Choosing a collar for the cat


Some keep cats in an apartment, never letting them out on the street, others allow their pet to walk freely and come home whenever he wants. Do not keep the cat from wandering and the owners of private houses. But what if your pet gets lost or in trouble? It is much easier to find the owner of the animal, if it has a collar with the name of the pet, phone number or address of the owner.

In this article we will explain how to make a stylish collar with a medallion for a cat.

Materials and tools for the manufacture of the collar:

  • thick steel plate or anvil
  • round brass billet for medallion
  • cores with letters (in our case, the height of the letters is 6 mm)
  • hammer
  • masking tape
  • small steel ring
  • favorite collar
  • permanent marker and alcohol (optional)

How to make a cat collar with a medallion

Using masking tape, fix the round brass billet on a thick steel plate or anvil. Between the strips of tape, leave a space for the inscription. The adhesive tape will serve not only for fixing, being guided on its edge, it is simpler to place letters in one line.

Decide on the inscription on the medallion, it may be the name of a cat, your address or phone number. The inscriptions can be stamped on both sides of the medallion. Place the cores with letters in front of you in the correct order.

Note: Depending on the length of the label, you may need cores with different letter sizes. If the inscription is short, you can choose large letters. Be sure to make sure that the inscription in width fits on the medallion.

In the center of the medallion install the core with the middle letter of the inscription. Apply 2-3 precise hammer blows to the core. In the same way, make two adjacent letters. Mint the letters until the inscription is complete.

Tip: it is desirable to have several blanks for a medallion, since it is not always possible to achieve the desired result from the first time. It is not necessary that the test tokens be polished copper or brass, for this purpose, aluminum or simple sheet will be fine. The main thing - to work out the technique.

To make the inscription better readable, the grooves can be painted over with a permanent marker. Traces of the marker on the surface of the medallion are easily erased with a swab moistened with alcohol.

If there is no hole for the ringlet in the medallion, drill it with a thin drill.

Thread the ring into the hole and put it on the collar.

Cat collar with a medallion ready. Now if something happens to your pet, it will be much easier to find you. But we wish this medallion to become only a nice accessory and never be used for its intended purpose.

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Which collar to choose?

Depending on the purpose for which you need this accessory, you can purchase one or another variety.
What are the types of cat collars?

This collar is necessary if you want to provide your pet with reliable protection against fleas and ticks. It is a rubber strip treated with a special compound. Taking the collar out of the package, it should be slightly stretched to activate the active ingredient. At the same time on the surface of the collar should make a thin layer of a substance similar to powder - this is a sign of readiness for use.

The choice is wide enough - these are both imported models of Beaphar and Hartz and domestic models ("Bars", etc.). Antiparasitic collars are usually resistant to moisture, have a self-releasable fastener, are adjusted depending on the neck circumference of the animal (the excess part is cut off). It is important to consider the age and health of the cat - for kittens, as well as pregnant and lactating cats, you need to choose special collars or carry out treatment from the parasites in other ways.

decorative cat collar

You will need such a collar in the event that your pet goes to the exhibition or takes part in a photo shoot. Since most of the models are practically weightless, you can easily decorate your pet with them in everyday life. You can purchase such jewelry from individuals - the product will be cheaper than in stores, and the range will be much higher. There are decorative collars in the collections of well-known brands of pet goods, for example, the model “Seguins” of the German company TRIXIE.

for walking (self-expanding)

This cat collar can be called the safest of all the others. If your pet gets into an unpleasant situation (gets caught on a branch, gets stuck in a narrow passage, etc.), then the collar will be unbuttoned and the animal will be released. This is very important, because sometimes the cat, stuck, can not get out of the shackles, thus it can be suffocated.
personal address

If your cat is suddenly lost, the owner’s phone placed on the collar will help those who have found the pet quickly to return to the home. You can buy a separate medallion address number and attach it to the collar.
gps collar for cats

