Farmina cat food


The year of foundation of the company Farmina can be considered 1965, although then it had a different name (“Russo Feed”) and produced fodder for agricultural needs. It was created by an Italian named Francesco Rousseau, and thanks to his son A. Rousseau, the company changed its development vector in the direction of food for pets. First, he organized a collaboration with the company Farmina Pet Foods (UK), whose activity was the study of nutritional needs and the creation of nutritional formulas for pets. This was followed by a merger, resulting in the appearance of Farmin's cat food.

Today, the Italian company Farmina Pet Foods works closely with the Veterinary University of Federico to develop new animal nutritional formulations, as well as with the Italian Association of Veterinarians (SCIVAC). Together with them, nutritionists Farmin conduct various studies, the results of which are published in scientific journals and are freely available for review.

Guided by the motto “Happy pet. Happy you. ”(Happy pet. Happy you.) Farmina produces cat food, armed with the latest technology, and equips plants with modern equipment. Currently, the company has three plants: in Italy, Brazil and Serbia - and the products are delivered to 40 countries around the world on different continents (Europe, Africa, South America). For the Russian consumer, these feeds are still new, because in the Russian Federation they appeared relatively recently - from October 2012.


Products under the brand name Farmina is a cat food represented by two professional lines and four commercial ones.

Professional diets include the category of veterinary diets Vet Life, which has 12 types of specialized food. Diets of this series help animals to overcome various diseases or provide support to the work of organs in certain chronic ailments.

Among them are formulas aimed at the health of the kidneys (Renal), liver (Hepatic), diabetes (Diabetic), heart failure (Cardiac) or urolithiasis (Struvite). Such diets are recommended to be used only as directed by a veterinarian. Farmin Vet Life cat food gets positive feedback from vets. Also in this series there is a special menu for sterilized / castrated animals and a Hairball formulation for removing hairballs.

The second category of food from the professional line is called Team Breeder, it is aimed at kennel owners. It presents 14 varieties of menus, which are available in packs of 10 kg. The presence of a special program for working with nurseries, speaks of Farmin’s serious approach to cat food, and reviews by grateful breeders are evidence of this.

Natural & Delicious lineups (N&D), CIMiAO, Matisse and Fun Cat. All of them are products of different classes, differ in composition and price.

Natural & Delicious line (N&D) - these are two types of rations: grainless (with a green leaf on a pack) and low grain (a yellow leaf).

The manufacturer claims that grainless diets are 70% made up of animal products, and instead of grains there are potatoes. Available in six variations: for kittens, for adults with chicken and pomegranate, with fish and orange, with boar and apple meat, with lamb and blueberries, and for sterilized pets also chicken with pomegranate. There are in packs of 0.3 kg, 1.5 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg.

In low-grain recipes Natural & Delicious (N&D) there are spelled and oats, which are considered more acceptable in the nutrition of cats than corn. But spelled (or spelled) is essentially the same wheat, but wild. It has several advantages over ordinary wheat, and is considered more beneficial. The entire range is four menus: chicken with pomegranate, cod with orange, lamb with blueberries and a formula for castrated chicken, too, pomegranate. Available in 0.3 kg, 1.5 kg and 10 kg packages.

The CIMiAO ration line is Farmin's super premium cat food, which contains not only chicken and fish, but also corn and rice. The whole category consists of ten types of diets, differing by age criterion, and by individual needs inherent in the baleen-striped. There are packs of 0.4 kg, 2 kg and 15 kg.

If all the previous categories were Farmin’s exclusively dry cat food, then the Matisse line of premium rations offers 5 types of dry menus, plus a whole list of wet foods. The Matisse dry food assortment consists of a recipe for kittens, for adult cats (over one year old) of three tastes: chicken-turkey, tuna-salmon and chicken-rice, as well as diets for neutered / sterilized cats and cats.

Matisse wet food comes in the form of mousse in jars of 85 grams, the choice of tastes is quite extensive:

  • With veal,
  • With sardines,
  • With salmon,
  • With a rabbit
  • With a lamb
  • Cod,
  • With beef,
  • With Chiken,

There are also canned food in banks of 400 grams divided into four flavors of pastes (with veal, salmon, chicken and rabbit), and gravy pieces, of which there are also four varieties - chicken, beef, beef mix with chicken, and beef with turkey and vegetables.

