How to train husky at home


How to teach puppy teams? This question is often asked by novice dog breeders. It is especially relevant for those who have gotten a husky pet. What is training for? It is this kind of education that allows you to provide a dog without maintenance at home.

Husky is a breed that is distinguished by its active and energetic character. It manifests itself from an early age. Therefore, it is necessary to teach discipline from 2-3 months. In order to avoid mistakes and not to lose precious time, it is necessary to study in detail the basics of raising Siberian Husky puppies.

A few words about the character

At first glance, this dog looks very friendly. And it is true. However, she has a difficult character. This moment can greatly complicate the process of education. Dog breeders believe that Huskies are difficult to train. The main cause is genetic predisposition, independence and ingenuity.

This breed of dog is very close to the wolves. She has a very strongly developed hunting instinct. Owners need to take into account the fact that individuals of this breed only in humans do not see a potential victim. But the other living creatures cause her hunting interest. For example, if an animal did not communicate with others from birth, then on the street it will react to them very aggressively. Conversely, living in a house with a pet from the first days, for example with a cat, a husky and the rest will be treated quite calmly.

It is important to understand that animals have a very well developed genetic memory. It is she who by and large dictates their line of conduct. Huskies are accustomed to completely surrender to work, to be leaders of the pack, to take responsibility for others. Therefore, at home it is very difficult to explain to them who the owner is.

This breed of dog easily refers to the change of owner. Initially, they are not very accustomed to someone alone. The peculiarity of the character lies in the fact that the Huskies do not distinguish outsiders. The dog will get angry faster when it feels a potential threat relating specifically to it. As a guard, this breed is not suitable. It is important to understand how to train your puppy at home. The fact is that Huskies may be too aggressive. And if you constantly use the method of punishment, then they just become angry at all and will seek to destroy them.

Owners of this breed of dogs are encouraged to be patient. It is possible to develop certain skills in your pet, but it will not be easy, so you need to prepare in advance. In order for the dog to be obedient, methods of encouragement are required (for example, a treat for puppies or stroking) and punishment (in no case should you beat). The latter is accomplished with a strong, even commanding voice. At this point, human behavior should be confident and uncompromising. If a specific goal has been set before the dog, the owner must achieve its fulfillment, but in no case should he retreat.

How to start training?

Before you begin the process of training, you must take into account the peculiarities of the nature of your pet. The fact is that this dog is very clever and quick-witted, therefore it can react badly to commands, pretending that it does not hear them. This is explained by the fact that she trusts her natural sensations more than the person. That is why she will evaluate every action required of her.

Most often, husky puppies love to try everything "to the tooth." For them it does not matter what it will be, all the items on the way will do. It is in this way that they study the world around them. Therefore, owners will have to teach puppies not to play with garbage and other prohibited items. Having a wayward character, the dog will try not to learn the commands itself, but to adjust the owner to fit their desires. She demonstrates her superiority with growls and even bites. If the dog does not like the owner's behavior, then he may not obey his breadwinner. It is necessary to take this into account when choosing methods of training.

So, where do you start to raise a husky puppy for 2 months? As a rule, by this age the pet already leaves the mother. He finds new housing and, accordingly, the owner. Therefore, the latter will have to work out certain rules of behavior. First you need to choose a nickname and teach the dog to respond to it. You can use treats or stroking, constantly pronouncing her name. It is also important from the first day of the dog to put the bowl in a certain place. In just a few days, she will understand that there is food and water in her. In order to attract the puppy's attention to the bowl, the owner will first have to tap it loudly.

It is also important to distribute the territory from the first day of living in the house. What does this mean? The dog must clearly understand where its place, and where it can not climb. The last can be chairs, beds, sofa and so on. In no case can not strongly indulge your pet, but you should not skimp on the praise either. We need to show caress only when the puppy has completed what the owner wanted. In most cases, an animal will need no more than 7 days to master the new rules. Therefore, by the age of three months, the pet must respond to the nickname, learn who is the master of the house, know its bowl and determine which territory is alien and which is its own.

