Perfect Fit Feed for cats


Choosing the right feed for your four-legged friend is no easy task. Many people ask: what to feed the cat? And this is normal behavior for a caring owner who cares about the health of the pet. It is important that the animal is not just happy to eat a treat, but also benefit from it, given the fact that it can not be fed food from his table. The cat should receive all the substances and trace elements necessary for a full and active life. Products for animals today are of great variety. If two decades ago cat food was mainly associated with Wiscas and Kitty Cat, there are currently many high-quality and decent products on the market. What to prefer when the choice is so great?

The Perfect Fit cat food is a great opportunity to organize proper and balanced nutrition for your pet. Today, more and more people tend to make choices consciously and do not want to give low-quality food to cats. The economy class food, unfortunately, cannot boast of good quality, since its composition leaves much to be desired. Only a few people due to limited financial capabilities are forced to constantly contact him. Pet products must be useful and, of course, tasty. Saving on the health of your pet is unacceptable! The owner will be much calmer when it is known that the pet is fine. Cat Food "Perfect Fit" is an amazing combination of quality and benefits, has a great variety of tastes. Each caring owner will be able to choose the most suitable option for his pet.

Balanced composition

"Perfect Fit" is considered to be premium class fodder. It is quite qualitative in terms of the percentage in it of all the substances necessary for health: meat, poultry, cereals, flour, essential vitamins. Availability 21 - 24% of chicken is a good option, close to natural nutrition.

Perfect Fit - Junior

It contains poultry protein at a rate of 21%, animal fat, rice, corn, soy flour, dried beets, vitamins and minerals. This feed is intended for the youngest pets. Kittens are incredibly mobile and are distinguished by great curiosity and appetite.

They tend to look into every gap, do not miss the opportunity to have fun and frolic. This is a great option for those who do not have much time to prepare a kitten separately. Food can be poured immediately for the whole day and you can be sure that the baby can easily eat as soon as he gets hungry.

Perfect Fit - In-home

It consists of chicken (24%), animal protein, fat, soy flour, yeast, vitamins and minerals. If your cat spends most of his life at home, she doesn’t need a lot of energy. Such an animal requires not too high-calorie food to prevent the development of obesity or simply gaining excess weight. Like humans, a healthy animal does not need it.

When the cat constantly lives in the apartment, she begins to be lazy, because the instincts are asleep - there is no need to track down the game and hunt. In this case, it requires special food. Perfect Fit cat food is ideal for adult pets, who mostly lie on the couch.

Perfect Fit - Active

The composition of this feed includes: bird protein, corn, rice, soy flour, beets, calendula flower flour, vitamins and minerals. Young and energetic animals need high-quality and balanced nutrition. This kind of food is intended for active cats. If your favorite loves outdoor games, is particularly playful and restless, then choose this option - it is ideal for everyday use.

You can be sure that the pet gets everything you need. Remember that many caring owners choose "Perfect Fit". The composition of the feed fully meets all veterinary requirements and has undergone numerous studies and inspections.

Perfect Fit - Sensitive

This feed consists of poultry protein, corn, rice, salt, beet, calendula flour, vitamins and minerals. For cats with sensitive digestion, this option is ideal. The owner will no longer need to wrestle with what to feed darling. This variety is characterized by the content of the softest components, which help food to digest easily and without problems. The second name of the presented variant is “For the most demanding”. You can be sure that your cat will be comfortable.

Perfect Fit - Senior

The composition of the feed includes: chicken protein, soy flour, beets, rice, corn, vitamins and minerals. This type of food is specifically designed for animals older than eight years. In old age, the cat's body does not require a lot of energy. She needs special care and attention. Many owners at this time prefer to transfer the pet to a special food intended for older animals. And this is the right decision, because after eight years the cat's organism is rebuilt and starts working in a different mode than it was before.

Perfect Fit - Sterile

The feed consists of chicken (24%), rice, dried liver, yeast, sunflower oil, and fish oil. Cats that have undergone sterilization are more likely to have urolithiasis in the future. To avoid this, it is necessary to add to the food special ingredients that help make it balanced and healthy. Neutered cats also require special food. Usually, animals after such surgery are made more calm and affectionate, they sleep and eat a lot.

