Instructions for use Travmatina for cats


In the article I will talk about the composition of the drug Travmatin, for which it is used, about the action that it has. Consider the dosage, shelf life, contraindications for use for cats. I'll tell you about the side effects of the drug, as well as about existing analogues.

Characteristics of the drug Travmatin

Travmatin is an excellent healing and anti-inflammatory agent that strengthens and restores damaged tissue.

Travmatin is a complex homeopathic medicine that contains painkillers and anti-inflammatory components of plant origin.

The main component of this tool is the substance ASD-2, obtained by processing meat and bone meal, which prevents depletion, and restores body functions.

The drug is produced in the following form:

  • Solution - liquid that has no color. It is packaged in glass bottles from a dark glass with a capacity of 100 ml, or in small transparent small bottles with a capacity of 10 ml.
  • Gel - substance of transparent or light yellow color. It is packaged in containers from 20 to 500 ml.
  • Pills.
Travmatin can be produced in the form of a gel

The composition of the drug the following components:

  • Echinacea - prevents the development of inflammation and the spread of infections, kills pathogenic microbes,
  • calendula - promotes healing of tissues in places of damage, contributes to the fight against purulent processes,
  • arnica - has a hemostatic and analgesic effect, prevents the development of the inflammatory process due to infection in the body.
  • belladonna - has antipyretic and analgesic effect, relieves puffiness,
  • chamomile - analgesic and sedative effect,
  • tutsan - promotes tissue regeneration.

Indications for use

The drug is prescribed by a veterinarian in the presence of the following problems:

  • concussion
  • damage to internal organs
  • bruises
  • stretching
  • fractures,
  • pain shock,
  • cuts
  • bites
  • bleeding,
  • mastitis,
  • burns
  • skin disease
  • convulsions
  • suppuration and inflammation.
The use of the drug helps to recover faster after surgery and serious diseases.

It is used after operations for the rapid healing of wounds, cats are prescribed during labor as an anesthetic, as well as a sedative during therapeutic procedures. Instructions for use of the drug in veterinary medicine are presented below.

Dosage for dogs

The daily dosage depends on the type of injury and the age of the pet. An adult dog is recommended two to four ml of the drug per dose. For newborns, or dogs of small breeds, the amount per dose should not exceed 0.5-2 ml.

Most often Travmatin for dogs is used as an injection.

The veterinarian prescribes the number of necessary techniques based on the injury or inflammation. With a slight injury, treatment is limited to a single dose of the drug. If the pet has received serious damage, accompanied by an inflammatory process, the use of the tool is recommended three to six times a day.

Tablets take 1 pc. twice a day. If the inflammatory process has a running form, the number of tablets is increased to 2 pcs. at one time.

Instructions for use for cats

For cats, the dose of medication is calculated as follows:

  1. After surgery, or a cat receiving injuries, the amount of the drug is 0.1 mg per 1 kg of animal weight at a time. The number of receptions - from 1 to 3 times per day. The course of treatment is 3-7 days. Injected subcutaneously.
  2. To facilitate childbirth apply once at the beginning of labor. In the case of difficult delivery, you can prick the injection after four hours.
  3. When treating mastitis no more than three shots per day. Injected subcutaneously, the course of treatment is 5-10 days.
  4. Newborn kittens in the absence of a sucking reflex, 3-5 drops are recommended every 30 minutes until the reflex appears.
Sometimes the medicine is taken orally - in the form of tablets or drops.

Tablets are taken as follows:

  • adult cat - 1 PC. Once a day,
  • young cat - 0.5 tablets per day,
  • Kitty - ¼ tablets per day.


  • Since the composition of the drug includes natural ingredients, a contraindication can only be an individual's non-pet perception of one of the constituent components.
  • With the proper appointment of the dose side effects when applied is not observed.
  • According to the pharmacological composition travmatin has no analogues.

Storage time

Store in tightly closed packaging in a dark, dry place, out of reach of children and animals at temperatures from 0 to +27 degrees.

Store open medication in its original packaging away from sunlight

Shelf life 36 months from the date of issue. After opening the package, the shelf life is 21 days.

The drug can be purchased at the price of:

  • gel - capacity 20 ml - 117.00,
  • solution - capacity 10 ml. - 235.00,
  • capacity is 100 ml. - 973.00.

Travmatin will help your pet's recovery in the shortest possible time, and will return it to an active lifestyle.

general description

In general, this preparation for cats has a complex effect and has an exclusively natural composition. Travmatin is produced in glass containers in bottles of 10 and 100 ml. Additionally in the kit you can find detailed instructions for use.

As for the appearance, the tool is a liquid without a certain color and smell. Homeopathic medicine Travmatin helps:

  • stop the bleeding,
  • reduce inflammation
  • catalyze regeneration
  • eliminate intoxication, etc.

