Flea collars for cats: reviews, manufacturers, types and features of the application


Cat collar manufacturers tirelessly create their collections, competing in ingenuity, taste, originality. Cat accessories are different. There are models with bells, stones, with reflective elements, with scarves and sensors, allowing to determine the place of stay of the pet at any time. Some of them are for everyday use, others are for going out. And the all-inclusive collars are not only decoration, but also protect animals from parasites.

How to act?

Permethrin, imidacloprid, flumetrin are more often used as the main toxic substances. The duration of wearing depends on the type of impregnation.

The smell of insect-acaricides causes parasites that are present on the animal and poison the bloodsuckers, who sit directly on the collar. For some time after wearing such an accessory, fleas begin to massively scatter from the cat.

List of popular collars

Ticks, fleas and other parasites are quite common among pets. To understand what is the best collar and not to miscalculate in quality, check out the list of the most popular models.

  • Hartz (Harz) UltraGuard. Active ingredient - tetrachlorovinforce, manufacturer of the USA. According to the instructions, the collar removes fleas and ticks for about 5 months. After opening the package, it is worn on the principle that there is a gap of approximately 1.5 cm between the neck and the accessory. Full protection against vermin is created for several days after the collar has been worn. Wetting does not affect performance.
  • BayerBolfo. Active ingredient - Propoxur, manufacturer Germany. The collar is a brown polymer tape impregnated with insecticide and suitable for small breed dogs. The tool, released from the tape, spreads to the skin and hair of the animal, provokes violations of biochemical processes, paralysis and death of ectoparasites. Constant use of the product guarantees protection against ixodic ticks for 10 weeks, it affects up to 4 months for fleas. Frequent contacting with water may reduce the effectiveness of the collar, so it is recommended to remove it from an animal before water procedures.
  • Insektoakaritsidnyosteynik for cats the Leopard. The composition contains fipronil and insect growth regulator. Russia produces it. It protects against ticks for 4 months, from fleas for half a year. It has a slight peculiar smell. High antiparasitic activity is determined by the overall effect of phypronil and growth regulator. The first component disrupts the transmission of neuromuscular impulses, the second - the processes of molting and pupation of the parasite.
  • Collar Beaphar (Bifar). The active ingredient is diazinon. It is made in the Netherlands. Destroys bloodsuckers and protects within half a year. Starts to work after 5 days of use. The collar of ticks for kosheks is equipped with a special clasp, which is easily opened when hooked. It is worn no earlier than 10 days after the antiparasitic treatment with another insecticidal agent. Carefully use cats with diseases of the cardiovascular system, pathology of the liver and kidneys, bronchial spasms.

“We used to use drops, so the collar of Bifar is the first collar of our cat. It really eliminates fleas, the animal stopped itching somewhere after a week of use. Among the shortcomings is a rather unpleasant smell in the first days. ”

Natalia, Eagle

“We bought the Bars collar after our cat started bringing ticks from walks. At first, they could not understand where they came from in the house in the morning; suspicions fell on the animal. The action of the collar pleased, the cat is satisfied with life. Allergies and no problems. "

Alina, Moscow

“Hartz is the best collar from all that we bought. For three months of use, I have not found a single live parasite on my cat. The collar has a pleasant smell, it is very soft, does not interfere with the animal. I advise this product.

Irina, Novokuznetsk

What good is a flea collar and are there any minuses?

The obvious advantages of this tool include hygiene. Its use does not imply a complex water treatment with an animal, nor a long wait for the antiparasitic agent to dry. Another advantage of collars is safety. Active ingredients apply only to the skin of the cat and do not enter the blood. And the third positive point in the use of this therapeutic and prophylactic accessory can be called its simplicity and convenience.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then they can be found in such a product as flea collars for cats. Reviews of owners of furry pets who used this method of combating parasites, noted the possibility of allergic reactions. In order to avoid consequences, in the first hours of the collar’s ​​socks, it is necessary to carefully monitor the state of the animal and in case of any negative changes remove the accessory from it. Even the cat simply may not like the appearance of extraneous parts on her neck, and she will do her best to get rid of her. Such discomfort is usually temporary and after a few hours, most likely, the pet will completely forget about its existence.