The Fun Cat Farmina line is cat food, the price of which is the lowest of the entire range of recipes of this brand. It belongs to the economy class and offers a choice of only two types of food: with the taste of meat and the taste of fish. Available in packaging 2.4 kg and 20 kg.

Analysis and evaluation of the composition

For acquaintance and more detailed analysis, the diet was chosen from the line, which certainly is the favorite among all Farmin’s formulas - Natural & Delicious cat food (N&D) grainless with chicken and pomegranate. It is positioned as a full-fledged diet for adult pets, the recipe of which was created based on the needs of the organism of an animal-predator.

Before us is a guaranteed composition of nutrients, which is listed on the official Russian-language website:

  • Proteins - 44% - above average, within acceptable limits,
  • Fat and oil - 20% - a high figure, but within optimal limits,
  • Cellulose - 1.8% - below average,
  • Ash content - 8.5% is a normal indicator,

Looking at this balance, we don’t see any critical shifts in percentages, but fiber index, in our opinion, is insufficient. At a rough estimate, the percentage of carbohydrates here should not exceed 20%, which is a good indicator. Such proportions of nutrients are optimal for pets leading an active lifestyle, as well as having access to the street.

At the same time, the manufacturer emphasizes that 70% of the diet is made up of animal products, and the remaining 30% are fruits and vegetables, plus useful plants and additives.

The list of all the ingredients of the feed consists of 28 items, of which about 9 positions are given to herbal extracts and various additives. Our close attention is paid only to the first components, because they are the basis of the recipe and determine the quality of the product as a whole:

  • Fresh boneless chicken meat - 30%,
  • Dehydrated chicken meat - 28%,
  • Potatoes,
  • Chicken fat
  • Dehydrated whole eggs,

This was the first five, followed by ingredients whose contribution to the general formula is much less. Items 6 and 7 are fresh herring and dehydrated herring, fish oil and animal protein hydrolyzate stand behind them. Next on the list of nutrients are pea fibers, vegetables and fruits (dried carrots, apples, sweet orange), herbs and berries (dried alfalfa, pomegranate powder (0.5%), blueberries, black currants, plantain (0.3%), calendula extract). Plus additives in the form of brewer's yeast, turmeric root (0.2%), chondroprotectors, sodium chloride and others.

The manufacturer does not give a clear percentage of all components, the exact amount is indicated only for the first two components and for some additives.

The basis of the formulation as a whole looks decent and does not cause complaints. Here there is only one nuance: fresh chicken in the amount of 30% in the process of production of feed will lose water, and the share of this product will be within 9-10%, which will shift it from the first position. Perhaps it is even less than the potatoes in this menu.

As we have already seen, the main protein ingredients are # 1 and 2, fresh and dehydrated chicken meat, and # 5 - dehydrated whole eggs. All of them are high quality and well absorbed by animals. This, of course, can be considered a big plus of this diet.

There is still fresh and dehydrated herring - also high-quality ingredients, but their number does not really affect the overall recipe. There is also animal protein hydrolyzate — an ingredient that in this case is more of a natural flavoring than a source of protein.

Under the number 4 marked chicken fat - a useful and high-quality source of lipids. But in the eighth place fish oil is indicated, although it is very useful, but we know absolutely nothing about it (neither the origin, nor the quality).

The role of carbohydrates here is assigned mainly to potatoes. Dried apple and spinach, which are considered low-glycemic foods and are welcome in cat food, also contribute a little to carbohydrates.

The remaining components of the feed

The range of additional ingredients in the form of various phyto-additives, berries and fruits that are good for health and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, is really impressive. In addition to them in the recipe, there are supplements in the form of extracts of aloe vera, green tea and rosemary. Also in this formula is salt (sodium chloride), probably in order to provoke the cat to drink more, thereby preventing the occurrence of diseases of the urinary tract. Along with them, the composition includes prebiotics: inulin, WCF and MOS.

Despite the fact that the Farmina diet is marketed as cat food "chicken and pomegranate", the amount of the latter is very small. With the same success it would be possible to name the recipe “chicken and plantain,” that is, it’s just an advertising campaign of the company.

It is possible that each separately taken additional component plays an insignificant role in the overall product, but it is in the complex that they reinforce the properties of each other and indeed contribute to maintaining health and strengthening the protective properties of the organism.

