Choosing a nickname for a cow


To choose a nickname for a cow or a bull, special knowledge is required. The only point that needs to be considered when giving the name to an animal is the type of farm where it is kept. If a cow belongs to a farm that breeds different breeds of cattle, experts advise you to follow a few simple rules when choosing a name, in other cases the general principles apply.

What do you call a calf belonging to a household?

If the calf belongs to the household, then it can be called whatever you like, but sometimes, people still adhere to one of the following rules when choosing a nickname:

  • the name should be just beautiful,
  • to approach the character of the calf or its habits,
  • match the exterior of the animal.

The owners come up with the names of the cows themselves or use a ready-made alphabetical index of names. Often people try to choose a nickname easy and well remembered.

How to call a cow without using the name index?

In Russia, they always tried to find a special name for their nurse. Attitude to domestic cows was affectionate and respectful. The nickname was given as follows:

  • Regarding the month of birth of the calf: Dekabrinka, Martha, Mike, Sentyabrinka, Oktyabrinka, April, etc.
  • Regarding the time of day in which the calf was born: Nochka, Dawn.
  • Regarding weather conditions at the birth of a calf: Snowball, Wind, Rainbow, Tumanka.
  • Regarding the colors of calves: Red, Pestryanka, White, Ryzhik, Chernushka, Fifteen, Burka.
  • Regarding the external features of the calf: Curly, Ushastik, Baby, Fragile, Pretty Woman, Plump, Krivorozhka.
  • Regarding the characteristics of the calf: Exuberant, Freestyle, Weasel, Wild, Shustrik, Buyan.
  • Regarding geographic locations: Volga, Dunayka, Baikasha, Amazon, Jamaica.
  • By the name of any flowers and plants: Ryabinka, Chamomile, Malinka, Ryabinka.
  • According to the breed of the born calf: Holsteiner, Ishirka, Dutch, Jayserka, Kholmogorka, Yaroslav.

Sometimes, to make a cow's name unusual and memorable, people use fantasy and get the following nicknames: Cheburashka, Zozulka, Gavryusha, Kupava, Bee, Lady, Lada, Pearl, Jasper, Cinderella, Kroshiechka, Felia, Coquette, Giraffe, Flash, Italy.

Fans can watch foreign TV shows can give your cow one of the names of the main characters of the film. For example: Marcia, Luis, Garcia, Alberto, Don Juan, Rodrigue or Cupid.

What do you call a calf belonging to a farm?

In such cases, in order to isolate a specific lineage, female calves are given names that begin with the same letter as the mother. If the calf is male, the name is given after his father. Then, the name is entered into a special passport of the born calf, indicating the pedigree of up to 5 knees. List of nicknames for cows in alphabetical order is given at the end of the article (see Table 1).

And a little bit about how to call a bull

In most cases, when a bull is called in an ordinary household, the principles are the same as when naming a cow. The only nuance is that the names for the male calves are smaller, but this is offset by the unusualness of the names given. People involved in livestock, advised to observe the behavior of the bull and proceed from the peculiarities of his character when choosing a nickname. Options may be as follows:

  • The names of the great emperors and generals (Augustus, Bonaparte, Napoleon, Caesar, Julius).
  • Names of mythological heroes: Iolaus, Poseidon, Hercules, Zeus, Icarus.
  • Like: Tikhon or Buyan.

Experts advise giving names to animals immediately after their birth. The sooner the calf remembers the sound of its name, the better it will respond to it in the future. It is advised to pronounce the nickname with affection and several times a day so that the animal already responds to it by the grazing season.

Alphabetical list of nicknames

Consider how to call a cow or a bull alphabetically.


Alpha, Aurora, April, Augustine, Ada, Agatha, Aza, Alice, Ajurnaya, Arcade, Alaska, Altayka, Arina, Harp, Assol, Aphrodite, Asya, Astra.

Alf, August, Amur, Alkid, Arnold, April, Adam, Afonya.


