Kantaren for cats and cats


Statistics show that every 3 cats and cats have urolithiasis and other problems with the urinary system. There are a lot of causes of diseases, it may be improper nutrition, low quality water, ecology. Because of the high risk, veterinarians recommend the use of the preventive agent Kantaren. It is used to treat a disease. Instructions for use Kantarena for cats is simple, but it must be reviewed before use.

According to the instructions Kantaren is a homeopathic medicine. The basic description is as follows.:

  • It has a diuretic effect.
  • Removes inflammatory processes.
  • Is an antispasmodic drug.
  • Anesthetizing.
  • It has an antibacterial effect.

Often used Kantaren for cats with lesions of the lower urinary tract. The drug is low-risk for cats, but some veterinarians negatively respond to the effect of the drug. Due to the use of natural ingredients in the composition, Kantaren does not provoke an allergic reaction in cats, there is no irritation. The product is produced in the form of a solution and tablets.

Regardless of the form purchased, Kantaren for cats contains 4 main components that have an active effect.:

  • Barberry - tones urinary tract. Allows you to get rid of sand, salts and stones in cats, in general, copes with renal and hepatic pathologies.
  • Spanish fly - provides an opportunity to improve the output of salts from the urinary system of cats. The main action is to relax the muscles.
  • Sulfuric liver - has a strong antibacterial effect, kill all harmful bacteria, staphylococcus.
  • Arsenic copper - reduces spasms, relieves pain, cleanses the body, urogenital system.

In addition to the described components, Kantaren for cats includes other components. When using the tablet form, the auxiliary substance is sugar grains and potassium stearate, and physiological saline is used for injections.

Since the medicine is made on the basis of natural ingredients, contains a small dosage, the side effects do not appear, they are reduced to the minimum.

Indications for use Kantaren following:

  • Urolithic problems.
  • Pain in the stool.
  • Problems with the tissues of the genitourinary system.
  • Infectious renal pathology.
  • Nephritis.
  • Pyelitis.
  • Cystitis.
  • Vaginitis
  • Uremia.
  • Urethritis.

Owners of cats should be put in the Kantarin first-aid kit if the cat has chronic diseases from the list provided. In critical situations, tablets can help, relieve pain, improve the overall condition.

Kantarin may be prescribed for cats by veterinarians with the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain in a pet.
  • Delay urination.
  • The presence of blood in the urine.
  • Temperature that indicates inflammation.
  • The cat urinates not in the toilet, but in other places.
  • Urine is turbid in color, has unpleasant odors, which indicates inflammation.

It is seen that Kantaren for cats use from many diseases and symptoms, but its use should be only with the permission of the doctor. The medicine is gentle, has almost no side effects, but there are some limitations.


Application Kantaren need to coordinate with the doctor, especially if the medicine is given to a pregnant cat or a small cat, age up to 6 months. After diagnosing cats, the doctor can choose the correct dosage of medication. Among the contraindications emit:

  • Individual intolerance.
  • Allergy to certain components.

After using Kantaren in cats, gastrointestinal upset is possible, nausea, followed by vomiting.


Kantaren for cats, the instruction of which is presented below, is prescribed by doctors for different periods, in different dosages. It depends on the form of the drug used, the type of disease. The indicated indication, dosage is approximate data, detailed information can only be indicated by a veterinarian.

Tablets for cats Kantaren are given in a crushed form, can be mixed into the food. When using the minimum dosage, if the treatment is carried out in young cats, you can give 1 tablet per day. An adult cat should take 2-3 tablets per day. In severe cases of disease, you can give the cat 1 tablet 3-4 times a day.

The use of Kantareren for big cats or dogs is possible with an increase in the number of tablets. In other words, it is necessary to increase the dose of Cantaren to 2-3 tablets per dose. If the pathology proceeds in a mild form, the use of the drug is carried out in a minimum dose, then the course of treatment is not more than 2-3 weeks. If the disease is severe, a large dosage is used - the course of treatment will be 3-5 days.