This accessory is useful to those owners who do not want to limit the location of their pet, but do not want to lose sight of it. A satellite monitoring system is a guarantee that you can always find your cat, no matter how far he runs. In addition, it is possible to trace the trajectory of your cat's journey. Abroad, such devices are already widely distributed, in Russia they are accessible to few due to the high price: the cost of a navigator for cats starts from 10,000 r. Dog navigators and electric collars cats do not fit - because of this, to pick up such a device is even more difficult. Soothing Cat Collars

Such collars will help make your cat less aggressive. The accessory identifies special pheromones that soothe the animal in a natural way - your cat will become more docile and affectionate. Cat collars with bells

Such models will allow you to hear that the cat is somewhere nearby. In addition, he will warn chickens and other domestic animals and birds from the appearance of a dangerous predator in the face of your furry friend.

magnetic collars

Such a collar will allow your cat to get home through a special flap, which is opened with a magnet. This will protect your home from the entry of unwanted animals.
There are completely different magnetic collars - medical. The magnet on them is located on the inside. This accessory will help save the animal from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, and kidney failure. It is also effective in treating skin diseases.

Choosing a collar for the cat

You can buy a collar for a cat both in online stores and in pet stores. And then the question arises - how to choose this accessory?

  • The most important thing is security. The collar should have elastic inserts - so the product can stretch out if the cat needs to get out of it in an emergency, or it should be equipped with a special clasp. Do not buy a collar for dogs - there are no such inserts on it. The exception is a decorative collar for the exhibition, in such conditions there is no need for measures of increased security.
  • The collar should sit on the neck of the animal rather tightly, but should not cause it inconvenience. Wear it in such a way that 1-2 fingers are placed between the product and the cat's skin.
  • Especially carefully you need to approach the process of choosing a collar for cats with long hair, because it can get into the clasp and cause great pain to the animal.
  • Today, the assortment of stores has a variety of collars for cats, the price for them depends on what material the product is made of (nylon, leather, beads, fabric, etc.), on the popularity of the brand, and on other quality characteristics.

How to put a collar on a cat?

Teach the cat to the collar gradually. First put it on for a few minutes, then start increasing the wearing time. In order for the innovation to cause the animal a minimum of inconvenience, feed the cat immediately after putting the collar on it - this is how the procedure will be associated with pleasant impressions in the animal.

Collar or harness?

Experts do not recommend buying a collar for a cat as a "walking accessory" to which the leash will be attached, as this will create a strong load on the tender and fragile neck of the animal. The design of the harness, on the contrary, evenly distributes the load throughout the cat's body, since The fastener is located between the shoulder blades.
You should not try to teach kittens and young animals under the age of 6 months to the collar - they are hypersensitive, their bones have not yet formed completely. You should not wear a collar and a cat that suffered injuries to the neck. Also, in rare cases, animals may be allergic to any material or substance that has been treated with an anti-parasitic collar - in this case it will also have to be abandoned.

Collars for cats with a medallion, name, chip, telephone number, tracking sensor, beacon, navigator, address

Some cats owners let go walking on the street. So that the animal is not sheltered by compassionate neighbors, a cat is put on a collar with a medallion with the address or phone number of the owners. On the medallion from the front side write the name of the animal, and with the reverse of their contact details. The cost of collars with medallions is small, from 30 hryvnia or 50 rubles and above. You can order them online or buy at the pet store.

While walking alone, an animal may be exposed to various dangers or simply forgets to return home. For such cases, invented collars with a beacon and a keychain or with a GPS navigator. The cost of such models starts from $ 30 and reaches 200.

Collars with a medallion in which the chip is inserted will not help ordinary citizens to determine who is the master of the cat if nothing is written on the medallion. To read information from the chip, you need special equipment.

Collar for cats Trixi reflective

Trixie contains reflective elements that allow you to see the animal in the dark. The model is very comfortable and is easily erased and adjustable in length. The inner felt lining makes it comfortable for the animal to wear. Such a model is worth about 120 hryvnia.

