Breeds of dogs of small size with photos, names and features of the character


The little dog is the perfect pet for city dwellers. It takes up little space in the apartment, does not require a long walk on the open areas, does not take too much time to care. However, living together in an apartment with any living thing requires compliance with certain rules. Therefore, it is so important to make the right choice and purchase a pet that matches the owner’s lifestyle, character, interests and habits.

The list of breeds of small dogs with photos and names, supplemented by descriptions and characteristics, will help you choose a pet that matches your preferences in appearance and behavioral patterns. The article describes the best breeds of small dogs that are recommended for keeping at home.


Affenpinscher - a dog of 25-28 centimeters in height, with hard black hair, looks like a little monkey. The behavior of this miniature dog is also somewhat monkey. Affenpinscher is a playful, noisy, hooligan dog with a stubborn temper.

Such a playful disposition requires persistent and consistent training in order for the little imp to become an obedient dog who observes the rules of behavior in the house.

Affen griffon

Affen Griffon is a breed that has arisen as a result of crossing Affenpincher and the Brussels Griffon. This is a very agile, active, friendly dog, characterized by ingenuity and devotion to the owner. Despite its small size, affen griffon perfectly copes with the role of the caretaker, and be sure to notify the host of the appearance of uninvited guests.

A special feature of the breed is the hard wool, which must be regularly manually trimmed. Haircut affen griffon is not recommended because it spoils the structure of wool.

Shipperke is a miniature-sized shepherd dog that looks like a black spitz-dog. It is an energetic, fun, requiring a long walks breed, which will become a good companion to a sporty, physically active host.

A bored shipperke starts having behavior problems: the dog barks with or without reason, fights pets, rushes at the guests, and behaves aggressively for a walk. The dog needs active, long games, sports, jogging, walks in the park or the forest.

Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is one of the most original in appearance of small breeds. This fragile and defenseless-looking baby has good enough health, but does not tolerate cold at all. The future owner of the dog needs to prepare for the purchase of a whole all-season wardrobe for her.

Another feature of the breed is the complexity of training, which is unlikely to handle a beginner. It is impossible to shout at the crested bird, it is necessary to accustom to rules of behavior softly, but persistently.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandy Dinmond Terrier has an unusual appearance: the dog has a long body and short limbs. By the nature of it is affectionate, kind and cheerful dog, devoted to the owner.

Dandy Dinmond Terrier needs training from an early age and a lot of physical activity. Such a dog is not suitable for an elderly or calm person, and for athletes, travelers and hunters, this is the perfect companion and companion.

Moscow Longhair Toy Terrier

The Moscow Longhair Toy Terrier is a newcomer to the group of small dog breeds that gained popularity right after its appearance in Russia and many European countries. The baby's body is poryto thick, soft wavy hair, with charming eyes on the ears and legs.

The little terrier is attached to his master and does not tolerate loneliness. A doggie can easily learn the rules of behavior in a house, it can do without long walks, therefore it is suitable for people of different ages and lifestyles.

Meliteo kinidio

Little Greek dog - Meliteo kinidio - is an ancient breed. Popular in the historic homeland and quite rare in our country. This is a small fluffy breed of dogs, kind and cheerful in relation to the owner and all the inhabitants of the house, but does not recognize outsiders.

In terms of content in the apartment Meliteo Kinidio is an ideal breed: it gets along easily in any conditions, is unpretentious in the diet, does not require specific grooming. The breed requires long, regular walks and close contact with the owner.

West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier is a breed of dog that was bred in Scotland, but quickly became popular all over the world. This is the perfect pet with a cute appearance and friendly character. Vesti does not fade, is easily trained, gets along well with the whole family.

Dog's coat requires careful care: trimming, trimming the skirt, combing. The breed is prone to food allergies, so the food for it must be selected carefully. It is recommended to exclude wheat, chicken, dyed vegetables and cabbage from the diet.

The smallest dog breeds with names

Among small dogs, there are breeds that are distinguished by the smallest size. The fashion for miniature pets is growing rapidly at the present time, which is explained by the compactness of the dogs and the opportunity to not part with them throughout the day. The description of the smallest dog breeds with photos, presented below, will give an idea about the features of some popular breeds and the rules for handling them.

Prague Ratter

The growth of Prague krysaryk is only 23 centimeters. This is a peace-loving, affectionate, sympathetic dog, betrayed to the owner, obedient, balanced and unobtrusive dog born in the Czech Republic. The ratman is distinguished by his devotion to his master, loves praise, and is excellently trained. The dog is particularly sensitive to the mood of the owner, so dissatisfaction can be used as a method of education.

The Prague Ratter requires careful treatment, since his body is quite fragile and the risk of fractures and other injuries is high. The breed is quite active, so it needs a rich protein diet.

Russian toy terrier

The Russian toy terrier is a miniature-sized dog (20-28 centimeters in height) with an elegant physique. Russian that unpretentious in content, easily accustomed to the tray, does not require much time to care for wool. You can usually feed the dog with food: boiled or half-baked meat, cereal cereals, stewed vegetables.

The dog must be taught discipline, otherwise it will constantly bark, demonstrating the guard qualities. The dog does not tolerate rude treatment and is very upset, but it’s impossible to indulge the pet's pranks.

American lo shi pug

The American lo-shi pug is a compact, affectionate dog, ideally suited to the role of companion and pet. She gets along well with other animals, learns easily, loves children. The dog likes to bark, but not without a reason, but only to warn about the arrival of guests or to meet their own needs.

