How to wean a kitten to shit in the wrong place? How to keep the house clean, if you started a kitten


Already do not know how to wean a kitten to crap in the wrong place and are almost ready to give up? Most likely, the reason for the behavior of the pet, in the smells that remained on the floor or upholstered furniture. Make sure that the pet is healthy and does not ignore the tray for good reasons. After that, you will need to remove the smell by professional or folk remedies, for example, using vinegar.

How to wean a kitten shit

You need to understand a few basic rules before drawing conclusions about the behavior and habits of a pet. Cats are naturally clean, their survival instincts tell them that a strange smell will attract danger. The only motivation that can cause a cat to forget about caution is the desire to reproduce.

When it comes to domestic kittens, the reasons for ignoring the tray can not only be predicted, but also built according to the degree of probability:

  • Inconvenient or improperly located tray.
  • Stress.
  • Health problems.
  • Foreign odors.
  • Misunderstanding the purpose of the tray - a rare, but possible reason.

Note! More than half of all problems with ignoring the toilet are resolved after changing the tray.

Trays vary in: model, color, material manufacturing and the height of the side. The color, it would seem, the detail is insignificant, but observing the behavior of the kittens showed otherwise. Owners have empirically determined that cats often avoid trays of red, gray, and black. Zoologists explain this phenomenon by the characteristics of the cats. They see the above colors as the darkness of the pit or the holes in the floor.

The next point is the tray models:

  • Open rectangular.
  • Open another form.
  • Opened with curved sides - the sides prevent the cat from scattering the filler during the digging.
  • Open with a grid - simplifies cleaning the tray and cleaning the filler, allows you to teach the cat to walk on the tray without filler.
  • Closed - trays with a lid.
  • Automatic - accessories equipped with mechanisms for mixing or screening out the filler.
  • Briquette - recently popular model, which is an artificial turf, part of which can be obtained and replaced.

If the kitten has problems with the tray, it is better to stop at the choice of a rectangular, open model. The next parameter is the height of the sides:

To correct the behavior of a kitten, it is better to choose a tray with a low or medium side. Tray materials must be durable and non-toxic. Metal, cardboard or wooden accessories cannot be used as a tray. In addition, the tray should be stable, so it is better to give preference to models with legs, preferably rubber.

Important! The kitten should be free to turn around in the tray and climb into it without effort.

Tray filler

  • Handy - paper, river sand.
  • Natural - soil.
  • Absorbent - sand, pressed sawdust, selikogel.

At the stage of training to the tray, you can use moisture-absorbing diaper. Paper and river sand do not arouse much interest in a kitten, but quickly get wet and smell much. Soil is suitable for behavior correction, if the kitten lived for a while on the street. Pressed sawdust and selikogel are very convenient for owners, but are not the best choice for habituation or behavior correction.

Note! Experience shows that the optimal choice to teach a kitten to walk steadily on a tray is sand of small fraction. Carefully read the product label and buy sand without (!) Flavors.

Tray location

A kitten can ignore a tray just because it is in the wrong place. By the way, this reason is often overlooked.

It is important to understand the following nuances:

  • In nature, cats hide their excrements so that larger predators or competitors do not find them.
  • When the kitten goes to the tray, it should feel safe, otherwise it will tolerate or find a more secluded place.
  • The kitten will ignore the tray if it is unstable (staggering). The baby may not feel comfortable if the filler is poured too thick - the paws sink and the kitten cannot confidently keep balance.

Tip: so that the little kitten has fewer misses, place the trays in all available rooms. If you do not have the opportunity to constantly monitor the pet, it is better to isolate it in one room, in which you need to move the tray, bowls, lounger and toys.

Stress and lack of physical activity, as the main factors of problems with the tray

Many breeders and new owners are horrified when a raised kitten, accustomed to the tray, begins to spoil in a new house. What only situations do not happen, pets crap owner on the bed, adapts to going to the toilet in flower pots, do not go to the toilet for several days.

However, it is important to understand that the cause of any behavioral oddities is the stress associated with the move, separation from the mother and the usual way of life.