Perfect Fit: reviews

Responsibility for the life of his tender purring feels every conscious owner who has decided to start a pet at home. Many people have noted that since they introduced this food into the diet, the pet has begun to look healthier. The first thing that the owners notice is that the state of wool is rapidly improving. The second is reducing the number of seasonal molts.

The animal looks presentable and well-groomed. Looking at such a cat or a cat, many neighbors will envy the happy well-being that prevails in the house. In order for your pet to always remain healthy, it is necessary to understand that the choice of food here plays an important role. Reviews of "Perfect Fit" in most cases purely positive. This circumstance gives grounds to trust this brand and recommend it for purchase.

Perfect Fit cat food is an acceptable option for those who care about the health and well-being of their four-legged friend. Remember: once you take an animal into a house, you take on great responsibility for its maintenance. There is nothing worse than bringing a loved one to a disease with an unreasonable attitude, and then blaming yourself endlessly for not understanding how important this is. Properly chosen food will help your pet to maintain a healthy look and its natural instincts for a long time, as well as to defeat various ailments.

Perfect Fit Cat Food - a variety of species

Today, there are eight lines of Perfect Fit feed, with different composition and recommendations. Consider them in detail.

Active. Designed for cats, athletes and animals, leading an active lifestyle and every day wasting a large amount of energy. The food of this species is saturated with nutrients and vitamins, which will give the pet a new charge of energy and replenish its strength. Active contains an increased amount of vitamin A, which improves vision, and protein, which promotes muscle growth.

Inhome. Dry food of this type is designed for cats who prefer to spend time at home, do not like active games and move a little. It has a balanced composition that prevents weight gain. It includes yucca, which has a beneficial effect on the body, simplifies going to the toilet and reduces unpleasant odors. Omega-acid and biotin stimulate metabolic processes in the body. The feed also contains a large amount of fiber, which improves digestion and removes wool from the stomach along with food.

Junior. Every young pet owner knows that he needs a special diet with a gentle composition and a certain set of beneficial substances. That is exactly what Perfect Fit Junior dry cat food is with nutrients that have a beneficial effect on growth - proteins, vitamins E and C and minerals. It also includes a high content of phosphorus and calcium, contributing to the formation of teeth in kittens.

Sensetive. This food is specially designed to feed pets with hypersensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract. It does not have wheat and soybeans, which cats usually have are the main allergens. Instead, there are plant extracts that improve intestinal function. Sensetive has a specific set of minerals that ensure a normal pH in urine. The latter is important for the condition of the urogenital system and reduce the risk of urolithiasis.

Senior. Designed specifically for pets older than 8 years old, who, like kittens, need special diet composition. It is saturated with nutrients that support an aging body, giving energy and vigor. It contains an increased amount of taurine and antioxidants that stimulate the cardiovascular system. Glucosamine has been added to improve the condition of the joints.

Inform. Food for sedentary cats who are overweight. The food has a balanced composition and carnitine that promotes fat burning.

Hair&Beauty. Feed for pedigree long-haired breeds that require increased care. Omega-acids and biotin contained in its composition stimulate hair growth, give it a healthy shine and smoothness. For visual acuity there is a high content of vitamins E, A and taurine. Fiber helps to improve the performance of the gastrointestinal tract. Antioxidants and vitamin C strengthen the immune system of the animal.

Sterile. This type of food is intended for cats and cats that have undergone sterilization or castration. Carefully selected components support the urogenital system and reduce the risk of urolithiasis. Perfect Fit for sterilized cats also contains fructooligosaccharides, which improve intestinal function.

All feeds are available to customers in the following types of convenient packages:

  • For one-day meals - 190 g,
  • For a week - 750 g,
  • For the month - 1200
  • Large packs of 1.9 kg and 3 kg.

If you read reviews on Perfect Fit cat food, which we will present in the article a little later, you can make the following conclusion: with a properly chosen line of food, changes in appearance, pet's health and activities become noticeable almost immediately.

Feed composition

Examine the composition of Perfect Fit Sensetive for pets with hypersensitive digestive system.

