How to determine the sex of the hamster


Domestic rodents are perceived ambiguously as family pets. Someone compares them with wild fighters of food and grain, pests of the national economy. Others are enraptured by the sight of a cute guinea pig. Often domestic rodents appear in families with small children. When purchasing a pet, the owners, as a rule, do not ask about their sex. And the appearance of offspring becomes a complete surprise for the hosts. When choosing a rodent, it is important to know how to determine the sex of a dzungarik, chinchilla, or domestic rat.

Types of domestic rodents

Small animals are quite beneficial in all respects pets. They take up little space. For comfort they need a small aquarium or cage. Grain, greens, nuts and seeds will be an excellent food for your little pet. As care, you can do periodic cleaning of housing and filling feeders and drinkers. In short, rodents - the best solution for acquiring a pet.

Today there are many varieties of tamed small animals. The most popular of them are:

  • Guinea pigs.
  • Decorative rabbits.
  • Chipmunks
  • Decorative rats
  • Chinchilla
  • Chilean squirrels.
  • Gerbils.

But the most frequent guests of the family are hamsters.

Breed hamsters

Among the types of data of rodents the following are considered the most popular:

  • Syrian hamster. The breed is also known as royal or golden. Cute animal - the favorite of adults and children. The animal is quite large. The length of his body is 13-19 cm. Easily tamed pet has a calm and affectionate character. The animal rarely gets sick, but unfortunately it does not last long - only 2-3 years.

  • Angora hamster - long-haired fluffy. The fur of the animal is very soft and gentle. Hamster color is usually solid and varies from cream to black. Spotted or tortoises are very rare.
  • Campbell's hamster can compete in size with the dzungarik. How to determine the sex of a small animal? Yes, just like all hamsters, carefully examining its appearance. A characteristic sign of the Campbell are bare hind limbs, as well as strips on the barrels. This is the wildest species in nature hamsters. In the mood they can smack the owner or fight with other pets.
  • Taylors are one of the miniature hamsters. With a length of 8 to 10 cm, the animal weighs only 8 g. Taylor is an example of selfless parents: both parents take care of the offspring.
  • Radde, perhaps, can be called giant hamsters. Their size reaches 30 cm. Almost wild, radde is a rare guest in the house. He is poorly tamed and has a rather aggressive character. This is no wonder, because in natural conditions the hamster has to fight for survival.
  • Roborovskaya breed - the smallest in the family of hamsters. Their content does not imply a single version. There should be several such kids in the cage. The animals are active, independent and very sociable. Their funny antics will be interesting for both children and adults. However, the small size of the animals somewhat complicates the answer to the question of how to determine the sex of a hamster. Dzungariki in this situation are brothers in misfortune Robi rodents.

Most hamsters have a small process instead of a tail. But there is a breed of long-tailed rodents. Hamsters have dark gray hair with white lumps of ears and a light tummy. Affectionate and active animals. The long tail makes them look a bit like decorative mice. But with careful consideration visible difference between rodents.

Dzungarik - mini hamster

The Dzungarian hamster is a cute furry animal of miniature size, which has recently become popular as a pet.

The homeland of dzungarik are the steppe regions of Western Siberia, Central and Central Asia, and Northeastern Kazakhstan.

The size of the animal varies within 10 cm and weighs 10 g. Such miniature proportions make it difficult to answer the question of how to determine the sex of the dzhungarki hamsters. And yet, that the females, that the males bribe their prettiness and good nature. Dzungarian hamsters can rightly be called beast hobbits due to their soles covered with thick long fur.

Pet - the beast leading nocturnal life. During the day, he prefers to sleep after a night of active vigil.

Fertile animals can breed in the spring-autumn period up to 4 times. In one litter can appear from 8 to 12 babies. The fecundity of hamsters begins with four months of age.

What do Jungars eat?

Like all other hamsters, mini-animals are almost unpretentious in the diet. The best and easiest way to feed a pet is to purchase special food in specialized stores. The mixtures include grains of corn, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cereals, peas, nuts. As a natural food, you can use fruits and dried fruits, zucchini, carrots, leaves of cabbage and lettuce, plantain. It is strongly not recommended to introduce citrus fruits in the food of dzungarik due to the possibility of allergic reactions.

But bananas, apples, apricots, peaches, animals will absorb with great pleasure. As a source of protein in the diet, you can enter low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs, and even boiled chicken meat. Also dzhungarik should enjoy the rainworms, dried gammarus, boiled shrimp. Since hamsters are thrifty creatures, then, feeding the animal, it is necessary to ensure that it does not hide the food in its secret. Otherwise, the food may deteriorate and clog the pet's home.

