a dog decides that a cyclist rushing away will attack a child. In unfamiliar, unencumbered terrain, a dog should always be in a muffled muzzle, even if it is perfectly educated.

Gampr is absolutely undemanding in terms of care. If the dog lives in the yard, hygiene procedures are reduced to periodical combing during the season of molting and very rare bathing. They also monitor the cleanliness of the eyes and ears, but they usually do not require regular cleaning. From time to time, the dog is fully examined to notice signs of infection in time. The claws of the gampra often do not have time to grind down independently on soft ground, therefore they have to be trimmed not only to sick, elderly or weakened dogs, but also to adults who are healthy.

Like any other dog of this size, gampr needs a well-balanced diet, especially during the period of active growth. Lack of vitamins and microelements can lead to improper physical development, weakness of the musculoskeletal system and other problems in adulthood. Gampr eats 1-2 times a day. Meat and offal should be at least 1/3 of the diet, the rest: cereals, vegetables, dairy products, eggs. The total size of the daily portion is approximately equal to 3-5% of body weight.

In rare cases, the owners accustom guampra to dry food for large and giant dog breeds. Most breeders are of the opinion that the more acceptable option for the native breed will be natural food.

Health and life expectancy

Gampras are strong and healthy, very hardy and adaptable dogs. Today, the breed is positioned as genetically safe. However, there is evidence that gampro dysplasia of the hip joint, heart disease and other internal organs. There may be problems with the skin and ears. It is difficult to say whether these problems are hereditary or related to improper care, nutrition and maintenance.

Life expectancy is usually 10 - 12 years. The dog needs standard veterinary and preventive measures no less than any other. The strength of health and immunity, which they say breeders, does not allow owners to save on the maintenance and nutrition of the wolfhound.

Description and breed standard

Gampra is considered an Armenian type of Caucasian Shepherd, but it is a typical moloss and is closer in relation to mastiffs and mastiffs than to shepherd dogs.

Height at withers: Males 67-80 cm, bitches from 63 cm
Weight: 45-85 kg

Color: any other than liver and brownish. The face of the dog is sometimes decorated with a dark mask.

  • Wool with a thick undercoat. Short on the face and ears, but thick on the body, it protects the dog from adverse climatic conditions. There are long-haired and short-haired Armenian wolfhounds.
  • The expression of the eyes attentive, wary, appears even in small puppies.
  • Eye color is darker than coat.
  • The nose is dark.

History of the Armenian Wolfhound

These dogs lived on the territory of the Armenian Highland even in prehistoric times, as evidenced by the rock paintings of ancient people who hunted game and large animals using Armenian wolfhounds. Age of cave paintings 1-3 millennium BC

The first documented mention of the Hamprah dates back to the 1st century BC. - then the big dogoobraznye dogs participated in the military actions of the king Tigran II.

Armenian wolfhounds were used to protect houses, herds and humans from attacks of wild animals and raids by hostile tribes, to shepherd sheep and rescue shepherds from snowy debris, leading them to villages and camps.

The name of the breed "Gampr" from the Armenian language is translated as "strong" or "powerful", it was also called "archashun" (bear), "gaylhekht" (wolfhound), "ovvashun" (shepherd's dog). Gampr received the status of "wolfhound", because he alone cope with the wolf and put to flight three men.

With the development of progress, the hapmrs partially lost their purpose, and the breed was close to extinction. But fans and enthusiasts did not let her disappear completely. The main reason is that this animal has great cultural significance for Armenia. He still continues to be used as a shepherd and watchman.

Since 1989, the gampr is known under the name "Anatolian Karabash" - the breed was able to register in Turkey. The struggle for recognition of the breed began in 1997. In 2009, on the basis of the “Aragil” club in Armenia, they founded the Kinologo-Sporting Union, which was engaged in increasing the number of representatives of the breed.

Shorthair gampr is recognized as a breed on February 10, 2011, while at the same time, the status of a national breed of Armenia is assigned to gamprom. Today, work is underway to recognize the long-haired species of the breed.

Behavior and temperament

Gampr is betrayed to the owner, but will not "cave in" under the person - he is endowed with special dignity. In this case, the relationship resembles friendship rather than work.

  • loyal
  • calm,
  • non-aggressive,
  • fearless,
  • great guard
  • careful and attentive
  • smart, inclined to make decisions.

  • wayward,
  • a strong hand is needed for education,
  • does not like to obey man.

Gampr and man

Gampr is security guard, he is ready to protect the owner, his family and property. It is noteworthy that the Armenian wolfhound, getting into the human family, first of all finds a common language with the children of the owner and his wife - this dog is sensitive to all human emotions, and children and women are more emotional than men.

Gampr is attentive and careful both in work and in relations with a person, he will never offend those whom he considers “his own”, but if he has to protect them, he will fight to the last breath.
The Armenian wolfhound also gets along with other pets, considering them to be their wards.


Gampr - contact dog, it is important for her to communicate with the person constantly. Puppies require early socialization. Armenian wolfhound is smart and at the same time likes to make decisions on his own. Gampru needs time to explain that the man - the leader of the pack.

