Characteristics, features of parrot breeds and the name of the species of parrots


We all love parrots for their interesting character, for their bright appearance, for their ability to reproduce the sounds of the human voice. However, how much do we know about these mysterious birds? After all, today there are many different breeds that differ from one another primarily in size.

Hyacinth macaw

It is he who is now considered the largest (or longest) parrot on the entire planet. This is a truly huge bird, which is rare due to mass capture. The largest parrot in the world - the Hyacinth Macaw - reaches up to a meter in length. And most of them are giant tails, their wings are also rather big - from 130 to 150 centimeters. The weight of an adult Ary varies from 1200 to 1500 grams.

Externally, the Hyacinth macaw will conquer anyone: gorgeous bright blue feathers and a blackish tail look truly luxurious. Eyes "decorated" yellow edging. Ary's beak is massive and very strong. Almost all members of the Ara genus are large.

These are large parrots with provocative and hooligan character, they are perfectly trainable. Very appreciated by the owners for their easy disposition and ability to make funny bows. As for size, an adult Kakadu grows up to 60 centimeters and can weigh a whole kilogram.

You can learn Kakadu by the characteristic tuft that adorns the head. It is by him that one can understand in which state of mind the bird resides. In tension or interest, Kakadu will show you a mohawk.

Birds of this breed differ in rather modest appearance in comparison with relatives, which were described above. However, the combination of gray and red colors make them very attractive. The smallest representatives of this species grow up to 30 centimeters, large ones - up to 40. The adult individual Jacot weighs about 500 grams, sometimes a little more. These are very talented birds, they perfectly imitate the sounds reproduced by man.

Medium breed

Now we should talk about the rocks, which differ, albeit not so large, but still impressive in size. Middle parrots have a special charm.

These parrots have another name - Corella. At the moment, they occupy the second place in popularity among birds, which people prefer to keep at home. Height of an adult individual reaches 30 centimeters, and weight - from 80 to 120 grams. These are beautiful gray birdies, whose cheeks are decorated with bright specks of yellow and orange, with a yellow forelock on the head. Nymphs adapt well and are peaceful.

Ring Parrots

Very attractive, but terribly noisy breed. Their length reaches 50 centimeters, and the wing grows to 16 centimeters. Birds of this species can be easily tamed and taught to speak some phrases. Green individuals of this breed are cute, with a necklace in the form of a ring in their neck. They can also be recognized by the wedge-shaped tail.

Senegalese parrot

The size of these birds makes it easy to attribute them to medium breeds, because the size of an adult individual is about 25 centimeters, and its weight is from 125 to 170 grams. In many ways, the nature of the Senegalese parrots is similar to their large "relatives", since the representatives of this breed are very serious, independent and savvy.

Wavy parrots

Adults usually do not weigh more than 45 grams. They are very beautiful and live well at home. In addition, they are very affordable financially. Feathered friends simply teach them to say many words, phrases, and even sentences, provided that they are properly kept for up to 15 years. In the photo you can see that these birds are very cute and playful.


These little birds are very touching, because the pair are very attached to each other. An adult in length reaches about 14 centimeters, and weighs no more than 50 grams. Very beautiful and funny birds will not disturb the hosts with noise. At home, live up to 20 years.

As you can see from the description, if you decide to get yourself such a pet, then it is very important to create a suitable house for him, that is, to arrange the cage and provide it with everything necessary. In addition, it is important to know the characteristics of the nature of the species that you choose. Some individuals absolutely can not get along together, they gnaw each other's paws, bite and fight for life and death.

Types of parrots

Lori parrots or lorias. They feed on pollen and drink nectar, have a thick brush on the tip of the tongue. Lori parrots are widely distributed in Indonesia and Australia. Have very beautiful and multi-colored coloring. Nest in the hollows of trees.

Jaco parrots or gray parrots. Birds are known for their ability to imitate human speech. Especially the African parrot - jaco. He can memorize over a hundred words. In the "ability to talk" Amazonian parrot is not much inferior to Jaco. In nature, parrots do not resort to imitation of human speech, but use only a small set of harsh, piercing, unpleasant sounds for human hearing.