Care of the breed is not difficult: combing once a week, bathing every 1-2 months, cleaning the ears, eyes and teeth once a week. In terms of activity, the dog adapts to the owner's lifestyle: he plays with him when he is active and lies nearby during his rest.

Breeds of small good dogs

It is impossible to divide the breed of dogs into good or evil, since the nature of each of them depends not only on the genetically incorporated temperament, but also on education. But there are breeds that are notable for their special peace-lovingness and kindness towards the owner and strangers.

Photos and descriptions of such babies are presented in this section. Breeds of small kind dogs are notable for their special friendliness towards family members and even everyone around them, they love affection and praise.

Bichon frize

Bichon Frize (curly Bichon) is a miniature dog with curly snow-white hair and round black, surprisingly good eyes. The dog is playful, cheerful, loves affection. But breeding a breed is not easy and requires patience and perseverance.

Care for luxurious Bichon wool is quite complicated. It must be carefully combed every day, and then treated with a binder. The length of the hair on the face and legs regulate periodic haircut.

Rabbit dachshund

Rabbit dachshund was bred in Germany for hunting purposes, but nowadays it is most often acquired as a companion and pet. The dog is good-natured, balanced, without a drop of aggression. This dog can play the role of a real clown, as it has a good sense of humor.

With improper education, the rabbit dachshund can become mischievous and stubborn. It must be trained calmly and respectfully.

Maltese (Maltese)

The beauty of the Maltese wool is a major factor in the attractiveness of the breed. Cute dog no more than 25 centimeters in height, with long snow-white wool with proper care, looks luxurious and rich. It is no accident that this breed has always been a favorite of royals.

The dog is good-natured, docile, loving and gentle towards the owners. Luxurious wool breed requires careful maintenance. The breed has poor health, so it is necessary to properly feed, walk and promptly show the vet.

Pomeranian spitz

The Pomeranian Spitz is the smallest species of the group of dogs of this breed. The growth of the baby is only 23 centimeters. Weight not more than three kilograms. This is a particularly popular breed among socialites and creative personalities.

By nature, Pomeranian is communicative. Cheerful and extremely good-natured dog. He is obedient and careful, therefore, ideal for living together, even in a very small apartment. Baby Spitz will be the perfect companion for adults and children.

Border Terrier

The nature of the border terrier is somewhat duality. On the hunt it is a ruthless and excitable dog, and at home it is a tender, friendly, loving pet. Many representatives of this breed can smile, baring their teeth.

This good-natured dog is used in Western medical institutions as an “animal for therapy”. Border terrier owners visit nursing homes and hospitals with their pets, providing psychological support to sick people.

Small smart breeds of dogs

Choosing a future pet, we often limit ourselves to viewing descriptions of small dog breeds with photos. Meanwhile, an important criterion for selection is the intellectual abilities of the dog. A clever dog easily remembers commands, learns the rules of behavior and is the most obedient. Among the small breeds of dogs, there are several species that are distinguished by the highest intelligence.

This dog will become a faithful friend of all family members. Will be able to cope with any rhythm and lifestyle of the owners. Papillon with equal pleasure will run around the apartment with the children and lie quietly on the sofa with the owner.

All the commands this dog remembers literally the first time. She understands not only the words of the master, but even reacts to the intonation with which he speaks. It is necessary to give the voice a strict tone, and Papillon realizes that his actions are not acceptable. Communication with papillon is sheer pleasure.

Continental Toy Spaniel

No dog show can do without representatives of this breed. Continental Toy Spaniel has a fascinating appearance: dog with a height of 25 centimeters and luxurious long hair like an expensive plush toy.

The Toy Spaniel is a very smart dog, but at the same time prone to dominance. In the process of training the owner will need to be able to outwit the pet and turn the execution of commands into reflexes. For each action performed, the pet must first receive a treat, praise, and affection. Proper execution of commands is encouraged by a gentle voice, and disobedience is encouraged in a strict tone.

That poodle

Toy Poodle is a charming curly dog ​​with high intelligence. This breed can often be found in a circus performing incredible stunts. Toy Poodle loves the owner, ready to please him with obedience.

The quick adoption of teams contributes to the positive motivation of the pet. This little girl loves when she is praised. Pet pranks can not be ignored. Any disorderly conduct left without punishment will necessarily be repeated.

Alaskan Kli Kai

The Alaskan Kli-kai, like all Huskies, is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very intelligent and independent. In contrast to the stubborn Siberian Huskies, their miniature copies are more similar in behavior to cats. They are tender to the owner and even wash their face with characteristic paw movements.

Another incredible ability of the Alaskan clique is the ability to make sounds similar to human speech. A set of guttural, howling, gurgling sounds is really similar to a conversation, therefore, communication with a pet is able to deliver real pleasure.

Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is an intelligent, restrained dog, with an unusually developed intellect. He is able to perform the functions of the guard, notifying the owner of the appearance of uninvited guests. But just so tibby will not bark.

As a true intellectual, the Tibetan Spaniel needs to be left alone from time to time, so the pet needs to take a cozy nook in the house. In the rest of the maintenance of the breed in the house involves standard procedures for the care of wool and organizing walks.

Australian Terrier

This is a companion dog. Color: from blue and gray to sand and red and tan. Height - 30 cm, weight - 6 kg. Active, agile dog. In training, you need to be persistent. In food unpretentious, not prone to gluttony. Attitude to children is good, if you take a dog puppy.

