13 best short-haired cat breeds


The choice of the pet's tail begins with one of the main parameters: the length of the coat. Shorthair breeds of cats are the most preferable option for families with small children, busy people who are unable to spend time on a daily thorough combing, as well as for those who liked the representatives of one of the most beautiful representatives of the short-haired brotherhood.

Such cats fell in love with Europeans long ago, some long before the appearance of their furry comrades. It is known that the pet of Peter the Great was a Russian blue cat, and the first British short-haired were freely walking around the medieval English streets. Nowadays, the number of long-haired and short-haired breeds is approximately equal. Before buying, future owners should study all the breeds of short-haired cats with photos and names in order to have a clear idea of ​​the characteristics of the nature and appearance of the future family member.

Bombay cat

Grace and mind of representatives of this breed are noticeable at first sight. Proud Bombay cat, which many people want to buy, resembles a panther in appearance and character. Black, dense and thick hair, bright yellow-orange eyes, graceful elongated body with a long moving tail create a unique and memorable feline image.

Since the Bombay cat whose price is quite reasonable for such a beautiful woman, was bred as a result of the crossing of a Burmese cat and an American Shorthair cat, one can trace the obvious character traits of both breeds. Sociable and balanced bombers are devoted to their owners and require great attention. They should not be brought to people who are at home only in the evenings.

Caring for a Bombay cat does not require much effort: regular but infrequent brushing to remove dead hair, periodic bathing (no more than once a month), removal of tears with a cotton swab. Due to their high activity, the Bombes have an excellent appetite, therefore, in order to avoid overeating, the owner should introduce a strict feeding regimen. For this breed, experts recommend a premium feed. Mixed food rather hurt.

Whatever the age of a Bombay cat, a description of the breed necessarily implies a high activity throughout life. Their playfulness and resourcefulness is well known to the owners and breeders: the imitation of the hunt, peculiar to other cats, is complemented by the ability to open any door, get an interesting thing and even turn on the TV or computer! At the same time, the Bombes are very affectionate, adore being on their hands or close to their owners. The heart of a Bombay cat will be given to someone alone, as it usually happens in dogs.

Cat korat

A muzzle in the shape of a heart, light silver-blue wool and expressive olive-green eyes of a charming creature from Thailand are known to many lovers of the caudate.

Such animals are usually medium-sized, flexible and muscular, with a convex back and proportional oval legs. Wool - shiny and thin, with silver tips, no spots or medallions, does not require special care and looks very attractive.

Representatives of the korat breed are very sociable, but without much obsession, sometimes inherent in other breeds. They are easily tied to the owners and hard to endure forced loneliness. Congenital sensitivity with careless handling can turn into fearfulness, so large crowds or harsh sounds should be avoided. This is a cute and gentle kitty, a good companion for calm owners, moderately active and mobile.

Korat is a cat whose price can not be less than 500 cu, due to partial external resemblance to the Russian blue, unscrupulous breeders can be represented for representatives of this breed, so you should be very careful when buying.

Russian blue cat

A representative of one of the oldest classical species, the Russian Blue cat breed is distinguished by a graceful constitution, a straight long neck, a long pointed tail and almond-shaped bright green eyes. But the special pride is wool: thick (with obligatory undercoat), silky, unusually soft, with silver tint of the tips.

An aristocratic animal will decorate any home with its presence, and a soft and tactful character will be an additional bonus to its owners.

A typical Russian cat has a calm disposition, is not prone to sabotage or vengefulness. However, the pet will only be trusted by the owner; it will distrust strangers. They are not annoying or annoying: despite the infinite loyalty to the owners, such animals know their price. Their hunting instinct is in their blood, so the best place to live for Russian blue is in the country, in a private house.

A wonderful Russian blue cat whose description of the breed, like the final reproduction of the standard, ended only in the 70s, is famous for its ease of care, excellent health, the absence of genetic diseases and a long life. She is friendly to children, carefully monitors her cleanliness and loves order. The answer to the question of how much a Russian blue cat costs depends on the purpose of the acquisition: for exhibition activities, breeding or as a pet, and ranges from 8,000 to 40,000 rubles.

British shorthair cat

These smart animals are the most famous sleek cats in their homeland, quickly gaining popularity around the world. These pets have a powerful body, wide chest, short strong legs and a thick rounded tail. A round head with distinct cheeks and large round eyes completes the portrait of a guest from Albion. The most common species is the British Blue Cat and the British White Cat.. However, other colors (smoky, tabby, bicolor) are also allowed by the breed standard.