Varieties of flea collar

Protectors against fleas in the form of collars differ in their action and composition.

  • The most expensive and rarely used are ultrasonic collars. Blood-sucking individuals die due to the action of ultrasound waves on them of a special spectrum. For an animal, such a collar is absolutely safe.
  • Another type - radiating collar. The special composition of the plastic compound repels fleas, and in the case of an existing lesion does not allow insects to multiply.
  • Neck straps soaked with herbs: extracts and extracts of geranium, celandine, eucalyptus, wormwood, cedar and spruce cones. This option is applicable for both adult cats and cats, and for kittens. Such collars are used as a preventive measure and for cats, who do not appear on the street.

  • Insecticidal flea collars for cats, reviews of which most have a positive rating. A rubber product is impregnated with a certain chemical that, spreading within a radius of 50 cm, destroys blood-sucking. This option is considered optimal for the treatment of already infected animals.

"Dana Ultra" - reliable protection

Ticks, typical for Russia, are often resistant to imported antiparasitic drugs. European drugs are developed with a "target" on the composition of parasites living in Europe, without taking into account the peculiarities of the Russian parasitic flora. Owners of domestic animals living in Russia are encouraged to use modern pet parasite products for their pets - anti-parasitic Dana Ultra collars. They are designed taking into account the species composition of the parasites living on the territory of our country and therefore are highly effective. Active substances destroy not only adult individuals of parasites, but also their eggs.

"Chistotel" - a budget collar for prevention

One of the domestic and very effective insecticidal collars is the antiparasitic collar "Celandine". Its component, diazinon (10%), has a destructive effect on ectoparasites, which, standing out from the polymer strap, spreads over the surface of the skin and coat of the animal. It can be used as both a prophylactic and a therapeutic agent for fluffy pets older than two months.

The protective action of "Celandine" lasts depending on the model for a different time duration: from 1 to 4 months. The length of the accessory produced for cats is 35-45 cm. For a more comfortable wearing between the neck of the animal and the collar, leave a distance equal to the thickness of the finger. Adjust the diameter of the product using a special fastener-lock.

Collar from fleas for cats "Chistotel" reviews from users receives a completely diverse. Some he is completely satisfied, others point out such shortcomings as poorly fixed fastener and short duration of the active substance (due to its low content). Owners of cats and cats are inclined to believe that the collar of this brand is more suitable for the prevention of infection of the pet.

Beaphar: natural, effective, inexpensive

For those who give preference to all natural, should pay attention to the collar from fleas "Beafar" for cats. Customer reviews prove the safety of using this anti-flea drug. And this fact finds its justification - one of the main components of the collar is an extract of neem - a vegetable insecticide, the use of which will cause absolutely no harm even to the smallest fluffies aged 1.5 months. In terms of effectiveness, the remedy is no worse than chemical analogs, and the budget price, which does not even reach 100 rubles, makes this collar widely available.

Flea collar for cats Beaphar reviews mostly get good. I use a lot of Beaphar collars for kittens, considering them an ideal option - they are absolutely safe, easy to use and you can buy them at a reasonable price.

Flea collar "Leopard" - the protector of the fuzzies-couch potatoes

Enough high quality at an affordable price have these domestic flea collars for cats. Reviews "Bars" gets no less flattering than its imported counterparts. But there are those in which it is noted its lack of effectiveness for the fight against fleas in individuals, which are often on the street.

The main active components of this veterinary medicine are fipronil and insect growth regulator, while they are equally effective in coping with both adult blood-sucking and those that are in the larvae stage. Collar "Bars" in the case of constant socks provides animal protection for up to 5 months.

"Barrier" for fleas: a collar that works

The peculiarity of this collar is that it can be used only for sufficiently adult cats and cats that have reached the age of 1 year. The poison that the veterinarian strap is impregnated with is very effective, so the flea collar for cats "Barrier" gets good reviews from consumers. The owners of cats and cats say that

they saw the effect of it literally an hour after the start of use. Among the minuses of the collar of this manufacturer emit a fairly strong and not very pleasant smell.

