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Detailed instructions for use of the drug vitam for animals


The purpose of this medicinal product is to compensate for the lack of essential substances for the animal (vitamins, minerals, amino acids), which develops as a result of stressful situations for the body, such as the recovery period after illness, deworming, vaccination. With a minimum number of contraindications Vitam is an effective general tonic.

Vitam Amino Acid-Vitamin Complex has a balanced composition and includes substances selected in quantities that are optimal for animals:

For animals, this complex is used as a source of data of biologically active substances.

Actions of complex means to Whitam:

  • is a source of energy (due to glucose content),
  • stimulates the neutralizing function of the liver,
  • improves myocardial contractility,
  • stimulates hematopoietic processes (blood formation processes),
  • normalizes the complex of redox reactions necessary for normal metabolism,
  • strengthens the body defenses of the animal, increases its non-specific protection.

There are no irritating, teratogenic and embryotoxic effects in Vitam, and therefore it belongs to the low-hazard class of substances.

Dosage form: sterile solution of orange-red color, transparent. It has a peculiar smell characteristic of vitamin preparations.

Product form: glass, hermetically sealed vials having a volume of 450, 100, 10 milliliters.

Doses of glucose and vitamins that Vitam contains in 1 liter of medicinal solution.

Release form and composition of vitamin Vitam

Vitam - a set of vitamins and amino acids, the complex was created specifically for pets. It is part of the veterinary drugs that can improve the functioning of the internal organs of the pet.

  • vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, D3 and C,
  • Mg, Na, K,
  • glutamic and nicotinic acids,
  • glycine and glucose,
  • lysine and arginine.

The pink solution has a specific aroma of vitamins. The drug is easily transferred, the main thing is to properly follow the instructions for use.

Vitam is available as a pink injection solution.

Indications and instructions for use

It can be used with other medicines, it has good compatibility, it does not last long in the body.

Vitam is used in the case of:

  • lack of vitamins in the body (hypovitaminosis),
  • autumn and spring (seasons when the body needs a large amount of vitamins),
  • when the pet's organism intoxicated,
  • to restore the body after stress, illness or taking an antibiotic,
  • with unbalanced and unhealthy diet,
  • pregnancy or lactation,
  • pet vaccination.

The correct dosage for animals

The drug vitam is intended for both pets and animals of agriculture.

As mentioned above, a vitamin injection can be done in several ways:

  • prick subcutaneously
  • injection intramuscularly.
The drug vitam is intended for both pets and animals of agriculture.

The dosage of the drug complex depends on the reason for use:

  1. For the prevention of diseases of the body have a pet. In the autumn-spring period or with beriberi, dogs and cats are prescribed vitamines. Dosage 1.5-2 ml per 10 kg pet weight. The injection should be done several times a week. The course of treatment is one month.
  2. Pregnant the animal is prescribed the same dosage of vitamins vitam.
  3. With the disease, the amount of vitamins increasethey amount to 4-5 ml per 10 kg of animal body weight. The injection is done twice a day. As a rule, treatment will take 5-6 days, individually for each pet. Only the doctor will prescribe the correct course of treatment.
  4. If the cat or dog is poisoned It is necessary to inject 40-50 ml of the preparation per ten kilograms of body weight.

If, when calculating, you have a greater amount, you should divide the injection into two portions and make it in different places on the body of the animal.

For the injection need only sterile syringes and needles. If you have several animals, purchase a syringe separately for each animal, otherwise you can bring an infection to your pet.

The place where you will give the injection is better to handle with alcohol, do not forget to wear disposable gloves. Wash your hands after the injection.

Before use, read the instructions and correctly calculate the amount of the drug.

Only sterile syringes and needles are needed for the injection.

Side effects and contraindications

The vitamins complex of vitam causes no side effects and is safe for most animals. It is forbidden to use in cases of individual intolerance of one of the components of the drug. This may cause an allergic reaction in the pet. Predisposition can be identified only by passing tests for an allergic test.