The use of tablets Kantaren for cats is possible as a disease prevention. It should be carried out once a year in a course of 14 days, using 1 tablet once a day.

The use of Cantarena in the form of injections is possible for subcutaneous and muscle administration. The smallest dose for cats is 0.5-2 ml of the drug, depending on the pathologies and the weight of the cat. A maximum of 24 hours can prick up to 4 ml of medication. Injections for prophylaxis are not used.

If the animal has a chronic disease, Kantaren apply 1 ml. Injections are placed 1-3 times a week, in a course of 2-3 weeks.. For the acute course of the disease, Kantaren is administered in a similar dosage, but 2 cokes a day, a course of 3-5 days.

Side effects

If Kantaren's application is chosen correctly, with the help of a veterinarian, then side effects should not appear. In the case of an overdose in animals, there are no negative effects.

The only exception is the individual intolerance to Kantaren. In this regard, when you first use the medication you need to halve the dosage. The absence of stomach disorders, allergies, indicate the possibility of using the drug in the future, in the right quantity.

Cost and storage

The price of Kantaren is different, depending on the form of the medicine and the point of sale. On average, buy pills, which 50 pcs. in a jar it will turn out for 180 rubles, and a solution in a volume of 10 ml is sold at 280 rubles. If you need to put a lot of injections, treat several animals at once, then it is more advantageous to use 100 ml of the solution for the price of 1150 rubles.

Store Kantaren should be in dry places where sunlight does not penetrate.. The temperature should be up to 25 degrees, the period of preservation of drugs is 3 years.

Kantaren has no analogues, because the medicine has a very large list of indications. True, you can choose the means that have a smaller list of actions, use several drugs to treat one particular disease.

Coterwin is considered the closest analogue of Kantarena - This is an infusion that can be bought in ampoules.

Description of the drug Kantaren

Cantaren (Cantaren) is a homeopathic medicine used in veterinary medicine in the treatment of kidney and urinary tract diseases. It was developed by the Russian pharmacological organization AlexAnn. There is no international non-proprietary name for the drug.

LLC AleksAnn produces homeopathic preparations for animals with any diseases

The organization “AlexAnn” at the beginning of the XXI century joined the group of companies “Helvet”, which has been developing and producing veterinary drugs since 1995. There are currently 18 homeopathic medicines for animals in the Helvet catalog. Kantarin, like other drugs developed by AlexAnn, can be branded under any of these companies.

What forms is produced Kantar

Cantaren is available in 3 dosage forms:

  • pills,
  • injection,
  • solution for watering.

Often, when it is not possible to give the cat injections, the owners are advised to drink their pet with an injection solution. I asked the vet if one form could be replaced by another. He said that it is generally possible, but Kantaren has a different composition in these forms. And we are talking not only about active substances, but mainly about auxiliary ones.

Kantaren tablets for oral administration are packaged in plastic jars with lids. In one bank can be 50 or 100 pieces. Each jar is packed in a separate cardboard box with an annotation. Tablets have the form of a flat disk and weigh 0.1 g.

On the jar with tablets can be drawn silhouettes of 2 or 5 animals


Kantaren solution for injections is sold in glass vials (10 or 100 ml), closed with rubber caps and run-in with metal caps. Each bottle is packed in a cardboard box along with instructions for use. This form of the drug is a clear, colorless liquid.

In zoo pharmacies you can find Kantaren solution in bottles of two samples:

  • colorless bottles of 10 and 100 ml with labels, which depict the silhouettes of animals,
  • 10 ml colorless vial and 100 ml brown vial with labels on which there are no images, and the name is written on the brown strip.

The solution for injection can be sold in vials of two modifications.

Solution for watering

Kantaren solution for oral administration is a clear liquid, which may be yellowish. The preparation is packaged in plastic bottles with a screw cap, equipped with a dropper. The volume of the packaging unit is 20 ml.