The character of the British Shorthair cats is quite independent. Such pets do not require constant affection and intrusive attention. They are restrained, non-sensitive, have a developed sense of self-worth. At the same time, the British are infinitely loyal to their masters, equally loving all family members and releasing claws only when absolutely necessary. All these qualities make the British Shorthair ideal for pets for any family.

Thai cats

Plastic leggy Thai cat to buy that true connoisseurs of graceful animals dream, conquers at first sight. Its distinguishing features are creamy-chocolate fur, bright blue eyes and a long moving tail. The coat on the face and tail is darker, which indicates the origin of the representatives of the Siamese breed. However, significant differences allowed us to establish our own breed standard: a thinner body, elongated legs, a pointed cut of the eyes and the tips of the ears.

Usually, the Thai cat breed is notable for its playfulness and shorter sleep time, curiosity and talkativeness. Thai girls are well trained, easy to learn simple commands. Increased curiosity leads them to the most unexpected places, so it is recommended to check the quality of the lattices on the windows and locks on the doors. Such pets love their masters faithfully and selflessly, lonely bored.

It should be noted that feeding seafood and liver can cause darkening of the hull, which is unacceptable for show animals. Hair care is minimal. Thai cats have good health and with good care live to 25-28 years. A pedigree Thai cat whose price is 10,000-35,000 rubles will be a good companion for many years.

Havana Cat

A representative of the Orientals, a havana cat breed, officially registered only in 1959. They owe their origin to the Siamese and European Shorthair. These are well-developed animals of medium size, small head and almond-shaped eyes. A distinctive feature of these beautiful animals is a silky rich chocolate wool. It is possible to have a few spots in kittens, which then disappear.

Havana cats are born athletes. They are very mobile, can perform in front of the audience real demonstration numbers. And the audience they need all the time - Havans do not tolerate loneliness. Such pets are non-aggressive, get along well with children and other animals. Like other smooth-haired breeds of cats, they require simple care: occasional easy combing, bathing, cleaning the eyes and ears.

European shorthair cat

Modern descendants of hardy and courageous hunting cats, who have lived with Europeans for centuries, received exhibition recognition only in 1982. These are rather large and muscular animals, with strong paws, wide rounded head and wide vertical ears. Thick and shiny wool is the pride of these animals, any color is allowed except for acromelanic, chocolate and lilac shades.

A typical European cat is in contact, strongly attached to the owner, but will not chase him around the house. They are calm and non-aggressive, peacefully related to other animals and children. Representatives of this breed will quietly spend time alone, which is suitable for those who stay late at work. Like the American cat, the European easily adapts to new conditions, is sociable and easy to learn.

When choosing an animal, it is necessary to take into account not only the external characteristics, but also the characteristic features of the representative of each of the breeds. Then life together with your pet will be harmonious, harmonious and will not bring unpleasant moments.

Smooth Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau are sacred in Egypt. And these animals got their name for being able to articulate this sound clearly.

Animals have a compact and graceful body, middle ears and a wedge-shaped head. The eyes are almond-shaped, decorated with black arrows.

The peculiarity in the color of the eyes of the Egyptian Mau - from 8 months to a year and a half, they are the color of the berries of a young gooseberry, and after only green.

The Egyptian Mau has a slightly goggle. The distinctive feature of the Egyptian Mau is a spotted color from nature. The spots are distinct and round.

The character is balanced, at a young age they are characterized by great energy. Very attached to the host and the household. But strangers are wary.

  • brush your pet once a week,
  • bathe periodically,
  • make the necessary vaccinations.

Carefully choose food for Mau, because animals are allergens. It is best to use super premium feed.


Abyssinian cats are rare and valuable.

Possess muscular body, long tail and powerful legs. The head is wedge-shaped with large ears.

They are very active and inquisitive. They become loyal friends and follow their master everywhere. Get along well with other animals.

  • claws, wool, ears and eyes,
  • comb out once a week
  • compulsory vaccination.

If you feed the beast finished products, you must choose a premium class. Or feed only natural products. Mixed food is not suitable for this pet.

Thai women are the progenitors of the Siamese breed. Known for a long time, get the name in honor of the place of origin and habitat - Thailand. Thai - beautiful, graceful animals.

The body is medium in size, moderately muscular, wedge-shaped head, ears set high, almond-shaped eyes, round paws.

Thai cat is very smart, active and inquisitive. They love to talk loudly with the household. Get along well with children, but not with other animals. Anxious about their territory.

Care standard. In food, Thai are not picky. The diet consists of either ready-made feed, or from natural. Green grass is necessary for pets. With its help they clean the stomach.


These Murcans are relatives of Siamese cats and people from Thailand. They are shorthair and long-haired.

