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Biomitsin: instructions for use of powder in veterinary medicine


One of the best antibiotics that inhibit the growth and death of microorganisms in dysentery, abscess pneumonia, Brussels disease, typhoid fever and other serious human diseases is Biomitsin. The instructions for use describe it as a drug that can simultaneously act on various microbes and is often used for rabbit pasteurellosis for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. In addition, "Biomitsin" is used to stimulate the growth of young animals as a feed additive.

Drug description

"Biomitsin" is an antibiotic that is produced by the microorganism Actinomyces aureofaciens. Available drug in the form of a yellow crystalline powder, bitter taste, but no odor. It is poorly soluble in water (at a temperature of +18 only 1.3%), solutions of yellow color, pH (pH) is from 2.7 to 2.9.

The drug is stable in a weakly acidic medium and in air, but is easily destroyed in solutions of alkalis and strong acids. The chemical structure makes it possible to assign “Biomitsin” to the tetracycline group, which also includes “Terramycin”, “Tetracycline” and “Oxytetracycline”.

The activity of the drug is determined by the results of biological standardization and is expressed in units of action (ED) or in terms of weight. One U is equivalent to 1 μg of chemically pure chlortetracycline hydrochloride.

Ointment "Biomitsin" instructions for use describes how to suspension of solid particles in the aqueous phase of the emulsion. This is due to the low solubility in water.

"Biomitsin", having a wide antibacterial spectrum, is effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as rickettsia and some types of viruses.

Indications for use

"Biomitsin" in the form of a solution, ointment or powder can be prescribed for intramuscular injection, as well as external and internal use. With the help of this antibiotic, many infectious diseases are treated (malignant carbuncle, necrobacteriosis, Balkan flu, dysentery, coliform paratyphoid infections). However, semi-finished products of the drug, which are added to the feed, accelerate the growth of young. "Biomitsin" instructions for use for animals recommends the use of acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and lung diseases of lambs, calves and piglets, as well as pullorosis of the order of chickens.

This broad-spectrum antibiotic can also be used to heal mechanical damage to the integument of aquarium fish.

As for contraindications, the use of "Biomitsin" is unacceptable in case of hypersensitivity to its constituent components.

Dosage and method of administration

"Biomitsin" (powder) instructions for use recommends using for the preparation of solutions for intramuscular administration. Despite the fact that the drug itself has an excellent therapeutic effect, the best effect is achieved while taking it with sulfa drugs (with the calculation of 0.1-0.2 g per rabbit).

In the treatment of hemorrhagic septicemia, the recommended dose of the antibiotic is determined by taking into account the weight of the animal (from 20 to 25 thousand units of "Biomitsin" are needed per kg). The duration of pasteurellosis therapy is 3-4 days, provided that the drug is administered into the body of sick rabbits twice a day.

In the chronic form of hemorrhagic septicemia, the treatment is different: the first 3 days the animal is given drugs with a broad spectrum of bacteriostatic action, which are included in the group of sulfanilic acid amide derivatives, then the same number of days - “Biomitsin”, and finally sulfanilamide drugs.

When taking antibiotics should refrain from feeding the rabbits with silage, which can cause diarrhea.

The solution "Biomitsina" is injected animals that are in the latent period, some time before vaccination. The interval between the first and second injections should be at least 8 hours. Through the use of "Biomitsin" animal save from possible death.

Inside the antibiotic is assigned to rabbits for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, at least - for colds. The recommended dosage in these cases is 0.1-0.15 g twice a day with a duration of treatment from 3 to 5 days. In order to prevent the occurrence of coccidiosis "Biomitsin", instructions for use allow for giving to rabbits mixed with food at the rate of 0.01 g per animal. Prevention is recommended to continue for 5 days.

Within 1.5-2 months, in order to accelerate the growth and development of the young, from the age of 20 days, you can give 0.005-0.1 g of the drug Biomitsin. Instructions for use in veterinary medicine indicate that if non-compliance with the recommended dosages and timing of the use of antibiotic rabbits may die. This is due to poor tolerability of the drug.