Calming cat collar with pheromones

If the cat is under stress, the pheromone collar will help her calm down. It is a tape impregnated with synthetic pheromones that mimic the smell of a cat. Valid for a month. When bathing an animal, the collar must be removed; it must not be worn until the coat is completely dry. Among the shortcomings we can note the high price (the popular Sentry model costs 600 rubles) and the strong smell of the product.

Cat collars against fleas and ticks what to choose and instructions for use

To protect your pet from parasites with the onset of spring, you must wear a collar from fleas and ticks. How to choose the best model of this product, which will be safe and effective? Cat owners name the five best collar models that meet these criteria:
- Hartz,
- Bolfo,
- Bephar,
- Leopard collars,
- Doctor Zoo.

When choosing a collar, pay attention to the shelf life and integrity of the package. Most models should not be worn for pregnant cats and kittens up to three months.

The validity of each collar is specified in the instructions for use. The main condition for the effectiveness of any model is the rule: you need to wear a collar on a clean animal, washed with flea shampoo, then it will cope with its task of protecting against the invasion of new parasites.

Collar for cats Rolf Club, celandine plus

Flea and tick collar of Celandine plus many owners praise, noting as advantages the low price (about 50 rubles), efficiency, absence of a strong odor, safety for the animal. The insect repellent is permethrin.

The collar of the Rolf Club is impregnated with fipronil and permethrin. The manufacturer assures complete safety of the product, its effectiveness and the absence of odor. The price for this model is about 130 hryvnia or 200 rubles. The expiration date is the same as that of the Celandine collar - 3 or 4 months. Animal owners say the model is highly effective.

Collar for cats to not scratch, not licked, not lost, not screaming, not licked

For different occasions for cats there are different collars:
- so that the cat does not itch and does not lick in the presence of wounds or after surgery, they wear a special limiting collar around his neck,
- so as not to get lost, put on a collar with a GPS navigator or a medallion with the home address
- so as not to scream, use a special soothing collar with pheromones or Antimyau (the choice depends on what caused the animal's talkativeness),
- In order not to be infected with fleas, ticks and other parasites, they use collars soaked in insecticides.

There are also electric collars that limit the movement of an animal within the boundaries of a certain area. There are ordinary decorative models that do not perform any function other than decoration.

Collar for cats after castration, castration, surgery

After surgery, when it is undesirable for the animal to lick the suture left by the surgeons, they put on a special collar around his neck. After castration, there is no need for such a collar for cats; everything heals perfectly. Large incisions in this operation do not. Cats may be the exception; veterinarians advise them to wear collars after castration.

Collars for cats for walking, for beauty

Collars designed to adorn cats, are made of various shapes, bright colors, with rhinestones and in the form of ties. An additional decoration is a beautiful buckle. The collar can be reflective, with a medallion or a chip inside. Many models of flea collars manufacturers make beautiful and bright to decorate the animal.

Collar for a kitten Bansekt, Hartz, Foresta price and short description

Collar Bansekt costs about 100 hryvnia. The active ingredient in this model is Propoxur. The collar has a two-layer system that provides greater efficiency within three or four months of wearing. It is possible to carry such a model to kittens only from three months of age.

Hart's collar costs about 500 rubles. Active ingredient tetrachlorovifos. Before use, the collar must be stretched until white powder appears on the surface. It is effective against ticks for 5 months and against fleas for 7 months. Owners note a pungent smell at the beginning of use. Kittens can wear this model from three months.

Foresto's collar costs about 500 hryvnia. It is effective against ticks for 8 months, against fleas for half a year. The color of the product is gray; three reflective clips are included in the set so that the animal can be seen in the dark. The active substance is imidacloprid and flumetrin. Kittens can be worn from the age of 10 weeks.

Collar for cats antimyau, leopard

The collar for cats Antimau according to the manufacturers will teach the animal to appreciate silence. The device is that during the meowing of the pet, it makes sounds unpleasant to his ear. For training enough from 1 to 2 weeks. The cost of the model is about 600 rubles.