Parrots Wavy. Since ancient times, many species of parrots are bred and kept as decorative birds. Birds tolerate captivity well. These birds include wavy parrots, which are considered among the most popular in the world. Parrots also know how to talk, but to teach them, you need to put a lot of effort and time for this.

Kea parrots. A very interesting type of parrots. The bird is slightly larger than the Jaco parrot (40-50 cm). There are peaks in the mountains of New Zealand, above the forest belt — where in winter there is snow and strong winds, and in summer there are constant fogs. Severe conditions do not scare kea parrots. He adapted to such conditions and even lays eggs in July (at this time there is a winter period).

Parrots kea feed on plant food, fruits, nectar of flowers. Kea became famous for the fact that sometimes their victims are sheep. Meat is eaten by all kea, and only certain individuals of the flock are killed.

While hunting a sheep, the bird sits on the ground near the intended victim, and then suddenly jumps on its back and clings to the wool. The sheep sheds the bird in a sharp movement, and the sheep again and again sits on its back - until the exhausted animal falls. Sometimes the sheep begins to run with the “rider” until the race leads her to death or the animal becomes free from the pursuer.

Interestingly, before the advent of Europeans in New Zealand, there were no mammals (with the exception of one species of rats and bats). Therefore, kea until that time did not know the taste of meat.

Macaw parrots. The genus of very large and beautiful parrots, body length can reach more than 1 meter. Have a wide distribution in South and Central America. Macaw parrots are long-lived and can live more than 70 years.

Parrots Kakadu. These birds are isolated as a separate cockatoo family. They belong to the order parrot-shaped. Cockatoo is widespread in Australia. They have rather large sizes (up to 70 cm.). One of the most common among this family is the white or white-crested cockatoo.

Amazon parrots. Very funny and cute parrots, color mostly green. Refer to long-lived. The sizes are average.

Corella parrots. They belong to the Kakadu family. In their family, Corellas are the only species. The colors range from olive-gray to light blue.

Parrots Nerazluchniki. Beautiful, cute and funny parrots of small size, mostly not more than 18 cm. They live, as a rule, in packs, and when nesting they look for a pair for long-term relationships. Lovebirds are widespread in the southwest of the continent of Africa.

Ringed Parrots. Genus of birds of medium size. The genus includes 15 species. The main habitats are Asia and Africa. A distinctive feature of these parrots is the presence of a long stepped tail. The colors of parrots are usually green.

Parrot classification:

Class - birds (aves)

Detachment - parrot-shaped (psittaciformes)

Family - parrots or parrots (psittacidae)

general characteristics

Locations of parrots are Australia, where almost half of the species are located: wavy, cockatoo, nymphs (or Corella), etc., South and Central America, where one third of all parrots, including the pets of macaws and amazons, South Asia and Africa live where they, however, are not so common.

Comfortably, these birds feel in tropical areas, but there are species that feel well and in the temperate zone. Parrots prefer to live in the forests, although among them there are also species with living in open areas, for example, in Australia there are parrots living on the ground, looking for food in the grass, raking it with their paws. There are also mountain birds - the New Zealand kea, a real alpine bird that has reached the very edge of the snow.

Clearing the forests for their living, the person pushes the parrots living there, and they fly away, look for other habitats and inhabit them.

Striking diversity

All species of parrots belong to two families, rather unequal in quantity.

The first - this is a cockatoo family of 21 species and three subfamilies: a black and white cockatoo and a nymph with one species.

The second - wax-footed parrots from 53 species and real parrots, including 270 species. To tell about each is unrealistic, so we confine ourselves to a few of the most interesting and common among fans of caged birds.

Let's start with the real parrots from New Zealand - two of them. These are birds of stocky build, the size of a crow. Let's start with the cocoa parrot, the inhabitant of the mountain forests.

How very sociable and interesting, despite the noise, which is accompanied by their activities. They are very useful for humans, because they feed on insects and destroy pests. The structure of their beak allows them to extract nectar from inflorescences, which they also feed on. At the same time, these birds produce cross-pollination of plants that feed them.

