Forvet for cats: instructions for use, composition and reviews


The drug is available in the form of a transparent liquid light brown shade. The injection solution is packaged in bottles (5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 ml) or ampoules (1, 2 and 5 ml).

The active substance is represented by Panavir (40 µg per 1 ml of liquid), and the auxiliary substances are:

  • sodium chloride - 900 mg,
  • water - 100 ml or less (depending on the volume of the drug).
Forvet - antiviral drug in veterinary medicine

Panavir is an extract of plant origin, extracted from potato shoots and consisting of:

  • glucose - 10-67%,
  • Xylose (wood sugar) - 0.1-3%,
  • mannose (natural antibiotic) - 0.1-5%,
  • ramnose, popular in the cosmetic industry - 2-10%,
  • arabinose (sweetener with a small amount of calories) - 3-15%,
  • galactose (milk) - 2-27%,
  • uronic acids (derivatives of monosaccharides) - 2-5%.

Indications for use and mechanism of action

Forvet used in the treatment of:

  1. Skin inflammation, wounds and eczema.
  2. Viral diseases (panleukopenia, infectious hepatitis, adenovirosis, plague carnivorous, rhinotracheitis, parvovirus enteritis).
  3. Stress state.
  4. The consequences associated with surgery (normalization of appetite, weight gain).
The drug forvet is used exclusively on the recommendations of a veterinarian.

When ingested the main active substance:

  • increases the protection of mucous membranes,
  • synthesizes interferon, fighting the virus,
  • interferes with the growth of the virus in the affected cells, reducing its activity,
  • stimulates the immune system, metabolism and improves the body's resistance against adverse factors.

Instructions for use

Features of use and the amount of the drug depends on the purpose:

  1. Prevention. The solution is administered intravenously or subcutaneously twice, observing an interval of 1 or 2 days. Its amount depends on the weight of the pet:
    1. 2.5 ml of substance for cats weighing less than 5 kg
    2. 5 ml - with a weight over 5 kg.
  2. Treatment. With inflammation and wound therapy lasts 7-10 days. The animal is administered 1 ml per 10 kg once a day. In the treatment of viral diseases, the duration of the course is maintained, and the dosage is increased to 1 ml per 5 kg of weight.

Please note that skipping the next medication reduces its effectiveness. In this case, a single case is allowed considering the continuation of treatment with the recommended dosage.

Before use, read the instructions.

Safety forevet allows its use in the treatment of pregnant and lactating cats.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The medicine is kept away from moisture and sunlight. Do not store at temperatures above 25 ° C, below 4 ° C and near food. The opened package with the solution is stored no more than 2 weeks.

After the expiry date, the medicine must be thrown away.

Subject to the rules of storage forvet is valid for 3 years from the date of its production.

If the drug gets on the mucous membranes or skin - thoroughly wash the lesion with running water, using soap. If allergies occur, consult a doctor immediately and do not forget to take the attached instructions.

Price and analogues of the drug forvat

If it is impossible to use the medication in question, the veterinarian prescribes one of the following analogues:

The cost of the drug varies from 400 to 1000 rubles and depends on:

  • choice of veterinary pharmacy,
  • the location of the region
  • volume and type of purchased solution.

In conclusion, I note that foret is an effective drug that attracts with its natural composition and safety.

Despite the relative novelty (the drug was developed in 2015), the effectiveness of forevet at all stages of the disease has been successfully proven by veterinary practice. An additional advantage is the possibility of its use during lactation and pregnancy. In this case, you can not worry about the health of your beloved pet.

Use of the drug "Forvet" for cats

The drug "Forvet" (Forvet) - vet medicine against viruses, which is intended to prevent and treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract of the animal, as well as a variety of diseases caused by viruses in cats. At the same time, "Forvet" is an immunomodulator capable of enhancing the pet's immunity.

