Ukrainian Levkoy


The article presents a description of a sophisticated and gentle-minded Ukrainian Levka cat. I will introduce the features of her character. In appearance, a naked lop-eared kitty looks graceful. It requires attention, proper nutrition.

How to prevent mistakes on the content of left-wing read in the article. Learn more about the habits, temperament and affection of a pet.

Breed description Ukrainian Levkoy

Her breeding involved in almost 5 years. In 2004, a new species was obtained by natural folding of the fold breed Scottish Fold and the Don Sphynx.

Founder of Ukrainian leftists - Elena Biryukova, she is professionally engaged in the study, selection, breeding, maintenance of cats. The Ukrainian felinologist has done a lot of work on choosing genotypes for breeding this breed.

The variety was highly appreciated by breeders, after which kennels of Levkoev throughout Russia began to open.

There are certain characteristics in the description of the Ukrainian Levkoy breed:

    • The shape of the head is slightly angular, flattened, rather long. It has an unusual bulging forehead, if you look at the head from above, its shape resembles a pentagon.

  • The muzzle is rounded, with a pronounced brow, cheeks and neck wrinkled. The base of the nose is parallel to the top of the head. The shape of the nose is neat, rather narrow.
  • Muscular chin Cats testify to the strength of her character.
  • The eyes of the cat are almond-shaped, clearly shaped with a slanting notch. The color of the eyes of the Ukrainian left is saturated blue or green.
  • As for the ears, they are large enough in relation to the size of the head, slightly bent forward. It was the ears that served as the choice of the breed name. Levka is a flower whose shape resembles the ears of a pet.
  • Body naked, muscular. Thorax nonmassive. The line of the back is concave, distinct, graceful.
  • Legs long, ends with strong paws with elegant fingers.
  • Long tail, has a narrowing towards the end. Wool in the breed is completely absent, allowed uniform fluff throughout the body.

Within the framework of the standard, representatives of this breed may have completely different colors. More often light and darkly smoky shades meet, less often - red. Color kittens predetermine parents.

Maintenance and care

Smooth kittens please breeders that they do not shed - this is very important for people who suffer from allergies. There is no wool in the house where the gay men are kept.

However, the care of such a cat under the condition of cold periods of the year is complicated by the fact that they are cold. Therefore, you should stock up on warm clothes, as well as think about their proper content.

  1. Levkoev need quite often bathe with a special shampoo. After bathing pet wipe with a soft towel.
  2. Ears should be carefully cleaned with a cotton pad; this can be done with the help of special oils or lotions. Climb inside the ears do not need, if there is a need for this, it is better to consult with a veterinarian.
  3. Smooth-haired long marigolds also require care. If the nails are not trimmed, the animal can reflexively scratch itself or the owner. Processing of marigolds can be done independently or trust a professional.
  4. Eyes of the left have a tendency to form conjunctivitis. To avoid unpleasant discharge from the corners of the eyes, they must be washed every day. This procedure should look like morning washing.
  5. Feed your pet should at least 3 times a day. The menu should be balanced.

Animal temperament

Throughout his life, he loves him. The breed is inherent intelligence. The pet is sociable, playful. He has a keen mind, has amazing learning abilities.

Easy to master elementary teams, knows his place, toilet tray. The leftists are not capricious, but very demanding of attention, they like to communicate with the owner. The animal has no aggressiveness, rancor. Character gentle, docile, patient. Cats get along with other pets.

Power Features

Due to the fact that the breed has rather weak teeth, breeders do not recommend feeding the left hand with a single dry food. However, it is not necessary to exclude it, because dry food is an alternative to a toothbrush.

If you feed only dry food, the animal may develop urolithiasis. Therefore, when a dry diet is necessary to monitor adequate water intake. In the bowl should always be clean drinking water.