How to choose a collar for kittens?

Choose flea collars for cats user reviews will help quite simply. Any models presented in veterinary pharmacies are suitable for adults. And what if the blood sucking parasites attacked the little kitten? In this situation, you must carefully read the instructions of the collar, because not all are suitable for use at an early age. Ideally, the package will contain the label "for kittens" - such models, firstly, have a smaller diameter, and secondly, contain an active substance of lower concentration.

Wearing an anti-flea collar on the baby, you should carefully monitor his behavior. Kittens at an early age are the most active and pull a foreign object from their neck and it is easy for them to chew on it. And this can be fraught with serious poisoning.

Pricing policy: high quality means expensive?

What is the best price for a product like a flea collar for cats? Reviews of many buyers indicate that low cost does not always mean poor quality. On the contrary, in less than 100 rubles you can buy an excellent collar that will cope with its task perfectly well. And expensive models, the cost of which can reach 3000-4000 rubles, may also disappoint in their effectiveness. Therefore, it is best to choose a parasite collar for your pet based solely on the capabilities of your budget.

Operating principle

The action of such antiparasitic collars practically does not differ from the action of drops or sprays. As a rule, they are based on the same substances - these are insecticidal poisons, which cause paralysis paralysis, and their subsequent death, as well as components that scare ticks, fleas, lashes.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any remedy has its strengths and weaknesses, and a flea collar for cats is no exception. Consider the benefits:

  • Hygiene When compared with shampoos or sprays, it does not require water procedures and time for drying.
  • Security. Substances that are in the collar do not enter the cat's blood, penetrating only into the skin, so the method is considered one of the safest.
  • Very simple and easy to use.

Among the disadvantages of this method of protection include:

  • In some models and manufacturers, the collar exudes an unpleasant odor, which is more likely to irritate the owner.
  • An animal may experience temporary discomfort if the collars were not used before.
  • May cause allergies in cats, so you need to carefully monitor the condition of the pet in the first few hours of using the collar. If you notice an allergic reaction, you must stop using the collar and consult a veterinarian for advice.

How to use a collar?

As we wrote above, using a flea and tick collar for cats is very simple. Take the package and open it, take out the collar and fasten it around the neck of the cat. The product should fit snugly to the neck, but not squeeze it.

Different collars may differ slightly in their application. If the instruction states that it should be worn only for a few hours, or during the day, at the time when the collar is not in use, it should be stored in a plastic bag in order to preserve its protective properties.

On average, the duration of the collar is about six months, after which it is necessary to replace it with a new product.

Important! When using a collar, it is not recommended to supplement its action with other anti-parasitic agents, since an excess of toxic substances can have negative consequences for the cat.

As practice shows, it is best to buy a collar only in a specialized store that you trust, because you can often run into a fake.

Which collar is better to choose?

Cat tick collar: which one is better and what you need to know when choosing it? The collar is a very effective and safe option to protect against ticks and fleas. But this only works if the owner of the animal chose quality products from reliable manufacturers.

Choosing a collar, be sure to pay attention to such moments:

  • The integrity of the packaging. The collar should always be tightly packed in a foil bag, if this is not the case, a sufficient degree of protection can no longer be guaranteed.
  • Cannot be used for cats collars designed for dogs. In addition, you need to take into account the features inside this category: there are separate collars designed for adult animals, kittens and pregnant cats.
  • Do not forget to look at the expiration date.
  • Look at the composition of drugs, it should not contain such components: permethrin, amitraz, organic phosphates.

Collars in their composition are divided into two main types:

  • Natural, which are produced on the basis of plant components. They are completely safe for animals (except in rare cases of individual intolerance), but, as a rule, they do not last long.
  • Toxic. Based on chemical insecticides. They have high efficiency and duration of action, but it is not safe to use them for kittens.

Hartz collars

The products of this company is considered a recognized leader in the production of protective collars. This company is becoming an example and a standard of quality for most manufacturers of similar products.

Collar from fleas and ticks for cats Hartz help very quickly get rid of fleas and ticks, in addition, they do not lose their effectiveness even after the ingress of water.