The composition includes up to 24% of chicken and other animal protein proteins. It also contains animal fat, corn meal and gluten, dried beets, chicory extract, rice and rice protein, a set of minerals up to 0.03% (calcium, zinc, copper, calcium and others) and vitamins A, E, B, C, calendula flower flour, fish oil, yeast, salt.

In this feed, 41% protein, 14.5% fat. The amount of fiber, which is made up of vegetable components and cereals, is up to 2%. The energy value of the product is 404 kcal per 100 g.

Advantages and disadvantages of feed Perfect Fit


Favorable cost, available to a wide range of buyers. Cat Food Perfect Fit belongs to the middle class. The price of cat food Perfect Fit is:

  • 190 g - from 80 r,
  • 750 g - from 250 r,
  • 1.2 kg - from 350 r,
  • 1.9 kg - from 530 r,
  • 3 kg - from 840 p.

Ubiquitous prevalence. Products can be bought not only in specialized stores, but also in ordinary supermarkets and even small food stalls. It can also be ordered at any online store specializing in the sale of goods for animals.

Large selection of items. Among the presented diversity you can pick up food for animals of any age - from kittens for older cats, as well as having certain features of the body.

The right combination of minerals and vitamins.. The manufacturer claims that it is this content of useful components that has the most beneficial effect on the body of pets, preventing the risk of developing various diseases, making them active and energetic.

Use of animal proteins. They are well absorbed by the body of the animal and satisfy the need for this component.


Lack of natural meat. In the manufacture of feed, the manufacturer uses degraded (dried) meat and offal of unknown origin, so it is difficult to determine the quality of the protein.

Use chicken protein. In a number of cats, this type of meat can cause allergic reactions, and in Perfect Fit it is present in almost all denominations.

Presence of yeast. In some animals, they cause bloating of the stomach and disturbance of the digestive system.

Presence of salt. Most veterinarians believe that this substance adversely affects the health of cats, causing diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

No specific preservative used..

Perfect Fit Product Reviews

Reviews of Perfect Fit dry cat food are quite varied. Some owners remain delighted, and their animals feel fine, others, on the contrary, are dissatisfied with the quality of products and their impact on the pets.

Here is what the owner of an adult Persian cat, Catherine, writes:

Previously, the cat ate only expensive food, could eat cheap, being very hungry. But to the manufacturer's productsPerfectFithe has a special relationship and, as it turned out, he liked them. With great relish eatsSeniorandSterile(he is neutered), and no unhealthy reaction has been noticed in several months of feeding (after the treatDreamiesstarted having problems with the chair). The cat is pleased, always purrs and rubs against the palm while I put the food in his bowl. The only thing I noticed is that after eating, she immediately runs to the aquarium and starts drinking heavily. It is not clear what caused this - just a desire to drink dry food, or the presence of salt in the composition.

As we see from this review, both the cat and the hostess are generally satisfied with the food. But the review of an unknown owner, who says something completely different:

Once I saw Perfect Fit's feed in a store at a discount: packs of 190 g for 50 rubles. Since I had a little money then, and two kittens and five cats live at home, I decided to buy it. When I opened the bag, the product looked fine, smelled good. The cats ate it for three or four days, at first everything was fine, but in the end, all the animals began to have a severe violation of the chair. As the vet said later, dysbacteriosis occurred. The transition to normal food did not help, I had to use drugs.

In this situation, it is difficult to say what exactly caused the disorder. The owner did not mention which of the existing lines she used for feeding, so it is possible that the species was chosen incorrectly and simply did not fit the animals. And if we take into account the fact that the food was sold with a significant discount, it is quite possible that it has expired or that the customer has received a poor-quality fake. The following review about Perfect Fit cat food confirms that the other owner of a Siamese cat from Moscow had no such problems:

... We eat food for active cats for a week already, during this time we have begun the second package. The animal feels great, moves a lot and plays, purrs in gratitude for the food. There was an unpleasant smell in the chair.

And another positive review from the owner of two cats of an unknown breed from St. Petersburg:

A good feed for its value, cats have been eating it enthusiastically for several months now. The use had a remarkable effect on the quality of wool - it became smoother and shinier. The animals became more active, the stool improved.