Husky puppy training begins with the command "Place!". It is very important to teach her from the very beginning. To do this, the owner must determine in advance the allowable area for the puppy. Naturally, you need to equip him a place to sleep. For this you can buy a special litter. The very process of training is that if the owner saw that the puppy is sleeping in the wrong place, he should take it and move it to the one that is equipped for it. Putting the dog, it is important to lightly pat his hand on the litter and not affectionate, but to say “Place!” With a confident voice. We must be prepared to do this several times a day. However, as a rule, it takes 7-14 days for a puppy to get used to this team.

Being engaged in training a puppy husky, it is imperative to teach him to what is possible and what is not. This command is considered basic. As a rule, the puppy quickly understands what is bad and what is good. For example, if on the street a pet took an object into its mouth, then it is necessary to quickly pull it out and say loudly “No!”.

If he re-does this, then in addition to the word, you will need to press the dog to the ground and pat a little. However, it is important that at this moment the dog did not feel pain, but hurt feelings. This method will help him understand that disobedience will be punished.

Team "Near!"

How to teach a walk puppy to walk next to the owner? In most cases, many dogs master this command without much difficulty. But for huskies, this can be a real problem. Because of the nature of the character to obey the owner of this breed will be very difficult. In some situations, the owners themselves can not cope with this team. But if there is no opportunity to go to the club, then you will have to be patient and consistently perform the following actions.

  • The dog is only on the left side of the owner.
  • The dog must keep abreast of the owner. When driving, do not allow him to run forward, backward, sideways.

The training itself will consist in the fact that when the dog deviates from the path, the owner must sharply pull the leash and say "Near!". If the pet has completed what was required of him, do not forget to encourage him. Therefore, you should always have a treat with you and be generous with praise. This is the only way to teach a puppy to the team "Near!". How to behave the owner? Definitely, be patient. On honing this team will take some time. No need to demand quick results from your pet. If he learns to walk nearby, then walking with him will be very comfortable.

The commands described above are considered major. They also include another one. It's about the team "Ko me!". Training a puppy husky is that the owner must move a short distance and, shouting his nickname, call him to himself, saying "To me!". The voice should be confident, but without aggression and rough notes. The first time it may be that you have to repeat the command, more than once. As soon as the puppy begins to move toward the owner, it is necessary to cheer him up with kind words and show delicacy. Having overcome this path (not earlier), the dog gets a snack.

Hone this command can be in the game. For this, the owner does not move away from his pet, but, for example, jumps back. Also, instead of delicacy, you can use a toy. The main thing is not to forget to say "Ko me!".

Pursuing the training of a husky puppy, it is necessary to train him to sit down when the owner demands. For this pet, they call to themselves so that he is in front of a man. We'll have to stock up on some delicacy. After that, raise your hand with him so high that the dog in the standing position was uncomfortable throwing back his head.

Then she intuitively sits in order to make it easier to observe. At this point, the owner is required to clearly say "Sit!" And immediately after that give the pet a treat. As a rule, the execution of this command is generated very quickly.

Husky upbringing is a rather complicated process, but doable. The command "Voice!" Is not considered basic, therefore, training for it may be accompanied by certain difficulties. The fact is that this breed is not official. But still, a husky puppy will be able to learn how to vote. To do this, you need to set the dog in front of you, fasten it on a short leash and begin to tease with a treat.

First, the pet will whine, to escape, trying to get a snack. But as soon as he realizes that this does not help, he will begin to bark, and it is then that the owner must clearly say “Voice!”. It is imperative that the dog should be encouraged, even if unconsciously. You can stroke it or give it a treat. Sometimes the huskies do not begin to bark, but emit a howl. This can also be considered the result of the execution of the “Voice!” Command.

Treats for puppies are a great motivation for doing what the owner wants. Therefore, it can be used to teach the dog to execute the command "Lie down!" However, for this, the puppy should already be able to sit at the request of the owner. So what is needed?

  • Take in hand a treat, so that the dog saw it.
  • Give the command "Sit!".
  • After you need to bring the hand as close as possible to the ground.