Alaskan Kli-Kai (Miniature Husky)

This is a fluffy breed of dogs. Color: gray, black and tan. Height from 33 to 49 cm. Weight: 4.5-10 kg. Good-natured, agile, playful dogs, have character, therefore they are difficult to train. Good attitude to children. Wool during the molting period must be combed out. Feeding: mix of dry and wet food.

American Eagle

The dog of the category is the smartest breed. Beautiful, friendly, affectionate, easy to learn. Great for children. Suitable for an apartment. Combing need 2 times a week. Height: 23-48 cm, weight from 2.5 to 16 kg. Color milky with red and cream markings. Prone to gaining excess weight, so the food should consist of their professional feed.

American water spaniel

A dog from the category of small hunting breeds. Color: chocolate, black, spotted, with burns. Height - 38 cm, weight - 12-20 kg. Smart, has a good sense of smell, suitable for bird hunting. Easy to train. In food unpretentious. Do not tolerate a rude attitude to yourself. Behaves calmly in relation to children and pets.

American toy terrier

An inquisitive, agile dog with character, color - tricolor: white-black-red, black-and-white, sometimes completely red. Height up to 25 cm, weight up to 3.5 kg. Not very well trainable. In food unpretentious, eats a little. Like many decorative dogs, children are wary.

American Eskimo Spitz

Beautiful "smiling" dogs-chanterelles. Color milky or cream. Height: 22-49 cm, weight: 12-17 kg. Despite their kindness will not give the owner a grudge. Obedient, well trained, love children. The dog is prone to fat, so the diet should not be fat. They have a loud voice, it will have to wean from the "idleness".

English Cocker Spaniel

This is a hunting dog breed. Color different: red, black, blue, golden. Height: 39-41 cm, weight: 12-14 kg. Smart, energetic, affectionate dog. He loves children. Well trained. Feeding is better divided by 3 times in small portions, otherwise a hungry dog ​​can pick up food on the street.

English toy terrier

Rare breed, similar to Doberman in miniature. Color black or rich chestnut. Height: 25-30 cm, weight: 3-5 kg. Frisky, energetic dog, with the wrong education can be aggressive. Feeding: 2 times a day with complete feed for small breeds. For children from the age of five years are good, love to play outdoor games.

Affench pinscher

The dog resembles a funny monkey. Color from black to red, may have an uneven color. Height up to 30 cm, weight up to 6 kg. Belongs to the category of decorative dogs of small breeds. Jealous, not loyal to children, walking - only on a leash. Training will require patience from the host. They can not be overfed, they are prone to obesity.

Affen terrier

These are medium sized dogs. Height 61 cm, color white with black. Very active and stubborn animals, good hunters, rarely bark. They can be trained, but they prefer variety in teams. Feeding: standard diet for medium breed dogs. Patient to children.

Biver-Yorkshire Terrier

It is the smallest breed, long-haired subspecies of the Yorkshire terrier. Tri-color - white with black and red, there are two-colored individuals. Height: 22 cm, weight up to 3 kg. Внимательная, контактная, веселая, энергичная собака. При кормлении миску с едой нужно забирать через 15 минут после начала трапезы, независимо от того, доела ли собака, так как они склонны к перееданию. Любит играть с детьми. Имеет слегка «напыщенный вид».

Бишон-фризе (Кудрявый бишон, Кудрявая болонка)

Очень милые и красивые животные. Окрас белый, рост не более 30 см, вес до 7 кг. Послушные, смышленые. Любят поесть, в рационе должны быть мясо и овощи. Отлично относятся к детям, любят играть. Могут сильно скучать в одиночестве.

Болонский бишон (Болоньез)

Breed still carries the name "Italian lapdog". Height up to 30 cm, weight up to 4 kg. They have a long, beautiful white wool, almost no shedding. Do not tolerate loneliness. With children restrained. Quite calm, noncaprisal dogs. Feeding should be varied, be sure to include vegetables and vitamins. The dog does not tolerate a sharp change of diet.

Border terrier

Little hunting breed. The appearance of the dog resembles the face of an otter. Color is light yellow, gray, red, blue. Height up to 40 cm, weight up to 7 kg. Devotees, kind, obedient animals, love children, are ready to play with them all day. Well amenable to training. In food unpretentious, but it is better to feed with natural, nutritious food.

Boston terrier

This is a small, short-haired breed. Color kitten, black and white, brindle. Height: 38-43 cm, weight divided into 3 categories: up to 6.8 kg, up to 9 kg, and up to 11.3 kg. Playful and active animals. There are stubborn, there may be difficulties with training. They do not like being scolded. They love to play with children. Boston feeds need high protein food.

Brussels Griffon

One of the smartest breeds of small dogs. Possess funny facial expressions. Color red with parts of black. Height up to 20 cm, weight up to 6 kg. Dogs have increased anxiety and, if frightened, can bite. Intelligent, well trained. Feeding: complete feed for small breeds. Children do not like. Loyal to the owner.

Pros and cons of small breeds

It should be borne in mind a few nuances that can darken the joy of owning such a tiny animal:

  • the miniature creature needs very careful care and care for its health, which, as a rule, is weaker than that of large breed dogs,
  • because of its excessive desire for universal attention, the dog is often spinning under its feet, as a result of which there are many accidents connected with injuring an animal that people simply did not notice,
  • despite the tiny size, the animal can bring big problems because of its playful nature, which are famous for almost all miniature dogs,
  • Such animals should not be fed with low-quality, cheap food, as they, as a rule, have supersensitive stomachs that do not respond in the best way to “inappropriate” food.