If you read the reviews of veterinarians on the feed Perfect Fit, then they are, in general, positive. Experts believe the product is quite acceptable, but make the clarification that it is only suitable for healthy animals. If you have any diseases, it is better to use premium and super premium food.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that the Perfect Fit dry food is of good quality and in fact has a favorable effect on the organism of animals. The main thing when making a purchase is to choose the line that is suitable for the age and characteristics of your cat's body, as well as beware of low-quality fakes at too low a cost.

Who produces the Perfect Fit feed

The food is produced by the world famous company Mars, named after its founder Frank S. Mars. Основана фирма была в 1911 г. и вначале специализировалась на изготовлении шоколада и кондитерских изделий из него (батончик «Сникерс» был создан на её фабрике в 1930 году). Продукцию для домашних животных компания выпускает с 1935 года, а первый корм «Вискас» был произведён в 1958 г. На российский рынок компания пришла в 1991 г., а с 1995 г. в селе Лужники Ступинского района начала работать фабрика по производству кормов для кошек и собак. Для домашних животных компания производит не только корм, но также витаминные препараты, лакомые подушечки с разными вкусами и наполнители для кошачьих туалетов.

Брендами компании Mars являются:

  • SHEBA,
  • CESAR,

Лакомства для кошек Dreamies компании Mars не только привлекательны вкусом, но и обогащены витаминами и минералами, в том числе таурином

Analysis of the composition and comparative characteristics of the feed "Perfect Fit"

Perfect Fit - a good economy class feed. Such a conclusion can be made when analyzing its components. The balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates is well chosen and takes into account the age characteristics of domestic animals.

However, from the composition it is impossible to understand how many percent is animal protein and from what quality products it is obtained. For an economy-class assortment of feeds, a similar composition description is the norm. Therefore, when we see in the first place in the line: "flour of animal origin (including beef - 14%)", it already speaks about the good quality of food for this class of product.

It is impossible to carry Perfect Fit to the premium class, as it contains:

  • corn,
  • wheat,
  • soy concentrate
  • A small list of vitamins and dietary supplements added to food (for example, a plant such as Yucca Schidiger, which reduces the smell of cat litter, is only present in pet food).

Table: Advantages and disadvantages of Perfect Fit

  1. The composition of nutrients meets the needs of pets.
  2. A large variety of product depending on the age and activity of the cat.
  3. It is produced in two varieties: dry and wet food.
  4. The feed includes essential vitamins and biological supplements necessary for animals.
  5. Always on sale.
  6. The cost of feed is not very high.
  1. A lot of vegetable protein.
  2. Unclear origin of components.
  3. A small list of vitamins and minerals contained in the feed.
  4. Contains components that cause allergies in animals: corn, soy.

Table: composition and nutritional value of dry fodder "Perfect Fit"

Vitamins of the B-group and iron present in the composition of this feed contribute to the preservation of the activity of the pet.

The composition of feed from poultry contains 20% of flour from poultry, and the percentage of flour of animal origin is not specified.

  • protein - 38%,
  • fat -12%
  • ash - 8.5%,
  • humidity - 6%,
  • fiber - 1.8% (for poultry feed - 2.3%),
  • Ca - 0.8% (0.9%),
  • P - 0.9%,
  • Fe - 12.7%.

Food additives (in parentheses are data for feed from poultry):

  • taurine - 4068 (4058) mg,
  • levocarnitine - 220 mg,
  • potassium iodide (compensates for iodine deficiency and performs medicinal functions) - 1.9 mg,
  • manganese sulfate (positive effect on the work of the musculoskeletal system) - 150 mg,
  • copper sulfate pentahydrate (preservative) - 24 mg,
  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate (replenishing zinc in the body, increasing immunity) - 400 mg,
  • sodium selenite (replenishes deficiency of selenium, antioxidant) - 0.36 (0.38) mg.

  • protein - 38%,
  • fat - 13%,
  • ash - 8.5%,
  • humidity - 6%,
  • fiber - 1.9%,
  • Ca - 0.9%,
  • P - 0.9%.