In order for the dog to lay down, lightly press it on the withers. At this moment, they say "Lie down!". At first, the puppy will have to force it to do. However, as soon as he realizes that the execution of this command will allow him to get a treat, he will do it himself.

Basics of education. How to succeed?

As mentioned above, the characteristics of the nature of the Husky breed make the process of training and education quite complicated. Therefore, in order to know how to teach a puppy to teams, it is necessary to master the rules of education.

  • From the first days the dog must understand who is the owner of the house. This person can be only one, even if there are several household members. If the owner from the first days does not gain authority in the eyes of the dog, then it will be impossible to force the dog to do anything with any kind of training.
  • Being engaged in the education of Huskies, it is worth being patient and benevolent. However, in no case can you show aggression with it. Even something of an ordering tone can be so annoying for a dog that when it is older, it will start revenge.
  • This breed is trained very hard, so the main thing - do not miss the time. The optimal time to start training a pet is 2-3 months old. Only in this case, the dog produces obedience.

Recommendations dog breeders

This article was about how to train a puppy at home. If you know all the rules and accurately follow the recommendations of professional dog breeders, then problems should arise. Husky breed is quite clever, but freedom-loving. Therefore, the owner will have to be patient and devote a lot of time to his pet.

If an animal doesn’t like something in childhood, then as an adult, it will show overt aggression towards its owners. It is also important to monitor his mood. Sometimes dogs get depressed, so you can use treats to raise your mood. Both adults and Siberian Husky puppies love to walk. Therefore, during long walks, the dog will always be friendly towards its owner.

How to punish and encourage huskies

Dogs of this breed are dominant by nature, they prefer to keep the situation in their paws. Even a small puppy may notice that he is pampered, and he will start using it with great pleasure. Cunning does not oblige the owner to punish the pet, but unfortunately it is impossible to do without tough measures. Educational work is carried out in the event that the owner repeatedly notices that his four-legged friend shows unwarranted aggression towards other dogs.

It is also not uncommon for a pet to have a negative attitude towards its owner, without having objective reasons for such behavior. Very often a dog pokes a curious nose where it does not follow, this option also implies a partial punishment, since the animal can harm itself.

Do not try to punish the Huskies with physical labor, animals of this breed do not understand such manipulations. To start, try to convince the puppy of misconduct, using a strong and stern voice. In cases where the pet does not understand, take it by the collar and shake it, hold the case with your hands. If these methods of exposure have not brought fruit, press the animal to the floor, wait until the dog stops moving. You should by all means show that the leader of the pack is one here.

With regards to encouragement, treat the animal with a treat for high-quality work. Initially, you need to cheer up your pet in this way, and then you can move on to verbal praise. It is important to understand that kind words should be spoken in a gentle, non-shrill voice, since husky squeaky sounds are not perceived. Stick to the distinction between intonation when giving orders and timbre with praise.

Important rules for training huskies

  • As practice shows, the optimal age to start training Husk is considered to be the period from 2.5 to 3 months. Some owners start half a month earlier, it all depends on personal preference.
  • As mentioned earlier, Huskies are excellent companions, but at the same time they are extremely stubborn and proud. It may seem to you that the pet is stupid, but this is far from true. A puppy learns the world, he stubbornly, does not want to obey because of his age. To outwit the dog, occupy him with an exciting game, encourage delicacy.
  • Most of the mistakes that new husky owners make are dog permissiveness. That is, the owners descend the dog from the hands of many dirty habits, so that the animal begins to consider itself the main thing in the family. This should not be allowed, otherwise the dog will be difficult to train. As the owner of the Huskies choose an authoritative family member, the most stringent.
  • As soon as you bring the dog to a new house, think up a nickname for him, the puppy will get used to it quickly enough. Call your pet by name every time after your morning awakening, speak in a quiet and tender voice that gives you confidence. Also remember the name will help gentle strokes when feeding: put a bowl of food in front of the pet, call it a nickname and stroke the back, behind the ear. You will need 3-5 days to fully accustom the dog to the name.
  • How to teach husky to muzzle, leash and collar