Anyway, small breeds of dogs have several advantages over their larger relatives:

  • small size and, as a result, small weight, which allows such dogs to be easily held not only by adult owners, but also by children,
  • life expectancy - despite not very good health, most long-livers are still found among small dogs, they can live up to 15 years or more,
  • friendliness - small dogs are renowned for their friendly character, thanks to which they finally conquer the hearts of many people,
  • courage - small sizes do not make such dogs cowardly, on the contrary, sometimes they show such fearlessness that their larger brothers are not capable of, for example, small dogs have absolutely no fear of heights.

Types of dogs of small breeds

The smallest breeds of dogs are determined by withers - that is, the place between the dog's shoulder blades. As a rule, such dogs are divided into small - up to 45 centimeters in the crest, dwarfs - up to 35 centimeters at the withers and toe - up to 28 centimeters at the withers. The weight of small dogs does not exceed 10 kilograms.

The diminutive size, low weight, charming appearance and constant desire are in the attention zone - the characteristic features of small dogs.

It is conditionally possible to distinguish 15 of the most popular breeds of small dogs. The rating was formed depending on the height of the animal - from “large” dogs to very tiny ones.

Miniature Pinscher

Animals of this breed, with a weight of 4 to 6 kilograms can reach 25-30 centimeters at the withers. Dogs do not have wool, therefore, like the Chinese crested do not cause problems with cleaning the house. Proud in character they will not tolerate the presence of a dog of another breed on their territory, they need to get all the attention of the owners only to them.

Bichon Frize

The growth of these dogs ranges from 23 to 30 centimeters, and the weight can vary from 3 to 7 kilograms. The name of this breed of dogs gives their French origin and refined manners. These fluffy and extremely cute creatures have well-developed hunting instincts - the Bichons are excellent rat-catchers who will reliably protect the territory entrusted to them from small rodents.

Toy Fox Terrier

At the withers, these dogs can reach 29 centimeters, but most often their height does not exceed 25 centimeters. Despite its not very small size, the weight of the Fox Terrier ranges from 1.5 to 4 kilograms. These dogs are intelligent and easily trained, in addition, they are also good fighters against small pests.

Russian toy terrier

A small dog - up to 26 centimeters at the withers has a very small weight - from 1 to 2 kilograms. Once, only Russian aristocrats could afford to keep these pets - after all, these creatures are very picky and need special, careful care of themselves. A charming and very friendly dog ​​can be a new member of your family.

Russian toy terrier is an unusual combination of the sophisticated appearance of an aristocrat and great charm.

Japanese hin

The height of these dogs can vary between 23-25 ​​centimeters, and their weight is usually no more than 4 kilograms. Very friendly and devoted pet, which will be a great friend for the still inexperienced breeder.

A dog with a truly royal manners, but small in size - the height of the Pekingese can vary from 15 to 25 centimeters, and weighs no more than 5 kilograms. Yes, yes, unlike other small Pekingese breeds, it has quite a lot of weight.

The dog loves to play pranks and often competes with the children, seeing them as rivals in the struggle for the attention of the owners, so it’s better not to start a house where there are Pekingese children.

Yorkshire Terrier

Growth in the withers of this dog can reach 23 centimeters, more often - less, while the weight of York usually does not exceed 3 kilograms. Little adorable little dog of English descent has all the manners of a real aristocrat. Proud, wayward and at the same time immensely devoted to his master animal.

The smallest breed of dog in the world

In the group of small breeds of dogs there are dogs, which differ in the most miniature size.

Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog in the world. Dogs of this breed usually weigh from 0.5 to 3 kg, and their height is from 10 to 23 cm. Chihuahua Boo Boo has a height of about 11 centimeters, weighs about seven hundred grams and is the smallest of the dogs that currently live.

Chihuahua is a kind, obedient, but at the same time extremely vulnerable and touchy dog. Such a miniature pet requires careful and very careful handling. By the appearance of a dog in the house you need to prepare: remove items that it can dump, restrict access to places where the dog can climb and get stuck or fall.

Home fox fenech

Fenech is a restless, curious animal, 18-22 centimeters tall and weighing no more than 1.5 kilograms. This is a dog with large ears, about 15 centimeters long, which give it a very funny appearance.

In home chanterelle fenek very poor health. The dog must be kept almost in greenhouse conditions, otherwise it will certainly catch a cold. A special feature of this dog is nocturnal, so the owner must take this into account before buying a puppy.

Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier is distinguished by good health, longevity and unpretentious content. This is a fun, energetic, cheerful dog with a height of about 40 centimeters, with a short, smooth coat.

The Manchester Terrier is friendly to other animals and children, likes noisy games and long walks. The character is mostly docile, but sometimes the terrier is stubborn and disobedient. You can feed your pet with traditional dog food, but experts recommend starting the morning with sour milk.

General description: who are they and who are they suitable for?

Pocket called dogs, whose height does not exceed 20 cm at the withers, and weight ranges from 600 to 2 000 g.

Despite the common name, the concept of "pocket dogs" does not exist. This is a common marketing ploy. The inhabitants are called so dog-sized dogs.

In the official classification they belong to the group of small breeds of dogs or toy-breeds. Their height is up to 28 cm, and weight is up to 12 kg.

Another thing - fashion trends and the desire of unscrupulous breeders to cash in on. They specially select and cross the smallest individuals. And sell them in 2 - 3 times more expensive than standard puppies.