The collar the Leopard will protect an animal from fleas and ticks. Contains fipronil as an active substance. Protects the animal from ticks for 4 months, from fleas for 5 months. Such a model costs about 150 rubles. Well helps dogs. Owners of cats complain about the high toxicity and danger of products for pets.

Collars for cats through the paws, leash, electric how to wear and a brief description

A harness with a leash allows you to walk cats under the supervision of the owners. The leash should be at least 2 meters long, the harness should fit snugly to the body of the animal, but not press down. They make harnesses of different materials, it is better to buy a model from elastic nylon tape with a felt lining, which is adjustable in size. To wear a harness, you must:

- unfasten the leash,
- stick the head of the animal into the first closed ring of the harness, the strap with the clasp connecting the rings should be on the back,
- put the cat's front feet into the second ring, fasten all the locks, adjust the size,
- secure the leash.

Electric collars are released for cats to locate them, prevent bird hunting, or wean. The cost of such models can be quite high. For training and command execution, electric collars are used only on dogs.

You can purchase the following types of accessories for your pet:

• Accessory for fleas. For cats and cats on which annoying insects live such a collar will be a real salvation.

• A harness vest for cats is a great option for animals that are not used to the street.

• Collars with navigator. Thanks to this accessory, you can find out at any time where your purr lives.

• A harness vest for cats - perfect for walking in the park and other similar places.

• Collars with a medallion. На медальоне имеется контактная информация о хозяине питомца.

• Ошейники, которые светятся — прекрасно подходят для прогулок в темное время суток.

Высококачественные ошейники для кошек предлагает наш магазин — CatBox. У нас по оптимальным ценам представлена продукция компании Dezzie, Papillon, Flamingo, Trixie, Yami-Yami, Flexi и др. All products are covered by official manufacturers warranty. Delivery of purchases is carried out in St. Petersburg and Russia.

Types of collars

By purchasing a decorative collar, you can pick it up suitable for such items as a leash, a muzzle for a cat, a basket - carrying. Or choose a thing like nothing special, a special style. And choosing a specialized collar you need to focus on its functionality. Consider in this article the most common types of such products.

Antiparasitic collars for cats

This is the most common and popular group. Almost most domestic cats suffer from various parasites, especially those who go outside and are in contact with other animals. That is why flea and tick cat collars are deservedly popular. This rubber product is treated with a special compound. They are adjustable in length and are usually equipped with a self-release buckle.

Some of these products are designed to kill adult parasites, others are effective against their larvae and eggs. The collar from ticks for cats is one of the most effective means of combating parasites. But when dealing with him, one should not neglect the security measures, in particular:

  • not to let the animal out of sight in the first hours of wearing a collar, due to the risk of allergies,
  • do not use on kittens, pregnant and nursing cats,
  • Replaced on time, because usually the validity of such a product is about six months,
  • Do not treat the animal at this time by other means of parasites.

If you comply with these conditions and choose a quality product, then problems should arise. In this case, to buy a collar for a cat means to take care of its comfort, health and well-being. You can read about other flea products here.

Collars with ID

Their purpose is to keep the pet from being lost. By taking care that the pet is provided with such information as the address or phone number of the owners, you can significantly increase its chances of safely returning home if he gets lost on the street, runs away from home, or gets lost while moving. Sometimes the data is placed directly on the collar. And you can buy collars for cats with a medallion, which will be the necessary information.

Medallions can be of various sizes, shapes and colors. Their only drawback is the possibility that the medallion will come off and be lost. Also, the collar can be equipped with a chip with data recorded on it. Having supplied a favorite collar with identification data, it remains only to monitor their relevance, correct it in time when moving or changing the phone number.

GPS collar

This is a modern type of collars - address numbers. A quality collar for a cat with GPS will help the owners to be aware of the location of the pet at any time. This method is more reliable than simply equipping the cat with contact information of the owners and, in case of loss, hope for the goodwill of the people around them. And the only negative here is the high price for this useful accessory.