    1. Collar. Puppies are not enthusiastic about wearing a collar, but this measure is necessary. Starting from 2 months, teach your pet to this device, be careful that the dog does not remove it. Always treat the animal with a treat, distract the huskies with exciting games or walks, if possible, the latter option is preferable. Later, the pet will begin to associate donning a collar with pleasant moments, and will itself expose the neck, not opposing.
    2. Leash It should be shown immediately after getting used to the collar. Hitch a leash, walk around the apartment, playfully fun. There are often cases when the puppy refuses to follow the owner. Lure him with a treat: stand back along the full length of the leash, put delicacy on your hand and wait until the pet comes. Gradually move through the entire area of ​​the room, perform simple actions three times a day, luring the puppy behind you. Не нужно тянуть собаку насильно, иначе вы увеличите длительность дрессировки ещё на несколько дней.
    3. Намордник. Приучить питомца к ошейнику и поводку намного легче, чем к наморднику. В большинстве случаев все собаки приходят в ужас при виде подобной амуниции. Первую неделю 3 раза в сутки кладите в намордник угощение, затем неторопливо надевайте на собаку. После того как щенок скушает лакомство снимите обмундирование и повторите действия через 5—6 часов, можно раньше.

    Huskies are neat creations, they quickly get used to order. As soon as you bring your puppy to a new home, select a specific place (free walking zone) for him to move around. Protect forbidden places with toy fences or keep your pet in a cage for a while so that he doesn’t do any harm to himself.

    Team "To me!"

    There are cases when the animal does not want to approach the owner, even at the sight of treats. Try to jump away from him, supposedly playfully, while constantly repeating the command “To me!”. If you move a sufficiently large distance, the puppy will be frightened and will run up to its protector automatically. Do not forget to praise and treat your pet at the moment when he will be next to you.

    As for the “Near!” Command, everything is quite transparent here: keep the pet next to you on a leash so that it is on the left side. Constantly repeat “Nearby, well done!”, Give me a treat, do not let you pull forward much.

    Huskies are overly selfish, temperamental and proud. In the case of this breed, literature on the technique of training service dogs will not help you; an individual approach and constant patience are needed. An important role is played by timbre of voice and intonation of the host. Give orders clearly, but with a bass, loud, unhurriedly. Do not forget to persevere, but as a rule, Huskies are more likely to respond to a request, ignoring orders.

    How to choose a husky puppy

    Many do not fully understand how to choose a puppy correctly, so as not to regret later on their choice. Of course, this is a responsible matter. Clarify key points:

    • Try to look at the entire litter of huskies when the puppies are 3 to 6 weeks old. Why not before? Up to three weeks they will not be particularly interesting for you: sluggish, too calm.
    • The very best puppy husky of the entire litter is sometimes hard to identify: there may be several. Moreover, in the process of growing up, they change very much.
    • Many people prefer to take a puppy and raise it "for themselves", but if you got an adult dog - do not worry. After all, you are less at risk of doing something wrong: you have a ready-made dog that you don’t need to be brought up from scratch.
    • Well, if you take a small puppy, then be prepared for the fact that it will require quite a lot of time: playing, feeding, raising. Adequately assess your free time and how much of it you are willing to spend on a pet.
    • As for the color or the floor of the dog, then, as they say, "the taste and color ...". However, keep in mind that males are much bigger and stronger than bitches, it will be harder to hold them on a leash, especially for a female mistress. In bitches, on the other hand, the hunting instinct is more pronounced.

    How hard is it to train husky

    Huskies are a working dog, not a service dog. Do not forget about it when you start training. She, as a child, takes the teams very well during the game, loves praise very much. Generally they considered easy learning dogsbut there is one condition. Husky should respect you as the most important in the family, as the owner, to whom she must obey.

    Basic rules for training a husky puppy

    You can start to train husky from 3 months. Some start earlier. These dogs are unrealistically intelligent, but are capricious and proud, so keep in mind that if a dog does not fulfill your commands, this does not mean that it is stupid and does not understand you. She just does not want stubborn, she is not interested.