  • taurine - 4216 mg,
  • levocarnitine - 220 mg,
  • potassium iodide - 1.9 mg,
  • manganese sulphate - 159 mg,
  • copper sulfate pentahydrate - 22.8 mg,
  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate - 425 mg,
  • sodium selenite acid (compensates for selenium deficiency, antioxidant) - 0.43 mg.

  • protein - 41%,
  • fat - 14.5%,
  • ash - 8.5%,
  • humidity - 6%,
  • fiber - 1.9%,
  • Ca - 1.2%,
  • P - 1%.

  • Taurine - 4058 mg,
  • levocarnitine - 220 mg,
  • potassium iodide - 1.9 mg,
  • manganese sulphate - 150 mg,
  • copper sulfate pentahydrate - 25 mg,
  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate - 400 mg,
  • sodium selenite - 0.27 mg.

  • protein - 41%,
  • fat - 18%,
  • ash - 8.5%,
  • humidity - 6%,
  • fiber - 1.3%,

  • taurine - 4275 mg,
  • levocarnitine - 220 mg,
  • potassium iodide - 2.3 mg,
  • manganese sulphate - 150 mg,
  • copper sulfate pentahydrate - 28 mg,
  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate - 400 mg,
  • sodium selenite soda - 0.22 mg.

  • protein - 38%,
  • fat - 12%,
  • ash - 8.5%,
  • humidity - 6%,
  • fiber - 3.9%,
  • Ca - 1%,
  • P - 1%.

  • Taurine - 3989 mg,
  • levocarnitine - 220 mg,
  • potassium iodide - 2.1 mg,
  • manganese sulphate - 150 mg,
  • copper sulfate pentahydrate - 25.6 mg,
  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate - 400 mg,
  • sodium selenite - 0.38 mg.

  • taurine - 4275 (4186) mg,
  • levocarnitine - 220 mg,
  • potassium iodide - 1.9 mg,
  • manganese sulphate - 150 mg,
  • five-water sulfate copper - 23 (24) mg,
  • Zinc sulfate monohydrate - 400 mg,
  • sodium selenite sulphate - 0.38 (0.39) mg.

Photo gallery: Perfect Fit dry food

The cost of dry food depends on the weight of the package and is approximately:

  • 190 grams - from 61 to 80 p.,
  • 650 grams - from 179 to 235 p.,
  • 750 grams - from 306 p.,
  • 1.2 kilograms - from 313 to 409 p.,
  • 3 kilograms - from 689 to 901 p.

Manufacturer Perfect Fit recommends combining in the diet and dry and wet food. Each type of dry food is analogous to wet.

Table: composition of wet feed Perfect Fit

  • meat and offal (including chicken - at least 14%),
  • cereals,
  • vegetable oil,
  • taurine,
  • methionine (an essential amino acid).
  • protein - 7.5%,
  • fat - 3%,
  • ash - 2.5%,
  • humidity - 83%,
  • fiber - 0.5%.
  • A - not less than 200 ME,
  • E - not less than 1.2 mg.
  • meat and offal (including turkey - at least 4%),
  • cereals and their products (rice at least 4%),
  • vegetable oil,
  • taurine.
  • protein - 8%,
  • fat - 5.6%,
  • ash - 2.5%,
  • humidity - 80%,
  • fiber - 0.5%.
  • A - not less than 200 ME,
  • E - not less than 2 mg.
  • meat and offal (including chicken - at least 20%),
  • cereals,
  • vegetable oil,
  • taurine.
  • protein - 9.5%,
  • fat - 7%,
  • ash - 2.7%,
  • moisture - 78%,
  • fiber - 0.3%.
  • A - not less than 200 ME,
  • E - not less than 5 mg.
  • meat and offal (including beef or chicken - at least 4%),
  • cereals,
  • vegetable oil,
  • taurine.
  • protein - 8%,
  • fat - 3.5%,
  • ash - 2%,
  • moisture - 82%,
  • fiber - 0.1%.
  • A - not less than 200 ME,
  • E - not less than 1.2 mg.