Belashka, Birch, Lamb, Butterfly, Barbara, Belushushka, Belyanka, Berta, Squirrel, Bead, Squirrel, Rich, Brovka, Cowberry, Violent, Cheerful, Brykukha, Buranka, Buyanka, Burenka.

Basia, Banderas, Body, Bobosya, Bern, Bor'ka, Bonaparte, Borodan, Bull, Bublik, Brave, Bull.


Vanessa, Varya, Valentine, Vanessa, Barbara, Vasilisa, Venus, Veselina, Verba, Venus, Cherry, Evening, Will, Veselukha, Blizzard, Vlad,

Vaska, Venka, Volny, Pile, Wolf, Vyatik.


Geranium, Gazelle, Hera, Smooth, Gloria, Grace, Dove, Glasha, Countess, Grunya, Thunderstorm, Muddy, Gertrude, Gilda, Gledis.

Hudson, Guy, Gavryusha, Graf, Galileo, Galya, Gambit, Hanibal, Harlem, Geyser.


Dana, Dasha, Dakota, Noblewoman, Daiga, Darenka, Virgo, Jamie, Dekabrinka, Delmi, Julianna, Juliet, Diana, Dina, Dikusha, Dear, Dorothea, Daughter, Dora, Dunayka, Dorothea, Thumbelina, Dusya, Daughter, Dora, Dora, Dunayka, Dorothea, Thumbelina, Dusya, Daughter, Daughter, Dora, Dunayka, Dorothea, Thumbelina, Dusya, Daughter, Daughter, Dora, Dunayka, Dorothea, Thumbelina, Dusya, Daughter, Daughter, Dora, Dunayka, Dorothea, Thumbelina Dusha Dubrava, Mist, Thumbelina, Dusya.

Savage, Diego, Wild, Don, Dnieper, Danube, Don, Dyavil.


Eve, Blackberry, Sole, Eshka, Elika, Yenichka, Eurasia, Ezhen, Effi, Yeln, Elyushka.

Yemelya, Huntsman, Caustic, Edisei, Eroshka, Ermak, Enai, Evsey, Evil.


Zhuzha, Zhanna, Pearl, Josephine, Jasmine, Zhulya, Jacqueline, Priestess, Zhemanka, Zhenivieva, Zhelan, Zhezzi, Jacques, Joly.

Georges, Jean, Zhivchik, Lot, Gigolo, Giacomo, Gibert, Bridegroom, Jules, Julien, Zhuzhik, Zhoker, Zhaur.


Fun, Asterisk, Zarnitsa, Zimushka, Dawn, Zoya, Zozulka, Zlata, Zosya, Zorka.

Zeus, Zigzag, Star, Winter, Zair, Zosim, Zebulon, Zeiden, Zorik, Zorky, Zurbagan.


Ibiza, Willow, Yvonne, Zest, Spark, Julka, Toffee, Toy, Junka, Igor, Izabella, Isolde, Emerald.

Frost, Iris, Ignat, Raisin, Ildar, Emerald, Ingush, Insar, Irbis, Irvik, Iroquois.


Droplet, Kalina, Kvitka, Carmelita, Clara, Coquette, Button, Beauty, Crumb, Motley, Canapushka, Doll, Pretty Woman, Curl.

Cyprus, Kroha, Cedar, Cain, Caucasus, Cavalier, Casanova, Caligula, Kansas, Cashew, Cyprus, Kirby.


Lada, Lavender, Lama, Laguna, Lastochka, Lusk, Lasunka, Laura, Lady, Winch, Legend, Levada, Linda, Leila, Lily, Lyubava, Lucien, Lala, Azure, Ladoga, Lisa.

Lubchik, Leo, Fierce, Labyrinth, Lavrik, Lucky, Lazar, Lily of the Valley, Lexus, Leshy, Likhach, Lauren, Luigi, Lunar, Pet, Kind, Lyapis, Lumière.