The satellite surveillance system will track the GPS collar for cats, wherever it is. The only exception is the case when the collar is damaged. But it is quite difficult, manufacturers monitor the reliability and quality of their products. If you decide to buy a collar with GPS for cats, then you need to pay great attention to its elasticity. This thing is bought for a long time, and should be comfortable to wear. But at the same time, it should sit safely, in order to avoid loss.

Reflective models

Either completely made of reflective material, or have an insert of it. This item will be very useful if the animal is on the street at night. It will be noticeable when the light is directed at it, for example from car headlights. This can save the life of a cat that was gawking on the road. For the same purpose are luminous collars. They are equipped with light sensors and solar panels.

Magnetic collars

This cat collar is used with a special door. It is installed on the usual entrance door of a house or apartment. When a magnetic key approaches it, the flap opens and the animal can go home on its own. The actual solution for those who are often away from home and do not want a pet was forced to wait for owners on the street.

Sound collars

They are equipped with an electronic system or an ordinary bell. The purpose of such devices is to warn others about the approaching cat. In particular, it is believed that this will save domestic birds from it. The allegations that a collar with a bell for cats brings real benefits are quite controversial.

If a furry hunter loves to attack chickens, then she will spend most of her time doing this hiding. And the bell is useless. Well, when he decides to jump, the chicks will not have time to react. In addition, such sounds can attract the unpleasant attention of dogs to an animal, or simply annoy it.

Soothing models

They are designed for overly aggressive and active felines. The material is impregnated with a composition containing pheromones. They gradually stand out and naturally calm down a fluffy bully. A pheromone collar for cats can be a good solution if they are prone to fighting. This is a good behavior correction method.

Decorative collars

They are intended more for the aesthetic pleasure of people than for the needs of cats. Although such accessories may well be also functions of magnetic, identification and other models. They are suitable for everyday wear, exhibitions and photo shoots. There are only three requirements for such a subject:

  1. must be comfortable to wear and not too bulky,
  2. the presence of elastic inserts,
  3. non-irritating, lightweight material.

Today, you can easily buy a collar for cats of various colors and shapes. In the form of ties, collars, butterflies decorated with artificial flowers, hearts, stones and rhinestones, with various patterns and ornaments. The main function of this thing is to please the owners of the animal. And they cope with it very successfully.

Self-made collar

Making a cat collar with his own hand is a creative and exciting process. Especially when it comes to decorative items, the purpose of which is to decorate the animal and give pleasure to people.

Materials for such things better to choose natural, to avoid unnecessarily bulky elements, bulging parts.

Heterogeneous collar, for example, from beads or chains, it is necessary to equip the fabric backing. This prevents wool from sticking.

You can make a cat collar with your own hands from the following materials:

  • leather,
  • beads or beads,
  • the cloth,
  • Knitting thread,
  • wooden or bone elements - beads, figurines.

The principle of operation is quite simple - soft elastic base, reliable fastener and light decorative elements. There are a lot of interesting ideas on how to make a cat collar with your own hands. And you can come up with your own solution.

Whatever category a collar belongs to, it must be safe. We are talking about the threat of strangulation, if the animal catches the collar on a branch, part of the fence, metal reinforcement and hangs. That is why this item is equipped with either an elastic band or a buckle, which is undocked with a rather strong impact on it. In addition, the collar should sit on the neck tight enough, but not squeeze it. Under it should be easy to pass a finger. If so, then the collar is matched in size.

You can not buy a dog collar for a cat, they are not equipped with elastic parts. It is necessary to gradually accustom an animal to wearing such an accessory. Wear at first for a few minutes in a relaxed atmosphere, then leave a little longer. Also, there is an age limit for his socks - the cat is at least six months old. If you follow these simple rules and approach the choice of things responsibly, then there will be no problems. The collar will fulfill its purpose and will last long enough. You can read the article "Closed toilet for cats: types and features."