Advantages and disadvantages

The overall picture of the analysis of the feed almost does not cause any complaints, but still we noticed some flaws in the composition:

  • Fiber is slightly undervalued
  • The presence of several ingredients of dubious origin,

Among the main advantages can be considered:

  • The presence of fresh meat,
  • Almost all components are of very high quality,
  • Many functional and beneficial supplements,
  • Total lack of cereals

Farmin Feed Reviews

Despite the fact that this feed is a novelty for our consumer, Farmin's ration reviews can still be found. He has already got fans, although there are also negative opinions about him.

Oksana, Bengal cat breed:

“My Max didn’t immediately like the new N & D feed. He even made a protest, and did not eat anything for a whole day. I had to pick up and try to feed from the entire line. As a result, we stopped at the boar meat with an apple. At first, Max ate without enthusiasm at all, but after a week he had already reached the daily norm. The cat looks amazing, wool shines and shimmers. The yield was less compared to the old diet - it means that the feed is digested more. I am completely satisfied, thanks to Farmin for this feed. ”

Alexey, kitten 5 months:

“I have no time to cook natural cat food, I decided to find a good food for her. In my opinion, this ration has the main disadvantage - this is the price, although my baleen-striped eats, of course, a little, but still. Plus - I don’t understand why the kittens should add chondroprotectors to the food? When I first started giving N & D Kitten, there were problems with digestion, more precisely with softening of the chair, but everything worked out within five to six days. ”

Opinion of veterinarians

Reviews of veterinaries about Farmin's cat food, which we managed to find, relate only to the line of therapeutic diets, and are positive. However, we haven’t met the opinions of the Natural & Delicious series, the opinions of veterinarians, they are probably not so popular on the feed market yet.

Price of Farmina cat food Bezzernova Natural & Delicious chicken and pomegranate:

  • 0.3 kg - from 378 p.
  • 1.5 kg - from 1429 p.
  • 5 kg - from 3514 p.
  • 10 kg - from 6568 r.

Compared with the previous Farmina natural low-grain cat food price is lower:

  • 0.3 kg - from 269 p.
  • 1.5 kg - from 965 p.
  • 5 kg - from 2915 r.
  • 10 kg - from 5448 r.

In conclusion, we say that the ration in question, in the opinion of our resource, is head and shoulders above most super premium class feeds, and a very worthy competitor in the segment of food holistics. Its price may seem overpriced, but a high quality product will never be cheap. This feed can be recommended for the role of a daily menu for a healthy and active pet.

Line feed

Farmina releases cat and dog food for sale, taking into account all the features of the animal organism. So, for domestic cats, the company offers the following feed lines.:

  • N & D - grainless and low-grain full rations,
  • Cimiao - super premium food,
  • Matisse - premium nutrition,
  • Fun Cat - a nourishing economy diet
  • Vet Life - specially designed veterinary diets for treating cats.

Farmina food should be selected according to the age and characteristics of the breed of pets. The distribution of products into classes allows you to determine its approximate cost and composition.

Natural & Delicious

Farmina ND low grain and grainless fodder is designed to meet the latest advances in veterinary medicine and nutrition. Farmin's company took into account the need of domestic cats for animal food, therefore, 70% of the animal ingredients and 30% of the fruits, vegetables and additives necessary for the animal are present in the feed.

A feature of the grainless line of Pharmina is the absence of habitual rice and corn in feeds. Useful vitamins and minerals for cats are found in vegetables and fruits, and the extracts of aloe, green tea and grape seed added to it keep the body of the animal in good shape and cleanse it.

Farmin's N & D line includes feeds of such varieties.:

  • Chicken and pomegranate for kittens, pregnant and lactating cats (30% fresh chicken meat, 28% dehydrated and 0.5% garnet powder),
  • Chicken and pomegranate for adult cats (similar proportions of meat and fruit),
  • Boar meat and apple for adult cats (25% fresh meat, 23% dehydrated and 0.5% dehydrated apples),
  • Fish and orange for adult cats (30% fresh herring, 28% dehydrated and 0.5% dehydrated orange),
  • Lamb and blueberry for adult cats (28% fresh meat, 26% dehydrated and 0.5% powdered blueberry).

In addition to the main components, the composition of each feed includes additional components.:

  • Potatoes,
  • Chicken and fish oils,
  • Fresh and dehydrated herring,
  • Dehydrated eggs,
  • Pea fiber,
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • Dried carrots and alfalfa,
  • Powder spinach, currants and blueberries,
  • Dehydrated oranges and apples,
  • Plantain and turmeric root,
  • Extract of medicinal plants (calendula, marigold).