How to keep babies?

It is very easy to care for jungars. The animal is extremely clean and prefers to independently engage in all hygienic procedures. The tongue and legs are excellent pet cleaning devices. Using them as needed, the animal thoroughly cleans itself. The love of purity is rotated at the genetic level.

How to determine the sex of the hamster dzungarika? It should be noted that both girls and boys will never crap all over the cage. They will choose one latrine, where they will celebrate their natural needs. As a result, it is necessary to equip the “toilet” of a hamster accordingly. Do not forget to periodically clean out the latrine, changing in it a special filler.

Dzungariki, like all their other relatives, subject to winter molting. Winter pet coat has a white color with a dark stripe along the back. As a rule, the animal changes the fur for six weeks. Dead shreds of wool need to be removed, otherwise a thrifty rodent will begin to make out of it a nest.

Methods of how to determine the sex of the hamster jungar

There are several ways to study the hamster genitalia. It is noteworthy that the first sexual signs manifest themselves at the age of three to four months.

  • In order to see the differences, it is necessary to carefully take the jungar by the scruff of the neck and slightly raise it so that it spreads its legs. So exploring the hamster will be easier.
  • In order not to injure a pet, you can put it on the palm of your hand, and hold it with your thumb. With a free hand, we determine the sexual signs of the hamster, gently stroking the tummy and feeling the characteristic bumps.

How to determine the sex of the jungar: the main differences of the male

In boys, at the age of one month, the testicles are well felt at the very base of the tail. How to determine the sex jungar? The photo clearly shows the characteristic hillocks in the corresponding area. The normal distance between the penis and the anus in an adult individual is 1–1.5 cm. In young dzungars this distance is no longer than 0.5 cm.

In the center of the male's tummy, a navel is well groped. With the help of this characteristic gland, the dzungarik marks its territory.

Of course, it is easier to determine the sex of a dzungarik in adults. But even in babies, small swellings can be felt in the groin - future testicles.

Gender differences samochka

Girls are much larger than males. However, if there is no pair near for comparison, you can use the following method, how to determine the sex of a dzhungarik hamster. The photo captured that the distance between the genitals and the anus of the female was much smaller than that of the male. Two holes are located almost right next to each other.

An additional sign of how to determine the sex of the female dzhungarika are two rows of tiny nipples from the breast to the bottom of the tummy. The navel in girls is practically not detectable. Males, on the other hand, have a belly covered with fur.

General rules for determining the sex of hamsters

To determine the sex of a hamster purchased, you need to carefully inspect it. This is a difficult matter, a pet unaccustomed to hands can resist and bite painfully. Therefore, for safety and performance inspection, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  • The procedure should be carried out in a calm, relaxed state of the pet, in order to avoid its aggression and attempts to escape. It is better to treat your child with a treat, pat and soothe him.
  • It is more convenient to do it on your knees, laying a terry towel. Keep the hamster during the inspection must be firmly, but carefully.

The following details are important for determining the sex of a hamster:

  • Sizes. Girls are always a bit larger than boys; it is convenient to distinguish gender by this feature if there are several individuals.
  • Backrest shape. In males, it is narrowed to the tail and lifted up, and in girls it is wider and rounder.
  • Sexual signs. The boys have a pair of almond-shaped testicles on the ass, and the hamsters have a smooth one.
  • Nipples. The females on the abdomen have several pairs of well-defined nipples. And dwarf males have on the belly in the area of ​​the navel an odorous gland of yellow color, to the touch resembling a furuncle.
  • The distance from the genitals to the anus. In females, this distance is almost zero. Male genitalia are located in one and a half centimeters from the anus.

The difference in the distance between the genitals and the anus in the male and female

Sexual signs are invisible in newborn hamsters, and it is not recommended to pick them up before four weeks of age. The cubs on the ass have two tiny pink circles with slightly raised edges: they almost merge in the females, and in the males the anus is located under the tail, and the urinary - almost in the center of the abdomen. In the groin area, boys can find rounded edemas - future testicles.

It is necessary to fix the animal with two fingers for the skin fold between the shoulder blades. So baby can not turn his head and bite you.