A bottle of drops Kantar is equipped with a dropper with a cap, and the container itself is made of flexible plastic

The composition of the drug

  • tincture of barberry bark ordinary - 0.06 ml,
  • fly powder - 0.6 µl,
  • powder of sulfuric liver liver - 0.4 g,
  • copper arsenite - 0.04 μl,
  • treacle - 17.5 g,
  • food supplement E-572 - 1.0 g,
  • sugar grits - up to 100 g

The solution for injection (1 l) consists of the following components6

  • tincture of the bark of the barberry ordinary - 0.03 ml,
  • fly powder - 0.3 µl,
  • lime sulfuric liver - 0.2 mg,
  • arsenic copper - 0.02 μl,
  • preservative E-218 - 0.5 g,
  • sodium chloride - 5.8 g,
  • sodium salt of acetic acid - 2.0 g,
  • hydrochloric acid to pH 5.4,
  • Ethyl alcohol 95% - 5.26 g,
  • water for injection up to 1000 ml.

Liquid for evaporation (1 l) contains the following substances:

  • tincture of barberry bark ordinary - 0.3 ml,
  • copper arsenite - 0.2 µl,
  • lime sulfuric liver - 2.0 g,
  • fly powder - 3 µl,
  • glycerol,
  • purified water.

On the packaging of the drug components of the composition are in Latin, so many people do not recognize the names of natural ingredients.

How to store a veterinary drug

The manufacturer recommends storing Kantaren in the following conditions:

  • in the closed packaging of the manufacturer,
  • separate from food and feed,
  • in a dry place protected from direct sunlight
  • out of the reach of children
  • at a temperature of from 0 to 25 ° C (any form of the drug).

The shelf life of Kantaren tablets - 5 years from the date of issue, in the form of any solution - 3 years from the date of manufacture, but after the first opening of the bottle - only 3 weeks. After the expiration of the storage time, residues of the preparation or empty containers should be disposed of according to the general rules.

Indications for use

Kantaren is indicated for the following diseases:

  • cystitis, urethritis,
  • urolithiasis disease,
  • jade and pyelonephritis,
  • prostatitis, etc.

In addition, Kantaren is used to prevent urolithiasis. If you doubt the diagnosis, contact your veterinarian (he will confirm or deny your guesswork).

Only a veterinarian can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment.

Features of use in cats

Features of the use of Kantareren depend on the indications for use and the form of release. In any case, you need to draw up a scheme of application and calculate the dosage of the drug. The manufacturer recalls in the instructions that with any scheme, it is necessary to adhere to the schedule of use, since skipping the medication can lead to a decrease in its effectiveness.

How to apply tablets Kantaren

Tablets should be given orally. You can grind the medicine and add it to cat food or slurry in a small amount of drinking water. If the cat does not resist, then the tablet can be put on the root of the tongue, so that the animal swallows it mechanically. Some cat owners buy a tablet-reader in a pharmacy (this is a syringe-based device).

The main thing in the procedure of giving medicine is the calm of the cat (the animal must be immobilized). Among my methods of pacifying the cat, there is a peg at the withers, a tight waistcoat, etc. And recently I discovered a new trick for myself. My Honda sits still for 10–15 minutes if she sees a bowl with her favorite pate in front of her.

For a cat to swallow a pill, you need to unclasp it and put the medicine close to your throat.

The multiplicity of pills

If tablets are used to treat an existing disease, then a single dose of tablets should be given 2-3 times a day, the course of treatment should be up to 12 days (depending on the complexity of the disease). If we are talking about the prevention of urolithiasis, as well as to prevent recurrence, the medicine should be applied daily in the morning and evening for 21 days.