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Mike, Manka, Malinka, Madame, Baby, Malanka, Baby, Malvina, Malva, Daisy, Manner, Martha, Marquise, Marfush, Blizzard, Melody, Matilda, Matryona, Model, Cutie, Lightning, Milka, Meri, Moldovan, Monica, Murka, Musya, Mucha, Murenka, Mumu.

Marquis, Marias, Ball, Martin, Bear, May, Marshal, Macho, Maestro, Memphis, Murphy, Merlin, Milt, Hammer, Monarch, Navigator, Marseille, Mustang.


Reward, Forget-Me-Not, Naida, Nika, Noyabrina, Norma, Nochka, Nyusha, Nravka, Nora, Noni, Nitra, Nicole.

November, Nick, Noel, Narzan, Naur, Nero, Nestor, Nickel, Ninja, Nilson, Nobel, Notrdam, Newton, Newman.


Ovation, Octave, Octyabrina, Olympiada, Olympia, Osinka, Ophelia, Oblin, Olivia, Alder.

October, Mischievous, Obelix, Odik, Oligarch, Oliver, Orange, Orel, Oscar, Oswald.


Pava, Pestrusha, Palette, Peganka, Parisian, Cookie, Pegashka, Victory, Glade, Polina, Helper, Girlfriend, Eater, Fluff, Bee, Fat, Passion, Patricia.

Pied, Paris, Peter, Motley, Obedient, Paris, Parade, Porthos, Peach, Dodger, Donut, Prince.


Rare, Rainbow, Rezvushka, Chamomile, Rimma, Ryzhukha, Ryabka, Ravenna, Raquel, Rocket, Rachel.

Romeo, Rodrigo, Rolf, Ranch, Rahat, Regi, Remarque, Rambo, Riddick, Ricky, Rinaldo.


Sarah, Northerner, Severin, Sentyabrina, Silva, Seraphim, Brave, Serenade, Fairy Tale, Sympathy, Glory, Siren, Snowflake, Smetanka, Slav, Snowball.

Senya, Spartak, Salieri, Sancho, Sargon, Istanbul, Seoul, Saiga, Samurai, Sensei.


Tina, Silent, Mystery, Tradition, Theon, Taiga, Tanita, Teresa, Tolda, Teed, Tasia.

Tarzan, Taurus, Terry, Til, Tibet, Timmy, Timka, Toffee, Tomato, Tottem, Tulip, Tyapa.


Luck, Joy, Good, Umka, Smile, Scream.

Ember, Ulan, Uggs, Ulrich.


Feodor, Fevronia, Violet, Fevralina, Fairy, Faina.

Thomas, Fock, Federico, Queen.


Bread, Chvalenka, Mistress.

Christopher, Hefer, Hope, Hunter.



Cherry, Chernushka, Chernyavka.




El, Ella, Elitka.


Jupiter, Julius, Jusik.


Yantarka, Yanvarinka, Bright, Berry, Jasper, Jamaica.

This is a small list of options for what to call a calf, which may help determine the name.

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Nickname calf. General rules of choice

Everyone knows that every person has a name, and an animal must have a nickname. This is the difference. Since ancient times, this tradition has been waged - not to call animals by human names. Why? Because all the names for a person are the names of the saints. Calling the child the name of the saint, we choose a patron for him, who will protect him from all bad things throughout his life. And it means that you cannot name an animal by the name of a person. This is considered a great sin. Some breeders of domestic animals still observe this tradition, and some do not attach any importance to it. Therefore, it is quite often possible to meet animals with such nicknames (names) as Bor'ka, Mashka, Glashka, Timoshka, and so on.

Nickname selection options

When choosing a name for a calf, you need to pay attention to the nature of the animal, and its appearance, as well as a number of other significant characteristics. For example, the month in which he was born, the time of day, the weather and so on. Well, if the name of the calf will have you with something or someone associated.

Another important tip is better if the name of the animal is simple and short enough. It is necessary for the calf to remember it better, and it will be more convenient for you to summon a pet.