The main applications of Forvet are:

  • Infectious diseases.
  • Adenovirozy.
  • Herpes virus hepatitis in cats.
  • Contagious hepatitis.
  • Calicivirosis.
  • Rotavirus enteritis.
  • Parvovirus enteritis.
  • Distemper carnivorous.
  • Enhance immunity and resistance to infections.
  • Skin diseases of cats.
  • Dermatophytosis.
  • Atopic dermatitis.
  • Wounds that do not heal over a long period.
  • Increased speed of recovery after surgery and injuries.
  • In order to increase resistance to adverse factors.
  • Changes in the usual living conditions of the cat - when changing owners, moving to a new place, temporary residence in unfamiliar territory, etc.

The composition of the drug "Forvet"

According to the instructions for use of "Forvet" for cats, the active ingredient of the drug is a purified extract of Solanum tuberosum shoots. This is a polysaccharide complex of the hexose glycoside class. Besides it, the preparation contains rhamnose, arabinose, glucose, galactose, xylose, mannose, and uronic acids. The excipient is sodium chloride and water for injection.

Externally, "Forvet" is a clear, colorless or brownish liquid.

What produce drug "Forvet"?

Medicine "Forvet" produced in the form of a sterile solution, packaged in 5 ml ampoules of glass. Also, the drug can be purchased in bottles of 10, 20, 50 and 100 ml. The vials are made of durable material, sealed with rubber stoppers, which are fixed with aluminum caps.

Ampoules or vials are packaged in 2 or 5 pieces in a hard cardboard box. In specialized pharmacies, you can buy both full packaging and ampoules / vials by the piece.

"Forvet" for cats: instructions for use

The medicine "Forvet" is used exclusively on the recommendations of a veterinarian. Treatment of cat diseases "Forvetom" prescribed in the case of viral diseases, skin inflammation, ailments transmitted from rodents, in surgical practice. Also, the drug is an excellent prophylactic agent and in combination with other drugs.

The solution "Forvet" in all cases is administered intravenously or subcutaneously.

In case of prevention of diseases, the agent is administered 2 times with a frequency of from 24 to 48 hours. The dose of the drug is selected depending on the weight of the cat: 2.5 ml with a cat's body weight less than 5 kg and 5 ml - more than 5 kg.

To eliminate the painful symptoms as recommended by the doctor, the Forvet Solution Solution is administered as follows:

  • In the treatment of various kinds of viral diseases, as well as kaltsevirus infection - 1 ml of funds for every 5 kg of animal body weight once a day.
  • For skin diseases and wounds that do not heal for a long period of time - 1 ml for every 10 kg of weight once every 24 hours.

Usually the drug is administered for 7-10 days. However, in some cases, the duration of therapy and the amount of medication determined by the treating veterinarian. The method of application "Forvet" is appointed on the basis of the individual characteristics of the animal and the specifics of the disease.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug "Forvet" for cats

Usually side effects from the drug "Forvet" is not observed. The tool has practically no contraindications. The only comment on the use of the drug may be the individual intolerance to the cat of the individual Forvet components and allergies.

If suddenly after the use of "Forvet" there are strange symptoms, the injection of the drug should be stopped. In most cases, side effects disappear.

Prices for the drug "Forvet"

We reviewed the instructions for use "Forvet" for cats. The price of this drug is quite high. Despite the fact that the tool is produced in Russia, the vegetable origin of the drug involves the use of complex technologies. As a result, "Forvet" is a qualitative medicine of a wide range.

The drug can be purchased at veterinary pharmacies throughout Russia and in the near abroad. The cost varies from 420-450 rubles per bottle.

In Internet vetaptekah the price of "Forvet", perhaps a little lower. However, making an order for online resources, you need to carefully examine the customer reviews about the seller. Otherwise, you can purchase low-quality goods that will harm the health of your pet.

Veterinarian reviews

Practicing veterinarians recommend the use of the drug "Forvet", guided by the following facts:

  • "Forvet" - a medicine exclusively of plant origin.
  • The solution is based on Panavir - the active substance, which is successfully used in the treatment of people.
  • Instructions for use "Forvet" for cats, reviews indicate that the tool is a pioneer among pharmacological drugs with high molecular weight polyanionic polysaccharide, which belongs to the class of hexose glycosides. This substance gives the drug resistance to viruses and antiherpetic properties. It is the polysaccharide Panavir that is an immunomodulator.