This selection leads to numerous health problems. Among them:

  • genetic disorders
  • frail skeleton
  • bad metabolism
  • underdevelopment of organs
  • biting problems due to too small jaws
  • difficult childbirth,
  • short life expectancy.

However, miniature dogs are very popular. This is partly due to fashion. Future owners are seduced by the thought of “going out” with a little charming girl who will sit on her hands all evening and receive compliments.

There are other advantages to dwarf dogs:

  • do not need a long walk,
  • get along well with pets
  • eat little
  • do not need a lot of space for content,
  • with a tiny pet it is convenient to travel.

As a rule, pocket dogs are turned on by people living in small apartments and the elderly. These are great companions. But they are not suitable for busy careerists and families with children under 10 years of age: mini-dogs require a lot of attention, and a child can accidentally harm a fragile pet.

There is another reason why dwarf dogs should not be made for children. Such pets have an easily excitable nervous system.

The factor is aggravated by insufficient, or completely absent upbringing - usually the owners believe that a very small pet is not dangerous and does not need training.

As a result, the dog may respond with aggression on childish pranks and games.

Toy Fox Terrier

  • Dimensions: 21.5 - 29 cm
  • Wool: short, smooth, without undercoat.
  • Live: up to 15 years.
  • Price: 15,000 - 45,000 p.

A vigorous and friendly toy fox terrier (amerthy) with bat-like ears is a true friend and companion. He is tireless, ready for hours to follow the owner for a walk and "help" in all matters.

This miniature dog can not be called a pocket. In her veins flows the blood of hunters and guards. She will eagerly pursue prey and barking warn about strangers.

In the care of toy-fox terriers unpretentious. Although they do not give up long walks, it will be enough to take them out to the street for half an hour a couple of times a day. It is simple to follow the short coat - it is enough to comb the coat once every 1 - 2 weeks with a massage brush.

Petersburg Orchid

  • Dimensions, weight: up to 30 cm, not more than 3.5 kg.
  • Wool: long, thick, with a slight wave.
  • Live: 13 - 14 years old.
  • Price: 30,000 - 50,000 p.

New breed of dogs, bred in St. Petersburg in 1997. They are rarely seen outside of St. Petersburg and especially Russia. Only non-breeding animals are sold abroad.

Breed Petersburg orchid has not yet recognized - it is in the process of breeding.

Pet care is not too complicated. You need to wipe your eyes daily, brush your teeth every 3 days, brush your ears and ears once a week, cut hair once every 1 - 2 months and bathe if necessary.

Petersburg orchids are ideal companions for couch potatoes. Walk they prefer to sleep on your favorite bed. These pocket dogs are clean, do not like to get dirty, rarely bullies.

Talk about specific breed diseases early. For the Petersburg orchid, the same problems are typical as for all very small pets: pathologies of the joints, tooth loss, inflammation of the gums, frequent colds and sensitive digestion.

  • Dimensions, weight: up to 28 cm, up to 4 kg.
  • Wool: curly, thick, with curls.
  • Live: 13 - 15 years.
  • Price: 10 000 - 20 000 p.

The Toy Poodle is the smallest member of the breed. These pocket dogs were specially bred for living in small apartments.

Miniature poodles are friendly with children, but do not get along well with dogs and other pets.

The key point in caring for a poodle is grooming. Independently correctly trim a dwarf dog is unlikely to succeed. We'll have to find a good professional.

Wool almost does not fade, so does not cause allergies. But the pet will have to be bathed often (once every 2 - 3 weeks) and daily combed.

Walking toy-poodle start from the first months. These miniature dogs are important loads - physical and mental.

Training is not difficult - the keen mind of pets makes them excellent students.

Toy poodles are a very “painful” breed. They often have diabetes, otitis, dysplasia of the hip joint, bowel movement, urolithiasis, congenital deafness, cataracts, food allergies.

In the nursery

The best and most reliable way is to buy a miniature dog in the kennel. In this case, the highest chance that the owner will receive a healthy, psychological resistant animal from parents with good genes.

In addition, conscientious breeders carefully monitor breed standards. They will not chase fashion trends, “cram” in a knowingly sick puppy, even if it will be a charming miniature crumb.

Do ordinary owners

As a rule, simple owners still do not allow interbreeding, carefully monitor the health of the mother and puppies.

The advantage of this method is that a puppy can be purchased cheaply, several times cheaper than in a nursery. Minus - puppy is likely to be without pedigree.

You can find ads for sale in your hometown or learn from your friends. Another option is to ask local dog handlers. They know their "wards" and their owners, and they will tell you where to turn.

According to the announcement

You can buy a puppy by viewing the bulletin boards on the Internet. For example, Avito, Yula and the like.

However, it is worth being careful - along with announcements from breeders and bona fide owners, there are often offers to sell sick animals and mixed breeds. Often, a pocket puppy is given for a pocket dog, which grows twice as much as promised.

Pick up for free

With purebred animals just do not part. If in the city public or on the bulletin board hangs the announcement of the transfer of the dog in good hands, you need to know the reason why they give the pet. Best if it will move.

The worst option is when the owners give away their pet for free “because they are tired”. As a rule, it will be an ill-bred animal with psychological problems.

Get a gift

If you really want a miniature dog, and there is not enough money for it, you can hint to relatives, friends and acquaintances that you would not mind receiving a four-footed friend as a gift.

But this method is not particularly good:

  • an animal is undesirable to start during the holidays - for the commotion it will be enough time for him
  • There are restrictions in the choice - friends can buy a sick animal or a half-breed in the bird market,
  • You can get not suitable for the nature of the pet.