Choosing a name for chicks

No wonder the animated hero captain Vrungel said: “As you call a yacht, it will sail like that!” This has its meaning. Therefore, choosing the nickname of a future cow, think about what qualities she can reward the character of your heifer. Turn on the fantasy, in such a case, as the choice of the name of the calf, it will be useful to you, oh, how.

Among livestock breeders there is such an old tradition that teaches nicknames for calves-girls to come up with the same letter as the name of the mother. Assume that the cow that was left off is called Nochka, which means that her daughter should also be named with the letter “H”.

Examples of calf nicknames

Many owners of cows prefer not to think too much when choosing a nickname and call them a female name, but with a few changes. It can be a rough form of the name or, conversely, affectionate. For example, Zoyka, Varka, Milka or Ksyusha, Nyusha, Anyuta. As noted above, when choosing a name, you can focus on the time of year, day or month when the heifer appeared. It can be - Dawn, Night, Asterisk, Mike, April, Martha and so on. Or according to the weather - Blizzard, Snowflake, Blizzard, Cloud, Ice and the like.

Watching the behavior

If you did not immediately christen your newborn pet, and left the choice of the name for later, then how to call it, you can tell the behavior of the heifer. There are various options. How do you like: Quiet, Skoda, Umka, Rezvushka, Buyanka, Chistyulka (and there are still many others)? Sense of humor also does not hurt when choosing a nickname. Surrounding people will certainly pay attention to the unusual name of your cattery and take an interest in the motives of their choice. Agree that such calf nicknames as Bambi, Kudryashka, Murka, Masyanya, Bunny, Meatball, Lyalka, Obzhorka, Bounty and others sound quite original and fun.

How not to call

There is an opinion that it is better not to call the calf with such names as Snatch, Buyanka, etc., due to the fact that they will behave according to their nickname. Can be aggressive, stubborn and evil. But this is not scientifically proven. Therefore, how to call a calf, decide for yourself. Indeed, the most important indicator will be the fact that you and the members of your family like the name you choose.

Choosing a name for a bull

If you have a calf-boy (goby), then you should follow the same tradition described above, only the male sex is called the name, the first letter of which is the same as that of the father. Let's give an example. The bull (father) name is Buyan, which means that the name for a newborn calf-boy must begin with the letter “B”. Let's think about what to call a bull calf. Fantasy, sense of humor and the advice of loved ones will be your helpers in this matter.

Just as in the case of the birth of a heifer, the choice of the nickname of bull calves will depend on the same factors. Take a closer look at the newborn calf and, most likely, you will quickly decide what to call it. Here are some variants of names suitable for calf boys. These are Gavryusha, Mars, Saturn, Snickers, Prince, Smurfik, Breeze, Bell, Bar and so on.

If you want your bull to grow big and strong, then it is better not to call him Tiny and Toddler. This is certainly not a fact, but still a proportion of probability is present, and your calf may grow weak and not at all large.

Once again, the name of the calf should be easy to pronounce, so that you can call the animal without much difficulty. Compare the two options. For example, the calf's nickname is Mart. Try shouting out that name as if you want to scream to it. Have tried? Convinced that no special difficulties arise. But if your bull name is Boniface. Shouting such a name is much more difficult.

So how to call a bull calf to follow all the rules and recommendations? Scientists have repeatedly argued that the sound of a name is not so important for animals as the host’s voice and intonation. That is why animals will never confuse their masters, even if they all call the same. In large villages, livestock owners do not particularly think about what to call a calf. Born in March - will be March, in April - April. But confusion does not arise. Why? Because each animal is primarily focused on the voice of its owner. Nicknames for calf boys can be the same, but the intonation and voice of the owner can not be confused with anyone else.

Funny story

Here is one typical example from the livestock breeders. One of the owners of a newborn bull chose a calf's name for a long time and eventually decided to call him a Student. He explained his choice to the fact that after finishing his son’s school, the meat of this bull would be useful for making money necessary to train a child in high school. The bull will grow up, it will be handed over for meat, and the proceeds will go to pay for education. But, as usual, all students are usually thin and hungry. So, the goby, too, was not going to become large and well-fed, and by the necessary date he could not gain the necessary marketable weight. I had to seek finance for education in another way.