Hartz has a fairly diverse product range that allows you to choose the most convenient option for any cat. However, one of the drawbacks of this brand is the lack of collars for kittens younger than 3 months.

Bolfo collars

Collars of this company are considered more prestigious option, which forms their price. They are almost twice as expensive as the previous version. They have excellent water resistance, in addition, the company has provided a convenient system for separating collars into species depending on the weight of the cat, which prevents the likelihood of overdose with toxins and allows for an optimal concentration of the active substance.

Among the shortcomings of this product is the short duration. От клещей они перестают защищать уже через 2-3 месяца, а от блох – через 4.

«К эффективности данных ошейников у меня никаких претензий нет, но учитывая их стоимость и достаточно недолгий период защиты, считаю, что можно найти более выгодные варианты.»

Ошейники Beaphar

Это изделие точно понравится приверженцам натуральных продуктов, в составе ошейника используется растительный инсектицид – экстракт маргозы. Это вещество совершенно безопасно для кота, что позволяет использовать изделие даже для самых маленьких питомцев в возрастет от 1,5 месяцев. При этом эффективность препарата не ниже, нежели у химических аналогов.

Also, this collar is very, very affordable, less than $ 100.

The tool has good reviews: “For several years now I have been using Beaphar collars for kittens. For me, this is an ideal option - they are completely safe, easy to use and inexpensive. ”

Leopard Collars

These are collars of domestic production, which by their characteristics are not inferior to their Western counterparts. Also have a very affordable price, which, however, does not affect the quality characteristics

The use of Leopard collars is marked by the absence of side effects, but they are better suited for animals that are rarely on the street.

"I use collars for my domestic cat and did not notice any problems, although the neighbors, whose cats spend most of their time on the street, said that he did not always cope with the task."

Collars Doctor Zoo

Also produced in Russia and is quite inexpensive. Despite its good efficacy, the drug has a short effect, only two months. The substances at the base of the product are absolutely safe for the cat.

“Previously, I used this collar for some time, because it is inexpensive, but then I realized that the cost was due to the short duration. Now I have switched to more long-term collars, I consider them a more profitable investment. ”

Thus, we found that the collar against ticks for cats can provide long-lasting protection for your cat, while not endangering his health and without causing discomfort.

Tick ​​and flea collars

Experienced veterinarians recommend treating a flea-infected animal with drops or spray. You can use special shampoos. These remedies have one drawback: they must be applied every two to three weeks. For most cats and kittens, the bath day is an ordeal. And if there are no fleas, digging or spraying an animal means to subject it to unnecessary treatment with chemicals (insecticides) or essential oils (repellents).

Comfortable for cats is the water temperature of 38–39 ° C, the air in the room should be heated to a temperature not lower than 22 ° C

For prophylaxis, as well as during the season of tick activity from April to October, it is better to use a long-playing remedy - a collar from fleas and ticks. Some scare and other insects: gadflies, lashing, mosquitoes, lice. The active substance - insecticide or repellent, which is impregnated with a collar, is slowly excreted, during the whole period of operation and kills or repels parasites. You can pick up a product for six months or more wearing.

After treating an animal with drops or spray, a collar from fleas and ticks is recommended to be worn in 10-14 days.

In addition to the usual plastic, ultrasound collars appeared on the market, repelling insects with a special signal. They do not use impregnation, such products can be safely called hypoallergenic. However, their sales are small, as the price is quite high.

The ultrasonic collar emits signals that are completely safe for the cat, but insect repelling at a certain distance from it.

Some owners have learned how to make protective agents against fleas themselves, soaking the flannel strip with essential oils of thyme, eucalyptus and lavender. Fabric, not wringing, dried in the sun and put on a pet.

Collar selection criteria

Key points to consider when choosing an anti-flea collar:

  • price category,
  • convenience products for cats,
  • fastener reliability
  • your pet has allergies and other diseases,
  • age of the animal,
  • collar elasticity,
  • the product has a specific smell,
  • the expiration date of the active substance (sometimes the manufacturer indicates the expiration date is longer than real.

The budget version of the collar, the less its use.