    Need to captivate her with some amusing gamethen the process of training will go faster. The master's intonation is also important: orders are given clearly, in a calm, low voice. Perseverance does not hurt, but sometimes the Huskies respond better to a request than to an order. This is not a German Shepherd Dog, they have a completely different repository of character, so do not rely on any textbooks on how to train service dogs. Chances are good that you will fail, this breed needs a special approach.

    Husky puppy encouragement and punishment

    Husky loves to dominate, she is smart enough to understand that her family is afraid or pampered, and then she will not hesitate to show her cunning. It would be more correct to say that these dogs should not be punished, but brought up from an early age, but if there are errors in education, then no punishment can not do. Especially in the following cases:

    • manifestation of aggression towards the host,
    • baseless aggression to other dogs,
    • performing acts dangerous to herself.

    Encourage Huskies always after the correct execution of the command. When working with a puppy, the promotion may be a treat, which with age is usually replaced with oral praise. But it must be! A voice with praise should be gentle and benevolent, it should be different from how you give orders to your dog. Huskies can not stand shrill intonation, they are unpleasant to them.

    What should I look for when training a puppy

    To the dog learned his nickname, much effort is needed. Just call him by name immediately after he wakes up, gently stroking at the same time. Be sure to call before you feed. Put a bowl of food in the place where you plan to always feed the puppy, and lure the dog, saying its name. After a few days he will remember his name.

    Schooling to master. From the first day you have to show the dog that you are in charge at home. As practice shows, Huskies obey the most strict household in the family. Affect habits. The dog is looking for a leader. If she does not find it, she will be the main one in your house, no matter how ridiculous it may sound.

    Schooling for the team "Near", "Ko me." Treatments as the most primitive, but effective method will always work. Say the name Husky, then the team itself. When the dog begins to approach you, several times happily say: "To me, to me, here is a good fellow." Treat the dog for it and stroke it. Such a meeting the dog just like it. If the dog does not want to approach you, try to run away from him. A long distance may scare the puppy, and he will begin to reduce it. On the way to you, he should hear your team “To me” several times. As soon as the dog is at your feet, praise him and stroke necessarily.

    In order for the dog to learn team "Near"you will need a leash. As soon as you fasten the leash to the dog, give the command and start the walk. Your pet should go near the left foot. If he goes a little wrong, this is not critical. The main thing that the dog is not much pulling the leash. If he nevertheless took the lead, immediately say “Near” and pull the leash over. When the dog regains the correct position on the left foot, praise it. If the animal breaks out again, the jerk should be stronger.

    Schooling collar, leash and muzzle. It is no secret that at first these objects will not cause delight in a husky. But from 2-3 months you should introduce the puppy with a collar. As soon as you put it on the dog, make sure that it does not pull it off. Try to distract the animal, take his game, treat him. It is best to use the collar right before the walk. Later, for a dog, the look of a collar will mean something pleasant, and she herself will substitute your head for putting on the collar.

    Show the leash to the pet already when the puppy gets used to the collar. Then just hook the leash and try to walk. If the puppy does not want to follow you, lure him with a treat and encourage him for every few steps he takes with you. At first, do not jerk and pull the dog by force. With a muzzle will be somewhat more difficult. Dogs, as a rule, hate this subject of ammunition. It is better to accustom to a muzzle as early as possible, at first you can even put in a treat and put it on a puppy. Once eaten, immediately remove the muzzle. Gradually increase this time span. Soon the puppy will understand the connection between this item and getting a treat.

    Huskies generally love live clean. But they certainly need to teach her. Immediately take in your home a specific place for the dog and do not change it. Do not allow your dog to run freely in all rooms. Use children's fences. If you have a puppy, it is advisable to keep him in a cage at first, often taking him out of the house for a walk. When you teach a dog to a leash, you can take it with you to other rooms already on a leash, in order to have time to pull the dog away from some unnecessary object.