Summing up

Variants of names for newborn calves, you can think of a lot. But the main thing is not the combination of sounds in it, but how you will address the newborn. This should be done calmly, with love and sincerity, making it clear to him that you are a kind and loving master. And then even the most harmful nature of the calf will change, and he will trust you unconditionally. And with such a friendly attitude, your bull will no longer be so harmful, and the cow will give better quality milk in larger quantities.

Nickname classification

Nothing can replace the love of the animal and the care of its owner. No modern technical devices and high-quality fodder can affect the well-being of the cows, as well as make its milk nourishing and tasty, as affectionate attitude to the animal of man.

Our great-grandmothers never gave cows and gobies names just like that. Each of them had to fit and fit this particular animal. Although in our time, not all farmers remain true to tradition, but nevertheless those who use the experience of their ancestors always benefit. When a person gives a nickname to a cow or a bull, he begins to perceive them as an equal rational being, which also needs communication, care and attention. From birth it is necessary to accustom pets to their nicknames.. Say their names repeatedly, with gentle intonation. And you will see that soon the cow will respond and obey its owner.

Today, we, like our ancestors, prefer to give the name of the cow, taking into account some factors. Как же можно и в наше время назвать свою любимую буренку? Имя часто подбирали в соответствии с месяцем, в котором корова появилась на свет, и погодными условиями. К примеру – Марта, Майка, Морозка, Ночка, Метелька. Также, кличку можно было дать по окрасу – Пеструшка, Чернушка, Белянка.They called the cows and female names - Tanka, Glashka, Lyubka, Mashka. Or almost humanly - Daughter, Aunt, Mistress. The name was picked up and with a character trait - Silent, Veselukha, Violent, and also by habits - for example, Baltukha, Brykuha. Called and on similarity with the names of flowers or geographical areas - Birch, Ryabinka, Romashka, Dunayka, Ararat. You could just pick a funny nickname - Dragonfly, Shot glass, Kroshechka.

Each cow feels its owner or mistress. She is very sensitive to her voice, including her name.

There are cases when the cow was sold with the same nickname, and the new owners quickly taught it to a completely different one. Although the cow is a very musical animal, you should not invent an original ornate name for it, it is better to choose a short word with a growling sound. Thus, the name of your animal should not be too long, well, if it sounds nice and easy to remember.

List of names

In order to choose a suitable name for the cow of a girl, you can look at the list and choose the right name for your pet.

  1. Letters A - B: April, Augustine, Alaska, Altayka, Arina, Aphrodite, Astra, Openwork, Lamb, Butterfly, Cowberry, Squirrel, Bead, Burenka, Brykukha, Violent, Berta, Varya, Vasilisa, Cherry, Veseluha, Verba, Vyuga , Will.
  2. The letters G - E: Geranium, Glasha, Hera, Countess, Gryaznulya, Dove, Dasha, Juliet, Daughter, Dear, Diana, Dorothea, Noblewoman, Daiga, Dekabrina, Mist, Delmi, Blackberry, Sole, Eve.
  3. Letters F - I: Zhuzha, Zhanna, Pearl, Dawn, Asterisk, Zoyka, Zlata, Zimushka, Zabava, Yvonne, Spark, Toffee, Toy, Julka.
  4. Letters K - M: Droplet, Pretty Woman, Tiny, Kvitka, Kalina, Doll, Lama, Linda, Laura, Lusk, Levada, Lala, Lubava, Lavender, Laguna, Murenka, Cutie, Martha, Baby, Mary, Moldovan, Model, Fly , Monica, Martha, Matilda, Murka, Frost.
  5. The letters N - P: Nika, Naida, Norma, Noyabrina, Nravka, Ovation, Octyabrina, Octave, Ophelia, Peganka, Polina, Bee, Fat, Helper, Cookie, Parisian, Eater, Girlfriend.
  6. R - T: Ryabka, Chamomile, Rainbow, Rimma, Seraphim, Silva, Snowflake, Sympathy, Brave, Siren, Serenade, Severin, Tradition, Tina, Mystery.
  7. W - X: Joy, Luck, Good Girl, Fairy, Faina, Fyodor, Favorite, Fevralina, Hostess, Hlebnaya, Khvalenka.
  8. C - W: Gypsy, Flower, Chernyavka, Chernushka, Cherry, Chocolate.
  9. U - I: Shchetinka, Twitter, Ella, Elite, Juno, Berry, Yantarka, Yanvarka.