In urban conditions, the Armenian wolfhound is bored, since it is difficult to realize the watchman's instinct here.

Breed Photos

A selection of photos of the Armenian Wolfhound.

The Armenian Wolfhound is a working dog, accustomed to work. He has no place in a city apartment, even with a large physical load. But in the country can be kept. Valier desirable.

Description of the breed gampr (Armenian Wolfhound)

From Armenian "gampr" is translated as "large, strong, powerful." Due to the natural selection, gampra is well adapted to local climatic conditions. It is ideally suited to perform its main task - protecting the owner and his home, as well as protecting herds from wolves and bears.

Due to the fact that the gampras were not subject to selection according to the phenotype, they retained many features of the exterior of the ancient species. Dimensions gampra vary from 63 cm in females to 70 cm in males. Weight can reach 45-90 kg. The dog looks strong, strong, harmonious. Двигается волкодав легко, плавно, что при значительных размерах и развитой мускулатуре не оставляет впечатления тяжеловесности или неуклюжести.

In accordance with the standard, gampry are as follows:

  1. Skull massive with a large skull constituting 60% of the skull. The total length of the skull - 170-173 mm. The stopper is mild, the transition from the forehead to the nose is smoothed so that it is almost a straight line. The forehead is flattened and wide, is 63-65 mm. Nose is large, pigmented black. Zygomatic arch flat, poorly defined.
  2. Jaws strong, wide, strong with a full set of white, tightly composed teeth. The bite is normal (scissor), which provides a strong grip.
  3. Eyes planted deep, medium size, almond shape. The color of the iris - brown. The lids have a pigmented black edge that makes the dog's eyes expressive. Look attentive, intelligent and domineering. Such an expression of the eyes is characteristic of the breed and is observed even in puppies of several weeks of age.
  4. Ears located slightly below the eye line, which visually makes the front of the dog more powerful and more impressive. They are medium in size and loose on cartilage. The tip is rounded and directed to the face. Ears can be cropped.
  5. The neck is of medium length, cone-shaped, and equipped with strong musculature.
  6. The body is somewhat stretched (108-110). Withers well marked. Back powerful, wide, straight. The croup is wide. The belly is taut.
  7. Thorax deep, fairly wide, with well-developed muscles. The lower edge is somewhat lower than the elbow joints.
  8. Limbs strong, muscular, straight. The hind legs are slightly straightened in the joints, so that when looking at the dog from the side there is a noticeable slight hindrance.
  9. Tail set high, plump. In a state of calm, omitted, when moving or excited, rises above the line of the back. The dog keeps him in the form of a ring or half ring.

The adopted breed standard describes short-haired Gampra, but there are varieties with long hair.

Wool and possible colors

Both varieties are characterized by "double" wool. Thick undercoat allows dogs not to freeze even in the coldest winters in the mountains. The undercoat is so dense that it is not saturated with melt water and protects the body when it freezes on the top layer of the shirt.

In short-haired dogs, the length of the dog on the body does not exceed 2.5-6 cm. In long-haired dogs it can reach 15 cm. On the head and limbs, the hair is shorter.

Since the rock was formed with maximum adaptation to environmental conditions, the color has a masking value. Any type is allowed except for liver and brown. It is desirable to have a dark mask on the face.

Character traits

At all times, the Armenian wolfhound was valued for independence in decision-making, exceptional dedication to the owner and courage. During the wars and the genocide of the Armenian population, the number of dogs sharply decreased. Since the invaders destroyed Gamprov, selflessly defending the host family and its property.

Gampr has a balanced, steady temperament. He is aware of his strength and understands how his appearance causes fear. But the dog also subtly feels love and respect. He will never bark without a reason, as if he understands that his awesome roar and barking can frighten a child.

Even settling down to rest, gampr chooses a place from which the entire protected area is well visible. Well-known Armenian breeder Gurgen Hakobyan claims that no one person can choose a more advantageous position, even in unfamiliar territory, in order to keep it under constant vigilance.

Gurgen Hakobyan speaks with his pets as with adult sons, as these proud animals command respect. Gurgen believes that the intellectual development of his pet Urata exceeds the mental abilities of some people. A dog never blindly obeys orders. He chooses the tactics and strategy that allows him to fully perform the main function - to protect and protect.

Between the owner and the dog are not the relationship "master-servant", and friendly. Dog is difficult to force to attack a stranger, he must assess the degree of threat and decide to protect the owners and family.

The owner must win recognition and friendship dogs. Having appeared in the family, the gampr first shows its favor to its weaker members, who are most in need of its protection — children and women. From the owner the dog is waiting for respect, recognition of equal relations. If the owner shows indifference and detachment - the dog pays him the same.

With pets, gampr has a peaceful relationship. He considers them weak and demanding his protection.

Upbringing and training

Armenian wolfhound poorly trainable. Many dog ​​experts believe that there is no need to train the dog, since the instinct of the guard and watchman is laid at her level of genes.