Drug Use Scheme

The duration of the course of application of Kantaren depends on the purpose:

  • prevention of diseases of the urogenital system - 1 time per day for 2 weeks (the course is repeated once every 6 months),
  • treatment of chronic diseases - once every 2-3 days,
  • therapy in the acute course of the disease - 2 times a day for 10 days.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, the treatment can be extended by a veterinarian to 30 days.

How to give a solution for watering

The oral solution is used in the same way as injections. You can bury the medicine directly in the mouth of the animal or add a solution to the food. A single dosage of the drug - 1 drop per 1 kg of cat weight.

I had to treat my older cat with drops. At first I tried to put the medicine in a bowl of food, but the cat did not eat it. Then I bought a special cat treat in the form of flakes and dripped a solution on them, but the cat turned away from the “snack”. It turned out that the animal feels a strange smell, so no tasty food will “convince” it. Pipette dropper, which supply such bottles, invented for good reason. The easiest way to get a cat to take medicine is to drop the solution in the mouth (close to the throat). Even if the cat feels unpleasant and spits, the liquid will still fall into the esophagus with saliva.

Some owners, for convenience, pour the right amount of solution into the syringe (in such cases, you need to be careful about the dosage, as part of the solution will remain on the walls of the syringe)

Possible side effects and contraindications

When using Kantaren in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer side effects are not observed. In cats with hypersensitivity to the drug components, allergy symptoms may appear. In such cases, the use of medication is canceled, and the cat is prescribed antihistamines.

The only contraindication to the use of drugs is the intolerance of the components of the drug.

What can replace Kantaren

The manufacturer claims that Kantaren has no analogues. Sometimes instead of this drug use drugs with the same indications for use:

  • KotErvin (Veda, Moscow region),
  • Healthy kidneys (Veda, Moscow region),
  • Canephron H (Bionorica SE, Germany),
  • Kantaris Compositum (Heel, Germany).

Canephron and Kantaris Compositum are intended for the treatment of humans, but they are often used in veterinary medicine. Before using it is necessary to consult a veterinarian, as it is not so easy to choose a dosage of "human" medicine for a cat.

Reviews of owners and veterinarians

I have already given the drug to the cat for 20 days, the effect is zero, the cat's condition has not changed, it still often goes into the tray in a small way, urine with a strong odor. The course of treatment is 25, after a break and repeat. Most likely, I will not repeat the course, I do not plan, since I have doubts about the effectiveness of the drug. The drug "Kantaren" I do not advise, if you need to remove quickly the acute symptoms of cystitis, this drug is slow-acting, and is not suitable for relief of the acute phase. Separately, I would like to say about the unreasonably high cost of the drug, 250 rubles for a drug with dubious effectiveness is too much!

cheat, forum user

To evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies is sometimes very difficult. It is believed that they are completely useless. We did not see any changes in ultrasound in the structure of the kidneys, but the positive dynamics was obvious. For two weeks, nephritis from the acute stage passed simply into chronic nephritis. Although, according to the doctor, the aggravation would have gone anyway, only would have lasted longer. In addition, we used Kantaren in combination with other drugs. Now, when Vasily Koshechkin is in order, the doctor recommends twice a year, in spring and autumn, to repeat the course of injections.

mariyatsareva, forum user

Have a cat ICD. Helped only "KANTAREN" injections. She put herself intramuscularly with an insulin syringe. Husband to help helped. At the very beginning of the illness, my cat would sit down a little fifty times and in various places in the apartment. Сначала с кровью, потом совсем не мог сходить. Назначили «КАНТАРЕН» и очень удачно. Но, сразу хочу сказать, что после улучшений коту просто противопоказан сухой корм.

Ольга, пользователь форума

If a young cat has dark urine with a suspension, it is possible that this condition may be caused by heat. It is necessary not to panic, but to watch the cat, if positive dynamics are not evident within 3-4 days, then you will need to contact a veterinarian, if you need to, pass tests (urine and blood tests). You can beat drug kantaren, 0.5 ml subcutaneously or intramuscularly for 5-6 days once a day and follow the recommendations of your veterinarian.