Farmin's low-grain dry feed additionally contains 10% spelled and 10% oats.

Farmin's company produces super premium cat food from the Cimiao line. With its production, the manufacturer focuses on the physiological characteristics and needs of individual breeds of cats and the stages of their life.

The staff of Farmin’s company carefully selects the composition of each feed among high-quality products. Veterinarians preliminarily examine the effect of components on cats. The natural composition provides attractive products even for the most fastidious pets.

The composition of Farmin's cat food includes an optimal amount of such components as:

  • Dietary fiber - to ensure the health of the digestive system,
  • Taurine - to stimulate metabolic processes in the body,
  • Vitamins and minerals - to maintain health,
  • Magnesium and phosphorus - to control the pH of urine and prevent urolithiasis,
  • Calcium and protein - to strengthen bones and replenish daily calories,
  • Omega-fatty acids - to eliminate inflammation and improve skin.

Feed from the company Farmin of the Cimiao series must be chosen taking into account the pet's age and its needs. It is important to control the amount of food eaten by them and not to exceed the daily amount. The manufacturer has included in the line feed for:

  • Persian cat breeds,
  • Kittens under the age of 1 year, as well as pregnant and lactating cats,
  • Adult cats without individual needs,
  • Cats prone to weight gain,
  • Cats aged 10 years and older
  • Sterilized adult cats,
  • Neutered adult cats,
  • Longhair cats suffering from the formation of woolen clumps,
  • Choosy cats with a sensitive stomach.

The line of high-quality premium Matisse food from the manufacturer Farmin, as well as all the company's products, contains exclusively natural ingredients, which meets the needs of all pedigreed cats and cats.

The full composition of Farmin products contains:

  • Рыбий жир, обеспечивающий поступление Омега-кислоты в животный организм,
  • Рисовые и кукурузные зерна, снабжающие кота энергией,
  • Клетчатка, стимулирующая активное пищеварение,
  • Таурин, способствующие сохранению зрительной функции и здоровья сердца,
  • Витамины и минералы, необходимые для улучшения качества жизни питомца.

Отсутствие в корме Фармина примесей и генетически модифицированных веществ позволяет использовать его для кошек любого возраста. The range allows owners of quadrupeds to choose the right Matisse series products.:

  • Good nutrition for kittens and cats during pregnancy and lactation. The food contains chicken, fish, eggs and rice,
  • Food with chicken and rice for adult cats. Suitable for animals with sensitive digestion,
  • Food with chicken and vegetables for adult cats. Especially useful for pets suffering from vitamin deficiency,
  • Food with salmon and tuna for adult cats. Favorably affects the health of the skin and the condition of the pet's fur,
  • Complete nutrition for neutered cats and sterilized cats.

The Matisse line from Pharmina is versatile and suitable for all animal breeds.

For economical owners, Farmin's company manufactures a range of cat food Fun Cat. This dry food differs on the background of the expensive production of Phamina, but also provides the pet with the necessary charge of energy and vitamins.

In the assortment of the Fun Cat series there are only 2 product varieties.:

  • With meat (25% chicken flour, 10% meat flour),
  • With fish (25% chicken meal, 8% fish meal and 5% meat meal).

Ingredients feed ingredients Pharma have a positive effect on the condition of pets:

  • Meat and fish meal supply the body with animal protein,
  • Wheat and cornmeal provide energy for the day,
  • Chicken fat improves the taste of food,
  • Sugar beet pulp is essential for optimal digestion,
  • Vitamins and minerals contribute to the active metabolism.

Pharmine Fun Cat Foods are only suitable for adults with normal levels of physical activity. Components in the body of cats are easily digested and provide daily calorie intake. For kittens that are under 12 months of age, it is recommended to choose feed from other series of Farmina, designed specifically for them.