It is advisable to prepare all the necessary accessories before buying a kitten. Immediately after moving to a new house, a close observation should be established for the kitten. Schooling to a new place where the tray is located will be much more successful if you watch the ward for the entire first day. Take the kitten to the tray each time it starts to worry, dig the floor, meow, or worry in a different form.

If the kitten began to ignore the tray after a big scandal in the house or some events that affected the whole family - the reason is also in stress. In this case, it is useless to punish the kitten, since the degree of stress is only exacerbated. Try to pay as much attention as possible to the ward and to control that he goes to the tray. If the kitten has spoiled in the wrong place, it is important to remove the smell so that it does not knock the ward confused in the future.

Is your kitty healthy?

The most common ailment, which leads to the neglect of the tray, is urolithiasis. Practice shows that kittens urolithiasis is extremely rare. Much more likely to ignore the tray because of a cold or cystitis. Before taking any measures, if your kitten suddenly stops walking on the tray, it must be shown to the vet.

Analyze after what events the kitten began to shit in the house. Perhaps we bathed him, took him to a veterinary clinic, treated him for fleas or worms. Acceptance of any medical and prophylactic drugs can give side effects. Incomplete drying of the coat after bathing can lead to hypothermia. A visit to a veterinary clinic may end in a viral illness, especially if the kitten has not received vaccination.

How and why to eliminate odors in the home?

What to do if the kitten has already started shitting in the house? If you are convinced that the reason for ignoring the toilet does not concern health, stress, the shape and location of the tray, but the kitten continues to crap, the reason is smells. In the urine and feces of the kitten are special odor secrets that the animal feels even at a young age. If a kitten spoiled in the wrong place once, he can repeat this misconduct, just because it focuses on the smell.

Tip: if our kitten has spoiled in the wrong place, blot urine or feces with a moisture-absorbing diaper. The dirty film is placed on the bottom of the tray and filled with filler. The crime scene must be thoroughly cleaned, making sure that you have eliminated the smell.

Removal of odors from smooth surfaces by professional and folk remedies

Most inexperienced owners believe that the smell of urine and cat feces can be eliminated with bleach. Perhaps there is some truth in this, but chlorine toxic fumes are not as effective as we would like. In addition, a repulsive odor should remain at the site.

Effective folk remedies to eliminate the smell is:

  • The oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, in any citrus - oil is carefully diluted in water or the surface is rubbed with it after cleaning.
  • Any herbs that leave a strong smell, except valerian and catnip.
  • Any warming balms (for joints) and "Star".
  • Soda.
  • Vinegar.

In order to discourage a cat from craving in “chosen” places, they can be glued with foil or double-sided tape. A healthy kitten will not go to the toilet where his paws get wet. Foil rustles, which creates a sense of insecurity. If folk remedies do not help, it is worth resorting to professional solutions.

To eliminate odors, special antiseptic agents are produced, which are used for cleaning in medical institutions. These tools are not cheap, but their effectiveness is undeniable. In addition, you can try to use a repellent spray for cats, which is sold in pet stores.

Important! Any scaring agents must be applied on a wet surface. If you use a pet store repellent spray, the surface must be treated 2-3 times a day for several weeks.

Eliminating odors from soft surfaces with vinegar

If the kitten left a puddle on the bed, upholstered furniture or carpet, the task at times becomes more complicated. Urine is absorbed into mattress fillers and retains its odor for a long time. The smell is especially noticeable with high humidity or re-wetting the surface. Before buying professional products or dry cleaning, you should try one of the proven folk methods.