How to choose a miniature dog?

When the decision to buy a pocket dog is made, the question arises - how to choose a puppy? This will help a few tips:

  1. To determine the breed. Orientation is not only on appearance, but also on the nature and how difficult it is to care for a specific dog.
  2. Find a breeder. When choosing a nursery, you need to look at the conditions in which animals are kept, read reviews about the breeder in specialized forums.
  3. Don't chase the tiniest doggie. For each breed, a standard is clearly spelled out. The height and weight of the dog must be within certain limits. If the puppy is significantly smaller - he will have 100% health problems.
  4. Remember that it is impossible to guess the future size of a puppy. A breeder can approximately predict how large a dog will grow. If he claims that the dog will be miniature, it is worth the guard. Height and weight depend on genetic characteristics and conditions of detention. Sometimes the initially tiny baby eventually grows larger than its fellows.
  5. Beware of fraud. A normal breeder will not convince that there are pocket breeds of dogs. Those who claim this are, at best, simply cunning and so called small breeds. At worst - they forge documents, increasing the puppy's age, or remove obviously sick animals for the sake of fashion.
  6. "Talk" with puppies. With a personal inspection will be noticeable character and temperament of pets. It is best to take a confident baby who boldly goes on his hands, plays and takes food.

Before dwelling on a particular breed, it is advisable to look at adult dogs live - in the kennel, at the venue or exhibition. Puppies are all cute, but grown-up animals may not like it.
And especially not to choose a pet only by photo or video.

Pocket dogs often give birth because of the simple content. In addition, small breeds - a kind of tribute to fashion.

Purebred puppies are expensive and emphasize the status of the owner as well as an elite watch or costume.

Но не стоит воспринимать миниатюрного песика только как аксессуар: это живое существо со своим характером, потребностью во внимании и проблемами со здоровьем.

Бретонский палевый бассет

Маленькая собака охотничьей породы. Окрас золотисто-рыжий и палево-пшеничный с белой отметкой на груди. Рост до 36 см, вес до 20 кг. Это добродушные, уживчивые собаки. В дрессировке могут проявлять упрямство. Ежедневное кормление взрослого пса требует 300 граммов мяса и субпродуктов. К детям относятся очень хорошо. Не любят других собак.

Вельш-корги пемброк

Это маленькая короткошерстная декоративная овчарка. Acceptable colors: red with white, tricolor, fawn, rarely black. Height not more than 30 cm, weight up to 13.5 kg. Loyal, obedient, active dogs. Excellent trained. Prone to overeat, require a metered dose. Anxiously treat children, good nannies and companions.

Westphalian dachshund

Dog hunting breed. Color black with rusty tan. Height up to 38 cm, weight up to 15 kg. Perfectly takes the trail, quite vicious, you can use even when hunting for a boar. At home, it turns into a kind and affectionate dog. Well trained. Feeding must be balanced, otherwise urolithiasis may develop. They love children. Live together with other pets.

Volpino Italian

Miniature fluffy dog. The color is white, sometimes red. Height up to 30 cm, weight up to 5 kg. Cheerful, energetic breed. In training from the owner will require perseverance. Feeding: standard diet for small breeds. Gets along well with children, loves to play with them. Suspicious of others. Great watchman.

Havanese bichon

Small and fluffy breed, with a coat of white, cream, peach color. Height up to 29 cm, weight up to 5.5 kg. Cheerful, intelligent dog, can be offended by a rough tone. Well amenable to training. The food is unpretentious, you can feed dry food or natural food. With children affectionate. Very attached to the owner.

Smooth Fox Terrier

A small hunting dog, color can be completely white or with spots without impurities. Height - 39.5 cm, weight - 8.2 kg. The dog is comical appearance, very mobile, active. Meals - one-time, without mixing dry and natural food. Loves to play with children. May be jealous of other pets. On walks can fight with other dogs.

Dutch spaniel

Little hunting breed. Color: white with red spots and black and white. Height up to 40 cm, weight up to 11 kg. Affectionate, loyal friend. They are trained well, but can be stubborn. Feeding: standard full feed. They have a good relationship with children. This dog is better to get experienced dog breeders.

Jack Russell Terrier

Shorthair breed. The color is white with red or black spots. Height - 30 cm, weight - 6 kg. A clever hunter, a great watchman. When training can be character. The diet of the animal should consist of half of natural meat. It is better not to start families with babies and inexperienced people.

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

Earlier hunting, and today decorative breed. Color: wheat, blue, tiger. Height - 35.5 cm, weight up to 16 kg. Brave dog, fine watchman. When training shows independence. In food unpretentious, you can feed and natural, and dry food. Good for older children, does not like little ones.

Italian Italian greyhound

Shorthair breed. Color: white, black, piebald, red, lilac. Height - 38 cm, weight up to 5 kg. Tender, cute, kind dogs, they recognize only one owner. Betrayed, hours can sit on the hands of the owner. Training must begin with 3 months. Good attitude to older children. On a walk it is better not to let go of the leash.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is a hunting breed dog. Color: tricolor, ruby ​​and black with tan. Height - 27 cm, weight - 8 kg. Kind, intelligent dog. Very well trained and trained. Food should be selected individually - the animal is prone to allergies and obesity. Loves children very much. Unable to protect by virtue of its good nature. Needs grooming.