The most optimal option in the question of feeding the cat:

  • for breakfast - high quality dry food,
  • for lunch - fresh or boiled meat, vegetables, greens, fruits,
  • for dinner - feline canned food.
For levkoy use three meals

An alternative to canned food can be self-cooked cereals with the addition of fish or meat, vegetable soups, mashed potatoes. With love the cat always eats the cooked food with pleasure. It should also take into account the addiction of a pet to one or another delicacy, they can sometimes indulge.

The exact price can be found only from the official data nurseries. Factors such as gender, age, class, and specific standards may influence the price.

The approximate price of the Ukrainian left is from 5 to 20 000 rubles. You need to buy kittens from trusted people or in nurseries, where they are engaged in their breeding.

As the breed of animals is still being formed, this data may change. Representatives of this breed have a tendency to some diseases, so they are recommended regular visits to the vet.

Also, do not forget about the routine inspections of the animal. The veterinarian must put the animal on the account, make a schedule of vaccinations.

Ukrainian leftist need to regularly carry on inspection

Cats have a tendency to the following diseases:

  • nerve cramps
  • colorectal diseases
  • stomach tumors
  • eye inflammation
  • fungal infection of the ears
  • cold, allergies

The tendency of the breed to certain ailments should not cause concern. With proper maintenance, the pet's immunity increases, and the risk of developing diseases decreases.

Breeding characteristics

Breeding is carried out exclusively in the heterozygous variant, only one of the parents must be lop-eared. Crossing with the following breeds is allowed:

  • Don Sphynx
  • Peterbald Sphynx
  • Scottish fold
When breeding allowed crossing with sphinxes

On the one hand, caring for the Ukrainian left wing may seem difficult, however, if you teach the animal to order, problems with its content will not arise.

The owners of the pet with an amazing appearance and cheerful character, there are certain responsibilities, and with them a lot of joy. These creatures do not hesitate to express their feelings, they are created in order to give warmth to people around them.

Historical background

This breed is relatively young lop-eared. Appeared recently, no more than 10 years ago. She is obliged by her appearance to cross the lop-eared Scottish Fold and the Hairless Don Sphynx. The founder of the Ukrainian leftists is the felinologist Biryukova EV, who currently owns a huge nursery in Kiev.

In January 2004, the first representative of the breed was born, and in 2007, the first Levkoev nursery was organized in Russia, in which there were more than a thousand representatives of the breed.

Breed description Ukrainian Levkoy

There are certain characteristics that distinguish thoroughbred levokoy:

  • Slightly angular head, a little flat, rather long. When viewed from above, it resembles a pentagon. Rounded shape with a low and not too prominent forehead gives spice and singularity,
  • Round attractive face with pronounced cheekbones and unusual brow ridges occupies almost a third of the head. The back of the nose is parallel to the upper line of the head. A neat, not wide nose of a cat is considered a worthy decoration of a cat's face. Strong enough and neat chin, twisted short vibris (sometimes completely absent) indicate the strength of character. True, some can observe a weak chin, too round, without a slanting cut, eyes, short or short nose,
  • Huge, almond-shaped eyes, slightly parted and slanting with a juicy, saturated shade of blue or green, rivet the gaze of anyone who once looked at the handsome Ukrainian left-wing man,
  • Neck is of medium length, rather muscular and arched,
  • Large ears, in relation to the size of the head, slightly bent forward and slightly downward, stand high and crowned with soft tips,
  • Muscular body. The chest, unlike other breeds, is not so wide, and the line of the back is distinct and arched, which clearly gives the breed a special grace,
  • Quite long and strongish paws end with active, moving and incredibly graceful fingers. Tailing towards the end,
  • The breed is completely absent woolHowever, the body evenly covers the velor fluff of any color. Skin folds in the area of ​​the ears, eyes, neck, axillary and inguinal cavities give individual zest to the left.

All these features are found only in Ukrainian pedigree cats.

Features and behavior

What distinguishes the purebred kitten Ukrainian left? First, the all-consuming love of his master and boundless devotion. Secondly, excessive delicacy and intelligence. Thirdly, sociability and sociability. And most importantly, a sharp mind, skill and desire to learn.