Price and analogues

The cost of the drug depends on the volume you choose. The price in pharmacies from 80 to 200 rubles.

  • gladostin
  • biorhythm
  • immunostim,
  • Jimcat,
  • Vitatrin,
  • Astrapharm and others
As an analogue, you can use the drug Radostin.

Many animals may suffer due to a lack of nutrients in their bodies. Vitamins help to normalize the work of internal organs, to restore the immune system. The drug is easily tolerated, therefore, suitable for many pets. Exceptions are cats and dogs who are allergic to the constituent components of the vitamin complex.

"Vitam" for animals: instructions for use

The health of pets often depends on external factors: the quality of food, the environment and past diseases. If a person, feeling unwell, goes to the pharmacy, then how to be an animal? Especially for our pets, veterinarians have developed a complex drug that will help their four-legged friends to improve their health.

Composition and release form

"Vitam" - This is a complex of vitamins and amino acids, which will help fill the lack of useful substances in the body of animals. The preparation contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids:

  • vitamin C,
  • vitamin b1,
  • vitamin B2,
  • vitamin b3,
  • vitamin b6,
  • vitamin B9,
  • vitamin D3,
  • nicotinamide
  • a nicotinic acid,
  • magnesium,
  • sodium,
  • potassium,
  • lysine,
  • tryptophan,
  • glycine,
  • glucose,
  • arginine
  • glutamic acid and others

Vitamin complex is intended for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. Externally, the solution for injection is a bright pink liquid. On the shelves in veterinary pharmacies you can find the following packaged vitamin preparation: 10 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 450 ml. The solution in vials sterile.

Important!A balanced diet and a varied menu will help to saturate your pet's body with essential vitamins and trace elements. Before you begin vitamin therapy, consult a veterinarian for its necessity.

Biological properties

With such a large amount of vitamins and minerals, Vitam does an excellent job with animal hypovitaminosis.

The drug helps to compensate for the deficiency of minerals and trace elements in the body, which occurs after illness, stress, as a result of an unbalanced diet.

"Vitam" is recommended for use as an auxiliary therapeutic therapy after intoxication of the body. It helps to organize the metabolism and the work of internal organs and helps to stimulate the immune system.

Indications for use

Veterinary drug has the following indications:

  1. Treatment of hypovitaminosis in animals.
  2. Intoxication of the body.
  3. Restoration of the body after illness, stress, after taking antibiotics.
  4. Unbalanced nutrition.
  5. Pregnancy and lactation period of the animal.
  6. Auxiliary therapy during vaccination.

It should also be noted that "Vitam" is often prescribed to strengthen the immunity of animals. The vitamin complex has good compatibility with other drugs and does not accumulate in the body, which makes it safe to use products from animals that have undergone treatment with Vitam.

Order of use and dosage

As we wrote above, "Vitam" is intended for injection subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The dosage of the drug depends on what purpose do you use it for:

  • prevention of hypovitaminosis and other diseases: “Vitam” is given in a dosage that is suitable for cats, dogs and other animals - 1.5-2 ml per 10 kg of weight. Injections do 2 times a week for a month,
  • treatment of various diseases: the dosage of the drug is increased to 3.5-5 ml per 10 kg of weight. Injections do 2 times a day (no more than 5 days),
  • recovery of the body due to intoxication and poisoning: 35-50 ml per 10 kg of weight.

Important!Not recommended the introduction to one place more than 20 ml of the drug. If, based on the weight of the animal, a dosage of 20 ml or more is obtained, the injection is divided into several portions and is injected into different places on the body.

Precautions and special instructions

If you decide to carry out additional therapy with the Vitam complex, carefully study the instructions for its use, and also follow the rules of hygiene and asepsis in veterinary medicine - use sterile needles, if there are several patients, then use separate needles for each. The injection site is necessarily treated with ethyl alcohol. Use disposable gloves when handling animals. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after the injections.