Thanks to the special formula of this medicine for cats, it turns out to achieve the most complex effect. That is why it is so often prescribed in veterinary clinics.

The composition of the drug

Particularly noteworthy composition Travmatina. This medicine for cats, dogs and other animals, includes belladonna, arnica, calendula and ASD-2. Each of these elements directly affects different damaged systems. They help to cope with convulsions, relieve painful shock and improve immunity.

How to use

It is no secret that Travmatin can be used for cats, dogs, horses and other animals. Usually the solution is injected intramuscularly or under the skin. The course of treatment lasts from 1 to 5 days. Injections are performed 1-2 times a day.. It is not recommended to skip the introduction of the drug, since in this case the level of its effectiveness is significantly reduced. However, when such a situation arises, the course is resumed with the same frequency.

Dosage Travmatina for cats depends on the size of the animal. On average, it is recommended to use the drug with a calculation of 0.1 ml per 1 kg of pet. However, there are still no overdose symptoms in cats. Also, no features were noted during the initial application and cancellation of the funds. It is important that Travmatin can be used with other drugs.

Drug benefits

Testimonials from owners who have already tried to treat a cat with Travmatin suggest some obvious advantages.:

  • components are absolutely safe for animals,
  • Travmatin demonstrates good efficacy.
  • It is suitable for a wide range of inflammations,
  • the medicine is safe for kittens,
  • the product is available in convenient packaging and in different formats,
  • the drug has a low price.

In general, Travmatin for cats has a good reputation and has established itself among many pet owners.

Precautionary measures

As with any other medication, it is necessary to follow simple rules of safety and hygiene. First of all, before giving Travmatin to a cat, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instruction in detail. And immediately after applying you need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. If the tool accidentally gets on the mucous eye, they should be washed with plenty of water.

Particular attention should be paid to the composition of Travmatina. If there is a suspicion of sensitivity to the individual components of this homeopathic remedy, it is better not to allow direct contact with the substance. If an allergic reaction has occurred, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, taking with him the packaging or instructions for using Travmatina.

Storage conditions

Be careful with the storage of this product for cats. First of all, you should take care of the tightness of the package. Also, the drug should be kept as far as possible from food and feed. For storage, choose a place protected from sunlight. Permissible temperature from 0 to 30 ° C.

Travmatin for cats has a fairly long shelf life. On condition of storage in a closed container, the time of its operation is 3 years. If the bottle was opened, the period is reduced to 21 days.. Application after the expiration of the specified period is prohibited. Unused product with containers should be disposed of in sealed packaging.

Operating principle

Travmatin contains concentrated tinctures of medicinal plants: pharmaceutical chamomile, belladonna, St. John's wort, arnica, calendula, echinacea. As well as organic and mineral components: immunomodulator ADS-2 and calcium sulfuric liver. Additional substances: sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid, sodium acetate trihydrate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, water for injection and methyl alcohol.

Drug promotes accelerate the recovery process and wound healing, prevents the appearance of inflammation and sepsis or removes their manifestation, disinfects the damaged areas, stops external and internal bleeding, has an antishock and analgesic effect.

Travmatin is recommended to be used during and after operations, as it helps to reduce the time of recovery from anesthesia and reduces the toxic effects of anesthesia. During the period of labor, the injections of the drug facilitate the process, allow you to adjust the quality of contractions and attempts, reduce the manifestation of postpartum effects. In addition, Travmatin helps to restore blood biochemical parameters.

Travmatin for animals: instructions for use in veterinary medicine


The amount of drug administered is determined depending on the weight of the animal, based on the calculation of 0.1 ml / 1 kg. The maximum single dose for dogs of small breeds and puppies is 0.5-2 ml, for large dogs 2-4 ml. Introduced subcutaneously or intramuscularly 1-3 times a day. Perhaps a single use or course of 5-10 days.

During labor, Trauma injection is injected at the beginning of the process. If labor activity is too painful, then a second dose of the drug is administered in two hours.

If the newborn puppies are missing or the sucking reflex is weakened, 3-5 drops of the drug are administered orally every 20-30 minutes until the condition normalizes.


Depending on the complexity of the situation, give 1-2 pieces from 2 to 4 times a day. Tablets are administered orally:

  • diluted in a small amount of water and injected with a syringe with a removed needle,
  • crushed to a powder and mixed with feed.


Apply a thin layer, or apply a bandage with the drug directly to the damaged area once or twice a day.

It is applied until full recovery.