High intelligence allows not only not to get involved in the "scrapes", but if it happened so, then with brilliance and dignity to get out of any unpleasant situation. The ability to learn is manifested in the instant mastery of elementary teams, training to the toilet tray, its bedding.

Contact and ease of communication allows them to build relationships in the shortest possible time, not only with people, but also with other animals living in the house. However, the leftists are somewhat demanding in verbal communication with themselves, they love to go after the owner, to take an active part in any of his household chores, while “talking” with him and waiting for an answer to his appeal.

Good nature, openness, gentleness of manners, cheerful character are skillfully combined with a certain determination.

Predominant in the nature of the pet is affection, tenderness, calm and ability to keep yourself. This left will sit for hours and wait for the owner to pay attention to him. He can only gently touch his foot, openly look into his eyes, lick his hand with a warm, rough tongue. In this case, any person, even the most "callous", will simply "melt" from the tenderness that floods him.

These soft and velvety creatures do not hesitate to express their feelings and give them to the people around them.

How to care for a breed

Unpretentiousness in nutrition and maintenance is the dignity of the Ukrainian sphinx. The only thing is that due to the lack of wool in the cold winter time they can freeze. Therefore, the owners should maintain a certain temperature in the apartment or house where the left living. You can pick up warm suits and bedding for these cold seasons.

An individual peculiarity of this breed is fear of heights. So do not worry that your pet is able to climb on the closet, under the ceiling, hang on curtains and curtains.

Due to the lack of abundance of wool, it is not recommended to bathe the cat too often, it is better to do it as needed. Since the skin of levkoev emits excess sebum, it is necessary to use specialized shampoos for swimming. It is very important to monitor the condition of the claws, it is worth regularly to cut them. It is best to purchase special claws or tweezers and, if necessary, trim the claws, trying not to damage the fingers themselves. In the summer hot days, when the sun is hot especially hot, it is not necessary to let the pet out for a long time. It threatens to receive burns on the delicate skin of a pet.

Fresh fish, boiled meat or cooked in a double boiler, porridge, vegetable soups and mashed potatoes - the cat will always eat with pleasure. Sometimes it is possible to use dry fortified fodder, canned cat food, but they should not be kept as a basis in the diet. The more diverse and more useful the menu is, the healthier it will be.

Unusual grace and not a tendency to obesity are characteristic of Ukrainian naked cats, but with perfect passivity and not following a rational diet of the left one, they can earn extra skin folds that will lead to metabolic disorders and various diseases.

We must not forget about the mandatory visit to the veterinarian. This should be done not only in the case of a cat's illness, but also come just for a routine examination, timely vaccination, consultation.

Photos of Ukrainian left

  • looking out the window,
  • on the billiard table,
  • with a kitten
  • unusual Levkoy,
  • caress with a kitten,
  • on the windowsill,
  • on the desktop of these kittens,

Where can I get a kitten

If you are going to buy a pet of this breed, you should consult with experts who will tell you about the characteristics of the breed, the specifics of care and other points. It is clear that the price of the Ukrainian left is quite high and amounts to approximately from 16 to 22 thousand rubles.

The cost of a small kitten depends on gender and class: fold, straight or brush. But when buying a donkey, you can say that a person will acquire a faithful friend, a true companion and ally, with whom he will communicate on an equal footing and receive support in any situation. Especially this breed is suitable for elderly and lonely people.

Video about Ukrainian left:

The origin of the breed

The cats of the Ukrainian cattle breed were bred quite recently, a little more than ten years ago. This happened thanks to the perseverance and patience of the felinologist from Kiev - Elena Biryukova. Selection work began in the early 2000s, and the first “fruit” of genetic experiments appeared four years later. Kitten Ukrainian leftist he was the way the breeder planned him - with an extraordinary appearance, good health and a good-natured character.

Parents of an amazing creation were representatives of two very different, luxurious breeds: the Don Sphynx and Scottish Fold. A unique puzzle, in which the genes of animals took shape - both ancestors transferred unique, dominant features to the Ukrainian leftist. So, from the bald relatives of the Don the cats of Kiev inherited the structure of the body and a kind of cover, from the Scots - lop-eared.