How to determine the Jungar gender

Djungar male hamster

Dzungarian hamsters - one of the most cute and funny pets. They bring a lot of joy, and care for these babies is simple. Looking around the dzhungarik, putting them on the palm up with the belly, you can see the following differences:

  • From four weeks of age, the testes are distinguishable in boys not far from the base of the tail, they stand out especially well with gentle pressure on the abdomen.
  • The distance between the penis and the anus in adult hamsters is one and a half centimeters, and in babies it is three times less. In females, the distance from the genitals to the anus is only 3 mm.
  • Males on the abdomen have an iron that resembles the navel, with which they mark the territory.
  • The back of the male dzungarika is pointed, while the hamster has a rounded one.
  • In the female there are 8 nipples on the tummy, arranged in pairs.
  • Females are larger and more active than males. Usually they do not want to go on their hands, often express their protest, biting the finger.

Their gender can be determined by the length of the coat - in males, the fur coat is much thicker and longer.

Syrian hamster

Female Syrian hamster

Syrian hamsters differ in wool cover: in males it is richer than in females, which can boast a length of hair only in the lower part of the body and behind the ears. The differences between male Syrians and females are basically the same as those of other breeds of these rodents:

  • They have a pretty pointed and looking up the tailbone.
  • Almond-shaped testes are located in the genital area, and from April to October (during their natural reproduction) they become swollen. The distance between them and the anus is about one and a half centimeters.
  • Boys have two barely perceptible nipples on the abdomen, while the female has 4 pink ones.
  • The female’s lower abdomen is barely covered with fur.
  • The behavior of the male is much more passive than that of the female.

Definition nuances for other breeds

The sex of dwarf hamster breeds is more difficult to determine; their testicles are practically not distinguished. Here we have to focus only on the differences in the distance between the anus and the genitals. In addition, the female produces a smooth lower abdomen, and the male is almost always a wet abdomen due to actively working sex glands.

Sex characteristics are especially important when acquiring several hamsters. In this case, it is necessary to take into account their compatibility, ability to mate and procreate. It is not worth provoking the early course of these processes, because too young a female can face death during childbirth. Therefore, denoting the sex of acquired pets, it is better to settle the males and females separately until the girls reach puberty. And it is better not to place two “ladies” at all in one cell - it is very likely that they will not get along on the common territory. Males are more compliant in this respect, but in nature they mostly live alone. It is important to take into account all these factors, and then your pets will be a constant source of positive emotions.

Inspection technique

To determine the sex of a hamster, you need to look at the genitals of the animal. It is necessary to take him in hand correctly, if the tiny rodent wriggles in a panic, there will be no good from inspection. Hamster take on the palm, holding the ring of the thumb so that the rear half of the body freely hung. If necessary, the other hand, the animal gently support the bottom.

You can not lift the hamster by the scruff, turn on his back. In case of doubt, you can ask the assistant to take a photo and release the pet as quickly as possible in order to avoid severe stress.

Sexual signs in hamsters

Inexperienced hamsters first look at whether the animal has seed plants. Such an approach often leads to erroneous conclusions, especially if it is necessary to determine the sex of the Jungar hamster: the genitals are too small. In young animals, they are not completely developed, and it is necessary to replant heterosexual homyachat into different cells no later than at the age of 4 weeks, in order to avoid closely interbreeding and undesirable offspring. Find out how many weeks your baby will help our article on determining the age of the hamster. Cases where the testicles do not descend into the scrotum, but remain in the abdominal cavity, and completely invisible (cryptorchidism) cannot be ruled out.

If the testes are clearly visible, there is no doubt that the hamster is a male. Convex formation of almond shape in the crotch can be distinguished at the age of 35-40 days. With age, the testicles increase significantly in size, and determining the sex of an adult Syrian hamster is no longer difficult.

A reliable sign by which the female can be distinguished from the male as early as 3-4 weeks is the location of the urethra relative to the anus. The male between the holes has a distance covered with wool. In an adult Syrian hamster, the gap is 1-1.5 cm, in young animals it is about 0.5 cm. In the female, the vagina is located very close to the anus, hair does not grow between them, and a characteristic “lysinka” is formed. The structure of the organs is difficult to understand in dwarf hamsters due to its small size, if it is not possible to find the urinogenital opening at all, in front of you is a dzhungarik-girl.

The older the animals become, the easier it is to recognize the female or male in front of you. For dwarf hamsters, this process is always more complicated than that of Syrians, due to the tiny size of these animals.

Additional gender differences:

  • in the hamster girl, two rows of nipples are clearly visible (in young ones, there are subtle “pimples”), while in males the abdomen is completely covered with hair,
  • A well-marked sign of belonging to the masculine gender is in dwarf hamsters - an odorous gland on the tummy, with the help of which they mark the territory. You can find out the sex of an adult dzungarik by its presence or absence. A round, yellowish, hairless plaque is in place of the navel. A female Djungarian hamster cannot have it.