The cost of all types of wet food is the same:

  • from 19 to 36 p. - the cost of one canned food
  • from 509 to 582 p. - the cost of a package of 24 packs is 85 grams.

The picture on the packaging of wet food (pauci) is the same as on the packaging of dry.

Wet food is packaged in about 85 grams

Reviews of Perfect Fit Feed

Perfect Fit we buy recently, and he, in turn, is a new cat food. They eat it well, no particular drawbacks have been noticed. In fact, lately, especially cheap feed, you do not trust. The same ones that have been advertised for years by Whiskas and Kitiket are considered to be a bad form, and food for almost yard and stray cats.


We have two cats. Of course, we try to feed them homemade food. From the liquid write in the mouth of the cats accumulate leftover food, there is an unpleasant odor from the mouth. As a veterinarian told us that we need to give dry food. He cleans his teeth. They tried kitiket, cats began to vomit. We decided to try Perfect Fit feeds. The smell at the feed is not repulsive, it looks like the pieces are even. I’ll say right away that for those who say it’s impossible to feed them with ready-made dry food, we give a little food, and not every day, two or three times a week. We give not as food, but in order to clear the teeth from stuck write. The chair in cats at the time of receiving the feed does not change, the feed does not go back. Cats eat this food with pleasure. These are the positive effects of this feed. We never had lumps, even in a long-haired cat. Wool smooth and shiny) This, unfortunately, can not be verified. And what happens to the vision - you will not know. But, with our main problem - an unpleasant smell, the food managed.


For 2 years now we have a shkodnitsa named Nyusha. We feed it with Royal Canin dry food, but sometimes we buy wet, but wet food of the same brand is expensive, so sometimes we buy cheap pampering. I recently bought Perfect Fit in Home wet cat food for testing. Our darling of this food came to taste, he smells quite pleasant, unlike, for example, from Sheba. Pieces are all the same, broken or there is no mesev. Sauce is also quite a lot. Packs are enough for us for 2 times. Occasionally it is possible to feed with such feed, but on a constant basis I would not recommend giving it.


Judging by the reviews, "Perfect Fit" is popular with many cats, and they use it with pleasure. A relatively small amount of animal protein needed by domestic predators is compensated by the volume of the diet. Food includes basic vitamins and mineral supplements needed by animals, has no dyes and artificial flavors. If the cat does not show signs of deterioration of health (the wool ceases to shine and falls, there are disorders of the gastrointestinal tract), then you may well take this food as the basis for its feeding.

Animal sources of protein

In the production of Perfect Fit In-home, fresh or raw (frozen) meat and fish ingredients were not used.

There are only two sources of animal protein in feed: ingredient No. 1 - dehydrated poultry protein (including chicken at least 24%) and dehydrated animal protein (No. 2).

Both of them are in the top five of the ingredients, which means that the content of animal protein in the feed is, on the whole, average. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine exactly which animals were used as raw materials in the creation of this feed.

Plant Sources of Protein

The feed contains 5 different types of cereal (corn, corn gluten, corn flour, rice and rice protein) and one type of legumes (soy flour). Corn and corn gluten are among the top five ingredients, and since they are all sources of vegetable protein and carbohydrates, the content of the latter in the feed is very high.

Corn gluten (# 5), or corn protein, is not a useful ingredient in a feline diet: it often causes allergies and food intolerance to animals.

In fact, all three products — cornmeal, corn, and corn gluten — are one and the same. We are talking about the so-called "split" of ingredients - adding to the feed several different protein and / or carbohydrate ingredients (most often vegetable ones) from the same source.

In fact, their total content may exceed the proportion of animal protein sources in the feed. So, if you combine corn flour, corn and corn gluten - the dehydrated poultry protein and dehydrated animal protein, most likely, will be in the minority by the volume of corn and its derivatives.

This is only an assumption, however, his probability makes you think about the quality of this diet. In addition, the reception of the "split" of ingredients is used in relation to rice and rice protein. Note that the cereals are not included in the natural diet of carnivores, and therefore in large quantities, and even more so as the basis of food, are not recommended for them.

Soy flour is a poor quality plant protein filler that is poorly digested by cats and has low biological value for their body.