Contraindications and side effects

There are no restrictions on the use of the vitamin complex. The drug is not prescribed to animals that have sensitivity to any of the components of the drug. Compliance with all recommendations for use and dosage side effects are excluded. In case of allergic reactions, the drug should be discontinued.

Read also how to use, for pets, such drugs as: "Bravekto", "Ketofen", "Vetom 1.1", "Surolan", "Propalin", "Ivermectin", "Frontline", "Ivermek", "Tylosin", “Kanivantel”, “Kotervin”, “Sinuloks”, “Vakderm”

Shelf life and storage conditions

The shelf life of vitamin-amino acid complex "Vitam" - 18 months from the production date indicated on the package. Keep the vitamin complex away from direct sunlight, in a dry place at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° C. The drug should be protected from children and animals.

Now you know that our four-legged friends also suffer from deficiencies in nutrients. Having correctly selected a vitamin complex, you can improve your health and normalize the functioning of the internal organs of your pets.

Vitam in the treatment of animals, Vit for the prevention of cats and dogs in veterinary medicine, instructions for use

If your pet, a cat or a dog, began to lose weight, he lost activity, playfulness, the wool lost its luster and falls heavily, the owner will be worried about the health of the pet.

And the reason for these troubles may be a lack of vitamins in the body. There is a large variety of vitamins and minerals.

Each of these organic compounds is very important and necessary for the vital activity of all living things.

Glucose, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins are needed for the normal functioning of the body an animal. Vitam is a preparation containing all the useful components in the right quantity. Vitam is a preparation containing a special complex of vitamins for farm animals, dogs and cats.

Vitam is a difficult balanced drug, in which glucose, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids are selected in the necessary amount for animals.

The complex of vitamins is a clear solution with an orange-red tint. The drug is sold in bottles of their glass 10-100 ml. There is also a larger dosage (450 ml). The solution is odorless and consists of:

  • B vitamins,
  • ascorbic, aspartic and glutamic acids,
  • vitamin D3,
  • niacin (vitamin PP),
  • nicotinamide
  • water for injection
  • Visteina,
  • threonine and other components.

When should Vitam be used

A veterinarian may prescribe a vitamin preparation, if there is a violation of protein metabolism, poisoning with toxins, with vitamin deficiency. The drug can act as a preventive measure to increase immunity and protect the animal from the negative effects of environmental factors and parasites.

As a result of stress, at the end of winter or with the onset of cold weather, animals are deficient in vitamins. And also, it occurs during pregnancy, during vaccination or deworming, after viral diseases and infections. Vitam is a drug that fills the lack of essential vitamins and trace elements during these difficult periods for the body.

Besides, drug action It is aimed at restoring metabolism, improving liver function, heart function, normalizing blood formation processes. According to GOST 12.1.007-75 Vitam refers to low-hazard substances, which means its safety and insignificant effect on the body.

When used in recommended doses, Vitam does not cause irritation, does not adversely affect the developing fetus and the formation of such malformations that can lead to abortion in animals.

How to use the drug and in what dosages

The drug is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly in accordance with the instructions to the drug or the recommendations of the veterinarian. When treating an animal, the following dosage is indicated: for 10 kg of weight, 5 ml twice in 24 hours. The treatment course is up to five days.

For prophylaxis with a lack of vitamins and trace elements the drug must be used within 30 days twice a week. Using a syringe, you need to enter the animal dose of the drug on the basis of the calculation: per 10 kg of pet weight to 2 ml of funds.

If the animal has a poisoning (synthetic or food poison), then the drug is used in a tenfold dose. When using a dose of more than 20 ml, injections should be made not in one place, but at different points on the animal's body. The undoubted advantage of Vitam is the possibility of its use in conjunction with active additives and drugs.

How to store the remedy and contraindications

The best place to store the drug is a dark place inaccessible to animals and children, protected from moisture. Can be stored in the refrigerator at the optimum temperature from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. The period of use is indicated on the package and is 1.5 years.