  • The drug simultaneously kills viruses and increases immunity. The normalization of the coefficient of the immune status of the organism occurs due to the induction of alpha and gamma interferons.
  • Instructions for use "Forvet" for cats notes a wide range of drug administration: the drug is used for viral infections, dermatological diseases, to prevent post-traumatic and postoperative deterioration, and in stressful conditions in order to increase adaptive processes.
  • Due to its immunomodulating characteristics, Forvet improves the resistance of pets to infections caused by viruses and bacteria, difficult environmental conditions, and diseases transmitted from animals to animals (including through contact with the main carriers of diseases, rodents). Also, the drug normalizes the metabolic processes of the animal.
  • "Forvet" is easily tolerated by cats, it can be prescribed from an early age of the pet.
  • The drug is tolerated without complications by pregnant cats.
  • The tool almost does not cause allergies and has no contraindications.
  • Healing properties of "Forvet" are manifested not only in the initial stage of the disease, but also in its middle.

The composition and release form of the drug

The drug is available in the form of a yellow oily suspension, packaged in special syringes-dispensers, disposable, equipped with protective caps of 8 ml. They are packaged in 20 pieces in one carton box, with wet cleaning wipes and instructions for use.

The composition of the drug Mastiet Forte includes tetracycline, prednisone, neomycin and bacitracin.

As active substances in one syringe contains:

  • tetracycline (200 mg),
  • prednisolone (10 mg)
  • Neomycin (250 mg),
  • bacitracin (2000 IU).

In addition, magnesium stearate and petroleum jelly are added to the suspension.

Pharmacological properties

Mastiet forte is a combination antibiotic with a broad spectrum of action. It fights most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Neomycin and tetracycline, which are part of the preparation, prevent the production of protein in a bacterial cell.

Bacitracin destroys the walls of the bacteria, penetrating inside. The hormone prednisolone belongs to the group of glucocorticosteroids, has anti-inflammatory effect, effectively removes puffiness, eliminates allergic reaction. In most cases, the drug is well tolerated by animals and has no pronounced adverse events.

Indications for appointment

Usually, Mastiet Forte is used to treat mastitis in cattle. At the same time, the drug is injected intracisternally, i.e., directly into the udder affected by mastitis. The drug is effective for 24 hours and is highly effective in the fight against staphylococcal, streptococcal infections and Klebsiella. But in veterinary practice, Mastiet Forte is often used to treat otitis in cats and dogs, as well as for various skin diseases of bacterial etiology. In this case, the drug is used in the form of applications on the affected skin.

Mastiet Forte is intended for the treatment of cows, but is successfully used in veterinary medicine and for cats.

Side effects and contraindications

The drug is well tolerated by animals and has no contraindications and side effects. The only exception is individual intolerance to the components of the drug and possible allergic reactions. In this case, it is recommended to stop using the medication, and a course of antihistamine and symptomatic therapy is prescribed for the cat.

The drug Mastiet Forte has no contraindications.

special instructions

Mastiet forte can be combined with the use of other drugs, with the exception of drugs similar in composition and method of use. If the suspension is administered intracisternally (for example, with balanoposthitis), the use of other means for intracisternal administration is prohibited.

When using the drug, you must comply with personal hygiene measures that are used when working with veterinary drugs. In case of contact with mucous membranes or skin, they are thoroughly washed under running water. If after that a person has an allergic reaction or the drug got inside, you should immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance. The use of empty syringes for domestic purposes is not permissible, they must be disposed of.

Term and storage conditions

The suit forte should be stored in a dry, cool enough place, with t from 0 to + 8C, away from direct sunlight. It is desirable to keep the drug in a closed original packaging, out of the reach of children and animals. Shelf life (subject to temperature) is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Keep it separate from food and household chemicals. After the expiration date of the drug must be disposed of.