The most useful and therapeutic line of feed company Farmin is Vet Life. Products is a complete diet for adult cats and cats suffering from diseases and ailments. The composition of each Pharmamina feed is determined by its purpose and action. So, the veterinary dietary cat food is sold in the following assortment.:

  • Hairball - for removing woolen lumps from the intestines. The composition of the plantain, prebiotics, crude fiber, calcium sulfate and magnesium. It promotes the absorption of beneficial substances, stimulates the process of defecation and supports the intestinal microflora of the cat's intestine,
  • Diabetic - to control the blood glucose concentration in diabetic cats. In the composition of proteins, fats in limited quantities, taurine and L-picturein. Prevents weight loss, maintains a feeling of satiety and reduces the blood sugar level of an animal after eating,
  • Gastrointestinal - for cats suffering from digestive disorders. As part of prebiotics, soluble fiber, omega-3, vitamins and electrolytes. Stimulates the absorption of nutrients, is quickly digested, improves intestinal motility and stops the inflammatory process in the stomach,
  • Neutered Female / Male - for sterilized cats or neutered cats. It consists of isoflavones, L-picturein, proteins and a limited amount of carbohydrates. Reduces the risk of obesity, maintains muscle tone and prevents the development of diabetes,
  • Obesity - to reduce overweight cats. The composition of at least fat, L-picturein, antioxidants and proteins. Oxidizes and dissolves excess fats in the body, helps to reduce food intake, build muscle and maintain a feeling of satiety,
  • Renal - to maintain the health of the cat in renal failure. As a part of a minimum of proteins, sodium and phosphorus, L-picturein, and Omega-3. Suspends the development of hypertension, slows down the metabolism, reduces the symptoms of renal failure and stops its progression,
  • Struvite and Struvite Management - for the treatment and prevention of struvite urolitase. The composition of calcium sulfate, a reduced content of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, a complex of antioxidants. Controls the pH level of urine, prevents the occurrence of struvites and uroliths,
  • UltraHypo - to restore the body after food intolerance. The composition of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Used for treatment and prophylactic purposes. Prevents the development of inflammatory diseases and intestinal infections, eliminates the recurrence of vomiting.
  • Hepatic - to maintain cat's health in case of liver failure. It contains at least copper, rice starch, protein hydrolyzate and antioxidants. Removes toxins from the body of the animal, increases immunity and resistance, compensates for digestive deficiency,
  • Cardiac - to maintain the health of a cat with heart failure. The composition of taurine, L-picturein, electrolytes, omega-3 and proteins. It contributes to the normalization of the heart rhythm, reduces inflammation, preserves muscle mass and provides the pet with energy reserves.

It is important to choose the right food from the company Farmin, in accordance with the diseases of the cat. Before starting this treatment, you should consult with a veterinarian.

Feeding mode

In order for Farmin's feed to provide extremely beneficial properties for animals, it is necessary to feed the cat in accordance with the recommendations. Thus, in the diet of a kitten, depending on its age and weight, the daily ration should be limited to such portions.:

  • Up to 1 month - 23-40 g,
  • From 1 to 3 months - 23-72 g,
  • From 4 to 6 months - 18-68 g,
  • From 7 to 12 months - from 36 to 68 g.

The greater the weight of the kitten, the more it is necessary to give him food, but not to exceed the maximum limits.

The diet of a cat or cat with Farmin's food is different from the diet of a kitten, and its daily allowances look like:

  • For a pet from 1 year to 7 years old, weighing 3-5 kg ​​- 45-80 g,
  • For a pet aged from 7 years, weighing more than 5 kg - 65-110 g,
  • For pregnant and nursing kittens cats no restrictions.

It should also take into account the individual characteristics of the nature and breed of the animal.

Places of sale of feed

You can buy cat food from the company Farmina in specialized stores for animals. The Vet Life line may also be available at veterinary clinics and pharmacies.

In the absence of a sales point for Pharma in the city, it is recommended to purchase feed via the Internet on the official website of the company - There you can also get acquainted with the available products in various volumes. It is important to note that when ordering Pharma on the Internet, delivery is charged additionally.

Feed price range

Food for cats and cats from the company Farmina is a natural product, because of which the price is quite high. Tak, depending on the volume and line of the cost of production varies:

  • From 480 rubles - for grainless products,
  • From 300 rubles - for low-grain feed,
  • From 330 rubles - for the veterinary diet,
  • From 250 rubles - for premium food.

The exact cost can be found on the company's website or in a specialty store from the seller.

Farmin's food fits all of all cats and cats, improves their quality of life and supports their health. It is necessary to feed the animals correctly so that the food has only positive actions.

The widest choice: "for" and "against"

This company policy leads to two opposite points of view:

  1. On the one hand, all possible consumers are covered, a very wide range, suitable for any level of income. In other words, since the economy class feeds are in demand, it is necessary to produce them too, trying to minimize the harm they cause. Perhaps trying to press Whiskas and Kitiket is a good thing.
  2. On the other hand, we all know that using such cheap fodder does not lead to anything good, and a company that cares for the welfare and health of animals should not produce them.