Pharmacological properties

Due to the complex composition, Travmatin has the following effect on the animal's body:

  • relieves inflammation,
  • relieves suppuration and prevents sepsis,
  • eliminates swelling,
  • stops bleeding,
  • effectively relieves, eliminates even acute pain,
  • accelerates tissue regeneration,
  • strengthens the immune system
  • improves metabolism at the cellular level
  • restores blood circulation in damaged tissues
  • prevents the accumulation of pus.

The drug does not cause irritating reactions and addiction. Does not adversely affect the development of offspring. Treats low-dangerous preparations and is usually well tolerated by representatives of different breeds.

Indications for use

According to the instructions for use, Travmatin for cats is used for various injuries:

  • for fractures,
  • with sprains,
  • with bite and lacerated wounds,
  • with bruises
  • with hematomas,
  • with sprains, etc.

Due to the hemostatic property, the drug is effectively used for injuries of the abdominal cavity. Often the drug is used in acute inflammatory processes and pathologies that are accompanied by severe pain:

  • phlegmon,
  • abscesses,
  • toothache,
  • paradontosis,
  • concussion, etc.

The drug is widely used in the treatment of gynecological diseases (endometritis, acute mastitis), as well as an aid in childbirth. Recommends the use of Travmatin after surgery. The medicine accelerates the healing process of wounds, as it stimulates the regeneration processes, relieves the animal's condition (relieves pain, swelling) and prevents possible complications (suppuration, sepsis, inflammatory processes).

Note! Homeopathic medicine can be used as part of complex therapy. The drug is compatible with antibiotics, painkillers and other medicines for symptomatic treatment.

How to apply

According to the instructions, a single dose of Travmatin for cats is calculated based on the weight of the animal - 0.1 ml per 1 kg of weight. Injections are made intramuscularly or subcutaneously 1-3 times a day for 1-5 days. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor depending on the condition of the animal and the symptoms present.

Depending on the pathology, Travmatin is used according to the following schemes:

  1. For injuries, burns, frostbite and wounds, injections are made 1-3 times a day for 3-7 days, until the bone tissue and skin are restored.
  2. If the drug is used at childbirth, it is injected before childbirth. If necessary, repeat the procedure after 3-4 hours.
  3. With mastitis, the drug is combined with mastometrin. Injections are made 2 times a day, and the duration of treatment is 5-10 days depending on the condition of the animal.

Also, a homeopathic remedy can be used in the absence of a sucking reflex in kittens. In this case, it is given by 3-5 drops inside every 30 minutes, until the animal's condition returns to normal.

Note! It is not recommended to skip injections of the drug, as this may reduce its effectiveness. Before starting treatment, consult your doctor.

Owner reviews

Oksana, the mistress of a 13-year-old cat:

“I had to get acquainted with this drug under tragic circumstances. Our cat could not give birth all night. In the morning we went to the hospital. It was impossible to do cesarean because of age, so the doctor practically squeezed the kitten, who turned out to be a mutant. Muska was on the verge of death. Use potent drugs can not. The doctor advised stabbing Travmatin. The very next day (after 2 injections) the cat itself left the room and ate a little. The medicine helped us save our beauty, and most importantly, it is absolutely safe. ”

Victoria, the inveterate cat lady:

“Travmatin use for cats and cats for a long time. The first time used for a young cat, when he had a broken paw. Quickly recovered. Later used in the treatment of joints in the old cat. Often I prick at birth. Once the drug has saved the life of kittens born. In general, this medicine is always available in the home first aid kit. I often use other medicines from the Helvet company. Effective and safe. There are no side effects. ”

Vita, the owner of an 8-year-old cat:

“Travmatin was prescribed to us when the hind legs were taken from the cat. The reason - the displacement of the vertebrae. Injections gave no result. Every day the animal became worse, could not be saved. I don’t know if the medicine is not effective, or if we were assigned the wrong treatment, but the fact remains. I can not recommend, although I read a lot of positive reviews on the network. "

Veterinarian reviews

Galina Andreevna, a veterinarian with 12 years of experience:

“Travmatin helped save me more than one life. I recommend using it at birth. Cats breed easily and quickly restored. I almost always prescribe as a prophylactic after operations. There are only medicinal herbs in the composition, so it definitely will not bring harm ”.