Cat comfort is the most important criterion when choosing a collar

Cases of allergies or idiosyncrasy to drugs used for impregnation, are extremely rare. One collar is enough for six months or more. For comparison, the drops are applied at least once every 3 weeks.

Table: price-quality rating

The successful combination of price and quality from manufacturers Beaphar and Bayer Bolfo. Inexpensive segment up to 200 p. used only for prevention. Preliminary, it is recommended to treat the animal with drops from parasites.

Buy protection and treatment of animals only in specialized stores. Check packaging integrity and product certification.

Kitten collars

Manufacturers in the instructions indicate the age at which this type of product is recommended. Usually for kittens, pregnant and lactating cats, a separate line is produced for each brand. Bolfo, Bars, Gamma Bio are universal and suitable for animals from the age of two months.

After applying the shampoo, wear a flea collar after 3-5 days!

Rules for the use of a collar from fleas and ticks

Wearing a collar on an animal follows the following algorithm:

  1. Carefully read the instructions.
  2. Take the collar out of the sealed package.
  3. Secure the product around the cat's neck so that it does not disturb the animal, leaving a gap of 1–1.5 cm between the neck and the collar.
  4. Cut unnecessary length, but leave stock in case the collar is loosened.
  5. Wash your hands with warm water and soap.

When choosing a collar, be guided by the health and convenience of your pet. If the cat leads an active lifestyle, walks, plays a lot, this means of protection becomes an obstacle, inconvenience for her. Allergic reactions, epilepsy, a tendency to seizures - may be the reason for refusing to use collars, especially their budget option.

Collar for cats from fleas, lice, ticks, mosquitoes and horseflies Gamma - Good Disadvantages: No We decided to give our son a kitten birthday ... After some time we put on a collar for cats from fleas, lice, ticks, mosquitoes and gadflies. The result was not long in coming. Very comfortable collar, judging because the cat did not try to remove it. And he really helps. Price - a penny for such a miracle.


Hartz bought a collar in the usual pet store. The price of such a collar is 399 rubles. It seems expensive but this collar and protection is not standard. Most collars help only for three months. Hartz collar has protection for up to seven months ... From fleas, it helps well throughout the stated seven-month period. I really liked the mount on the collar. Reliable and convenient enough. The active substance in the collar is tetrachlorvinphos ... The dosage of the substance is serious and I do not recommend putting such a collar on a kitten under 12 weeks of age or 3 months.

Shelest V.

Probably for three years already met with all the collars for cats that are only sold in our pet stores. The quality is not always the effect and pleased, but to find the best in price and quality had to try a couple of dozen at least. Now they have acquired a cat collar Rolf Club, a brand known, though not cheap. The cat doesn’t have fleas, it doesn’t scratch, although now it’s not the flea season, they are rampant in the heat, but still the day that the cat was without a collar he always began to scratch and “twitch”.


Bought Foresto's collar. And oh gods, we won. Now it is 3 weeks, and there are no fleas. I check the cat daily. And so about the collar advantages: 1. He is cool, because he does not smell at all (I just remember, the one that I bought before, he stinks pipets like) 2. He is effective (for 3 weeks she did not find more than one flea) 3 It is gray, we just have it, the cat is almost not noticeable. 4. Has reflective clips (fasten them fastened, but for what they did not understand). Minuses: 1. This is one minus, it is expensive, it costs everywhere from 1300, but we were incredibly lucky, because the store had a share on it and it cost us only 835 rubles). And in general, I want to say, I do not know how from ticks, but for cats from fleas it is very effective.


Of course, the BARS insecticide-acaric collar is a chemistry that carries a potential hazard, but after several years of using this collar, I have never noticed any negative or allergic reactions to the cat. Therefore, this collar is suitable for our cat, but it is completely sure that not every animal will suit it, so I do not deny the possibility of a negative reaction. The BARS insecticide caricidal collar is quite effective, but it didn’t do anything and now I’ll explain why. So the collar handles the fleas perfectly, there were no problems with this parasite. But the tick last summer bit us, and the cat almost a week away from this shock. In general, the BARS insecticide caricidal collar for cats is a good option, but one should not expect one hundred percent protection against parasites. Despite certain shortcomings of this collar, I will still recommend it, but remember that this tool may not be suitable for your pet individually.