How to evaluate the actions of the company “Farmina” - as a desire to earn by any means or as a sincere concern for all owners of cats, regardless of their financial level - everyone can decide for himself, we will not express unequivocal judgments.

Super Premium: Cimiao

Some cats that were malnourished before, find it difficult to get used to high protein and low grain feeds like N & D. For such cases, you can choose food from the super-premium class: its quality is lower than that of the previous one, but still remains at a very good level, and the cat will not have to adapt to a new, too unusual diet.

  • As part of Cimiao, corn and cornmeal are already flashed, but high-quality fresh meat still leads.
  • In addition, all the necessary additives are retained, and the level of ash is leveled (7%), which is good.
  • Exclusively natural ingredients, adding fiber to promote normal digestion.
  • A wider choice of food types, with gradations by age and cat breeds.

Although Cimiao is designed for less fastidious consumers and there are advertising notes in the breadth of its range (for example, pure fish food is a bad idea!), You can safely buy it without fearing for the pet's health.

Premium: Matisse

Usually, cat owners are advised to choose industrial feed not lower than economy class, in order to avoid problems with the health of the animal. However, Matisse feed is a pleasant exception to this rule:

  • during its creation no harmful chemicals or products with GMOs are used,
  • the raw materials remain of sufficient quality
  • Of course, the percentage of meat content is no longer the same, but all the necessary substances, including taurine, vitamins and fiber, are preserved.

As a result, you can choose it for your pet, if there is no better option (or extra money).

  • quite high grain content, including harmful corn,
  • use dehydrated meat instead of fresh.

Economy: Fun Cat

Absolutely not recommended, except in the case of complete despair, when the other power is not available. Fun Cat, however, is slightly better than many other brands of this class, but nevertheless does not constitute a correct, balanced diet and can harm the animal.

Chicken meal, declared in the composition, is usually flour made from chicken bones - absolutely not what a cat needs.

Veterinary range Vet Life

Separately, I would like to emphasize the very high-quality dietary food of the company “Farmina”, intended for animals undergoing treatment for some kind of disease or suffering from chronic diseases. Our veterinary range “Phaminy” is not too widely known, since clinics usually advise either Hills or Royal Canin (which, by the way, these companies pay for), but Vet Life is not inferior in quality and impact to them.

Of course, this does not mean that you can cure sick kidneys or a cat's stomach only with the help of this diet! It should be in addition to the course of treatment prescribed by a veterinarian.

Author of the article: Alena Oleynikova, artist and cat lover, especially for Korat Obormot


  • Use raw meat.
  • All ingredients are high quality.
  • Low content of cereal crops.
  • Balanced diet with vitamins and minerals.
  • Rich taste variety.
  • Wide veterinary series.
Feed composition

Veterinarian reviews

It should be noted that the company Farmina works closely with leading veterinarians. Studies have shown that all medical products of the brand really helps in the treatment of diseases. Contraindications and side effects were not identified.

Experts speak only positively about the feeds of this company and often recommend it to their wards.

Nikolay Anatolevich. The owner turned to me. Her cat after sterilization began to lose much weight. I advised to change the diet and pointed to the Farmina feed. After a few days, the kitty was noticeably prettier, the coat became smooth and shiny, apathy and lack of appetite disappeared. The main thing is that while feeding this food your pet will not gain extra weight, it will always be full and healthy.

Customer Reviews

Among the opinions there are both positive and negative. But positive, of course, more.

Irina, 27 years old. We bought Farmina food on the advice of a veterinarian, first used the treatment series, and then switched to non-grain food. We all love it! Especially pleased with this taste variety. The cat eats with great appetite, but does not overeat. If I pour a little more than the norm, it just leaves in the bowl. In general, I recommend to everyone! I think he will suit any pet!

Christina, 31 years old. I decided to change the food for my cat, the seller recommended Farmina for neutered cats. At first everything was fine, but then I began to notice that my pet was limp, often going to the toilet. It turned out that we started urolithiasis. This feed did not suit us.

Dry food

Price and shops

  • Farmina products are available in many pet stores, as well as online.
  • As for the cost, an average of 300 g can be bought for 360 rubles, 5 kg for 4500 rubles, 10 kg for 6500 rubles.

In conclusion, it must be said that the feed in question belongs to the premium class and is distinguished by the use of natural ingredients. You can choose the right food for your pet based on its individual characteristics.