If the urine is absorbed into the mattress shallowly, the smell can be eliminated with vinegar and soda. The soiled area is filled with baking soda, after which it needs to be rubbed a little into the surface with a clean napkin. Vinegar must be poured into a spray bottle. Spray the soda with vinegar until it is completely quenched (no longer foams). After complete drying of the extinguished soda, it is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Why the kitten stubbornly shits not in the tray

In order to solve the problem of defecation and defecation of a kitten in the wrong places, it is necessary to understand what exactly is the cause of this behavior of a small animal. As a rule, the owner does not know how his pet's life was spent in the first months. Therefore, you need to conduct a small "investigation" and try to find out why the kitten shits anywhere. Perhaps he had little contact with the person, which is why he simply begins to get nervous in his presence. Some particularly vulnerable animals in response to strong emotions may fecundate. And perhaps the kitten is just under stress due to the fact that it was taken away from the mother cat and brought to a new, unfamiliar home - with strange smells and frightening sounds. It happens that the pet does not suit the tray or filler. However, the most likely reason is that the kitten is simply not accustomed to walking on “delicate” matters to a strictly defined place. Unpleasant, of course, but not fatal. So we will bring up! The process will take not a day or two, but by putting some effort and showing maximum patience, you can still instruct your "little ball of happiness" to let the true one. So what should a host look for? Primarily on the tray, filler and the place where the "toilet" is installed. As a rule, kittens are easy to learn, if you can clearly explain to them what they really want from them. Therefore, have patience and stock up on detergents. If everything is done correctly, soon your baby will start to run regularly in the place reserved for such matters. So, if the kitten shits everywhere, what to do?

We select the "inventory"

First of all, pay attention to the tray. It should be large enough so that the fluffy prankster can calmly unfold in it. Not the last role is played by the material from which the container is made. Cheap plastic often smells unpleasant. A cat's sense of smell is developed 10 times better than that of a man, so it may experience an aversion to the tray, which gives off a strong smell of chemistry. If the kitten shits anywhere, replace its toilet. Get high-quality deep and long tray. It will need to be washed frequently with liquid soap and not allow urine to accumulate there. It happens that the animal is too clean, then it makes sense to put two containers. Well, or clean as often as possible - you decide.

Invalid tray position

So, the new tray is bought, it is constantly cleaned, but the kitten is crap everywhere. What to do now? Look, or maybe a little pet does not like the place where he stands? First, you need to understand that the animal, like man, requires solitude. He will not "relieve the need" in public. The best place is a toilet or a balcony. Naturally, the tray must be provided with constant access, that is, the door should not be locked. It is necessary that the kitten is not distracted during such an important event. If there are little tomboy in the house, explain to them that the animal should not be disturbed, hailed, or even more scary when it is sitting on the tray.


Sometimes, if the kitten does not foul in the tray, the problem may lie in the filler. He may simply not satisfy the animal. For example, many kittens do not like wood pellets. And some prefer to rustle newspapers. Believe me, kittens can show discontent no worse than people. When buying a new filler, pay attention to its smell. Better that it does not exist. What you find pleasant, the cat may not like it dramatically. In addition, we remember that the cat's nose is very sensitive, especially to chemical ingredients. The latter, by the way, can cause irritation on the kittens' pads. Therefore, if the pet does not go to the tray, experiment with fillers. At the same time you should not buy expensive mixes, start with paper.

Take care of education

Most kittens learn to walk in need, taking an example from the mother cat. Therefore, if the pet is already old enough and taken not from the street, then problems with its upbringing, as a rule, do not arise. But if the street kitten is still small enough, then the owners should direct its actions in the right direction. Here it is important to monitor the pet's behavior: if he starts to worry and look for a dark corner or a curtain, behind which you can quietly leave a puddle without losing time, carry it to the tray. Of course, he will try to sneak away. Stop such attempts persistently, but not roughly, repeatedly returning to its proper place. When all things are done, show him the result of his efforts and stroke him to understand that the owners approve of him. The kitten shits anywhere, simply because he had no particular problems on the street, he had a toilet at every step. Therefore, if you have sheltered a homeless wanderer, never shout at the baby from behind the pool, and engage in his re-education. Better encourage him goodies, when he goes not just somewhere, namely in the tray. And a little trick. If the kitten pees in the wrong place, soak the urine in the napkin and take it to the tray so that it will smell. So it will be clearer for what purposes it is brought here. Update the napkin until the kitten will regularly walk on its own tray.