    Sometimes it is necessary to take a dog to the vet. You will have big problems if it turns out that the dog is not accustomed to inspectionin whatever form it takes. First of all, you need a dog to trust you and obey you. And before meeting an animal doctor, she should understand what combing, cutting, bathing is and should not be afraid of it. Sometimes it may take a muzzle if the dog behaves very unkindly. Ideally, you need to teach to the veterinary clinic since puppyhood. Take your pet's favorite food with you and encourage its good behavior at the reception.

    The main mistakes in education that make husky owners

    The main errors are as follows:

    • the ban to "communicate" with other dogs,
    • raising the dog on the arms, especially the belly forward,
    • wrong voice intonation,
    • re-training (husky will not perform the same task over and over again for no apparent reason).

    Breed features

    Greater freedom implies responsibility: on the way, the leader independently determined the path, without asking the owner and not succumbing to the obstacles.

    The rest unanimously dragged the trappings, not daring to stop or slow down: the flock independently punished the sloth.

    The genetic memory of the conditions of the former life dictates to them the line of behavior - to work with full dedication by itself, to evaluate the efforts of others, to find their own shortest path to the goal.

    The hunting instincts are developed in the same way as their ancestor - the wolf. The dog in all extraneous beings, except the person, sees a potential victim.

    A dog raised in an apartment is dangerous for surrounding cats and other domestic animals. If from the first days the dog lived with the cat, and on the street it will be indifferent to their appearance.

    The dog’s attitude to people is different - it often changed owners, like teams, so she was not used to preferring someone alone.

    The dog does not distinguish outsiders: it can perceive the stranger as a potential threat to itself, but not to the owner’s property.

    Attempts to inculcate aggressive skills in relation to people to the domesticated wolf can lead to the fact that the embittered dog will seek to destroy all those who are weaker than him at the moment.

    Dog in the apartment, in the house, aviary

    Characteristic characteristics of the Huskies, in the home are most often manifested as:

    • badly “hears” the teams - she trusts her feelings more than the owner,
    • studies the world, tries all the available items "to the tooth",
    • she is able to educate and train others so she can teach them as she sees fit - the dog bites the household, growls, demonstrates superiority,
    • independently decides how to survive, often without regard to the opinions of other creatures living next to her: she can change her pack or find another - more generous breadwinner.

    The owner is left with two choices: to put the dog in an open-air cage installed on the concrete floor, or to become the leader of the pack in which he will feel useful.

    Basics of education

    Experienced breeders note the fearlessness of the huskies, so the methods of threats and whipping on the animal have little effect.

    At the same time observed: Husky likes to monkey. The dog adopts many habits and habits of neighbors in the aviary or other members of the pack.

    It is better to protect huskies from borrowing the qualities of working dogs - the dog, as a rule, only imitates unusual behavior.

    However, training based on the imitative and rewarding method is considered basic for huskies.

    At the same time, the methods of punishment remain relevant. Helping a dog is helped by techniques not so much painful as subordinating.

    These include:

    • even strict voice
    • confident behavior
    • inflexibility, consistency in achieving the goal.

    It was these methods that brought success to the Huskies - dogs used them in their nomadic life.

    Siberian domesticated wolf is not stubborn - he is stubborn in achieving the desired. But the dog is able to submit to someone else's strength when he realizes which side has an advantage.

    To demonstrate your own will, you can increase the complexity and intensity of training with the dog: make it run to exhaustion or make it necessary to overcome fear.

    It will help, for example, training on the stairs with the exercise at the height.

    A more radical way to subdue the Huskies is a way to restrict the freedom of movement.

    For example: using a hand grab with the palm of the dog's withers, with a strong movement you need to press his head to the ground and hold until the resistance stops.

    Often the effective method used in extreme cases is a tether or closed close enclosure.

    At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the husky does not outwit the trainer: the educational measure should not end with a triumphant victorious march of the dog that broke off the leash or undermined the fence.

    The main thing in education is good manners.