Anton, a veterinarian with 5 years of experience:

“I've heard a lot of positive reviews about Travmatin. One of the clients claimed that he helped to save her cat, but personally I do not use him in my practice. I believe that herbal therapy should remain in the last century. Now on the market a lot of effective and safe products for animals. The main thing is to choose the right treatment. ”

Release form and composition of the drug

Travmatin available in the form of solutions for injection. They can be done intravenously or subcutaneously - it all depends on the condition of the animal. The drug is presented in glass bottles of ten and one hundred milliliters. Externally, it is a transparent liquid that cannot be used when a precipitate and other impurities appear. There are other forms of release: tablets, intended for oral use, and gel, which is applied to the skin or affected areas.The preparation contains extracts of medicinal plants:

  1. Echinacea - prevents the development of viruses and inflammations, destroys pathogenic microflora, boosts immune forces and prevents the development of infections.
  2. Calendula - effectively fights purulent processes, provides rapid healing of damaged tissues.
  3. Arnica - relieves pain, stops bleeding, resolves hematomas, prevents the development of sepsis.
  4. St. John's wort - has an analgesic effect, restores the nervous system in case of brain damage.
  5. Chamomile - soothes and eliminates pain, reduces inflammation of the mucous membranes.
  6. Belladonna - reduces heat, reduces swelling, helps with fever.
  7. Sulfuric calcium liver - normalizes metabolic processes, effectively eliminates suppurations of varying degrees and severity.
  8. Immunomodulator ASD-2 - strengthens the immune system, activates the recovery process, has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Travmatin for cats and dogs

Travmatin instantly relieves pain, so you do not need to give your pet additional analgesics. In addition, it stops the inflammatory process and heals the damage. The drug belongs to the safe means, therefore, absolutely harmless to animals. It can be used to treat kittens and puppies, as all components are natural and do not accumulate in the body.

What effect does the drug have on cats?

Travmatin has unique properties, as it contains the substance ASD-2. It has tonic and anti-inflammatory properties, accelerates cell repair processes, helps the body fight diseases and improves immunity. When the ASD enters the body, it clears toxins from it and speeds up the metabolic processes. Travmatin has the following effects:

  • eliminates any pain, there is no need to take other analgesics after the injection,
  • instantly has anti-shock effect,
  • stops bleeding,
  • resolves swelling and hematomas,
  • normalizes blood circulation in the area of ​​injury,
  • relieves inflammation
  • prevents infection in the body,
  • stimulates redox processes

Due to the complex effects of the drug allows the animal to quickly recover from various injuries and operations.

Side effects and overdose of Travmatin

The drug is based on plant components, therefore, does not cause negative effects. Contraindications on the results of laboratory studies have been identified. In some animals, intolerance or hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug is possible. If you follow all the rules and recommended doses, side effects should not be. Rarely an allergic reaction occurs, in which case the medication must be discarded. If necessary, the tool can be used together with other medicines, including animal origin.

When is Travmatin use justified?

Thanks to extracts of medicinal plants, the drug reduces or completely stops even heavy bleeding, and also has anti-shock effect, therefore its use is justified for any injuries or burns. No less effective is Travmatin with serious infectious diseases - it greatly alleviates the condition of the sick animal.

The drug quickly removes traumatic swelling, reduces the period of recovery of the animal and solves many postoperative problems. Many pet owners claim that Travmatin is able to replace antibiotics. But it is not. In combination with antibacterial agents, it provides a quick recovery of the pet, but cannot completely replace them.

Travmatin in most cases can alleviate the pet's condition, but severe pathologies cannot be cured with its help. If something is wrong with the dog and the cat, you need to contact the veterinarian. He will diagnose and determine the appropriateness of using the drug.

Travmatin for dogs

Given the age of the patient and the stage of the disease, the dosage of the drug varies:

  • for an adult dog, the total dose is from two to four milliliters at a time,
  • for puppies and small breeds - 0.5-2 milliliters.

The number of daily receptions depends on the nature of the injury and the general condition of the animal. On average, treatment lasts from five to ten days. With minor and light injuries, it is enough to inject the drug once. But if the violations are serious, accompanied by inflammation and severe pain, it is allowed to give the dog three to four doses per day.

The drug quickly removes traumatic swelling, reduces the period of recovery of the animal and solves many postoperative problems.

Travmatin actively used in veterinary medicine to facilitate childbirth bitches. If the process is difficult, after it you can enter the injection of the drug - it should be done two or three hours after the puppies are born.

Analogs of the drug for cats and dogs

Direct travmatin analogues on sale can not be found. But there are drugs that have similar properties and are presented in various forms:

  1. Chondrart - tablets and injection. The drug contains a complex of reducing components, has regenerating, analgesic and anti-edematous properties. It is used to treat injuries, various pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system. The solution is suitable not only for injections, but also for oral administration. Among the contraindications - an allergic reaction to the ingredients.
  2. Traumel - ointment is intended for the treatment of people, but is often used in veterinary medicine. The drug is homeopathic and contains extracts of medicinal plants. It is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, various injuries, burns and wounds. There are no contraindications and side effects.

Reviews of veterinarians and many pet owners claim that Travmatin should be in every house where there is an animal. This effective and safe medicine will help him to be healthy and active.