Side effects

Exceeding the recommended doses of "Biomitsin" can cause poisoning. If the drug is used longer than the prescribed period, the appearance of stomatitis, vomiting, diarrhea and edema is possible. With the appearance of such side effects, it is necessary to reduce the dose of the drug or to completely abandon the use. The veterinarian will help to make a decision after the degree of intolerance of the drug is established.

"Biomitsin": instructions for use for chickens

According to laboratory data obtained at the Belarusian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry, with the use of fodder "Biomitsin" for two months, the growth of chickens accelerated by 25.5%, with the use of a pure preparation - by 21%. When feeding birds feed and feed fortified means their weight increased by 27-29%.

The mass of broilers fed with Biomitsin up to two months of age varies from 1.5 to 1.7 kg. This is quite logical, because under the action of antibiotics, the growth and development of chickens is accelerated. This drug is in great demand among people involved in growing poultry for sale, because when taking Biomitsin, the cultivation period is reduced from 91 days to 70.

Approximately the same reaction to the antibiotic in poults, ducklings and goslings. "Biomitsin" is recommended to be given not in a pure form, but together with food.

The cost of the drug and storage conditions

"Biomitsin" (instructions for use indicates this) must be kept in a dark and dry place where the temperature does not rise above 20 degrees. Shelf life of the drug is not more than six months.

Despite the fact that the feedback on this antibiotic is mostly positive, some people engaged in breeding farm animals are forced to abandon the use of "Biomitsin" because of the difficulties that arise with its acquisition in Russia. In veterinary pharmacies are offered mainly foreign analogues of the drug.

Description, release form

Biomitsin - an antibiotic that is produced by the microorganism Actinomyces aureofaciens. The tool suppresses the work of a large number of pathogenic microbes and bacteria. Effective against Gr + and Gr-pathogenic microbes.

Used in the treatment of the following diseases in animals:

  • carbuncles (including malignant),
  • inflammatory processes
  • Staphylococcus,
  • colapathies,
  • Balkan flu,
  • acute gastrointestinal infections,
  • outwardly - with skin lesions,
  • pullorosis birds.

Attention! According to the instructions for use, Biomitsin is used to treat integuments even in aquarium fish.

The tool is made in the form of powder crystals, odorless, pale yellow in color. Resistant to air and to solubility in water, quickly destroyed by exposure to acids and alkaline solutions. Available in the form of a finished solution, powder or ointment. As a rule, containers for medicines are glass. On the basis of the powder mixture is diluted medication for injection. Ointment - for external application.

Instructions for use leads to the detailed composition of Biomitsin. It belongs to a number of "tetracycline" due to its main active ingredient. Biomitsin does not have a "cumulative" effect, quickly acting on pathogenic bacteria, excreted through the kidneys.

Application, treatment regimens

Biomitsin successfully used to combat advanced forms of disease. Due to its gentle action on the gastrointestinal tract, the drug is used in the treatment of intestinal viral infections. Each species of animal perceives Biomitsin differently (as well as other drugs). Only a veterinarian can prescribe a treatment regimen and exact dosage. He will make a decision based on the weight, condition, age and weight of the animal. Especially careful Biomitsin should be used in the treatment of rabbits. With the slightest overdose, the medication may be toxic. The instructions for use indicate the optimal dose - 0.1-0.2 g per animal.

The young are particularly sensitive to Biomitsin. Exception, piglets, having a good tolerability of the drug. For them, use the drug in the form of a solution for oral administration. The effect of treatment of piglets is observed almost immediately after the start of treatment. For the prevention and active growth of animals, young animals are given Biomitsin in a solution with milk, immediately after birth and 3 days after. Use in the treatment of cattle:

  1. The first dose is 15 mg per kg of animal weight.
  2. The second and subsequent doses (with an interval of 6 hours) - 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight.