However, the dog needs to be raised from the first days of life. Gampras grow up late, and in the “teenage” age they have all the drawbacks of the puberty period of a person. He can be wayward, disobedient, lazy, cunning, reckless.

In order not to get an uncontrollable adult dog of impressive size and strength, it is necessary to start raising and socializing it as soon as possible. The owner must firmly, but without aggression, make it clear who is the "leader of the pack." Dogs are trained in search skills - to search for people and domestic animals lost in the mountains or caught in a snow captivity.

Breeders gamprov believe that to train dogs to participate in dog fighting - barbarism. This spoils the character of the dog, develops aggressiveness towards the species and "breaks" the natural character of the animal.

Care and health

Gampr is a working dog who has worked for centuries alongside a person living in harsh conditions. Therefore, the dog is unpretentious and does not need special care. However, this does not mean that you can forget about the dog.

Thick and dense undercoat requires combing, especially often it must be done during seasonal molting. It is necessary to bathe dogs as far as pollution. If the dog does not have the opportunity to grind the claws naturally on a hard surface, then they must be trimmed, inspected to avoid cracks and delamination, injuries to the paw pads.

If the ears are not cropped, they should also be periodically inspected and cleaned. Require care and cleaning the dog's teeth. Puppies for this procedure must be taught from an early age.

Gampra is difficult to maintain in a city apartment. Without realizing his “mission,” the dog may get bored. It requires a lot of space and contact with the person. If the dog is kept in a city apartment, then it must be walked often and for a long time, giving metered exercise.

Breed diseases

Gampr has a very strong health, in which the important role played by the blood of wolves and the ideal adaptability to local conditions. Dogs are not susceptible to allergic reactions, have strong immunity and good resistance to local parasites.

One of the drawbacks is the tendency to diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Gampr is growing rapidly and gaining weight, which negatively affects the state of the bone joints. In dogs of this breed are noted:

  • dysplasia of the hip joints,
  • dislocations and subluxations of the elbow joints.

Good health does not protect gampra from viral and infectious diseases inherent in carnivorous - distemper, rabies. Therefore, they need vaccination against these deadly diseases.

Since the dog is on the street most of the time, it needs to be treated for fleas and ticks, periodically inspect wool and ears. Ear problems are sometimes found in gampra, but these are not breed defects, but negligence of the host.

How to feed a pet

Armenian wolfhound unpretentious in food. He will eat what the master will give him. However, it should be borne in mind that for proper formation, given the rapid growth, the dog requires a complete, balanced diet with a high content of proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins should be at least 40% of the total portion of the ration. This may be lean meat, offal. Meat can be given raw.

In addition to meat, the diet should include fish, as a source of phosphorus, an essential element for bone mineralization and proper skeleton structure. Fish must be freed from the bones and podvarit.

In addition to proteins, the dog's body requires carbohydrate intake to ensure the processes of metabolism, regeneration and growth. They will provide porridge, in which you can add a little vegetable oil, broth, boiled, stewed or raw vegetables. The frequency of feeding is the same as that of other dog breeds - twice a day in adults and 3-4 times in puppies.

Particular attention in the preparation of the diet should be paid to the prevention of diseases of the joints. To do this, you need to enter the food cartilage, tendons, bones. In addition, the diet supplement vitamin and mineral supplements that ensure the health of the musculoskeletal system. For the purposes of prophylaxis, you can give your dog chondroprotectors, which a vet will recommend.

When choosing ready-made feeds, you should choose those that are designed for large and giant dogs. They have already introduced all the necessary additives to ensure the health and longevity of the animal. With proper care, feeding and regular veterinarian, a gampra can live 14-15 years.

Where to buy a puppy

The cost of puppies in kennels is quite high and amounts to 200-1000 dollars. Previously, it was difficult to purchase gampra, since the export of dogs from Armenia was banned, and in the USA they were expensive, now there are kennels in the Russian Federation and in Ukraine.

In Ukraine there is a kennel "Shamir", in which gamprov, taken out from Armenia in the 90s, have been successfully engaged in breeding for a long time. When Belarusians applied for the purchase of puppies for the protection of agricultural land and livestock in the Kennel Union of Armenia, they were advised to buy dogs in the Shamir kennel, as their puppies are not inferior to the Armenian. Puppy gampra in the nursery is more than 3000 hryvnia.

Kennels "Gampr Legend of Armenia" and "Urmia" in Mineralnye Vody maintain a close relationship with the homeland of wolfhounds, so the puppies purchased here comply with the standards and purebred.

Officially registered a new nursery of Armenian wolfhounds in Tbilisi (Georgia). "ARAX - BRNASHEN" is the first nursery in the territory of Georgia. Its owner is a doctor by specialty and editor of a journal engaged in the promotion of indigenous breeds. In Russia, the largest kennel gamprov is "Armenian Lion from Urartu".

Today, the motto of Armenian cynological clubs and nurseries engaged in breeding the breed is: "Gampr from sea to sea." Armenians are engaged not only in replenishing livestock, attempts to standardize and recognize the long-haired variety of gampra, but also to widely popularize these amazing ancient dogs.