Kitten shits in flowers

The hardest thing to wean kitten shit in flower pots. The earth is the best place from an animal point of view where you can fulfill your need. In the pot you can dig, the loose soil is pleasantly felt under the feet. In general, if a cute kitten has discovered a variety of flowers and pots in your home, get ready for a long fight. First, remove everything as high as possible, where the kitten simply cannot climb. It is necessary to completely block access to flowers. If it is not possible to do this (we are talking about a big tub with a palm tree or some other indoor tree), then try to cover the ground with something. Of course, it is difficult, but try to do it after all. Put sand in the tray. This will allow the pet to switch to it. In the future, it will be possible to replace it with a filler, similar in consistency to the ground.

Urine odor removers

So, the measures for re-education have been taken, the tray meets all of the above standards, the filler is neutral, access to the toilet is available, but pools and all the other ugliness are enviable consistently found in the wrong place. What if the kitten shits in the corners, spoils the furniture, bedspreads and curtains? It seems that it’s time to use “heavy artillery” against the little prankster. In specialized stores you can buy products that remove the smell of urine, as well as substances that have a very unpleasant fragrance for cats. Perhaps there is an aerosol that combines these properties. The choice of such drugs is huge, the price range is designed for consumers with different levels of wealth, so you can choose the right at the price of "weapons". Теперь остается только обрабатывать облюбованные котенком места и целенаправленно таскать его в лоток. Тут, как говорится, кто кого переупрямит.

Water spray

Если котенок везде гадит, попробуйте применить одну маленькую, но не очень приятную для питомца хитрость. Застав его на месте совершения «преступления», брызните на него водой. Повторите процедуру несколько раз. Если котенок не беспросветный тупица, он запомнит урок. And he will know that every time when the owner finds him defecating in the wrong place, he will have an unpleasant shower. Many owners poke animal face in a puddle or excrement. And, I must say, make a gross mistake. The fact is that in this way it will not be possible to rectify the situation; rather, on the contrary, the result will be exactly the opposite. First, often the kitten does not understand what they want from him. The animal goes to the toilet, focusing on the smell. And what does the owner do? Pushes him into a puddle that smells appropriate. So what should you do? That's right, go exactly here! The result is obvious. And secondly, the kitten may just get angry.

The game "cat-mom"

Often the kitten is torn off from the mother too soon. This is a big stress for him. That is why the kitten shits - he is confused and scared. In this case, expect from him to fulfill your requirements and desires is simply useless. Be patient. After he has eaten, you can give him a gentle tummy massage. Stroking should be like licking a cat. Such touches stimulate the kitten's intestines, which provokes the natural urge. Therefore, after stroking, take it to the tray.

What not to do

If a kitten shits anywhere, it should in no case be physically punished. By this you will not obey him. He or embittered, or will look for another secluded place, so as not to come across the owner of the eye. And the “mines” left under the sofa or behind the wardrobe are even harder to clean. Also, you can not poke a pet face in his puddles (this issue has already been discussed). Understand the kitten is too small and just not accustomed to the tray. If he was caught in the wrong place, silently take it and take it to the toilet, let him finish all his affairs in it. In no case do not hit or shout - he can not stand up for himself. From the owner requires restraint and calm. Wash areas where puddles have been found, flush with strongly smelling cleaning products. If the smell of urine and must be present somewhere, it is in the tray. Then your kitten will very quickly understand what they wear there and where you need to dig with their paws.

When you need to teach a kitten to the tray

As soon as a little kitten gets into your house, it is always a joyful event, and you need to understand that from this you take a lot of responsibility for the life and behavior of your furry pet. It is very important to socialize the animal correctly, to teach useful behavioral skills, to ensure proper systematic care.

Cats are very clean animals, but when a small fluffy lump appears in the house, the further behavior and character of the pet depends not only on the pedigree affiliation, but also on proper socialization, further actions of the owners. The main problem that owners of fluffy purrs can face is to teach the cat to the tray.

If the cat shits, they leave their "surprises", makes puddles in the wrong places, for example, under the entrance door, in the corners, on the bed, personal things of the owner or in flower pots, the main reason is that the kitten is not accustomed to the tray with early age.