Shvecov Sergey

I bought another collar for the cat, this time I chose a red color from the Dutch brand Beaphar, it is said that it protects the cat from fleas and ticks for 6 months. The collar does not interfere with the vital activity of the cat, it licks and eats without interference. He has a convenient clasp. He has been wearing for 3 weeks, no side effects have manifested, the cat leads and feels as before. From the first day of wearing, the animal does not pay any attention to the collar. As a result, we have a clean, contented cat, without parasites and the risk of their appearance!

terina terina

It is not difficult to choose the means of protection against fleas and ticks. Cost, duration of use, even the color in some models can be chosen to suit your capabilities and to the needs of the cat. The main thing is to be guided by the well-being of your pet.

How flea and tick collars work

The accessory works on the principle of flea spray, drops and shampoos. Completely imbued with repellents or insecticides, which kill the eaters, ticks and fleas, settled on the pet's hair, and also scare away new parasites. When it comes into contact with a special substance, insect paralyzes insects and they quickly die. Impregnations used are low toxic and, while following the safety rules, do not cause poisoning to the animal:

  • Essential oils (citrus, lavender, bergamot, mint). They repel insects, but do not always help get rid of parasites that already exist.
  • Imidacloprid. Modern insecticide that blocks tick and flea nerve cells. A cat collar soaked in such a concentrate is effective for several months.
  • Permethrin. According to many veterinarians, it is quite a toxic compound. With a long wearing of such a collar from fleas, the cat has problems with the liver, coordination of movements, nervous system.
  • Sevin is a fairly effective broad-spectrum insecticide with moderate toxicity. It does not accumulate in the skin of the animal, but may cause irritation.
  • Propoxur. It has a deterrent effect. Causes the rapid death of insects during the first 24 hours after putting on the collar. It has a moderate degree of toxicity. It is distributed on the coat and skin, but practically not absorbed into the blood.

  • Metropen. Sufficiently poisonous concentrate. Contraindicated in frequently ill pets, lactating and pregnant cats and small kittens.
  • Phenotrin. Quickly neutralizes mature insects and their larvae. It is used to eliminate fleas, not only in animals, but also in humans.
  • Fipronil is an insecticide that has a neuroparalytic effect. If ingested, it can cause severe poisoning. If applied to the skin or coat of a pet, it is not absorbed into the blood.

  • Diazinon. It is distributed in the fat layer and does not enter the bloodstream. It is used not only as a poison for pathogens, but also as a deterrent. It causes insect paralysis, causing them to quickly die. It is important to monitor the reaction of cats when wearing a collar from ticks and fleas soaked in such an insecticide. In the early days, an allergic reaction may occur.
  • Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP). Non-toxic impregnation, which is distributed only on the skin of the cat. It affects parasites even before their first bites, thus preventing allergies and severe itching.

According to experienced breeders, many flea collars need to be worn on cats a few days before the planned walk along the street, since the insecticide should be distributed throughout the coat and be absorbed into the skin. It is important to avoid chewing and licking the anti-parasitic accessory. To do this, it is properly customized in size, and cut off the excess ends.

Types of antiparasitic collars

These accessories come in several types:

  1. Bio or herbal models. These are rubber flea collars for cats of different ages, soaked in essential oils. Often due to the specific aroma cause an allergic reaction. Suitable for pregnant cats and kittens, as well as for the prevention of infection during street walks.
  2. Ultrasonic models are made of fabric to which the radiator is attached. It spreads around infrasound, not audible to other people, but scaring microscopic insects.
  3. Radiating collars spread electromagnetic waves around themselves for several meters. They are non-toxic, quickly remove fleas and ticks, do not emit an unpleasant smell, but do not act on eggs and larvae.
  4. Insecticidal (gas) flea collars for cats are impregnated with a special liquid. It is valid for several months. Before putting such a product on the neck of an animal, it is slightly stretched, so that toxic microcrystals appear.