It is important to know the sex of the animal, even if it is supposed to have a single isolated content. At least in order to give the hamster a name. If a rodent is bought for a child, the little owner will certainly ask whether it is a boy or a girl. Осознанная покупка джунгарика-мальчика в зоомагазине позволит избежать покупки беременной самки в случае совместного содержания хомячат.

Определение половой принадлежности – обязательный навык для тех, кто планирует заниматься разведением грызунов. Сначала это необходимо для подбора пары, затем для разделения разнополых детенышей.

Brief description of the Dzungarik

Dzungarian hamster, for short, nicknamed "Dzungarik", quite unpretentious in everyday life, nice and funny. In addition, this soft-legged hamster is scrupulously clean, not particularly picky in terms of feeding, and also does not annoy the repulsive smell.

The domesticated dzungariki differ from their free brothers, as well as adjacent species (campbell and Syrian) in their characteristic coloration. All the Jungar hamsters along the ridge stretch a dark stripe, wider than the Campbell.

This dwarf rodent, growing to 10 cm with a weight of 35–65 g, has an extremely short tail, which is practically hidden from prying eyes when the animal sits down. Wool covers not only the body of the dzungarik, but also its feet. The dominant color of the fur is often diluted with noticeable white patches. Acceptable colors Djungarian hamster:

  • the standard is brownish gray with a white belly,
  • pearls - matte white with gray divorces,
  • sapphire - bluish-gray with a white belly,
  • Mandarin - red and cream.

Important! The average Dzungarik lives in captivity for about 2–3 years, but with good care and good health can last up to 4 years.

The Dzungarian hamster will brighten up the leisure of both adult and growing family members. Even preschoolers can take care of rodents: for this reason, dzhungarik are often acquired to please the child. This dwarf hamster can be fully recommended to those who have not kept animals before.

At what age is gender determined

The older the jungarik becomes, the easier it is to understand who is in front of you - the male or the female. The sexually mature Dzungar hamster is an excellent object for the study of reproductive organs, which does not create problems for a potential host.

Difficulties arise with babies who have not turned 4 weeks old (at this tender age, in principle, they are not recommended to palpate and hold). If there is an urgent need to deal with the floor of the young (they came to the store, but the consultant cannot tell), follow these steps:

  1. Gently put the jungar in his hand, holding his thumb so that the back of his body hung freely. If necessary, lightly hold the hamster underneath.
  2. In this position, you will see the external genitalia of the rodent (if he is concerned and trying to slip out, there will be no sense from inspection).
  3. You should be interested in the gap between the anus and the urethra. If you have an Assistant, ask him to take a picture of this zone and release the hamster.

It is interesting! Beginning owners, determining the sex of the dzungars, make a common mistake - take them by the scruff and lift them up so that they spread their paws. Experienced hamsters consider this to be unacceptable.

There is another way to take a closer look at the genital organs of the Dzungarian hamster.. It is placed on the palm of the abdomen up, slightly holding his thumb. If the pet starts spinning, try to calm it down by stroking the belly. When the rodent relaxes, proceed to a visual inspection.

Sexual signs of a hamster

Since the genitalia are considered to be the main gender traits of the Dzungar hamster (like most animals), inexperienced hamsters try to look at the testes. These attempts (especially in relation to rodents who have not achieved fertility) are doomed to failure. Animals, as well as their reproductive organs, are still very small, and visual inspection is completely unproductive.

The testes of growing males are very inexpressive, and besides, cryptorchidism cannot be ruled out, in which the rodent's testicles do not descend into the scrotum, remaining virtually invisible in the abdominal cavity.

Please note that it is necessary to seat heterosexual homyachat no later than one month old. This measure is aimed at preventing closely related crossbreeding, as a result of which defective babies can appear.

Signs of a female

Despite the miniature dimensions of the Dzungar hamsters and especially their genitals, seasoned hamsters advise not to despair, but to proceed to inspect the pet according to the algorithm outlined above.

If you purchased a girl, the interval between the vagina (urogenital opening) and the anus is reduced to a minimum, and often completely invisible. The vagina is practically adjacent to the anus, but is divided by a zone where the hair does not grow at all. If attempts to detect a urogenital hole ended in defeat, this is also a sign that the female is in front of you.

The second thing you pay attention to is the absence of the navel (yellowish bulge) on the abdomen. This is a specific feature of the female. Next, look at the presence of mammary glands (nipples): there should be eight. In unformed females they are little pronounced and resemble pimples.