To accustom the kitten to the tray should immediately after the appearance of the baby in the house. The cat, though smart enough, clever animal, but that the baby did not go to the toilet anywhere, be patient. The owner of a fluffy lump should show perseverance, attention to his pet. It is equally important to adhere to a certain sequence of actions in raising a cute fluffy if the kitten is crap.

It is necessary to impart the correct manners to the kitten immediately after the baby has mastered the new house, will get used to the members of his family. Otherwise, an adult cat, a cat will do what they are not supposed to, annoying their owners with their surprises. To instill in a kitten the skill of meeting their needs in a proper place is very simple at an early age. Adult cats harder to wean to write where it is impossible.

Why the kitten does not go to the tray

If the kitten began to spoil in the wrong place, it is very important to establish the reason for this behavior. Most often, the kids refuse to go to the toilet on the tray for the following reasons:

  • Lack of attention. A kitten is, in fact, a small child who, especially at the first time after weaning a cat, needs increased attention, care and affection. Perhaps, if the pet spoils in the wrong places, the cat, thus, shows the owner that he lacks love.
  • Banal revenge. Cats are rather vindictive animals. A rude, disrespectful attitude may cause the pet to start revenge. At the same time, it does this not from malicious intent, but with the purpose of attracting attention.
  • The kitten does not like the size, shape of the tray. Perhaps the cat toilet is in the wrong place. A cat will never go to the toilet if its tray is standing near the pans with food, on the aisle, or where the animal cannot retire.
  • The presence in the house, the apartment of other pets. A kitten, if he lives with other animals, begins to spoil, marks his territory, the boundaries of personal possession. It is therefore not surprising that puddles can be found in various places.

In addition, for the first time, plastic trays emit a sharp odor that scares the cat, and, as you know, the representatives of the cat family have a keen sense of smell. Therefore, if the pet spoils, perhaps he does not like the aroma that comes from the tray.

Health problems, congenital, acquired diseases of the urinary tract, infectious, parasitic diseases can also cause the little fluffy pet crap, defecate, where it pripechet.

Cats have high intelligence, but these are rather capricious and touchy animals. If you constantly scold the pet, punish him with the use of physical force, the pet can go to the toilet in flower pots, other secluded places.

To disaccustom a kitten to shit in corners, in other not put places, we will result some useful councils, recommendations which will help to wean fluffy from a bad habit.

Teaching kitty to the tray

As a rule, the need to relieve the need of a kitten occurs a few minutes after feeding, sleeping, resting. Therefore, carefully monitor the behavior of a furry pet. If a little kitten starts to get nervous, looking for a secluded corner, scratches a foot on the floor, linoleum, do not frighten the pet. Reassure the baby. Take it to the tray, unobtrusively controlling its further behavior. As soon as the pet goes to the tray, be sure to praise it.

If the kitten shits everywhere, try to change the filler, sand more often. As soon as the cat fulfills the need, wash the tray well under running water, add a new portion of the filler. As soon as the kitten has coped, encourage your baby with your favorite delicacy, praise him.

Do not immediately hope for a quick result. If the cat constantly shits, the kitten will not immediately understand what the owner requires of him, so be patient. Only regular training, a competent approach will give the proper result.

If the kitten is already in need of the wrong place, and you caught the animal at the time of the "crime", you should not scream at him and even more frighten the cat. Wait for the baby to fill the need, then chide in a strict tone for a prank, gently poking him with a muzzle in a puddle, a handful.

If the cat constantly shits, after such a misbehavior, immediately take the kitten to the tray. In a gentle tone, explain to the cat that this is where you need to go to the toilet. In no case do not use physical force in the form of punishment, if the cat shits.

If it is not possible to wean the kitten to crap in the wrong place, the advice of a specialist suggests follow-up actions.:

  • As soon as the kitten appeared in the house, show the fluffy not only where the bowls are located, but also where his tray stands.
  • Daily study the behavior of a cat. Watch his manners after feeding, sleep.
  • Experiment with fillers. You can use the sand, special fillers for cat litter, which can be purchased at any pet store.
  • The first time, until the kitten remembers where its toilet is, take the pet to the tray immediately after feeding or sleeping. Over time, the fluffy will understand and remember where to go to the toilet. If the cat shatters further, show perseverance, patience in education.