Pavel Barsukov, veterinarian

Kantaren is a homeopathic medicine often prescribed by veterinarians for the treatment of diseases of the urogenital system. The drug is produced in Russia, its active ingredients are components of plant origin and mineral additives. The drug has 3 dosage forms, it does not cause side effects and has no contraindications.

About the drug

Kantaren is a drug on a homeopathic basis that acts on the body gently and efficiently at the same time. The tool is intended for the treatment and prevention of pathologies of the urinary tract. Available drug in the form of white tablets, as well as in the form of a solution for injection.

The composition of the drug consists mainly of natural components, namely, barberry extract, which has anesthetic and cleansing effect, arsenic copper with a powerful antispasmodic effect, as well as sulfuric liver with antibacterial characteristics.

Side effects

Side effects are extremely rare, because Kantar is a mild herbal remedy. However, effects such as disorders of the digestive system (for example, constipation, diarrhea, and nausea) occur rarely. All this testifies to the individual intolerance of one or several active components. If you feel unwell, you must show the cat to a specialist who will recommend another treatment for urolithiasis.

Kantaren: instructions for use for cats

The course of treatment and dosage in most cases are determined individually and depend on the body condition of the four-legged patient, as well as the form and severity of the pathology.

The dosage for administration of the injection solution may vary from 0.5 ml to 2 ml, and the frequency of administration may be different. The dosage of tablets is from 1 to 2 mg. The following is an example of a dosage calculation.

In the acute form of the disease, subcutaneous injections are prescribed in 0.5-2 ml three times a day. The course of therapy is five days. You can assign one tablet four times a day. Course duration is similar.

In the chronic form, intramuscular injections are made three times a week for a month, or one tablet is administered per day for a month.

For prophylactic purposes, subcutaneous injection is prescribed daily, the course is two weeks. In order to prevent the cat can take one pill daily for two weeks. Instructions for use of tablets Kantaren for cats is quite simple: they can be offered to the animal as a whole or chopped and added to food. In the latter case, it is necessary to make sure that the pet has eaten all the proposed food, otherwise the treatment will not be sufficiently effective.

If the animal does not tolerate injections and is extremely restless or aggressive, it is recommended to use the services of a veterinarian who knows how to soothe a pet. If you decide to do the injection yourself (since Kantaren has to be administered frequently and for several days, this option is more likely), you must follow certain rules. An injection is introduced into the area of ​​the withers, since this zone is considered the least sensitive in cats.

At the same time, the skin should be slightly delayed, the needle should be introduced to its full length and slowly, with a smooth movement, press the plunger until the medicine is in the animal's body. Another person must firmly hold the cat's body and paws. The most convenient way is to make injections on a horizontal surface, for example, on a table. In the course of this medical manipulation, it is recommended to talk to your pet, say soothing words. Do not make sudden movements that can lead to an animal panic.

Very often, pills are also prescribed for preventive purposes, for example, when the cat is obese (in this case, the risk of developing kidney pathologies increases significantly). Simultaneously with the reception of Kantaren, the animal should be provided with proper care and good nutrition, transfer it to special foods that contain a balanced amount of nutrients and trace elements. The cat should always be in the availability of clean drinking water, which will help to further cleanse the urinary tract.

Cantarin for cats: reviews of veterinarians and owners

Kantarin is a homeopathic medicine that is recommended by many professional veterinarians as a working alternative to antibacterial synthetic drugs.

Here are a few reviews from professionals and pet lovers:

Vyacheslav Sergeevich, veterinarian:

“Kantaren is completely safe for the health of the cat, since it contains only natural and carefully balanced ingredients. The dosage should be calculated on the attached instructions, but even if you miscalculate the amount of the drug a little, you should not fear for the life and health of the animal. ”

Alina Vladimirovna, veterinary specialist in urological diseases:

"In our clinic, we successfully use Kantaren for the treatment of urolithiasis even in kittens: animals tolerate the drug well, unlike conventional antibiotics, while the effect of such injections is almost as strong as that of synthetic medicines."