Sources of fat

The main source of animal fat in the feed is one - the so-called "animal fat", and there is quite a lot of it (number 3 on the list). This is a source of energy of dubious quality, since it is impossible to determine from which species of animals it is obtained.

Separately added sources of vegetable fat in the feed there.

The remaining ingredients

In the feed Perfect Fit Inhum 12 main ingredients, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements. It can be assumed that the share of each of them, beginning with the 6th and further, is rather small. We will focus on those ingredients in the diet that are outside the top five, but deserve the most attention.

The diet contains dried beets (No. 10 in the list of ingredients). Translation from English is not quite accurate, in fact, this “dried beet pulp” is a dry beet pulp. In small quantities, it is quite acceptable and useful for the intestines of dogs and cats.

Useful ingredients

Yeast is a source of B vitamins, but it is not known exactly what type of yeast was used.

Calendula flower flour is a source of bioflavonoids (natural antioxidants) and lutein, a plant pigment useful for eyesight.

The composition of the feed also contains a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements. They are added partly due to the lack of minerals and vitamins in the raw materials, partly due to the peculiarities of the technological process of production of dry feed (this is the industry's standard, and therefore is not a direct indicator of a high or low quality diet).

Taurine (Fodder Analysis says about its presence) is an essential amino acid for cats. However, adding it to the diet as a separate component is an indicator of the low quality of the protein components of the diet or insufficient quantities. Since they cannot provide the cat with the necessary amount of taurine, the manufacturer has to add it additionally.

Cons of Perfect Fit In-home

In the production of this feed line Perfect Fit, fresh meat or fish ingredients were not used.

The quality of ingredients of animal origin (dehydrated poultry protein, dehydrated animal protein and animal fat) is also in doubt, since the initial raw materials of these products are unknown. Behind common names there may be a variable composition of feed, varying with the cost of questionable components.

Two cases of the “split” of vegetable protein sources were identified, as well as marketing moves, “embellishing” the Russian names of some ingredients.

Finally, the feed contains corn gluten, which is dangerous to the health of cats.

As the basis of Perfect Fit In-home food for domestic cats, a mixture of two processed (dried) sources of animal protein, animal fat and two vegetable grain components is used. This diet has significant drawbacks that can adversely affect the health of pets.

Domestic cats are usually less active, sleep more and behave calmer than those who have the opportunity to go out. Many manufacturers have separate diets for cats living at home, for example, the option In-Home in the Perfect Fit feed line. In our opinion, this food is not exactly suitable for cats living in the house. In composition, it hardly differs from other feeds of this brand. It contains a lot of animal fat from an unknown raw material - it is listed in third place in the composition.

By combining animal fat with corn, cornmeal and rice - sources of not only vegetable protein, but also large amounts of carbohydrates, there are many sources of energy in feed. Once fluffy couch potatoes do not lead an active lifestyle, all of these components can not be converted into energy - the body will not burn them, and set aside in the form of adipose tissue. As a result, domestic cats can get very fat on such food.

In the "Analysis" section, taurine is indicated and its amount in the feed - this essential amino acid for cats, which is vital for them, is added separately, which only confirms the small amount of animal protein in the composition. And indeed - we do not see in this diet any fresh or raw animal ingredient, there are only two types of animal protein, dried and isolated from unknown raw materials.

Dried poultry protein (Dehydrated poultry protein) is a dried rendering product, ground to a state of flour protein concentrate from unknown poultry species. The source of animal protein is not very high quality, since it is unclear from what organs, tissues and species of birds it is made. In many respects, protein concentrate from poultry is similar to flour or dry poultry meat, but it is processed much more strongly - as a result of hydrolysis, up to 60% of protein is found in it. More natural products are more beneficial for cats and dogs.

The dehydrated animal protein is a dried protein from the soft tissues of unknown animals, most likely unsuitable for human consumption. It is similar to meat and meat and bone meal, but has a much higher protein content (about 60% in flour). Produced by ultra-concentration, which removes almost all fat.

Animal Fats (Animal Fats) are sebum from the recycling of animal tissues that are unsuitable for human consumption. Get them from the tissues of mammals or birds in the process of rendering or extraction. Partly due to fats, ready-made rations are attractive for dogs and cats to taste and smell. Fats also help shape the structure of the finished feed, and in the body they contribute to the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K).