If the cat does not like his toilet, in order to wean the shit in a fluffy purr in different places, get a tray of a different shape and size. You can use cardboard boxes, flat plastic containers with low sides. At the same time it is worth buying a tray before a kitten appears in the house.

Make sure the kitten has free access to the toilet.. If the tray is in the bathroom, always leave the door ajar. Otherwise, the cat shits, choosing other places.

Such an approach is the only correct method to stop a kitten from shitting anywhere in the apartment.

Other ways to teach a cat to cat tray

If the kitten continues to do its “work” anywhere, if you don’t succeed in weaning it, get money at pet stores, whose scent of deterrent acts on cats.

If the cat shits, the most effective deterrent can be attributed:

Such an effective method is often used by experienced breeders. If the kitten shits, marks the territory, use special tools that are commercially available in pet stores.

If the cat shits, there are sprays on sale, sprays, the scent of which will attract to the tray. Some tools, on the contrary, contain smells that will help if the kitten is constantly crap in the apartment.

Cats have an excellent sense of smell. Kittens discover the world through the analysis of various odors, which can be divided into attractive and frightening, unattractive flavors.. This feature can be used if the cat shits in the apartment.

To wean the kitten shit anywhere, relieve the need in different places, use smells that cause disgust for cats. The aroma of cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, cloves, garlic, wormwood, fragrant rue, lavender is unacceptable for the smell of cats. Household chemicals, perfumes also help if the cat shits, anywhere.

If you need to wean the kitten to shit in flower pots, lay out aromatic balls with lavender, rub the leaves of indoor plants with red, black pepper. Spray in the corners of onion, garlic decoction. Spread the twigs of fragrant spicy plants. Use pungent odors if the cat shits at home.

If the kitten is crap, there are quite a lot of options that will help teach the fluffy to do its "business" on the tray. The main thing is to establish the cause of such behavior, to show attention, patience in raising a cat.

The reasons why the cat shits

In fact, cats and cats are very clean animals by nature. They love cleanliness and even on the street, the cat will never leave in sight what she did. She will always dig a dug hole with her foot after she uses it. This behavior is inherent in them by nature, and if a cat or a cat, which previously normally went to the tray, suddenly began to spoil, then there are good reasons for that.

Tip! If you still can not determine the reason, first try experimenting with changing the tray or filler and most likely you will be able to identify the preferences of your fluffy pet (if the problem is, of course, this).

  • Wrong tray sizes. Your cat has grown up long ago, and the tray has remained the same and it may just be inconvenient to go to the old tray, so it will instinctively look for a more convenient place.

Recommendation! Choose a filler tailored to your pet. For long-haired breeds do not use materials from pressed sawdust - they stick to shaggy legs and crumble throughout the house. The filler from sawdust is difficult to dig, so for it you should use a tray with a grid.

  • Not comfortable situation in the toilet room. Maybe it will seem ridiculous to someone, but for an animal, comfort has the same meaning as for a person. And if you, for example, put a new washing machine next to the cat tray, and the cat went to cope with its needs at the time when the machine was washing, then it is quite possible that the cat could scare the noise of a working machine. And now he is just afraid to go there. The reason for not comfortable situation can be a change of air freshener in the toilet room. Kotu can be just unpleasant.
  • Character. Yes, in this way cats can demonstrate their character and show their dissatisfaction with unexpected guests or the behavior of their owners.
  • Stress. A long stay alone, when the owner has left, or moving can cause serious damage to your pet's mental health, his body crashes, and he starts to take crap anywhere.

  • Health problems. If all of the above factors are missing or excluded, and the cat still shits, then immediately to the vet! It is quite possible that the cat is trying to tell you in this way that it has health problems and needs help (we had a cat, so he began to crap when he had kidney stones and he simply could not hold back and run to the tray ).

Important! Do not forget to leave your pet access to his toilet. For example, if the tray is in the bathroom, then the door should always be ajar there, or a small personal entrance for the cat should be made at the door.