    Training, training husky puppies begin from the first minute of his appearance in the apartment - the owner must show by all appearance that he made a firm decision and determined once and for all:

    • the place where the dog will live - in the bedroom, in the hallway, in the armchair or in the space provided, may be in the aviary,
    • the items your puppy will play with - shoes, pillows or your own toys,
    • Kokov will be developed at the dog skill to the toilet anywhere or in the right place,
    • how the dog will eat - from the hand when it wants something tasty, or in time - to eat according to the established diet (from five times a day to one, depending on the age of the dog).

    Husky initially should be dependent on the leader.

    At first, the baby must be taught to respond to the nickname, to recover in one place.

    On the street, the dog should be able to walk side by side - on a leash, in a muzzle, not breaking free.

    Training animals should lead to the knowledge of the teams, prompting them to the toilet, to speed up the procedure.

    Huskies, like all animals, are great pedants: they value uniformity in behavior, setting, and events.

    They learn the skills of good behavior, if they are supported by incentive methods: a friendly attitude, a tasty prize.

    The animals will understand the consequences of undesirable actions if the host’s reaction to them is immediate.

    The task of training is to instill in the dog decent manners, without violating the mental structure - not having aroused in it malice or cowardice.

    Training will be more successful if during its carrying out to use the same commands, gestures, voice intonations. The second prerequisite for training is the time of classes.

    Exercises should be accompanied by physical games with physical activities: entertainment with toys can be an additional means to teach the dog to perform commands.

    Begin to teach teams

    The first exercises will not require significant effort. The dog will respond to the nickname, if, for starters, to summon him before eating.

    Next you need to teach to perform the command "to me!". She is accompanied by the call of the dog by name, stimulated by a benevolent voice, a toy, occasionally refreshments.

    To educate a dog that is more busy with itself than with the execution of commands you need with the help of game, role-playing training: a naughty puppy can be prompted to search for the owner, hiding from him or moving away for a long distance. Call must be continued.

    In no case can not run for the baby in the apartment - the dog must strive to find the owner to get a prize.

    The habit of the toilet is also brought up. The cuvette is placed in one place, the puppy is lured there 15-20 minutes after eating.

    The learning process is accompanied by praise. With the success of the repetition of action skills at the end of the procedure, you can consolidate the game, snack. This should be done immediately after the dog completes all the actions.

    No matter what breed you have a pet, it must be brought up and understand the basic commands so that during walks without a leash it does not frighten passersby. Check out this video clip and learn how to teach your pet simple commands.


    Husky training? This is the basis of its smooth maintenance at home. From nature, an energetic and active animal needs proper training and discipline from early childhood. Before you get down to business, you should examine in detail the question of how to raise Huskies in order to prevent mistakes.

    The Siberian Husky character is not simple, which significantly complicates the educational process. It is believed that the breed is difficult to train because of its independent temper, high acumen and genetic proximity to the wolf, so the question of how to train Huskies is very relevant among newly minted owners. However, patience, diligence and, of course, a well-built learning process can make an obedient pet even from the most uncontrollable dog.

    Дрессировка хаски в домашних условиях пройдет легче и проще, если начинать ее сразу же, с момента появления щенка в доме.

    Начало дрессировки

    Время после покупки очень важное для правильных взаимоотношений хозяина и собаки. В это время и следует начинать обучать собаку элементарным навыкам: пес должен есть из своей миски, знать и отзываться на кличку, определять свою и чужую территорию. After the appearance of the dog in the house between the owner and the animal must have a trusting relationship. It is necessary to teach the animal to itself, showing affection and not stint on the praise. Perhaps this is the only time when the dog should be pampered. After a couple of days, after getting used to it, you can proceed to the following stages of training: basic commands.

    The territory and place for the puppy should be determined in advance, training can begin with a simple technique: if you see that the pet is sleeping or lying not in its place, it should be moved where it should be, then lightly pat your dog on the bedding and say in a firm confident voice: "A place!". After 1-2 weeks, the puppy will independently return to the place on command.

    Basic and very important team. Is learning going fast? Husky dog ​​at any age understands "what is good and what is bad." If the puppy picked up something on the street, you should immediately remove the object from the mouth, loudly and clearly voicing the command. When the case is repeated, you can press the dog to the ground or slightly pat it, scolding for disobedience.