This is interesting! Some owners of Dzhungar hamsters offer to look at animals from above. According to connoisseurs, the rounded edge of the back will tell about belonging to the female gender (while in males it is slightly sharpened).

The task of identifying the sex is made easier if you get a friendly hamster family. It is considered that the female individuals of the jungar are somewhat larger than the males, which is more noticeable in the group.

Signs of a male

The presence of distinctly expressed testes is what distinguishes a true macho male. When the jungar turns 35-40 days, the convex tubercles of the almond shape begin to appear clearly in the crotch zone. With age, the Djungarian hamster's testicles increase markedly in size, and its gender can be determined with the naked eye.

Until the baby has entered the reproductive condition, try to gently probe its groin (the area near the base of the tail): palpation there are characteristic swelling, forming testicles that tell that it is a boy.

To ensure that you are in front of a boy, arm yourself with a ruler to measure the distance between the anus and the urethra. In the adult Dzungar hamster, the gap is approximately 1–1.5 cm, in the younger - less than 0.5 cm. In addition, in the males, in comparison with their partners, this zone is covered with hairs.

On the whole, male dzungarik individuals are distinguished by their increased hairiness, including a belly full of fur.. The coat of the males is not only abundant, but also longer. Experienced breeders of Dzhungar hamsters suggest not to limit themselves to looking at the anatomical features of rodents, but also to observe their behavior.

Important! The most striking sign of the males of all Djungar hamsters is a special gland on the belly, with the help of which they mark individual areas, sprinkling an odorous secret. This gland is located where the navel should be, and looks like a rounded and hairless leathery yellowish button.

As it turned out, females are much more capricious and do not particularly stand on ceremony with their masters: being in a bad mood, they may well snap at their finger or refuse to go on their hands. Against their background, the Dzungar males are much kinder and more phlegmatic — they willingly resort to the hands and love when they are treated and stroked.

The need to define

Before understanding how to determine the sex of the Dzungar hamster, it is necessary to figure out why this may be necessary. It is necessary to resort to this if the seller cannot independently distinguish the male from the female. Perhaps he has just one hamster, which he wants to sell. In this case, you can hear anything, but not the truth.

Pet activity

Argued that girls are more energetic. Unlike boys, they constantly show activity, mobility. Almost never are in the same place cells for a long period of time. If you try to take a samochka in your arms, then she is able to show aggressiveness.

However, relying on the activity of a pet in determining sex is not recommended. There is a high probability that there will be a mistake, because the males are capable of showing excessive activity.

The video shows how Dzhungar hamsters can behave.

Wool condition

How to distinguish male from female? You can hear the opinion that the boy's fur is thicker compared to the female. However, this variant of determining the sex of hamsters is inaccurate. One hundred percent result can not be achieved, since the wool can be different, which the photo serves as an excellent proof.

Gender Definition

It should be understood that all the methods described above, with the help of which one can distinguish a boy from a girl, are hazy, additional. Only use them alone is not recommended. It is necessary to resort to other methods. More accurate are those techniques that involve the study of sexual characteristics of hamsters.

How to determine the sex of the Dzungarian hamster in this situation? First of all, you need to know that sexual characteristics will become visible in pets after they have turned 4 weeks old. Therefore, to listen to the assurances of sellers that the animal is still small is not worth it.

To distinguish the boy from the girl, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Take a pet in hand, lay it on the back, gently fix the head with the front legs with your thumb. Remember that the animal should lie free.
  2. We'll have to suffer a little. In order to distinguish the boy from the girl, you have to wait until the pet is completely relaxed. It can be stroked on the abdomen to shorten the waiting time.
  3. After a few minutes, you can begin to study the genitals of the animal, which will help in determining the sex.
  4. The boy in the lower part of the body directly under the fur, you can see the anus. From the genitalia, it is located at a distance of at least 1 cm. At the same time, this area is covered with hair. In the center of the tummy, the boy has an iron (navel) that can be palpated with his fingers.
  5. The minimum distance between the genitals and the anus suggests that in front of you is a girl. In addition, she has no fur. The glands on the abdomen cannot be found. In addition, the girl can grope microscopic nipples, located in two rows.
  6. To distinguish the girl from the boy, you can pet a little push on the tummy. If the boy is in front of you, the testes will become visible.

Video "Choosing a hamster"

The above signs will help to distinguish the boy from the girl. You can resort to using a variety of photos. If you approach this issue responsibly, you will be able to identify the sex of the animal without spending a lot of energy. The video will talk about how to choose the right home animal.

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