With prolonged use Vitam may change the color of the urine. It is forbidden to introduce the tool to animals that have frequent allergies. So, with hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drug may cause itching.

Vitam for dogs and cats

Vitam is recommended by experts as a drug when replenishing a weakened organism with multivitamins necessary for life and health.

The drug is prescribed before and in the postoperative period, in combination with vaccinations against infectious and fungal diseases, during the period of antihelminthic treatment.

Symptoms of hypovitaminosis in cats and dogs can be the following. manifestations:

  • excessive off-season shedding,
  • the appearance of various skin allergies,
  • unnatural food preferences (eating chalk, excrement of other animals),
  • lack of appetite.

A veterinarian may prescribe Vitam for animals during antibiotic therapy to mitigate the body’s negative reaction to antibiotics.

Rules of application and dosage of Vitam for dogs, for cats

A vitamin amino acid preparation is administered to a dog or cat by two in ways:

  • intramuscularly (in the thigh),
  • subcutaneously (withers).

For prophylaxis, vitamin injections are prescribed twice a day for 30 days, at a rate of 2 ml of medicine for every 10 kg of weight.

For drug therapy of hypovitaminosis or in combination with anti-infective therapy, injections are prescribed twice a day. The course of treatment is 1 month, and the dosage must be calculated individually based on the weight of the animal (10 kg, 5 ml).

In case of poisoning, a cat or a dog, three days are injected with 50 ml of the drug every 12 hours, and then reduce the dose to prophylactic.

For the introduction of a large amount of solution, the required dose of injection is divided into 3-4 injections and injected into the withers and thigh. Usually multivitamin complex Vitam has no side effects, since there are no allergens in its composition.

If a cat or dog has allergic side effects, you should contact your veterinarian.


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Vitam is a vitamin complex designed to compensate for the lack of necessary substances in the dog's body. Применяют во время стрессовых ситуаций, профилактических прививок, лечебно-профилактических мероприятий и после перенесения болезни.Assign for the prevention and treatment of beriberi and violations of the processes of protein synthesis, as well as poisoning with toxic substances.
Vitam belongs to low-hazard substances. Vitam includes: glucose, ascorbic acid, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B4 B6, B10, D3), serine, phenylalanine, folic acid, nicotinamide, cysteine, nicotinic acid, glutamic acid, biotin, hydroxyproline, aspartic acid, proline, alpha-alanine, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, glycine, tyrosine, sodium phosphate, soda ash, arginine, lysine, valine, leucine, tryptophan, potassium phosphate, threonine and water for injection.
Vitam is a complex preparation in the form of a reddish liquid for injection, is available in glass vials of 10 ml and 100 ml, which are packed one by one in cardboard boxes, and in glass bottles of 450 ml. The drug is injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

  • For the purpose of prophylaxis, the drug is used twice a week at a dosage of 1.5-2 ml per 10 kg of animal weight. The course of treatment lasts one month.
  • For the purpose of treatment, the drug is administered twice in a dose of 3 to 5 ml per 10 kg of animal mass. The course of treatment lasts one month.
  • In case of poisoning, the drug should be used in a tenfold therapeutic dosage.
  • At a dosage of more than 20ml, the drug should be administered several injections in different places.

The complex "Vitam" can be combined with any therapeutic agents.
There is the possibility of an allergic reaction in hypersensitive dogs.
Feedback on Vitam for dogs, writes Igor. Vitam did injections to puppies when their immunity was completely weakened, they had loose stools. There were no side effects, but the puppies obviously began to feel better - the exchange process returned to normal. I recommend for use, Vitam is an excellent proven source of vital vitamins for dogs.
A review of Vitam for dogs, writes Maria. I pierced a course of the vitamin Vitam to my dog ​​when she was pregnant. This drug was prescribed to us by a veterinarian to keep her body in shape. Result: the appetite increased, the dog began to behave more vigorously, and no side effects were observed. Vitam's Price: Package of Vitam:

  • 10 ml - about 55 rubles.
  • 100 ml - about 185 rubles.
  • 450 ml - about 450 rubles.