Long slender body, elegant neck, wedge-shaped head and elongated chin. Almond-shaped eyes. Big ears.

Oriental cat has a large color palette, but the eyes should be green. This is a sign of the breed.

Care standard. Food is suitable both ready and natural. The main thing is that it is balanced, as cats are prone to corpulence.

The price depends on the class of the animal and the purpose of the acquisition.


These animals are distinguished by chocolate color and shiny coat. Combine the best features of a pet. In the breed there are two types: American Burmese and European. They have only a slight difference in appearance.

Burma perfectly harmonious, have good muscles, round head and expressive eyes.

Burma's coat is very thin, like satin. One of the valuable colors is sable.
The Burman cat is very curious in character and at the same time calm. But it can stand up for itself, in case of danger.

They do not tolerate cold and drafts, ideal for content in the apartment. For a pet, it is necessary to arrange a separate sleeping place and carefully monitor the cleanliness of the tray and bowl.

Food should be balanced and correct, if you use ready-made feed, give preference to the premium class.

Singapore cat

Singapore is very rare. Animals are small in size and doll muzzle.

Description of Singaporean cat: small body, round head, large ears and green eyes.

There should be no drafts. Nutrition ready-made super premium food or high-quality natural products.

Feature - dwarf size and expressive eyes.

European shorthair cat

The breed is also called Celtic. It was withdrawn in the early twentieth century.

A large and strong body, strong paws, a tail of medium length, pointed ears, round eyes.

The cat has a hunting habits and good nature. They love children. Celtic cat freedom-loving and has good health. Distinguished by a variety of colors and long life expectancy.

Any food, the main thing - a balanced.

Shorthair also includes:

Shorthair animals are mostly friendly and affectionate. Do not require special care. And in their beauty and mind are not inferior to the long-haired. Such a cat will become a real member of the family!

American curl

The history of this breed is very unusual and interesting. Everything is connected with how the American family took a cat into the house, which soon brought them unusual kittens - with curved ears. Officially, these cats appeared as a new breed in 1983, and recently in 2002 they were recognized by the international organization Fife. In the US, the breed is in great demand, because these cats are very affectionate and responsive. In addition to good character, these pets have a beautiful appearance and the matter is not only in their ears, but in general terms.

The breed standard is quite democratic, almost all possible colors are recognized. It should also be said that among the Curls there are owners not only of short wool, but also of semi-long hair. Shorthair Curls have a smooth, but soft fluffy coat, a wide variety of colors.

Such a cat with a wild appearance, not everyone dares to have, but in vain, because a wild appearance does not in any way affect the character of the animal. On the contrary, Ashera is very affectionate, friendly, loyal and playful cat. This breed is the result of the breeding work of the biotechnology company LifestylePets, which first presented its creation in 2006. It is said that it was created on the basis of the African Serval, the Bengal cat and the usual domestic. As you can see in the photo, such a miracle really resembles a wild leopard.

Of course, the first thing that attracts attention is the size of the cat. Almost a meter in length and about 15 kg of weight! To breed such pets will not succeed, as zoologists strictly monitor the population of the species. These cats are rather big and inexperienced breeding can reflect badly on the nature of the cat. Today, this breed is also considered one of the most expensive. They are hypoallergenic, and their beautiful wild coloring leaves few people indifferent.

Bengal cat

Another cat with a leopard appearance, which has passed the hard way of its formation. Her ancestors are the wild Bengal cat, and her pets with her appearance were first introduced to the world in 1991. Around 2008, such beauties appeared in our country.

As can be clearly seen in the photo, Bengal cats have a flexible muscular body, powerful legs, a short tail and soft fur. By their nature, these pets are capricious and independent, but they love to play very much. You can frolic with them for hours. And they also have a very strong hunting instinct, so she will always find a victim for herself.

Burmese or Burmese

Another well-known breed, which began its history in 1930. The first representative was obtained from crossing the cat from the coast of Burma and the Siamese cat. Уже через 6 лет эту породу зарегистрировали в CFA. Сегодня эта порода имеет два стандарта: европейский и американский. Первая отличается более стройным телом и длинными лапами, а вторая кошка имеет более круглые глаза.

Что касается внешности, то сегодня признан соболиный, лиловый, голубой, шоколадный и черепаховый окрас. These cats love to be in the attention of people, so they perfectly participate in exhibitions. They are also very attached to the person, they love to play together.

This breed originates in Thailand, where it is considered a cat that brings happiness. For a long time, these pets were not sold and could only be given as a gift. This is a very ancient breed, which was known back in the 1350s. But the world learned about them only in 1896.