Kang Guicho (Kuiskuelo)

A rather rare small shorthair breed. Color is allowed any. Height up to 42 cm, weight up to 12 kg. In Spain, these dogs are used to catch rabbits. Good and reliable assistant hunter, not sitting on the ground. Easy to learn and train. In food unpretentious. Get along with children, love joint outdoor games.

Cairn Terrier

Shorthair breed. Color wheat, dairy, black, gray. Height - 31 cm, weight - 7.5 kg. Frisky, sociable dog, in training shows "temper". The food is unpretentious, the breed was bred for hunting rats and involves eating them. Get along with children if they do not offend them. Tend to bark a lot, aggressive with other pets.

Cocker Poodle (Cockapoo)

One of the smartest dog breeds. The color is different, but more often: cream, fawn, white. Height up to 38 cm, weight up to 11 kg. This is a funny, good-natured, very intelligent dog. Easy and fun to train. You need to feed a complete feed. Love to play with children. Breed appeared recently, and still very rare.

Coton de Tulear

Decorative breed. The color is white with shades of gray. Height - 28 cm, weight up to 6 kg. Active, cheerful, kind dog, a wonderful companion. Smart, well trained. Needs special food for decorative small breeds. Strongly attached to children. The animal requires care for the coat and appearance (eye treatment).

Lancashire healer

A rare small breed of dogs, similar to Doberman. Color black, with burns. Height - 30 cm, weight up to 5.9 kg. Unpretentious, affectionate, playful dog. In training, shows stubbornness, has "his" opinion. You can not overfeed the animal from your table, it is better to adhere to the standard diet. Gets on well with children. Needs physical exertion.

Lhasa apso

An ancient breed of dogs with long hair. Color gold, honey, sand. Height up to 28 cm, weight up to 8 kg. Difficult nature - capricious, disobedient, do not tolerate punishment, may growl in response. In training do what they like. The dog eats little, but it is important that the food is balanced. Loves to play outdoor games with children.

Small lion

Decorative dog. Outwardly, it looks like a pocket lion. Color can be any. Height up to 32 cm, weight up to 6 kg. Smart, brave, funny, easy to learn. In the diet of the animal should be additives that affect the quality of wool. The dog treats children well. The breed is quite rare. Wool requires care.

Maltese (Maltese)

Little fluffy dog. The color is white, height - 25 cm, weight - 4 kg. Affectionate, sociable, friendly, can not stand loneliness. Studying well. The diet should include supplements to improve wool. For children is good. The dog does not require long walks, long-liver. Needs careful grooming.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Dogs of this breed look like little Border Collies. The color is marble blue, black, red, marble red with marks. Height - 46 cm, weight up to 14 kg. A faithful dog, ready to take care of any pet or child in the house. Perfectly trained. It can eat both dry food and natural food. Children love.

Miniature Bull Terrier

This is a small shorthair dog. The color is white with spots, brindle, red and any other. Height - 35.5 cm, weight up to 8 kg. Brave, balanced, energetic dog. Training gives in, but it needs to start as early as possible. Feeding: complete food for dogs of small breeds. Children are treated well. Beginners better not to have this dog.

Miniature Schnauzer (Miniature Schnauzer)

Shorthair breed. Colors: “black silver”, “pepper with salt”, white and others. Height - 35 cm, weight up to 8 kg. This is a sociable, loyal and affectionate dog, which loves its owner very much. A diligent student in training. Feeding: complete feed for small breeds. From the children "requires" careful handling. It needs grooming in the form of grooming.

Ancient shorthair breed. Color black, silver, peach, beige. Height up to 28 cm, weight up to 8.1 kg. This is a friendly, positive dog. Amenable to training. In feeding should know the measure, as pugs are prone to obesity. Good attitude to children. There may be breathing problems due to the peculiarities of the structure of the muzzle. Strong shedding.

German Hound

Hunting breed. The color is red, fawn, with black and black and white marks. Height - 40-53 cm, weight - 20 kg. The dog has "his opinion", it will have to be considered when training. Great hunter. The nutrition of the animal must be balanced. Not very fond of small children. Can not live in a city apartment. Needs walks and games.

New Guinean singing

This is a domesticated version of a wild dog. Color: sable, black and tan, red. Height up to 46 cm, weight - 14 kg. These are very intelligent animals, they can make independent decisions. Training give in poorly. Their independence is akin to the feline. In food unpretentious. Children are wary. They have a unique melodic voice.

Norwegian Lundehund

Rare breed, bred in Norway for the prey of birds. The dog can climb the rocks. Color from red to brown with the presence of white. Height - 38 cm, weight - 7 kg. The dog is an excellent watchman and a hunter, a good friend. Difficulties may appear in training, the dog has “its own opinion”. Unpretentious food. For children is exactly, does not allow to torment themselves.

Norwich Terrier

One of the most miniature terriers. Color: red, black, fawn. Height - 26 cm, weight up to 6 kg. This is a fun, good-natured and faithful dog. Well trained. In food unpretentious. Loves children and pets living next to her. He does not enter fights, but he will not be offended either. The animal is very active and needs walks.

Norfolk Terrier

Very playful and active breed. Color: red, beige, black with gray. Height - 25 cm, weight - 5.5 kg. A brave dog, a wonderful watchman, needs constant physical exertion. Well trained. The diet of the animal must be balanced and include natural food. They treat children well, but kids should not be allowed to torture a dog.

The name stands for "Odessa Home Ideal Dog." Color allows for different variations of white. Height - 30 cm, weight up to 10 kg. A dog with a stable psyche, friendly and active. With pleasure passes training. In food unpretentious, enough feeding with complete feed. The best friend of children. Wool must be combed daily.