Drug reviews

Cat owners praise Mastiet Forte.

Helena. My cat has recently been diagnosed with acute infectious otitis media. The doctor prescribed the drug Mastiet Forte, twice a day. I used it for 10 days and really saw the result. The cat stopped scratching her ears, became calmer, the pain was gone. The suspension does not cause any side effects, it is tolerated well. I was pleased, I recommend.

Olga I noticed that the cat started to lose hair, and scaly red spots began to appear on the skin. I turned to the vet, and he diagnosed dermatitis and advised him to use Mastiet forte. At first I doubted how a preparation for the treatment of mastitis in cows could help in this case, but I decided to try it anyway. A cotton swab was moistened in suspension for several days and applied to the affected areas twice a day. A week later, the cat stopped itching, and the spots turned pale and stopped peeling.

Irina. When my beloved woman got sick, I immediately turned to a familiar specialist. The cat constantly sneezed, a clear liquid flowed from its nose, and its eyes were watering. The doctor prescribed Mastiet Forte to drip into his nose, three times a day. Oddly enough, but the drug had an effect, and after 4 days I noticed a significant improvement. Tearing stopped, runny nose disappeared, appetite normalized. The cat quickly went on the mend. I recommend this drug to everyone. It does not cause side effects and has no contraindications.

Drug benefits

Forvett refers to antiviral drugs for cats, which in addition to the therapeutic effect is able to immunomodulate. The composition of drugs Forvet includes only natural ingredients. The active ingredients are the plant Panavir (purified extract of potato shoots), which contains glucose, rhamnose, galactose, arabinose, uronic acid, xylose, mannose. The main active component of Forvet slows down the multiplication of viruses and restores the vital activity of the affected feline cells.

The advantages of Forvet are:

  • domestic manufacturer
  • completely natural composition,
  • Some ingredients have a therapeutic effect on the person
  • wide range of action,
  • use for the treatment and prevention of diseases
  • strengthening the immune system by stimulating alpha- and gamma-interferons,
  • normalization of metabolic processes,
  • acceleration of tissue regeneration
  • the presence of a minimum of contraindications.

Side effects

The drug belongs to the category of low-hazard substances. It does not cause cell mutation, has no carcinogenic effect and does not have a toxic effect on the embryo. Use Forvet is permissible with other drugs.

As a rule, the use of the drug Forvet does not cause side effects in cats. Но если одновременно с лечением возникли непривычные симптомы, следует проконсультироваться с врачом относительно дальнейшего использования. Если появилась аллергическая реакция в виде кожной сыпи и покраснения, животному назначают антигистаминные препараты и симптоматическое лечение, а использование Форвета отменяют. Как правило, подобный побочный эффект наблюдался лишь в единичных случаях.

According to the reviews of the owners, the drug Forvet shows excellent results in the treatment of skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases.

With progressive dermatitis, the cat's skin condition improved significantly at the beginning of the course with Forvet. This also had an effect on wool: it became thick and shiny. The wounds, which did not go away on their own for a long time, quickly healed after using the drug.

Owners of cats suffering from viral diseases noted improvement in the pet's well-being already on the 5th day of using Forvet. Lacrimation disappeared, discharge from the nose decreased, appetite and vitality returned.

There are reviews of the prevention of viral and skin diseases by Forvet. With the periodic introduction of medication, even the cats prone to these phenomena stopped being ill.

Currently, the drug is actively used in veterinary practice. According to experts, the treatment of plague Forvet in combination with antibiotics gave the result already on the 5th day. Repeated analysis after 2 weeks after treatment showed a complete absence of the pathogen in the cat's body.

There are reviews of veterinarians about the treatment of rhinotracheitis drug. Subcutaneous injection of 1 ml Forvet for a kitten for 3 days completely destroyed all the symptoms of herpes virus infection.

A similar effect was observed in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. With the addition of Forvetom standard treatment regimen, skin rash and itching disappeared on the 5th day.