In addition, kaki peel off the bark, ridding the tree of rotten wood, rotted bark areas, at the same time destroying harmful insects. They can feed on the ground, raking the grass and moss at the roots of powerful trees.

Their nests are located in hollows of trees at high altitude. The female lays 4 eggs, which she incubates on harvested wood dust. Out of 4 eggs, usually 2 chicks are born, about which both male and female are baked carefully.

Another type of parrot is kea, which has already been mentioned. He lives high in the mountains, eats mainly fruits, honey, berries, insects, plant roots. Nests of it are crevices in the rocks, cliffs. Kea are dangerous for sheep because they can attack them and pluck meat on their backs.

Cockatoos loved by everyone, the parrots of this group, also formed from this ancient root.

In New Guinea, and only in it, there are small woodpeck parrots and dwarfs - their closest relatives. These birds are very good in appearance: the plumage is bright, colorful, without transitions and semitones. They eat fruits, they love everything juicy - flesh, honey, fruits and vegetables.

Let's talk more about wedge-tailed parrots, which include 148 species. Habitat - South America. All beloved macaw refers to them, and has about 20 species.

There are a lot of all types of parrots, it is difficult to list and characterize them in the format of a single article. These birds are so interesting that you can talk about them infinitely much. Those who already have parrots will agree with this statement.

A bit of history

Parrots are one of the few representatives of the animal world who have survived to this day and have practically not changed their appearance. This is evidenced by numerous excavations of ancient human sites, during which the fossil remains of this order of birds were discovered. Historical evidence suggests that the Indians were the first to teach the parrots of human speech. Representatives of this order of birds on the European continent appeared together with the warriors of Alexander the Great. At that time, parrots were considered sacred, because they knew how to talk like humans. Later, these bright and energetic birds spread throughout the territory of European countries, gaining the fame of their favorite pets.

How many species of parrots exist in our time? The answer to this question can be found below.

How to determine the type of parrot?

In order to answer this question, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • body length and weight of an individual
  • beak shape
  • plumage color,
  • the presence or absence of a tuft.

After analyzing these characteristics and comparing them with photos and descriptions of various species of birds, it will be possible to understand what kind of representative of the squad is in front of you.

Consider the most famous types of parrots, photos and names of which are given below.

This species of parrot is an ancient inhabitant of New Zealand. Nestor is strongly built and comparable in size to the crow.

One of the subspecies, Kaka, is an inhabitant of mountain forests. Such parrots differ lively and sociable character and a lot of noise. Kaka language is well developed and adapted for the extraction of nectar from tree flowers. These birds love to eat berries, seeds and larvae of harmful insects. The last parrot extracts from under the bark of trees, plucking the affected areas of wood.

Another representative of the nestor species is the kea parrot. Such birds inhabit the highlands. They mainly feed on various tree berries, honey, roots and insects. It is believed that kea can attack flocks of sheep and pull out small pieces of meat from the backs of animals.

Owl parrot

This species of parrot got its name due to the original shape of the facial disc, the soft structure of the plumage and nightlife. More recently, such birds in large numbers lived in New Zealand. Now it is an endangered species of parrots, which can be found only in remote wild parts of the island.

Such birds mostly live on rocky slopes, in bushes and along the banks of mountain rivers. Owl parrots are terrestrial. And this is their main difference from other species. Such feathered muscles of wings are poorly developed, so they fly poorly. But owl parrots are great run. They can also easily climb a tall tree using tenacious claws and a beak.

Like owls, such parrots sit in their nests during the day, and at nightfall they come out in search of food. At night, these birds are oriented in space with the help of special long hairs located on the facial disc. The main food of owl parrots is moss and various berries. Their favorite treat is snow grass.


The most numerous species of parrot - wavy - lives in Australia. Its representatives can be found in any part of this continent. They live in savannas, eucalyptus forests, semi-deserts and even in cities. Wavy parrots create large colonies, the number of which can be up to thousands of individuals. Their place of settlement, they must have close to the water source.

