Toilet for dogs of small breeds: how to choose


A toilet with a post is an excellent solution for adult barbocks and for crumbs. First he will provide special comfort, and second he will teach “to do his own affairs” in an appropriate manner. This toilet has a lot of weighty advantages:

• as a filler does not act sand, but a special hygienic diaper,

• paws remain clean and dry,

• the bar can be installed anywhere in the tray,

• sufficiently deep and large

• made from quality materials that do not cause an allergy to the pet,

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Types of dog toilets

Of course, you can buy a regular basin and pour sand there. But there, firstly, it is inconvenient for the animal to climb, and secondly, he will probably want to dig a hole and play with sand, so the room will be constantly dirty. Plus - the lack of absorption function odor.

There is also a simple, but also not very convenient solution in the form of a tray with a double bottom. It can be used only temporarily, because such containers are made of low-quality plastics, which is why their low price is justified. Pet goes there two or three times - and the unpleasant-smelling tray can not be washed to its former state.

When choosing the right model of toilet, it is necessary to take into account the size of the dog. And if saving space in the apartment is also important for the owner, good advice is to buy a corner construction.

Tray with diaper

The dog must understand what is required of it, therefore, simple models are widespread. You can take a simple tray and use it with a diaper, but it will be more convenient to buy a special tray under the fabric instead. It can be easily washed, and the diaper can be washed or simply laid on a new one, as inexpensive disposable canvases are being sold. If the pallet is made of high-quality plastic, it will not absorb unpleasant odors.

Toilet with removable post

Such a structure is also uncomplicated, there is also a pallet here, only there is also a lattice and a column. Very comfortable for males, because they can go to the tray as on the street, with a paw raised. The netting helps the animal not to blot the paws. A toilet with a post is designed for small dogs, because large pets are unlikely to be able to use it carefully.

Trays with collectors

In addition to the tank, there is a strong mesh under which you can lay a diaper in order to avoid the spread of odor. Inside, the wearer can place an absorbent filler. While the puppy is still not used to the new device, do not wash the container with strong-smelling detergents.

Absorbent Fillers

Such fillers are in specially designed for them toilets for small dogs. It looks like a version with collectors, but without the grid. Special materials fall asleep there, easily absorbing liquids. It is more expedient to use wood fillers, as they are harmless. This is in case your pet is curious and wants to taste everything.

Toilet boxes closed

In such houses, animals go to retire themselves, not distracting for anything, so dogs of small breeds, especially at puppyhood, quickly become accustomed to such a toilet. Currently, most such products are made of plastic, so they are light, quickly washed and inexpensive.

Artificial Toilets

The design consists of three layers:

  • above - the surface that mimics the lawn,
  • in the middle - materials with a protective function,
  • at the bottom there is a pallet, where fluid accumulates.

Since the toilet for dogs with grass is roomy, you can even clean it once a week, and there will be no unpleasant odors. This is very convenient if the owner leaves, and there is no one to walk with the dog for several days.

The addiction of a pet to the toilet seat in this case usually does not last long, as the rug on top imitates the usual grass. This model looks great on the street if the dog lives in a private house. Convenience of transportation is also a plus of this option.

How to explain to the dog where to defend the need

At first, the toilet should always be in the same place. Inside, put a clean cloth moistened with pet urine. As soon as the puppy starts doing its job somewhere on the floor, you need to immediately take it to the specified location. It happens that dogs are taught to go to need in certain parts of the apartment. In such cases, the treatment of these sites with deterring agents, for example, with a solution of vinegar, helps.

The reward and punishment system works well. It is important not to miss the moment when a four-legged friend first met the need for the right place - he should immediately receive praise and a small reward, for example, a favorite delicacy. And on the contrary, when the baby once again left a puddle on the floor, you should scold him, the pet should feel the owner’s dissatisfaction in his voice.

But if all these techniques do not work, you will have to apply more stringent measures and send the naughty puppy to a small room, closing it there with a tray. Dog, not seeing the places that he previously used instead of the toilet, probably goes where it should.

Important! Using the tray does not completely relieve the owner of the need to walk with the ward. As for cleaning trays and containers, it is better to wash them without chlorine-containing products. Veterinarians warn that the animal may even lose its scent due to chlorine.

If the aesthetic side of the question matters to the owner, then it is better to opt for the original model with a grass mat for your pet.

Owner reviews

Arina, the owner of the Yorkshire Terrier:

“I liked the appearance of the toilet with an artificial lawn and its compactness. My Yorick began to get used to him from the second day. I bought a second rug for the shift, while one is used, the other is washed and dried. We have been using it for a month now, while everything is completely fine. ”

Katerina, the mistress of several puppies:

“Since not one dog lives in my apartment, it is inconvenient to use a lot of diapers, so I decided to try out this novelty. At first, seeing the grass, the kids decided to have fun with it and play with it. The grass is good, but still it can not withstand such pressure, so I disaccustom them to this game, trying to distract. ”

Potty Patch - lawn toilet

Toilet with lawn grass.

  • This lawn is only an imitation, for the dog it is indifferent. But sometimes on the street a dog eats grass. Why does she do it?
  • Dog toilet - an integral part of the care of an apartment. Which dogs are suitable for the apartment, read here.
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Toilets for large and small dogs

The choice of toilet depends on the size of your dog. After all, he may be too big for a small pet or, on the contrary, too small for a big dog.

Toilets for large dogs. Such a toilet is rarely used. After all, mostly large-sized dogs fulfill their need on the street during a walk. Exceptions are only old or sick dogs.

Toilets for small dogs. In spite of the fact that the owners go for a walk with small dogs, they mostly need their house. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange this place in such a way that the pet is calm and comfortable. And here are a few options for toilets.

Toilet with post

Urinal for dogs.

The price of trays depends on their functionality and size. So, a tray with weed for a large dog can cost 3,000 rubles, and a plastic tray with a post for medium breeds can be purchased for 900 rubles.

When to teach the dog to the tray

To accustom to a tray it is necessary since the childhood.

Take a closer look at your pet's behavior. Where he tries to go to the toilet. Usually these are places like a balcony, bathroom, near the door. In all these places you need to put trays so that you do not have to constantly wipe the puddles.

When the dog grows up and will know where its place is for the toilet, it can still sometimes relieve the need in other locations. Do not rush her to scold. After all, there may be several reasons for this. For example, the old toilet has become a small dog and is just uncomfortable in needing it. Therefore, she finds a more spacious and comfortable place for this. Not all dogs can go to the already soiled toilet. Therefore, they are just looking for another place.

  • Double responsibility - to take the puppy to the house with the children. What kind of dog to get for the child, so that they do not harm each other?

How to teach a dog to the tray

How to teach a dog to the tray.

Do not forget that if a dog goes to the toilet at home in a tray, it must definitely be praised and treated to some delicacy. If the pet needs it in the wrong place, you need to express your dissatisfaction so that the dog realizes that she has done wrong and cannot do so. And then take it to the place where the toilet is.

Also in any pet store sold special sprays. They should be sprayed where the dog is forbidden to defecate. The smell of the funds will scare the pet, and he will stop going to these places. To wean the animal to relieve the need in any place, just put back her dog feeder. If you are not at home for a long time, then limit the area in which the dog can move. For example, close the doors in the rooms. And remember, in this process, the main keys to success are patience and systematic actions.

Thus, the choice of a toilet for a dog becomes an important problem that the owner must solve, based on the preferences, age and size of his pet. But do not forget - no matter how small the dog is, you still need to walk with her on the street!