Storage conditions: Store separately from food at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees Celsius, in a closed place out of direct sunlight, out of the reach of children. Expiration date from the date of production - 1.5 years.

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  • Veterinary drugs
  • Vitam for animals: instructions for use, reviews

Pets always bring a lot of joy and trouble to the house. They need care, attention and proper care. For them to feel healthy and sick less, they need to be provided with a balanced diet. Experts advise you to give your pets vitamins, specially designed for animals. Many of them help to normalize metabolic processes. These multivitamin means Vitam. How to use the drug with the health benefits of a pet?

  • 1 Brief description and purpose
  • 2 Instructions for use
  • 3 drug reviews

Witam is a multivitamin complex with trace elementscreated especially for animals. The composition of the drug is selected in optimal quantities for pets. It belongs to the group of balanced veterinary drugs that are able to fill the deficit in animals if necessary:
For example, glucose in the composition improves the functioning of the liver and heart, and also provides the necessary energy for the organism as a whole. The drug has a positive effect on the function of the blood and the immune system. By its properties, it belongs to low-risk veterinary drugs.

Vitam treats and prevents the development of hypovitaminosis and protein metabolism disorders in agricultural and pet animals. It is used in the treatment of any degree of intoxication. It is also used to protect the pet's body and strengthen the immune system.

The form of release of vitamin means - sterile transparent solution of red-orange color with specific vitamin aroma. Manufacturers pack them in sealed glass bottles with a capacity of 450, 100 and 10 ml. When used correctly, the drug is well tolerated by animals. According to the instructions, the drug is administered to animals intramuscularly or subcutaneously. It is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. In order to prevent Vitam prescribed:

  • in the spring time,
  • under stress
  • during pregnancy
  • after illness to restore the body.

It is used with a dosage of 1.5-2 ml per 10 kg of animal weight twice a week for 1 month.

For the treatment of pets, Vitam is used to restore protein metabolism, for the treatment of gipervitinoza, in case of poisoning with synthetic and food poisons. Its dosage is 3-5 ml per 10 kg of animal weight.

Vitam used twice a day for 3-5 days. In case of intoxication, the dosage is increased 10 times. If a single dose exceeds 20 ml, then the drug must be administered at different points in the body with several injections.

Vitam is fully compatible with other drugs for animals and feed additives. With proper use of the drug, it does not cause side effects. In some cases, hypersensitive animals may exhibit an allergic reaction. Among the contraindications is the intolerance of individual components contained in the complex and hypersensitivity to certain substances in the composition of the product.

If the drug was previously used for animals and tolerated normally, then it can be given without restrictions.

Already, many pet owners and farmers left their feedback after Vitam was applied. This vitamin-amino acid complex created for animals, according to many people, has effectively proven itself in the prevention and treatment of pets.

Now offers a variety of different vitamin veterinary drugs. On the basis of personal experience may recommend to Whits.

I often give it to my pets, piglets and calves, when they start to hurt or develop poorly. Every year I give it to adult pigs immediately after the winter period. Also digging for Whitam animals with poor appetite or when they are poisoned by poor quality plant food.

After the treatment of poisoning, the pigs stand up on the third day.

Irina, Voronezh region

If there are pets in the house, then I recommend keeping Vitam always, so that the tool is at hand. It is a safe drug.

I first bought it when my cat began to climb wool. She screamed, it was painful to look at the animal. Drops advised to buy a familiar vet and I immediately bought them. She gave twice a week for a month and helped.

Cat hair has become shiny and very beautiful.

Lyudmila, TomskOur dog got an infectious disease. Together with antibiotics gave Vitam. Used it as an aid. Everything in the complex gave a positive result, the dog recovered, and quickly went on an amendment. Boris, Orel

  • Igor Alekseevich Bondar
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Effective veterinary drug Vetom and its use in animals and humans


To restore the normal balance of intestinal microflora, suppress pathogenic (harmful) bacteria and stimulate the development of beneficial ones, increase natural immunity, stress resistance and productivity, increase the growth and development of young animals and birds, effectively promote recovery from various infectious diseases - this is an incomplete list of options for using the veterinary drug Vetom .