The small, outlandishly flattened ears of the Ukrainian sphinxes seem to be made of pastel-colored mastic. This touching feature of the exterior of the animal caused the creator of the breed to associate with the graceful, carved petals of a summer flower - left-wing. The skin tone, its delicate, velvety structure of the Ukrainian left-wing, according to Biryukova, make it look like a namesake plant. Thus was born the poetic name of an exotic species.

The first appearance of the Kiev cat in the world caused a keen interest and attracted the attention of not only the curious public, but also serious experts. At the moment, hairless, lop-eared cats of ukrainian left recognized in Ukraine, Russia and some CIS countries. However, the young breed can not be called world-famous, because outside of the above states there are only a few hundred individuals. So far, international felinological organizations have not defined the standard of the leftists, but they treat them favorably and are allowed to participate in exhibitions. About ten Ukrainian sphinxes are the champion title.

Description of Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy - an animal of medium size with a long body. Someone Sphynx may seem subtle and even painful, however, in fact, these pets have a slender, strong body with thin, strong legs, arched back and a flexible, movable tail - a whip. The backbone of the harbor is lighter than that of the Scottish, but not as light as the sphinx. Gutta-percha cat weighs about 5 kilograms.

Connoisseurs of the breed claim that males-levkoev can be easily distinguished from cats. Kotov gives a special Cossack bearing of a larger, more developed camp. Females are usually affectionate, their character is softer. Particularly patriotic lovers of this type of domestic animals even draw a national parallel: in terms of behavior, the cat is a swagger lad, the cat is a modest garnish maiden.

A flat, elongated, sharply contoured head sits firmly on a short, tight neck. Face features and expressive facial expressions make ukrainian left like an alien guest: a narrow, wrinkled forehead, sharp cheekbones and clear eyebrows, a wide but neat nose, broken or twisted whiskers.

The ears of the Kiev Sphinx are large, large relative to the skull. Widely spaced and bent either 1/3 or 2/3, do not touch the head. Concerning the size of the skull, the ears are quite large. Inside the breed, due to the structural features of the organs of location, there are two types: folds and straights. At the first - the ears are roundly bent, at the second - straightened. Both representatives must participate in the mating.

Неповторимый шарм левкою придаёт проникновенный взгляд слегка раскосых, едва приоткрытых миндалевидных глаз. It seems that a bright, even, mysterious light is pouring in from somewhere from inside. The shades of the iris of the Sphinx can be very different, but the cat owner gives preference to pets with eyes the color of juicy grass or rich blue.

From the Don ancestors, the Ukrainian left-handed got the hairless gene. In spite of this, it happens that kittens of bald breed at birth are covered with a short, light cannon or a rather thin curly-haired fur like those of a Rex. But after a year or two, some people fold it off, others - remain with velor "spraying" or "brache" - a tight thin fur coat. Their color palette is wide and variegated.

The entire graceful body of the left in the folds is covered with thin skin folds (between the ears, neck, axillary zone, thighs). To the touch it is hot and smooth. This combination of the external features of the pet gives it the image of extravagance.

Characteristics of the character levkoev

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are intellectuals in the full sense of the word. They behave culturally and restrained. Hairless cats themselves never create trouble, and accidentally falling into an uncomfortable position, thanks to innate ingenuity and caution with dignity will come out of it.

Sphynx from Ukraine is easy to teach simple tricks and even commands. A cat with interest and real pleasure is learning something new. The owner, who will give preference in the training to the “gingerbread” method instead of the “stick”, and will show patience, will be rewarded with the considerable success of the feline companion. Representatives of this breed receive emotional support from praise. The approval and support pushes them to accomplish other feats.

Ukrainian Leftists - gentle, sensitive creatures. They suffer criticism, not to mention physical punishment, which can cause serious harm to their health. When dealing with these bald creatures one should remember about their fragility and vulnerability. In any, even the most extreme, case, a person, if he wishes, will be able to find a common language with his intelligent brothers. But, regardless of laziness or employment, the potential of the Ukrainian left wing must be developed daily.