And this is still not a complete list of possible nicknames for your heifer. Much depends on the preferences and imagination of the hostess, on her taste and desire.

Of course, our ancestors were stricter when choosing a name for a cow - for example, it was once considered blasphemy to call Burenka a female name, since each person has his own church saint. Many breeding animals give birth to special cards, which indicate their entire genealogy in the fifth generation. Often, traditionally, the name of a cow is picked up on the letter with which the name of her mother began.

Many farmers are also interested in the question of what to call a calf? The general rules for picking a nickname for a boy are as follows - it can be called according to the breed (Holsteiner, Bern or Zurich will suit a bull from Switzerland), according to the first letter of the month of his birth (August - Alkid, February - Fedor). You can recall cartoons and artworks (for example, the bullhead Gavryushu from Prostokvashino), or pick a nickname for the character traits (Tikhon, Shaitan), after the former owner. A variant with male names (Yashka, Stepan), nicknames in English manners (Paul, Jack, George) will also be suitable. For lovers of the series, it would be acceptable to call pet Luis, Alberto, Rodrigues, and also by their main function Don Juan or Cupid.

The list of names for a bull looks like this:

  1. Letters A - B: Arnold, Augustus, Adam, Bonaparte, Bravy, Banderas, Bublik, Basia, Buyan, Vors, Volny, Vaska.
  2. The letters G - E: Hudson, Gavryusha, Wild, Danube, Diego, Don, Emelya, Huntsman.
  3. The letters Ж - И: Georges, Zhora, Winter, Zigzag, Zeus, Iris, Ignat.
  4. The letters K - M: Kroha, Cedar, Leopold, Lyuty, Ball, Martin, Bear, Marquis.
  5. Letters N - P: November, Nick, October, Naughty, Obedient, Pied, Peter.
  6. Letters R - T: Romeo, Rodrigo, Spartak, Senya, Tarzan, Silent.
  7. The letters Y - X: Coal, Moody, Thomas, Fenist, Christopher, Brave.
  8. The letters C - W: Caesar, Tsar, Cheburashka, Shaitan, Smart.
  9. The letters U - I: Sherbet, Elite, Jupiter, Yurik, Yakov, Bright.

Whatever nickname you choose for your cow or bull, always remember that your careful attitude, good care and nutrition are also important components of the harmonious existence of an animal on the farm. The cow has long been a breadwinner and practically a member of the family.

Indeed, many years ago, people understood that it could not be just a source of livelihood, and a consumer attitude towards it is unacceptable. And today, choosing a nickname for a domestic cow, you need to think about, familiarize yourself with the names of the animals in the list, observe the behavior of the animal, and make the right choice.

Selection of nicknames in home and breeding

There is no defined set of rules for the selection of names. But when breeding on specialized farms, cows are given birth at birth a card containing the genealogies of several generations. If the baby was born, then the documents indicate the nickname, the first letter of which should be the same as that of the mother. The first letter in the name of the boy should be the same as that of his father.

When breeding breeding calf names are chosen according to a specific pattern.

Sometimes in the nicknames of pets reflected their temperament. There is an unspoken rule - do not give the calf a human name. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Human names have patrons among the saints. Therefore, to call an animal a human name from a church point of view is blasphemy,
  2. By giving a bull or a cow a human name, you can outrage your neighbors or relatives if it suddenly coincides.