Feedback from cat owners is also mostly positive.


“The vet prescribed these pills for the treatment of acute urolithiasis. They began to give the cat, improvement in well-being came on the third day. Now we always keep this tool in the first-aid kit. ”

special instructions

Please note that Kantaren is an effective medical drug that can be used as an independent means for the treatment of urolithiasis. However, it can be combined with synthetic antibiotics as an additional treatment.

In severe inflammatory processes, the most effective is an integrated approach to treatment, which gives the most productive results.

Despite the fact that Kantaren is a homeopathic remedy, one should not prescribe it independently, without the recommendation of a specialist. Otherwise, the drug may not bring the desired result, and self-medication will only cause complications.

Drug benefits

So, below are the main positive aspects of this medication, thanks to which pills and injections are popular with veterinarians and owners of domestic cats:

  • Affordable price for Kantaren for cats (you can buy several bottles for injection at the same time for a full course of treatment or prevention),
  • high efficiency (judging by the reviews, improving the well-being of the animal and removing the acute inflammatory process begins within 2-3 days after the start of therapy),
  • ease of use (in most cases, Kantaren is prescribed in tablets that have a pleasant cat-like taste, so there should be no problems with taking the medication),
  • the agent in the injection is relatively painless, so the cat tolerates injections calmly,
  • the minimum number of side effects that occur only due to individual intolerance of the drug, which means that injections and tablets can be prescribed even to kittens,
  • can be combined with other medicines (synthetic antibiotics and multivitamin preparations).

Thus, Kantaren is a modern homeopathic remedy intended for the treatment and prevention of urinary tract pathologies in both the acute and chronic stages, as well as for the treatment of kidney diseases. Proper use of this tool will allow your animal to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, as well as prevent the occurrence of life-threatening complications.

Release form and composition

The combined tool is presented in two forms of release:

Injections of 10 or 100 ml vial. Packed in ampoules with a volume of 2 ml, 5 ml. This is a clear solution.

The components of the drug vary slightly in accordance with the form of release. Active substances are homeopathic ingredients:

  1. Barberry ordinary (Berberis vulgaris) - tones up, fights against liver diseases, inflammations of the kidneys, bladder. A beneficial effect on the conductivity of uric acid.
  2. Spanish fly (Lytta vesicatoria) - has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the urinary tract, eliminates pain syndromes during urination.
  3. Sulfuric liver (Hepar sulfuris) is an antibacterial cell regenerating tissue substance.
  4. Arsenic copper (Cuprum arsenicosum) - anesthetic component that relieves the animal's condition during spasms of the urinary organs.

Auxiliary components in the composition of the tablets maltodextrin, calcium stearate, sugar krupka (homeopathic granules).

Injectable drug release form kantaren

Injections contain methyl parahydroxybenzoate, sodium chloride, sodium acetate trihydrate, hydrochloric acid, ethyl alcohol, water d / injection.

Indications for use and mechanism of action

Extracts of natural ingredients have a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effect. Activate the recovery of cells of the genitourinary system.

Assigned to animals in the following cases:

  • Urolithiasis (ICD),
  • Cystitis,
  • Urethritis,
  • Nephritis,
  • Disease prevention in older animals.
The tool activates the recovery of cells of the urogenital system.

Dosage and instructions for use in veterinary medicine

Use of the drug is provided orally, intramuscularly or subcutaneously, depending on the form of release.

The tablets are crushed. They are added to food or placed on the root of the tongue. Injections can be made in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, no more than 4 ml per day.

The medicine is prescribed by a veterinarian individually. The form (acute, chronic, subacute), type of disease is taken into account. Options schemes for cats (depending on the course of the disease):