All types of cat collars are suitable for both long-haired and short-haired breeds. They are purchased for the British, Mei-Kun, Neva Masquerade, Norwegian Forest, Persians, as well as the Egyptian Mau and Cornish Rex.

Wearing rules

In order not to undermine the health of the animal, you need to know how the collar from fleas for cats, how to properly store and apply. Proven manufacturers of anti-flea products sell them with detailed instructions for use. After opening the package, the accessory is put on the pet's neck and tightened so that it does not dangle, but does not cause any unpleasant sensations. The collar in the first days is worn only for a few hours and they watch how the pet's organism will react. Then clean in a tight plastic bag or wrapped in plastic wrap.

The maximum shelf life of a cat collar is 6-7 months. Inexpensive models are only valid for 1-2 months. It is not recommended to use them with shampoos and sprays of blood-sucking insects. Such a tandem will certainly cause acute intoxication. Cat hair is first treated with a liquid insecticide, and only after 7-10 days they put on a collar.

Popular brands of flea choppers

Veterinarians and experienced breeders recommend the use of effective accessories of the following domestic and foreign companies:

  1. Bolfo is a German inexpensive collar that helps to clean flea of ​​any breed of cats from fleas. Sold in several versions, with a weaker and stronger dosage of the repellent at a price of 450-500 rubles. Operates for 2-3 months and copes with all types of insects (lice, fleas, ticks).
  2. Beaphar is an affordable Dutch organic collar impregnated with essential oils. Differs in the short scaring period of validity (1-2 months). Used most often to prevent infection of the animal. It does not kill sexually mature parasites already living on the body, but only frightens off new settlers. Its price ranges from 300-400 rubles.
  3. Doctor Zoo is made by a Russian company and impregnated with diazinon. Valid for several months. It has low toxicity, rarely causes allergic reactions and discomfort in a pet. It has a low price - 50-70 rubles.
  4. Leopard is a water-resistant collar of the domestic brand with fipronil, a moderate toxic active ingredient. Effectively copes with mosquitoes, lice, ticks, fleas for 2-3 months. According to the owners, it has the same advantages as expensive foreign models, but it is much cheaper (150-200 rubles). You can wear it to kittens that are 2 months old.
  5. Hartz is a great American collar for cats, extremely rarely causing adverse reactions. It quickly kills all types of parasites and is a powerful prevention of re-infection. Resistant to getting wet, suitable for cats from 3 months of age. Of the minuses emit a relatively high cost. In the pet store for such a product you will have to pay 700–900 rubles.

Counterfeits and cheap products include insecticides that are dangerous to the health of pets and people. For those cats who often walk for a long time outside the home, it is better to order high-quality models of flea collars, and not to think about how much the product costs. Proven brands of pet products - a guarantee that the house does not appear dangerous insects.

Veterinarian reviews

Vet, Makarov V. S .:

“I recommend using low-cost Russian flea collars, for example, Bars or Dr. Zoo. It is first necessary to treat the pet's pet with a spray of the same brand. Затем закрепить на шее ошейник. Это вполне надежная защита на длительный срок».

Ветеринар, Юлианова Т. Е.:

«Многие домашние кошки и коты страдают от того, что на них надет некачественный токсичный ошейник. Их приносят с насморком, выделениями из глаз, проплешинами на шее. Это не заболевание, а острая аллергия на плохой аксессуар. I recommend removing it immediately, prescribing anti-allergic therapy, and only after a complete cure, you can try anti-flea drugs again, but of high quality, for example, American or German brands. ”

Reviews of owners of domestic cats

Oksakova O. V .:

“My cat literally lives on the street. We have a private house with a big garden. He resorts only to eat and relax on the couch. To prevent lice and fleas from entering the premises, every 2-3 months I put a new Bars collar on the cat. This is enough to scare off all the parasites. Wool periodically check, it is always clean. "

Ivanishin V. S .:

“We have 2 cats in our apartment for several years. They do everything together and walk too. Climb home through the window. In order not to bring any contagion from the street, I order high-quality Beaphar flea collars for them several times a year. I like their high European quality, reliability and minimal toxicity. Earlier I bought low-end brands, but periodically fleas and ticks at the withers appeared. ”