    Dogs of other breeds master this team without difficulty, but for an energetic Husky, this task is often difficult. For training, the dog is kept on the left side of itself, not allowing the dog to strongly pull forward and constantly repeating the command “Near”. It is necessary to encourage the pet delicacy, praise. It may take some time and patience on the part of the owner to hone this skill, but this helpful team is worth it.

    For training, you should move away from the dog for some distance, then utter a nickname and say "To me" in a confident but friendly voice. As soon as the dog begins to move in the right direction, it is necessary to cheer him up, alternately gently uttering words of praise and command. For any success the dog should receive a treat. There are cases when puppies do not want or are afraid to carry out the command. To do this, you can include an element of the game in learning: for example, do not move away from the baby, but jump back, as if playing with it. Do not forget to say the words “to me” and treat your baby if successful.

    The training for the Sit team is as follows: the puppy is called to itself and shown him a piece of treat. Then the hand with treat rises up so that the dog can see the food only sitting. As soon as the puppy sits, you need to clearly voice the team and treat your pet with a treat.

    Since the husky is not a service breed, training this team is often difficult. In order to teach the dog to give voice on command, the dog is taken on a short leash and with its free hand stretches a treat to it and raises it, thereby teasing it. The pet will try to grab the food, start whining or barking. It is at this moment that the “Voice!” Should be pronounced several times and the dog should be encouraged. It is interesting that in some cases the husky trained by this team does not barking, but a real howl, which, nevertheless, is also a result.

    The Basics of Successful Husky Raising

    Husky rearing has its own characteristics, so before you start a puppy of this breed, you should know not only what to feed the Siberian Husky, but also how to begin the educational process. The basics of successful parenting are as follows:

    First of allIt is interesting that immediately after the appearance in the house, the baby begins to look for the "leader" among the household. Usually it is an adult family member, but not always the one who cares about the dog. Want to become a husky host? In relations with him need to be strict and fair. It is also unacceptable to indulge a dog - the dog should not be the main thing in the house and do whatever he pleases. Usually husky puppies do not want to obey, they like to dominate and even cheat. From the outside it may seem that the baby is still very small and stupid for “science”, but this is not so - the dog understands everything perfectly, it is much smarter than it seems. Most mistakes and gaps in education arise precisely because of a lack of rigor. Often, the puppy is pulled off small pranks and inappropriate behavior, which is a big mistake, and re-educating an older dog is not so easy. For the misdeeds of the dog should be immediately punished, expressing dissatisfaction (necessarily raising the tone of voice), for good behavior and success in training - to encourage.

    Secondly, when training and teaching basic skills, be patient and kind. This breed responds to requests and does not tolerate orders. Physical abuse is unacceptable - an older dog will take revenge on the abuser. Huskies are very responsive to praise. In the process of training, be consistent in their actions. If there are difficulties in teaching any team, then the whole thing in the methodology? the dog is simply not interested. You can try to captivate a pet, turning the training into a game.

    Thirdly, it is impossible to miss the most suitable time for raising a dog. Starting better from the age of 2-3 months. The more mature the dog, the more difficult it will be to train it. Also, when choosing a puppy of this breed, many people pay attention only to the colors of the Siberian Huskyokras and Siberian Huskies, and not to the character of the kids. And in vain! After all, the whole dog "essence" begins to manifest itself from an early age. It is good if you have the opportunity to watch all the puppies from the litter before you buy and evaluate their behavior. It is best to choose the most intelligent of the kids - then there will be no problems with education and training.

    Huskies and dog accessories

    The main accessories for dogs include collar, leash and muzzle.

    To him should teach a puppy, starting with 2 months. Watch carefully that the dog does not remove it. Wearing a collar should be associated with something pleasant in a dog. During this procedure, you can treat your pet with a treat, pet and praise. A dog can be distracted from an unpleasant but necessary adjustment by playing or active walking.

    After training to the collar comes the turn of the leash. It is best to begin to catch the leash at home, gradually teaching the dog to follow the owner.