Inquisitive Kiev resident likes to communicate with his family and take an active part in family affairs. An exotic cat loves outdoor games and literally thrives on affection, but will not bother his owner with his endless love. The pet will wait until the person is free and can pay attention only to him. Leftists I like it when they talk to them, and they themselves are attentive, talkative interlocutors.

Care and maintenance of levkoev

Nature rewarded this breed with acumen and great intelligence. If the owner takes care of raising a pet in adolescence (3-4 months), the pet will grow neat and tidy. Levkos quickly learn to tray, scraper and other useful things. With the right approach to the issue, you can grow a sensitive and unusually obedient cootter.

Since the breed was still bred artificially and is exotic, it is necessary to care for such cats a little differently than for ordinary ones. Here are some important details of pet care:

High-quality shampoo. Although combing them is not necessary, but because of the abundant secretion of sebum will have to bathe more often than long-haired.

Balanced nutrition and active games are necessary for sufficient energy production for the health of the animal.

Standard hygiene procedures are ear and tooth cleaning, claw trimming.

With good care, Ukrainian leftists live 10-14 years.

Diseases of Sphinxes left

It is difficult to name such a disease, which would not be predisposed Ukrainian Levkoy. But this does not mean that a representative of the breed will necessarily have a certain disease.

What to fear:

Sharp temperature drops. Due to drafts, respiratory and urinary tract diseases are possible.

Problems with the cardiovascular, nervous or circulatory system.

Overeating or malnutrition can cause digestive problems.

Conclusions about the breed

So who is Ukrainian Levkoy:

Little family member. The cat is friendly, polite and equally kind to all households. It gets along well with children and other animals, including small rodents. Almost never controversy.

Whimsical flower. The Kiev Sphynx is distinguished by its distinctive and sometimes painful beauty. By virtue of his outlandishness, he requires special care, love and care.

Sociable and cheerful newcomer. This charming combination was inherited from the Don bald cats by the leftists. Communication with such a pet will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ukrainian cat - a priceless find. It can be different: silent and talkative, empathetic and frisky, business and playful. But always loving and attentive.

The history of the breed

Ukrainian Levkoy Breed - author's project of Ukrainian felinologist Helena Biryukova. The emergence of a new species of cats was preceded by serious work for several years, starting in 2000, on sketches of its appearance and selection of the genotype. Through the crossing of a hairless Don Sphynx and a loose representative of the Scottish Fold breed, a new breed of cats was obtained - Ukrainian Levkoy.

For the countries of the former Soviet Union, this event has become truly unique - because most of the new cat breeds appear and are registered in the United States and England. As a result, after a few years, Ukrainian leftists became popular in Russia and their first nurseries appeared. Since 2010, hawks participate in the championships of Ukraine and Russia among pedigreed cats.

According to the classification of the main felinological organizations, the standard of the breed of levkoev is not yet recognized. They cannot be champions at international exhibitions: this right is given to them only by Russian and Ukrainian organizations. In international tournaments willows receive expert evaluations confirming compliance with breed standards.

So, "not far off" and the world recognition of this amazing breed, which is gaining more and more popularity every year.

Where to buy a kitten Ukrainian leftist?

It is possible to buy a kitten of the Ukrainian Levkoy, for example, in nurseries of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Before buying, you should consult with experts, learn as much as possible about the breed, the specifics of care, maintenance and other details.

A kitten of the Ukrainian catwalk will cost the future happy owner 15-20 thousand rubles. The price can be significantly lower if we are talking about a pedigree baby of a pet class, not intended for breeding. The cost of kittens depends on the gender and class (fold, straight, brush).

When buying a kitten, it is worth remembering that he may have short hair on the face, tail and limbs, which will disappear only by two years.

By purchasing a kitten, you can be absolutely sure of finding a true friend, comrade and companion who will fill life with new content, paint loneliness and will always be selflessly devoted to his master.