Weight loss, lack of appetite, lethargy, dull hair and skin rashes, unreasonable diarrhea in a dog, cat or any other animal, the development of paraanal sinusitis, weak immunity and as a result - frequent bacterial infections (otitis, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, dermatitis) - a list of symptoms In the presence of which the owners of animals, and often many veterinary specialists, make an unequivocal diagnosis - worms (worm infestation). Although, all this may be a consequence of a violation of intestinal microflora.

Imbalance of intestinal microflora or dysbacteriosis

Dysbacteriosis (“dis”, in ancient Greek means denial, with bacteria everything is clear without translation, the second name of pathology is dysbiosis) is a change in the qualitative and quantitative ratio of microflora, followed by the prevalence of conditionally pathogenic species. It can develop in different places: on the skin, mucous membranes (vagina, intestines, nose, eyes, etc.).

The most pernicious effect on the organism as a whole is most often encountered, and intestinal dysbacteriosis has a development of the above described pathology in its thick and thin section.

Conditionally pathogenic microflora - microorganisms contained in the body, in its normal state, in a strictly controlled amount, and performing useful functions.

But, in the event of favorable conditions (weakening of the protective function of the body), these microorganisms can actively multiply and cause the development of the disease.

These include: staphylococci, streptococci, enterococci, and others.

It is important to understand that the treatment of diseases caused by conditionally pathogenic microflora, with antibiotics alone, gives only a short-term effect, followed by an even more rapid development of pathology. To achieve a stable therapeutic effect is possible only with the restoration of the normal functioning of all body systems (primarily immune).

Pathologies that develop with dysbacteriosis

  1. Impaired digestion (reduced digestibility of food in the intestines, diarrhea, emaciation, motility disorders, constipation, para-sinusitis).

  • Violation of the natural function of the liver (development of intoxication, loss of appetite, apathy).
  • The occurrence of purulent-septic pathologies.
  • The occurrence and development of allergic reactions.

  • The appearance and development of neoplasms of oncological nature (tumors).
  • The causes of the disease

    • Improper feeding (unbalanced diet with natural food, poor quality food or inappropriate to the physiological state of the animal).
    • Inflammatory processes in the intestines (gastritis, enteritis, colitis).
    • Intestinal viral and bacterial infectious diseases.
    • The use of antibiotic therapy.
    • Surgical operations (especially on the intestines, dysbacteriosis can develop, treatment is most often required for the small intestine).
    • Acquired or inherited disorders of the immune system (immunodeficiency).
    • Use of therapeutic dietary feeds (for example, Hill’s from Prescription Diet, hypoallergenic 1st Choice series, Royal Canin from Gastro Intestinal series, and others).
    • The use of drugs that restore the balance of intestinal microflora (probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics).
    1. Probiotics are drugs that contain live intestinal bacteria ("lactobacterin", "lactoferon", etc.).
    2. Prebiotics contain individual components of intestinal bacteria, intermediate products of their metabolism (metabolites) and food components.

      Promote the active development of beneficial intestinal microflora (lactulose, oligosaccharides, etc.).

    3. Synbiotics are an effective combination of pro-and prebiotics.
    • In some cases, antibacterial treatment is used (only for medical purposes).

    One of the options that allows the most qualitatively normalize the composition of the intestinal microflora is the use of the veterinary drug Vetom.

    And, although it is called the probiotic of the last generation, in fact, this is not quite correct, its action is closer to the action of synbiotics (contains bacteria and promotes the development of beneficial microflora), in combination with antibacterial therapy (suppression of pathogenic flora) and immunostimulating effect.

