How to teach a puppy to the toilet on the street? Council canine!


The dog is not able to analyze their actions, it is guided solely by instinct and reflexes. A pet who left an unpleasant "gift" in the middle of an apartment, it is impossible to explain what he did badly. The task of the owner is to teach the dog to restrain and ask to go out. In order for the pet to develop certain skills, it will take patience, plus a system of rewards and proper punishments.

About age and habits

The bladder in puppies is small, so they cannot wait until the owner returns from work or remembers that the dog needs to be walked. Up to 4 months, pets have almost no control over the natural urges, so the best thing the owner can do is to lay a newspaper or rag in the corner, which will become a temporary toilet.

Training a dog begins from the first day, as it enters the house. First a rag, then a street. The alternative is to use trays, but instead of store fillings, put ordinary earth in them.

To teach a puppy to the street is easier than an adult dog. Young pets quickly become attached to the owner, and try to deserve his love, so do not do things that upset the person. A four-legged friend, taken from a shelter or from acquaintances, will have to win over to his side, and only then proceed to training.

First stage

From 2.5 months, when the last vaccination will be made, the puppy can be taken out on the street. We'll have to carefully follow the pet 2-3 weeks, because an animal that wants to pee or celebrate a great need, gives certain signals:

  • The step is slowed down, the pet can sit down in one place, adopting a strange posture.
  • The dog whines, plaintively looks at the owner, sometimes trying to hide in the far corner.
  • Puppy sniffs, fusses, whirls around.
  • Some animals scrub at the door, quietly howl.

The owner, who noticed at least one of these signs, should immediately grab the dog, and run into the street. Take out the puppy for a walk is recommended after each feeding, and as soon as the pet wakes up. Therefore, until a dog reaches 4 months of age, one of the family members must always be with him, otherwise you will have to regularly wash puddles and throw away the “fragrant” handfuls.

The nuances of training

  1. The dog needs to be taken to a quiet place where there are few people, you can’t hear the noise of cars. Extraneous sounds scare and distract the pet's attention, so he cannot concentrate on the main task.
  2. A puppy is brought to the same place, because there are smells of urine and feces here. They cause a desire to relieve the need on the street, not in the house.
  3. Excreta and puddles clean immediately, the floor is wiped with special detergents. Recommend to refrain from "Domestos" and other options with ammonia. Canine urine contains a similar substance, which as if invites "Pee here."
  4. Bleach though frightens puppies, but irritates the respiratory tract, can burn the mucous membranes. The ideal solution is to buy detergent in the pet store, designed specifically for cleaning dog "surprises."
  5. The four-footed friend should be banished from the crime scene, and only then deal with the aftermath. Otherwise, the dog may perceive everything as a game, and will begin to specifically shit throughout the apartment.
  6. You can not scream at a puppy who was caught during the process. You can either grab it in your arms and take it out to the street, or ignore the deed, and silently do the cleaning. A cry encourages a pet to look for secluded corners where no one will see or punish him.

Continuing education: carrot and stick

The dog must understand when it is doing poorly, and the owner is dissatisfied with its behavior, and when it is doing well, therefore it deserves encouragement. Recommend to teach the animal two phrases: "You can not" and "Fu!". The first is used when the behavior of the animal is inappropriate in a particular situation: he pees on the carpet, or decides to tag his neighbor, but if the puppy chooses to empty the lawn, no one will interfere with it. The second phrase is pronounced in a loud and firm voice, and means: "It is forbidden to do this under any circumstances."

It is recommended to use "It is impossible" if the dog chose the paving slabs, and "Fu", when he sat in the corner of the apartment to please the owner with a fresh pile.

Caught and punished

You need to scold a puppy who can write on the street, but for some reason he wanted to nap on the carpet. You can not shout, resort to violence, too, otherwise, instead of an active and psychologically healthy dog, the owner will get a frightened and nervous pet.

It is advised to lower the voice, make it rude, but remain calm. It is advisable to pronounce the phrase “It is impossible”, but you can tell how he upset and upset the owner. The puppy will not understand the meaning of the words, but thanks to the intonations, he realizes that he did a bad thing, and next time he will try to restrain the bladder.

Goodies for a good dog

Puppy is taken out after a heavy snack, and walk until it is empty. You can not get him home as soon as he relieved. As a encouragement, gentle intonations are played and used with him, you can stroke and treat with cookies.

Tip: An alternative to pet shop crackers is homemade meatballs. Prepare goodies from minced meat, beef or chicken. No spices or salt, just meat, or add a little cereal. Knead the base, divided into small balls, boil them in water. Dry in the oven, and take with you on every walk.

The main thing is to observe the correct sequence: first, praise, then treat, so that the dog develops a reflex. This technique works with puppies and adults. Pet gets used to go to the toilet on the street in just a few days.

When punishment is useless

Four-legged friend can leave puddles throughout the apartment due to kidney problems or infectious diseases. If the dog pees on the street, and then came home, and again emptied the bladder, and this is not an isolated case, it's time to go to the vet.

You can not scold a puppy who has diarrhea. It is advised to treat the animal gently, to calm down after each incontinence, especially if the pet itself feels guilty.

Parenting costs

Coming after work and finding a “surprise” in the middle of the corridor, some owners begin to poke the unfortunate animal with their noses in feces or urine. They believe the puppy is able to understand what was punished for, but in reality the pet only feels the owner’s bad mood and tries not to annoy him.

The dog can be scolded only during the process, but not after a few hours. The animal does not know how to analyze and draw conclusions. Such techniques negatively affect the emotional state of the dog, it becomes fearful or, on the contrary, aggressive.

The only thing that can make the owner in this situation, silently remove waste, and take the pet on the street.

Adult dog - big problems

An animal that has gotten to the new owner from the street must recognize the human leader. Adults cannot be beaten or other harsh methods used to gain authority. When the pet becomes attached to the owner, it is necessary to use methods of punishment and encouragement, to remain calm during failures and to continue training.


  1. Emotional dogs that write involuntarily and cannot control the bladder in moments of great joy are recommended to train the Sit team. Performing it, the pet will be able to hold back.

A dog is a rational and quick-witted creature that can be easily trained. If you approach the problem correctly, your pet will stop writing on the carpet in a few days, and after 2 weeks will learn to wait for the owner to return, or use the tray.

Video - how to teach a puppy to go to the toilet outside

If a place allows you to, give the puppy a room or a corridor where his bowls will stand, cover this space with newspapers, and gradually remove them, so that you will achieve that the baby will go to the toilet in a certain place. Many dog ​​owners prefer to keep puppies in small playpens or cages for the first time, especially when you need to leave the puppy alone at home. This will protect your property from the curious pet's nose and keep your floors clean.

Huge mistake Those owners of animals who stumble upon a puddle or a small group admit that they begin to poke their uncomprehending pet with their noses, scold and even worse to beat. The kid will not understand what you are cursing him for, and he will start looking for more reliable places for the toilet, which will make it harder for you to clean and maintain cleanliness. The puppy will understand that he is doing something wrong only if you find him in the process of coping. In this case, it is best to show the puppy the irregularity of his actions in a strict voice or to easily slap the rump. By the way, if you decide that your pet should live in an open-air cage on the street, then this article is for you “How to teach a puppy to an open-air cage?”