The drug Forvet is recommended to be kept in a darkened place, hidden from children and animals, at a temperature of 4-25 ° C and low humidity, far from food. The drug is valid for 3 years from the date of manufacture, and after unpacking - no more than 14 days.

Composition and features

Forvet is an injection solution. Externally, it is usually transparent in color, although there may be a slight, almost imperceptible haze. Colorless liquid sometimes has a slightly brown tint. Ampoules or glass vials from 5 to 100 ml are used for packaging a sterile solution.

The basis of the composition is the substance of Panavir. This is an extract of potato shoots, which contains a huge amount of glucose, arabinose, galactose and other carbohydrates, as well as uronic acids.

Usually, for infectious pathologies for cats, Forvet is used in the form of a solution for injections, but eye drops are also on sale. Their composition is almost identical except for the fact that one of the components of eye drops is taurine, an amino acid that stimulates tissue regeneration during dystrophic processes.

Indications for use

Assign an immunostimulating agent to cats in combination with other drugs for viral infections:

  • with infectious peritonitis,
  • with panleukopenia,
  • with calicirosis,
  • with herpes viral rhinotracheitis, etc.

Also used medication for eczema, dermatitis and other skin inflammation, long non-healing wounds. In addition, the immunostimulant is taken to improve immunity. For prophylactic purposes, prescribed after surgical interventions and serious injuries to prevent complications, as well as in stressful situations to reduce the possible consequences. The use of an immunostimulating agent in severe diseases accelerates the process of recovery, recuperation and muscle mass.

Eye drops are prescribed for eye pathologies caused by infections. It is used only in combination with other drugs, which should be selected exclusively by a doctor depending on the disease, symptoms and characteristics of the animal.

How to apply?

According to the instructions, Forvet cats are pricked to stimulate protective forces and prevent viruses from being infected in such doses:

  • animals weighing up to 5 kg - 2.5 ml,
  • Pets weighing more than 5 kg - 5 ml.

Injections are usually done twice. Between the injections should be a time interval of 24-48 hours. Enter the drug into a vein or subcutaneously. This scheme of use is used not only to improve immunity, but also for stress, in surgical practice for the prevention of postoperative complications.

For herpes viral rhinotracheitis, rotavirus enteritis and other infectious diseases, medication is injected once a day. In this case, the dose is calculated as follows - 1 ml of solution per 5 kg of animal weight. Injection for 7-10 days. For eczema, dermatitis and other inflammatory diseases, as well as wounds, the solution is administered in a dose of 1 ml per 10 kg of cat or cat weight. The duration of treatment usually does not exceed 10 days.

Depending on the condition of the animal, the veterinarian may change the duration of treatment individually.

When using Forvet for treatment, it is used in combination with other drugs whose action is aimed at eliminating the symptoms or causes of pathology.

Drops should be dripped one drop in each eye. During the day, the instillation is carried out several times (usually 4-5 times). The duration of treatment can last from a week to 30 days. It is allowed to use eye drops together with Forvet in the form of a solution for injections. The combined use allows you to achieve maximum effect, as it increases the local and general immunity of the body.

Owner reviews

Olga, the owner of the nursery:

“The infection in the nursery usually leads to the death of animals. The virus is spreading rapidly, and in most cases it is not possible to avoid a pandemic. At least that was until we learned about Forvet. This drug is a miracle. Now we use it immediately at the slightest manifestations of a viral infection and it helps us save most of the animals from death. The shots are painless and are well tolerated even by kittens. ”

Natalia, the owner of a 9-year-old cat:

“We were prescribed an immunostimulant in combination with other drugs for calcivirosis. The condition of the animal was not the best. High fever, complete rejection of food, lethargy, but after the first injection the cat became better. Just made 4 injection. Good drug, helped us bring back Vaska’s pet to life. ”

Oksana, the mistress of a Persian cat:

“According to the vet’s advice, we use Forvet before exhibitions and other stressful situations. Before, stress caused serious health problems, now there are no consequences. In addition, the drug strengthens the immune system. "