    Vetom, composition and use

    Vetom’s uniqueness lies in the fact that, unlike most probiotics containing lactic and bifidobacteria in its composition, it contains a certain (VKPM B 7092) strain of Bacillus subtilis, bacteria that many researchers work with, but only an NPF could create an effective drug "Research Center". As excipients in the preparation contains sugar and starch.

    It is important to know that Vetom was originally developed for use in medicine, but due to financial difficulties, it was registered as a veterinary drug (most of the drugs, of general effect, are used in veterinary practice: “no-shpa”, “papaverine”, “sulfocamphocain”, "Dexamethasone" and many others).

    For the treatment and prevention of animal and poultry diseases, Vetom 1.1 is used.

    Packing: powder (5 g, 50 g bags, 500 g bottles, 1 kg), less commonly found in 0.25 g capsules (25 pieces per pack) and 10 ml in solution.

    Store in a dark place at room temperature for up to 4 years.

    Due to its unique active substance, the drug has the following effect:

    • Pronounced immunomodulatory effects (promotes the production of interferon by the body, so that its use is effective in almost all diseases and for prophylactic purposes, to raise the immunity).
    • Normalization and maintenance of the intestinal biological balance (treatment of dysbacteriosis).
    • Restoration of the intestinal mucosa (actual in coccidiosis, poisoning and any inflammatory processes in the intestine).
    • Virtually no side effects (the exception is increased individual sensitivity to any of the components) and does not cause addiction.
    • Contributes to the normalization of metabolism.
    • It activates the development and growth of young animals (increases weight gain).

    Dosage and regimens

    It is used 2 times a day, at a dosage of 50 mg per 1 kg of body weight of an animal or bird or 1 time per day, at a dosage of 75 mg per 1 kg of weight.

    The most effective use of the drug 2 times a day, in dilution with a small amount of cooled boiled water, for 0.5 - 1 hour before feeding.

    The prophylactic course of use is 5 to 10 days.

    With the purpose of treatment is used daily until recovery.

    But it is important to bear in mind that the simultaneous use of the drug Vetom and antibiotics will not give a positive effect. Therefore, it is necessary to apply it at therapy without use of antibiotics or after the termination of their use.

    Diseases for which effective use

    • Intestinal diseases of various etiologies (viral and bacterial infections - parvovirus enteritis, rotavirus infection, salmonellosis, collibacteriosis, coccidiosis, etc., gastroenteritis, enteritis, colitis, etc.).
    • As immunostimulant in various infectious diseases (plague carnivorous, equine influenza, parainfluenza, hepatitis, etc.).

    Immunomodulators - drugs of natural or synthetic origin, which have a corrective effect on the immune system (stimulating or inhibiting).

    In this context, Vetom refers to stimulant drugs (immunostimulant).

    • In the treatment of metabolic disorders.
    • To increase the weight gain, accelerate the growth and development of young farm animals and poultry.
    • To restore the state of the intestines and the normalization of the body after suffering diseases and antibacterial therapy.
    • With the preventive purpose, for increase of immunity and the general improvement of animals.

    Medical applications

    In medical practice Vetom applies:

    • With various infectious diseases (encephalitis, herpes, flu, etc.).
    • For prophylaxis and in the complex therapy of oncological diseases (for relieving intoxication, associated both with the pathology itself and with the effect of the therapy, as well as for restoring the antitumor resistance of the organism).
    • To normalize the body's work, reduce intoxication and improve appetite for viral (A, B, C) hepatitis.

    Кроме того, при описанных выше заболеваниях (нарушение обмена веществ, дисбактериозы, для повышения иммунитета, грибковых поражениях и т. д.).

    The effectiveness of the detoxification effect of the drug is indicated by the fact that, after taking it, the rate and degree of intoxication is significantly reduced, after taking strong alcoholic beverages.

    1. It is an effective veterinary drug used for both preventive and therapeutic purposes in all animal and poultry species.
    2. It has an immunostimulating and detoxifying effect.
    3. Restores the balance of intestinal microflora, improves its work and increases appetite.
    4. Increases the body's production of interferon, enhancing the immune response in various pathologies.
    5. Restores the intestinal mucosa after illness and therapy.
    6. It activates the growth and development of young animals, increases weight gain, reduces the time of rearing.