Contraindications, storage

In general, the drug has proven itself as part of a complex therapy, and being the only one in the treatment regimen. Acts quickly, the symptoms of the disease (dysentery, typhoid, staphylococcus) disappears from several hours after use to 2-3 days. As a vitamin supplement causes the rapid growth of young, increasing productivity. As an external agent in the form of an ointment, it helps to get rid of skin ulcers and dermatitis. The main contraindications for the use of drugs are individual intolerance and overdose. In the first case, the drug is canceled, but if the dose is exceeded - treat the symptoms of the effects, reduce the dosage or change the medicine for another. In any case, the decision is made after an animal is examined by a veterinarian.

The manufacturer Biomitsin (as stated in the instructions for use) regulates the dry and dark place to store the drug. At a temperature of not more than 20 degrees. The total shelf life is 6 months. When buying funds it is important to be confident in the reliability of the network for the implementation of Biomitsin. The use of fakes is fraught with the death of animals! After consulting a veterinarian, it is possible to use other drugs of the same series, for example, oxytetracycline, terramycin.

Biomitsin is a multifunctional antibacterial agent widely known in livestock breeders. When deciding to use the drug for treatment and prevention, it is important to discuss this with a veterinarian. Improper or excessive use of the medication may cause damage instead of the expected positive effect!

Indications for use

As shown by experimental and clinical trials of a new drug, it is easy to use and gives a good result even for those diseases whose pathogen was resistant to streptomycin and penicillin (diphtheria, brucellosis, tularemia, typhus).

Biomitsin is therapeutically effective in pneumonia, septic endocarditis, gonorrhea, in surgical sepsis, in burns, phlegmons of various localization, in acute mastitis, abscesses, and purulent inflammatory processes in the ears and is ineffective in diseases caused by Proteus, blue pus and cholesterol.

Biomitsin it is used inside in tablets or outwardly in water solutions.

Instructions for use

Biomitsin is used for acute diseases of the upper respiratory tract, occurring with a high temperature, as well as for angina and peritonsillitis (purulent rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, laryngotracheitis, bronchitis).

In these diseases, biomitsin powder is blown into the nose, throat, and simultaneously administered orally, one tablet (100,000 units) 4-5 times a day.

Usually, the very next day, the temperature drops, the state of health improves, pain is sharply reduced, reactive phenomena on the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract subside. The pathological process in most cases is eliminated much faster than with the use of sulfonamides and penicillin.

Biomitsin has an effect on the blood: high leukocytosis and accelerated ESR observed under the onset of diseases under the influence of biomycin are quickly normalized.

Positive results were obtained in the treatment of biomitsin both adults and children, but for children, the dose of the drug given by mouth, less. For example:

  • infants and children up to 5-6 years old are given orally by ¼ tablet (25,000 units) 4-5 times a day,
  • children from 5 to 10-12 years old - ½ tablet,
  • older children - one tablet 4 times a day.

Side effects

Side effects associated with taking biomitsin, usually not observed. Children of all ages, even infants, tolerate it well.

In one study, only one child of 6 years old caused biomitsin stomatitis and 3 children 5, 7, and 8 years old - loose stools. However, after the cessation of giving the drug, these phenomena were quickly eliminated.

Experience in the use of a solution of biomitsin

In one man of 40 years old, a patient with a carbuncle neck in the presence of a large infiltrate and high temperature (up to 39.5 °), biomycin was used in the form of an aqueous solution, which was moistened with dressings applied to the infiltrated site. In addition, the patient took eight tablets of biomitsin 100,000 units each over two days.

Phenomena of inflammation sharply subsided and were completely eliminated; on the fifth day, surgical intervention was not required.

In 6 patients with recurrent furunculosis of the external auditory canal (in two adult women and four men), biomitsin was taken orally with the introduction of gauze turunds moistened with an aqueous solution into the ear canal. In all persons, furunculosis was extremely painful, lasted for 6-10 days and was poorly treatable with penicillin, alcohol, and the effects of physiotherapy. After taking the biomitsin solution, the pain subsided on the first day, and in some cases, the resolution of furunculosis infiltration in the ear canal came the very next day.

An aqueous solution was prepared daily at the rate of 200,000 units of the drug per 50 grams of warm distilled water.