Corn (Corn / Maize), in the Americas in use and another name - corn, a very popular cereal, which has long been actively added to the feed as a cheap and affordable source of carbohydrates, filling the stomach of animals and increasing the overall percentage of protein. Corn protein (gluten) is deficient in amino acid composition and often causes allergies in pets, and an excess of carbohydrates leads to obesity, diabetes, and chronic inflammation. We recommend avoiding corn in the diet of dogs and cats.

Corn Gluten and Corn Gluten are synonymous, and mean corn vegetable protein that remains after the production of corn starch or syrup by wet grinding. It is gluten that often causes allergies and food intolerance in animals.

Cornmeal (Corn Meal) - coarsely or finely ground whole grain corn without husk. Identical to the terms "ground corn", "crushed" (the synonym of corn - maize).

Rice is one of the oldest cereal crops, popular on all continents, especially in Asian countries. In small quantities, rice in dog and cat food is a useful source of carbohydrates. It is better digested than wheat or corn and contains less gluten, therefore it is recommended for animals with sensitive digestion or prone to food allergies. However, if the ingredient is listed as one of the first in the composition of the feed, it serves as a cheap filler.

Rice Protein (Rice Protein), or “Rice Protein,” is a dried concentrate or isolate (more purified form) of protein, derived from rice after the removal of starch. В кормах для животных это недорогой источник растительного белка, усваивающийся по сравнению с пшеничным или кукурузным глютеном гораздо лучше. Однако заменить кошкам и собакам животный белок данный ингредиент не может.

Соевая мука (Soybean Meal) — продукт, который получают при измельчении хлопьев, оставшихся после извлечения масла из соевых бобов в процессе механической экстракции или экстракции растворителями. Соевая мука - растительный белковый наполнитель низкого качества, который значительно дешевле животных источников белка. Used in food to give fullness and bring the protein in compliance with the standards.

Dried beet pulp (Dried Beet Pulp) has the same composition and properties as just beet pulp. In this case, the manufacturer additionally indicates that the ingredient is added to the diet in the dried state.

Yeast (Yeast) - yeast, dried with preserving the activity of fermentation (fermentation) of yeast. In ready-made dog and cat food, yeast is usually added as a source of B group vitamins and, in order to make the food taste more attractive, less often, as a source of protein. The title does not indicate whether baker's or brewer's yeast is used — it undermines the credibility of the ingredient.

Calendula flower flour (Marigold Meal) - is, in fact, dried crushed marigolds - decorative flowers of the Aster family. Translation of the English name marigold into Russian as "calendula flowers" is a mistake. Dried and milled inflorescences of marigolds in a number of countries are used as seasoning (in our region known as Imereti saffron).

Vitamins and minerals (Vitamins & Minerals) - most likely, this is a complex vitamin and mineral premix, which includes vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, micro and macro elements.

Sodium Chloride (Sodium Chloride) is a sodium salt of hydrochloric acid, known to us as ordinary table salt. In cooking and animal feed, it is used as a source of minerals, as well as seasoning to enhance the taste and partly preservative. Excessive salt intake is harmful for dogs and cats, as it leads to irritation of the digestive tract, impaired mineral metabolism and increased thirst - feed with the addition of sodium chloride should be avoided.

Fresh meat, poultry, fish and offal from well-defined sources, whole fresh eggs, and a range of other ingredients.

Dried animal products and flour, animal fats with indication of sources and natural preservatives, a number of other ingredients.

Dried animal products and flour without specifying sources, egg products, fruits and berries, whole and steamed vegetables, a number of other ingredients.

Broths, hydrolysates, vegetable oils, fiber from clearly indicated sources, other cereals, legumes, a number of other ingredients.

Broths, digests, vegetables, cereals and fiber without a clear indication of the sources, wheat, corn, a number of other ingredients.

Artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, additives and ingredients containing them, various sugars and a number of other ingredients.

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The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

The overall assessment of the feed of 55 possible points, taking into account the bonus / penalty

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