Corats are small short-haired cats that have a strong body, a muscular body. They have an unusual head shape in the shape of a heart, as well as large green eyes. Ears are large and rounded. The coat is silky, soft, the color is possible only silver-blue.

Mekong Bobtail

This breed also came to us from Thailand, where such cats for a long time accompanied important persons and lived at palaces. We can say that the tail of these cats is unique and even their identity. Another important feature concerns their character - this breed is very similar to dogs, they also walk on a leash and play ball with the owner. They also do not hide claws on their hind legs, and indeed the cat does not scratch. Very loving and inquisitive.

Exotic Shorthair (Exot)

This breed is just a dream for those who love the Persians, but can not care for their fur. As seen in the photo, they completely resemble them, only have short hair. Their fur coat is thick, plush, smooth and does not require special care. By nature, pets are calm, friendly, attached and loyal. Unlike their fellows with long hair, these Persians are very mobile and playful. About this breed in more detail, see the video.

American shorthair

The descendants of domestic cats who arrived in America in the XVII century with the first English settlers. They have a powerful article and long, rounded legs.

Cote Balinez is descended from Siamese, but differs in large length of wool. The first kittens appeared in the 30s. last century, and in 1970 a new breed of Balinese was registered.

British Shorthair

The national breed of the British Isles, was bred as a result of crossing the best types of street cats. Due to the calm nature, the British quickly get used to people and get along well with them.

There are several varieties of British cats: black, white, cream, blue, chocolate, purple, two- and tricolor, tabby (see all types of British cats).

Burmese cat

Breed of dark brown color, brought from Burma. It was crossed with the Siamese, and the new breed was recognized in 1936. The burmanok is characterized by a nose pad and a tail of medium length with a rounded tip.

Egyptian Mau

Luxurious silver-smoky cat with a spotted pattern throughout the body. It resembles cats, which are depicted on the walls of temples and in the manuscripts of ancient Egypt.

By nature, Mau is quite closed, rarely trusts more than one person.

The breed is named after the province in Thailand, from where American soldiers who served there brought it to the USA. It is believed that the corals should have a strictly silver-blue color, otherwise they are referred to as “Thai lilac” or “Thai color-point”.

The korats have large green eyes, and the muzzle is shaped like a heart (see all photos of the kora cat).

Cornish Rex

This cat comes from the English county of Cornwall. Smooth-haired mother gave birth to a cream-colored kitten with curly hair. Subsequently, they were crossed, having already received two curly cubs (see what kind of curly cats are).

But over time, the interbreeding of closely related species led to the appearance of weak offspring, which had to be euthanized, and several other breeds were introduced.

Cornish, like other varieties of Rex, is characterized by long front legs, an elongated, rounded muzzle and unusually large, compared to the head, ears.

Probably the most ridiculous cat breed - munchkins have very short legs, like a dachshund. This happened as a result of a genetic mutation. Sociable, friendly and playful animals.

Manx Cat (Manx)

A unique breed that is distinguished by a very short tail or its complete absence, which is also provoked by the mutant gene.

Menksy were named after the Isle of Man off the western shores of Great Britain, where their population developed. Large, well-fed cats with a round muzzle.

German (Prussian) Rex

It is considered the first of the wavy rocks - it was bred in the 30s. XX century in Germany by crossing the Russian Blue and Turkish Angoras. They have a pleasant to the touch velvety coat, sometimes bald.

Selkirk Rex

One of the most new breeds, the first representative of which was born in 1987 in the US state of Wyoming.

By crossing with the Persians, Selkirk wool is thicker than other Rex. Funny curly-haired animals.

Siamese cat

The history of this breed dates back to the XV century. On the territory of Siam (now - Thailand), such a cat was considered sacred.

She has a rather unusual appearance — a long neck, a triangular face, slanted blue eyes, large ears and painted limbs (see photos of cats with different eyes).

Thai cat

Breed, akin to Siamese. Obtained as a result of breeding, which is why there are almost no similarities between the current Thais and Siamese.

Another new breed based on the desire to get a miniature domestic tiger.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Perhaps the most unusual cats - they are hairless and lop-eared. More like dogs than cats.

Breed bred in France, is considered a national pride. Chartreuses are large, have thick blue hair and large yellow eyes.

Scottish lop-eared

Comely animal with a round muzzle, ears pressed down and playful character.

Exotic Shorthair (exot)

The breed appeared in the USA in the 1960s. due to the crossing of the Persian and the American Shorthair.

In addition, short-haired cats include bald cats - sphinxes and a savanna cat, obtained by crossing a domestic cat with a wild African serval (see photo of bald breeds with the name and description of the breed).