But still such nicknames as Borka - for a bull or Natashka - for a cow, still remain the most popular. The owners simply do not pay attention to church bans and the opinion of strangers, calling the animal the way they want. Most farmers adhere to the rules - the name should like, be easily perceived and be beautiful.


Farmers believe that the nickname for cows and gobies should be chosen individually. This helps to perceive him as a creature with a soul who, like a human being, needs care, affection and communication. From the moment of birth, they begin to teach the baby a nickname. To do this, you must clearly pronounce the name of the calf many times. Intonation should be affectionate. This will help the animal to quickly get used to its name and begin to respond to it, hearing the call of its owner.

To accustom a calf to a new name you must often call it

There is the following classification of cows:

  1. Calves are given nicknames depending on their appearance - Borodan, Curly, Baby, Fragile, Baby, Ushastik, Krasulya,
  2. In accordance with the name of the month when the calf was born - Martha, Dekabrinka, Sentyabrinka, April, Oktyabrinka or Mike,
  3. Universal, common nicknames of cows that are common among farmers are most suitable for most animals - Murka, Burenka, Mistress,
  4. In accordance with the names of geographical objects - Dunayka, Marseille, Karakum, Ararat,
  5. Human names - Lada, Raika, Masha, Yashka, Borka, Romka, Fedka, Stepan,
  6. Beautiful names are obtained from the names of flora representatives - Birch, Ryabinka, Chamomile, Rosa, Malinka,
  7. By birth at a certain time of day or depending on weather conditions, the girl may wear the name Dawn, Snowflake, Night, Rainbow, and the boy –Free, Wind, Snowball,
  8. Many cows were called, taking into account the peculiarities of their character - Wild, Baltukha, Dikarka, Fierce, Affectionate, Tikhon, Freestyle, Veselukha, Gentle, Igrun, Brykuha, Shaitan, Violent,
  9. Funny nicknames from the owners with a sense of humor - Shot glass, Dragonfly, Kroshechka,
  10. Calves are often called, depending on the breed to which they belong - Holsteiner. A Swiss bull can wear the name Bern or Zurich,
  11. According to the coloring - Chernushka, Squirrel, Ryzhukha or Ryzhik, Pestrus,
  12. It happens that bulls are named after the first letter of the month when they were born, for example, August - Arnold or February - Thomas,
  13. Names for cattle are often the names of characters in films, books or cartoons - Gavryusha from Prostokvashino,
  14. Often a cow is named after the former owner,
  15. Boys are often called in English manners - Jack, Paul, George,
  16. Farmers who like to watch TV shows often name livestock with the names of their heroes - Rosa, Rodrigo, Maria, Luis, Alberto,
  17. Often a cow or goby gets a nickname depending on their purpose - Don Juan, Nurse, Cupid.

Deciding how you can call the baby, experts recommend coming up with a short name for the calf, which will contain the letter p. These animals respond best to the words with a growling sound.

Often calling the calf at birth with one name, the farmer sells it, and the new owners name it in their own way, re-teaching the animal to respond to the new name.

Names for calves

If the idea of ​​how to call a cow does not come too long, you can use ready-made lists. They are universal nicknames, suitable chick.

Heifer - Blackberry

List of nicknames for calves alphabetically:

  • A - Ada, Alice, Altayka, Asia, Alaska, Arsay, Assol, Aphrodite,
  • B - Cowberry, Butterfly, Bagel, Belashka, Borerka, Bella, Birch, Berta, Ooh! Soot, Burenka,
  • B - Valentine, Varya, Vanessa, Venus, Veselukha, Vetka, Cherry,
  • G - Geranium, Glasha, Dove, Pebble, Countess, Gazelle, Muddy,
  • D - Dana, Dasha, Juliet, Diana, Dina, Dekabrina, Dusya, Dymka, Thumbelina,
  • E - Eve, Eurasia, Blackberry, Yenichka, Elnushka,
  • J - Zhenka, Zhemchuzhinka, Zhdanka, Josephine, Zhuzha, Priestess,
  • Z - Fun, Dawn, Asterisk, Dawn, Zosya,
  • And - Spark, Toffee, Iyunka,
  • To - Kalinka, Baby, Doll, Curly, Krasulka,
  • L - Laura, Laska, Lavender, Legend, Leisi, Linda, Lila, Lyubava, Lyalya,
  • M - Madame, Mike, Baby, Murashka, Masha, Cutie, Cloudberry, Motya, Mumu, Murka,
  • H - Naida, dress, Nochka,
  • About - Ovation, Octave, Oktyabrina, Olympiada, Olesya, Ophelia, Osinka,
  • P - Victory, Girlfriend, Parisian, Fluff, Pava, Pyatka, Pyshka, Polina, Glade, Bee,
  • P - Chamomile, Rimma, Mitten, Rose,
  • C - Northerner, Silva, Semayka, Siren, Brave,
  • T - Mystery, Tamarka, Tina, Silent,
  • U - Luck, Joy, Good,
  • F - Faina, Phewa, Violet, Florica, Meatball,
  • X - Chlavenka, Bread, Mistress,
  • C - Gypsy,
  • H - Chernushka, Chapa, Cherry,
  • W - Chocolate, Skoda,
  • U - Twitter, Bristles,
  • E - Elite, Eliza, Ella,
  • U - Juno,
  • I am Yagatka, Jamaica, Janvarka, Yantarka, Bright, Jasper.

Coming up with nicknames for cows, you should ensure their convenience. For this animal name is.

Variants of male calf names

There are several fewer options, like calling a bull, but for them you can also choose a suitable name from the following list, compiled in alphabetical order:

  • A - August, Adam, Alf, Arnie, April, Arnold, Athos,
  • B - Banderas, Bembi, Boko, Bern, Barin, Bodybuilding, Browser, Bonaparte, Barmalei, Basia, Borzhka, Bravy, Bublik, Bull, Bycha, Buyan,
  • B - Vaska, Venka, Willy, Freestyle, Pile, Vyatik,
  • G - Gavryushka, Guy, Hamlet, Earl, Hudson,
  • D - Wild, Diego, Don, Doc, Donskoy, Dnipro, Domomush, Danube, Devil,
  • E - Huntsman, Acrid, Emelya,
  • J - Zhora, Zhorik, Georges,
  • Z - Star, Zeus, Zigzag, Winter,
  • And - Ignat, Frost, Iris,
  • To - Cedar, Kiprei, Red, Kuzya, Fortress, Prince, Kruglyash, Scarce,
  • L - Leo, Leopold, Luntik, Lyuty, Lyubchik,
  • M - Marquis, Frost, Mars, Martin, Bear,
  • H - November,
  • About - Ozornoy, Obzorik, October,
  • P - Paris, Pate, Pied, Peter, Motley, Obedient,
  • R - Rodrigo, Rhombik, Rango, Horn, Rolf, Romeo,
  • From - Saturn, Senya, Syoma, Sivka, Smurfik, Sultan, Spartak,
  • T - Taurus, Tolstik, Tigris, Tarzan, Tikhon,
  • U - Ember, Umka,
  • F - Pheasant, Fedor,
  • X - Brave, Christopher,
  • C - Tsar, Caesar.,
  • H - Chizhik, Cheburashka,
  • W - Shaitan, Smart,
  • U - Sherbet
  • E - Elite.,
  • Yu - Jupiter,
  • I am Janick, Yakov.

Many people noticed that you would call him a bull, he would have such a character. Therefore, if you want the calf to grow big and strong, then you should not give the bulls the name Kid or Baby. If we call the girl Buyanka, she can grow up naughty and bryklivoy.

It is best to observe the behavior of the calf and give him a nickname that fully corresponds to the character. In addition, according to the research of some scientists, a beautiful name can increase the yield. But whatever name is given to a bull or a cow, the other is more important - care, attention, caring attitude and nutrition. By setting up proper animal care, you can increase the productivity of your farm.