    The use of drugs of natural origin in medical practice can effectively normalize the vital activity of the body, without causing harm and malfunctioning of other (healthy systems and organs), which corresponds to the basic medical principle.

    Effective way to strengthen the body - the drug

    The main factor determining the state of health of a modern person is the ability to resist the negative effects of external factors.

    These include poor environmental conditions, a high level of water and soil contamination, air pollution, a harsh climate and many other components that make up the environment.

    It is in this environment that people have to live, especially when it comes to large cities and cities.

    In order for the body to cope with such a high level of toxicity, it needs constant support.

    Vitamins and minerals are an integral part of human healththerefore, their presence in food should be regular.

    If for some reason it is impossible to provide the necessary level of useful substances, you should pay attention to specially designed complexes to eliminate and prevent the shortage of vital elements.

    One of such complexes is the Ukrainian drug Vitam.

    Composition and properties

    The composition of the complex was chosen in such a way as to enhance the antioxidant properties of the body. and help him resist the influence of negative factors.

    One capsule contains all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the most important internal organs, therefore Vitam is a universal remedy for ensuring healthy functioning of the whole organism.

    The complex includes vitamins of group B (B1, B2 and B6)that ensure the health of the nervous system, restoring nerve cells and regulating the transmission of impulses.

    Besides, vitamins of this group are needed to maintain the heart muscle, improve vascular function, optimize blood formation.

    Thanks to the B group vitamins, the body's resistance to stressful situations is increased, endurance also increases, memory improves and intellectual abilities develop.

    Vitamin composition supplemented with nicotinamide (vitamin PP)necessary for regulating fat and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as protein synthesis and providing cells with oxygen molecules.

    This property affects the enhancement of immunity and activation of protective systems.

    The formula of the drug "Vitam" also contains macronutrients that perform a range of functions:

    • Iron. It is a part of hemoglobin, participates in the process of blood formation and blood saturation with oxygen. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia and anemia.
    • Calcium. Provides complete absorption of vitamin D, strengthens the musculoskeletal tissue. Regulates the exchange of phosphorus and water-salt balance. Strengthens teeth, prevents weakening of joints and ligaments.
    • Chromium. Reduces cravings for carbohydrate foods and sweets, helps control insulin levels, preventing the development of diabetes. It contributes to the prevention of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
    • Copper. Provides the synthesis of red blood cells, is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, is necessary for the full absorption of iron.
    • Manganese. Essential for reproductive health. Provides cell division, synthesis of sex hormones. Participates in the formation of bone and connective tissue.
    • Zinc. It is responsible for the production of insulin, normalizes the activity of the endocrine system, is a blocker of allergic reactions.
    • Cobalt. It supports the health of the hematopoietic system and metabolism.

    Equally important component is mefenamic acid, which provides the elasticity of blood vessels, restores the integrity of cell membranes and has antioxidant properties.

    Indications for admission

    A distinctive feature of the tool is that it can be used not only for the prevention of deficiency of beneficial elements, but also part of the combined treatment of certain diseases or is used for accelerated recovery during recovery periods.

    With the medical purpose of "Vitam" apply:

    • in case of pathologies of the cardiovascular system and the blood-forming system,
    • to improve the chemical composition of peripheral blood,
    • in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (for example, degenerative lesions of the joints),
    • to normalize the digestive system,
    • for breathing problems
    • during periods of rehabilitation after surgery,
    • to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns
    • after suffering infectious diseases to restore immunity and compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals,
    • with anemia,
    • with metabolic disorders and endocrine diseases.

    With the preventive purpose, “Vitam” can be used if the following indications are present:

    • malnutrition,
    • regular stressful situations and increased mental stress,
    • intense sports or work associated with hard physical labor,
    • living in areas with poor climate and disturbed ecology.