The wavy parrot is a small bird of slender build with bright plumage. Its length is 17-20 centimeters, and weight is only 40-50 grams. Most wavy parrots have a characteristic grass-green or greenish-yellow color of feathers. Often there are individuals of white, blue or bright yellow. On the back, wings and back of the head of such birds are dark brown stripes. Wavy parrots have a friendly character.

The main food of such birds is wheat grains and grass seeds. Extremely important part of their diet is water.

The main habitat of the cockatoo are island states such as the Philippines, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. These parrots live in alpine, tropical and mangrove forests. They like to exist in close proximity to civilization. Therefore, they can often be seen in the city or agricultural area.

The plumage of the cockatoo is mainly colored yellow, pink, black and white. A distinctive feature of this parrot is a high tuft. Its color is different from the main color range of plumage. The length of the cockatoo body is from 30 to 80 centimeters, weight - from 300 to 1200 grams.

Such birds in flight can reach speeds of up to 70 km / h. They also know how to climb trees. Representatives of this species of parrots love to swim and spend a lot of time caring for their plumage. The basis of their food - seeds, fruits and insects.

Kakadu is a type of parrot, the talkative representatives of which can be taught to pronounce certain words and even phrases. Also, these birds are able to show uncommon ingenuity to achieve their goals. Do not offend the cockatoo, because such birds are extremely vindictive.

What kind of parrots are the most talkative? No doubt this is a jaco. Another name is the gray parrot. Ornithologists distinguish two subspecies of these birds: the red-tailed and brown-tailed Jaco. The first lives in Central Africa, Togo, Kenya and North Angola. Длина его туловища может достигать 35 сантиметров. Весит такая птица в среднем 400 граммов. Длина крыла составляет около 24 сантиметров. Оперение этого попугая окрашено в пепельно-серые оттенки. Его грудь, голова и шея обычно немного темнее или светлее основного тона. Хвост и задняя часть спины окрашены в красный цвет.

Бурохвостый жако встречается в Южной Гвинее, Либерии, Сьерра-Леоне. This subspecies is smaller in comparison with the red-tailed. The length of the body of such a parrot can reach 34 centimeters. This bird weighs an average of 350 grams. The length of the wing is about 21 centimeters. The tail plumage is colored maroon.

The gray parrot is able to memorize and reproduce up to 150 words or even phrases. Such a bird can lead a meaningful conversation with the owner. In addition, Jaco is able to skillfully imitate various sounds, for example, the trill of a phone call or alarm clock. Gray parrots also have the ability to distinguish shapes and colors.

This kind of parrot lives in Australia. In addition to the name "Corella", which was given to this bird by the natives of the continent, there is another - "nymph". The parrot was awarded by European scientists.

Outwardly, the Corella looks like a small pigeon. The length of the feathery can reach 33 centimeters. Half of them fall on the tail. A striking feature of this type of parrot is the yellow tuft. The plumage of the corella is painted in light olive or gray colors, on the cheeks there are round spots of bright orange hue.

Corella feeds mainly on plant seeds, wheat grains and insect larvae.

This kind of parrot is not easy to teach to talk. Despite this, Corella is still able to memorize up to 100 words. The males of these birds sing well and can even imitate nightingales.

Ara is the largest representative of the parrot squad. His main residence is tropical rain forests of Central and South America. Macaw parrots unite in flocks and lead a nomadic lifestyle.

The length of an adult individual can reach 100 centimeters. The macaw has a large long tail and a powerful beak with which a bird can bite even steel wire.

The basis of the diet of this type of parrots are grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts.

The macaws have a loud and sharp voice, they are able to reproduce human speech and repeat various sounds. A distinctive feature of the nature of these birds is that they are monogamous.

Some of the macaw subspecies are on the verge of extinction and are listed in the World Red Book.


Parrots stand out among other birds. Their bright appearance and ability to reproduce human speech and imitate various sounds let you know the representatives of this group at a glance. The article describes the most famous types of parrots. There are many more species of such birds in the world, some of which are even listed in the Red Book.