How to wean the cat shit?

The easiest and proven way is to take the cat to bed at night. But the cat can (and most often it happens) shit in the daytime, while no one is at home.

Tip! Never beat or punish an animal! Any of your punishment, the cat will only accept as punishment for what he badly buried (because he instinctively knows what to dig in), and if you punish him, it means you buried it badly and the next time he will look for a place more dimmed, and dig in more carefully.

That is, to put it simply, by beating and punishing you, you will not solve the problem, but only aggravate it. And each time the smell will be more stable, and it will be harder to find.

Therefore, I offer you several working methods in solving this delicate problem:

1. Take a soft rag and walk around the cat's neck several times, and then use the same rag to where it shits. Believe me, the cat will never spoil where it smells of pheromones.

2. In those places where the cat has spoiled put small bowls with her favorite food. Most likely, there will be a lot of them, but this method is very effective, since the cat will not go to crap where it eats.

3. This option was tried by my friend. She says that she solved the problem with her cat in this way: place small pieces of food foil in "mined" places. The foil is very slippery and it will be just uncomfortable for the cat to dig there before and after the procedure.

4. The shops sell a lot of various cosmetics to neutralize the smell and scaring cats from places not intended for his toilet. There is a huge amount of them and I will not tell about all.

I will name only a few of the most popular and proven:

  • Mr. Fresh spray (weaning shit for cats).
  • Repeller for cats and dogs ANTI-CAT Trixie Anti-Kot.
  • Smart spray - protection of places not intended for the toilet of cats.
  • A repellent lotion for dogs and cats TABOO Baldecchi.

By the way, I advise you to buy a special UV flashlight that will help you detect cat mines.

Folk ways

Cats do not like water. No, there are cases when cats love to swim, but when they splash water in their faces, there is hardly such an amateur. Folk remedy number 1 in returning the cat to the tray is water.
If your cat spoils you on the bed, then you need to pour water into the sprayer, and as soon as the animal begins to cobble on the bed for its needs, splash water on him . Those who took advantage of this method, assure that 1-2 times is enough for the cat to stop shitting on the bed.

If the cat is sitting in the wrong place on the floor or on the bed, and "digs" a hole in order to relieve themselves, you can clap your hands loudly .

If the cat uses a carpet instead of a tray, then first you should wash the carpet thoroughly, and then on the affected areas. apply eucalyptus essential oil, or fir, or clove . It does not matter, most importantly, that the smell was harsh and stable.

It is possible in those places where the cat meets the need, stick double sided tape . And when the cat once again wants to do it, then it is unlikely to succeed. The paws will stick to the scotch, and the cat will feel bewildered and anxious. And believe me, she no longer writes there.

Another favorite place for toilet, cats consider flower pots. Wrap the flower pot in a thick plastic so that the cat cannot climb there. . There is an easier way: temporarily put a plastic bag on the flower, cutting several holes for the stems. You can put on the ground in a pot a few orange or tangerine peels - cats can not stand the smell of citrus. Well, and do not forget about the spray: saw that the cat climbs into a flower pot - immediately splash.

If, after all the manipulations, your cat still continues to shit, "congratulations": you got a unique cat or cat in stubbornness and character. И у вас есть теперь только два выхода: либо отдать своего питомца кому-то более терпеливому,

либо стерилизовать . Стерилизованные коты (кошки) не мстят и ходят в туалет исключительно в свой горшок.


Решить эту проблему вполне возможно. Существует масса проверенных средств и способов. Мы свою решили легко, как только поняли в чем причина такого поведения кошки. It turned out to be quite simple: since the cat was still young, she wanted to play. And usually this desire arose at that moment when they were still sound asleep. We began to close the door to the room and leave it in the kitchen and in the corridor. She was angry that they would not let her in, and that was a scum, and we scolded her and again did not let her in. . Here such a vicious circle turned out.

After we stopped closing the door from her, and she began to sleep with us on the bed, the problem resolved itself. But I, just in case, sprayed the already marked places with a special tool. Suddenly, we will offend her with something else, and she will want revenge (shit) ....