The breed appeared as a result of beagle crossing with a pug. Color: brown, yellow, black. Height - 38 cm, weight - 14 kg. Affectionate dog with an even temper, loves the owner very much. Alone, starts to bark hard. Perfectly trained. May have a tendency to obesity, nutrition should be balanced. He loves children and actively plays with them.

Patterdale Terrier

The breed was bred for fox hunting, now it is decorative. Color: black, gray, bronze, with white marks. Height - 38 cm, weight - 14 kg. Affectionate, tireless, faithful dog, a great caretaker. Training gives in poorly, by virtue of "their views" on the world. In food unpretentious. He loves children, but it is necessary to start a dog not earlier than the child turns 7 years old.

An ancient breed of dogs. Color: red, white, Murugiy, black. Height - 25 cm, weight - 5.5 kg. The character is proud, jealous of the owner of the children and other animals. The ability to train is average, you have to be persistent. Dog nutrition should be given special attention, due to the peculiarities of the face. Does not like children.

Poodle dwarf

This is a mini version of a poodle and one of the smartest little dogs. Color: apricot, black, white. Height - 35 cm, weight up to 4 kg. Character smooth, good-natured, cheerful. Very attached to the owner and smart. Perfectly trained. Feeding preferably with natural food, but it is important not to overfeed the dog. Get along well with children.

Russian colored lap dog

The breed was bred in St. Petersburg in the 50s, but it has not yet been officially recognized. Color: black, fawn, beige and so on. Height - 25 cm, weight - 4 kg. The dog is an active, cheerful, wonderful companion. Well trained. It is completely unpretentious in food - it can eat both dry and natural food. He loves children, loves to play with them.

Scotch terrier

Popular miniature breed. Color: white, red, black and so on. Height - 28 cm, weight - 10.4 kg. The nature of a lively, friendly, inquisitive. Well trained. To feed an animal you need full-feed dry food, it does not need an excess of protein. They are good to children, but it is better to start a puppy when the child is 7 years old.

The most famous miniature breed. Color: red, beige, fawn, black and tan. Height from 30 to 35 cm, weight up to 6 kg. Very active, tireless dog, good caretaker. Perfectly trained. In food unpretentious, but have a tendency to gain weight. Get along with older children. Walking better on a leash, often run away.

Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

A miniature breed, named after the president. Color bicolor: black and white, red-black, chocolate brown. Height - 34 cm, weight - 3 kg. It is a mobile dog, malicious and active on the hunt, but kind, loving and friendly at home. Can be cocky with other animals, so they need to be raised from childhood. Training give in poorly. Love to play with children.

English toy terrier

The English toy terrier is a small black dog with characteristic tan markings on its face, paws and chest. The dog's coat is smooth, tight to the body and does not require special care. English toy terrier is enough to iron once a week with a special rubber mitten.

The breed is supple, friendly, gentle and playful. The energy of the terrier is in full swing, so he needs active walks, games and exercises, close communication with the owner and all family members.

Small breeds of dogs for children

Most small dog breeds are suitable exclusively for families with already grown up and following the rules for handling animals and children. This is mainly due to the fragility of miniature dogs and some intolerance of many to brutal treatment. At the same time, there are some breeds of small dogs, which may well have in families. Where there are children of small age.

Volpino Italiano (Italian Spitz)

Volpino Italiano is a rare breed of small dogs originally from Italy. This is a loyal and intelligent dog with a luxurious white coat, devoted to the family and owner. Volpino Italian adores active and fun games with children, never hurts them.

The dog treats strangers incredulously and always notifies about the appearance of aliens in the apartment by ringing barking. It is necessary to train a dog persistently and patiently, because it is restless and capricious.

Miniature pinscher

Breed, resembling Doberman. Color: red or black and tan. Height - 30 cm, weight - 6 kg. These are active, fearless dogs with an interesting gait. Perfectly trained. It is better to feed the dog with natural food, to ensure that it does not pass. Children are cautious; it is better to remove the dog from small children.

Czech Terrier

This is a low, sturdy, downed dog. Color: blue with gray, coffee. Height - 32 cm, weight - 10 kg. Cheerful dog, a good watchman and a hunter. May be stubborn when training. It is preferable to feed a standard full-feed. Children love, but only if they do not offend them. Wool does not fade, requires the services of a groomer.

This is the smallest breed of dog. Color varied: monotonous, spotted, bicolor. Height up to 23 cm, weight up to 3.5 kg. Dogs are friends with all pets, but their heart belongs to only one person. Easy to train. Feeding should be given special attention, miniature dogs, and regular food does not suit them. They love children.

Miniature rather capricious breed of dogs. There is a whole classification of allowable Shih Tzu colors. Height - 27 cm, weight - 8 kg. Character is strong, so you need to be engaged in education. Training is easy, taking it as a game. Meals can include natural and ready-made feed. The dog gets along with older children.

A miniature dog similar to the imp. Color: black, red and so on. Height - 33 cm, weight - 9 kg. The dog has a rather independent character, inexperienced owners should not start this breed. Training is difficult because of the dog’s stubbornness, so you need to be persistent. In food unpretentious. With children communicate with pleasure.

Japanese spitz

Little cute fluffy dog. The color is white, height - 38 cm, weight - 10 kg. Cheerful, loving, active companion dog, a great watchman. Well trained, loves to play. It is better to feed the dog ready-made feed. After eating, coat should be cared for so that no smudges form. Love to play with children.