Biomitsin: analogues in the human pharmacy

In recent years, this drug has found widespread use in veterinary medicine and is practically not used to treat people. Of the analogs of biomitsin in a human pharmacy, one can call baneocin, which is a combination antibacterial agent containing bacitracin and neomycin. Also similar to humans is the drug florimitsin.

Features of the drug

The active substance, quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes, copes even with neglected forms of infectious lesions. Combining the speed of antibacterial drugs and the effectiveness of modern drugs designed to eliminate pathogenic microflora, Biomitsin even copes with a complex of diseases that simultaneously develop in the body and pose a danger to human and animal health.

  • Biomitsin powder - is a crystalline substance with large granules, which is poorly soluble in water, when dissolved forms a solution of yellowish color and bitter taste. Loses its properties when exposed to strong alkalis, resistant to oxidation in air.
  • Biomitsin Ointment It has a uniform texture, light beige color. It is easily applied to the skin surface, quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy marks. It does not adversely affect the areas of healthy skin, disinfecting and healing only the affected areas.

Detailed information is attached to the drug in any dosage form for sale, allowing you to study both the composition of the product and the characteristics of its use in a particular case and when taking into account the weight of the animal: the dosage of using Biomitsin depends on the weight of a person or animal.

The composition of Biomitsin

The active ingredient of the drug Biomitsin is an antibiotic that is produced by the microorganism Actinomyces aureofaciens, coping with particularly complex lesions of the body. The drug belongs to the group of tetracyclines with a broad spectrum of action, high efficiency makes it possible to fight even with the advanced stages of infectious lesions of the organism of animals and people. В зависимости от лекарственной формы может несколько различаться состав препарата.

Лекарственные формы и цены

  • Сегодня в продаже имеется препарат Биомицин в виде порошка, который применяется в виде раствора и может использоваться для подкожных инъекций и употребления внутрь, и в виде мази для наружного применения.
  • Due to its composition and ease of use, Biomitsin has proven itself in the treatment of many lesions of the stomach, inflammatory phenomena of various nature, skin lesions.
  • The cost of the drug varies slightly with different vendors, but on average, for the powder from 185 to 245 rubles per pack, ointment - 250-310 rubles. Sometimes you can find Biomitsin in the form of ointment, ampoules or powder, but they are less common than powder.

Next, we learn the difference between biomitsin from similar drugs.


A feature of the composition of the drug can be called the absence of negative effects on the body during treatment, even with long-lasting and periodically recurring. The gastric mucosa does not suffer from the effects of the drug in the form of a solution, it is recommended to be used for any gastric lesions and treatment of lambs, calves, young.


Accumulation of the active substance in the tissues of the body is not observed, which makes it possible to use the drug necessary to cure time. Withdrawal of decay products occurs with the help of the liver and kidneys, with no negative effects on the body.

The drug Biomitsin can be used to treat both humans and to eliminate lesions in animals. The indications for using Biomitsin are the following conditions and lesions of the body:

  • inflammatory processes in the stomach,
  • malignant carbuncles,
  • dysentery,
  • Balkan diphtheria,
  • staphylococcal impetigo,
  • active breeding of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus,
  • pulmonary lesions,
  • apical petrosite,
  • chronic ecthyma,
  • strep impetigo.

These lesions are easily cured when using an integrated approach, in which adverse events are rarely observed, with increased sensitivity of the skin and a tendency to allergic reactions.

special instructions

Special instructions include the period of pregnancy and lactation in humans, as well as the period of early childhood. For animals, this drug is perfect as a food additive, which stimulates the process of growth of young animals and strengthen its immune system.

Numerous reviews indicate good results in the use of Biomitsin due to its ease of use, as well as the possibility of both treatment and use for prophylactic purposes. In the treatment of human diseases (lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory processes and pulmonary lesions), Biomitsin has proven itself as an anti-inflammatory agent, as well as a drug that eliminates the causes of infectious diseases.

To analogues of this tool include:

All of these drugs belong to the group of tetracyclines, which are well and quickly cope with many serious diseases.

About the harm of Biomitsin and other antibiotics tell this video: